My reactions to reactions

1.Why were your assistants not as successful as you are?
Ans: I will tell you that the day I come to know why I myself was successful in the first place.
2. How did you characterize Kay Kay for Vishnu’s role in Sarkar?
Ans: Compared to the novel I always felt that Sonny Corleone’s role was not as intensely portrayed by James Cann the way it was in the book. So I took a cue from a line from the novel.
“From 1935 to 1937, the name of Santino Corleone sent shockwaves through the underworld”.
Vishnu matches the intensity of this above line.
3. What is the definition of a weirdo?
Ans: One who is different and does not conform to any standards and dares to be alone.
“For them lonesomeness is the plight of sick one. For me it’s the flight from the sick ones.”- Friedrich Nietzsche.
4. Which work of Ayn Rand do you like the most?
Ans: It’s not her works, but it is her thoughts which I connect to, which could be both in her fiction and non-fiction writings. Likewise I connect to a lot of thoughts in Mad magazine too. I think humourists are the greatest philosophers in the world.
5. Is it because you go by your decisions without bothering about consequences that you made so many flops?
Ans: Yes and my hits too happened because of the same.
6. Would you have had the same attitude towards life if you were not successful?
Ans: I became successful because I have that attitude.
7. My girlfriend threatened to leave me if I ever advise her to visit your blog again.
Ans: Well, come to think of it, she might be better off.
8. I think you are a person with double standards.
Ans: Actually I am a person with multiple standards.
9. I wish you 200 movies.
Ans: Thanks! That’s 800 less than what I wish for.
10. I am 22. Roark, Nietzsche and you are the 3 most interesting men I encountered.
Ans: I think it’s high time you encounter some hot women now.
11. I don’t agree with most of things you say. You are quite strange.
Ans: “The whole of mankind lies at an incalculable distance beneath me and my Zarathustara. I say in one sentence what others say and do not say in whole books”. This is what Nietzsche said in his autobiography “Ecce Homo”.
I say that I am not above but I am away.
You will have no problems in life with what you don’t agree with, but be very very wary of what you agree with as that is what will determine your personality and growth.
12. Your blog is the most addictive thing I have known.
Ans: Try sex and vodka.
13. You were destined to be successful.
Ans: For me the biggest failures in life are those who cite destiny, luck and chance. Sure enough the very fact that we are not in control of things is proof enough that there exist extraneous factors which control us whether they are God, devil, destiny, astrology, planets, numerology etc etc or whatever else they might be. But the very fact that they are not in our control itself is proof enough for us not to waste our time and energy on them and instead concentrate on what is in our control.
14. Have you ever struggled in life?
Ans: No. That’s because struggle is in your mind. In reality you have to deal with life. For example, I waited for 5 hours in my beginning days to meet a Producer which could be deemed as struggle. But in all the 5 hours I was studying the kind of people who came to meet him, understand the people who are working for him, what his expectations seem to be etc etc, so that I can prepare for a better pitch.
15. What would have been your plight if your father was as careless as you?
Ans: That’s the point I was trying to make, my friend. What was his point when he was working towards a completely selfish bastard like me?
16. Why did you go to college when you were not interested in education?
Ans: Not then, not now, I never worked towards an objective. My parents wanted me to do Engineering and for me it was an opportunity to be in a new place with new people. I enjoyed being sexually stimulated by Rifle, emotionally stimulated by Satya and intellectually stimulated by Satyendra. Apart from that I did a lot of character studies of people at college which I use till today in my films.
17. How can you call me a weirdo? This is my last comment on your blog.
Ans: If you don’t have even that much of sense of humour you don’t deserve to be on this blog. Bye.
18. What is the most influential book you have ever read?
Ans: Without a doubt Ayn rand’s “Fountainhead”.
19. What kind of people do you think will watch Agyaat?
Ans: Morons, like me.
20. Why do so many people bitch you and your comments?
Ans: Where there are elephants there will be dogs. I am the dog and you bitches are the elephants. Happy now?
21. Do you get affected by criticism?
Ans: Well, I get irritated by stings, I fear bites and I ignore the barks.
22. Don’t talk with so much immaturity. Sex and power are not the only things which give happiness.
Ans: Your are right! More sex and more power give more happiness.
