Sorry for what I asked of you guys through the section “Thoughts that grew me”; that is to send whatever you heard or thought, so that if it appeals to me I will put it in this section. Most of the quotes I have been deluged with are so bad that neither do I have the time nor the energy to read tham. I would rather loose a few good quotes than subjecting myself to the torture of reading so many terrible ones. Moreover I also decided that this place should be only about I, Me and Myself. So consider what I asked of you as an AAG on my blog and in future keep your quotes to yourself. If you can’t bear this megalomaniacal streak of mine as in the I, Me, Myself factor you can always get off this blog…. Bye.
My reactions to reactions:
1.Hi Ramu, How was your weekend?
Ans: I am not into “How is the weather” kind of conversations.
2. What is power?
Ans: A physical, emotional and an intellectual means to achieve your end.
3. You are intellectual, creative, successful and romantic. How come you have not been taken yet?
Ans: I have been taken and left many times.
4. Can you share your experience of how you approach your camera language?
Ans: Will soon write a piece on this.
5. My friend criticized you for shamelessly pirating video cassettes during your library days?
Ans: Oh boy! If he only knew of the other crimes I committed.
6. Why and how an atheist RGV directed a theistic movie “Govinda Govinda”?
Ans: For the same reason the really nice RGV directed a gangster movie “Satya”.
7. Your ability to come back from failure is remarkable.
Ans: The reason for that is, I never take anything as a failure. Others see the effect and I would analyze the cause and the moment you truly understand the cause your failure will become your strength and the new found knowledge will lead you to your success.
P.S: I just want to warn you that this above formula can only prevent you from repeating your old mistakes but won’t be able to protect you from making new mistakes. That is the reason I continue to fail. 
8. Don’t you think about your loved ones before taking risks?
Ans: I don’t love anyone or anything except myself and what I want to do and yes, I am supremely damn proud about that.
9. Only the intensity of the passion you have, can determine the extent of pain you can take to achieve what you want.
Ans: Fantastically said Sripal. The only thing I want to add is that if the passion is really intense enough, you won’t feel the pain.
10. Either give me a solution out of your intelligence or cast a quip but do react and don’t ignore.
Ans: Quit worrying and start thinking.
11. You movies have same kind of lighting, same kind of characters and same kind of look.
Ans: That’s because they are all made by same me.
12. Only fools are attracted to power and strength – A.Einstein.
Ans: Actually only fools hate power and strength and that is primarily because they fear them and know deep in their hearts that they are incapable of achieving them. – RGV
13. Ramu ek vyakti hai. Ram Gopal varma ek soch hai.
Ans: Correct! Aur RGV ek con hai.
14. How can one learn to ignore other people’s opinions?
Ans: By being busy enough so as not to have time to listen.
15. You are a bastard.
Ans: Thanks.
16. To live the way you do I think you are devoid of emotions.
Ans: Yes.
17. Your eyes are far sexier than your viewpoints.
Ans: I am blushing.
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100 Responses to SORRY! SORRY! SORRY!

  1. Pari says:

    \’So consider what I asked of you as an AAG on my blog….\’ can’t stop laughing :)\’Moreover I also decided that this place should be only about I, Me and Myself..\’ wise decision

  2. sneha says:

    who is ur first girl frnd?

  3. arvind says:

    Has RGV cried anytime to not to make a movie?

  4. Unknown says:

    hi ramu garucan u throw your birth time place date month and year on my face so i can amuse myself with astro calculations on your chart drawing lines between planets which gave your this impersonalism,intellect, care not attitude ……. common u can do this. we all put up with your AAG, u can take a bit of nonsense from us. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeznamaskaramsamudra

  5. Vallabh Chilakapati says:

    I was wondering…What\’s the point of crediting someone for a quote? A quote is just an output of an individual\’s observation and when one reads and "understands" it, it becomes the reader\’s observation too. If it is about the author\’s abilities to observe first and express well, aren\’t those abilities just vested in some but not in others by the society and genes "at a point of time"?My point is, every time one thinks high of others abilities, he is, by default, choosing to demean his own?

