My reactions to reactions


 1. After the duds I have seen of yours I wouldn’t mind giving your movies a miss.

Ans: Oh Noooooo! I beg you with tears in my eyes not to do that. Please forgive me for the films you did not like. I swear on you and your family that I will try not to disappoint you next time. Please please please don’t deprive me of my livelihood.


2. Why don’t you take Nagarujuna for one character in Rann?

Ans: Why don’t you keep your casting genius for yourself when you make your own film?


3. Technical stuff is fine but the correct criteria for a film is the story.

Ans: Oh My! What wisdom.


4. I think there are a few influences of Atlas Shrugged and Fountainhead in the characters of Rann.

Ans: Some of them you are bang on. Anyway I am truly impressed with your observations.


5. What are your favourite books apart from Ayn Rand and Nietzsche?

Ans: Apart from Ayn Rand, Nietzsche and James Hadley Chase my most favourite books are Mario Puzo’s Godfather, quite a few of Fredrick Forsyth’s, the bitchy parts of Jackie Collins books and the sexiest excerpts from Harrold Robbins novels. But what influenced me the most is the Mad magazine.


6. Whatever must happen ultimately should happen immediately. – Henry Kissinger.

Ans: Whatever people think should happen immediately make them think that it will happen ultimately. – RAMGOPAL VARMA.


P.S: It’s on this con I managed to run my career so far. (Mujhe pata hai ki mujhe foren hit film banana hai, lekin main kabhi na kabhie zaroor bana doonga).


7. Is there any significance for the red colour in the poster of Rann? I liked that the best.

Ans: Nothing except that it looked the best from the designers 3 options of red, green and black.


8. Something cannot emerge from nothing.

Ans: On the contrary if anything emerges with enough impact, people will imagine that there is something to it. That is the birth of all conspiracy theories.


9. Why does the Tantrik in Phoonk say “ghatia sawal mat poonch” instead of explaining?

Ans: Because I didn’t know the explanation.


10. Would you have been as nasty to someone who gives you Diwali greetings if he happened to be Big B?

Ans: As he knows me too well Big B won’t be dumb enough to give me such inane greetings.


11. Your comment on women in two words?

Ans: Two words are too many.


12. Will you show women nude if censor permits?

Ans: Ahhhhhhh!


13. You seem to be doing what you enjoy!

Ans: Yyyessssssss!


14. Do you pay Income Tax?

Ans: I will tell you only if you swear on your mother that you are not from the Tax department.


15.  What was the first reaction of Amitji to you, 2nd and then nth reaction?

Ans: I think the first reaction was of intrigue, the 2nd time he suspected that I am a crackpot and now he is convinced that I am raving lunatic.


16. Can a pair of nice legs, heaving bosoms, slim waist and voluptuous butt make up for a bad scene?

Ans: I don’t know about a scene, but if your sexuality is in the right place it sure can greatly spice up your life.


17. I swear on your and my mother I will never wish you happy birthday.

Ans: Ha Ha.


18. You need to cater to an audience at the end of the day and the investors have to profit.

Ans:     Let the audience worry about what they want to see.

            Let me worry about what I want to make.

            Let the investors worry about their profit.

            And you worry about yourself.


19. Why do you think we get entertained when two parties fight?

Ans: It sure breaks the monotony of life.


20. What do you like in a James Bond movie?

Ans: Guns and butts.


21. Are you gay?

Ans: Do you read gossip?


22. Do you know you have given people like me the courage to face a life-time.

Ans: I am truly happy to know that but just remember it’s not about facing life but it’s about flowing with it. Life, time and destiny do not stop for anybody. It’s up to you to understand it and use its strength as an addition to your own individual strength.


23. Your poster designs and promos are always good. It’s the movie which sucks.

Ans: Aw! Come on! 2 out of 3 ain’t that bad.


24. What do you think of Swami Vivekananda?

Ans: Who is he?


25. What is your philosophy of life and your idea of a perfect life?

Ans: Not to think too much and to do what you think.


