Rakta Charitra

This is the name of the film I am intending to make as my next after India 24/7. It’s inspired by the story of Paritala Ravi from Andhra Pradesh who got assassinated in January 2005. Even though the actual incidents of the story happened and the related characters existed in south India, I decided to make it in Hindi because I strongly felt that the sheer uniqueness of the story deserves to be told to a much wider audience.
Paritala Ravi was arguably the most feared individual ever in the history of the blood-ridden faction politics of South India. He was a prime accused in innumerable murder cases and also survived numerous assassination attempts, the most brutal of which happened on a quiet Friday afternoon in November 1997 when a road near Rama Naidu Studio in Hyderabad was turned into a death field by a bomb which killed 26 people but failed to get its intended target Ravi.
I, in the course of my life have read biographies of various people and have also come to know through various sources the life stories of many highly dangerous men including that of Velupalli Prabhakaran the LTTE Chief to Pablo Escobar the Columbian drug lord to our very own Dawood Ibrahim but all those stories pale in comparison to Ravi’s life story.
How Ravi, a soft-spoken shy guy under a force of certain circumstances retreated into the jungles, became a rebel and how he mounted a volcano of violence to avenge his father’s and brother’s deaths and how in time he became a folklore legend and eventually a minister in N.T.Ramarao’s Cabinet reads more grippingly than any fiction writer anywhere in the world can ever imagine.
Ravi’s name sent shivers up the spines of not only his rivals but even the law enforcement agencies. He was a rebel, a feudal lord, a robin hood, a killer of hundreds and saviour of thousands till the day he was gunned down by a death squad allegedly put together by his arch rival Suri who wanted to avenge his father’s and brother’s deaths, in a bizarre déjà vu.
I have been following Ravi’s rise to power since long, but I first heard of Suri only after the bomb explosion at Rama Naidu Studios. I was both amazed and chilled to see that even after being confined to a prison cell, how the fire of Suri’s vengeance continued to burn unabated for 7 long years till he finally succeeded, armed with nothing but a severe desire to kill Ravi as his one and only weapon.
In my research for the film I have met various associates of Paritala Ravi and Suri and also their family members. I have also met Suri who is presently lodged in Anantpur jail on trial for the killing of Ravi and what I finally managed to piece together from all the various police records and eye witness accounts is the most fascinating story I have ever heard or could hope to hear in my life. This is the story of a man’s phenomenal rise to power and a story of the most intense blood curdling conflict ever heard of between 2 individuals and it is also the ultimate statement on the oft heard disastrous consequences of a fatal mixture of caste, crime, family feuds and politics.
I decided to film this story at one stretch and release it in 2 parts about 3 months from each other, a first of its kind ever attempted in the history of Indian cinema. I want to call the films Rakta Charitra- I and Rakta Charitra-II. Why I want to make it in 2 parts is because, the sheer drama and content the story possesses is so incredibly rich and of such high magnitude that it is not possible to do justice to do it in a film which is lesser than 5 hours. Also Ravi’s life can be broadly divided into 2 parts from the time how circumstances created his rise to how he created circumstances that felled him.
I believe that Rakta Charitra is going to be the most defining film of my career not because of how well I will make it but sheerly because of the material I have at my hand. To put it simply I don’t have to work hard to make it well but I have to work hard to spoil it.
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  1. Trimex says:

    I remember "Gandhi" was not a movie about Indian freedom movement, but about the individual who rised to the level of "Father of the Nation". I hope Rakta Charitra 1 and 2 will be receive massive critical and popular appreciation. I saw you lament in an interview that the lack of rich subject matter is the cause of your insipid and failed movies although your deftness in craft progressed in leaps & bounds over the years. Now you have it! "Bahavani lanti vallani puttinche vyavastha ni nasanam cheyyali". ha ha ha funny is it not? That you are going back to the same society which is very much akin to mushroom culture?? "Andaru ala anukobattee….. yevaro okaru first step teesukovali kada… Check!" …. Shiva did it. Ravi did it. Bhavani, [Tagarkunta Prabhakar], Malli, [Moddu Seenu]…..gone… the list is end less. Nothing is changing. If somebody takes a first step based on ideology, their next are to protect themselves, feed their followers, ultimately realize the power of constitution and use the brutal force framework they nurtured all through to get them elected to a public office and become legally mighty and honorable!This fucking bull shit is happening like a computer programmed loop, why the fuck is law of the land not implemented?The very fact that Ravi and Suri exist are because of injustice,revenge,vendetta,survival – ultimately because the law and order was not in place. [Bring that laid back commissioner from Satya, he will try to educate the people and all the problems will be solved]. Why don\’t you write up your views on "entrepreneurship in people/society is much beneficial than securing an average job!"