  6. venkat says:

    what is the budget of the movie kaun.please write ur experiences about kshanak kshanam and kaun?

  7. Vasu says:

    Ago, okasari rayaimantadu, okasari addantadu, neenoppukonu, \’deennaithe nee kandisthana malla\’ (Dialogue from \’gayam\’, for \’Thoughts that grew me\’)

  8. mikey says:

    My friend sreepal and i had a very heated argument.The point of the discussion was he was all praise for your passion and ability to face all the obstacles in pursuit of your goal.I ridiculed him saying that As he isn\’t confident,any one who took a chance and succeeded is gonna fascinate him irrespective of their worth to which he said Its not easy doing so..Here is excerpt of the conversation.sripal:..10:58 PM this guys is awesome. the way he used to meet s gopal reddy and learnt basics of camera, the way he used his relations with annapurna studio to learn filmmaking etc etc. show the intensity in him to become a filmmakerme: 11:21 PM so its not whether he is worth of the fascination/praise its more to do with what u think and how u think about taking a chance As u are not courageous,not sure of facing the consequences of u getting into film making ,RGV is a colossus in your view just for the heck of his going by what he believed in.No one knows where one ends up.Even rgv never knew that shiva would be a big hit,instead he preferred to make "RATHRI"…what point getting fascinated with some one when u dont have the courage of doing and going ahead by what u beleive in? As u told earlier that u could have ended as a disaster going by your fathers wish,its more to do with taking a chance,isnt it?

  9. Anand says:

    Its almost one year it took me to change my mind to complelte selfish in thinking to reach my goal and knowing real value of \’I\’. I became big fan to ur blog and not for ur movies. Thanks for sharing by the way.

  10. mikey says:

    RGV,do u regard mani for his passion,how he became a director facing all the obstacle?(sure no i guess)i reckon any one gotta do that,take a chance,go ahead with what they believe in.If some body wants to do the same and is dilly-dallying then its nothing but natural for them to get fascinated with any one who is successful,its also apparent fear of failure and lack of success is what makes my friend sreepal admire you so ?I hope u reply for this.I want to hear it straight from the horses mouth

  11. sammy says:

    when will be your next super Block Buster move like Company , satya where you reached your High peak ! where bad guys are the hero\’s ! those where many unique unseen stores never seen, many films followed this.. are there any favourite directors for you ?

  12. mikey says:

    1000 want to play for India only 11 end up playing.we admire and adore the 11 for their talent,passion and ability to take chances and grabbing opportunities.Its only with the success of 11 that we are connecting with rather than their passion and intensity,ah?

  13. Unknown says:

    haha…intelligent fellow.

  14. Arun says:

    What would Ramu be if he were a woman? Will she sleep with Ramu the man? 🙂

  15. Vijay says:

    I know you have been irritated by quotes. Here\’s another one to irritate you more. "Some people are pragmatists, taking things as they come and making the best of the choices available. Some people are idealists, standing for principle and refusing to compromise. And some people just act on any whim that enters their heads. I pragmatically turn my whims into principles".

  16. Unknown says:

    Being what you are and having the means to live life like the way you want, can you look in the mirror and honestly say "Yes I am satisfied and truly happy!"

  17. Unknown says:

    Ramu, sometimes I think you are a fuckin Asshole.

  18. auto says:

    Yahoooooo……another question of mine has been answered by Ramu bhai…..Thank You….

  19. auto says:

    Copying from one source would lead to Plagiarism whereas copying from multiple sources would lead to a publishable review article. –Anonymous ScientistIn the same context, copying one film (Sholay) and remaking it would lead to controversy and disaster like "Aag" whereas copying several films (Ardh Satya, Kaalchakra, Mackenna\’s Gold, Ankush, Enter the Dragon) would lead to a masterpiece like "Shiva" –Jaani

  20. auto says:

    You have said that the name \’Shiva\’ was originally intended for villian\’s character. In that case, I would assume that there would have been a different title before the title "Shiva" came up. If that was the case, what was the title?

