The Point of Money


Money for me has always been a means and never an end. The important point of money is to identify what you want to do with it. Do you want to make money to secure it, buy properties and leave it for your off-spring or do you want to use it for what you wanted it for?

My grandfather was obsessed with saving money. For hours he used to explain about some recurring deposit scheme or some such thing where if you put Rs.1 Lakh how it will become Rs.5 Lakhs in 7 years and this he used to tell to a person who does not think beyond that day, namely me.

Also there was a cousin of mine Raja whose father was very rich but used to lead a life style of not even taking his car out, always used to keep it under a tarpaulin cloth and travel in a bus.

One day I asked him what is the point of having money if you don’t use it for having a better quality of life. He answered saying that if his grandfather and father thought the same then he probably would not have had any money. I answered ‘fine if you grandfather works hard saves and saves and gives it to your father and then he saves and saves and gives it to you and then you save and save give it to Raja and then he saves and saves and gives it to his son and what if Raja gives birth to a son like me. All the earlier four generations will become super big fools, Ha Ha!’

Money for me is potential energy and has no meaning unless it is made kinetic.

I would think in a very simplistic way on a philosophical level the origin of money could be explained in this way. When men in the primitive times used to hunt they were like all other animals. Hunt, eat, sleep, hunt again would have been the cycle.

And some time one among them has an idea of agriculture as in wanting to grow a crop. Now others might not understand or share his vision but he will need them to work for him on the crop. So to compensate them for working for his vision which could go wrong or right was where money has been invented and he pays them with that.

So with the money they got, it becomes their energy which they could choose to make it kinetic in whichever way they individually choose to. But again to enjoy money you first need to enjoy the experience of living a life and also to be able to identify what all life’s shop can offer you. For instance you can buy the greatest music system that a shop can offer but you can’t buy from life’s shop a mind which can actually relish the music which plays from it. That mind, you have to have yourself. If not, having money will just amount to securing yourself fearing poverty or to feel a sense of elation in comparison to others who have lesser money than you. Thus it becomes nothing but a measurement for your own self esteem.

If you have a beautiful rich house others will admire especially those who live in the same street, but you yourself will take it for granted in not more than one day after the interior décor is done and from then on you will be only looking at its faults. Also if you have issues with your wife, the same house will look like a horror house from your point of view as you are approaching it after your days work.

Any way before you guys take off on me on this, the point I am trying to make is that no materialistic things like a music system, a car, a house etc can really give you pleasure unless it enhances the pleasure of your own personal feelings with regard to them in one way or the other.

If you are with a person who bores you it won’t make a difference if you are sitting in the JW Marriott Coffee Shop and if you are interested in the person a roadside tea shop also will do wonders.

The point of life is to relish your feelings and money can make a point if and only it helps you achieve that.

I don’t care for people who want to make money just to save it as I don’t understand the point of trying to prepare for losses and death right from the time of being born. Then what’s the point of being born?

In terms of my movie making money yes it is important for me that it should and I will try to the limits of my capability to see that it does. But I don’t want to make that money to add to my bank balance. I want it for making my next movie.

I want money so that I can make movies but I don’t make movies so that I can make money. I have never made money and I think I never will. The reason for that being my mindset of constantly putting to use whatever money I have going by my theory of making it kinetic. So even if I make a film which does not work, which obviously can not be my intention, the least it is doing is give that many people work thereby making them kinetic, and yes at least it is making them earn their livelihood and I irrespective of losing money will still generate more money because of my ideas.

Ideas and feelings are the only true wealth anyone can really possess and on that account I have always been rich and I will always be, that is at least for myself. Whether that achieves anything in others perception or not it’s not my concern as like I said a million times before “I live for myself”.

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100 Responses to The Point of Money

  1. Pratish says:

    Was wondering have you ever got beaten up by people who made millions from your masterpieces ?

  2. Unknown says:

    You quit directing Telugu movies saying your sensibilities might not match that
    of Andhra crowds. I think you will agree that your sensibilities very strongly match with
    west. Wondering why you didn’t venture into Hollywood yet?  

  3. Unknown says:

     Does Manoj Night Shyamalan
    work impress you? What do you think of his movies?