26. You are basically a brilliant educated goonda.

Ans: Superb. I am thrilled with your insight and for a change I truly mean it.


27. You are a rebel without a cause.

Ans: I have a very clear-cut cause namely my own gratification or in more simpler words to just have one hell of a ball of a life.


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97 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. daya says:

    14. Do you pay Income Tax?
    Ans: I will tell you only if you swear on your mother that you are not from the Tax department.
    Anyway I am not from the tax department.May be you won\’t even pay the tax also.I am least bothered.There is a dialogue in CONTRACT, it is something like this…….Mera desh mujh se shuru hota hai aur mujh me khatam.Is it your kind of philosophy.What do you think about our system ?Are you the part of the system ? OrYou are above the system. Orthis system is not for you.And say.Fuck this system.I don\’t  think beyond my films.

  2. static atmosphere energy says:

    haha haha ha ha ha ha hahaha hahaha hahahaheh heh heh heh hehThis blog rocks…RGV you\’ve got the coolest reactions and thanks for entertainmentyou rock big time man! love to read your answers!

  3. sandeep says:

    hi rgvwould u ever remake \’the good,the bad and the ugly\’.

  4. Aju says:

    Truth is terrible – Needs a rework … The tittle Rann rocks though ..

  5. vamsi says:

    I know you believe that "Contradictions" are an integral part of you…. But listen to this…
    1. You dont believe in God
    2. You believe in destiny…. (you said this in one of your advices in "reaction to reactions")
    hmmm… another contradiction. If there is destiny, someone has defined it. Wonder who could have done it…. because you did not and I did not too…. Funny eh… if this is true, its breaks your fundamental belief that there are no forces……oooooooooooooo

  6. Unknown says:

    Most of your posts have been quite entertaining read – more than some of the movies that you have offered for consumption lately- makes me wonder if you sell AAG cds on the blog would it sell more than the tickets sold at the box office..I have always hypothesized that AAG was very deliberately made the way it was made – much like Dominique Francon turning out crap in the Banner while all along knowing it vis-a-vis Alvah doing so thinking that he was creating master pieces or the great Gail Wynand making buildings he didn\’t believe in for he though thats what the people deserved…it is a hypothesis I am sure cannot be tested ….at least by no one else but you yourself…but then for you it won\’t be a hypothesis, it would be a fact…
    It definitely seems like
    But I think there is one issue where I don\’t even have a hypothesis and here you may be able to help – while your older movies are seen frequently on TV (as frequently as those of any other filmmaker) – there are a couple of movies that I have rarely seen – Kaun and Naach – and those are the two I want to see again (but trying to save some money by hoping to catch them on TV rather than buying the CDs)… any guesses / conjecture / opinions / information / facts as to why that is the case ?

  7. gouravaraju says:

    everyone is right in their own sense. but is there any universal rule or line which defines what is right and what is wrong, which is applicable to everyone. dont say the sarkar dialogue" jiske paas power hota hai uska wrong bhi right hojata". because i want to know from you, honestly.

  8. vinay says:

    Hi RGV,
              Did it ever happen\’d … that u made a scene which u like\’d, but ur editor cut it? Is there any great scene u felt which went to trash even withour ur wish ….. or tell us ur role in editing do u stand behind ur editor all the time??.. or will u give full freedom to ur editor…and share a scene which is ur favourite and edited one from all of ur movies……..
       And if suppose ur editor wish\’d to cut a scene and asks u …..if u don\’t like removing ur scene…..n he explains all the possibilites for removing it…..will u go with him and cut the scene or u cut him from ur team…

  9. Dinesh says:

    Can anybody send me DVD of  JUNGLE & KAUN, I couldn\’t ever find it out from market….

  10. Unknown says:

    Some funny Indian news in recent past:- Monkey Man news- Mahim water becoming sweet- kid in borewell stuck for two days and rescued while all news channels broadcast- abhishek ash wedding coverageThese might suit RajPal Yadav\’s role. I\’m not advising  here though.

