My reactions to reactions

1. What is it about women that attracts you so much to them?
Ans: I am attracted sexually to their feet, their toes, their ankles, their heels, their calves, their knees and all this in the lower part of their legs. The rest I will tell you some other time. 

2. If say, films never existed, what else would you be?
Ans: A dreamer and looser.

3. Why not do a film on your philosophy?
Ans: Philosophy can only be in the mind.

4. How did the idea of the way Mallik kills Saeed and Anees in Company in the car come?
Ans: From my observation of how a doctor gives an injection to a patient. I wanted something very medical about Mallik lifting Saeeds left hand to place the gun near his heart.

5. Where is your Factory?
Ans: Wherever I am.

6. How was the scene of threatening the music director shot in Satya?
Ans: The psychological aspect: As the music director wakes up with the phone ring, through the window we see the road which looks like any other road. So as the voice is talking on the phone our attention is on the threatening voice and his expressions but we also subconsciously register that a car came onto the road and parked. As there is no background score change on the van’s entry we take it for granted that the van is just a part of the atmosphere as there is nothing unusual about a van being on the road.

Only when we see the spark near the van indicating gun fire and the window cracking with the bullet do we realize that the person who is talking is actually talking from the van. It was very necessary for that to be taken in a single shot as otherwise it couldn’t have communicated the vulnerability of the music director. Also by the time the gun fires one has seen the frame for a long enough time that they will take it for granted and hence will get a jolt when the gun fires. Also the angle of the camera creates an effect as if the viewer is inside the room almost in the line of fire.

Technical aspect: The shot was actually taken in a perfect co-ordinated timing with a gun firing a dummy bullet from the van and at the same time the action director Allan Amin hiding behind the window on a slightly lower level hitting the glass with a stone from a catapult.

7. If you don’t believe in marriage why did you get married?
Ans: Stupid, unless I did how else do you think I would have got so much gyan on the subject?

8. If I had enough money I would have given it to you to make Aag again.
Ans: So see fellas, and you thought I was the only madcap in the world.

9. I couldn’t read Nietzsche’s Zarathustra beyond 4 pages.
Ans: Well you need lot more than just a reading ability to understand Nietzsche.

10. It was very intelligent of you to shoot that Anupam Kher’s death scene by already placing a bullet mark on his head and diverting our attention to the guy in the back.
Ans: Ahem! Did I ever say that I am not intelligent?

11. Why always reactions? Heard of proactiveness?
Ans: Is that a disease?

12. What’s your view on piracy? Would you want to curb it?
Ans: I basically make a living on pirating whatever intellectual thoughts I can lay on of all people across all ages. So I don’t think I am morally qualified for such lofty work.

13. You are a good for nothing bum.
Ans: Am sure you achieved a lot in your life. Thanks for taking out your valuable time to visit bums.

14. What in your view is best between imaginative and real world?
Ans: There is no such thing as real world.

15. Why didn’t you get any Padma award till now (Padmasri or Padmabhushan)?
Ans: Am very happy with one Padma I got a few years back. Man! You should have seen her figure. You would have died with jealousy. Aaaaaah!

16. My girl friend says she loves your katha-kali eyes and loves your intelligence too.
Ans: And please tell her I love her for that.

17. It is your love for your work which will lead you to success – Albert Einstein.
Ans: Am not sure about the success bit but you sure will have a very happy life if you love your work.

18. Marriage is an understanding between two people. Mind is understanding oneself.
Ans: It is obvious that you are not married dude and the way your mind seems to be understanding itself you will surely get married one of these days and then you can come to dear old me and have a cry while I have my vodka.

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72 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. Narendra says:

    Sir, believe me. That padma thing was extremely hilarious. Who wants any other padma when you have one like that!!

  2. Narendra says:

    I always thought that RGV started this blog for posting text like in #6 (in this post) instead of Q & A.

