My reactions to reactions

1.Why were your assistants not as successful as you are?
Ans: I will tell you that the day I come to know why I myself was successful in the first place.
2. How did you characterize Kay Kay for Vishnu’s role in Sarkar?
Ans: Compared to the novel I always felt that Sonny Corleone’s role was not as intensely portrayed by James Cann the way it was in the book. So I took a cue from a line from the novel.
“From 1935 to 1937, the name of Santino Corleone sent shockwaves through the underworld”.
Vishnu matches the intensity of this above line.
3. What is the definition of a weirdo?
Ans: One who is different and does not conform to any standards and dares to be alone.
“For them lonesomeness is the plight of sick one. For me it’s the flight from the sick ones.”- Friedrich Nietzsche.
4. Which work of Ayn Rand do you like the most?
Ans: It’s not her works, but it is her thoughts which I connect to, which could be both in her fiction and non-fiction writings. Likewise I connect to a lot of thoughts in Mad magazine too. I think humourists are the greatest philosophers in the world.
5. Is it because you go by your decisions without bothering about consequences that you made so many flops?
Ans: Yes and my hits too happened because of the same.
6. Would you have had the same attitude towards life if you were not successful?
Ans: I became successful because I have that attitude.
7. My girlfriend threatened to leave me if I ever advise her to visit your blog again.
Ans: Well, come to think of it, she might be better off.
8. I think you are a person with double standards.
Ans: Actually I am a person with multiple standards.
9. I wish you 200 movies.
Ans: Thanks! That’s 800 less than what I wish for.
10. I am 22. Roark, Nietzsche and you are the 3 most interesting men I encountered.
Ans: I think it’s high time you encounter some hot women now.
11. I don’t agree with most of things you say. You are quite strange.
Ans: “The whole of mankind lies at an incalculable distance beneath me and my Zarathustara. I say in one sentence what others say and do not say in whole books”. This is what Nietzsche said in his autobiography “Ecce Homo”.
I say that I am not above but I am away.
You will have no problems in life with what you don’t agree with, but be very very wary of what you agree with as that is what will determine your personality and growth.
12. Your blog is the most addictive thing I have known.
Ans: Try sex and vodka.
13. You were destined to be successful.
Ans: For me the biggest failures in life are those who cite destiny, luck and chance. Sure enough the very fact that we are not in control of things is proof enough that there exist extraneous factors which control us whether they are God, devil, destiny, astrology, planets, numerology etc etc or whatever else they might be. But the very fact that they are not in our control itself is proof enough for us not to waste our time and energy on them and instead concentrate on what is in our control.
14. Have you ever struggled in life?
Ans: No. That’s because struggle is in your mind. In reality you have to deal with life. For example, I waited for 5 hours in my beginning days to meet a Producer which could be deemed as struggle. But in all the 5 hours I was studying the kind of people who came to meet him, understand the people who are working for him, what his expectations seem to be etc etc, so that I can prepare for a better pitch.
15. What would have been your plight if your father was as careless as you?
Ans: That’s the point I was trying to make, my friend. What was his point when he was working towards a completely selfish bastard like me?
16. Why did you go to college when you were not interested in education?
Ans: Not then, not now, I never worked towards an objective. My parents wanted me to do Engineering and for me it was an opportunity to be in a new place with new people. I enjoyed being sexually stimulated by Rifle, emotionally stimulated by Satya and intellectually stimulated by Satyendra. Apart from that I did a lot of character studies of people at college which I use till today in my films.
17. How can you call me a weirdo? This is my last comment on your blog.
Ans: If you don’t have even that much of sense of humour you don’t deserve to be on this blog. Bye.
18. What is the most influential book you have ever read?
Ans: Without a doubt Ayn rand’s “Fountainhead”.
19. What kind of people do you think will watch Agyaat?
Ans: Morons, like me.
20. Why do so many people bitch you and your comments?
Ans: Where there are elephants there will be dogs. I am the dog and you bitches are the elephants. Happy now?
21. Do you get affected by criticism?
Ans: Well, I get irritated by stings, I fear bites and I ignore the barks.
22. Don’t talk with so much immaturity. Sex and power are not the only things which give happiness.
Ans: Your are right! More sex and more power give more happiness.
23. Power obsession is natural to people who suffer from an inferiority complex like you.
Ans: Criticism of power obsession is natural to inferior people like you.
24. If you had respected your grandfather and invested it would have become 20 Crores now.
Ans: Ok grandpa. Just be very wary of your grandson.
25. Only when we are independent we can fulfill our wishes.
Ans: “Like the camel is man. He kneels down and lets himself be well laden with burdens of commitments and expectations and then he says ‘Yeah! Life is hard to bear!’ But man himself is hard to bear as all he has to do is to shrug the load and gallop free.”- Friedrich Nietzsche.
On the other hand if for whatever reason you have to carry the load, then you have to learn to enjoy the process. What you should never do is to crib about the load.
26. What is the best compliment that a woman ever gave you?
Ans: She said that she wants to have sex with my attitude.
27. My mother still thinks you are half mad.
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100 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. Arun says:

    10. I am 22. Roark, Nietzsche and you are the 3 most interesting men I encountered. Ans: I think it’s high time you encounter some hot women now.Well, if you meant how weirdos and loners find encountering \’hot women\’ a difficult job, your comments hurt me. I hope none of my girlfriends read this.

  2. Sreekrishnan says:

    I wish i was famous, controversial and creative enough to show my moronistic attitude to people who try to comment on me, my attitude or my thoughts. best part is you still keep getting people to bitch about you even after you fuck them royally in the reactions. damn !

  3. Amit says:

    Hi Ramu,Man, i have been reading the "My reactions to reactions" section ever since it started , i.e the Sarkar Raj days :)Let me tell you whenever i am depressed i just go through this section and i am really refreshed. I enjoy your reactions to the super serious morons and the super suggestive Grandpaa\’s. I really feel you live your life KingSize and thats how the life should be lived. Just like when i want to satisfy the sexual demands i watch a porn, when i want to come out of a mental trauma (For e.g. watching India lose in a Cricket match :)), i read your blog :)You are so right that if you wake up in the morning and do what you want to do the whole day, there is nothing like it. You feel you are living for yourself. All my bosses at work have tried to influence or suggest to me to be on time to office but i have never managed to do that in the last 10 years that i have been working. Even i was kind of frustated. asked myself this question that why is that i never make it to office on time ? The answer is in your write ups about work & re-work.When i wake up my body knows that i have to go work and the mind doesnt want to. The whole process of getting ready for office is so slow that i am never on time no matter how early i wake up 🙂

  4. Unknown says:

    How did you choose nithin in agyaat? How did he acted?

  5. Unknown says:

    what websites you visit daily as a hobby? please name your most good ones.

  6. krishna says:

    Thanks RAMU,I and my girlfriend have to leave each other after some time due to family pressures/compulsions etc… after reading ur blog atleast i am now thinking of how to spend the rest of the few days which are left for me with her,the days which are in my control

  7. pintoo says:

    nice story uncle…now, go have some water and go to sleep…

  8. Ashok says:

    W.r.t Reaction# 13 – "But the very fact that they are not in our control itself is proof enough for us not to waste our time and energy on them and instead concentrate on what is in our control" – PROFOUND!!! Seriously dude, you might want to pick up such wisdoms/wisecracks/whatever from your blog and publish them as a book (Ramuism/AnalySiS etc)..who knows, us weirdos might buy it and make u richer yet! and better yet – u could end up in the league of renowned personalities like Shakespeare,Nietzsche,Vivekananda,Gandhi,Freud,Navjot Sing Sidhu etc (Sidhu made the list intenionally) & know what?..people might quote u ! 😉

  9. Sri says:

    Ramu, about the book The Fountainhead, how did you feel when you first finished reading that book?

  10. VijayDirects says:

    Ramu ek vyakthi haiRam gopal varma ok Soch hai.

  11. super says:

    Ayn Rand\’s first TV interview: of my favorite TEDtalks by Richard Dawkins:

  12. super says:

    I don\’t think people actually need a film camera to make a cheap entertaining movie anymore. The popular videos on Youtube give an indication of how much creativity normal people have in them. I don\’t really see the film or any other dumb industry surviving if it continues with the same attitude !Thank you INTERNET for giving a platform to everybody who doesn\’t have one in the real word.

  13. super says:

    sorry for the incoherence of my posts !

  14. sreeniwas says:

    In that case you are one of the greatest philosophers in the world..wat say???

  15. ak says:

    idiot, i have been addicted to ur blog.

