We are born, we are tended to by our parents, we go to school, spend years getting educated without having the faintest idea of what exactly education means, and the day we truly understand it our education would have been finished. We only realize the value of the so-called education when we are given a position to apply it in a practical sense and most of us would be pretty much lost. That is because the emphasis our parents put on us was to get marks and never on education.
So to get marks we, by heart, we copy, or study specifically towards questions what we think will be asked or study studiously so as to get distinction but not even having a thought or an idea in hell, how and where we would be applying most of what we study. It amazes me that throughout my growing years not once did my parents or teachers tell me that the purpose of education is to get knowledge and marks are just a proof to an outside world that you do have that knowledge. Due to their insecurity and also their own ignorance or over looking of the purpose, the thrust they put on us was always to get marks which hopefully could result in better jobs.
And then when we get a job the thrust on us will be to work hard in pretty much the same way as how they thrust education. My grandfather who was a Civil Engineer used to hammer into me to work hard both in my studies and when I was doing a job in the construction of Krishna Oberoi Hotel in Hyderabad. He told me that he used to wake up by 4.00am everyday throughout his life. When I asked him how come some guys who wake up at 10.00am are more successful than him, he used to get angry.
I wanted to tell him that it’s not about 4.00am or 10.00am and it’s also not about what you do in the time that you are awake but it is about how you are feeling when you are doing that is what the point of life is all about, but for fear of being slapped I resisted that as he was a pretty aggressive man. I believe that if you are constantly doing what you are doing just because you are told to do or because of your fear of tomorrow or because of commitments and responsibilities you would have truly lost the whole purpose of being alive.
Life is but a cycle of, we are born, we grow up, we get married, we have children, we make them grow up, we make them get married, we get old and then we die. God or nature or whichever thing, gave us life is only to surely take it away and as long as it is ultimately only that, why not just make the best of it.
My people keep telling me that I work too hard. In reality I never worked in my life. Work is something I define as what you have to do. But if you want to do it, it becomes a pleasure and I always did in my life only what I wanted to do. The trap of programming society puts us in and religion and morality create in us a guilt for whatever we love, and a fear of rejection and failure and the constant pressure of raising to expectations.
As long as death is inevitable there is no question of any of us having a state of permanent success. Life in itself is a process, for example in my college days I used to sometimes have problems with raising 40 rupees and today sometimes I have a problem in raising 4 crores, but what I feel about it in that particular state of mind is exactly the same. Everybody thought I made a bad film in Drohi but it’s only because of Drohi I met Urmila and it’s only because of Urmila I made Rangeela. It’s only because of Sanjay Dutt’s arrest Nayak got shelved and everybody either sympathized or gloated depending on their relationship with me over the misfortune without realizing that it will resurface as Sarkar. So in effect everything in life is connected. A present day success can be the start of an impending failure or vice-versa. So as long as everything is so uncertain, why worry about it and just do what you feel like doing at every single moment of your life.
‘Forget yesterday, live today and fantasize tomorrow’ is the motto of my life and it has always been that ever since I was an unruly kid, and a so-called irresponsible youngster and an erratic and eccentric adult.
With the first money of about 2 lakhs I got for my first movie, my grandfather was after me to buy a piece of land in Jubilee Hills to secure my future and I went ahead and spent it on the interior decoration of a rented office which I anyway was supposed to vacate in a few months time. My grandfather predicted to everyone that I will be a massive failure because of this attitude of mine. Throughout his life he worked very hard without once thinking what exactly he is working towards. I failed to explain to him that the few months’ pleasure I would get in staying in that office with a décor of what I want to experience was much more than my fear of what will happen in the future if I become a failure.
If all your work is geared towards securing yourself against failure and death why live at all?

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100 Responses to Work

  1. Abhishek says:

    Where was your Hyderabad Office located before you moved to Mumbai?

  2. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu, Arrogance gives a unique and interesting flavor to an individual\’s expression. Often, a thin line between drive and arrogance gets blurred. RGV flavor of expression is unique and entertaining. I think this is a necessary flavor.