  3. Unknown says:

    Please tell us about EK. The magnum opus that went into the back burner(or trashed completely?). we are already floored by the "Fear can bring the bitterest of enemies together" and "they had no choice" and the flag design

  4. Unknown says:

    why not horror thrillers with a twist? apart from the sarkars we didnt get to see much of twists in ur films

  5. Kesavan says:

    Dear Ramu,I read yesterday an Albert Einstein\’s quote "Imagination is more important than Knowledge". When I read your response on how the Scene in Satya was shot, I could see that coming only out of being able to imagine the outcome. Maybe imagination is the prime quality for a film maker. When you say you dont need to be trained to be a good director, do you think it should be qualified to say "any person with a good sense of imagination can be a director without prior training?". What are your views?

  6. Unknown says:

    How about sarkar3 set in the 1970s with abhishek as Subhash nagre in his twenties coming to mumbai and his story of establishment til date running with interspersed current chiku(hritik) taking up the family reins? Too much coppola\’ism u think?

  7. Swamy says:

    Till date, this post stands number one.Padma is the steeeealer…you may hate such felicitations by government but a day will come where one of your die hard film personality sits in that awards jury and enlists your name for one padma award….on that day you may laugh on it…but as fans we sure celebrate.Atleast your films won’t have vulgarity, double meaning dialogues, virtual loves, artificial song sequences, rapes….etc etc.Eventhough your Padma joke bursted out my stomach… the one which got hanged in my mind is when you said \’ if not director you would have been a dreamer and looser.\’ This is pretty much true sir….unless people get off their butts to do what they want to achieve, they end up dreaming and losing.

  8. vinay says:

    12. What’s your view on piracy? Would you want to curb it?Ans: I basically make a living on pirating whatever intellectual thoughts I can lay on of all people across all ages. So I don’t think I am morally qualified for such lofty work.Hats-off to your honesty 🙂

  9. gouravaraju says:

    who is your favorite actor( not star) in telugu.

  10. Unknown says:

    Vodka heals me too each day. What do you have Vodka with ? I prefer half limca half water :)Believe me, i am at my creative best half way through the vodka session but by the time i wind it all up its show time.

  11. Unknown says:

    Have you heard of latest Telugu Blockbuster "Arundhati". That\’s how a thriller / horror / suspense movie should be. Just banking on sound effects, weird camera angles is no good or not good enough. As it falls in to your movies genre, you should give it a try… if you haven\’t already. But keep yourself 2 hours time aside as you may not be able to move away from your seat. Screenplay is something to die for…

  12. Unknown says:

    Oh com\’on …. enought with "reactins to reactions" already! Write some thing about one of your movies. How about Kshana Kshanam?

  13. Unknown says:

    Forgot to mention that I met Venky in New York last weekend and he had very fond memories of Kshana Kshanam, one of the best movies in his career!

  14. Unknown says:

    I have noticed there is lot of passion when you describe a scene and lot of humor while answering questions…that is how makes your blog interesting….!! BTW….I bought a BMW in USA and ordered the name plate which reads SARKAR :)….!!!!!! Well…I have been waiting for a blog on NISHABD….still waiting…I still didn\’t understand why did you say sorry to Mr. Bachan for making Nishabd!

  15. Gruesome says:

    Ramu,your a Vodka drinker,it would be cool to know which brand you enjoy( maybe Mallya will throw a endorsement deal at you and you can make another movie with it!or maybe he will throw his brand ambassador along with it for free 😉 ,which am sure you wont mind either!)Vodka is looked down upon by alotta people as unrefined and unclassy and scotch/cognac/wine drinkers think they are a class above having something polished while we Vodka drinkers are considered a uneducated class with no taste…what they miss is the hard kick of a mule a Vodka lands on your brain!am i not right? its sad that in recent times Vodka has become fashionable and trendy, those days of old were great when Romanov Vodka came in cheap square shaped(Waterburys Compound bottle shape)bottles with a simple white label instead of the now trendy design and triple distilled crap!its like a flame throwing gun been replaced with a kids water pistol!!

  16. srinivas says:

    Ramu,Today , I have seen TATA Dicor ad ,in that the background score is very similar to the background score of a scene where hero dies in the gladiator film,to be exact ,The frames are switching, one is showing hero lying on the ground,second is showing his wife and son waiting for him ..My question is which type of music/BG it is ???You said In omen they have used "Gregorian Chants"..Thanks….