  16. Unknown says:

    Ramu,I watched you interview on TV9 with those dumb-assess Rajnikanth, Challa Srinivas, Yandamoori (sorry I used to respect Yandamoori) etc…The questions were so dumb and stupid… But Ramu, I have to admire your patience for putting up with that un-intellectual & silly questions from those low-life pimps and giving them an answer. If I were you I would either walk away or tell them to grow up.I\’m sure you would\’ve also thought of below quote from Nietzsche while those dumb-asses are asking you those dumb questions. Aren\’t you ???????Or maybe it’s even unnecessary to use this valuable citation on above dumb-assess and losers !!!“The whole of mankind lies at an incalculable distance beneath me and my Zarathustara. I say in one sentence what others say and do not say in whole books”RGV interview on TV9Part-1

  17. Ramya says:

    Hi Ramu garu, I am your all time BIG FAN!! Never got an idea that you would write a blog.. even while I was typing in google I laughed at my silly thought, but BANG! I found this. Oh I always argue that you are THE BEST director in India (only other director from India being Vamsy garu). Oh and I like all your interviews, the best one I remember is against Sandhya in TV9 for "Madhyanam hatya". Ultimate! And I never understood why any of your movies was a flop, you do every movie with such great passion and you call your production unit a factory? Whoa. I am your all time BIG FAN!

  18. Vikram says:

    ate the following contemporaries of yours: Vishal Baradwaj, Nagesh Kukunoor, Anurag Kashyap, and Dibankar Banerjee. Who among the current crop make movies that appeal to you? – Vikram

  19. Swamy says:

    Sree Venkat,Yes you are true…initailly there was an interview with Ramu where this guy Rajinikanth posed some non-sense questions (which shows his narrow mind). Ramu lost his temper and screwed him with his replies… per my wild guessing, before Yandamoori\’s interview, this guy might had went to Yandamoori and complained about Ramu\’s arrogant replies…so Yandamoori might have taken it granted and started interview with Ramu\’s attitude towards journalists…here Ramu answerd with cool mind…anyways i\’m a big fan of Yandamoori so i won\’t complain on him but yes..this journo ( not his guy there are many others) should learn to behave with dignity.

  20. Abhishek says:

    Yesterday I was chatting with some of my friends and one of them had criticized you for shamelessly pirating Video Cassettes of the film "Aakhri Raasta" during your video Library Days. I tried to confront her by saying that its the hallmark of a courageous person to wash his dirty linen in Public. I recalled your article "Rework" where you had mentioned that you waited for 5 hrs to meet a producer. I told them that you had spent time in the Panjagutta lockup and was a great opportunity for a person to see and understand criminals, thugs, thiefs, cops or Havaldars of different mentality. All this was an opportunity that existed in that humiliation and embarrassment. And I boasted that some of these characters have been used by Ramu in his films! Can you mention one character from your films who was akin to a person you observed in Panjagutta police station on that day?? This question has nothing to do with the police station. I just wanted to prove my point home. 🙂

  21. Unknown says:

    Ramu ji,In the TV9 interview you told:“’Rakta Charitra’ will be a most breathtaking experience in the cinematic history. In the history of cinema will become a trend setter.”As far as I can reach my memory you never described or gave this kind of expectation to any of your other movies.I am quite excited and can’t wait to see this movie !!!!

  22. Raghavender says:

    I was watching American History X recently. How about Indian History X with casteism or religion as the theme, similar to racism in the original one.

  23. Pari says:

    Power and sex …can you define them pls

  24. static atmosphere energy says:

    Dear Ramuji,Every person is indeed unique even in practical sense one cannot copy a person\’s signature to forge a cheque. So also every creative director has his own X factor. Sir, I find immense joy by watching your film firstly as a common audience but then when I watch again and again (academic), I find your camera language very apt. It is of course the director who establishes the relationship of how he would like to place the camera and capture not only actors but also how to present the whole context of scene in effective way.Your placement of camera is very unique to tell a story from other aspects; even add dimension to the style of your film or attitude of your filming style that comes on to screen. Dear Ramu ji, it would be a learning experience for many people like me – Who from this blog learn film making and take this academically and practically.Sir, can you please tell how you approach your shot break downs, how you block your actors, mise-en-scene…take master shot first and then break into line of tension when actors perform? I do understand that every script will have its own attitude and camera language. How do you determine that…I will start this with master shot or abrupt shot? \’Company\’ breaks certain rules but why do I feel looking at camera language that I am the most intelligent audience watching a very wise film? I… may in real life wont be intelligent but the movie (camera language) has such an impact on me that for time being I feel intelligent with my silence and the camera language?Say sir you have the script…you sat with the concept and then with writers…you have the script what is your first thing that you do with it…determine the camera language? (Besides telling actors to perform or making them ready ). Sir, can you share your experiences of how you approach the shoot aspect for a director communicating to DOP, because after watching many of your films, I realize that shooting requires the best management brain for a director , presence of mind and the director needs to know in his mind what was shot, what is to be shot and that film runs clear…please share your experience of how your approach camera language.Thank you.