  11. static atmosphere energy says:

    Dinesh,The DVD of JUNGLE and KAUN are available in JUMMEYRAAT BAZAARor any Local station / Railway plat form at Mumbaior download from pakistani sites..:)

  12. Unknown says:

    Guys,Why the hell on earth someone would like to give advice, suggestion or Gyan to Ram.. Do it if you want to get kicked on your ass.. LOL. He is a guy who gives gyan and dont  believe in taking it as he is already full :p .

  13. bhanu says:

    Ramu you ass hole… if bansali makes bachan act in Black (which is a crap movie by any standard), you comment that you hate to see bigB as actor and you do the same in Nishabdh. You hypocrite.

  14. bhanu says:

    But the fact is he is fabulous in nishabdh. I am watching nishabdh as i am typing. Great job ramu. Its sheer intensity.. fascinating music, performance and tandoori legs. keep up the good work boy:).

  15. bhanu says:

    dude u fucking over excited about this blog thing. Why would you spoil shock value by revealing the plot and characters. I guess you give some contemplating explanation like a philosopher to some maroon on a chat show or in an print interview that you learned not to reveal your cards by getting carried away by a the bunch of morons who would ask what is the difference between making love and fucking… what suggestion you would give to god… what do you do when get a hard……do you like girls or guys… kinda questions. You more or less copied them from fountainhead/atlas shrugged.

  16. bhanu says:

    Sorry I missed the point…dude u fucking over excited about this blog thing. Why would you spoil shock value by revealing the plot and characters. I guess you will be giving some contemplating explanation like a philosopher after movie\’s release followed by dull run…to some maroon on a chat show or in an print interview that you learned not to reveal your cards by getting carried away by a the bunch of morons who would ask what is the difference between making love and fucking… what suggestion you would give to god… what do you do when get a hard……do you like girls or guys… kinda questions. You more or less copied them from fountainhead/atlas shrugged.And the funny part is people follow your learning part with as much enthusiasm as your success.

  17. tarak says:

    Rann mines barren or war ground.

  18. RAJESH VARMA says:

    i think yellow is the right colour in the sense that it represents the element yellow journalism, i love to see the rann poster in that sigificant way…………

  19. Arun says:

    If Satya is as intelligent as shown, why does he come to Mumbai without plans and leads such an indifferent life till he goes to jail and meets Bhiku ? Why doesn\’t he come to Mumbai with goals as most people do ?

  20. Arun says:

    Are atheists people who want to be their own Gods ?

  21. Arun says:

    The scene in Jungle in which Rajpal Yadav, Kashmira Shah and other gang-members are deciding who to slaughter to scare and send a message to police, their conversation is almost what it would be when people in Mumbai are shopping at malls, in stores, or are in kitchen deciding recipes and dinner-plans.Wow! What brief did you give them ?

  22. Jonah says:

    11. Your comment on women in two words?
    Ans: Two words are too manycracked me to death.. so fuckin funny…brings me to a question…Your comment on men in two words?

  23. Arun says:

    Off all the movies you\’ve made, irrespective of their box-office results, could you please describe some scenes which you like the most and why ?

  24. Unknown says:

    Ramu, please start blogging more about your adventures after the making of Shiva. It\’s interesting to know how films like Gayam, Antam and Anaganaga Oku Rozu came about. We know about Rangeela and bits of Kshana Kshanam, so a little more about the early movies would be nice.

  25. Arun says:

    Do autobiographical movies or autobiographies of famous personalities ever attract you to make movies on them ? Or is it the child in you never got attracted to any of those kinda candies yet in your candy store ?

  26. Arun says:

    In company, the scene in which Mallik drives Chandu to see his senior guy "AbbaJaan" , it was thrilling to see an Underworld Don drive around Mumbai so freely.

  27. Naveen says:

    i think mukul anand with his trilogy made big b look the biggest (arguably) …..than any of the other directors including you………………but let see, as you are not done yet

  28. Unknown says:

    are u a psycho

  29. bhanu says:

    dude what was the inspiration for paresh\’s character in kshana kshanam? I think there was gabbar singh and there is nayar (paresh) in kshana kshanam.