  2. Srinivasa says:

    This faction has come a longway. the killings which started with sickles (back in 70s) have upgraded to remote controlled bombs(1997) to imported guns and bullet proof jackets (2005). no other faction killing in anantapur district has gone so hi-tech.

  3. Trimex says:

    Al Pacino, Denzel Wash\’ton, De Nero, Mel Gibson…….there are so many Hollwood Star-Actor (two in one). Why do we have so few 2-in-1s in Indian cinema?

  4. kedar says:

    Factory? Film Factory?…pls comment…How it works…how many are in house artists, how many change from project to project…how much you shoot in studios and how much on real locations? comment more on ur working style…story, script, break down, pre production, production, post, publicity…etc…how much u have inhouse facilities, what u like to hire? u have ur own 35mm camera? have u ever shot on high resolution Digital cameras? who does what at RGV factory?…the speed of RGV is mind blowing…\’THINKING faster than others\’ is not a good enough answer…enough of aesthetics for a while Ramu…i want to hear about ur working style if you would like to post a blog on that…talk more about PRACTICAL things…right from the script till publicity…speak as much as u can, if u would want to…!…i am more interested in that rather than aesthetics…

  5. ajit says:

    this has been tried in hollywood . tarantino with killbill . and recently "Che .. " like someone else has mentioned on comments there\’s nothing much new to the story . but all the best anyways . hope it turns out well..

  6. RAZI says:

    Dear Sir,looks like a winner!!!whom are u thinkin of casting……i know u think getting stars spoils the show…but try aamir

  7. satya says:

    Ram, It\’s good you wanted to make this movie in Hindi rather than in just telugu. I could see it in several different ways why you want to make it though.1)It will need lot of convincing to telugu censor & film board to approve as they feel this Film might provocate the riots against different groups.2) Different political groups & factional groups may use this movie to their advantage.3) You will definetly get larger audience by making it bollywood movie therby recovering all the expneses you produce on this movie. Now a days the budget spend on most of telugu movies is far more than many bollywood movies so why not make it a bollywood movie ?4) You or your staff might waste lot of time trying to convince the Telugu industry or Telugu Media rather than spending your valuable time in making a productive movie.It was never known clearly untill now why you had to Ban the telugu industry & move to bombay? but i personally feel that this was great loss to andhra people & huge gain to bollywood industry. I have so many questions on politics of telugu industry & i am sure none of it will come out unless people like you come out & talk openly but i guess that might be the end of the career for any director / technician doing that unless he is so brave & talented like you that he could go & prove his abilities somewhere else.Your last sentence "I believe that Rakta Charitra is going to be the most defining film of my career not because of how well I will make it but sheerly because of the material I have at my hand." is so powerful & i cant wait to see it on the big screen. I am already trying to visulaize some scenes from your eyes & i am really not concerned if it is shown close to reality as i always love to see it from RGV\’s eyes. What matters to me is your vision on script becuase i cant imagine seeing if the same script is given to Raghvander rao or Karan Johar! to put it simply they dont have to work hard to spoil it 🙂

  8. Unknown says:

    Dear RGV,Please disclose the cast of this movie as soon as possible.

  9. Unknown says:

    Ramu.. Please cast Ajay Devgan as Ravi, Nana Patekar as Suri and Amitabh as SP anantapur. What do you say?

