The search for Paritala Ravi

After thinking hard on every actor both known and unknown I have finally zeroed in on Vivek Oberoi as the most ideal choice to play Paritala Ravi. He has remarkable intensity in his eyes which I noticed in the making of Company, a voice which commands attention, an arrogance in his demeanour, an enormous power in his stance, and also a certain vulnerability which makes one instantly warm up to him, which is what is needed to fit in a role of Paritala Ravi’s profile.

After a rough look-test done and when I saw the approximation of how Vivek could look like in different phases of Ravi’s life, from being a rebel in the jungles to a political strong-arm man, I was absolutely convinced that my search ended.

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100 Responses to The search for Paritala Ravi

  1. Jaisankar says:

    “Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great.” —- Mark Twain ur great Ramu…..

  2. Raghu says:

    Ramu,I would like to give you a few inputs into the Ravi\’s Story.I used to work with an auditor,whose client is Paritala day my auditor called to ravi & said one of his clients want to bid for a place in Mysore,so he asked ravi patiently whether he can submit the bid,i heard Ravi saying someother time,this time it is late.I was in an Hospital in hyd,to see the doc.i am sitting in the chair just opposite to the entrance of the hospital for my turn.A car has come and four people have got down from the car two came inside,one went to Dentist & came back to the car.i thought some newely elected MLA might be making Hangama(just few months back congress came to power).then Ravi got down & walked to dentest.I am writing these with the hope that these inputs may be useful someway.

  3. Smita says:

    Good Choice. Sometimes it not whether the actor can deliver the role but the director\’s vision and conviction that finally manages to extract a superb performance. Usually the audience only gets to see the final product in the theatre and are oblivious of the conception of the movie, the casting etc. This may be the first time that we will have a chance to work with a Director\’s vision from the beginning. It will be very interesting to watch this movie. Please do keep us posted on the makings.

  4. Vinay says:

    After Company, vivek was one guy to look out for. But he turned to romantic roles and his media briefings made him look like an idiot, till Shootout at lokhandwala made him somewhat redeem himself, though he still remains an idiot. Maybe he will be back in the reckoning after Raktha Charitra. Sanjay L Bhansali once said that his khamoshi flopped because he cast Nana and Manisha as father daughter, whereas in reality they were lovers. DIdnt agree with that really! You never choose your actors according to their public impression, do you?

  5. Vinay says:

    Abhimanyu Singh was Rananjay in Gulal. Will he make a good Suri!

  6. Vinay says:

    You said you do not have Satyendra\’s brilliance to support you if you adapted to his thought process. Isnt it true for lesser mortals than you too! Why then look down and ridicule them!

  7. Vinay says:

    You live happily by not having expectations. But our greatest disappointment comes from not being able to fulfill our own expectations at work.

  8. sLm says:

    @Smita its always director\’s vision actor is nothing without a director..

  9. Priya says:

    Finally Vivek Oberoi back… I actually like this guy as an actor he just needs a good role. Thanks RGV for giving him an opp.

  10. Nirax says:

    good choice … he resembles YSR somewhat in the first foto … maybe a young YSR … except that YSR can only do evil things … no good can come from this devil

  11. andhrite says:

    Hey Nirax,h d u know tht YSR do evil things only, for your kind info for the 1st time in AP, people are not against the govt. & YSR will be CM again., bye the way for which party u hav voted???

  12. Unknown says:

    Ever wonder/fear you may be the next Dev Anand in the making? Making meaningless movies to satisfy some urge but for no one to watch….

  13. Unknown says:

    hello mr. talent sucker…!for everyone\’s info… the script idea to make a film about paritala ravi & suri was my frnd gopimohan\’s… RGV made him work on it for a few months, took wot all he needed n later dropped it… then he brought in another frnd rajendra… he did the screenplay totally and then was shown the door by RGV… later came other frnds dharma-raksha who worked on the dialogues for the same script… RGV even announced and released a poster saying that they are directing raktha charithra and he is producing it… he made them wait n wait… and now RGV is directing it in Hindi… these r few talents that i know RGV used for this particular script… all of them r from hyd so i know wot hpnd… donno how many more talents RGV used in Mumbai for this script… finally the world will know raktha charithra as RGV\’s child… he does this for all the films he makes… hes a great director agreed, but hes not genuine… keep it up RGV… u r d best in wot u do…

  14. Nirax says:

    @andhrite ..i voted for PRP … not because of any special love for chiranjeevi …. but in favor of entry of fresh blood into politics. whether he delivers or not at least he is one genuine new face in politics who is not at the same time somebody\’s son or daughter … and nobody can deny that chiru has a honest earnestness which is hard to find in chnrababu, ysr, kcr, anybody …

  15. Rajeev says:

    i hate vivek….he is a sucker

  16. suresh says:

    Sir i am great fan paritala ravi lifr history.i want become like…After lisitining abt RAKTHA CHARITHRA im very anxited to act in this film.But hw can i contact varma garu.Any web site any details to meet varma sir.Plz help me sir.

  17. 旺立 says:


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