  30. bhanu says:

    All your heros dressing would be simple and sober who you claim to be your alter egos. You in contrast wear fancy shirts and stupid pants which gives an immediate impression of \’he would have lifted if somewhere or would have bought in jumhera bazar\’ 🙂

  31. SHEKHAR says:

    Ram Gopal Varma,.
    I Enjoyed watching your "Darana jarori hai" and "Darana mana hai" films,.
    Are you interested in making Horror Fantasy stuff?
     Like ;for example "Pan\’s Labyrinth"?
     I\’m very curious to hear your take on that genre.

  32. Arun says:

    Why are your male-extras always so horrible-looking ? Why are your female-extras always so sexy ?If Satya is such an atheist and an intelligent fellow, how come he dreams-up something as simple as a marriage with Vidya(Urmila.M) with all those family traditions ?

  33. Rohan says:

    Hi sir,
    I was seeing Sarkar the other day.I felt Shankar shouldn\’t have killed vishnu,his elder brother.Shankar had already battered him & made him misinform all his enemies.He should have left it to Sarkar to decide the fate of Vishnu.If sarkar had killed at that time I could digest but Shankar killing Vishnu;i don\’t think was justified neither it was palatable.I would like u to comment on this.

  34. Arun says:

    The scene in Sarkar Raj where Shankar gets shot and is dead lying in Anita\’s lap, its the background score which takes over the voice of her scream and Aish\’s acting which really makes the scene brilliant. Having the viewer hear her scream would make it look like a soap-serial\’s scene. Its the background score and Aish\’s acting which makes it SUPERB ! I have seen very few scenes in which the BGM takes over the dialogues and takes control of your emotional connect with the scene, not to forget driving your connect to a deeper level.

  35. Unknown says:

    Do you create your film scripts by thinking about the climax first and then develop characters around it ..or ..create characters first,explore their relationships and then bring them together in the climax essence how story creation cycle work?

  36. Unknown says:

    Do you create your film scripts by thinking about the climax first and
    then develop characters around it ..or ..create characters
    first,explore their relationships and then bring them together in the
    climax essence how does the story creation cycle work?kondayya

  37. Unknown says:

    How many projects have you shelved till now.I only know about two the one with Chiranjeevi and Mahatma Gandhi Autobiography by JD.

  38. Unknown says:

    Do you fear death or imagination of death or death doesnt matter at all?

  39. Unknown says:

    what is your logic behind sequels? success of first movie or your unfinished passion in the movie subject?

  40. Unknown says:

    Is publicity and marketing essential irrespective of directors belief in the movie?

  41. Unknown says:

    If evey human being in this planet thinks exactly like RGV, do you think the world would have been in much better condition than it is today?

  42. Unknown says:

    Hi Ramu,
    Your blogs are more interesting than your movies. Does that mean that your are a better writer than director ?

  43. Mohan says:

    Chitchat with idlebrain on 8th July 2004, you said you can\’t make a film like Shiva afer making films like Satya and Company but why you re-make a film like shiva in 2006?
    Here is the link for the Idlebrain Chitchat:

  44. Alvin says:

    Rgv – Where is the humur in your movies gone dude??? Where ??? Still remember Sridevi and Venkatesh walking out of the same restroom inside a train while a man just stares at them in Kshanam Kshanam. Or when Chandu says in Satya "Bhai mera bhi ek do girlfriend hai, main bhi gift loon kya?" Or simple a background scene in Mast where a man is silently smoking through a mask he is wearing – Priceless.
    Where is the humur gone now Mr.varma ??? I miss them.

  45. Brentmeister says:

    Do you get angry at the people who circle around accident venues ?