  10. Vikram Deepak says:

    Hi, I am a telugu who recently moved to Milan. I have been wathcing few italian movies for fun and learning Italian, there are a couple of movies which are fascinating and i think u can handle them well in telugu or hindi.Do check "notte prima degli esame" (there is also a sequel, npde-oggi; a light hearted students comedy) and "la leggenda del pianista sull\’oceano" . You can find bits of each on youtube.cheers and good luck with Rakta Charitra.

  11. Sreekrishnan says:

    I think from your earlier comments on comments, yu may have the best story in your hand – but it takes a creative mind to spoil it. Btw:., are you trying to portray the char in the diff way [where there is no closeup or weird expressions with eerie music] or just the same old way? I dont want to say what i want .. but i certainly want to expect that you do something different !Thanks !

  12. celeste says:

    Ciao Vikram Deepak!Welcome to this blog! I LIVE IN MILAN, TOO!!!!! (Unbelievable). I\’ve sent you a private message. Please, answer me. Ciao!Celeste

  13. celeste says:

    Oh, Vikram: have you got here in Milan the dvds of RGV\’s telugu films? For European dvd players? WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES?????? Please, tell me YES! My hero! Please, if so you MUST lend them to me! Pleasepleaseplease!!!!!!!!!Ciao e benvenuto in Italia!Celeste(Sorry, Ram. Only a bit of public relations…)

  14. Bhaskar says:

    So, you cinfirmed the title changed to "India 24/7".

  15. VJ says:

    Ramu, I saw Che I @II in th gap of two months. In fact they released them that way. If u can let Krishnavamsi do it (direct RC) under ur supervision that\’d be good, coz he did Antahpuram exceedingly well.. Best Wishes

  16. VJ says:

    Giribabu\’s son Raghu Babu looks like Suri (My approximation).

  17. vamsi says:

    Take this – Its a stupid title. Some time back in one of your interviews you were explaining about the violence you show on the screen. You said,"One does not need to show a drop of blood to depict violence. However the final effect of the violence can be shown with greater intensity even without it." I know you dont stand by your words, but if you still do – why do you need to have "rakta" in the title. Use words to create the same chilling effect without it. Some suggestions: Khula zeher, Zinda ya MurdaAlso, your title Rakta charitra sounds like is framed by a person who is from andhra and does not know too much hindi and hence he translated some idea he had in his mind and called it rakta charitra. Dont tell me that you gave it that title. If you think its a good one – go back and look at RGV ki aag or Prema katha. One more thing – Why do you need 3 months gap between the movies? One is good.

  18. vamsi says:

    For heaven\’s sake…. please dont end the series on a note that portrays Ravi as an eternal hero. Dont make it an issue and fight it out in the media talking about why he have the right to show him as a hero just for your publicity. Show how he crosses the line and becomes a slave of all vices and ends up deserving to be killed. Remember that when you tell this story and if it does reach the region where it matters… it can make difference on how he is perceived thereby changing the balance of politics in the region for a long time. Weigh in all this before your draft. Just dont say that I dont care. India is your right and responsibility too.

  19. snow says:

    Here we go, usual depiction of violence, gore..and what not…the glorification of these emotions by this mental case called Ram Gopal Varma is phenomenal. These murderers don\’t deserve to be even mentioned or remembered for anything in the society. Why the fuck are you making a movie about this monster? Are you glorifying him? Sheer uniqueness? What uniqueness does murderes and criminals have. They are the scum of this earth. Ah he is an Robin Hood??Killing, maiming, resorting to extortion,doing every vile thing in the world.He is just like any other person with below par intelligence who somehow get disconnected from reality and resort to violence to prove a point. who thinks only brute force works for everything.You are saying this will be a defining film in your career.I am not surprised by your intensity for this project and the kick you are getting out of it. I sincerely hope your film bombs at the box office!!!!You will be consigned to the dustbin of eternity!!!!