  25. Unknown says:

    You use the word sex a lot in your writing.

  26. mayank says:

    I understand that life is about enjoying YOUR OWN moments. But, problem is, unlike you, we have responsibilities towards wife, chilren etc., and what implications on enjoying OUR MOMENT would have on them? Its easy to say FUCK it all since u r a loner and live for and by yourself

  27. Unknown says:

    My friend says your works hasn\’t evolved much, in terms of incorparating alternative thoughts, cultures,viewpoints and addressability or rather you have chosen not to extend them to newer territories due to the accompanying discomfort of entering and understanding a unknown zone . Satya, Company, Sarkar, Sarkar Raj and other films are other forms of Shiva (OLD). Rakta Charitra will be another Company. And you keep on making similar kind of films like Raat, Bhoot and now Agyaat. So, is it all about reaching the 200 mark?

  28. auto says:

    Raathri (flop) "Re-Worked" as Bhooth (Hit)Antham (Flop) "Re-worked" as Satya (Hit)Aag (flop)….will you re-work on it (may be as "Angaaray") to make it a hit????Subhash Ghai\’s "Karma" is his version of "Sholay"Raj Kumar Santhoshi\’s "China Gate" is his version of "Seven Samurai" (aka Sholay)Ram Gopal Varma\’s "Kaun" is his version of "Ittefaq"Ram Gopal Varma\’s "Naach" is his version of "Abhiman"It would be great to see Aag re-worked?…Will you?? Just curious to know

  29. Puroorava Chakravarthy says:

    Ramu, here is my grammar lesson. It is not \’atleast\’, it is not a word but an idiom. It is \’at least\’.Example: Ramu must be at least 40. 😉 hehe

  30. abhinav says:

    ramu, you have good dressing sense! 🙂

  31. sammy says:

    ramu Sir ! Problem with life is Adult hood ! we will never know when we are adult and life it self teach what life is ! your last blog a bit of philisophical. but sum thing is true.. " EVERY PROBLEM WHAT WE ARE FACING NOW SOME ONE BEFORE ALREADY FACED IT and PROBABLY HAVE WRITTEN ANSWER SOME WHERE IN THE BOOK BUT DONT KNOW WHERE THERE IS NOTHING NEW AT ALL. EVERY PROBLEM HAS BEEN SOLVED.

  32. Aditya says:

    have you ever accepted that \’your\’ thought process was wrong, and hence corrected? (have not seen once in your blog atleast). any psychological evolution is said to be a process of learning and unlearning.

  33. Suraj says:

    RGV,Please dont get into preachy stuff, due to this I feel your blog is losing it\’s charm.Talk movies, your forthcoming ones, your experiences while making certain scenes!Regards,Suraj

  34. TADIKONDA says:


  35. Unknown says:

    You are intellectual, smart, witty, creative, successful..and boy are you romantic…how come you are still not taken…what happened to all the sensible women out there…..anyways, its saddening that such an intellectual mind in your family has to end with your generation….

  36. Unknown says:

    @truth hurts,Your comments sucks big time !!!Do yourself a favor and find some other better place to comment. when I say sucks, it sssssssuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkksssssssssssssssss

  37. Pradeep says:

    What do u do if u have given a job of " Film Critic "?

  38. Pradeep says:

    What is POWER according to you?

  39. Pradeep says:

    Do u think that u have achieved enough POWER till now?

  40. Pradeep says:

    You always say "Vodka"..Why?Don\’t u enjoy other drinks(Wine,Whiskey, Rum, Gin etc….)?

  41. Pradeep says:

    How u made association with Mani Ratnam ?

  42. Anirudh says:

    Hi Ramu…This is AK…I read your blog every now and then…For fun most of time infact, Laugh out Loud sometimes…infact!!!But last 2 postings Work and Rework have stunningly captured me as the lines uttered in those 2 postings (most of them) are exactly and absolutly reflection of my thoughts. Infact these were written in a book "1+1=0" (Cryptically by me over the years still to be finished) way back in 90s when i was in my 12th. I know this comment would go one amongst 100s but somehow wanted to tell it out since i rarely get to see my twin mind in this world!!! 🙂 i dont care wether it was Ayn Rand who originated it or Friedrich Nietzsche…i got my own version of this goddamn millennium version…for all new breed of morons 🙂

  43. Unknown says:

    why r u not as candid in tv interviews as ur r on ur blog..?

