My reactions to reactions

1. Start working more on a form rather than a story… don’t over dramatize a situation with technique… cut down on background scene… be more simplistic and realistic.
Ans: Ok Sir… Ok Sir… Ok Sir… Ok Sir…  Anything else Sir?
2. When did manipulating audiences/devotees come into the picture?
Ans: Hello can you know a joke when you see it?
3. Have you ever proposed to a girl?
Ans: About 142 times, and I was rejected 163 times. The other 21 rejected me even before I could propose.
4. When Ayn Rand disagrees with Nietzsche how can both be your favourites?
Ans: I pick up what suits me from everything and everyone in the world. I don’t cater to a single philosopher. I just make a massala of all of them to spice up my life.
5. Do you get very involved with your background scores or do you leave it to the music directors?
Ans: No. I am very much in the foreground in the background music aspect and I pretty much relegate the music directors to the background.
6. It hurts me that you yourself make fun of Aag.
Ans: Ohhhhh so chweeeet of you! Can I treat you for dinner or in case you are a girl can I propose to you please?
7. I think the percentage of importance given to the audience from a filmmaker depends upon money, star status or a lack of intelligence.
Ans: It also could be because of your own lack of intelligence in understanding the other reasons.
8. No job. Was just surfing the net and halted here for a while.
Ans: Oh Ok! But don’t expect me to offer you coffee.
9. I never see emotions in your face.
Ans: I show my emotions only to people who matter to me.
10. Do you think you achieved your goal?
Ans: Thousands of times. In fact ten times today itself. I always have a very short time and easily attainable goals. One of my goals today was to do 50 pushups.
11. Ignorance is bliss, right?
Ans: Only for the ignorants.
12. What are sins?
Ans: What your religion, teachers, parents, leaders etc tell you not to do, and most of the time I don’t care about them, and when I don’t have a choice I commit sins behind their backs. So either in front or back I am always happy.
13. Vedanta says one should live life without fear and also should live without want.
Ans: And I say fuck Vedanta and listen to what your own heart and mind and some parts of your body tell you.
14. How do you handle love?
Ans: With my hands.
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86 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. Parixit says:

    hi RGV,"Determination will lead you to devil worship, it is the LOVE for the things/work will lead u to success" – Albert Eienstein.It sounds true for u as u love to make films so much and u r damn successful.plz comment

  2. Arun says:

    My girlfriend says she loves your katha-kali eyes. And loves your Intelligence too.

  3. Unknown says:

    Please tell us how the coldest blooded dialogues in shiva (railway crossing-"nenu cheppedi jagrattaga vinu" ganesh-"nuvvu oka aksharam mukka rani kirayi gunda vi.." to bhavani..ninnu champadaniki raledu")they keep ringing in our ears even now

  4. Unknown says:

    Plz comment on the fast drum beats at the start of the song- O naveena…in govindaa govinda. I think those beats are timeless and can be used in an intense dramatic sequence even now

  5. Unknown says:

    Who\’s idea was putting the scene where vidya signals satya "uper aaa" when a badly wounded satya goes weak-in-the-knees seeing so many steps in the stairs?

  6. Unknown says:

    In one of the trailers for satya, after a series of questions like "kaun ho tum?","17 murder cases mey police use dhund rahe hai", satya shakes hands with bhiku "SATYA"..This was one of the all time best sequence of crescendo decrescendo intrigue build up in a trailer..who\’s thought was it?

  7. Puroorava Chakravarthy says:

    If you find some time, share your experiences with maestro Ilayaraja in particular and other music directors.

  8. Puroorava Chakravarthy says:

    "With my hands". HANDLE WITH CARE

  9. kedar says:

    hahaha… nothing more Sir…ek coffee ( yuksss) pls

  10. Naveen says:

    today\’s friday and the 13th answer was good …..haha

  11. Pradeep says:

    really 13th and 14th answers were cool…

  12. Pradeep says:

    why u have changed "Varma corporation Ltd" to "RGV FACTORY"?any superstition in that?

  13. Pradeep says:

    I have Seen recently audio fucntion of "Rangeela" in that while ur speaking with media u were bit different means ur hiding something either SHY or FEAR but now when u talk to media its Dashing, like rambo..: )Is there any difference b/w ramu Pre Rangeela and ramu Post Rangeela?

  14. Pradeep says:

    Why didnt u get any padma award till now(padma sri or padma bushan)?

  15. unknown says:

    In your view which is the best world either imaginative or realistic???

