AGYAAT Theatrical Trailor

Just showing the new theatrical trailor for ‘AGYAAT’

Click here to watch on YouTube

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51 Responses to AGYAAT Theatrical Trailor

  1. prithvi says:

    "Excellent Trailer" Looks like very thrilling & scary movie…Looking forward to see it.

  2. madhu sudan says:

    sound always plays very special role in ur films do u manage it ? do u imagine what kind of sound tobe incorporated in the scene even before shooting ?

  3. Krishna says:

    Ramu, The sound design is simply superb. All your movies exhibits extraordinary sound re-recording skills. The close-up shots reveals the actual fear experienced by the lead and supporting actors very clearly. All the Best and Thanks for making such kind of movies.

  4. purna says:


  5. Shalini says:

    Ramu, please stop teasing us and tell us the release date. As usual loved the trailer….

  6. sLm says:

    this trailor was just ok…

  7. Dinakar says:

    emaina anu, nuvvu hero vi basu !!!

  8. static atmosphere energy says:

    Dear Sir,Why is it difficult to have favorites in creative field like film making? Do you think it is puzzling, irritating or silly question when people ask you who is your favorite actor, director, actress etc? A creative person may like one expression of an actor, one skill or taking of director or attitude of actress…but whole thing again and again can be favorite?Is the word \’favorite\’ a glorified myth in cinema?

  9. davide says:

    Thank you, sir, but I couldn\’t have seen \’Phoonk\’ yet… (grrrrrrr).

  10. pradeep says:

    I think the climax of this movie will reveal a trick which some other person used to make a movie by setting up things,by creating a setup and making people disappear.Yes it has no body,Nobody can hear it,noone can run away frm it.Coz its all prearranged in the jungle by some other director to make his own movie by extracting realistic performances from the actors!!……in this movie!!!!

  11. abhinav says:

    I think you are some ways related to nithin reddy in the movie @ pradeep reddy.. cause you are releaving the story which he might have told you….lol!! kiddin!@ ramu i am awaiting movie. bored in holidays! it has been long time i saw sensible horror movie.

  12. Shalini says:

    @davide,hahaha…..Hi Davide, good to see you here. I didn\’t beleive you were really going change your name Celeste..have a good one… ARE Celeste right? if not sorry..

  13. Shalini says:

    …and Thank you Ramu, for providing the youtube link this time…

  14. Jonah says:

    only thing i suppose would stop me from watching agyaat in theatre is nisha kothari.. its true .. but its me.. how many are with me..

  15. Jonah says:

    only thing i suppose would stop me from watching agyaat in theatre is nisha kothari.. its true .. but its me.. how many are with me..

  16. Shalini says:

    Ramu, I\’d been wanting to ask you this question for long, but some how skipped..Did it ever happen to you that you had been thinking about a story line for a long time and some how some one else made it first. If it ever happens to you(thinking that it didn\’t so far) will you be disappointed? or will you move on to a different story?? or will you make it anyway with your point of view or approach as you may call it??? Please answer this…

  17. davide says:

    (Shalini: shhhhhhh! I\’m in incognito. Anyway: life is very simple for men. Thinking on sex 24 hours a day and switching off all the other brain functions. Love, C.)

  18. Unknown says:

    You must be the change you wish to see in the world – Gandhiji.

  19. sammy says:

    hi,you do make good films, other than ( rgv ka AGG !, this is rgv stupidest film ).. LOL is film like company, satya, Rangeela. ( i think its your own idea ) sarkar, sarkar raj ( your film taken bits from god father) as i read. when will you be back with your own creative films from your empty MIND. you are one of the well known director, if you post a blog on sex and porn (the words)…. am having a lough hah ha ha !why do you fill these in your head is this because it sell in the market ( or the way you put in the blog looks a bit ugly truth ). when will we see a totally RGV new mepty minded beautiful film again ! OR [ you going to say every one born empty mind they have to copy ! ]. you made strong bold DARK films ! are you strong enough to make a comedy film ho well, thank you sir, it was fun reading porn and sex ! the ugly truth of the world … cu

  20. Unknown says:

    if u can scare Ramu, u can get to direct a film…is this real or gimmick….

  21. Vasu says:

    The only good thing that happened to me reading this blog is I started reading the Fountainhead.

  22. sLm says:

    u have not repeated Manjeet ie Barkha Madan after bhoot didn\’t u get any role for her..??who kills RD in Contract..???

  23. madhu sudan says:

    U mentioned that Mani Ratnam & u neither worked as assistants nor done any film making course.i guess that\’s what worked as a great advantage in both of ur cases.If u\’ve worked under any director or attended any film school both of u might have carried away by existing standards of film making prevailing at that time.offcourse your passion to make films takes the first place.P.S:Irrespective of hit or flop Mani Ratnam always managed to deliver great movies whereas in ur case both great films & crap films are well balanced 😉

  24. unknown says:

    In this trailor, words (i.e if they could here it……) are dominating than the camera angles.

  25. unknown says:

    Can we expect a mythological film (like Gladiator) in your 1000 movies?

  26. unknown says:

    Do you feel our Indian directors are far behind the Hollywood directors in respect of thinking or the budget of films?

  27. Vinay says:

    What kind of people do you think will watch Agyaat? 1) Someone who\’s seen phoonk and enjoyed it2) Someone\’s who\’s disappointed with earlier horror movies but not seen phoonk3) Anyone waiting to see a good horror flick, since there have been none since a long time

  28. Vinay says:

    By the way how come it takes this long for a movie to release in theatres after shootings are over. For us ignoramuses, all that a movie needs, after shootings are complete, are editing, dubbing and making prints!

  29. Vinay says:

    Just realized that you use fonts Comic Sans for your Reactions, and also use Garamond and Tahoma. So lucky. We need to consistently use the boring Times New Roman for our reports!

  30. Jay says:

    If your forthcoming movies Rann and Agyaat are not liked by many (God forbid) people would say he is a blogger who also makes movies.

  31. Avinash says:

    when are rann and agyaat gonna be released !!???

  32. sLm says:

    @AvinashAgyaat -July 24Rann -October 2

  33. Purna says:

    @davidehow can thinking abt 6x be simple for us ? infact its diffucult….. if we dont have a gf

  34. Abhishek says:

    You have a wicked sense of humor! I know there are some movies that made you laugh when it made others cry. Which film has come across as the most hilarious one to you?

  35. Abhishek says:

    How did you conceive the introduction of the movie SHIVA where the car emits smoke and the screen turns black? Was that your idea or was it improvised by someone?

  36. davide says:

    @ PurnaYour sense of humour is delightful! Thank you for making me smile. 🙂

  37. Unknown says:

    RGVAgyaat looks like a rip-off of \’Predator\’.Atleast that film had Arnie to save it, what does your film have?

  38. abhinav says:

    @no name(person below)it has Agyaat 😉 what say ramu?

  39. Unknown says:

    Hi Ramu,my post was deleted earlier by your office STAFF. to reteirate, your version of national anthem is not acceptable as anyone can alter it to their own needs/beliefs in future which would even disrepect it. Indian muslims unwilling to accept the nationl anthem for the simple reason that it refers to vidhata and not allah and many other things can encourage them to alter it incase your argument is approved, should explain the scope of alterations/manipulations of national anthem in future. Pl comment, you are no different form mafians who are short sighted and just act on their instincts/feelings and keep on making decisions on the situations they currently land in because of the decisions they took earlier. you are different from them in having a passion/purpose in life while they lack both.cheerssamudra

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