  44. Shalini says:

    Hi Ramu, How are you? How was the weekend??

  45. V says:

    6/9/2009 – Work" The emphasis our parents put on us is to get marks and never on education."Thats primarily because of the fear of society, ignorance, "programming", failures in future and pressures of competition from the outside world. TRUE EDUCATION is never about getting distinctions or becoming toppers but the ABILITY to handle ANY KIND of a situation without fearing it which means that when a child is given THIS EDUCATION, he/she would never DARE TO COMMIT SUICIDE when failed in exams(10th, inter or degree) or become a failure and that primarily depends on parents and not school teachers. School teachers help us getting marks and parents must help children get this education.What use are this marks of when one doesnt have the mental capability to handle a testing situation in reality and break down and give in to it instead of doing the otherwise?" Work is something I define as what you have to do. But if you want to do it, it becomes a pleasure and I always did in my life only what I wanted to do. "Completely agree with u – Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a single day in your life!" When I asked my grand father how come some guys who wake up at 10.00am are more successful than him, he used to get angry."Because like many, he failed to understand that to be successful, one needs to work SMARTER and not HARDER. Not that people who work harder aren\’t successful but smart people achieve more success than the hard working lot and that too with less efforts than the latter…:) " It’s also not about what you do in the time that you are awake but it is about how you are feeling when you are doing that is what the point of life is all about."So the rule is – ENJOY each and every moment of life REGARDLESS of what u are doing without thinking about things which u CANNOT control." If you are constantly doing what you are doing just because you are told to do or because of your fear of tomorrow or because of commitments and responsibilities you would have truly lost the whole purpose of being alive."@Readers: This rule applies ONLY FOR PERSONS LIKE RAMU who believes in something like "I would rather prefer to die than not live life the way I want to. " Unfortunately for others, there are LOTS OF FACTORS to be taken care of unlike Ramu, who is a selfish person with no attachments. I am not saying he is wrong, i am saying it should be left to people to decide what one\’s WANTS and DO in life." Life is but a cycle of, we are born, we grow up, we get married, we have children, we make them grow up, we make them get married, we get old and then we die."You forgot to mention one thing. Between the "we get them married" and "we get old" there is something called "we become grandparents" what say dear?"As long as death is inevitable there is no question of any of us having a state of permanent success. Life in itself is a process. "Thats why someone said, the DESTINATION is not important, but what important is the JOURNEY towards the destination, becoz we might or might not reach the intended destination, so why not just enjoy the JOURNEY instead of worrying unnecessarily about reaching the destination safe which isnt in our hands?"A present day success can be the start of an impending failure or vice-versa. So as long as everything is so uncertain, why worry about it and just do what you feel like doing at every single moment of your life."Ohh…come on u are becoming redundant now Ramu.(your screenplay lags, needs some trimming/editing)" ‘Forget yesterday, live today and fantasize tomorrow’ is the motto of my life and it has always been that ever since I was an unruly kid, and a so-called irresponsible youngster and an erratic and eccentric adult."For unruly kids, irresponsible youngsters and erratic and eccentric adults, that should be the motto." With the first money of about 2 lakhs I got for my first movie, my grandfather was after me to buy a piece of land in Jubilee Hills to……."@Readers: Ramu says somethings in this blog which needs to be read, enjoyed and forgotten AS SOON AS u leave this place but NEVER make the cardinal sin of practicing it in REALITY….whoever does that is digging his/her grave beyond any doubt for the simple reason that not everyone LIVES FOR THE MOMENT like Ramu…."Throughout my grand father\’s life, he worked very hard without once thinking what exactly he is working towards."Not only ur grand father, unfortunately many people work so even now because of this "programming" set by their elders and their elders and their elders and so on…..(so whoever started this IN THE BEGINNING deserves a KICK ON THE BUM from Ramu and me)" I failed to explain to him that the few months’ pleasure I would get in staying in that office with a décor of what I want to experience was much more than my fear of what will happen in the future if I become a failure."Your grandfather never had the faintest of idea at that point that he was dealing with a ONE-OF-A-KIND-PERSON(why only ur grandfather, most of the people around u and now that they have realised that, they gave up on u) and by the way its a compliment my dear friend. " If all your work is geared towards securing yourself against failure and death why live at all? "If the article "WORK" written by u is a fruit and if i were to squeeze it with brute force, then the "juice" i get if transformed into a text form then, it would be the above statement!PS1: That "somebody" Ramu referred to: Ok the games are over….i am SORRY boss…infact i am bowled over by ur magnanimity and humility for staying calm despite provoking u…May the SUPREME POWER bless u whoever u are(since u are not Ramu, u can take it, so take it) PS2: Ramu, till date i have never seen u as smart as u were in this interview( Well to be honest, u looked as aesthetically pleasing and handsome as a T-Rex to me, u know what i mean – ur hairstyle(which is untidy always), ur dressing(which looks horrible most of the times), ur moustache(which i thought is a mismatch to ur face until i saw this interview) and by the way will u please stop scratching while u are on air most of the times?