  17. srinivas says:

    BTW, I have recommeded your blog to my GRE friend..

  18. Ashok says:

    While reading your posts, I saw lot Vodka talk and understood that you love the kick it gives. But one question, why do you need that kick? Its because you think your thoughts and actions do not or can\’t provide enough kick to your satisfaction? Just wanted an answer for your love for that drink and kick :). Not that I am questioning or demanding justification your love for that drink. Just curious to listen to your analysis 🙂

  19. I says:

    I am a dreamer …a winner (as long as I am dreaming 😉 ) – IDO

  20. I says:

    Sorry last time I wanted to ask if you never read my comments -!78E070F05AB0D828!114.entry?sa=543732416and you were to going to propose me and take me to dinner.

  21. Sameer Shaikh says:

    Ramu,Why do we feel so bored when there is no movie directed by RGV runs in multiplexes… I am a bi screen fan dont like watching your movies on DVD\’s…. Any thing you got to make me spend some money on multiplexes please?

  22. Unknown says:

    Hi Varma, I am very happy with the way you answer the questions. I have two things to ask you. 1. Are you by choice into the movies or by chance? If by choice, how could you make it. Don\’t answer but just guide me… 2. I know my mind is cause of every misery and happiness of mine. But, am struggling a lot to put it into a form so that I can start to program it again in a way I like. Could you help me in this matter. I am asking you only because I believe film makers are great psychologists and you are a master piece of the kind. Infact you were invited to one of the major evets of psychology. Please you answer me.

  23. Krishnan says:

    Are you a fan of superhero movies? If so, do you ever plan to make one?

  24. siddharth says:

    Kuch log mar mar ke jeete hain to kuch log maarke.—Inspector Narasimha in Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag.Ram Gopal Varma definitely belongs to the second category. He takes his directorial sword and scythes off, in Gabbarian style, the two arms of “Sholay” (its script and its characterization) leaving behind a stump of a movie that is a bastardization of everything the original classic epitomizes, adds some shots of Nisha Kothari’s butt and Ajay Devgun’s chest as his own creative input, and finally with much fanfare excretes out the resultant monstrosity calling it “Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag” where you would think, that in the interests of fair labeling, a “gaand mein” should have been added before “Aag”.It is nigh impossible to write a reasoned review “Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag” in the same way that is it impossible to de-construct a scene of a man urinating on a wall. The important question to ask instead is “why did RGV make this movie”? Was it because he gambled on the fact that if 50% of the audience who watched Sholay watched Aag out of nothing but sheer curiosity he would more than make a tidy profit? Or was the reason the artistic one that he claimed: to adapt Sholay for a new generation?If it was indeed that, then what RGV has done is the cinematic equivalent of inserting “Yo yo whoos your daddy” into Moonlight Sonata or painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa and calling them “tributes” to the original. If nothing else, one would have hoped that with the advancement of cinema technology, the new “Aag” would at the very least technically trump the original.Not even close.While “Sholay” had dizzying camera work, ahead-of-its-times sound engineering (remember Gabbar’s belt dragging on the rock) and memorable action set-pieces (the train sequence), all that RGV’s Aag has is simple dizziness (the camera jerks around as if the cameraman had his leg cut off and was trying to balance himself), action sequences TLV Prasad would re-shoot, shots from below of Nisha Kothari’s belly and the done-to-death monotone look.And the lesser said of the script and the actors, the better. It takes talent to seep out of the original Sholay script every bit of wit, every bit of subtlety, every bit of tragedy and every bit of greatness but RGV does it without breaking sweat—-because after all he is one talented guy. Prashant who plays Jai (now called Raj) seems to be straight out of an MTV spoof— with his slavish copying of Amitabh’s mannerisms, dress and voice (but alas none of the sardonic style). Mohan Lal, with his heavily accented Hindi and his unkempt beard that increasingly makes him look like an angry Inzamam as the movie progresses, lacks the silent underplayed intensity that Sanjeev Kumar brought to the original. Ajay Devgun finds Dharmendra’s boots way too big to fill and ends up pouting sullenly and showing his unshaven chest a bit too many times. Sushmita Sen, the brave widow who runs a clinic (ostensibly repairing silicion leaks in warranty-voided breast implants) is mercifully under-used. No respite however from Nisha Kothari whose overwrought hyper acting is as entertaining as nails grinding on chalk and her lame attempts at comedy is, to use her words, “too much”.But the biggest turkey of all in a nation of turkeys is Amitabh Bachchan as Babban. A pale shadow of the legendary Gabbar, Babban looks like a war veteran fallen on hard times with a cocaine addiction, who hasn’t taken a bath since.. well… since when Sholay was released. He rolls his eyes, gnarls and gnashes like someone suffering from bruxism, whispers frequent references to Bush, the Iraq and the Al-Qaeda (he is intellectual), and as a show of undiluted avarice, blows air –a kind of phusssh verbal fart, presumably the smell being a primal weapon of fear.So consistently bad is everything related to the movie that you ask yourself—did Ram Gopal Varma make a spoof of Sholay on the lines of Ramgarh ke Sholay (where Dev Anand’s duplicate joined the gay gang at Ramgarh) or Duplicate Sholay(the must-read synopsis here)?Or is Aag, in the shell of Sholay tribute, actually a shout-out to the man himself–Kanti Shah (the director of Duplicate Sholay in addition to the cult classics Loha and Gunda)? Whether it be in lines such as “Loha garam hain” (a throwback to the original), “tum jaise gunda ko naheen doonga” and “shirt utarke chaati dikhayega” or in the use of the Kantian pentameter (”Rambha ko khamba pe latka dena”) or in the construction of sinisterly multi-layered sequences such as where Raj plays with three metal balls or the old blind gentle Imaam saheb (played with heart-wrenching pathos by A K Hangal in the original) drools and licks his lips as he touches Ghungroo (Meghna Kothari)’s shoulders, the “tribute to Kanti Shah touch” is unmistakable.Still have doubts about the Kanti Shah influence?In a display of originality, RGV has Babban cut off the Inspector’s fingers (as opposed to his arms). Why this change you ask yourself? Well here is why. As any keen student of the Kanti Shah genre would know that fingers and fingering is a recurrent theme in his works (the “Bulli kahan hain teri ungli” and the old man who asks women to suck his “ungli” ) and so this play on the original tale is nothing but a bit of Tarantionish “homage” to the guru.Try as it might however, Aag fails to consistently touch even the nether regions of Kanti Shah’s world of rhyme and crime and outrageous hilarity. And how could it ? RGV takes himself way too seriously for that to happen.And so RGV’s Aag remains—a Titanic desecration of a celluloid monument, with not even potential to be considered a camp classic, a movie that “puri mitti main milaaye diye” any reputation RGV may have had remaining even after his mediocre offerings over the last few years, so much so that the great Gabbar would be tempted to say:“Yahaan se pachas pachas kos door gaawon me jab bachcha raat ko rota hai to maa kehti hai beta soja ..soja nahi to Ram Gopal Varma aur ek movie banayega”.

  25. siddharth says:

    Nishabd: Jiah Khan’s legs. From the side. From the bottom. From between. From everywhere. Watching Nishabh is a bit like wandering through the meat aisle at a grocery supermarket—stepping through an assortment of legs and hind quarters arranged in orderly fashion. Yes as boring and as disconnected as that. There’s a bluish filter —so we know there is some art involved. What that art was I struggled to find as I tried to look through Jiah Khan’s legs at the screen where Amitabh Bachchan tries, through several tortured semi-orgasmic faces, to convince us that he is in the throes of passion. And that there is some great existentialist tragedy going on.He fails.Though, to be honest, there is tragedy here. The tragedy that the greatest tribute to Nabokov in Bollywood still remains Shakti Kapoor’s lustily luscious “Lolitaaaaaa” cry in Chaalbaaz.