  21. Inviz says:

    I know you are from South but why do you have to bring South actors to Bollywood and take all the trouble in modeling the characters due to their limitations? I mean JD Chakraborthy was fine but what about Mohan Lal? He couldn\’t even speak Hindi and as a result you always had to make his characters South Indian to justify his broken Hindi. Why go through all this trouble? We have countless talented artists in Hindi itself with proper diction.

  22. Surya says:

    @ Sree Venkat – Glad you think Ramu is an asshole only \’sometimes\’. I think of him that way \’always\’ and so does Ramu as well.

  23. auto says:

    9. Only the intensity of the passion you have, can determine the extent of pain you can take to achieve what you want.Ans: Fantastically said Sripal. The only thing I want to add is that if the passion is really intense enough, you won’t feel the painLet me share a sucess story in this regard. This is very well related to this blog.My brother and I often discuss about movies however the format of discussion radically changed with the release of RGV\’s Shiva. This was during our school days, I was in 10th and my brother just passed 10th. Earlier we used to discuss about Krishna, Chiranjeevi, NTR, Krinamraju, Nagarjuna, Venkatesh movies but this has changed in October 1989. From then oneards it was only RGV movies irrespective of actors. (However we always had immense respect for Big B\’s movies)Every alternate night whenever we used to sit and drink "Kallu" or "Whiskey", the main topic of discussion would be RGV or Big B\’s movies or Kalyanji-Anandji\’s music or R.D Burman music/songs. RGV became our godfather of movies. He is our Martin Scorcessi, he is our Stanley Kubrick.My brother later joined ITI and did some computer courses and joined as graphic designer for a screenprinting company. He was doing this job for the rest of 12 years without passion or interest. He changed couple of company\’s but was not passionate. Thsi year in 2009, at last he got into what he was actually intending to do since past decade. My brother had great interest in designing movie posters. He showed great interest in that and always dreamt of meeting our godfather RGV.he often used to discuss about his frustration over working as screenprinting graphic designer. This year I met my good friend music director Vijay Kurakula and explained my brothers situation. He immediately contacted on movie publicity designer and recomended my brother. My brother immediately accepted the job and he is enjoying his job like fun. He has designed posters for movies KICK, PRAYANAM, AAKASHAMANTHA etc etc. He met actors like Siddharth, Shamili (of Anjali fame) etc etc. However, he always has a dream of meeting RGV.One day he went to Punjagutta, along with his boss… you know where?… RGV\’s house. My brother mailed me that he went to a "Temple"…Its our Godfather\’s Temple……"Shiva" movie\’s posters are still hanging this Temple…..when I read the mail I had no bounds to my excitement and you could imagine my brother\’s glory.Just last week, my brother\’s boss Anil took my brother to RGV who was in Hyderabad for publicity for Agyaath. RGV was with his friends along with Vodka. My brother had no bounds for happiness. His boss Anil introduced my brother as his assistant designer and then my brother shook hand with RGV. My brother showed some designs for Agyaath. RGV commented as "superb, superb, superb" on seeing three designs……My brother was already awestruck on seeing RGV and shaking hand with him…..RGV then started talking about Raktha Charithra and asked him to come up with some designs.That night my brother mailed me with subject as "lifetime achievement"….My brother wrote "I have accomplished my goal….my life ambition….I met our GODFATHER"….this was the content of that mail…..With minimal education, my brother has achieved what most people could not….I am prod of him and happy…..I am eagerly waiting for my turn to meet my GODFATHER…..