  46. V says:

    6/11/2009 – Re-work " Success is something I define as to be able to get up in the morning and do what you want to do till you sleep. " Most of the people dont agree with u on that. For different people success means different things depending on their priorities, wants, needs, desires etc. So this RULE applies ONLY FOR U. Thanks for letting us know that." Yes, you have your family, relationships, obligations etc. But if you want to take care of them and stand by them, you are doing what you want to do. "So guys whoever felt GUILTY till now reading Ramu\’s articles DONT HAVE TO ANYMORE….and i hope u all understand the reason why." In reality most people act and do things out of compulsion by others or within themselves rather than really wanting to do so. "Com eon Ramu…..its ok…dont complain too much! " All I had said was that I had the courage to bear the consequences of the decisions I took. "You and your decisions…….Oh God…so whats ur decision when u wake up tomorrow morning?" But what cannot be taken away from me is the pleasure moments I experienced in that process. " I can see LARGE TRACES of that in all ur posts."But what most people will do is to constantly worry about whether there might be sharks in the sea or the boat might sink or the plane ticket is too expensive or what if there is a sudden storm, and thereby remain bitter, frustrated and fearful all their lives. "But Ramu, there are NO RULES IN LIVING LIFE….it depends purely on a person. Even if there is an idiot, he wouldnt accept that he is one, so it purely depends on ONE\’S UNDERSTANDING OF LIFE. He may look like an idiot to u but not for him or his family. So its not necessary that we shouldnt worry about sharks, or the boat may sink in…….." I plunge in even if I don’t know swimming. I will either learn to swim or sink in the process….."I am 100% sure u WILL NOT learn swimming if u dive into water then. If u learn swimming the moment u plunge into water then its tantamount to saying that anybody can learn driving as soon as one starts driving a car(yes not everyone is as daring as u to take a plunge despite knowing that they will sink in because we all have something called FAMILY)" Frankly I am not concerned about what happens to the world one second after I die."Honestly even if u are, u cant do anything because by then u are already dead! " If you don’t know science then atleast work as a tea boy to the scientist and contribute."I would rather live as a king in hell than as a slave in heaven."….if you truly constantly worry about the world being finished in 50 years, what if……."Again u are becoming redundant now……Ok baba, we will not worry about anything except the fate of ur movies…:(" Most people can’t differentiate between worrying and thinking "because they have LOT OF THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT unlike u who believes in living life for one\’s own selfish reasons." Worrying is negative energy and makes your mind run in circles breeding depression and frustration whereas thinking makes you reach a decision. "Since i feel i am as intelligent as u(if not more), let me elaborate precisely. Worrying is -ve thinking, which can only add to ur misery further whereas thinking are of 2 types, +ve thinking and -ve thinking. +ve thinking leads to a solution(directly or indirectly) to our problems and u know what happens with -ve thinking. Thats why someone said "ITS ALL IN THE MIND". Well this is how i define it Ramu(u can beg to differ)" …the decision you reach will result in work and if the work does not result in what you wanted from it, all you have to do is Re-work. "I call it perseverance in my language which my moral science teacher taught me in 2nd standard.PS: Did u notice that u are blogging 3 times a week which is unprecedented till now, so that tells me how "restless" we are making u and ofcourse one more thing…these days u seem to have lot of time at hand(did ur girl friend leave u or what?)