  46. Pritam says:

    I don’t know if you are ever going to read this, but if you are reading this, then please let me tell you that for me you are one of the most talented directors I have ever seen and I like you for the Howard Roarkish belief that you have in your art. I know probably you are smiling sarcastically and saying “I know”. But I had to tell you that. And you can mock at me endlessly it doesn’t make a difference for I adore your work. And one of the posts says that Naach happened because of The Fountainhead. Really? I didn’t know this. It is one of your films I missed (Aag and Raat (this one I really want to see) are two others.) Now I have to watch Naach. But if there is anyone in the Bollywood, who disserves to make The Fountainhead then it is you. And for me Sarkar was the best possible Indian adaption The Godfather and I must say I liked it better than the book for Mr. Puzo wanders a lot (But yes I know it is his book and he may write it as he pleases.)Thanks in advance for reading. 😉

  47. andhrabond says:

    You recollect me the villains in the Nagarjuna\’s movie "Rakshakudu". Those 4 villains are like ass h****, their nature is that they do bad to good people and bad to bad people too. I like the line \’Memu manchi vallaki chedda vallam inka chedda vallaki kuda chedda vallam".
    With your case I know you would like to go offensive instead of defensive all the time. Also you would like your hero to be offensive all the time, of course I like hero hitting the villain before the villain hitting the hero.
    The point here is being offensive in your entire attitude, you have been busy thinking how should I hit this guy with words etc., and how can I hit the other guy in a different way. It seems beging selfish, your missing the actual essence of any process that you involved in by thinking all the time that what can you get by doing this or what can you get by doing that.
    It has been understood that the way you deal with people, the chances are you make more enemies than friends. The only survival source for you is there shouldn’t be another RGV with same or more than what you have with good and friendly nature.
    I think in your entire life you are living on your backup plan. The best example of your survival is ‘Sarkar Raj’ for ‘Aag’. There are situations where your backup plan also didn’t work for you. Otherwise you couldn’t even got up by now.  Yes, I believe you are living your life on the movement b’cos you don’t know what is going to happen in the next movement. Since you made things so complicated for yourself. May be you like that way.
    Bottom line – “you no need to be an a** h*** all the time to get your things done”.

  48. Kiran says:

    Ramu, what is the benefit for you in maintaining this blog and interacting with people?

  49. sha says:

    Sir,I want to work with you.Regards,

  50. vinay says:

    HI Ram,
               \’Anganga oka roju\’ ….is just a replica of kamal hassan\’s \’Maro charitra\’ …..n just seem to be generation differences in characterization..nyway wat did u like more of " Maro charitra"

  51. Arun says:

    Do you like spoofs ?

  52. Arun says:

    12. Will you show women nude if censor permits?Ans: Ahhhhhhh! Will you show nude men if censor permits ?

  53. mikey says:

    It takes a life time for you to know yourself.Despite all your gyan/being out of box/emotionally indifferent u married  which was a disaster.Despite all your understanding of film making, u were in no good state of mind when u re-made shiva(i mean shiva-2006).can i say that people are driven by their instincts than the fallacy which says that IDEOLOGIES AND BELEIVES would drive any person in their life.

  54. mikey says:

    It takes a life time for any one you to know ones trueself.Despite all your gyan/being out of box/emotionally indifferent u married  which was a disaster.Despite all your understanding of film making, u were in no good state of mind when u re-made shiva(i mean shiva-2006).can i say that people are driven by their instincts than the fallacy which says that IDEOLOGIES AND BELEIVES would drive any person in their life.If  one knows the stengths and weakness,they would all be doing the right things,ah?

  55. Anil says:

    What is your worst best movie and what is your best worst movie?In the sense which movie you thought it is best, but turned into worst … which movie you thought worst, but turned into best?

  56. vishal says:

     Quote "For example, if John Abraham’s stardom is due to his deadly looks in Dhoom why spoil it by making a film like “No Smoking” with him. The Director might have gotten out a performance out of him and he also might have done very well but the question is whether people want to see him act or just look good. So conversely in a situation like this the very star who is supposed to pull the people in can become an excess baggage to the film" . Can we say the same for casting of Nishabd?

  57. Murali krishna says:

    You\’re obsessed with…
    Howard Roark is not concerned with what people think of him,
    But you are obsessed with people\’s concern that you don\’t care about what they think of you.