  20. mojo says:

    Hey Ramu..Its a wonderful thought and boundless courage on your part to make the film.You know the emotions of Telugu people down here in Andhra…The way they stir a little of a thing… into something disastrous…Now you know… the murder of Ravi was a havoc in the state..And even of Moddu seenu… Needless to say, it can be a huge controversial thing given sentiments of ppl..I see, it can have two ways of impact.. either people might embrace it for its sincereity and straightforwardness or they can be enraged and turn voilent….So, you know, it becomes essential through whose eyes you are portrayin the characters or the movie… Please, don\’t make it to hang tight around your neck.. coz i see it to be a possibility..cheers!

  21. Trimex says:

    Addanki, XX00BC <poking \’em> … I just can not understand. If some body has taken interest <and office broadband> in reading the post and is responding to it, I guess they have interest in RGV movies and wish to see the success of the movie. The brick bats, venomous spits etc., portray a different picture. Are they attention mongers or dissatisfied house husbands? I mean dissatisfied admirers who were let down by Ramu? "You will be consigned to the dustbin of eternity!!!!" funny funny funny!

  22. snow says:

    WL <<<<Poking back….go search for your mojo!!! There is a red alert it is missing. Are you talking about u r self?? Office broadband, slacking off, visiting Ramus blog, dont have anything better to do.If you reply back to this post, that means you are committing the same crime your are accusing others of.funny funny funny. It may happen that people come and visit the blog just for the heck of it and at leisure.As far as his movies being successfull or not, yes please, ass licker ask your BIG headed Director( he is mighty talented though, technically perfect, but somewhere he is utilizing it to churn out rubbish ) to make some meaningful movies. Picasso is a great painter but concentrate on his paintings and you will feel uneasy, nauseating. Concentrate on paintings by Van Gogh you will feel uplifted. Whatever you do it impacts, it makes an impression and there are millions of dodos/degenerates out there like you who are interesting in pulp fiction. Does WL stand for Waste and Litter?? Funny, funny, funny.

  23. Unknown says:

    Hi Ramu, BigB has leaked a bit of your India 24×7 script in his blog. He mentioned that there is his funeral scene which was shot last week. so that means, BigB dies in the movie? He dies in climax or halfway through? Okay but don\’t you have an agreement signed with BigB to not to leak the information, script or story till the movie is released?

  24. prithvi says:

    HI RGV,All the best for Rakta charitra,hope you will showcase the true incident what has happened.One request from you is please show how the faction people in andhra think & act for vengeance. please don\’t show as if this incident has happened in UP or Bihar for the sake of wider audience.Thank you once again.RegardsPrithvi

  25. bhanu says:

    first of all ramu…………i hav 2 thank u for giving me an answer in a very detailed manner…………i was eagerly waiting for the start of this mvie right from the time u hav come down to anantapur n visited sunitha n suri.even i was, deeply gripped when i went through the life history of ravi n suri and came to a conclusion that it is the biggest ever faction feud in the blood ridden rayalaseema faction politics. I was also deeply influenced by ravi when i came to know that he not killed many people but also saved n became a protector for many people thus enjoying a god like image.Now i hope, u wont make this movie like any other faction movie made in telugu(balakrishna movies) having thigh tappings n moustache twirlings!!!!i would also not like u to project either ravi or suri as an hero n instead i would like u to elevate the positive qualities in ravi like his fearlessness,rebillon,his service for the people etc n also show his negative qualities like his feudalism,he killing innocent people etc wich caused his downfall.i wish u all d best for this movie n by the way ramu wont u make this movie, based on the faction feud of ravi n suri in telugu n let every telugu know u r take on this feud as 90 percent of the telugus r familiar with this much publicised feud.Also can i know who is playing the charecter of moddu seenu in this mvie????

