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My Reaction to Reactions

1. Why are you fond of camera shots that move close to the ground?Ans: I think it’s the infantile nature in me. I like crawling.2. What do you think of the Telugu Industry?Ans: I don’t think of anything except myself.3. … Continue reading

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The plant of Shiva

  Right from my childhood I had a fascination for tough guys. I used to look up to the bullies in school as they were my earliest exposure to violent power which slowly graduated to street toughs. When I was … Continue reading

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Cons, lies and one truth.

  (This has to be read in continuation to my previous post titled “Wrong is right”.)   As I was hanging out on the sets of ‘Collector Gari Abbayi’ Surendra had an idea of making a film based upon ‘The … Continue reading

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Wrong is right

  In ‘Sarkar’ Selvar Mani says “Jiske paas power hai uska wrong bhi right ho jata hai”. I believe it’s not so much because of power alone but it can also be due to your own personal attitude towards life. … Continue reading

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The One Kilometer Walk..

My father was a sound engineer in Annapurna Studios and due to that he had a pretty good access to the big guns there. I went to him and told him that I wanted to be film director and he … Continue reading

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My reactions to reactions

  1. What drives you?Ans: Most times my Land cruiser and sometime my Honda.   2. What can people do when it’s too late?Ans: There’s no such thing as too late if you truly decide what you really want to … Continue reading

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The Biggest Flop of my Life

Just felt like sharing this one personal experience of mine. It has nothing to do with films. So those of you who are not interested can get off right now.   Sometime in 1994 I just returned from Chennai to … Continue reading

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