  58. vaishak says:

          I know asking questionsor writing observations in this blog are just wasting your energy and time but sometimes somebody has to ask some questions when nobody ask such questions.
    My observations about your new movie\’s characterisations :
    1. They all are cliches. From Big b \’s character to gul panag\’s. They all are introduced before 20 years in world literature.They are re introduced and re worked in literature and films many times. Showing some western values of life as being modern is a cliche which is the boring part of this movie. You stated Gul Panag\’s character is intelligent and that she represents today\’s indian youth. Yes, she is a perfect icon for today\’s indian youth who apes anything and everything the west dishes out and act and call herself intelligent,smart and sexy,arrogant…….etc etc. She is character created by you. You believe in conglomeration; not in originality. So she is. Ayn rand made fun of people like her throughout "Fountain head". She was talking about these kind of people who believe that they extra ordinary and doing the most cliche thing in the world. You happened to read Fountain head, unfortunately and acting as a genius and in fact you are not. You agreed it, no doubt. You are a sensible person, no doubt. You are good film maker, no doubt. But intention makes action a divinity or a sin.
    Your intention is clear. 24*7-harward-harshavardhan malik- nalini kashyap[[mrs..dutt….?]]]–Paresh rawal\’s politician-look like somebody who has written an autobiography book recently-……..and after all, you are doing it
    ……..goodluck….But hope histrory won\’t call u a betrayer…….goodluck for your propaganda film….

  59. sangam says:

     Aamir khan and Farhan Akthar have been good actor and good director respectively, and also turned out vice-versa too lately. This is something extrordinary, isn\’t it? Also, we have seen Kaml Hasan come up with a brilliant screenplay with Dashavathar. Rarely, can we see such a double talent in humans!

  60. VijayDirects says:

    We as audience get to hear the background score and hence easily feel the intensity of a scene. How do you as a director feel the intensity while shooting?

  61. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu,
    Sometimes it seems as if you need a flop to get a kick in the stomach. That\’s when the real RGV starts thinking. Limelight is no good for your style. With your style, you are doomed to vacillate between hits and flops. Your hits lead you to flops and the flops lead you to hits. You need a patient producer ( a corpoarate, a production Casino) which can play with the gamblers (audience) until the house wins. I heard you saying corporate producers bring discipline. I would add to it: discipline of production control and pamperer of creativity. More room for experimentation. This is exactly what a director needs.

  62. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu,
            I somehow get a feeling that Tezaab stuck with you for quite a while in many ways. Especially in considering the dialogue delivery and voice modulation in the selection of artistes. A lot of character artistes in your movies look highly experienced in dialogue delivery – as if they have been stage (marathi?) artistes for ages. I think it would be fun to hear something on your encounters with wannabe actors.

  63. Unknown says:

    Would you have made Nishabd if you were not aware of "Ayn Rand – Nethhil Brandon" relationship?

  64. Unknown says:

    Does the word "compassion" means anything to you?

  65. Unknown says:

    In Sarkar, Rashid accept the death without any struggle. In real life is it possible for anyone to invite death without a single moment of rejection?
    By the way I am more impressed with Rashid character than Shankar.

  66. Arun says:

    Can a mediocre subject and a storyline be adequately veiled by superb technicality ? It seems to become a trend these days. No two movies are ever the same, but if I, just for an instance, compare the editing of Satya and Contract, I find that it can to a certain extent. But not completely overtake. Do you like animation ?

  67. sha says:

    Sir,I want to work with you.Regards,

  68. Manish says:

    I know it
    is out of place to write my comments on your movie “Phoonk” here but after
    watching this movie last night I felt compelled to write my comments:

    1. First
    impression of movie is that it’s a low budget movie, I mean very very low
    budget movie with unknown star cast (at least for Hindi movie goers, I know
    only KK Raina , Lillette Dubey and some TV actors),  couple of sets and
    naive special effects.