  4. Manish says:

    Sir,This all depends on your position/liabilities in life.For ordinary men like me, have to work for money to satisfy needs of family and future.Not every man gets a chance in life to do what he really wants to do.Call it lack of luck, fear to take risks or laziness but in my opinion this is true.Successful men like you have choices to live life in your own chosen way.Think for a second if your first movie was complete flop or you were a failed movie maker, would you get similar kind of respect in you personal life or people’s response about what you write in a blog.There are many studies done to find out what motivates a person, mostly in the context of job.Here is a link to one: Maslow hierarchy pyramid, there are five levels of needs in hierarchical order.Common people spend most of life fulfilling first 3 levels of needs, physiological, safety and love/belongingness. As the person becomes successful he thinks of things like self actualization, creativity etc.Bottom line is “Bhukhe pet bhajan nahi hota” You can’t sing prayers with empty stomach.It is easier to say things when you are successful.

  5. Unknown says:

    Awesome Post.. I got a question on your casting.. You have a peculiar habit of casting artists repeatedly for 2 or 3 movies and then you dump them forever. Why is it so? For example: Urmila, Antra, Manoj Bajpai.. so on . And now your pick is Sudeep.. LOL

  6. VJ says:

    Ramu,I dont know why u wrote this off-colour article. The times of our grandpas is diff and ours if diff. We r good spenders/consumers whereas they\’re thrifty.

  7. Sekhar says:

    What if someone suddenly becomes ill with some disease which makes one not able to do any work for earning, One reason for people saving money is the above situation.And as I said that, it doesn\’t mean you should save everything, there should be balance, too much spending or too much saving is a bad idea.In that case, too much of anything is BAD.

  8. krishna says:

    If you are happy it means that you have enough money, but if u have money you need not be always happy! 
    –what do u think bout this statement..its my own:-)

  9. arghya says:

    What if u have a loving spouse , a family that gives u a lot of happiness.Then wouldnt u try and save for them? Atleast some percentage to make their life secure?

  10. Anand says:

    aw! is that you who has written this?

  11. Vinay says:

    Your post on money is a ready invitation for investment consultants to haunt you with pension schemes!

  12. Vinay says:

    Its amazing how much we learn from someone who\’s successful (its perspective thing, I know). One of your reactions gave inspiration for someone to change his life. And now this post. So simple yet most important. But am disappointed with some reactions to this post about needing money to feed families (why have them?), needing money for illness (speculation?), what if your first film had flopped (you need to take chance, no?), etc etc. I really wish that you react to each one of these "fears" in your "Reactions to reactions". Its important for all of us.
    You live your life like the Mastercard commercial.

  13. Pradeep says:

    Why Many people admire you?any specific reason for that?

  14. Pradeep says:

    You have mentioned that u want to make a movie like "sarkar" with "Rajni kanth ".Is that true?

  15. a.Prathaap says:

    Sir,  Its your view. But to say something is different than to implement on oue self. First you need security, then you need it for your daily life and then you need it for your family. The balance is your saving, which you are using for producing movies. What do you mean by production. Its an investment only. If the movie is box office hit then you made money or you lost. Its the same every body needs by different means. That doesn\’t mean you are not saving. If you invest or produce all the same. Thanks for opening up your thoughts. Be Practical. All the Best to you.

  16. Pradeep says:

    Recently i have met one telugu film director and few AD\’s they all admire you..
    so whats so specific reason in you  that admires most of the people?
    I admire you as a person ,who doesnt care abt others to make films as u like? 

  17. Eric says:

    Now I know why the Big B is so comfortable with you. I have never before had the relation between need and want explained so beautifully and in such simple terms. I wish I was able to meet with you once and just talk. I am sure I would learn much. But guess that is wishful thinking as we are in such different leagues.By the way I am an avid fan. Truth be told I havent liked all the movies you made but the ones that I liked made a huge impact. So thanks for entertaining. Will look forward to your next venture eagerly.CheersEric

  18. Eric says:

    hey sorry but just had to write some more after reading some comments left by other readers. Many have criticized you for your thoughts on importance of money and many have said that you can speak thus only now that you are successful. I beg to differ. I say that a person does not first become successful and then adopt a philosophy that is in line with the success. It is because that the person first begins to think in a manner and then walks the talk that he is able to become successful. I have read somewhere about your beginning and the choice you had to make between starting your video library or taking  the job in the gulf. Your philosophy and thinking enabled you to take the difficult road instead of the easier one which many others in your place would have done. This ability of thinking differently is what separates the successful from the mediocre and I say successful not necessarily in terms of money.I for one completely believe you that you don\’t make movies to make money. Cuz if that were so then you would have played it safe and made movies to cater to the masses. But instead you have always taken risks and tried to do something different. Your movies have been for the classes and not the masses. As long as you are happy with what you do then what others think dont matter. Self satisfaction is more important and comes second to making money. So I applaud you.