  24. sreeniwas says:

    i knew somethin like this would come up..ha ha..i didnt add any comment..ramu garu..feel glad again that u r predictable

  25. sreeniwas says:

    and the actual reason i was skeptical about adding quotes may be appealing for me and it may not be for some..and more than that, as nietzsche said "Man has no ears for what experience has not taught him already. If he agrees he knows it already."..ramu garu..GOTCHA

  26. E says:

    Hi RGV,HA HA was a bad idea!!! Well you quoting …elaborating on the same…weaving a good story..connecting it with your own experiences, talking about its relations with your movies…that is ok…but asking us to quote was too much..i mean i noticed most of the quotes were lifted of from the net…very few were original..and "atomic"….moreover..the inundation of comments was so much that it was looking like garbage!!!Anyways…breaching u r code..i want to share something with some of the avid movie followers here…Folks…if you have a rapidshare premium account, good net connection and interested in movies from all around the world….then go to… here someone has put up a very good collection from all around the world… and pls do not think i am a promoter of the site…i have no connection with it….i just wanted to share it as it has great movies with working rapidshare links…. ENJOY!!!!P.S. To boost your connection you can use DAP!!Likewise if any of yall have got any sites pls mention.CheersEV

  27. Unknown says:

    Do not fear death… only the unlived life.You don\’t have to live forever;You just have to LIVE. —– Fom the movie TUCK EVERLASTING

  28. Sri says:

    Nitin looks great but how good is he an actor?…i watched all his Telugu movies…I am sure you will be blunt and honest..

  29. Junkie says:

    Where did you hear/read the word "megalomaniacal" first? You seems to be loving that word so much.

  30. raj says:

    Your flip-flop on the INTENTION to start a section called “Thoughts that grew me” is best describe as—YOU ARE WHAT YOU DO,NOT WHAT YOU INTEND TO DO—-raj goswami

  31. auto says:

    Ramu Bhai…Thank you for making my Brother\’s day……Also thanks to his Boss Anil, who made my brother\’s dream come true…….

  32. Arun says:

    your \’my reactions to reactions\’ is a crazy exercise to read. One moment I wanna hug you, the next moment I wanna kick you. Its wierd. Are you yourself so confused about your personality, or do you enjoy keeping others confused about you ?

  33. Rolling says:

    What a farce..You know very well that you are an arrogant bastard who will never appreciate anyone else\’s efforts and acknowledge them. So it was a lose-lose situation. No matter how good or bad the quotes would be, you were always going to trash them because they were given by someone else. There was no need to ask for quotes in the first place.

  34. Sree says:

    RGV,Apart from writing an article on Camera techniques, can you also write an article on End to end film making please.Cheers,Sree

  35. jayakrishna says:

    Ramu Why do u say thanks to people who call u bastard.I hardly see you giving them back("MADIA Affect")

  36. Unknown says:

    Just bcoz u said sorry, doesn\’t mean I will accept it :). Here you goIndians are cheap and they\’re proud of it! Thats the reason they invented "Zero" coz thats what they feel like paying for anything. — Russel Peters

  37. ushasri says:


  38. samir says:

    Ramu, you are a great master of technical aspects of the way a frame should look.. you have worked with the best actor in world cinema and you enjoy a great amount of respect from him.. y don\’t you make a few state of the art, larger than life, quick fire movies with this great actor and show a few other untapped abilities of your art and his craft.. late Mukul Anand was one director who was such a master in building and making such ever remembered characters like Tiger, Badshah Khan and Vijay Dinanath Chauhan and such gr8 stories which are emperor size.. U have created one of the best ever Sarkar.. I am sure you are capable of more in similar lines.. Only you can give quality in shortest time and i am sure he will give you the required dates if you have something in the Hollywood lines short but heavy.. In case others didn\’t realize the actor i am talking about here is Amitabh Bachchan.. it will be a pity if his infinite potential is not used by an adept film maker like you to the maximum without giving him a breather!! All de best and hope the 3rd Sarkar has more power shown from him with harder challenges and more of screen time and not get killed.. This series had the potential of surpassing Godfather in all ways including number of sequels.. gr8 movies Ramu.. looking forward for your 3D horror and i can see that movie with a 5th dimension that is all alone in the whole theatre!! I love your work.. hopefully u start stopping making some unwanted films and join the elite group of MAD, Hrishida, late Mukul Anand.. and Sanjay Bhansali for Black.. also Manida and Balki.. making really gr8 movies with Amitji.. Looking forward to your reply hopefully not one word..take care

  39. Satya says:

    Anyone complained about claustrophobia after watching "Kaun?" Did this movie make money?