    2. I like
    horror movies and understand that story/events shown in the movie  can’t
    be explained logically but horror story line in this movie seems to be confused
    with a young girl possessed by someone (not explained in the movie) and voodoo
    like ‘Kala Jaadu’ (hahaha Barbie like doll used for that) and then there is a
    crow and harmless toys and inane objects in the home, which are focus of every
    shot in the movie, without any explicit/implicit mention or relation with the
    main story line.

    film fails to tell any relevance with title “Phoonk”

    3. No
    suspense was built in the movie, which I feel is essential for a horror movie.
    It was obvious right from the start that who is doing what. Only thing that
    kept me watching this movie was the interest in knowing how movie will be ended
    since it was advertised as clash between a non believer and faith. I sorely
    disliked the ending with the premise it was built.

    4. On the
    minor note, out of 110 minutes of total movie time, at least for 5 minutes
    Honda CRV was shown moving from one place to other and at least 50 times some
    toys or monkey/happy face was focused on the shot.

    fight scene is so funny with hero flying on the wall with vamp\’s evil power and
    chant of \’heeeheen\’ and spider biting driver (hahaha..).. I thought he will
    become Spiderman..

    baba smelling the trash bin I thought he is looking for a bone to chew..

    mama nodding her head throughout the movie.. (hahaha).. Vamp\’s irritating
    laughs (OMG)..

    this movie made by a self proclaimed atheist can only serve to promote business
    of Bengali baba, Ajmeri babas and surely be played in their shops’ lounges for
    a long time.


  69. syed says:

    Hello Varma Garu,
    Any idea of making animation thriller movie (Phantom, Spiderman kind of stuff)? If u make ARANYA KANDA novel by Mr. KOMMANAPALLI GANAPATI RAO in to an animation movie, I m sure definitely u will give a good treat to kids. This was made with Nagarjuna n Aswini in lead roles and directed by Kranti Kumar. but the film was bekaar.
    -Nawaz S K

  70. Dinesh says:

    Breaking news "Varma kii bolti hui band" Ram nam saty hai Varma bada mast hai….. hamare tukdo par palne wala ye janwar ab hamare beech nahin raha. billi kha gai ya chuhe utha le gaye \’ab jo bhi ho, usko wapas lana hamare haath nahin raha… wo to upar wala uske sade huye dimag kee badboo se pareshan hokar khud hi fek dega dhartee par,, andhere rann par… tab jakar uske jokes kee shakal ke reactions padne ko mil payenge… wait karte hain…

  71. sha says:

    Sir,I want to work with you.Regards,

  72. Dinesh says:

    Why don\’t you share your conections with underworld….. We asure that will not exlore it to police…Darpukka Ramu… Police know all about you and ur connections…

  73. vinay says:

    HI RAM,
              The very worst news on you…..
          As u said media people really think  of their TRP\’s and present the very unnecessary trash thinking of money… is exactly happened….this time it\’s on U and U\’r new project "RAKTH CHARITRA"…… as all of news channel\’s today morning turned to Ananthapur jail where Modhu seenu\’s murder took place… It\’s really harsh incident and all news channels made a good news on it…and put up all details very well and bring out many questions in people\’s mind about the mystery behind murder..and by this many political leaders reacted …as a viewer I guess that they really made many people to react to incident and think of such drastic incidents and they were little bit succedded in bringing out in few of their minds abt. responsibilities and duties of citizenship to think of wat might happen if such incidents happen in future..
      But the worst news is about U and UR\’s project "Raktha charithra "  As how this news channel are bother about incident and presented news so well….they are more bother about ur project indeed and they are even guessing about changes in ur script…as thinking of effect of modhu seenu\’s murder with ur script.
      It\’s not even…once… was shown atleast once in hour …. that "what will Ramu do now???.. with the effect of modhu seenu\’s unexpected murder will there be any script changes ??? and how will he visualize this tragic scenes on screen???" after watching this news I really lost my patience.. as it\’s a very tragic incident and it\’s a  first time that a murder took place in Jail…..and how this damn fucking media people worried about ur movie…and script….. really… the time they just thinking of their TRP\’s and want to lead n compete with other channels…but no one think of moral values and their conscience is really worst..Fuck all media people in "Runn"  

  74. Sekhar says:

    You told you are arrogant.
    When did you become arrogant? I guess nobody is born arrogant.

