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My blog has moved to another site

Please note that I have moved my blog to another id. I will not be posting write-ups here anymore.
So from now onwards you can connect with me only at www.rgvzoomin.com
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My reactions to reactions

1.What you don’t know is that a wife and husband also do have sex for giving birth to a beautiful child which is an acknowledgement for their love from God.
Ans: Okay dokie.
2. I truly admire the guts of that lady who broke up with you.
Ans: That’s not guts. That’s being smart.
3. Fuck you and fuck your limited brains.
Ans: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!……… (In case you didn’t realize that’s me having an orgasm)
4. If somebody feels happy in wanting to do something why not let them?
Ans: That’s precisely the point I was making. Life should be lived for wanting to and not for having to.
5. If someone gave you vodka, sex and also produce your film on a condition that you have to celebrate your birthday, will you?
Ans : Of course yes. I will celebrate even his birthday.
6. When we are born we are all like small piglets… naked and crying. When we die we are all different… Gandhi, Hitler, Einstein, you, me etc.
Ans: Excellently said, Keshav. You are the only guy who got the point of that article.
“I looked back and a ray of sunshine fell across my life. Not in vain did I bury my four and fortieth year”. – Friedrich Nietzsche (Ecce Homo)
7. I am glad she slapped you.
Ans: Well, I have been punched, kicked and almost been killed by so many others for so many other things I said. Unfortunately for many of you out there, I didn’t die.
8. You are a very strange man to talk like that to a woman.
Ans: Hello, did I ever claim to be normal?
9. Can you tell us the three biggest mistakes you made w.r.t your films?
Ans: Shiva, Satya and Rangeela because they have created a benchmark and all the time I get bashed up for not living up to them. Boo hoo hoo!
10. Do you prefer Ramu, Ramgopal Varma or RGV?
Ans : Ramu. That’s because a name like that can create a psychological effect in people not to take me too seriously and I can get away with quite a lot of my kiddish stuff.
11. My 2 cents worth. I think Agyaat is just a filler film before your next big one.
Ans: Your estimation of your worth is bang on.
12. Your funda on the father going to a prostitute was over the top and childish.
Ans: Arrey Bhagwan. That was just an example I gave to emphasize on the point of how little control we have on how we come into existence. 
13. I think you would rather be hated than being ignored.
Ans: Yes. Actually I love being hated and hate being loved because hate keeps me alert and love makes me complacent.
14. I have been a supporter of both your good and bad films.
Ans: I hate charity.
15. I am startled with your arrogance and your incorrect grammar.
Ans: And I am startled with you missing the thought and concentrating on the grammar. Grow up and realize that in the age of text messages grammar belongs to the dinosaurs.
16. Sometimes I feel that you drew just one circle and you are living in that only.
Ans: Actually I live on curves. (pun intended)
17. Where did you hear the word megalomaniacal first?
Ans: Someone called me that at school.
18. If Ramu were to be a woman will he sleep with Ramu the man?
Ans: I surely would have better taste than that.
19. Who is your first girl friend?
Ans: I only had lovers.
20. How can one get rid of fear completely?
AnsL By not taking anything seriously especially yourself.
21. Your eyes are more sexier than your viewpoints.
Ans: My eyes come through my viewpoints.
22. How would you decide on the pace of a movie?
Ans: On the basis of at what pace I myself would like to see it.
23. How would you describe yourself?
Ans: I am like a hardcore porn dvd. You might hate it, love it, look down upon it or get disgusted by it but if it is in the room you can’t resist watching it.
Apart from this I am also quite a nice guy though no one agrees with me on this.
24. You talk of Ayn Rand and Nietzsche and actually you don’t understand their ideas.
Ans: Hello, Rand and Nietzsche are just two among hundreds where I pick up my thoughts from. A substantial amount of my philosophical growth came from Mad magazine. I learn from James Hadley Chase and unlearn from Jean Paul Sartre and make a living out of reading Fredrick Forsyth. After all the reading I do, I pick up what suits my convenience and twist and turn them and apply them to the way I choose to live my life and discard the rest. That too keeps constantly changing subject to my state of mind and my state of being and lots of times also due to my moods. I am neither into understanding Ayn rand’s objectivism nor Nietzsche’s nihilism. I take them merely as knowledge to practically apply in a thought process. They and others are just ingredients I use and I myself prepare the dish to eat it myself and I serve it to whoever is smart enough or foolish enough to want it.