  40. Unknown says:

    Ramu,How would you decide on the pace of the movie. How would you know if the audience(generic) can take this pace or if it is too slow for them, cause if I am telling the same story in the same fashion (details, pace) to 2 different ppl, one enjoyed every bit of my details and the other one thought I bored him to hell without telling him the gist and was beating round the bush.I know you wanted to induce the intensity of subtle actions and display the body language from powerful characters (I\’m talking about Sarkar, which in-turn you picked up frm Godfather), for example: the climax scene, Abhishek\’s hand movements while explaining to the CM saying how he found out the CM was the baddie and ofcourse the close-ups) though I enjoyed it, I genuinely felt that Sarkar would have been more powerful movie had the pace of the movie been faster (like "company"). I was bored to death when Abhishek walks all along from ground floor to first floor, takes a long walk and then tells his father that he killed his brother (ppl know it for 10 mins before amitabh gets to know – I could feel my finger nails growing, it was that slow).I\’ve also heard that Yashraj usually follows this funda of having a dhamaka (it could be a sexy song, twist, or a fight) every 6 mins, just tell me the thought process of how you get to decide the pace. I would love if you can refer me to a book incase there is one.Cheers,Prash

  41. Unknown says:

    if we post more quotes will you quit blogging? Hahaha..

  42. Film says:

    If "Raat" was ur first film and flopped miserbly(like it became), wat u would u have done?

  43. raghavendra says:

    Do u think of shot divisions at script level ?

  44. apparao says:

    Hi Ramu First of all its all ur fault to invite people to send their (whatever they heard and read) quotes, very after i have read that i knew this time there is every chance for you to reach a saturation point with ur fans. One thing you need to undersatnd here is that You are a combination of a film maker and thinker.The reason Why people come to ur blog and hover around is that they like u as a film maker. Even after u had opened up so much on ur thinking and how u have evolved, how many people must have tried to look into what all made u what u r today(i mean the films and books)??? One day for sure u will get bugged with interacting with people(b\’coz ur very core nature is not friendly…(sorry Mani ratnam and Shekhar kapoor!:)) and u will stop blogging.

  45. vamshi krishna reddy says:

    hiWat is ur opinion on "auteur"?Becoz in my M.Phil dessertaion, one of the chapters name is "Ramgopal Varma as an Auteur" and u know, i have argued that Varma is an Auteur.

  46. surap says:

    You have given an eloborated meaning for weirdo..actually it is just equal to RGV…

  47. unknown says:

    Thank you very much to stop our philosophers from writing quotations.

  48. Unknown says:

    Khamosh + Predator = Agyaat

  49. Swamy says:

    "Mein Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon" is a beautiful movie..but why very few of them liked it ? I mean it’s not even an unconventional subject like \’Nishabd\’, the material in it was very real.Recently in a movie Javed Akhtar wrote that “Man chooses his success and failure”…can we say that a movie chooses it\’s success and failure ?Just wanna know what is your opinion you made on that movie\’s fate.

  50. Junkie says:

    People are considering your answer to their question is kind of ego booster.Somehow they want your attention. For that they use two different techniques:1. Be totally against you2. Woo you with all the uncommon appreciationsAmazingly, you are doing the same. You answer either weird questions which are against you or if they appreciate you in a different way.Note that there are also people who want just good thoughts from your blog and I believe there are more such people visiting your blog.

  51. surap says:

    By blindly applying your thoughts, i really lost a friend !!!!! Still i love your thoughts !!!!!