  16. Jonah says:

    14. How do you handle love?Ans: With my hands. ????:-P ppppssss.. always with your hands??.. i guess you sometimes need to use your eleventh finger

  17. Sameer Shaikh says:

    Why always reactions? Heard a word called proactiveness?

  18. unknown says:

    If you have researched on factionism in rayalaseema i.e on paritala ravi and madhala charuvu suri, why dont u personally direct the film??? Hundreds of followers are died in the battlefield, which can be shown as the battle between Malik and Chandu in company, where their belongings are killed by orders given by themselves through mobiles?? Undoubtedly company and satya are fabulous movies in bollywood.

  19. Unknown says:

    In the past I liked you because your movies are so realistic [actors expressions, fights, etc] but now a days your movies are having a more artificial look.

  20. Unknown says:

    My name is "JAYA GOPAL" and My dad s name is "JAYA RAM " if u subtract our names… JAYA is common gets cancelled and what remains is "RAM GOPAL" My friends stopped talking to me after i told this PJ:-)

  21. Praveen says:

    13. Vedanta says one should live life without fear and also should live without want.Ans: And I say fuck Vedanta and listen to what your own heart and mind and some parts of your body tell you.Me: I completely agree and just to explain the analysis a little better, fuck Ayn Rand, Nietzsche and most importantly Ram Gopal Varma and enjoy the orgasm like never before.

  22. snow says:

    My great-great-great-father says you are mad.My great-great-father says you are half-mad.My grand-father says you are completely mad.My Naani says you are simply dam spelled backwards.My daadi says you are mad spelled in the right way.My uncle says you are genius with madness.My aunty says you are mad with genius.My freind Arun Kumar says his nephew says he thinks you are working for D.My lavda-pooku freind Arun Kumar says that his mama feels you are working for devil.My yerri-pooku, yerri-koothala tinpot aquaintance Arun Kumar says his mamee feels you are from underworld and work for the underworld.Finally Mr.Arun Kumar says he doesn\’t have any work to do and so he says his mommy thinks you are so and so.Basically Arun Kumar is as fictional as SRK and Karan Johar, Arun K was last spotted in Africa shagging a gorilla named blah blah blah…

  23. Unknown says:

    You are very interesting person. Like “Coffee with Karan(Johar)”, what do you think of doing media show “Vodka with Varma”? – Praveen B.

  24. Puroorava Chakravarthy says:

    163 rejections!!! I expected 163 "yes i too" answers. I think you never worked on them as passionately as you work on your films.

  25. Arun says:

    Dear Ramu D, if RGV can sometimes see the humor in it and reply back , why can\’t you ? Off course am fictional, what isn\’t ? And as for shagging a gorilla, it only shows what your brain is like. So chill. And my mother says you are half-mad too, and am madder for replying you. ha ha ha

  26. Arun says:

    RGV , How much do you believe Nietzsche\’s saying " Fear is the Mother of Morality. " and " We are the living species of the dead."

  27. Arun says:

    RGV , How did you shoot that scene in Sarkar 1 with Anupam Kher being shot in the Head ? When I noticed carefully, Kher already had the bullet mark on his head, and I couldn\’t see that in the first few watches since my attention was being taken away by the guy who gets shot behind Kher by the same bullet. Very Intelligent.

  28. Arun says:

    6. It hurts me that you yourself make fun of Aag.Ans: Ohhhhh so chweeeet of you! Can I treat you for dinner or in case you are a girl can I propose to you please?It makes me sad as well. Aag, except for big b scenes is bad, but when the maker itself makes fun of it , I don\’t know what to say.

  29. Rasna says:

    Are you going to remake "Neninthe"?

  30. bhanu says:

    In company after mallik kills Aneez and sayyad he calls pandit to tell \’mein ne sayyad aur aneez ko kardiya\’.. during this conversation in pandit\’s side of conversation you used steady cam shot, in which camers tracks from distance and circles pandit talking over phone and goes and stops at a guy sitting in the room at a distance by the window and cut…. Everything about the shot is spectacular. The camera motion, the lighting, intensity, and BG score. Its one of my favorite shots in the movie. But I did not understand the motive behind that shot. why did you use that shot there? (i know for sure that its not a point of view shot). Or you simply got excited about that steady cam movement and lighting.

