Many commented on whether I would speak or behave like this if I was not successful. The word success itself is highly relative. People constantly live in either a fear of losing or in a hope of gaining. There’s no such thing as an absolute state of success. I have always been successful and that’s nothing to do with my film career. Success is something I define as to be able to get up in the morning and do what you want to do till you sleep. That does not mean that you should want to fly or rule empires. It could be anything which your capability permits and your intelligence submits.
Yes, you have your family, relationships, obligations etc. But if you want to take care of them and stand by them, you are doing what you want to do. In reality most people act and do things out of compulsion by others or within themselves rather than really wanting to do so.
I never claimed that I became successful because of this attitude of mine. All I had said was that I had the courage to bear the consequences of the decisions I took. Many of my decisions went wrong, in fact most of them. But what cannot be taken away from me is the pleasure moments I experienced in that process. By the time the result of a certain decision came about I was already into the pleasure of moments of other decisions and this has been the circle all my life.
If you are on a dry beach and you want to reach a beautiful looking island in the distance, you can make a decision to swim across or go in a boat on maybe take a plane or just fantasize that you are there on that island or psyche yourself that you are better off on the dry beach itself. But what most people will do is to constantly worry about whether there might be sharks in the sea or the boat might sink or the plane ticket is too expensive or what if there is a sudden storm, and thereby remain bitter, frustrated and fearful all their lives.
I weigh the consequences and think of the logistics and plunge in even if I don’t know swimming. I will either learn to swim or sink in the process but what I will not do at any cost is to stay put. After 2 big flops Antham and Govinda Govinda I packed my bags to Mumbai and made Rangeela. But Rangeela could have turned into a flop too. When I made so many flops how would I really know how to make a hit? Flops and hits happen by themselves whereas the only thing I can really make happen is to make a decision to make a film. For instance after all the effort and courage if I manage to reach that beautiful island, as soon as I step on it I could be killed by a lion there whose existence I don’t even know about. Not once am I saying that I know everything about what will happen. I just want to do things that I want to happen.
Once while we were travelling in a car, a guy very concernedly gave me a theory that 50 years from now we are going to have water wars in the world where everyone will die. I told him that at the next turn on the road we might be hit by a truck and die, and frankly I am not concerned about what happens to the world one second after I die. But if you truly worry about the water wars instead of sitting here and worrying why don’t you go and do some scientific research to solve the water problem. If you don’t know science then atleast work as a tea boy to the scientist and contribute. But I know you would not do that as then you won’t have time to do your umpteen other activities like going to the discotheque, cinema and indulge in bitching sessions. And on the other hand if you truly constantly worry about the world being finished in 50 years, what if a smart scientist comes up with a solution in the 49th year and then you would be the biggest fool for wasting 49 years of your life worrying off.
Most people can’t differentiate between worrying and thinking, Worrying is negative energy and makes your mind run in circles breeding depression and frustration whereas thinking makes you reach a decision and the decision you reach will result in work and if the work does not result in what you wanted from it, all you have to do is Re-work.
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100 Responses to Re-work

  1. Unknown says:

    In this blog, do you employ a writer who puts down your thoughts in good english ? Or do you have such command on english also ? My friends are debating hard on this.

  2. Purna says:

    nice gyan gurujiiiiiiiiitanha tanha song is awesome …especially [Ur]milai love her…one more song like that in future plz

  3. Purna says:

    btw i forgot i promised not to visit ur blog

  4. Santosh Srinivas says:

    Your Blog can never be short of Entertainment…….. !

  5. karan says:

    how can one learn how to ignore other people\’s opinions completely, and do whatever he wants to ?

  6. prashant says:

    Whenever I visit your blog I always learn something very valuable in life, which I have never learnt in my school, college or on work. The experiences you write are much more than studying and learning things for years

  7. Unknown says:

    Hi Ramu.

  8. Smita says:

    How I would love for you to be my personal psychologist and/or life coach. Totally awesome and inspiring and strength-building blog post today. Thanks so much Ramu. I felt mental strength flowing into my brain — that is THE way to live, baby! Glad to have some nice role model when so many in society try to crush that sort of nobility that you portray, out of their own jealousy or yes, inferiority complex as you have already stated (in different words).

  9. Unknown says:

    I want to be your tea boy or a vodka boy.

  10. Pradeep says:

    Sir,I think Govinda Govinda is one of ur best movie…with nice cast,good songs,nice screenplay and narration so what went wrong?

  11. Pradeep says:

    You remade Anthma as Satya … any plans to make Govinda Govinda again?

  12. Pradeep says:

    No 1st anniversary celebrations for this blog????

  13. Pradeep says:

    How much Importance u give to screen writing?

  14. Pradeep says:

    from whom u learnt screen writing and who\’s ur inspiration??

  15. Pradeep says:

    Siddhartha is a cast dominant college …so how u managed and whats ur say on that?

  16. Pradeep says:

    I whistle in cinema hall when ever i see "A Film by Ram Gopal Varma"whether its a multiplex or a single screen..

  17. Vinay says:

    This indeed is a motivational article, Thanks.

  18. swami rishi says:

    rgv-i used to think i am the only person madly in love with myself but now i have a twin -you! you are fantastic ! in fact you have no ego -becuase you are transperent ! i liked your defination of success -be able to do what you wanted to do that particular day ! swami rishi (your friend on face book too!)

  19. Unknown says:

    hi sir

  20. Unknown says:

    hi sir,my name is RAMRAKESH i am studying MCA,i am ur BIGGEST FAN & ur EKALAVYA STUDENTi inspire to ur filmsi am write a verity HORROR STORY, plz ONE CHANCE in directionplz listen my story after like this stiry plz give me one chance MY mobile number:99 66 75 43 46

  21. says:

    well down

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