Knowledge should be like the steps of a ladder. As soon as you climb one you should go that much more higher. You should not make the mistake of carrying what should carry you.
“The pursuit of truth is not important. The pursuit of that truth is important which helps you in reaching your goal that is provided you have one.” – Ayn Rand (The Romantic Manifesto)
Like in some context someone here on this blog used the word “Ramuism”, that’s pretty much what I am into as that reads as “individualism” to me, or to be moré particular Ramu’s individualism which again can be called as “Ramuism”.
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Happy Deathday

Years ago I had to travel from Hyderabad to Chennai for some work, related to a film I was making at that time and someone very close to me asked me not to go as the next day was her birthday. When I told her I have to go she asked me if that work was more important than her birthday. I asked her to tell me what was so important about her birth in the first place. I also told her that “I don’t celebrate my own birthday inspite of achieving whatever I have, whereas you have achieved nothing and why are you so gung-ho about wanting to celebrate your birth. If you think the mere fact that you are born calls for a celebration, don’t forget that when your parents had sex, the last thing that they would have had on their minds while doing it was to conceive you in particular. On the other hand your dad under temptation could have gone to a prostitute and that particular spermatozoa through which that woman might have conceived could have been you and you could have ended up in a miserable brothel. In effect when you have absolutely no control or no contribution in the process of what, who and why someone gave you birth, why should you make such a big deal about celebrating it?”
Needless to say she slapped me.
The obsession for birthdays most primarily comes from an intense fear of an individual that his or her existence might not matter to anybody else. So at least on that one particular day if an X number of people greet, it will make you feel like a star at least for that day and then you can wait like a nobody for another year to go by to become a star for yet another one day.
Incidentally the best birthday greeting I have ever received was in the form of an sms from an unknown number.
“Hey Ramu fucker, tere zindagi ka ek aur saal khatam. Marte Raho!”
This above sms I received kind of sums up my feelings about birthdays. I consider a greeting for my birthday as a truly ugly reminder that I am getting that much older and that much more nearer to death and consequently I have that much less time to do whatever I want to do.
If at all anyone needs to celebrate, they and their near ones should celebrate their achievements and not that they are born. I would rather someone close to me celebrate the day I conned a producer to give me a break than a day that I just happened to be born the way millions of people, animals and insects get born every day.
So in effect I am hoping that all you non-achievers who read this blog would cringe the next time someone greets you “Happy Birthday” the way I cringe in fear of death getting closer when someone greets me “Happy Birthday”.
P.S: Now that I have confessed why I fear “Happy Birthday” greetings I think I have given enough fodder to all you haters of mine out there to come out with the nastiest greetings of all kinds on my next birthday and you all should celebrate this moment. Ha Ha!
I broke up with that woman who slapped me a long long time back. On her last birthday I messaged her “Happy Birthday” and she did not reply.
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Sorry for what I asked of you guys through the section “Thoughts that grew me”; that is to send whatever you heard or thought, so that if it appeals to me I will put it in this section. Most of the quotes I have been deluged with are so bad that neither do I have the time nor the energy to read tham. I would rather loose a few good quotes than subjecting myself to the torture of reading so many terrible ones. Moreover I also decided that this place should be only about I, Me and Myself. So consider what I asked of you as an AAG on my blog and in future keep your quotes to yourself. If you can’t bear this megalomaniacal streak of mine as in the I, Me, Myself factor you can always get off this blog…. Bye.
My reactions to reactions:
1.Hi Ramu, How was your weekend?
Ans: I am not into “How is the weather” kind of conversations.
2. What is power?
Ans: A physical, emotional and an intellectual means to achieve your end.
3. You are intellectual, creative, successful and romantic. How come you have not been taken yet?
Ans: I have been taken and left many times.
4. Can you share your experience of how you approach your camera language?
Ans: Will soon write a piece on this.
5. My friend criticized you for shamelessly pirating video cassettes during your library days?
Ans: Oh boy! If he only knew of the other crimes I committed.
6. Why and how an atheist RGV directed a theistic movie “Govinda Govinda”?
Ans: For the same reason the really nice RGV directed a gangster movie “Satya”.