  26. siddharth says:

    Throughout much of “Sarkar Raj”, villains who seem to have had too much of “mirchi ka achaar” in the morning make vile cartoonish faces at the camera in a way that even Lambu Atta (Isharat Ali) from “Gunda” would find more than a bit excessive.And if the exaggerated facial contortions, the “Vora naheen Woraaaa” type inane dialogbaazi, hackneyed proverbs about omelettes and the presence of a mysterious gloved assassin who communicates exclusively using hand gestures is not enough to convince you that these are nasty people with black hearts, the fact that they sit in dimly lit rooms definitely ought to.However if for some reason you forget that it is The Varma at the helm, worry not. Cause every few minutes, RGV asserts his directorial presence by making his camera snake about objects and dive below a seat where it waits till a few artistically apposite rays of light come in through the darkness.At which point of time it leaps out for an extreme focus on the protagonist’s face.Other directorial touches include the background music screeching to a crescendo where perhaps a moment of silence would have added more menace and the thematic ‘Govinda Govinda” mantra, chanted sometimes in the same cadence as “Kabaddi Kabaddi”, that appears so predictably that you pray for Govinda Ahuja to materialize out of nowhere in purple trousers and say “Arreee control Yaar”.Despite all the above-mentioned heavy-handed directorial flourishes that often make one scream out “Ooh pleeze we get it, we get it !” , “Sarkar Raj” is RGV’s best movie in recent times which is as much a testament to its solid mafia story, its brilliantly twisted last half an hour and one man’s superlative performance as it is to the extremely low expectations one has for the man who, a year ago, gave us “Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag”.Of course I use the word “mafia” in the loosest sense of the term as it is quite evident that the Amitabh-Abhishek duo, modeled rather transparently on Maharashtra’s first family, are portrayed most sympathetically as extra-constitutional “heroes” whose actions are not guided by greed, money or power (the ignoble intentions are exclusively of the teeth-gnashing villains) but by “usool”, “adarsh” and the selfless urge to leave behind a legacy of development and prosperity for Maharashtra. Needless to say, any other implied motivation for the Sarkar’s actions would have been injurious to Ramu’s health.Coming back to the movie, “Sarkar Raj” is saved by a command performance from Amitabh Bachchan as the titular Sarkar. He transitions beautifully from regret to anger, from anger to sadness and from vulnerability to strength, often wordlessly and subtly. To his credit, Ramu, for the most part, lets Amitabh take control over his scenes no where more so than in a beautiful sequence where he and the character played by Abhishek Bachchan (Sarkar’s youngest son) try to come to terms with the death of his eldest son (killed in the first movie). As to the other main protagonists, Abhishek cobbles together a competent performance, albeit sometimes intensely grumpy, while Aishwarya is once again pristinely plastic and absolutely unconvincing in her emotional outbursts.But then again, every little weakness is swamped out by the Big B the moment he enters the frame.Overexposed over the last six years. True. Repetitive. Perhaps.But make no mistake.The Balasaheb of Bollywood can still dominate the screen like no other.In conclusion, definitely worth a watch despite its glaring shortcomings.

  27. siddharth says:

    The date today is June 14, 2012 and we have for you an exclusive round up of the biggest release this summer.Abh Bas Bhi Karo Sarkar: The “Sarkar” saga continues with the fourteenth installment of the mega mafia drama. This time Abhishek and Aishwarya’s son, Mangalik Bachchan is crowned the new “Sarkar” making ” Sarkar” the first movie series in cinema history where more than 50% of the cast comes from the same family. The story is totally new: Sarkar’s empire is under attack from movie reviewers/failed movie makers, all jealous of the genius of “we-all-know-who”.Armed with a blog, the new Sarkar attacks each of his enemies viciously with enormously laborious point by point deconstructions of their reviews. Noone is spared from his wrath—not the over-acting Masand, not over-genteel Khaled Mohamed, not the treacherous Madam Deepa Gehlot (not Gehloth) and definitely not the biggest threat of them all: Public Enemy Number 1, Rediff’s Raja Sen, a one-legged, one-eyed devil who according to Rediff message board, eats little children for dinner and deliberately uses big words in his reviews.Directed by Ram Gopal Verma, directorial highlights of the movie are 25 minutes of total darkness where the only sound is Mangalik Bachchan’s keystrokes as he blogs, shafts of light that stream in every 30 minutes, another two scenes inspired by the Godfather series and most famously a guest appearance by Verma-friendly reviewer, Taran “Usool” Adrash who comes in 10 minutes before the interval and explains why his reviews are always laudatory to the big-shots with the very original line “Maine aap ka namak khaya hain Sarkar”.

