My reactions to reactions

Hi, Kishan, 15 years back I read in the foreword of a Stephen King novel where he mentioned that when he gave the manuscript of that novel to his daughter before publication, after finishing reading she apparently said that she liked it so much that she feared that it will end… I doubt anybody’s work can ever get a greater compliment than that… After all these years you said the same words in the context of what you feel about the writings in my blog… I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with your compliment. Thanks.
1. Can you tell us how you thought of the effect of Chander and Bhiku being shot so suddenly in Satya?
Ans: In real life death happens as suddenly as that.
2. Why don’t you revolutionize cinema?
Ans: Hello! I just want to have damn good fun making movies. If I get into lofty objectives like trying to revolutionize cinema the box office will revolutionize me.
3. Why do you keep on saying “I am on top of life”?
Ans: I don’t know that, but I suspect that you are at the bottom of life for asking me this question.
4. Is it because you are scared that you don’t take sides with wrong or right?
Ans: No, it’s because I am wise.
5. Do you know that your blog is changing lot of people sometimes negative and sometimes positive?
Ans: If it’s really doing that it is pretty much true for everything in life.
6. You cannot deny that the most satisfying thing in life is the love of your beloved.
Ans: Well, that depends on the beloved. Many times beloveds can become quite irritating.
7. How do we unlearn or override our programming?
Ans: By sincerely trying to understand what the fault in our programming is and where it lies. All of us pretty much know everything by instinct and from then on the whole process of acquiring wisdom in life is nothing but unlearning the learning thrust upon us by society, religion etc. All our lives we just struggle between what we want to do and what we have to do. The simple solution for this is to do things only what you want to do and not compromise on that for anybody’s sake and also truly understand why you should not feel guilty about it.
8. How did you do the watchman’s head twist in Bhoot?
Ans: Computer graphics.
9. I think you are just wanting us to feel jealous and I don’t think you enjoy life as much as you say.
Ans: You can go ahead and believe in whatever gives you enjoyment. The point here is not about whether I enjoy but it’s about whether it’s relevant to you what I say I enjoy.
10. Your brutally sarcastic reactions either will make the bloggers swear never to come back or they become your biggest fans.
Ans: Well, I equally love to be hated and loved. What scares me is to bore you all.
11. How did you do that theatre scene in “Raat”?
Ans: After establishing the crowd in the theatre in a wide shot I zoomed into Revathy and asked the crowd to run out of the frame. So when I zoomed out again the theatre was empty.
12. Why are you so funny here and so serious on TV?
Ans: Anything I say obviously depends on that particular context. Also on TV I am being filtered through the editorial intelligence of the channel people whereas here I can let loose my stupidity in all its glory.
13. What is the difference between Ramgopal Varma, RGV and Ramu?
Ans: Ramu is real and Ramgopal Varma is a perception and RGV was coined by the media to save space and typing efforts.
14. Where would your intelligence have come from if not for Ayn Rand and Nietzsche?
Ans: It’s not only from Rand and Nietzsche that I procured knowledge, and also it’s only knowledge which comes from an outside source and not intelligence. Knowledge is pretty much out there available for anyone passionate enough to desire it. But most people prefer the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge.
“Ah! That I were dark and nightly! How I would suck at the breasts of light.”- Friedrich Nietzsche.
15. How can you tell if someone is really appreciating you or has a hidden agenda?
Ans: Either way it does not matter to me, I exactly know what I am and if someone praises me more than what I think I am, he is a fool and if someone criticizes me more than what I think I deserve he also is a fool. On the other hand if someone has an agenda and if he gains something from me I will admire him. Anyway I should be the last person to complain on that because my entire career I have built up by only having agendas.
16. Some of your reactions are like children giving it back.
Ans: That’s because inspite of growing into an adult I never let go of the instinctive intelligence and the animalistic joys of a child. If you really think about it the only additional good things you get from growing up to an adult from being a child is sex and power. The rest of adulthood is a pain, man!
17. Do you yourself really reply on this blog?
Ans: Just read the thoughts and decide if it’s worth spending your time on the blog. How does it matter whether its RGV writing or SGV writing?
18. Since everything about you, your movies and sense of humour are dark, does that extend to your choice of women too?
Ans: No, I like them in all colours.
19. You are a combination of a thinker, literate, criminal, crude and rude man.
Ans: You can add selfish, egoistic, megalomaniacal, inconsistent, untrustworthy to that list too.
20. I hate you.
Ans: To hate someone is as stupid as to love someone.
21. Your theory of you successfully countering the decisions of life is an overstatement.
Ans: Hello, I didn’t use the word successful. I said I constantly keep making decisions irrespective of their consequences.
22. Kindly distinguish between genuine fans and weirdos.
Ans: Ok weirdo.
23. What will you do if you have to choose between films and sex?
Ans: They are not mutually interchangeable to me because I fuck films, make love to women and have sex on this blog.
P.S; There is either a deeply profound philosophy hidden in this above answer of mine or its just gibberish I wrote for effect. Figure it out for yourself.
24. How can you say truth depends on perception? An apple is an apple which looks like an apple and tastes like an apple.
Ans: But an apple is not an apple for a worm inside it because it can’t look at it, and how do you know how an apple tastes to a worm. Come on, smarty! Answer that!
P.S; Will elaborate on this seriously some other time and Shalini, No….. I did not miss you not being here.
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100 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. andhrite says:

    Dear RGV, Who will be playing the role of "Moddu Srinu" alias Julakanti Srinivas Reddy who shot dead "Parital Ravi" in "Raktha Charithra"

  2. gajee says:

    me weirdo ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????you are calling me a weirdo because I asked you to re-consider your previous comment where without any consideration given to the genuineness of the person commenting or the comment, you just pick on it and rubbish it??????????????god bless you, keep making nice movies, I enjoy them a lot, this is my last comment on your blog.

  3. Ravi says:

    @ gajee, don\’t be upset friend. Dil pe mat le yaar! Most of us here, have experienced it once or more! One suggestion, not an advice, though! Those demure, shouldn’t visit nude beaches. But, once in it, be prepared to strip and enjoy.

  4. Junkie says:

    Number of people visiting your blog are increasing(increased number of comments is one of the indicators). Now, I am scared that you may ignore many comments now!!

  5. Unknown says:

    Hi Ramu ,i have been following your blog and also AB sir\’s .also i have been following your colloboration with AB since Hindi Shiva days when AB insisted u to keep JD in hindi version also. his blogs are very decent , polished , frank but sensible and yours wierd, irresponsible( not all times), nakedly truthful,biased, funny. AB\’s approach towards unvieling truth is quiet calm and sensitive yours unvieling is filled with sarcasm, anger , and wierdness. but both are aiming at only one thing- THE BITTER TRUTH. please share your experinces with AB . when did you met him first and how it has developed in to a strong bonding – friendship

  6. unknown says:

    Have you ever said "I am sorry" to anyone wholeheartedly in your life?

  7. Junkie says:

    Shalini,Ramu has an intellectual image on you. Please dont ask silly questions to him 😉

  8. truth says:

    in your \’jan gun man gun\’ song.. our country is mentioned as \’getting divided\’ maybe it was referring to states being divided. lets take the example of our \’Andhra\’ Pradesh. It has more than 50% telangana population, 50% land area is telangana. But still the state is called \’Andhra\’ Pradesh. why ? just curious, maybe u have some idea ???

  9. raghavendra says:

    while making ur 1st film, did u ever feel nervous to narrate anything to other technicians?

  10. raghavendra says:

    Mr. Ramu, In ur earlier films (shiva,kshanam,Raat,Antham etc) u were giving lot of interest in the poster designs. Later i thinku have lost interest to some extent. But u r back to form wit "Agyaat". It\’s class, creative and brillient!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Film says:

    Are u a big fan of michael jackson? 1. u kept his name to brahmanandam character in Anaganaga oka roju. 2.Revathy and friend dance to his song in Raat.3.jackson song in the background while jd and maheswari sitting in resturant in deyyam. 4.jayasuda family dances to his song in the night in their farm house in Deyyam.5.Kota & Narsing conversation about him in Gaayam

  12. lprakash says:

    I was about to fall for a girl, until I read your line – "To hate someone is as stupid as to love someone",and I stopped myself and enjoyed the fuck instead. How many lives have you saved this way?regardsPrakash Gowda

  13. pasam says:

    Forget movies, Forget politics, Forget my Job, what I behave on any given day(at times) with a single person, is merely based on your blog. It\’s probably evolution. And it rocks to care only my own self.

  14. Dhananjay says:

    how do u handle the tantrums of stars ( & their moms !! ) & how do u deal with late coming actors on set ?btw – do u come on time on u r set ? 🙂

  15. Unknown says:

    When Rann will be releasing? waiting to get into the theatre……………….

  16. Unknown says:

    Hey Ramu,I am a BIG fan of Sudeep. I think his best performance is not captured yet. Hope RANN will satisfy me. I think only you and Maniratnam can explore the best of SUDEEP. And will sudeep be dubbing for his character this time? Please Please let him dub for his charector……………….