  19. vinay says:

    Hi Ram,
               Money Money…. Money…..It\’s so funny…..
                It\’s all for the people like who earns money by working hard from morn. to even. just to have a bottle of drink and a biryani packet….and have no family and responsibilities….they work and never think about wat money can give more than life…
               Money is secure…..
                It\’s for the people who wants to save more and more money…..they keep it for their children, grandchildren ….if even possible to children of their grand children….but what they enjoy only themselves know…….but their children and grandchildren praise him.
                Money is tragedy……
                It\’s for a middle class people who depends on father\’s monthly salary…..their budget plan is more perfect than Nation\’s budget….from the middle of the month their looks stand on calender and they struggle life-time to protect their respect in society…the very cinematic expression we can find in them is a very pleasent smile on their face with loads of worries in their mind…
               Money is terrible…..
               Money is more dangerous than terrorism…a very great thing with these people is they never hesitate to kill their own family for money….they kill friends, relatives, non-relatives for them money is life….some do kill…..some who have good money, spent money to earn more money.. (use killer\’s to kill) ……
              If we see one or the other way money rules human….this is fact……and as u said  "Money for me has always been a means and never an end"….ur \’means\'(making movie) here it is servant for money….Money rules!!!!

  20. srinivas rao says:

    Hi Ramu,
    U have made a comment in one the interviews while promoting raksha that u may choose jr NTR for a telugu movie. I anticipate if u take that decision, the people(jr NTR and his associates) limits ur freedom as a film maker. At the end u may get frustrated and end up with comment "i made a big mistake by casting such stars". u cannot expect from them a dignified behaviour as u have got from bachan, abhishek, ajay devgan etc.I know u dont beleive in ur well wishers, but any way its my responsibility as ur fan to remind u this. i think its better if u can make some movies with JD or Jagapati Babu or Nag or Suddep with limited budjet and with in limited time(cosidering every body\’s busy schedules). 

  21. Unknown says:

    Heard that you will be coming to Australia.When and where u r going to stay?

  22. srinivas says:

    U have been rich by copying others\’ ideas

  23. Naveen says:

    this is one of your boring posts…..its more interesting when you speak about your films or about people around you…..devoid of any gyan ………i am saying this perhaps because i expect your blogs to be like your films

  24. Vishwas says:

    "I want money so that I can make movies but I don’t make movies so that I can make money.""I don\’t build in order to have clients. I have clients in order to build."

  25. Dinesh says:

    Khulla chelenge "ye shikanja hai jismen tune hath, aankh, mundi dalee
    to fas jayega, sab band karke khanche men naa samagaya to tu jo kahe
    karoonga… jhadu-bartan-katka. vishvas nahin overconfidence hai, bas
    ek baar ungalee dal de… shikanja kas jayega… hai himmat chelenge
    face karne kee, chahe to mazak yaa khunnas samajh kar has le.. par
    chelenge liya to haar jayega rann roknee pad jayegee yaa band karnee
    padjayegee… aaja ban sake to maidan men, ho jaye do-do haath, kya khayal hai ramoo….  Dinesh10/11/2008 23:12 Tu ne Phoonk se pahle mujhse contact kar liya hota to paise ke sath dher
    sari itzat bhi kama leta aur khokale chelenge ki bhi zaroorat nahin

  26. SUBRAHMANYAM says:

      What\’s the story of SONAL MEHTA \’n\’ ROHIT BANAVALKAR?

  27. SUBRAHMANYAM says:

    Don\’t give the answer like – ASK THEM

  28. Unknown says:

    Not to pull you off topic but I\’m mesmerized by the clips of "Slumdog Millionaire", and learnt that danny boyle used SI-2k mini cams for 75% of the movie. Also heard that he saw Satya, Company for inspiration, thanks to jaideep for recommending but Just wanna know your thoughts on using HD cams which seems to be the future of movie making.
    Have you used any before? Would you try using them?