23. Power obsession is natural to people who suffer from an inferiority complex like you.
Ans: Criticism of power obsession is natural to inferior people like you.
24. If you had respected your grandfather and invested it would have become 20 Crores now.
Ans: Ok grandpa. Just be very wary of your grandson.
25. Only when we are independent we can fulfill our wishes.
Ans: “Like the camel is man. He kneels down and lets himself be well laden with burdens of commitments and expectations and then he says ‘Yeah! Life is hard to bear!’ But man himself is hard to bear as all he has to do is to shrug the load and gallop free.”- Friedrich Nietzsche.
On the other hand if for whatever reason you have to carry the load, then you have to learn to enjoy the process. What you should never do is to crib about the load.
26. What is the best compliment that a woman ever gave you?
Ans: She said that she wants to have sex with my attitude.
27. My mother still thinks you are half mad.
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Many commented on whether I would speak or behave like this if I was not successful. The word success itself is highly relative. People constantly live in either a fear of losing or in a hope of gaining. There’s no such thing as an absolute state of success. I have always been successful and that’s nothing to do with my film career. Success is something I define as to be able to get up in the morning and do what you want to do till you sleep. That does not mean that you should want to fly or rule empires. It could be anything which your capability permits and your intelligence submits.
Yes, you have your family, relationships, obligations etc. But if you want to take care of them and stand by them, you are doing what you want to do. In reality most people act and do things out of compulsion by others or within themselves rather than really wanting to do so.
I never claimed that I became successful because of this attitude of mine. All I had said was that I had the courage to bear the consequences of the decisions I took. Many of my decisions went wrong, in fact most of them. But what cannot be taken away from me is the pleasure moments I experienced in that process. By the time the result of a certain decision came about I was already into the pleasure of moments of other decisions and this has been the circle all my life.
If you are on a dry beach and you want to reach a beautiful looking island in the distance, you can make a decision to swim across or go in a boat on maybe take a plane or just fantasize that you are there on that island or psyche yourself that you are better off on the dry beach itself. But what most people will do is to constantly worry about whether there might be sharks in the sea or the boat might sink or the plane ticket is too expensive or what if there is a sudden storm, and thereby remain bitter, frustrated and fearful all their lives.
I weigh the consequences and think of the logistics and plunge in even if I don’t know swimming. I will either learn to swim or sink in the process but what I will not do at any cost is to stay put. After 2 big flops Antham and Govinda Govinda I packed my bags to Mumbai and made Rangeela. But Rangeela could have turned into a flop too. When I made so many flops how would I really know how to make a hit? Flops and hits happen by themselves whereas the only thing I can really make happen is to make a decision to make a film. For instance after all the effort and courage if I manage to reach that beautiful island, as soon as I step on it I could be killed by a lion there whose existence I don’t even know about. Not once am I saying that I know everything about what will happen. I just want to do things that I want to happen.
Once while we were travelling in a car, a guy very concernedly gave me a theory that 50 years from now we are going to have water wars in the world where everyone will die. I told him that at the next turn on the road we might be hit by a truck and die, and frankly I am not concerned about what happens to the world one second after I die. But if you truly worry about the water wars instead of sitting here and worrying why don’t you go and do some scientific research to solve the water problem. If you don’t know science then atleast work as a tea boy to the scientist and contribute. But I know you would not do that as then you won’t have time to do your umpteen other activities like going to the discotheque, cinema and indulge in bitching sessions. And on the other hand if you truly constantly worry about the world being finished in 50 years, what if a smart scientist comes up with a solution in the 49th year and then you would be the biggest fool for wasting 49 years of your life worrying off.
Most people can’t differentiate between worrying and thinking, Worrying is negative energy and makes your mind run in circles breeding depression and frustration whereas thinking makes you reach a decision and the decision you reach will result in work and if the work does not result in what you wanted from it, all you have to do is Re-work.
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We are born, we are tended to by our parents, we go to school, spend years getting educated without having the faintest idea of what exactly education means, and the day we truly understand it our education would have been finished. We only realize the value of the so-called education when we are given a position to apply it in a practical sense and most of us would be pretty much lost. That is because the emphasis our parents put on us was to get marks and never on education.