  31. andhrabond says:

    RGV,Man you are having fun by pissing off all these bloggers on this site. Let me ask you a question. So what do you think, of course most of the people in India are still successful than you even after getting married. What do you say about them?Talking about porn. What happen to your project ‘SEX HAZIR HO’. I didn’t hear anything about this project for a long time.Why the heck you are doing lot of research on ‘Raktha Charitra’ and giving this project to some xyz. Why are you wasting your time on this? If some body else is directing this movie. And you know xyz can’t direct the way you want to direct. There is something fishy the way you still want to stick with tollywood (of course I know you are selfish). Actually who ever is directing this movie can get great advantage from you with your research and ditch you completely and get the credit by directing this movie? Obviously the hype you create for this movie will fetch him lot of tollywood movies. That guy could become another RGV (ditching and take advantage of the situation). Finally with your research on this movie I can also direct that movie the way you want, it doesn’t need to be your assistant.AB.

  32. Unknown says:

    This was hilarious Q&A session of the blog…. laughed my ass off…. RGV you surely know how to turn life into fun… best for of entertainment8. No job. Was just surfing the net and halted here for a while.Ans: Oh Ok! But don’t expect me to offer you coffee.3. Have you ever proposed to a girl?Ans: About 142 times, and I was rejected 163 times. The other 21 rejected me even before I could propose.Bring it on Buddy – you are true entertainer and most importantly…..thanks to all those morons who ask you super-silly questions / give you ultra-wise suggestions….. LoL….mazaa aa gaya!!

  33. kishan says:

    If you were to propose to a girl and you know for sure that she is going to reject you, would you anyway propose to her so that you will never have a regret that you never took the step OR for fear of being depressed on rejection, will you just keep it to you?

  34. E says:

    Heyyyy RGV,Howz u…been long time….from what I hear from the media reports…your RANN project is going as per the plan and it is gonna be released this year sometime maybe in May or June…I have also heard you have roped in your cousin Madhu for the project…so he is the producer I guess…boss he is making tons of money for super-silly Ghajini…I saw the telugu version..the original….and sure my mind became "ghaji-bhiji"……whateva….What is u r take on Slumdog….am sure if u say will be picked up by our mature media and they will blow it out of proportions…as the comments are also coming from AB camp…if it exists…….going by the economists..year 2009 will be real bad…..lot of companies are laying off people….even we are very anxious…but hope your movies makes good business…the propaganda techniques used by many of the media houses…are very easy to read..hope you have highlighted all these in your RANN….CheersEV

  35. sandeep says:

    hi rgvNietzsche\’s writings are always vague…nazis used their own interpretation and used it for a dangerous cause.Do u do the same thing…i mean using him to suit your own needs.(i do so)thanks and regardssandeep halder

  36. Vinay says:

    Hey dude. I got to know about Nietzsche from your blog. First book I took up was about Zaruthastra. Was very vague. Could not go beyond four pages. Was something about trying to be a superman. The language used was Shakespearish. How do you tolerate or understand such vagueness, when you cant tolerate much more logical and reasonable behaviour from people who react on your blog!

  37. Unknown says:

    whats your take on M.Night shyamalan?

  38. Unknown says:

    Whats the inspiration behind the scene where the music director is threatened..with the background showing the slowly approaching van and the window pane breaking?Thats one of your greatest scenes(top 10)

  39. Parixit says:

    hi RGV,why your actresses are short in height (nisha, antra, urmila)?

  40. Parixit says:

    If I have enough money then without any hasitation, I would give it you to make AAG again to prove that RGV can make a better sholay than the original one…….

  41. Parixit says:

    U can portray songs very artistically (rangeela, mast, daud) and in a stylish way (darling) then why your movies don\’t have that much songs?

  42. sudhachandra says:

    If you didnt believe in marriage in the first place why did you get married?

  43. Piyush says:

    As far as talent is concerned, all your movies show it!If all your movies are made in passion,then any mistakes made in a state of passion?

  44. sudhachandra says:

    How did you shoot the music director threatning scene in the movie satya?

  45. alluri venkata says:

    I think Religon is an institution that kept people from going wild, not everyone is thoughtful as you and I are and they needed a code of conduct to live, which is provided by the religion. As you can see most of the religions have the same basic set of rules as to how to live a life!!!And since I am an Hindu by birth, I\’ve tried to understand each of the so called rules/ codes given to the laymen, there\’s a scientific explaination to most of the things, except for the Caste system( probably it all started totally different) For example offering food in the temples, at that time they did not have hotels so they had to do it for the travelers, these examples can go on.P.S: I am agnostic

  46. Anil says:

    The Best Q&A goes to …..7. I think the percentage of importance given to the audience from a filmmaker depends upon money, star status or a lack of intelligence.Ans: It also could be because of your own lack of intelligence in understanding the other reasons.

