My reactions to reactions

1. What is the basic purpose of you operating this blog?
Ans: I love sounding off.
2. By writing on God, you have shown yourself to be nothing but an empty soul.
Ans: Ok Mr.Full Soul, next time you go to a temple register a complaint on me. Also try and visit me in hell on your way to heaven.
3. Aren’t you thankful to the audiences when they make your moves successful?
Ans: On the contrary they should thank me if they like my movies the same way they would want to kick me if they didn’t.
4. What will be your reaction when you put in lot of hard work and it doesn’t give result?
Ans: I never work, let alone work hard. I enjoy everything every moment. Work is something I define as having to do whereas wanting to do it is to enjoy. The result of your work is never in your control and whatever is not in my control I don’t waste my time, thoughts and energy on it.
5. If you are an atheist how come your powerful protagonist Subhas Nagre in Sarkar worships God?
Ans: That’s because the majority out there are devotees and they would like to see their hero believe in God. So me an atheist is using God and manipulating devotees to make money. Now tell me who is more powerful, smarty?
6. Which is your favourite place in the world?
Ans: My mind.
7. From what kind of books did you learn?
Ans: I have learnt extensively from the books of Friedrich Nietzsche, Ayn rand, Schopenhauer, James Hadley Chase, Fredrick Forsyth, Mad magazine, Jackie Collins and Phantom comics.
8. Is Company styled by intent or content?
Ans: By state of mind.
9. I read somewhere that you only sleep for 3 hours.
Ans: It’s actually 4.
10. Why do you think 99% of men tolerate marriage?
Ans: Because only 1 % are wise.
11. Without sarcasm I still listen to the title track of Aag.
Ans: Without sarcasm I listen to it too. It’s just that I double check that nobody is around.
12. If I decide to adapt your views on success the first thing I need to do is to get divorced.
Ans: Hello! How did you think I got success?
13. If you are sent to a deserted island for the rest of your life which 5 films will you take along with you?
Ans: The Godfather and four porn films. 
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28 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. Krishna says:

    Dear Ramu sir,Can you please put down your experiences during the making of "KSHANA KSHANAM" (telugu movie) and how the idea, story were conceived…How did it happen etc??? It will be a good post to read….Also, I would like to thank you for giving us movies like Siva, Gaayam, Rangeela, Satya, Kshana Kshanam, Company etc….

  2. Anand says:

    whats your view on music (background score included)? in all your movies it has played a vital role irrespective of the fate…do you spend time with the music directors to finalize or let them be?

  3. Puroorava Chakravarthy says:

    Once you told about your college friend named Ramesh who was in deep love with a girl. Did such things happen with you? If so did you propose her or them(if there are many)? I am just curious(after reading your cons,lies and one truth) to know how RGV handled love or crush

  4. vijay says:

    I know you do not like praises, but I want to appreciate you for making me living in your world. I have A to Z of your movies including your production movies. Now I have started collecting your fav author books. Everyone says am crazy….but who cares. Some say am ruining my life…..what do you think. Well you are successfull man, what am I? So I want you to consider me your left or right hand. You better answer me…..else I will ruin your success…..:)

  5. Swamy says:

    But Ayn Rand mentioned in her introduction notes of \’ The Fountainhead \’ that she profoundly disagrees with Friedrich Nietzsche\’s Philosophy. Then how come both of them are your favorites ? Now please don\’t put me your classic checkpoint by saying " I\’m like a kid " !! Please answer.

  6. Lukas Harithski says:

    Was amala\’s complete appearance in Shiva inspired Mia Sara\’s appearance in Ferris Beuller\’s Day Off (1986)? They both look a lot alike.

  7. Pradeep says:

    Have you ever proposed to any girl in your life?

  8. Pradeep says:

    Why always u make fun of marraige?

  9. Pradeep says:

    For What reason "Govinda Govinda" was a flop?I think tat was ur best narrated story which have all flavours what we call a "Full Thaali" like good songs,sentiment,love,comedy and nice perfomances…

  10. Pradeep says:

    Do u think Sound Mixing plays a vital role in making a good movie?

  11. Pradeep says:

    i think kotta\’s character in money resembles u? what do u say abt that…

  12. Unknown says:

    the last one was good man. godfather and four porn films …… lol

  13. naveen says:

    Q. If you are an atheist how come your powerful protagonist Subhas Nagre in Sarkar worships God?Ans: That’s because the majority out there are devotees and they would like to see their hero believe in God. So me an atheist is using God and manipulating devotees to make money. Now tell me who is more powerful, smarty?How about this……… "I make movies as I want to see them?" "While making a film I don’t live in worry and fear of whether a rickshaw guy in Gorakhpur or an IIT guy in Kharagpur will like it or not."Where did manipulating the audience/devotees come into picture? To hell with that, you dont belong to the same league of making money by manipulating people and the means being Cinema."……..Majority would like to see………", "……manipulating to make money……."You are not that.How about this – "Audience are not sheep, they are individuals". I thought you did really denounce the collective notion.Even you know the answer you gave was crap but I liked your intent behind the answer. The way you frame your answer by adding a "Now tell me who is powerful, smarty?, as if my intention was to compre you and the protagonist.Ha?For everybody posting here, I say- "Be an equal sport or get the fuck out of this place".Intent behind that line:So everybody posting here will doubt them as an equal sport, some of them might really be, but nobody will complain out of the fear of exposure. How did you find the music "Govindaa…..Govinda.Govinda.Govinda.Govinda.Govindaaaa…………." to intensify the scene?Was it the same reason that audience can be manipulated coz lot of them associate the music with profoundness?The last answer about GODFATHER and four porno movies was HILLARIOUS. If it was anybody else giving that answer, it would have been one of their deliberate attempts to stand out. But that actually comes out of Lose Nothing, and/or I don\’t give a Fuck attitude.