So to get marks we, by heart, we copy, or study specifically towards questions what we think will be asked or study studiously so as to get distinction but not even having a thought or an idea in hell, how and where we would be applying most of what we study. It amazes me that throughout my growing years not once did my parents or teachers tell me that the purpose of education is to get knowledge and marks are just a proof to an outside world that you do have that knowledge. Due to their insecurity and also their own ignorance or over looking of the purpose, the thrust they put on us was always to get marks which hopefully could result in better jobs.
And then when we get a job the thrust on us will be to work hard in pretty much the same way as how they thrust education. My grandfather who was a Civil Engineer used to hammer into me to work hard both in my studies and when I was doing a job in the construction of Krishna Oberoi Hotel in Hyderabad. He told me that he used to wake up by 4.00am everyday throughout his life. When I asked him how come some guys who wake up at 10.00am are more successful than him, he used to get angry.
I wanted to tell him that it’s not about 4.00am or 10.00am and it’s also not about what you do in the time that you are awake but it is about how you are feeling when you are doing that is what the point of life is all about, but for fear of being slapped I resisted that as he was a pretty aggressive man. I believe that if you are constantly doing what you are doing just because you are told to do or because of your fear of tomorrow or because of commitments and responsibilities you would have truly lost the whole purpose of being alive.
Life is but a cycle of, we are born, we grow up, we get married, we have children, we make them grow up, we make them get married, we get old and then we die. God or nature or whichever thing, gave us life is only to surely take it away and as long as it is ultimately only that, why not just make the best of it.
My people keep telling me that I work too hard. In reality I never worked in my life. Work is something I define as what you have to do. But if you want to do it, it becomes a pleasure and I always did in my life only what I wanted to do. The trap of programming society puts us in and religion and morality create in us a guilt for whatever we love, and a fear of rejection and failure and the constant pressure of raising to expectations.
As long as death is inevitable there is no question of any of us having a state of permanent success. Life in itself is a process, for example in my college days I used to sometimes have problems with raising 40 rupees and today sometimes I have a problem in raising 4 crores, but what I feel about it in that particular state of mind is exactly the same. Everybody thought I made a bad film in Drohi but it’s only because of Drohi I met Urmila and it’s only because of Urmila I made Rangeela. It’s only because of Sanjay Dutt’s arrest Nayak got shelved and everybody either sympathized or gloated depending on their relationship with me over the misfortune without realizing that it will resurface as Sarkar. So in effect everything in life is connected. A present day success can be the start of an impending failure or vice-versa. So as long as everything is so uncertain, why worry about it and just do what you feel like doing at every single moment of your life.
‘Forget yesterday, live today and fantasize tomorrow’ is the motto of my life and it has always been that ever since I was an unruly kid, and a so-called irresponsible youngster and an erratic and eccentric adult.
With the first money of about 2 lakhs I got for my first movie, my grandfather was after me to buy a piece of land in Jubilee Hills to secure my future and I went ahead and spent it on the interior decoration of a rented office which I anyway was supposed to vacate in a few months time. My grandfather predicted to everyone that I will be a massive failure because of this attitude of mine. Throughout his life he worked very hard without once thinking what exactly he is working towards. I failed to explain to him that the few months’ pleasure I would get in staying in that office with a décor of what I want to experience was much more than my fear of what will happen in the future if I become a failure.
If all your work is geared towards securing yourself against failure and death why live at all?

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My reactions to reactions

Hi, Kishan, 15 years back I read in the foreword of a Stephen King novel where he mentioned that when he gave the manuscript of that novel to his daughter before publication, after finishing reading she apparently said that she liked it so much that she feared that it will end… I doubt anybody’s work can ever get a greater compliment than that… After all these years you said the same words in the context of what you feel about the writings in my blog… I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with your compliment. Thanks.
1. Can you tell us how you thought of the effect of Chander and Bhiku being shot so suddenly in Satya?
Ans: In real life death happens as suddenly as that.
2. Why don’t you revolutionize cinema?
Ans: Hello! I just want to have damn good fun making movies. If I get into lofty objectives like trying to revolutionize cinema the box office will revolutionize me.