  26. bhanu says:

    ram….one of our friends named sree venket has went on n asked u to include the scene where paritalas men shaved pawan kalyan\’s head when he interferes with their business…as i hav said earlier i went through the life history of paritala written by one of paritala\’s associates where in the writer goes on n says that paritala has never encountered a person called pawan kalyan n also says that these rumors were spread only to make paritala an enemy of kapu community to which pawan belongs as paritala used to stand as a representative of not only kamma community but also of kapu n boya communities………n pawan also in one of his interviews(pawan never gives any interviews but now that he is into politics is giving a series of interviews n really has stunned many with the kind of knowledge he has)has made it clear that he has nothing to do with paritala n he has never seen a person called paritala.Now that the topic of pawan has arouse i feel that pawan n paritala hav some charecterstics in common like fearlessness,the kind of impact they can create among their followers n the bravery which both hav.I also feel ramu that pawan is a maverick like u maintaining an independent stature n i request u to not include any baseless rumors in this movie based on an highly controversial subject.

  27. Puroorava Chakravarthy says:

    hahaha…RAMUUUUU dont forget this….RAMUU take care in certain aspectss……RAMUUUU do thattttt….RAMUUUU dont do thiss!!! So many dos and don’ts about raktha charithra making 😉

  28. Puroorava Chakravarthy says:

    Are you planning to dub raktha charithra into telugu?

  29. Puroorava Chakravarthy says:

    Lets remake Shiva. But this time you play the role of Nagarjuna and i take the role of RGV. 😉

  30. mikey says:

    Its not about a good/bad/ethical/unethical point.Any thing thats intriguing,conflicting and fascinating ignites you.Your current state of mind reminds me of pre-AGG when u said,"This is my only original film in my carrier".alas!It bombed. i hope this movie is gonna be another magnum opus like SATYA,COMPANY..etc

  31. mikey says:

    "Are you gonna make us step in shoes of the character of ravi and react rather than judging the character".Thats what u did in satya,company..etc

  32. mikey says:

    U don\’t need to be violent by nature to turn violent,its the circumstances.u seem to be fascinated with a shy guy turning into what he was finally.My analogy may be dreary but RAM GOPAL VARMA who fears voilence in real life,who fears blood made some of the best,realistic violent/horror movies.Its quiet contrasting as to where u end up and what u are by nature.

  33. Krishna says:

    Hi Ramu,Please post an entry about the making of your movie "GAAYAM" (starring Jagapathi Babu, Revathi Menon, Kota Srinivasa Rao)… About how the idea has been conceived, how did u rope in the technicians, what went in your imagination, How did Mani Ratnam sir provided the story, the screen-play etc… It will be an interesting one to read…Thanks, With Regards, Krishna Swaroop

  34. Niranjan says:

    What is that you want achieve by making a Raktha Charithra ?

  35. Parixit says:

    your post on raktha charithra is the most zealous one of your all the posts you wrote, and now I am more curious to see the film made out of it than you are to make it……..

  36. Parixit says:

    will you write your biography?

  37. Parixit says:

    I\’ve heard that you are going to make a film "WITHIN" whichl contains actors from hollywood…………….I just wanted to know whether it is truth or the rumour.

  38. kishan says:

    You wanted to start to movie on Veerappan and he died. You announced the movie on Paritala ravi and his killer Moddu Seenu died. What next?

  39. Rasna says:

    Ramu, R u voting this time?

  40. Unknown says:

    Hi, I wrote this screenplay titled Paisa(Money), it took me five years to write this screenplay. I would really like to get your honest opinion on it. You can download the screenplay in word document format at http://www.sendspace.com/file/9bzrqk If you have any prblem downloading it, let me know. ANYBODY CAN READ IT AND GIVE ME ADVICE ON WHAT I SHOULD IMPROVE OR TAKE OUT…I POSTED IT IN COMMENTS SECTION ON PURPOSE. I still have not been able to come up with hindi dialogues for it, but working on it every day, lol, so for now the screenplay is in english, but when it will be made, i am going to make it in hindi 🙂 Anyways read it, and email me with comments at khanscripts@hotmail.comThanks

  41. mikey says:

    what triggered you make the movie 24*7?is it the aftermath of your visit to taj post 26/11 attacks?