  29. Unknown says:

    Not to pull you off topic but I\’m mesmerized by the clips of "Slumdog Millionaire", and learnt that danny boyle used SI-2k mini cams for 75% of the movie. Also heard that he saw Satya, Company for inspiration, thanks to jaideep for recommending but Just wanna know your thoughts on using HD cams which seems to be the future of movie making.
    Have you used any before? Would you try using them?

  30. Unknown says:

    same pinch

  31. Abhishek says:

    You are an Early man!! 2008 B.C

  32. Unknown says:

     Will it irritate you if an unknown person calls you with your name and not Ramuji or Sir?

  33. Unknown says:

    Yep … sensible views on money and I agree with you and I used live that way and then ….. I got married and had kids!

  34. Unknown says:

    My reaction to “I live for myself”.
    Nothing ever exists entirely alone. everything is in relation to everything else

  35. Unknown says:

    My reaction to "Ideas and feelings are the only true wealth anyone can really possess"
    An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.

  36. Unknown says:

    Hating RGV (for that matter anyone) is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at RGV. You are the one who gets burned!!

  37. Unknown says:

    RGV tongue is like a sharp knife… kills without drawing blood.

  38. Anil says:

    It is one of your best post… day by day I am becoming a good fan of your philosophy…..You got very deep analytical views and all of them are logical …Even now a days I am realizing that people should have sufficient arrogance also else every ass hole will suggest something or trying to ride on our shoulders …. 

  39. Mohan says:

     I am addicted to you blog..its so interesting, can you please elaborate “I live for myself”…

  40. E says:

    Hi RGV….money matters…as aptly put in the MasterCard ad…money can buy everything but those special moments of life,happiness,peace of mind.and so many other lifes mysteries.which are priceless….well anyway…money shud be always,always a means..and never an end….if it becomes an end..then u can see that a neurotic…he will never relax for a moment..and as far as security is concerned…forget it…u never know whats going to happen in the next second……@no-name…I know u have written a totally different thing about Slumdog millionaire…and i am writing something else…Slumdog millionaire has got great reviews in US..and elsewhere..coz again it shows the negative of India( I haven\’t read the entire book of Vikas Swarup\’s Q & A,just read some reviews here and there…neither i have seen the movie….so even my analysis maybe be wrong here…)..the slums…poverty…crowd…u know West has always been interested in showing India in poor light…they lap up any work which potrays the dirty side of India…they achieved that beautifully with Satyajit Ray\’s,..I wonder why these guys always want to promote these kinds of works….I am not saying promote only the that which glitters..but there shud a balance….they shud also concentrate on positives….CheersEV

  41. Krishnan says:

    Mr. Varma,          I have a question for you. When you write scripts, do you ever develop a character keeping a particular actor in mind? Thinking he would be the perfect choice for that role? Or do you decide that after finishing your entire script?

  42. Arun says:

    "I want money so that I can make movies but I don’t make movies so that I can make money.""I don\’t build in order to have clients. I have clients in order to build."SUPERB !! Vishwas Krishna, I love Objecktivism as much as you do.

  43. Mohan says:

    did you watch Dostana…How is it??…

  44. gaurav says:

    ek khujali uthi hai, yahin khuja lete hain.if you know anything about india you will understand the statement below in a flash"from the time india has existed, it has taken its directions from the mystic; never from the intellectual".recently for a long time after independence india lived under the guidence of "Mahatma" Gandhi.then it chooses to be influenced with VHP brand hence the phenomenal rise of BJP.if intellectuals here think that they can make a difference in india they should give it another thoughtthe best they can do is to speculate about the next mystic india will choose to be influenced with

  45. vasudev says:

    Hello varma
    Your article about money  looks like an excerpt from Ayn\’s works….she is speaking through your mind.would you pl share with us ur opinion abt her….if any one offers you a role in the movie  Fountain Head……which will you select…..Howard Roark or Elsworth Toohey.

  46. Vinay says:

    Hey Ram
    You are damn right about the horror house. I bought a flat (I am in MUmbai), which is quite nice. But every night after work, as I ready for the two-hour train ride back home, I envision playing with my daughter. But immediately I also recall my wife being in a perpetually bad mood. I straight head to the nearby bar. Now if it werent for the booze (Have you noticed in those back to the future/past movies, that in whichever age you go to, you always find booze)….. Earlier I used to look forward to weekends. Now I dislike them. Now I understand all the email forwards about bachelors/married people. Trouble is I dunno how to change the situation.