7. Your ability to come back from failure is remarkable.
Ans: The reason for that is, I never take anything as a failure. Others see the effect and I would analyze the cause and the moment you truly understand the cause your failure will become your strength and the new found knowledge will lead you to your success.
P.S: I just want to warn you that this above formula can only prevent you from repeating your old mistakes but won’t be able to protect you from making new mistakes. That is the reason I continue to fail. 
8. Don’t you think about your loved ones before taking risks?
Ans: I don’t love anyone or anything except myself and what I want to do and yes, I am supremely damn proud about that.
9. Only the intensity of the passion you have, can determine the extent of pain you can take to achieve what you want.
Ans: Fantastically said Sripal. The only thing I want to add is that if the passion is really intense enough, you won’t feel the pain.
10. Either give me a solution out of your intelligence or cast a quip but do react and don’t ignore.
Ans: Quit worrying and start thinking.
11. You movies have same kind of lighting, same kind of characters and same kind of look.
Ans: That’s because they are all made by same me.
12. Only fools are attracted to power and strength – A.Einstein.
Ans: Actually only fools hate power and strength and that is primarily because they fear them and know deep in their hearts that they are incapable of achieving them. – RGV
13. Ramu ek vyakti hai. Ram Gopal varma ek soch hai.
Ans: Correct! Aur RGV ek con hai.
14. How can one learn to ignore other people’s opinions?
Ans: By being busy enough so as not to have time to listen.
15. You are a bastard.
Ans: Thanks.
16. To live the way you do I think you are devoid of emotions.
Ans: Yes.
17. Your eyes are far sexier than your viewpoints.
Ans: I am blushing.
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A Concept Video From AGYAAT

Click here for the Agyaat – Na Koi  link on YouTube.
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Thoughts that grew me

We are all born with a blank mind and from then on we keep absorbing various thoughts picked from our parents, our teachers, books, friends, colleagues etc. Our ability to absorb them will obviously depend on factors like our intelligence, our sensibility, background etc. Based on that input we will keep developing a personality, and then at some point of time we tend to close the gates of our mind for new thoughts which is when we start having convictions and belief systems and from then on we start having a conflict with anyone who opposes.
I personally am a guy who has no belief systems and hence have no conflict with anything or anyone and the reason for that is that I never close the gate of my mind to thoughts from anywhere, which in turn would influence and change my existing thoughts in a continuous manner.
So here in this new section “Thoughts that grew me” that I am starting on my blog, I want to share with you thoughts I have heard, read or being quoted from books, movies, conversations etc. I am going to quote the thought and where I heard or read it from, but not necessarily where it originated from, as there is no way of me knowing that for sure.
The thoughts here could be quotes, anecdotes, excerpts and even passages from books. They could be funny, profound, entertaining, dramatic, thought provoking and thought changing. The only common thing in them would be that they would add some element to one’s understanding and thought process. Some of them might have a note from me as an explanation or to help in putting that thought in a particular context.
Once you go through the below example of thoughts, those of you interested can send me your own thoughts or what you heard and of those who appeal to me, I will put in here in this section.
1. There always will be a confused soul in an existing system who will think that he can change the system. The only way to convince him otherwise is to kill him. – Ned Beatty’s character in the film “The Shooter”.
2. You close your eyes and go to sleep and the world ceases to exist. – Philosopher Schopenhauer in his book “The World as Will and Idea”.
3. A lion wakes up everyday and starts running after a deer to survive. A deer wakes up everyday and starts running from a lion to survive. So the point is that it does not matter whether you are a lion or a deer. You just have to keep running. – An SMS from an unknown number.
4. It’s a good thing that the world turned out to be round as it would have been pretty difficult to put a satellite in a square orbit. – Mad magazine.
5. The best things in life are for free and pleasurable. It is only the dinners, the gifts and the conversations which one has to go through in order to lead to the best things which are both painful and expensive. – RGV
6.  Of many a proud structure’s ruin, raindrops and weeds have been the cause. – Friedrich Nietzsche – “Thus Spake Zarathustra”.