  3. Ravindra says:

    Excellent piece. We all knew it but still fall prey to preset mentality and flow with life as it takes you rather than trying to alter the course the way you want it to shape up. I have been a ardent reader of your blog and your answers to questions and comments. I find them interesting and feel that intellect level at which you deliver is difficult for the normal viewers of blog to digest and appreciate yo.ur views. Keep writing and please always follows your heart and make films ( good or bad is relative to viewer )

  4. pavan says:

    Excellent article. Many times wherever I am, I can feel the people being ugly to each other all over. I used to feel that is it like this all over the world where people are afraid to be themselves and live in fear all through the life. I sometimes wonder if there can be a place like that where a true genuine human being (like animal you mentioned in one of your writings) exists. My quest for that place has come to end with this blog area of Your\’s. I personally took a lot of things from your writings and had great fun while reading. Keep Going and Thank you very much.Pavan.

  5. Dinesh says:

    Varma sir u rock……keep going

  6. E says:

    Hi RGV,Excellent!!…But the thing is 99.99% of the population is "living dead".living an unconscious life, completely mechanical and automatized to the core…we dont have a fukking clue as to why we are living? The remaining population is equipped with the same idea as yours and go about living their lives "dangerously" without compromising on any thing. That is the minority! Only a few daredevil individuals see this pattern and start questioning the established norms,go against traditions.. they question everything that the society has laid down…and the moment they start questioning..something beautiful happens…they start becoming "individuals" (..before that they were just machines..working for the system.Infact our education system is designed in such a way that it churns out obedient machines – this is the dream of all the leaders of a state, they want the subjects to be obedient.) they go beyond the "system"..they are not part of the system anymore…now that creates a problem..isn\’t it? They will be called misfits, madmen, sick or whateva and they will be crucified!!!They are a danger to the status quo!As you have put it beautifully the problem lies at the social programming level. Parents, well-wishers all want good things. But the thing is,are they conscious enough to know what is good and what is bad. They themselves are a victims to the age-old traditions which were passed on to them by their parents…and their parents…this has been going on for centuries…but that doesn\’t mean that we show disrespect to them..we can simply thank them for whatever they have given us…bid goodbye and tell them to respect our decision that from nowonwards we will be on our own…this is where we become responsible..but alas!!!this seldom happens..due to whatever reasons..we succumb to the pressures, compromise and finally are "trapped" as you have put it..become a cog in the machine…it will be really an herculean task to get out of the rot now..!!!P.S……please do not cast your pearls before swine..

  7. Dinesh says:

    Varma sir, I heard that you asked Krishna Vamsi what would he (Krishan vamsi) do if u die? he replied back saying that he will just have a photo of yours in his office. What is your reaction for that answer are you happy with his honesty….?

  8. Arun says:

    @ Shalini,Hi…I get your point, but ones life is spent better trying or doing what one loves rather than not doing what one likes. Its too easy to speak this out in words, but takes tremendous courage and daunting will-power. Like here RGV would have been better trying to make it into films, rather than doing a civil engg job. This is my point of view, I know rgv only through his blogs and films.

  9. Unknown says:

    hey soooper!…talk about telepathy..I left a comment about our hypocritical society and the undue importance given toeducation..and voila!..u have a post on it ..Thanks!well what can you say…we\’re always one has the balls to do what they like doing in life India atleast..u,AB,Sachin are exceptions and may god increase your tribe or all we\’ll have is only doc\’s n lawyers n now..\’software engineers\’! this country…wud luv to hear ur take on superstitions as well..atleast in the film industry..u know breaking coconut n stuff beforethe \’muhurat\’ n all …

  10. Arun says:

    RGV,Did you ever at any point of time in your life want to become like Howard Roark ? Think about it, you could win a priestess like Dominique Francon.

  11. Unknown says:

    and..Varma "Sir\’!!!\’..hahahahaha…sorry but couldn\’t help laughing to see that this is soooo rooted in our indian DNA..calling you \’sir\’ on your blog is the biggest joke !!!

  12. surap says:

    Ramu Thats what, what we blogmates are expecting from you!!!!Small yet so affective article

  13. sandeep says:


  14. Kesavan says:

    Ramu,This is true spiritualism (minus the traps of religion, god and devotion). People would spend money and time to hear the same thing through guru\’s (genuine ones) and you have given it for free. If you get a chance listen to Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev (of Isha yoga, loads of videos on youtube) talking about work, stress, business etc and you will find the same words reflected. This article was enjoyable.