  28. Parixit says:

    "The God is dead" -Nietzsche"The God has never born" -Osho Rajnishboth are atheistComment plz

  29. Parixit says:

    what are your views on shyamalans\’s movies – the sixth sense, the happening, the village and signs?

  30. Parixit says:

    when your film time machine will start? what\’s the star cast? is it a sci-fi movie?

  31. Parixit says:

    Have you seen David fincher\’s "The fight club", it\’s mind blowing movie (sure gonna blow your mind) based on schizophrenia ………I want you to make it\’s hindi version………It\’s a request from a die hard fan (don\’t prompt me to make it myself, I m not worthy to alter that masterpiece)

  32. Parixit says:

    Love and hate both are same in fact hate is pure, it does not have various forms while the love has -OSHO comment plz

  33. Pradeep says:

    Your students(ur assistants) are going forward and trying some thng diff n getting awards…Dont u feel proud for that??

  34. Pradeep says:

    Among these whos ur favourite student (directors only if i list actors there would be more)?? 1. Krishna Vamsi 2. JD (Chakri) 3. Puri Jagganath 4. Madhur Bhandarkar 5. Shri Ram Raghavan 6. E.nivas 7. Anurag Kashyap 8. Shimit amin and why?

  35. Pradeep says:

    I saw in titles that "Gulabi" is produced by ABCL(Amitabh Bachchan Corp Ltd)is that true?

  36. Pradeep says:

    How u met Amitabh for the first time? and wat was his reaction? what did he liked in you?can u write a topic on that?

  37. Pradeep says:

    What is your High Budgeted Film till now?

  38. Pradeep says:

    I have searched for making stills of shiva (1989)..but didnt can u share some pics if u have?I saw one pic in "Neninthe" movie where puri\’s name comes on ur pic (Shiva making still)..

  39. celeste says:

    next one who dares speaking bad about aag will be dead meat(uno sopporta, sopporta, ma poi arriva anche il giorno che gli girano i coglioni)

  40. Unknown says:

    When i was in college i used to visit dingy cinemas every week religiously for watching adult movies… I noticed that more than 60% of the folks were ripe old…… rest being high school / college kids……….is sex more to with mind than body? what is your take on this….

  41. prabhath says:

    describe RGV in one word….

  42. snow says:

    @SidharthGreat dissections of RGV,his freinds, his actors, his movies. I suspect you are a great fan of this other camp. The camp which is working overtime to somehow destroy everything that is called creativity and innovativeness and stamping and imposing its own defenitions of what should "be" and what should "not be". I would also say you are a victim of mobocracy. You know herd mentality. Amitabh Bachan is one of the greatest actors ever born on this earth. He has been around for nearly 40 odd years Rather than showing respect to him people like you these days have deliberately tried to lampoon him and his works for no reason except the fact that he is giving run for money for this monkey called SRK. The very fact that this monkey cannot surpass him is simply making you people go bonkers.And there has been campaign after campaign to paint Big B as Silly B..and some other B. If for one moment you can be objective and neutral and look at the whole thing, there shouldn\’t be any comparisons. If at all you compare, the monkey nowhere matches this Icon called Amitabh Bacchan. All i can say is that you are a victim of crowd mentality.Grow up…make your own observations truthfully and honestly…

  43. Anand says:

    Have you done any cameos in any of your movies?

  44. srinivas says:

    I talked about becoming stupid, but I\’ve always been stupid. Fortunately I\’ve been just smart enough to realize that I\’m stupid.–Larry Wall (Perl Programming Language Creator)

  45. Arun says:

    @Parixit OdedaraDude, I agree on Fight Club being one of the best movies I\’ve seen. The climax stunned the fuck outta me ! But lets not give RGV suggestions about what he should make. He\’s a kid/individualist who won\’t listen to anyone but himself.