  52. ram says:

    “Thoughts that grew me” — Hai Ramu, its nice to c one more gr8 "thought" of urs.. added to share ur thoughts wid us.yup! after reading ur "sorry Sorry" reaction.. still I couldn resist from nt putting up the following one.. which actually follows up som of ur views.. "Life Is A Change; For When U Are Through Changing, U Are Through!"RamRaju

  53. Unknown says:

    Ramu,A sincere request. For another time I\’ve watched few bits of telugu movie "Samarasimha Reddy" starring Balakrishna. The flashback episode was simply superb. Especially Balakrishna chasing the bad guys and killing them. The camera by VSR Swamy, the background score are highlight. I hope you put this scene in your upcomiing "Rakta Charitra"

  54. krishna says:

    Hi RGVI have been reading ur blog since a long time and almost got addicted to it.The articles in the blogs uhave written are similar to the story line in ur films ie it contains some exceptional articles,some not so intresting articles and some articles like rifle.There is always a curiosity factor each time u write a new article.Some times the articles are very intresting and sometimes very boring.Recently i have seen a telugu movie "KICK" which had a very good Concept but the director screwed up the story and screenplay to suite Raviteja\’s sensibilities.In one of his interviews the director of the movie e has said that the Character of the hero was inspired by RGV.

  55. Sree says:

    What do you prefer ? Ramu , RamGopal, Ram Gopal Varma , RGV ?

  56. vamsi says:

    Mohanlal\’s character was well defined in Company and he gave a realistic performance with ease. Did you tell him explicitly about mannerisms like putting eye drops and how he should act in those scenes or were those his ideas? All the scenes where he is present stand out in the movie. Do you explain a scene to the artist and let him do or do you enact it for him?

  57. vamsi says:

    How did you conceive the scene in Company where Mohanlal beats up the covert police after discovering that he let the villains (or heroes) escape the police raid? The way Mohanlal hit the police on his back was similar to a lecturer beating up a student for not doing homework etc., in contrast to the traditional "police" way; yet it was very effective. Was it because you introduce him as a college professor before coming into IPS?

  58. nilesh says:

    Hi Ramu sir, Can you share three biggest mistake you made w.r.t films

  59. maneesh says:

    Instaed of making 1 movie with 20 crores please make 100 movies with 20 lakh each it is becoming very tought to wait for your movies i was very happy when u were making movies through factory the kind of witty stuff u post on the blog every idea is a movie concept please make more movies.

  60. AREFUL says:

    Ramu please check this movie site. i think the idea will strike you.

  61. Jack says:

    Ramu, These are the 12 commandments of my life. See if you find them interesting:1. Leave the newspaper and the toilet the way you expect to find it( my granduncle).2. Do not judge a person by his/her looks.3. This too shall pass(good times/bad times).4. Do not compare, do not compete.5. Live in the present. Do not think about the past and the future. 6. Wherever you put your attention, that will grow. If you put your attention on the lack of something , the lack will increase.7. Do not be a football to other people\’s opinion.8. Do not look for intention behind other people\’s actions.9. Accept people and situation as they are.10. Complete tasks which are important but not urgent.11. Adapt as fast as possible to a new situation.12. Life is an expression of happiness, not pursuit of happiness.

  62. pradeep says:

    DISGUSTING BLOG!…..Just becoz you made few successfull movies…Donn over proclaim youserlf in Evry other thing.What you donn know is the fact that wife and husband also have sex with so much love and passion which results in the birth of a beautiful child which is the ackowledgement for their love from the god. That is why people celebrate their birthday with so much happiness…~

  63. Dhatri says:

    Ramu ga,I hate Birthdays like u and i am not able to stop people from wishing me….give me a tip. I told them that i havent achieved anything in life to celebrate my existence. – DVK

  64. crazy says:

    if you could hear it , you could runif you could see it, you could hideif it had a body , you could killif am still alive after reading this, i can die