  42. sudhachandra says:

    why did you change the title RANN it is great man

  43. Phani says:

    Curious about the Casting of Rakta Charitra

  44. Unknown says:

    Hi Ramu,Today BigB has revealed more your 24×7 script. He mentioned that you have a bhangra dance marriage sequencein the movie 24×7 and BigB said it looks very much like \’Karan Johar\’ type of scene. And for that you earneda name \’Ram gopal karan varma\’ from BigB and the rest of the crew. Is it true? Sounds so weird that you aredoing karan johar kind of scenes while Karan is doing your kind of scenes in his new movie \’my name is khan\’.BTW, whose marriage sequence is it? I guess this is something like \’Ash-abhi\’ wedding sequence capturedby the media men.. am i right? Who is the lucky couple this time?Also Earlier BigB has revealed following stuff in his blog:Hi Ramu, BigB has leaked a bit of your India 24×7 script in his blog. He mentioned that there is his funeral scene which was shot last week. so that means, BigB dies in the movie? He dies in climax or halfway through? Okay but don\’t you have an agreement signed with BigB to not to leak the information, script or story till the movie is released?

  45. Sudhir says:

    Hey Ra\’am,You might enjoy this. I sent it to AB in response to his amusing post on the blog today.________Juxta positioning of RGV & KJ? Thats the Hb count in the atm… !!!I thought KJ would have considered ‘Dostana’ an action thriller, given his coffee-book style and elan.Diificult to imagine how RGV might present a marriage in his dark, rustic style.Something like this?!———–Pandit: Thakur, ladki ko bulao…Ladki’s Father: Tayaar ho rahi hai panditji, bas abhi night club se aai hai… thak gai hai bechaariPandit: Achha… good, good… antar-paath ka kapda kahaan hai…Ladki’s brother: Abey, tillu, kapda leke aa … ghonchu, yeh nahin, yeh to kafan ka kapda hai…————-And Karan Johar might present a fight scene like:Hero: Kyun, Kyun, Kyun nahi sunta meri baat. Dekh mujhe maar dhaad pasand nahin. Magar ab koi choice nahin. Villain: Main jab bhi apne maa ko yaad karta hun, kisi na kisi se maar khaata hun. Rukna nahin mere hero, le maar le…Hero: Okay, theek hain, koshish karta hun, pehle ek gaana ho jaay?———–Please, Please, Please don\’t show that you are flattered. It hurts our sensibilities…. Yuk, Yuk, Yuk…

  46. Vinay says:

    Hey, the writing style for Ravi is totally Godfatherish! What did you mean by working hard to spoil it?

  47. Unknown says:

    You may want to check out PRATEIK BABBAR …. he has the intensity you crave for in your cast and characterization…..Imagine casting him in younger Ray Liotta in Goodfellas (when he says with boyish DREAMY EYES… " …ever since i could remember, i always wanted to be gangster" ……………PRATEIK, SURE IS A RARE FIND….P.S: This is not free advice… may i suggest myself for director\’s role…. my qualification is that i hv seen all Martin Scorsese movie… Over and over again…. ok…. may now ask why are you smiling, what\’s so funny about it?

  48. sLm says:

    good thinking as always sir but you earlier announced Drohi ,Time Machine,India 24/7 (earlier titled Rann),Agyaat…and a movie on Verapaan let them go on floor first and think on a single project…

  49. Srikanth says:

    "He was a … saviour of thousands …" WT_?!Are you talking about Paritala Ravi?I agree that he was seen as Robin Hood and all that by many. But saviour of thousands?!He was bloody killer. One of the reasons many families in Rayalaseema have lost their loved ones.Mr Ramu, please stop singing eulogies. Please don\’t hurt people\’s sensibilities.