  15. Ravi says:

    Ramu is perpetuating murderers -Yes, it’s not a typo. I’ve wrote it correctly and with complete sense of sound mind and thought. Before, I elucidate my statement, I wish to say few things about the ‘Work’.Though many have written very well, including yourself – Ramu, the below 3 were outstanding.Sree venkat – Nicely saidPradeep Reddy – Good logicE V – Nicely summarized. But I don’t think we are ‘living dead’, we are ‘living for others lives, also’. And it makes sense to me! I guess, needless to explain.In reality, it is highly unrealistic for majority of ‘normal’ people to rebel against parental/family wishes and venture out. It is possible only for very ‘individualistic’ persons like RGV who always live ‘dangerously’. Here, I will tell who will succeed to tame the ‘danger’ and who will succumb to ‘danger’.Mere ‘interest’ is not the parameter or qualification to venture into the field of one’s liking. One might love watching/talking/sleeping movies. Doesn’t mean that one can go and direct a film! Has that one, seen 100s of films? Has that one, learnt the intricacies of film making…observed various kinds of takings…shot divisions, shot durations, scene lengths, camera angles, background score, lighting, expressions blah blah. Has that one, read any documentation or material on the loved subject? If, one has done all the mentioned and much more, then, no looking back! One should grab a megaphone and tame the damn ‘danger’ and make it dance. This is exactly what Varma did. Confidence comes with knowledge. His knowledge came with years of preparation. His life at the video library was the actual incubation period which helped him hatch memorable films later in life. If one is not prepared to that extent, (pls don’t go and open a video library :-)) sit like me with stretched legs, enjoy films, read blogs and continue to kill time. So, what do we call people who kill ? – ‘murderers?’. We kill time…so, we are murderers and Ramu is perpetuating more of us in this world 🙂 Ramu, will you dare to disagree ? But one sensible suggestion, I want to make to wannabe directors. [Please don’t question me, if I am qualified to give a suggestion!]. One should give themselves ‘some period’ in their life to try out ‘things’ they really wish to! It could be prior-to-marriage (the safest bet as less people to explain :-)) or post-retirement (probably too late, nobody to explain)…so, sometime in-between! First and foremost, gauge your knowledge level. Don’t trust your friends. They will always like your stories as they don’t want to discourage you. Shoot your stories to short films with your video camera. That gives the best picture where you stand. Do all this, while on the job. So that…everybody is happy. Then, you may be able to convince your loved ones to support and encourage you in your new ‘chosen’ path. If you are able to tame the ‘danger’, then start a blog…become a perpetuator yourself 🙂

  16. Vinay says:

    Its only the people born in a family, who have the capacity to support their offsprings with education can one day go and live the life like you do and say things like these, otherwise for the rest its just a nice story.

  17. E says:

    Hi Vito,Thanks Pal!!…I have been also equally following your comments and also other regulars….since this blog came into existence….Well the point I wanted to emphasize when I said "living dead" is that we as human beings are literally living a mechanical unconscious life..we are not..100% know science says we only use 2% of our brain power..just imagine..if we use 1 extra percent!!!!.I was referring to more of a spiritual standpoint….I was referring to the functioning center of us.. that we humans are in deep slumber…we are not aware of what we are doing..we are simply imitating each other, we are simply obliging others.,following diktats..decrees..and here your are programmed .(.the social programming what RGV is referring to )…to such an extent..that you cannot question..these rules….you are not free to be your have been made to beleive in a certain are hypnotized….although you have political freedom still you are a slave to traditions, a thousand decadent rules of this society….you are chained…and mind you these chains are invisible..they exist at a subtle level..and there effect is also subtle..that is why they are even more dangerous…it is not evident at gross level… in fact if that is the condition of our state..what responsibilities we can take and how efficient we will be?An unconscious person cannot be responsible for himself or for anybody else….only a conscious person can be responsible..his actions…his actions will be based on rationality……his "response-ability" will be tremendous…ask a drunkard to man a traffic junction!!!LOL…So that was the whole point…pls dont misunderstand me…In no way I am saying you dont take care of others or live for others…or disregard your immediate responsibilities…..CheersEV

  18. dinesh says:

    Your intentions might be good but Its become too routine – " live for yourself", live for today…kal ho na ho….is all regular Jargon. Indian Education system is a very stereotype example…

  19. r k says:

    hellllo ramuji,i got some link from, if any one impress u with their short movie or clip u will take them as asst director for your movie. is that right?? i want 2 impress u with my short movie?? can i try??thanks

  20. krishna says:

    Give me Your Bank Details Mama

  21. madhu sudan says:

    a question regarding films …How do u decide whether a scene to be shot in objective way or in subjective way ? do u go just by ur instincts ?