  65. crazy says:

    ramu,also its sounding like translated english…ha a…the punchlines should be short and simple …not so big and complicated ha haha…we are getting laugh when reading but not feeling the message….also the reader can feel the struggle taken by the puncline composer….it shud be composed in flow not in pain….hollywood punchlines are so straight and clear…even in SARKAR RAJ.."power cannot be given , it has to be taken"…what translated english is this man…punchlines are either adressed to the reader or just declared …when nike says "JUST DO IT" its adressing to the reader…POWER CANNOT BE GIVEN , IT HAS TO BE TAKEN means??? .its meaning like this- "you cannot give power , you only can take it"..instead it shud be something like POWER IS NOT GIVEN, IT HAS TO BE TAKEN…. or something like that…..then it make sense…arei endhi bai, maa standards penchu bai…gandhukune annan bai…puli ni choosi nakka vaathalu pettukovaddani..hollywood=puli; nakka= ???:P maybe for AGYAAT try the punchlines "if only you can look at the invisible…" or ""hunt of the invisible" or something better , i donnoo….but be atleast try to be little original man…

  66. Unknown says:

    Namskar Ramu Ji,Jisa ki aap jante hain ki Bolywood mai Bherdchal ka raj hai. Jab bhi koi khani hit hui nahi ki , baki bhi usi khani ka pherbadal karke film banan shuru kar dete hai, lekin aap main kuch alg karne ki koshish hamesh rahi hai, iseliya mai aapki filmey pasnd karta rahu hun.Ramu Sir, main aaki "Ramu Ki Agg" dekhi thi usmai sub kuch sahi tha wrong thi to sirf starcast agar aap ki is film ki starcast kuch iss tarh hoti (Ajay Devgan (Veeru) ke kirdar ke liya Akshay Kr., Ajay Devgan ke dost(Jai) ke kirdar ke liye Ajay Devgan, Ajay Devgan ki heroin (Basanti) ke liye Aisha Deyol, Thakur ke kirdar ke liye Ompuri, Thakur ki larki ke liya Kajol, A.K. hengal ke kirdar ke liye Anuapm Kher, Asrani ke kirdar ke liya Joni Liver, Jagdeep ke kirdar ke liya Rajpal Yadav, Mosi Ji yani ki Leela Mishra ke kirdar ke liye Kiran Kher.Yanha sirf kuch hi kirdaro ka zikar kar raha hun, esi tarh aur bhi kirdaro main agr aap badlav karte to (Ramu ki Agg) bhi (Sholey) ki tarh hi Itihas jarur banati.Agar koi gustakhi ho gai ho to shama ke sath Namaskar SANJEEV

  67. Unknown says:

    Dear brother,You are expressing your opinion on unfaith ness of God in so many interviews. So it’s may be your personal opinion.Generally, everyone can’t know all the things in the world. But some people are feel like which they know is the true, and which he knows is right.According to circumstances, in our rotien life we have to face many situations and persons. These situations and persons will change our opinions.Some times we think one type opinion is right. But due to condition of the situation if may changed as wrong, tomorrow.I really surprised to know that no one had explained to you about presence of God in your 47 years lifespan.This makes me to feel…bad and sorrow about this.I am waiting to meet you to explain the existence of the God. In this regarding you can able to provide some time to me. It will helps to me for expressing and discussing about God.I think you are having time, patience and courage to leason about God.In your Raksha movie promotion you challenged to give 5 lacks Rupees, if anyone watches this movie alone.As a challenged person you can able to leason and learn about God.I want to introduce the God to you. Are you ready to receive?? My dear brother I want to meet you. And also the three most valuable Gifts are waiting for you.I read your feelings in your blog, about YSR’s (King of poor people) death.I understood, and I would like to say the answers… for all of your questions.My name is T.Kanaka Raju, from Nizamabad district, Andhra Pradesh, IndiaI don’t know your Mobile number & address.Please call me OR send me E-mail to my Id, about our meet.Our Indian society will needs…the most valuable films from you.Thanks&Regards,T.Kanaka Raju,Nizamabad, A.P, India.Mob no. 09491114845.E-mail –

  68. Unknown says:


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