7. The first thing to do to make your dreams come true is to wake-up. – Line on a greeting card.
8. When Napoleon, who was supposedly short, was trying to reach for a book on a high shelf, one of his generals offered, “Let me get that for you, my Lord. I am higher than you,” to which apparently Napoleon replied, “You are not higher. You are longer.”
9. An agitated executive at a board of director’s meeting of the Liril soap company was overheard saying…… “It’s fantastic that we made the model so popular! But what about the fucking soap?”
10. Silence is not always golden. Many times it is just plain yellow. – Mad magazine.
11. The following excerpt is from the opening page of a Desmond Bagley book. I am quoting it here as an example of sheer narrative genius…………..
“I was standing at the edge of the cliff road with a body at my feet. You didn’t need to study medicine to know how the man died. He died of cardiac arrest. The arrest was caused due to a thin blade of steel passing through his heart. I wasn’t too anxious to call a doctor as at the time the blade pricked out his life its handle happened to be in my hands.”
12. The point of life is that there is no point to it. So the best point we can aim at is to live it point by point and point to point. – RGV.

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My reactions to reactions

1.Why were your assistants not as successful as you are?
Ans: I will tell you that the day I come to know why I myself was successful in the first place.
2. How did you characterize Kay Kay for Vishnu’s role in Sarkar?
Ans: Compared to the novel I always felt that Sonny Corleone’s role was not as intensely portrayed by James Cann the way it was in the book. So I took a cue from a line from the novel.
“From 1935 to 1937, the name of Santino Corleone sent shockwaves through the underworld”.
Vishnu matches the intensity of this above line.
3. What is the definition of a weirdo?
Ans: One who is different and does not conform to any standards and dares to be alone.
“For them lonesomeness is the plight of sick one. For me it’s the flight from the sick ones.”- Friedrich Nietzsche.
4. Which work of Ayn Rand do you like the most?
Ans: It’s not her works, but it is her thoughts which I connect to, which could be both in her fiction and non-fiction writings. Likewise I connect to a lot of thoughts in Mad magazine too. I think humourists are the greatest philosophers in the world.
5. Is it because you go by your decisions without bothering about consequences that you made so many flops?
Ans: Yes and my hits too happened because of the same.
6. Would you have had the same attitude towards life if you were not successful?
Ans: I became successful because I have that attitude.
7. My girlfriend threatened to leave me if I ever advise her to visit your blog again.
Ans: Well, come to think of it, she might be better off.
8. I think you are a person with double standards.
Ans: Actually I am a person with multiple standards.
9. I wish you 200 movies.
Ans: Thanks! That’s 800 less than what I wish for.
10. I am 22. Roark, Nietzsche and you are the 3 most interesting men I encountered.
Ans: I think it’s high time you encounter some hot women now.
11. I don’t agree with most of things you say. You are quite strange.
Ans: “The whole of mankind lies at an incalculable distance beneath me and my Zarathustara. I say in one sentence what others say and do not say in whole books”. This is what Nietzsche said in his autobiography “Ecce Homo”.
I say that I am not above but I am away.
You will have no problems in life with what you don’t agree with, but be very very wary of what you agree with as that is what will determine your personality and growth.
12. Your blog is the most addictive thing I have known.
Ans: Try sex and vodka.
13. You were destined to be successful.
Ans: For me the biggest failures in life are those who cite destiny, luck and chance. Sure enough the very fact that we are not in control of things is proof enough that there exist extraneous factors which control us whether they are God, devil, destiny, astrology, planets, numerology etc etc or whatever else they might be. But the very fact that they are not in our control itself is proof enough for us not to waste our time and energy on them and instead concentrate on what is in our control.
14. Have you ever struggled in life?
Ans: No. That’s because struggle is in your mind. In reality you have to deal with life. For example, I waited for 5 hours in my beginning days to meet a Producer which could be deemed as struggle. But in all the 5 hours I was studying the kind of people who came to meet him, understand the people who are working for him, what his expectations seem to be etc etc, so that I can prepare for a better pitch.
15. What would have been your plight if your father was as careless as you?
Ans: That’s the point I was trying to make, my friend. What was his point when he was working towards a completely selfish bastard like me?
16. Why did you go to college when you were not interested in education?
Ans: Not then, not now, I never worked towards an objective. My parents wanted me to do Engineering and for me it was an opportunity to be in a new place with new people. I enjoyed being sexually stimulated by Rifle, emotionally stimulated by Satya and intellectually stimulated by Satyendra. Apart from that I did a lot of character studies of people at college which I use till today in my films.