  47. V says:

    6/12/2009 – My Response to RGV\’s reactions" I will tell you that the day I come to know why I myself was successful in the first place. "I will tell u right now. Success doesn\’t require any special skill, except PASSION. There are other factors too like hard work, dedication and Luck(yes u read it right becoz so many people work hard but success eludes the most, so luck do plays a important role). It is probably easy to achieve success but to maintain it for a long time is very challenging and it depends in a very large measure upon individual initiative and exertion and cannot be achieved solely by a dint of hard work. " Vishnu character was portrayed intensely in Sarkar. "I am not sure if any other actor apart from KK could pull it off as effectively as he did. His restlessness was TERRIFIC and honestly i feel he didnt get the accolades he deserved from that film. AB, being the son of superstar and the protagonist took away most of the credit for that film but KK was more DYNAMIC than AB Jr. Thats the disadvantage actors have as compared to "stars" i guess. "Weirdo = One who is different and does not conform to any standards and dares to be alone. "Looks like the meanings of some words in ur dictionary and mine are different. In my dictionary, weirdo means a half-crazed and a potentially dangerous person(in thoughts) like u apart from what u mentioned." I think humourists are the greatest philosophers in the world. "Yes i know of one guy who often quotes, quotes of Ayn Rand or Friedrich Nietzsche and he is extremely funny at times, do u know him by any chance?" I became successful because I have that attitude. " – RGV"I never claimed that I became successful because of this attitude of mine" – RGV in the Re-work article…..Guys look at the fuc**** CONTRADICTION(this is what i mean when i say he is conspicuously contradictory) " Your girl friend might be better off reading this blog. "If that applies to anyone\’s gf, then it pretty much applies to all the girls who are visiting this blog.PS: No Shalini i was not talking about u. " Thanks! That’s 800 less than what I wish for. "Not an offense if u can psyche urself and add that extra 800 to ur mind and satisfy urself being in that illusion.“The whole of mankind……………………………………blah blah……”. This is what Nietzsche said ”So whose temple are u constructing first? Ayn Rand or Friedrich Nietzsche(like some tamilians did for Khusbu and Namitha) but tell me the exact date because i am free only on sundays and one more thing….am i supposed to just cut the ribbon or break a coconut on the ground(if not on ur head) and please dont invite ur heroines as chief guests for that inauguration ceremony. I have "allergy" with heroines, u know what i mean. " You will have no problems in life with what you don’t agree with, but be very very wary of what you agree with as that is what will determine your personality and growth. "Yes teacher! " Try sex and vodka. "I am not done yet. " What was the point when my father was working towards a completely selfish person like me? "@Readers: The word selfishness is often misconstrued by lot of people and they feel its a derogatory word. In my dictionary, selfishness is of 2 types, one which is only BENEFICIAL to the person who is being selfish but MIGHT ALSO hurt others(not HARM) in the process which i think is pretty innocuous(ex Ramu) but the second one is as DANGEROUS as a T-Rex, which is beneficial for that person but extremely HARMFUL to others(ex: Politicians). In this era, words like arrogance and selfishness are not -ve words anymore like we were taught in school. " I enjoyed being sexually stimulated by Rifle, emotionally stimulated by Satya and intellectually stimulated by Satyendra."I also enjoyed equally by visualising u lusting Rifle, u fearing to express ur love for Satya(like Aamir does in Rangeela) and ur ego being crashed by Satyendra by reading ur pieces. " If you don’t have even that much of sense of humour you don’t deserve to be on this blog. "Couldnt agree more on that and thats why the "birth" of Lion in me. " Ayn rand’s “Fountainhead” is the most influential book i have ever read." My strength lies in the fact that i am not easily influenced!" Morons, like me. "Now that u cleared the meaning of weirdo in ur dictionary, can u tell the meaning of this word because in future if i want to scold u, then i dont want to use a word which sounds like a blessing to u. " Where there are elephants there will be dogs. I am the dog and you bitches are the elephants. Happy now? "No, because i fail to understand that when a man is annoying u, why the hell are u unleashing ur ire on women?" Well, I get irritated by stings, I fear bites and I ignore the barks. "I get irritated by some of ur annoying films, i fear u not reaching our expectations and i ignore some of ur dumb comments i read here. " Your are right! More sex and more power give more happiness. "To whom? " Ok grandpa. Just be very wary of your grandson. "This is like ur signature. You will never change……and thats the reason why i used the word "incorrigible" when describing a child in u……so the moral of the story is Plz dont give any advices to Ramu dear readers(when he REFUSES to listen to life how in the hell would u expect him to listen to u?)" She said that she wants to have sex with my attitude. "So finally she came to a conclusion that u are sexually impotent…..oh boy….now i understood what u meant when u said "i have sex on this blog"" I think it’s high time you encounter some hot women now. "Not before i screw up ur mind again!PS: In the blockbuster movie Deewar(1975), there is this famous confrontation scene between the brothers where one says " As long a brother speaks, a brother would listen and when a criminal speaks, a police officer would respond" which i would like to aptly put it in my own way in this context- "As long a Creative genius writes, a die heart fan would read and when a "child" reacts, a LION would respond."

  48. krishna says:

    You once said that apart from GODFATHER, subash Naghre\’s character was inspired from BAL TACKHEREY, is it true?