  22. vinay says:

    u might have made rangeela because of urmila.But rangeela, for sure,did nt work because of urmila.Rangeela minus aamir wud have been a dud. Rangeela worked big time only because of aamir khan. everybody including u,thought tht u made a great film in rangeela and its only because of rangeela u did cast urmila in daud and u ended up make such a crap tht even sanjay dutt (riding high post khalnayak\’s success) cud not save it frm sinking. wat do ya say???/

  23. sneha says:

    if u r a maverick who doesnt believe in god and religion then y did u make a movie like govinda govinda?

  24. Swamy says:

    As a saying goes \’Happiness is not a destination, it\’s a way\’People who work out of fear or out of insecurity are the ones who are not intelligent, because a potentially knowledgable guy will always enjoys his work.Out of curiosity i always read your articles very fast….but this article, i read in all forms of speed…fast , meduim, slow , very slow….haha !It really helped me ( personally )…

  25. Nagarjun says:

    like this piece of shyt u wrote. Especially regarding the education, especially in Andhra Pradesh, especially in middle-class sectors this shyt happens. Before we are born our careers will be decided..if he is a boy he is gonna become engineer and if it is a girl she is doctor or engineer but not less than engineer hahaha!But I cant say whose fault is here..parents or govt?If they know that thier kid does well in anything he choses from filmmaking to interior designing or fashion technology or cricket may be then they will allow. But in India how many people from this kind of sectors are getting succeded without any backing ?I dont know about India but AP sucks and fucks regarding this aspect….i really wanted to become something other than becoming engineer in 2002..I have done whatever i could do by marking all "b"s in EAMCET exam..i did not get a qualifying mark..i was happy..but still i was pushed to engineering in Management Quotaa..HAHAHAHAHA.I still remember the loook my dad used to have when I said to him..I dream of becoming this….the "HATE" look.But at the end its "us"….after 25 years…no one really cares…its our life and we gonna fuck it in all positions.To all the birds of same feather.

  26. Priyanka says:

    It happened to me. And I am frustrated. I joined the Engineering course, without even realizing what I was up to, very much like I had worked to score the 90% in tenth standard. One year there, I got bored. But I couldn\’t do away with the flaw; at least not totally, because i was scared. Scared not that I might fail again; I m sure it makes no sense to me. Frightened, only that my parents who spent all their time dreaming about my life, would be disappointed. My actual dreams are far away; in time and as in opportunity. But all I know, is that I have a dream.I might have to make compromises. But the freedom I am going to achieve beyond the timelines of these compromises better be worth them! If I know the worth of my dreams, I d rather, I suffer enough to be able to enjoy them cent-per-cent. After all there is no reason why life has to be \’happy\’ and we be content always! Whats the fun?

  27. Maanav says:

    my only wish (and I am too small to have a will for…the often discussed topics over here) – is that you mentor me. I knw the answer as No – maybe I can atleast watch you while you work! Too big a dream eh? 🙂

  28. Amit says:

    I have been hooked on to this blog the day I discovered my fav director had one. I have been reading articles and wait eagerly for the next blog. This one though made me actually comment. What you have said is something I strongly believe in but possibly cannot live up. I guess the difference between the way you think and possibly many others like me is the emotion quotient which seems to be clearly lacking in your case. When your grandfather asked you to buy land he was probably the right thing, but he wasn\’t just thinking about you at that point. However you were at that moment or looks like any point of time think about yourself and end up doing stuff which will please your senses. If everyone starts thinking on those lines, there would be chaos. The thoughts are excellent but are obviously devoid of emotions as in your movies as well. Looking forward to the next blog.

