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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging! Advertisements

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My blog has moved to another site

  Folks,   Please note that I have moved my blog to another id. I will not be posting write-ups here anymore.   So from now onwards you can connect with me only at  

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My reactions to reactions

  1.What you don’t know is that a wife and husband also do have sex for giving birth to a beautiful child which is an acknowledgement for their love from God.Ans: Okay dokie.   2. I truly admire the guts … Continue reading

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Happy Deathday

Years ago I had to travel from Hyderabad to Chennai for some work, related to a film I was making at that time and someone very close to me asked me not to go as the next day was her … Continue reading

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    Sorry for what I asked of you guys through the section “Thoughts that grew me”; that is to send whatever you heard or thought, so that if it appeals to me I will put it in this section. … Continue reading

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A Concept Video From AGYAAT

  Click here for the Agyaat – Na Koi  link on YouTube.           

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Thoughts that grew me

We are all born with a blank mind and from then on we keep absorbing various thoughts picked from our parents, our teachers, books, friends, colleagues etc. Our ability to absorb them will obviously depend on factors like our intelligence, … Continue reading

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