3. Why do you keep on saying “I am on top of life”?
Ans: I don’t know that, but I suspect that you are at the bottom of life for asking me this question.
4. Is it because you are scared that you don’t take sides with wrong or right?
Ans: No, it’s because I am wise.
5. Do you know that your blog is changing lot of people sometimes negative and sometimes positive?
Ans: If it’s really doing that it is pretty much true for everything in life.
6. You cannot deny that the most satisfying thing in life is the love of your beloved.
Ans: Well, that depends on the beloved. Many times beloveds can become quite irritating.
7. How do we unlearn or override our programming?
Ans: By sincerely trying to understand what the fault in our programming is and where it lies. All of us pretty much know everything by instinct and from then on the whole process of acquiring wisdom in life is nothing but unlearning the learning thrust upon us by society, religion etc. All our lives we just struggle between what we want to do and what we have to do. The simple solution for this is to do things only what you want to do and not compromise on that for anybody’s sake and also truly understand why you should not feel guilty about it.
8. How did you do the watchman’s head twist in Bhoot?
Ans: Computer graphics.
9. I think you are just wanting us to feel jealous and I don’t think you enjoy life as much as you say.
Ans: You can go ahead and believe in whatever gives you enjoyment. The point here is not about whether I enjoy but it’s about whether it’s relevant to you what I say I enjoy.
10. Your brutally sarcastic reactions either will make the bloggers swear never to come back or they become your biggest fans.
Ans: Well, I equally love to be hated and loved. What scares me is to bore you all.
11. How did you do that theatre scene in “Raat”?
Ans: After establishing the crowd in the theatre in a wide shot I zoomed into Revathy and asked the crowd to run out of the frame. So when I zoomed out again the theatre was empty.
12. Why are you so funny here and so serious on TV?
Ans: Anything I say obviously depends on that particular context. Also on TV I am being filtered through the editorial intelligence of the channel people whereas here I can let loose my stupidity in all its glory.
13. What is the difference between Ramgopal Varma, RGV and Ramu?
Ans: Ramu is real and Ramgopal Varma is a perception and RGV was coined by the media to save space and typing efforts.
14. Where would your intelligence have come from if not for Ayn Rand and Nietzsche?
Ans: It’s not only from Rand and Nietzsche that I procured knowledge, and also it’s only knowledge which comes from an outside source and not intelligence. Knowledge is pretty much out there available for anyone passionate enough to desire it. But most people prefer the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge.
“Ah! That I were dark and nightly! How I would suck at the breasts of light.”- Friedrich Nietzsche.
15. How can you tell if someone is really appreciating you or has a hidden agenda?
Ans: Either way it does not matter to me, I exactly know what I am and if someone praises me more than what I think I am, he is a fool and if someone criticizes me more than what I think I deserve he also is a fool. On the other hand if someone has an agenda and if he gains something from me I will admire him. Anyway I should be the last person to complain on that because my entire career I have built up by only having agendas.
16. Some of your reactions are like children giving it back.
Ans: That’s because inspite of growing into an adult I never let go of the instinctive intelligence and the animalistic joys of a child. If you really think about it the only additional good things you get from growing up to an adult from being a child is sex and power. The rest of adulthood is a pain, man!
17. Do you yourself really reply on this blog?
Ans: Just read the thoughts and decide if it’s worth spending your time on the blog. How does it matter whether its RGV writing or SGV writing?
18. Since everything about you, your movies and sense of humour are dark, does that extend to your choice of women too?
Ans: No, I like them in all colours.
19. You are a combination of a thinker, literate, criminal, crude and rude man.
Ans: You can add selfish, egoistic, megalomaniacal, inconsistent, untrustworthy to that list too.
20. I hate you.
Ans: To hate someone is as stupid as to love someone.
21. Your theory of you successfully countering the decisions of life is an overstatement.
Ans: Hello, I didn’t use the word successful. I said I constantly keep making decisions irrespective of their consequences.
22. Kindly distinguish between genuine fans and weirdos.
Ans: Ok weirdo.
23. What will you do if you have to choose between films and sex?
Ans: They are not mutually interchangeable to me because I fuck films, make love to women and have sex on this blog.