  17. pradeep says:

    I think the climax of the movie agyaat will reveal a trick which some other person used to make a movie by setting up things,by creating a setup and making people disappear.Yes it has no body,Nobody can hear it,noone can run away frm it.Coz its all prearranged in the jungle by some other director to make his own movie by extracting realistic performances from the actors!!……

  18. Vijay says:

    Just wanted to share a scene from Shiva ( Telugu )Y\’day i was watching Shiva ( don\’t even know how many times i watched it before ), i was thrilled to capture a scene which i dint notice before. Shiva, when returns to chinna\’s room in night.. they all sit together and discuss how to get proper link to reach Bhavani and suddenly a lightning in the sky interrupts his conversation. Immediately he comes bit forward towards chinna and speak in bit louder voice. As a director, your observation and care were so keen in the very first movie about each and every scene.. Just hats\’off to you master …. RegsVJ

  19. Unknown says:

    Hi Mr RamuI am a businessman and can be a good bollywood story writer. If you can kindly give me an appointment, you can take a test or if you can give me your email id I will send a few ideas, which can be expanded into good stories.Laxman.

  20. Unknown says:

    Anurag kashyap on Ramu and why Ramu still sells….in the promo…..

  21. Vijay says:

    A Mere Fantasy …. Yet another thought … What if all the "Like Minded People" ( admirers of Ramu ) blogging here meet together at one place in person. Aahh ! i\’m so excited for the thought itself.. Just imagine we all be talking only about Ramu, Gopal and Varma… RegsVJ

  22. surap says:

    Any Affecting Articles like Satyendra Please!!!! getting spiritless with routine M.R TO R

  23. chetan says:

    iam interested in observing your expressions while you are reading/answering readers reactions

  24. Ramakanth says:

    Why did your movie "Naandi" with J.D chakravarthy get shelved? I was eagerly waiting to watch the movie as the shooting took place in my village(Gundlasingavaram) in my house. I really missed a chance to meet you because i was put up in boarding school. Hope you keep making films to entertain yourself and people like me….

  25. Ravi says:

    Hey ramuHave you ever thought of making movie on vampires?

  26. Purna says:

    I Hate U…ramu….very very baaaaaaaaaaaad..yu din reply to any of my comments …..yu come to my blog and write commentshttp://pczworld.wordpress.comtill then i will not come back

  27. prahul says:

    Can you differentiate Thinking and Imagining? Is Thinking also Imagining?

  28. snow says:


  29. Unknown says:

    Perspective is nothing else than seeing a place or objects behind a plane of glass, quite transparent, on the surface of which the objects behind the glass are to be drawn.~Leonardo da VinciI think the above quote is in the perspective of an artist / painter.

  30. Film says:

    Threatening the music director in "satya" is the best work of Ramu cos it\’s marvelous and amazing!! It\’s shot in single shot and i feel it\’s better and more effective than threatening the film maker in "the godfather"…!

  31. bhagavathula says:

    How do you compare with maniratnam? who is the best between two ?

  32. prashant says:

    "If you have an opinion you fear the change", this is what I feel about everyone giving their opinion about you

  33. r k says:

    hellllo ramuji,i got some link from, if any one impress u with their short movie or clip u will take them as asst director for your movie. is that right?? i want 2 impress u with my short movie?? can i try??thanks

  34. Unknown says:

    What is more necessary to become a director, imagination or class room teaching, if both are not possible at the same time?

  35. madhav says:

    baap re! dimma tirigi poindi Ramu garu! but whatever i am your fan n will be your fan for rest of my life some of your views scare me and doesn\’t match my view but that cant stop me from being your fan. But thoda sa doubt lagta hai kya ye sahi me ramuji bol/ blog kar rahe hai aap ne kaha RGV KAREY ya SGV if i think my time is spendable here then only i should be but farak padta hai agar aap bol blog kar rahe hai to vo aap ka image create karega na whatever i know you\’ll have some answer you type of answer ready for this or any type of view or question .all the best

  36. Unknown says:


  37. Unknown says:


  38. Unknown says:

    you have issues dude.

  39. Unknown says:

    What is ur intention to make "RAKTHACHARITRA"…a faction based film

  40. giri says:

    Hai Varma garu? When Rajthacharithra release……????

  41. Unknown says:


  42. Ismail says:

    Hi RGV i wached your Phoonk 2 it better then Phoonk1 Thanks waiting for Agyaat 2

  43. 旺立 says:


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