  14. truth says:

    Hilarious !!!

  15. kedar says:

    it seems you know the visual language of story telling…but it also seems that you are using the same style again and again…u clearly refused it… it is hard to notice but thats the way it is…After COMPANY your style of story telling has not changed…back ground score though different in tune, orchestration is of the same family because style of story telling is of the same family every time…every artist finds his own way to express but even then each art piece he produces must possess different style of expression….if he is repeating himself, it only means he has nothing more to tell…taking break is not your style but then use reverse technique…start working more…start working more on a form rather than a story…characters than a plot… form and characters are the soul of story and plot… form is the way plot unfolds and story unfolds through characters…go more realistic…your characters speak less because they are non dramatic then why you dramatize the situation with cinematic and cinematographic technique ( low angles, round trolleys, extreme close ups, loud back ground music)… think all your films treated in a very non dramatic way like MALIK\’s character or SHANKAR\’s character…let it be casual, realistic… with melo dramatic technique you make your characters vulnerable, childish and melodramatic… cut down on back ground score…dont under line every punch with back ground score…let the character\’s journey create tension in people\’s mind…if you will let go of these techniques you would also change your plot line…because you would be forced to make STORY hence PLOT as smart as your character is…be more simplistic…more realistic…that way you will keep finding NEW FORM with NEW STORY…let your story, plot, treatment be as smart, calm and quiet like MALIK\’s character or SHANKAR\’s character…let the story unfold itself slowly through characters… there is a high possibility then that common people wont like your films…but there is always a certain group of people who will UNDERSTAND and ENJOY this kind of cinema( its a different class for which the criteria is not wealth but intelligence, sensibility and sensitivity) …this type of story telling is like classical music or wine…you have to be patient to let it grow on u…and i feel you are at a stage where u need to start experiment this way…on this journey too you might stumble upon a popular story like Seven Samurai or Life is Beautiful and you might stumble upon less popular story like PI or WILD STRAWBERRIES…but in any case the justice given to your characters would be much DEEPER than what they are getting right now!… DONT KILL YOUR CHARACTERS for the sake of market…!… your characters reflect your inner self…you will be killing yourself if u kill them with cheap techniques!…i hate to see SHANKAR getting crowded by these techniques…clear the air around him… let him be in his own world…dont interfere… dont interfere with MALIK\’s world…let them tell their own stories…let the stories unfold through them….through their silence…dont demean SARKAR with loud back ground score…let the story flow out of them…dont make them hide behind these LOUD techniques…

  16. Unknown says:

    //So me an atheist is using God and manipulating devotees to make money.Thats why Shahrukh Khan films is having that package (songs/foriegn locations) to make money. don\’t think they are fools.And don\’t criticize sharukh khan/karan johar/all other directors. Everyone including you is trying to impress people/audience.Never ever tell again that you direct films for your sake.In that case Everyone is directing for their sake only but keeping audience pulse in the mind to make money.But the % of importance to people/audience changes but that to depends on cirumstances like money/maintaining their star image and may be also due to lack of intelligence.

  17. Puroorava Chakravarthy says:

    "The Godfather and four porn films". If Godfather inspired you to make films like Gaayam, Sarkar, then what about porn 😉

  18. Mohan says:

    Smart are very practical man then how come you became interest in acting? ..why Acting ( not real) ???….I knew you would act while giving instructions to your stars..

  19. Anand says:

    RGV a question on backup plan.. you visualize a scene at a certian angle or pace when u work on the screenplay or subject matter…but on the shooting spot, you either ran out of resources or the actual location does not seem to be feasible to shoot it the way u wanted. but u have the necessity to shoot it only on that day (may be limited permission from authorities or logistics etc), How did/do u manage it?. any instances in any movie?

  20. Anand says:

    Marriage is an understanding between two people ..mind is understanding oneself! .

  21. unknown says:

    Have you ever felt that you have chosen a wrong person to a character??? If so, who he is???

  22. snow says:

    Hello Ramu!!!!You are God, your are simply superb! I feel you should become President of US. You have an amazing brain and equally amazing mind. You are genius par apart. I strongly feel you should enter politics, launch your own party, you will definitely win elections. You are just too brilliant for bollywood. you should try hollywood. you make people think.your every word seems to be coming from some deep deep source.excellent!!!why many people suck up. i see that lot of the people coming here sucking up to you. they keep on licking your arse!! dude get a life. stop indulging in this monkey circus. you are a good-for-nothing-bum-out-to-impress-your-bummers. stop bumming

  23. dinesh says:

    hey RGV, why don\’t you make porn movies?

  24. dinesh says:

    hi RGV, what\’s your view on piracy? did you ever watch pirated copies of films? are you among the people who want to curb piracy? i\’m curious to know what a man, who believes in nothing else but \’survival by whatever means\’ , has to tell about it…

  25. Heroies says:


  26. Rolling says:

    what are the four porn films you would be taking along with you? I need some good names as I am about to embark on a journey to an unknown island.. and please give me names that I havent seen already..

  27. gopala says:

    Hey ek acha imaginative p..n film banayega kya ? Will there come a time when a director can openly make good p..n film and distribute ?

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