P.S; There is either a deeply profound philosophy hidden in this above answer of mine or its just gibberish I wrote for effect. Figure it out for yourself.
24. How can you say truth depends on perception? An apple is an apple which looks like an apple and tastes like an apple.
Ans: But an apple is not an apple for a worm inside it because it can’t look at it, and how do you know how an apple tastes to a worm. Come on, smarty! Answer that!
P.S; Will elaborate on this seriously some other time and Shalini, No….. I did not miss you not being here.
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AGYAAT Theatrical Trailor

Just showing the new theatrical trailor for ‘AGYAAT’

Click here to watch on YouTube

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My reactions to reactions

Regarding the comment that I have deleted some comments from my blog I want to clarify that it was done by somebody in my office thinking that it will offend me. You can put that right back and also whatever other comments you want to. My understanding of comments is that they reveal the nature of the man who is commenting rather than what or on who he is commenting upon. Since this blog is a public forum every one including weirdo’s are welcome here. Me being a weirdo myself I can’t but help welcoming them.
1.  Frankly don’t get into making “Rifle”. I don’t want to see a porn film.
Ans: Who said anything about anybody making a film for you buddy?
2. Can you differentiate between Truth, Real and Fact?
Ans: Fact is what happened, Truth is the way it’s perceived and Real is its effect.
3. When you talk in your interviews, me and my sister laugh.
Ans: Ha Ha Ha.
4. What if Rifle’s son or daughter read that article?
Ans: Either you have a very short memory or too tiny a mind which obviously can’t even comprehend the simplest of things. I clearly mentioned in my article on Rifle that she never even knew that we referred to her as Rifle. Not only her, I never ever talk or comment demeaningly about anybody except myself.
5. How did you visualize the lengthy shot in the beginning of Raat?
Ans: I was sitting late in the night in a place called Kamayya Thoppu in Vijayawada  in my engineering college days when I thought of that shot and I eventually shot it there. Incidentally that was the first shot I visualized after I decided to be a director.
6. You said filmmaking cannot be taught. Don’t say something for the sake of saying.
Ans: Either you must be a part of a film institute management or a guy who is trying to pester your folks that you want to join an institute or a director. Any way Shekhar Kapur, Mani Ratnam and me neither went to an institute nor assisted anybody, and my case rests.
7. What do you get out of writing this blog?
Ans: An extraordinary insight into what all kind of wackos exist in the world out there.
8. Don’t let the Court verdict deter you. Just delete the song Jana Gana Mana Rann and go ahead with the movie.
Ans: Ohhh My God! What an Idea! I was just about to shelve the film as I could not think of this Idea.
9. The morning was gloomy and your blog refreshed me.
Ans: That’s probably the nicest compliment I received. Thanks!
10. You fell in love with a beautiful Satya and not a sexy Rifle.
Ans: Hello? Beauty and sex can’t be really separated. Emotional planes differ from physical urges.
11. How many women have you slept with till date?
Ans: You will die of jealousy if I tell you.
12. What is the factor which so constantly drives you to make movies?
Ans: It’s my insatiable desire to constantly occupy the mind-space of others.
13. You might not be a criminal, but I think you too want the world to revolve around you.
Ans: Of course yes and I pretty much make it revolve. I am not an anti-social in practice but I am an anti-social in theory which can be much more dangerous not only to others but even to myself. But I love to confront danger as it makes me feel alive.
P.S: Shalini, if you promise not to tell anybody I will tell you a secret. I am not an anti-social in practice because I am too scared of the law and I love life too much and also deep inside I think that I am quite a nice guy.
14. Before reading Nietzsche, Rand and others, were you this strong willed?
Ans: That’s an interesting question. Many of my close people say that only because I was strong willed that I understood those books in the first place. Their argument is that many would have read those books, but were not affected.
“Man has no ears for what experience has not taught him already. If he agrees he knows it already.” – Friedrich Nietzsche.