  49. Unknown says:

    agyaat contest details out…shoot a short film, scare Ramu n get that elusive break….

  50. Phani says:

    Boyle has cited the influence of several Bollywood films set in Mumbai.[i] Satya (1998) and Company (2002) (based on the D-Company) both offered "slick, often mesmerizing portrayals of the Mumbai underworld" and displayed realistic "brutality and urban violence."Well if your films inspired Boyle to make a Oscar winning movie which cought the whole imagination of the world (slumdog to me is a inferior product than satya or company) .. can we expect your film to win Oscar one Day ? Also you becoming a Oscar winning Director ?

  51. Unknown says:

    Why do you answer all the stupid questions on the TV interviews (esp tv9 and tv5)???

  52. Jay says:

    If you had an assistant director who was a ditto RGV, would you stand him? Would you stand an RGV?

  53. pradeep says:

    There are two may to achieve anything in this world.One by claiming that one wants to achieve it and other by not claiming.Ramu has always adapted the later method!….

  54. mikey says:

    I have seen your interview in TV5(Encounter).The interviewer asked you if u enjoy the affairs with starlets/heroines that u cast to which u said Thats not the only enjoyment.U admitted it by not denying it.The next question he asked is "Is it a prerequisite for any startlet/heroine to sleep with you for being starred in your film?You preferred not to answer saying that its too personal.I expected you come up with a brazen answer as u already have admitted in this blog..When u openly claim that u are selfish and irresponsible towards society ,what point being elusive about the open secret?

  55. Ram says:

    You are dangerously ridiculous!!!

  56. mikey says:

    You always claimed that nobody can make anybody,its only because of their merits,that individuals made it.If that is the case,assume i am a starlet and have passion/talent.I approach you for a chance.Its obvious that as u perceive every thing as a deal and two people getting mutual benefits,u would psychologically coerce me to sleep with you.Its a psychological crime,taking advantage of your power,u are playing with the compulsions/desperations of starlets/heroines.Rape need not be physical abuse,it can be mental.U will take them to a point where they have no other go but to say yes to your whims.This is mental crime,indeed a rape.Whats ramu?if film making is your objective, ARE POWER AND SEX are by-products of it?Its not that the latter is imperative.When u are so passionate about only movies,why is that u compel starlets to have sex?what do you say about it? Your answer may be "NOTHING" :)You are like RONU SAGAR in satya.As is the limitation with all kind of powers, this RAMU-SAGAR can not get the likes of aiswarya,bipasa to his bed room

  57. Rolling says:

    Dont flatter yourself. Your depiction of Vishnu\’s role (Sonny Corleone) was nothing great. It was pretty half baked actually. He hardly looked like the person who would send shockwaves through the underworld. James Caan is a very good actor and did a decent job as Sonny Corleone.

  58. sripal says:

    //My understanding of comments is that they reveal the nature of the man who is commenting rather than what or on who he is commenting upon….//This is awesome man. I slowly started realizing it in my real life. I used to feel so sad, or angry when some one pass abusive or sense less comments on me but now i\’m so happy as I learnt the truth around this.

  59. Unknown says:

    why din\’t you show the character Ganesh in shiva, in any other movies…he is a good actor…can you please tell me the reason ramu…

  60. Unknown says:

    I like the way Ramu answers the questions blunt and brief.Whether his ideas are good or bad I like the way his answers. I saw encouner on tv5 and I don\’t know what the heck he cares about his personal life, I got so mad for his questions. They are asking why are you selfish which is nothing but hypocrisy.

  61. Unknown says:

    Really stupid questions, No respect nothing only to get views and this guy sucks.

  62. Unknown says:

    Is this guy out of his mind, where did he get the questions like "When will you be mafia don, are you a dayyam" this guy needs to quit his job

  63. gajee says:

    ohh, that was your sense of humour is it ?? Hmmm…ok mr ramu. I am too big a fan of yours to stay away from your blog, simply can\’t 🙂 Though from now on I would be a bit apprehensive of commenting on your blog ;)And I should point out that there is also a denigrating version of the meaning for \’weirdo\’, anyways, I shouldn\’t have gone around "advising" you, I understand my folly.

  64. Siddu says:

    26. What is the best compliment that a woman ever gave you?Ans: She said that she wants to have sex with my attitude.This is by far the strangest and strangely even more wittier answer i have ever come across. Who ever that lady was, shes got talent and so do u

  65. Unknown says:

    hi ramujiim a great fan of u

  66. Unknown says:

    hi ramu is life meant to have sex&vodka?

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