  46. Vinay says:

    Who wrote the comic scene in Sarkar Raj? The one where after Qazi\’s death both Vora and Kaanga are wondering, "Abhi kya karen"…. "Wohi to main pooch raha hoon ki abhi kya karen"…. "Abhi kya karen". …. Dude, you said you work in all genres except romance. So why not comedy! Whats ur kind of comedy? I personally like Vinay Pathak-Rajat Kapoor brand of comedy.

  47. naresh says:

    There is no good, no bad,everything is energy.

  48. Rahul says:

    ramu sir, please write a blog rather than these reactions

  49. sudhachandra says:

    Mohanlal\’s scenes in the movie "company" involving his daughter and other police officer these visuals are symbolic representation of mohanlal\’s approach towards crime and criminals, what mohanlal does with criminals and crime is symbolised thru his daughter\’s character and his scenes and this way of directing the scene registers in the subconcious minds of the audience.the approach of mohanlal towards crime and criminals we see the daughter suddenly goes into the sea and mohanlal run\’s to her to bring her back and while mohanlal is watching news the daughter is doing her home work,mohan lal having lunch with her and playing with the ball.etc for instance you said mohan lal\’s approach towards crime and criminals is like a doctors approach towards disease . In the same way just before the khallas song mohan lal speaking to rest of his team about malik the shot is cut to overhead top angle where the ceiling fan wings rolling slowly and sound collides and song starts. this is shot that way because when the characters speak about a 3rd person and if the 3rd person is very important and if he needs to be registered in audience mind this distracting shot helps. audience concentration will be in the discussion and sudden shift in shot to top angle with a fan suggestion takes audience attention and viewer will now realise he missed out some point in the discussion and he puts extra effort to grasp the essense of discussion a perfect example is in the movie "die another day" where bond meets a diamond merchant and discussion about 3rd person the mail villan gustav graves the shot cuts to the top corner in the room with fan suggestion.The same technique is used in the movie "the ring" where naomi vatts speaks to the doctor about smarah morgan the shot cuts to the suggestion of the playwheel where audience put extra effort to think about smarah character which inreturn creates more fear in audiences mind.

  50. vinay says:

    If u were not an atheist, who would be the god you admire about according to their stories and heroisms.. ?

  51. Unknown says:

    Ramu, is intelligence possible without compassion and love?

  52. Joseph says:

    Will there ever be a prequel on who was Satya?

  53. srinivas says:

    Ramu,What is your EAMCET rank??

  54. Arun says:

    What is it about Philosophies that attracts you so much to them?What is it about movies that attracts you so much to them?

  55. kiron says:

    hello sir this i s kiran a research scholor frm osmania university .as u frequently say there is always a welcome forfresh talent in school.i have some scripts with me.i seldom go to u r panjagutta office .i wanna meet u directly .how should i approach u?to say frankly i t has been a desire to meet u for ten years frm the time when i saw satya movie. if iam a fight candidate for u r school iam sure u will respond me positivelyi wish all the best for u r future movie "agnyaath". take care sir.

  56. kiron says:

    sir i dont find any other way meet u all except this one.even iam trying to meet suman varma sir but it seems to me he migh be busy with "SIDDAM" movie production.

  57. vijay says:

    What do you think is the meaning of True Happiness? Is it Money, Cars & Women? Or is it just Money & Cars?……..Or…….

  58. Vumsy says:

    Why don\’t you make a movie based on Atlas Shrugged or White Tiger? (Psst… Psst… I am expecting a witty reaction, hence the loserish question)

  59. Sreekrishnan says:

    What do you have to say about your association with maniratnam and your thoughts about him !

  60. Srinivas Bajjuri says:

    Do you listen to music ? what is your favorite song (recently released, any, english/hindi/telugu or what ever) and who is your favorite music director ? If you had to choose one, A.R Rahman or Ilayaraja, whom do you prefer to work with ?