15. Can there be ill effects of having too much will power?
Ans: The point of will power is to have the will to take decisions on your life. But yes, life will take other decisions on your decisions. So you have to counter life’s decisions by taking decisions on its decisions and thus the circle continues. So as long as I keep on continuously taking decisions irrespective of their consequences it’s inevitable that I will always be on top of life. It’s the day that you stop taking decisions which is when life will come on top of you and crush you under its feet.
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My reactions to reactions

1.  I think you lack a filter between your thoughts and words.
Ans: I prefer not having a filter than having a clogged filter like yours.
2. You are a con artiste and not even a good one. Only Rangeela and Satya are the 2 good movies you made and the rest are crap. In 2 years your luck will run out.
Ans: Okey dokey. Text after 2 years.
3. How did you do the sound design for Shiva? It was so effective.
Ans: For any film whether it is sound design or background music or camera work, all of them depend on how effective the scene content and the edit is, apart from how seriously the Director is taking the film. There is no such thing as a specific sound design.
4. I will see “Rifle” first day first show.
Ans: Done and if you look around in the theatre you might find me too.
5. My girlfriend is so jealous that she shut my laptop when I was reading about ‘Rifle’.
Ans: Too bad that she can’t shut your mind from thinking about ‘Rifle’.
6. Your grammar is wrong in saying most sexiest. Either it should be most sexy or sexiest woman.
Ans: Teacher, you need to understand that an enlightened soul like me places more importance on the psychological aspect than on grammatical correctness. Like for example; there’s a much higher chance of a girl falling for me by me telling her “You are the most fantabulously mindblowable awesomic sexualistic creature I have ever seen” than you telling her “I think you are the most sexy woman”.
7. Have you ever heard of ‘meaningful cinema’?
Ans: Ya, I know that it’s quite a dangerous disease. Lots of film institute guys get infected by it.
8. Ramu, I think your tough guy image is just a pretence.
Ans: Shalini, most girls who know me say the same about me and they seem to love me for that. Now my question is why would a girl love a guy who is not tough? You see, I developed my tough guy image on the basis of a million year old belief of mine that men should be tough and women should be sexy.
9. When it comes to entertaining nothing can beat your blog.
Ans: Ahhhh! Finally one unadulterated compliment! Thanks.
10. In ‘Deyyam’ how did you do that scene when the man’s feet are facing backward?
Ans: I got his feet buried in the sand and placed an artificial feet facing backward around his ankle.
11. How did you come up with the cycle chase scene in Shiva?
Ans: I copied it from Rahul Rawail’s and Sunny Deol’s “Arjun”.
12. What happens at the end of Agyaat and don’t give me crap answer?
Ans: “The end” comes at the end of Agyaat and don’t ask me crap questions.
13. Does Agyaat have elements of Gumnaam?
Ans: Yes and also elements of Predator, Alien, Blairwitch Project, Raat, Bhoot, Phoonk and 5 Ramsay Brother’s films and 7 Zee Horror Show episodes.
14. I think the reason you are fascinated with criminals is because of their ability to break the social taboo of not being scared to be selfish.
Ans: Not really. My understanding of a criminal is that he is a child who refuses to grow up. This is in the sense that when we are born we all pretty much think that we are the centre of the universe because of the attention everyone gives us. In time we slowly realize that we are just one among millions and kind of adapt to our designated place in society and revolve along with the world, whereas a criminal still wants the world to revolve around him. It is this psychological aspect I am fascinated with.
15. Do you really have the guts to say “I lust you” to a woman rather than “I love you’?
Ans: Many a time I told a woman ‘I lust you” with more intensity than most men would have said “I love you” and the women fell in love with me for the honesty behind my lust.
16. Make a movie only if you have something interesting to tell.
Ans: I always do that, my friend. But the problem is that many times the audience is not interested to listen.
17. I have a story which can be a potential Hollywood movie. Are you interested?
Ans: I think you got the wrong blog. Try Spielberg’s.
18. You are a crazy man… ultimately crazy.
Ans: When did I say no?
19. I think you enjoyed life a lott… Isn’t it?
Ans: Yes. Much more than any of you can ever imagine. I did, I am and I will.
20. Why don’t you try to find Rifle now?
Ans: Hello! She will be above 40 now. At that time I was in a danger of being beaten up by her husband and now I probably would be beaten up by her sons. Thanks!
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