  75. Unknown says:

    Is wealth the product of man\’s capacity to think?

  76. Unknown says:

    Can you say that you revealed your naked soul in every movie you made so far?

  77. Unknown says:

    What is it that you find most sexually attractive in women and most attractive in men?

  78. Unknown says:

    Your comment on government move to ban images of smoking in films?

  79. Unknown says:

    Sir, I am curious to know about your meeting with Suri….!!!

  80. Mohan says:

    Dear Ramu,Are you making any script/story changes in your Raktha Charitra" becz of modhu srinu murder?Regards

  81. Vinay says:

    Hi Ram
    Hasnt it been too long and you\’ve not posted anything!
    By any chance are you tackling opinion writers /movie critics in Rann?

  82. Mohan says:

    Hi Varmagaru,
    Can you tell us about your experiance in film industry as a producer..not director…Thanks

  83. Unknown says:

    sir am a big fan of yours
    am very glad to see my fav star sudeep in ur movies
    if u make kannada movie wit him it wil be pleasure to c ur name in our language
    with regards,
    Nanda Kumar.

  84. sha says:

    Sir,Where are You?  We all are missing you.If possible please tell us about \’Rajpal Yadav\’. I think you are the one who made him a Hero.Regards,

  85. Arun says:

    Honestly, I don\’t care who said what about Contract, I liked it. But I would have loved it if the protagonist was a spy more like James Bond, Spy rather than He-Man, Rambo ect.. And it also seemed a bit illogical to have Goonga live in a boat over some sea.

  86. Unknown says:

    If aging is only for the body and not for the mind, then mind
    can not think rationally because it is always clouded by desires and feelings. In
    this sense, Amitji is not a rational man in Nishabd. Agree?

  87. Unknown says:

    A naughty question :-)….How do you rate your direction skills in the scale of 1 to 5? ( 5
    being highest )

  88. Unknown says:

    In your early films(shiva,gaayam) we find  lot  of panning between artists in your composition.was this deliberately used or was it due to your inexperience..(we don\’t find this in your later films)

  89. Anil says:

    Annayya ….Are you alive????  We are waiting for your witty, naughty, philosophical views/replies.I am dieing here … I am starving for your words …. We promise on your forthcoming movies … We never hurt you …. Please come back and save us….

  90. Unknown says:

    hi RGV,
    its been more than a week u lasted posted. where are u???
    waiting eagarly for ur nxt post. everyday several times i visit ur blog,
    expecting a new post frm u.come on rgv take sometime out of ur busy schedule and write an interesting piece.
    i hope to find a new post tomorrow..

  91. sreeniwas says:

    1.If you were Howard Roark who is Henry Cameron?2. i am much disappointed with the fact that there was never a chance to see the reactions of RGV at the times when he made Govinda Govinda, KshanaKshanam, Antham, Company and many more…plz dont make people like me feel bad by giving such a long pauses..We are eagerly waiting..I know that you would make fun of this in your own style..but we really miss you.. 🙂 ..

  92. Unknown says:

    babu rambabu …. ekkadda dobbichukkunaramma….avunu…. madellacheruvu surineti alaa sampeeseru meeru?tappukaada…aha…tappa..kaada……?

  93. Unknown says:

    Hi Vinay,Would you please give me a brief introduction of yours before sharing your valuable comments on my face?By the way, I request you to wipe off your preconceived opinions regarding the English speaking abilities of a South Indian.Krishna V.

  94. Murali krishna says:

    What r u doin ramu, we\’re waiting with bated breath for ur updates

  95. raja says:

    Ramu you please tell me sincerely  your opinion about chiranjeevi and his politics.

  96. tarak says:

    I seem our thinking is same. I have one story for you. Want to
    do partnership with me?

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