  61. Unknown says:

    IGNORE READING THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK:THIS IS A PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT FOR ACTIVE RGV BLOG USERS – FAILING TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS WILL LEAD TO PUNISHMENT OF 100 VIEWING OF ALL KARAN JHOLAR, SANJAY LEELA BAN-"SAALI", YASH(?)RAJ MOVIES:1) dont use the word "sir" with Ramu everytime….2) think before u ask question is it worth asking….3) dont behave like a despo fan (even if you are one… please control ur emotions!) ……4) keep your masterpiece movie ideas with you….5) try to more bitchy/naughty/corny/horny instead of trying to mushy please-all pussy…Lat but not the least6) share successful tricks (which worked, if any at all) to patao girls in short time…. one example –> "the girls are more likely to fall in love with you while watching a horror movie than romantic movie"Thank you for your co-operation and helping us make the comments section more bearable,RGV Blog Moderator"Striving hard to make the world a bearable place"*P.S: If you break any of the above rule you will not only hv to see 100 gems by gems …. but also u will be made pay for them. We also award best blog user each month for adhering to above rules…. the prize money is one free ticket money each friday (Rs. 200). See below on how to redeem the prize money…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Mujhe nahi maloom tha ki sirf 200 rupayon ke liye tum itna niche giroge!!!! Have some self respect man 🙂 ….OK… samachar khallas!

  62. astrangers_ says:

    Hey RGV , When you wanted to make your first movie and approached the producers, they asked you to gain experience as an Asst.Dir..You worked for two days and said you learned everything…The reason behind it is.., you saw your movie visually and you know how its going to be on screen.Later on you made films of your own which reflects your passion..Here the point is why do you interfere in the works of your own asst.directors when you produce a movie..Why do you kill their creative vision..Are they dumb asses for letting you finger their creative aspect or is it you ..A straight answer you or your assts.Before you say its you that\’s dumb ass let me say who cares no one know me..Pointless to skip giving a shitty answer…You take money from artists and make them hero\’s…I really don\’t care because they are real fools..You don\’t pay money to you technicians,assts..What would you do with all the money!!Being selfish will make you pay…Some one said you like stories of your style…A good psychic story from my imbalanced psychic mind as you…RGV travelling in car from mumbai to pune at a speed of 180kmphs…RGV talking in phone..Silence around..RGV opened the glass door taking the fresh air…He never noticed his driver is restless and he is almost half sleep…RGV slowly closed the glass door..Turned to take a sleep…Suddenly the car turned upside down taking 13 dives ..The car exactly rolled and stopped near the milestone 8 Pune 16kms…RGV stuck inside the car..Driver safe but unconscious..But RGV had a sever back injury..bleeding from the head..The time exactly was 4:15am..It took 3hrs15mins for some one to help him..Advised to be shifted to mumbai..Admitted in breach candy hospital.,.Doctors say severe spine injury and head fracture…RGV cant talk and walk..Its like live but dead ..His wife with him till he was discharged..Stayed in hospital for two months before he was discharged…RGV has to stick for two chair wheeler..His beloved daughter visited him twice in the whole of year..Despite all what he does to his family and himself, RGV finally has nothing except tears and thoughts of his selfish life…Finally the quotation "When a person grows high in life people say AAHA.. The same people say AAha when something happens as if they are not interested..Success is not everything..Bluffing and fooling is neither a mark of intellectuality nor a mark of confidence…..Now time to build your story…Have fun!!!

  63. dipu says:

    Can you mock yourself in your movie?

  64. Dinesh says:

    Jald hi Tere Ideas Churake, Tagdi film banake tujhe jeebh chidawnga…..

  65. bhanu says:

    did you check out your friend anurag kashyap\’s dev D?? its full of vodka and sex. You might like it.

  66. Shalini says:

    Hi Ramu, What is your IQ?

  67. Shalini says:

    How did you come up with Michael Jackson idea in \’Anaganaga Oka Roju\’??…thats my all time favorite film.

  68. Harshal says:

    I know this is stupidity…. But i dont care… I have a idea in my mind… how about bhiku mhatre and satya and their team travels through time machine …. facing diff peoples…. diff situations …. how will they react…. for ex how will bhiku react to general daire who is responcible of jailanwala baugh firing…. or any situation of history…. what will satya do? etc.???

  69. Suraj says:

    Hi RGV,Please update us with your new project, maybe share some photos of your shooting process!Regards,Suraj

  70. kiron says:

    hello ramu how about making a film on love dont u get bored of making stereotype movies, i mean mafia and horror movies.

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