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Why another gangster film, was the question which many people asked me when I wanted to make CONTRACT.   First of all I don’t really understand what a gangster film means. Films are primarily made on character conflicts and the … Continue reading

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My reactions to reactions

1. You could have explored the connect between the janata and the Nagres more and shown their compassion for Shankar’s death?Ans: If you noticed I have always treated the people who idolize Sarkar very ambiguously.  They are almost ghostly in … Continue reading

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BAHUT LAMBI KAHANI HAI YEH The idea of wanting to do something with Sholay came approximately around five to six years ago. One day I got a call from Sasha Sippy saying that his grandfather Mr. G. P. Sippy wants … Continue reading

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Hits & Flops

Basically I believe that hits and flops are emotional terms, without any comprehensive meaning. I say this because film in a true sense is a one-to-one experience between the filmmaker and each individual viewer. A film is made because the … Continue reading

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Some more thoughts on criticism.

Since I am not a net savvy guy and only just now entered this world I made a startling discovery. I have never read reviews beyond 3 to 4 Mumbai based newspapers ever and I thought that was it. On … Continue reading

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Aishwarya’s Response to a question asked on My Blog

  Question: Shankar looks like an emotional fool when he opens his heart to a girl from America whom he met yesterday?Ans: May be he has a weakness for worldly beauties. Comments from Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on above question: "When you … Continue reading

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My reactions to reactions:

1.  Do you want to be a maverick filmmaker or a business man?Ans: – Neither. I just want to be what I want to be.   2.   A.  What does Mani Ratnam think of your cinema?      B. What do you … Continue reading

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