  47. gaurav says:

    its your blog i am wrong vomiting here sorry for the deed

  48. karthik says:

    nice article. why should we keep saving when enjoying is the reason to live this life. also could u please check ur inbox.thank u
    best regards,

  49. vaishak says:

    hi        I watched \’Company\’ again today. Please forgive me for scolding you at times…I use to say \’you are not a genius\’ and \’you believe in conglomeration\’ and i even called you a moron when you wrote that you have no feelings for india….Sorry for all these things….Its same like scolding children to make them perform better in exams….thats it…

  50. Unknown says:

    "Money for me is potential energy and has no meaning unless it is made kinetic": The engineer in Ramu speaketh!
    Great job with the article Ramu; and for a change I truly mean it! 😛 True to your approach, your writing seems
    assured of the reader\’s attention based only on the emotional flow to it; if you look closely, which only a stickler
    (read yours truly) would even consider, ramu is at best irreverent of the rules of english punctuation and sentence construction. I can almost imagine an unfazed Ramu snapping back "What do I care about the grammar as long as the idea is communicated?"
    Anyways, as an aside, I re-re-watched \’Satya\’ over the last weekend and I have to say I loved the cameo of the music director Runu Sagar (or was that his name?). I mean, the scene in which he is introduced is very engaging. Being a musician myself, I must say great job by the actor, who I think has a very good feel for music. Also, it wouldn\’t hurt to give credit to the director himself who allowed the actor to emote freely. Ha ha!
    Curiosity killed the cat. So be it. Who was the person who actually sang and played the harmonium in that scene? Could that be Vishal Bhardwaj? Wait, it could be the actor himself; can\’t tell really

  51. Rohan says:

    From all the actresses who have worked in your movies who is your favorite……& who is the least????
    Another question have you ever slept wid any of them????

  52. mahesh says:

     what do you think about Karan Johar & his movies?

  53. Unknown says:

    hi…just check this out….this is a spoof on you….its so damn funny….

  54. Narendra says:

    Excellent one sir. By far your best blog. Kudos to your philosophy of life and money in special.

  55. prakash says:

    What a timing of posting this blog!
    Just a day ago, I was being lectured by everyone on importance of saving money.
    I simply mailed them your blog\’s link to shut them up once and for all.
    Keep blogging.
    You rock.
    A suggestion or rather request: Can you please record your experience of making Rann in an audio track and later include them in its DVD (after its release, of course), so that we can watch the film with \’Director\’s comments\’. We never had an opportunity to watch your movies along with your voiceover sharing the shooting experience. What say?
    Prakash Gowda

  56. Arun says:

    "Money for me is potential energy and has no meaning unless it is made kinetic"—–Thank you

  57. Chris says:

    An excellent blog entry.
    Finally, someone who shares the same view of money as I do! 
    Money has always been a source of bewilderment for me (apart from my being bewildered by simply not having any! ha!).
    I perfectly understand how the concept of money was invented and implemented ; but, no one has ever been able to explain the "why" of it all to me to my satisfaction.
    Every time I have asked someone "why was money invented?" I get answers explaining how, never really why.   At its roots, the concept of money is illogical.
    Personally, I think the individual that introduced the concept of money into the world was one hell of a con man!

  58. Unknown says:

    i too request for `directors comments` 🙂

  59. Unknown says:

    i too request for `directors comments` 🙂

  60. Unknown says:

    you are with a person who bores you it won’t make a difference if you
    are sitting in the JW Marriott Coffee Shop and if you are interested in
    the person a roadside tea shop also will do wonders." Theory of Relativity, eh?  :)This post reminded me of words from Atlas Shrugged: "So you think money is the root of all evil? What do you think is the root of all money?". I love it!Please do continue writing your mind. It\’s fun reading it.

  61. Unknown says:


  62. Atulya says:

    loved your article on "The point of money". Definitely makes sense in many ways than I can think off.

  63. Shaker says:

    Exactly what I think of saving money

  64. Unknown says:

    "The point of life is to relish your feelings and money can make a point if and only it helps you achieve that." you are advising, which you dnt like to do?

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