  47. Sai says:

    Danny Boyle states in his Newsweek interview that his favorite films set in Mumbai are Satya, Company and Anurag Kashyap\’s Black Friday: just mention this because the initial chase sequence in Slumdog Millionaire is so reminiscent of your masterful chase scenes through gallis that you have been doing since Kshana Kshanam (this is where I first noticed it) or even before. it just might be that you inspired Boyle (or would you say he "copied" you).

  48. naveen says:

    2. When did manipulating audiences/devotees come into the picture?Ans: Hello can you know a joke when you see it?If someone raises a valid point against you, what you said is supposed to be a joke – right? If one can not find a valid point against you in your argument, you claim it as your intelligence/ gyan or whatever…….Nice ending to some logical set of questions, ha?Good one. You don\’t admit and I don\’t buy your answer for this. Let it be that way.How did you find the music "Govindaa…..Govinda.Govinda.Govinda.Govinda.Govindaaaa…………." intensifying the scene?The last answer handling love with hands was good.What is the criteria to choose your questions?This post was quick enough akin to your pace of movie making.

  49. Raj says:

    Dear Sir, I think, correct me if I am wrong, you have not yet made an erotic sexual love story. With your confidence, daring and philosophy – I think, it would be a real shocker and eye-opener film for contemporary India. Any plans to make one?

  50. I says:

    YOu can treat me for dinner and you would find I am actually very bitter.

  51. Jonah says:

    Actually.. I had the same Question. How was the scene of "threatening the music Director" shot? Because the spark of bullet was clearly seen from the car and the crack in the glass looked very much like a bullet. (it couldn\’t be a small stone to make that damage) and the sound looked very real. And the hard part to understand is.. even if you agreed to get a real bullet shot, the actor was highly at risk of taking the bullet.Was it graphic? or was it pure brilliant cinema?How was the scene of "threatening the music Director" shot???

  52. vinay says:

    What is the reason for your hundreds of unsuccess behind your proposals to girls? Did u ever think n if so wat is your realisation?

  53. snow says:

    Hello Ram Gopal Varma,Please answer the below questions;1) How many times do you brush your teeth?2) Do you have your breakfast, if so what do you have.3) People say you only eat 3 times a day is it true?4) What is your least fav food?5) How many vada-pavs or Samosa do you have in a day?6) I have heard you drink coffee 8 times a day, is it true?7) How many hours do you watch porn?8) Have you ever found the G-spot?9) Have you ever made your partner achieve multiple orgasms??10) What according to you is the most potent aphrodisiac?11) Who is your fav porn star?12) Do you use the blue pill?Please feel free to be as elaborate as you can be, basically I don\’t have anything to do, so just came across this blog and found that many of the fellow bloggers are writing the same thing, asking some very great intellectual oriented questions so I thought why not ask you some very intelligent questions myself. Dont you even think for a moment that I am joking, I am as serious as I can be and you can imagine. Please…dont\’ laugh at my questions, I have spent 20 bucks from my fathers pocket money sitting in this shitty net cafe in Pune.

  54. Arun says:

    Rgv,Are you amazed to read just how stupid questions and intelligent can be asked to you on this blog ?Please write a piece on Nishabd soon.

  55. Arun says:

    What was the last movie you saw ?

  56. Unknown says:

    one thing i wanna tell you..u r a great soul born on this earth to do great works."BAHUT KAAM BAAKI HAI" keep that in ur mind. .nishabd is ur best request,try out films which will b liked by mass,at the same time,direct ur just depends on how u mould it…

  57. Bhaskar says:

    Dear RGV, Who is an atheist exactly? Who does not believe in GOD? Or who questions his power? From ur point how are you an atheist? Do u say there is no fod at all or do u not belive in his power? I really need ur answers…..pls

  58. snow says:

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! ROFL…..LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL……HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA……lolololol..Ramu now you are great soul….kalyan old are you??Ramu a few more questions to you;1) Why do you beleive in "this" and not "that"2) What is the meaning of blah blah and blah.3) Define "this" and "that"4) When "this" is not "that" how can be both related.5) Who is "this" and who is "that"?6) If today "this" is "this", how can "that" become "that" tommorrow7) Will "this" will it result in "that"8) If this season is "this" can it become "that"9) If todays "this" becomes tommorrows "that" what was yesterday\’s "this"10) Finally can you write some more blah blah and blah….

  59. Dinesh says:

    Chall be….. Tell us that, what do you think about Manoj Jight Shyamalan… would you want to make a film with him… as his assistant director.