  50. PHANI RAGHAVA says:

    FYI, Paritala Ravi was assasinated on 24th January, 2006. Not in 2005

  51. Jack says:

    RGV, I am assuming your thoughts on God are same as they were 27 years ago"…take the example of a man who is wishing for a large amount of money…”99.99999% of people don\’t pray. They beg."…Everyone desires to reach a stage of absolute happiness …"You think happiness always depends on external factors. Like you can be happy if Rann & Agyat become hits, or you own a Bentley or a penthouse. Then it is always Relative Happiness. Absolute happiness, by definition, does not depend on any external cause. We can almost never be unconditionally happy or happy without a cause. So we always postpone happiness, until our desire is satisfied. Are we ever HAPPY RIGHT THIS MOMENT? For example what is your state of mind right this moment? Do we ever say "I will be angry tomorrow" or "I will be sad after Diwali"? So why do we keep on saying “I will be happy after this or that criteria is satisfied"? Logic would imply there is a cause only if we are miserable. Rest of the time we should always be happy. On second thought, drop always. We should be happy right this moment. Isn\’t it?This state can be induced by drugs like LSD. Only, again we have become dependent on something 😦 That\’s where spirituality come in. (Note, I am using Spirituality, not Religion) A drug-addict & a spiritual person are both in state of no-mind. The only difference is the addict has fallen below the mind; the spiritual has gone beyond the mind.As long as the mind is there, the happiness can never be absolute. Haven\’t you noticed when you are ecstatic like in orgasm or having a great laugh, there are no thoughts in your mind? At that very moment you were in Nirvana."…pleasure and misery cannot be absolutely defined…”Pleasure is not same as bliss Pleasure is relative. Bliss is absolute."…It is a world devoid of competition…"Other than sports, competition should not exist anywhere. People should work for the sake of the work only (If we start enjoying our work, then by your definition, it is no more work. It is fun! 🙂 ). Else they should change their work (like you dropped engineering). Did Howard Roark compete with anybody? But did he lack initiative? Do you really need competition to achieve excellence? "…We are but our thoughts encased in a body? …"Is that all? Our thoughts are constantly changing. You have yourself said you are not the same person you were a week ago. If you are only thoughts and ideas and feelings, which are constantly changing, then who is aware of this change? Something inside you must have remained unchanged. That \’something\’ is beyond the body, mind, intellect, memory, ego (which is but a function of all your collection of memory). That \’something\’, that Witness, is what I call the Soul."…If the soul is beyond perceiving then in a realistic sense it should be taken as ideas and feelings…"You can perceive your ideas and feelings privately and can change them. They, definitely, are not the soul!"…the example of a wood-cutter who is happy in his profession, we observe that if he suddenly runs into a lot of money, he will stop cutting wood"“he will stop cutting wood" contradicts the assumption that "wood-cutter who is happy""…But very often their lives are controlled by people …"If you are Absolutely Happy, you can NEVER be controlled. It is only when you are relatively happy that your pleasure can turn into misery by an unfavourable review by Khalid Mohammad. Danger: I guarantee, if you are in bliss, you will be persecuted even more. People are jealous of happy people and terrified of blissful people. Look at what happened to Socrates(poisoned), Jesus(crucified), and Ashtavakra (crippled)."…wanting to reach that state in itself is a desire…"Couldn\’t have put it better! Wanting something to happen is the surest way to prevent it from happening. That\’s exactly why Krishna has said "Focus on the action, not on the result". It is not a commandment, it is a very good strategy. Two reasons:1. The action, filmmaking is in your hands. The result, hit or flop is not. So why waste time and energy?2. The moment you focus on hit/flop, you loose focus from film-making. The moment my mind is on the trophy, I have lost focus from the short-pitch delivery."…the degree of power we wish to procure…"What is it that you really wish for? To be happy , isn\’t it? Experiencing a better quality of life, film-making, lovemaking, freedom to do whatever you want to do, money, fame or power are just means to that end. Look without, and being beautiful, intelligent, rich, famous, powerful, successful are only temporary, changing. Look within, and the joy is eternal. It is Bliss.

  52. sLm says:

    i edited my profile on orkut with name "Rakta Charitra" and uploded his foto of vivek and ppl keep scraping me wats "Rakta Charitra" and asking me to change it both foto and name…

  53. k says:

    i got a feeling that some part of ravi\’s character reminds me of godfather part 2 where robert de nero rises to godfather

  54. vatsala says:

    The story sounds wonderful, I wonder if it could be a short series on some channel ? But again I am no expert on films/tv just a thought

  55. 旺立 says:


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