  29. surya says:

    This was the status of a man I respect on Facebook:" The goal of life is not safety. You cannot live that way on principle." As humans we build story boards around us. They only differ in that repetitions and cycles dont bore us within these story boards we build around us. We make this story by linking two otherwise unrelated events and forcing a connection between them. In reality, its just our limited vocabulary expressing itself in circles.

  30. Hersh says:

    If you had enjoyed reading RGV\’s post, then I am sure you will find this other post interesting too.. Interesting article by Pico Iyer on The Joy of less..

  31. Hersh says:

    DO we need to do what we enjoy most or Do we need to enjoy what ever we do? . The first question assumes that we have freedom to do whatever we want to do most.. But did our forefathers in pre 1947, had the freedom to do whatever they wanted to do? Then for example, a guy who is the best cricket player in the country never gets into the offiical selection of Indian Squad, because of geo-political-nepotistic issues, never gets to do what he want to do , which is to play for the Indian cricket team… If he is been a victim of some outside sources that he can\’t control, then what should he do? Just give up life or live it?

  32. Hersh says:

    Live Yesterday, Fantasize Today and Forget Tomorrow….. This is what mostly happens in reality.. How about this, Live Yesterday, Live today and live Tomorrow… Just live it.. Just live it to fullest extent…

  33. Murali says:

    Please pick the most relevant trait of yours that made you a "successful" man:1) Contrarian thinking (doing things different than the usual)2) Stubborn3) Remastering (aka copy ideas)4) Fearless5) Passion

  34. jeevan says:

    Most of us are victim of herd mentality who lack the clarity of thought on what we actually want to do in life and by the time we realiaze this one road leads to another and we get lost in the woods.Only a few who have the clarity of thought and strong will power go on to blaze their own trails.and do what they actually wanted to do.

  35. jeevan says:

    Did you study engineering by choice or at the behest of your parents and others.

  36. jeevan says:

    Your blog on work was very simple , enriching and enjoyable. Its on par to any of those articles written by the so called best spiritual or management gurus in the world. Like countless others I too wish that your articles never end but I guess its asking for too much.You are one of the best teachers( teaching lessons of life ) I have ever come across.

  37. Vallabh Chilakapati says:

    People choose life over death because no one knows how it will feel while they die and what will happen to them (if anything) after death. Also, most of the actions that lead to death are widely believed to inflict pain. So, no one wants to die. Make people believe with certainty that they will have better experiences after death than those when they are alive, they WILL die.Everyone has a different level of ability to analyze and absorb the reasons that generated his experiences. This level decides how much a person has freed himself from the inevitable programming inflicted on him by the society and how many of the things he does are the things he actually enjoys.

  38. Sreekaant says:

    I totally agree with you, but not everyone can become an RGV in their lives. We have to compromise on a million things for our own survival.

  39. Vikfee says:

    Hi Ramu, Other than magnifying my sexual imagination with the "Rifle" article, this is the most enriching and entertaining stuff I have ever read on your blog or at any other place in recent times. Vikram

  40. Shalini says:

    Doing only what you love to do is better in a sense, but loving everything you do is better in every sense.@Arun K / Arun KhilnaniMakes sense?? ;o)…lol

  41. Surya says:

    You are a bastard – Literally and figuratively as well.

  42. krishna says:

    YOur example of spending all ur 1st salary on you office and not for long term security sounded good, UNtil i got an other example of that sort.Would you have sex for 10 min pleasure without a condom and risk for being affected by AIDS later on in you you said..the enjoyment of present is more important to you.??:-)))just like u convince yourself for all that you have done.Actually i think you never changed & now you are creating your own logic to convince your self. nd the fun part is that you would be sucessfull in that. I have experienced the same.;-)

  43. Ashish says:

    The kind of phase I am going through in my life, this blog of yours has filled me with energy and convinced me that I am on right path and need not fear the failure.. what\’s gotta happen will happen, all I need enjoy and be honest to my work. Thanks.

  44. Unknown says:

    Ramu, Just felt like sharing one of my memories with you. Your movie Rangeela (& later Daud) was released when I was in my intermediate (11th std), during when my sexual desires are at the pinnacle. Believe it or not, I used to shag at least 5 times a day (7days a week) for a period of those two years with Urmila\’s posters in front of me. I was so loyal to Urmila that 99% of the shagging was done towards Urmila\’s posters only.P.S: Please don\’t carry this to Urmila, I\’m not interested on her anymore.