  60. Unknown says:

    You might want to read this article — very few mediawallas tell truth like he does and it needs some common sense (which is not common these days!) to see things for what they are!

  61. Kiran says:

    Please write a piece on Nishabd.

  62. I says:

    Did you ever read my this comment -!78E070F05AB0D828!138.entrywhats your thought. I would love if you thrash it.

  63. Melody says:

    Why do think Rab ne bana de jodi was a hit. Is it only becuase of star power of Shahrukh Khan ? I think it was a silly movie.Gautam Gulati

  64. pradeep says:

    where the person who own the factory gone where is your factoryif u not finding talented people or u r not so insprings or interesting nowwhat is the regioni miss the factory products

  65. pradeep says:

    why u do not a flim on your philosophy how life should be freom birth to deathgrow up take one step ahead9785171996

  66. Arun says:

    Ah,,,what is it about women that attracts you so much to them ? Not only sexually, but mentally, emotionally as well.

  67. Arun says:

    If say films never existed, what else could you be ?

  68. axe says:

    Ahh….Ramu….you are soo girlish…..

  69. Mohan says:

    Can you please write a blog on murder scene wherein Malik and Chandu kill Saeed and his brother Anis in the car on a chilling rainy day…is it inspired from real gangster murder or your own creation…

  70. sudhachandra says:

    I think the famous telephone scene in rangeela when urmila gets a phone call about the heroine offer is inspired from film roja when arvind swami gets a phone call about his boss\’s heart attack and by the way how did you get the title idea Rangeela.

  71. sudhachandra says:

    The way you name the characters are pretty good do you think the name of a person or character gives audience a feel of the character how important is it to correctly name a character ?Like sadhu in ab tak chappan,mili in rangeela ,munna,manjeeth,saroja,malik,chandu ,bhavani etc I mean how do you decide the names for characters you decide.

  72. sudhachandra says:

    Please write about greatest artists you worked with who took you by surprise with their talent like you wrote about amitabh bachan Also write your opinions views interesting things that happened between you and Ilayaraja,rahman,maniratnam,gulzar sabh,mehboob,sitarama sasthri,veturi,great camera man you worked etc

  73. vinay says:

    Ramu give any tips for writing a story and about scenes?

  74. vikram says:

    an answer to one of your questions in "why ganesha?" all the best……. caution: you might die laughing

  75. Unknown says:

    i wanna be a film director coz i love making movies and compose my own music coz i can play a few musical instruments too.but fortunately or unfortunately i have just finished my medicine and am a doctor. my dad thinks its stupid to throw away such a career for something so unstable . government udhyogam lo join kammani nannu force chesadu , but i didnot . my heart tells me to follow my dream, what do u think i shud do ?

  76. truth says:

    Quran says one should live life without fear and also should live without want.

  77. axe says:

    dont you think this blog is like….a bunch of girls sitting around and talking \’real\’ bullshit while a big fat girl is bragging as if she knows little more than the rest…..some girls asking…..hey ramu…can i work with you?….(ah…like he cares your dumb request…)some more girls asking…hey ramu, speak on this/that topic…(hey pussies,you will die waiting for an answer on them)

  78. snow says:

    Hi Ramu Bhai….Your blog is looking lifeless, spice it up a bit sir, maybe you can put some teaser trailers,photos of your upcoming movies, or rather photos of yourself, your shoots, maintain a bibliography of your movies….that\’s it!!! enough for today…

  79. SUBRAHMANYAM says:

    Sir,There is a news rounding that Nisha Kothari did her best in AGYAATready to njoy the feast

  80. Suraj says:

    Hi RGV,Please update us with your new project, maybe share some photos of your shooting process!Regards,Suraj

  81. swapnil says:

    Why r u so intrested in ghosts and new actresses?One simi;arity observed "both of them disappeared very quickly after their first moviw with you"(just joking!) and congratulations for the first story of darna manna hain….Really scary

  82. venkata says:

    ayya na daggar oka manchi deyyam story undi dayachesi meru naku okka avakasam iste nenu thamaku vinipinchagalanu dini kosam naku atuvanti paikamu vaddu kakapothe meru miyokka cinimalo sahaya darsakudiga avakasam ivvagalaru . danyavadamulu itlu G.V.S.PRASAD (40-59-12, SANJEEVAYY COLONY-2, KANCHARAPALEM,VISAKHAPATNAM,530008) MOBILE-9885706734

  83. venkata says:


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