17. How can you call me a weirdo? This is my last comment on your blog.
Ans: If you don’t have even that much of sense of humour you don’t deserve to be on this blog. Bye.
18. What is the most influential book you have ever read?
Ans: Without a doubt Ayn rand’s “Fountainhead”.
19. What kind of people do you think will watch Agyaat?
Ans: Morons, like me.
20. Why do so many people bitch you and your comments?
Ans: Where there are elephants there will be dogs. I am the dog and you bitches are the elephants. Happy now?
21. Do you get affected by criticism?
Ans: Well, I get irritated by stings, I fear bites and I ignore the barks.
22. Don’t talk with so much immaturity. Sex and power are not the only things which give happiness.
Ans: Your are right! More sex and more power give more happiness.
23. Power obsession is natural to people who suffer from an inferiority complex like you.
Ans: Criticism of power obsession is natural to inferior people like you.
24. If you had respected your grandfather and invested it would have become 20 Crores now.
Ans: Ok grandpa. Just be very wary of your grandson.
25. Only when we are independent we can fulfill our wishes.
Ans: “Like the camel is man. He kneels down and lets himself be well laden with burdens of commitments and expectations and then he says ‘Yeah! Life is hard to bear!’ But man himself is hard to bear as all he has to do is to shrug the load and gallop free.”- Friedrich Nietzsche.
On the other hand if for whatever reason you have to carry the load, then you have to learn to enjoy the process. What you should never do is to crib about the load.
26. What is the best compliment that a woman ever gave you?
Ans: She said that she wants to have sex with my attitude.
27. My mother still thinks you are half mad.
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Many commented on whether I would speak or behave like this if I was not successful. The word success itself is highly relative. People constantly live in either a fear of losing or in a hope of gaining. There’s no such thing as an absolute state of success. I have always been successful and that’s nothing to do with my film career. Success is something I define as to be able to get up in the morning and do what you want to do till you sleep. That does not mean that you should want to fly or rule empires. It could be anything which your capability permits and your intelligence submits.
Yes, you have your family, relationships, obligations etc. But if you want to take care of them and stand by them, you are doing what you want to do. In reality most people act and do things out of compulsion by others or within themselves rather than really wanting to do so.
I never claimed that I became successful because of this attitude of mine. All I had said was that I had the courage to bear the consequences of the decisions I took. Many of my decisions went wrong, in fact most of them. But what cannot be taken away from me is the pleasure moments I experienced in that process. By the time the result of a certain decision came about I was already into the pleasure of moments of other decisions and this has been the circle all my life.
If you are on a dry beach and you want to reach a beautiful looking island in the distance, you can make a decision to swim across or go in a boat on maybe take a plane or just fantasize that you are there on that island or psyche yourself that you are better off on the dry beach itself. But what most people will do is to constantly worry about whether there might be sharks in the sea or the boat might sink or the plane ticket is too expensive or what if there is a sudden storm, and thereby remain bitter, frustrated and fearful all their lives.
I weigh the consequences and think of the logistics and plunge in even if I don’t know swimming. I will either learn to swim or sink in the process but what I will not do at any cost is to stay put. After 2 big flops Antham and Govinda Govinda I packed my bags to Mumbai and made Rangeela. But Rangeela could have turned into a flop too. When I made so many flops how would I really know how to make a hit? Flops and hits happen by themselves whereas the only thing I can really make happen is to make a decision to make a film. For instance after all the effort and courage if I manage to reach that beautiful island, as soon as I step on it I could be killed by a lion there whose existence I don’t even know about. Not once am I saying that I know everything about what will happen. I just want to do things that I want to happen.
Once while we were travelling in a car, a guy very concernedly gave me a theory that 50 years from now we are going to have water wars in the world where everyone will die. I told him that at the next turn on the road we might be hit by a truck and die, and frankly I am not concerned about what happens to the world one second after I die. But if you truly worry about the water wars instead of sitting here and worrying why don’t you go and do some scientific research to solve the water problem. If you don’t know science then atleast work as a tea boy to the scientist and contribute. But I know you would not do that as then you won’t have time to do your umpteen other activities like going to the discotheque, cinema and indulge in bitching sessions. And on the other hand if you truly constantly worry about the world being finished in 50 years, what if a smart scientist comes up with a solution in the 49th year and then you would be the biggest fool for wasting 49 years of your life worrying off.