  45. Unknown says:

    Reminds me of Gurdjieff "If we do what we like doing, we are immediately rewarded by the pleasure ofdoing it. If we do what we don’t like doing the reward must come later. It isa mathematical law and all life is mathematics." Recommended read…Taking it to the logical extreme, the "today" would be this very moment – it might be to-second to-nanosecond…then I can avoid typing this message while imagining / fantasizing that RGV would enjoy / approve reading this comment, for if I live in this moment – then there is no tommorow – either in time or in space – it is all here and now….

  46. csr says:

    I frequently hear that not only that you have a goal but should have core competency to reach the goal. How do I know that I have a core competency! Let\’s say if my goal is becoming a director!

  47. Unknown says:

    You lead the life u want ignoring society. Well! What if you gets converted to the views of society at a later stage assuming your intelligence upgrades or downgrade (depending whatever satisfies you)?

  48. jay says:

    Hey RGV – Two things:1.) I could not agree more on ur thoughts about work – I believe max no of ppl "work" for living or any other reason related to it but ppl who do what they want to do and in the process makes their living (of course by doing the what they enjoy doing) then those ppl will never complaint about their work/pleasure (Two common things in India: Films and Cricket) 2.) I always wanted to thank you for movies like Shiva (old), Raat, Road, DMH, Kaun, Mast – The reason I mentioned these specifically is coz many ppl questioned the "logic" (for most of these) but that is coz they failed to understand it and then there is a bottom line to cinema as "Entertainment" Cheers -Jay

  49. charan says:

    oh my god ramuuuuuuu what a article no words simply superb . In my opinion i feel this is one of the best post i ever u inspired me a lot from this post like do which u dont feel like work. wowowowowoow superb post and its complete truth.

  50. E says:

    @ No name….I am happy you have quoted Gurdjieff……i have come across very few people..who know him…….

  51. prasad says:

    Ramu, This piece of writing is more of original, away from the binding of old-rotten, passion driven decision-making stands for itself and independent of public opinion – A good note

  52. Arun says:

    @ Shalini,Is it really possible to love everything you do? I mean if you put a creative guy who loves to paint up for a clerical job, I doubt if he would be able to put any love into it.

  53. Murali krishna says:

    “That is MY good, that do I love, thus doth it please me entirely, thus only do I desire the good.Not as the law of a God do I desire it, not as a human law or a human need do I desire it; it is not to be a guide–post for me to superearths and paradises.An earthly virtue is it which I love” – Thus spake zarathustraYour concept of work is to do the good as Neitzsche mentioned, but what if a person hasn’t found that good which pleases him entirely, like architecture for Howard Roard, writing for Ayn Rand, music for Rehaman and films for you?In such case, not as the law of a God or as a human law or as a guide post for heavens but one has to do something or other as a human need to earn his living since survival is important for the possibility of happy survival.What about earning your livelyhood if you haven’t had films which also served as a means for it. What were you doing for bread and butter before you earn from films? ( maybe you were living on your parents’ shoulders); you were doing some job ofcourse with a dislike and a compromise or a hope that you would make it to the films and you were on the track of it was working on your will to live, right?And I guess your concept of work is definitely not a hedonism provided you understood Ayn Rand.Now listen to my situation : – I have not found any passion, forget about productive passion, not even any thing interesting to do. My desire for happiness and the hope of it is greater than my boredom and despair so my idea of quitting life is not gaining enough strength to be executed.So to live, which preceds the happy living, I have to do some work albeit I don’t love it, but to do any work my will is not cooperating because it is highly dictated by my interest rather than intelligence. I tried to find the cause for this interest and found : one is interested in something means he looses the sense of time when he is doing it viz he forgets himself succumbed by that work; we call it his passion, love, interest, or his virtue as Neitzsche called. Two possible solutions I arrived at are : either to find something that’s interesting and making it productive (atleast to the extent of earning subsistence), or making my work (as for now is education) interesting which is impossible.And let me mention another posibility (mystical), by meditation (being aware of nothing) which results in enlightenment (a state where there is no thinking hense no sense of time) but to do meditation also I need to make effort which is not possible because it is not interesting and paradoxically meditation is making effort to achieve effortlessness.And now can your intelligence show any possible way out for this problem?Either give a solution out of your intelligence if you can or cast a quip if you can’t but don’t be indifferent, do react.“Either love me or hate me but for fuck’s sake don’t ignore me” – kmk.

  54. sripal says:

    This guy used to meet S Gopal Reddy and ask hundreds of questions related to camera. Opened a CD Parlor only to watch hundreds (or thousands) of movies and was able to get the best out of it in what he wanted. This guy got the best out of his relations with Annapurna Studios to learn filmmaking. Its not a joke to be able to make a film like Shiva without any prior exp as Asst director or without spending multiple years in a film school. Passion (or achieving what we wanted) takes a lot of pain and though the journey is interesting, times its really irritating, tough, boring and so on. Only the intensity in the passion can determine the extent of pain that can be taken in achieving it.

  55. Unknown says:

    Guys,Check out this link on Youtube, RGV wants us to make and send him a short film … So, time to implement your ideas, rather than wasting our time talking …

  56. Shalini says:

    @ Arun Khilnani (Ramu, you can also read this.. ;o))It might be highly difficult to love everything that you do, but not impossible. But if you can, then that\’ll be the ultimate pleasure in life.What if this painter guy\’s paintings suck?? He might be thinking that he has it in him, but what if the world disapproves of him. Then he had to do atleast that clericla job for a living right?? Then he better do it with joy. But if he gives up his passion of painting, then he might be a loser.Like Ramu opened a video library for a living instead of just writing articles to impress Ramoji Rao or some one else. But he kept his trials going. I think Ramu still enjoyed his video library days. Right Ramu??

  57. Unknown says:

    Hi RGV,You article "Work" made me realize something which has been hurting me for the past few years….I am 27 yrs and I have a very decent job in US, earning to securing my future (as your grand father wanted). But this is not what i want in life…I always wanted to be associated with movies…I even attended theater….prepared my portfolio and met a lot of directors in chennai….but there was no success…i did all this even when i was working because i wanted to support my family since i was the bread winner….but i think i didnt go the extreme step of quitting my job and start looking for the movie opportunity full time because of the fear of failure….I even think now that I should go to India for a year and join as a associate/ assistant director to a movie director and learn about movies….but still the fear of failure / commitments (securing my future)…As I think about this I see a lot of americans who work with me…their attitude towards work…let me give you one example of my colleague…he passed out of college with a MBA…instead of searching for jobs he wanted to hike the Appalachian trail which would take atleast 6 months to a year….this didnt stop him since this was his childhood dream…so he went on the trail…lived his life for a year in the appalchian mountains and then came back and started working….my argument here is why do indians (especially me) give more importance to work than life….as in your blog your grandfather always wanted to work…but we dont realize is that life is more important than work and everyone has one life and what is the point in not living life in your terms and fulfilling your dreams….I am sorry about the long comment but this something i spit out….and for my dream…i am still looking for opportunities for a associate/assistant director…i have also started inquiring about direction courses at NY Film institute…but lets see if i am able to enroll or the fear of failure will stop me…..thx-Zaheer

  58. Ruchi says:

    This question is a bit out of context :Are you an atheist because you really dont believe in God/Supernatural power or for a more convenient and fearless life? I wouldnt call myself an atheist, but i also do not pray to specific Hindu Gods like Ganesha, Krishna, etc. I have subconciously created an imaginary God exclusively for myself, more so an inner voice which I always can fall back and count on and seek solace. Do think similarly ??

  59. Abhishek says:

    Please Never ever stop writing as long as you are alive .. it keeps me grounded .. I want to tell my kids stories about you

  60. Unknown says:

    Ramu garu,My take on life is that if you were to weigh "what you really want to do" and "what youare doing/supposed to do(your passion)" on a common balance,in 90% of people\’s lives a heavy stone called "money/financial factors" heavily tilts the balance in favor of "what you have to do"(even if it\’s not your passion/you don\’t love it).But,as an old SMS goes "Life is like getting raped-if you can\’t resist it,learn to enjoy it"-Harsha

  61. Smita says:

    Love it. Beautiful! Totally Appealing!

  62. Surya says:

    Hi Ramu!Success or Failure are in the eyes which see… it\’s a perspective – Surya

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