Most people can’t differentiate between worrying and thinking, Worrying is negative energy and makes your mind run in circles breeding depression and frustration whereas thinking makes you reach a decision and the decision you reach will result in work and if the work does not result in what you wanted from it, all you have to do is Re-work.
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We are born, we are tended to by our parents, we go to school, spend years getting educated without having the faintest idea of what exactly education means, and the day we truly understand it our education would have been finished. We only realize the value of the so-called education when we are given a position to apply it in a practical sense and most of us would be pretty much lost. That is because the emphasis our parents put on us was to get marks and never on education.
So to get marks we, by heart, we copy, or study specifically towards questions what we think will be asked or study studiously so as to get distinction but not even having a thought or an idea in hell, how and where we would be applying most of what we study. It amazes me that throughout my growing years not once did my parents or teachers tell me that the purpose of education is to get knowledge and marks are just a proof to an outside world that you do have that knowledge. Due to their insecurity and also their own ignorance or over looking of the purpose, the thrust they put on us was always to get marks which hopefully could result in better jobs.
And then when we get a job the thrust on us will be to work hard in pretty much the same way as how they thrust education. My grandfather who was a Civil Engineer used to hammer into me to work hard both in my studies and when I was doing a job in the construction of Krishna Oberoi Hotel in Hyderabad. He told me that he used to wake up by 4.00am everyday throughout his life. When I asked him how come some guys who wake up at 10.00am are more successful than him, he used to get angry.
I wanted to tell him that it’s not about 4.00am or 10.00am and it’s also not about what you do in the time that you are awake but it is about how you are feeling when you are doing that is what the point of life is all about, but for fear of being slapped I resisted that as he was a pretty aggressive man. I believe that if you are constantly doing what you are doing just because you are told to do or because of your fear of tomorrow or because of commitments and responsibilities you would have truly lost the whole purpose of being alive.
Life is but a cycle of, we are born, we grow up, we get married, we have children, we make them grow up, we make them get married, we get old and then we die. God or nature or whichever thing, gave us life is only to surely take it away and as long as it is ultimately only that, why not just make the best of it.
My people keep telling me that I work too hard. In reality I never worked in my life. Work is something I define as what you have to do. But if you want to do it, it becomes a pleasure and I always did in my life only what I wanted to do. The trap of programming society puts us in and religion and morality create in us a guilt for whatever we love, and a fear of rejection and failure and the constant pressure of raising to expectations.
As long as death is inevitable there is no question of any of us having a state of permanent success. Life in itself is a process, for example in my college days I used to sometimes have problems with raising 40 rupees and today sometimes I have a problem in raising 4 crores, but what I feel about it in that particular state of mind is exactly the same. Everybody thought I made a bad film in Drohi but it’s only because of Drohi I met Urmila and it’s only because of Urmila I made Rangeela. It’s only because of Sanjay Dutt’s arrest Nayak got shelved and everybody either sympathized or gloated depending on their relationship with me over the misfortune without realizing that it will resurface as Sarkar. So in effect everything in life is connected. A present day success can be the start of an impending failure or vice-versa. So as long as everything is so uncertain, why worry about it and just do what you feel like doing at every single moment of your life.
‘Forget yesterday, live today and fantasize tomorrow’ is the motto of my life and it has always been that ever since I was an unruly kid, and a so-called irresponsible youngster and an erratic and eccentric adult.
With the first money of about 2 lakhs I got for my first movie, my grandfather was after me to buy a piece of land in Jubilee Hills to secure my future and I went ahead and spent it on the interior decoration of a rented office which I anyway was supposed to vacate in a few months time. My grandfather predicted to everyone that I will be a massive failure because of this attitude of mine. Throughout his life he worked very hard without once thinking what exactly he is working towards. I failed to explain to him that the few months’ pleasure I would get in staying in that office with a décor of what I want to experience was much more than my fear of what will happen in the future if I become a failure.
If all your work is geared towards securing yourself against failure and death why live at all?

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