My reactions to reactions

Regarding the comment that I have deleted some comments from my blog I want to clarify that it was done by somebody in my office thinking that it will offend me. You can put that right back and also whatever other comments you want to. My understanding of comments is that they reveal the nature of the man who is commenting rather than what or on who he is commenting upon. Since this blog is a public forum every one including weirdo’s are welcome here. Me being a weirdo myself I can’t but help welcoming them.
1.  Frankly don’t get into making “Rifle”. I don’t want to see a porn film.
Ans: Who said anything about anybody making a film for you buddy?
2. Can you differentiate between Truth, Real and Fact?
Ans: Fact is what happened, Truth is the way it’s perceived and Real is its effect.
3. When you talk in your interviews, me and my sister laugh.
Ans: Ha Ha Ha.
4. What if Rifle’s son or daughter read that article?
Ans: Either you have a very short memory or too tiny a mind which obviously can’t even comprehend the simplest of things. I clearly mentioned in my article on Rifle that she never even knew that we referred to her as Rifle. Not only her, I never ever talk or comment demeaningly about anybody except myself.
5. How did you visualize the lengthy shot in the beginning of Raat?
Ans: I was sitting late in the night in a place called Kamayya Thoppu in Vijayawada  in my engineering college days when I thought of that shot and I eventually shot it there. Incidentally that was the first shot I visualized after I decided to be a director.
6. You said filmmaking cannot be taught. Don’t say something for the sake of saying.
Ans: Either you must be a part of a film institute management or a guy who is trying to pester your folks that you want to join an institute or a director. Any way Shekhar Kapur, Mani Ratnam and me neither went to an institute nor assisted anybody, and my case rests.
7. What do you get out of writing this blog?
Ans: An extraordinary insight into what all kind of wackos exist in the world out there.
8. Don’t let the Court verdict deter you. Just delete the song Jana Gana Mana Rann and go ahead with the movie.
Ans: Ohhh My God! What an Idea! I was just about to shelve the film as I could not think of this Idea.
9. The morning was gloomy and your blog refreshed me.
Ans: That’s probably the nicest compliment I received. Thanks!
10. You fell in love with a beautiful Satya and not a sexy Rifle.
Ans: Hello? Beauty and sex can’t be really separated. Emotional planes differ from physical urges.
11. How many women have you slept with till date?
Ans: You will die of jealousy if I tell you.
12. What is the factor which so constantly drives you to make movies?
Ans: It’s my insatiable desire to constantly occupy the mind-space of others.
13. You might not be a criminal, but I think you too want the world to revolve around you.
Ans: Of course yes and I pretty much make it revolve. I am not an anti-social in practice but I am an anti-social in theory which can be much more dangerous not only to others but even to myself. But I love to confront danger as it makes me feel alive.
P.S: Shalini, if you promise not to tell anybody I will tell you a secret. I am not an anti-social in practice because I am too scared of the law and I love life too much and also deep inside I think that I am quite a nice guy.
14. Before reading Nietzsche, Rand and others, were you this strong willed?
Ans: That’s an interesting question. Many of my close people say that only because I was strong willed that I understood those books in the first place. Their argument is that many would have read those books, but were not affected.
“Man has no ears for what experience has not taught him already. If he agrees he knows it already.” – Friedrich Nietzsche.
15. Can there be ill effects of having too much will power?
Ans: The point of will power is to have the will to take decisions on your life. But yes, life will take other decisions on your decisions. So you have to counter life’s decisions by taking decisions on its decisions and thus the circle continues. So as long as I keep on continuously taking decisions irrespective of their consequences it’s inevitable that I will always be on top of life. It’s the day that you stop taking decisions which is when life will come on top of you and crush you under its feet.
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100 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. Satya says:

    How did you get the idea of ripping off cycle chain in Shiva movie?

  2. sLm says:

    sir did u c d new pepsodent advertisement the boy name is used as "Satya" and his frnd says tu jhooth bolega "Satya"…

  3. kushal says:

    ramu, how did you shoot the drowning scene of rashid in sarkar??????????(i am refering to under water shot)and how was the scene of neck twisting(of the watchman) in bhoot shot?and what was the dog dying in africa all about??????????(i am referring to ur friends mail you put on blog some time ago????????????)

  4. sLm says:

    @kushal shahneck twisting(of the watchman) in bhoot shot?the neck was not twisted..the watchman was wearing the shirt back side if i m not wrong…tell that i m write…Ramuji..?

  5. narendra says:

    as for me the best joke in RGV\’s movies is in Gayam – when a gang member with lots of hair and beard serves drinks for Kota, he says " e jevitam lo enka okka korika miglindhi ra, eedeni juttu gedam lekunda gunda tho chudali ra" – awesome timing, liked the humor

  6. vamsi says:

    how did u realize that people will connect to your style of making, before making shiva.

  7. truth says:

    conan is back… and I am dancing !!!

  8. gajee says:

    Hello mr ramu, I am a big fan of yours, I am hurt that you have picked on my comment "please go ahead with the release by deleting the song", I was only being NICE to you mr ramu. It was in no way to demean you or anything, I was simply being nice to you. Please please please kindly distinguish between genuine fans and weirdos.

  9. gajee says:

    anyway, pardon me if I have demeaned you.

  10. E says:

    Hi RGV,W.R.T to your last question, are you serious or just kidding!! coz your theory of you successfully countering the decisions of life is really an overstatement and over the top!!!..Really your are always on top of life??? dont you think you are having on..LIFE is BIG…you can never dominate it….and if anybody is having this feeling that his life is under his control..he is just day-dreaming for sure……..talking about will is just nothing but how big is your ego…..usually strong willed persons are egomaniacs…….but this ego thing is as an airy-fairy phenomenon….i believe everybody has some pressure points…you press them..they will break down miserably!!!@gajee..buddy dont be apologetic man..coz anyway RGV has accepted that he himself is a wierdo…;-) think thats the first lesson you should learn out of this blog…LOL.

  11. Venkat says:

    Orey Varma( EM anukovaddu, naa fiendsNi kuda ilage pilustaanu). Manchi action movie picturise cheyachu kada. Peter haynes compositionLo US Lo shoot jaragali, ala alochinchi movie teste neeku, naaku and andariki manchi hit avvutundi aa movie. Mahesh babu or any other actor fights baaga chestaaru.

  12. Who says:

    When you say truth is the way it\’s perceived, that means there can be more than one truth. What is true for me may not be true for you and vice versa. DO you think that\’s possible, that there can be two truths?An apple is an apple. It cant be anything else. That\’s the truth. Anything else is a lie. That the apple exists and its existence cannot be denied. That\’s the fact.That it tastes like an apple, looks like an apple etc. all that makes it an apple is the Reality.

  13. Unknown says:

    I have found two things on your blog. Wild honesty and fantastic sense of humor from u , even the font you chose to be Comic Sans MS .You seem to be hard core funny man from inside who just pretends to be tough and mean person.

  14. Unknown says:

    Who is better? urmila or antara or nisha or isha?Am asking about their acting skills..

  15. truth says:

    <am asking abt. their acting skills> LOL

  16. Junkie says:

    Why you and Alfred Hitchcock are scared of police? Does it mean you have done criminal activities and scared of being caught?

  17. Junkie says:

    Somewhere somebody was asking for breaking cycle chain in it is as told by RGV in one of his previous blogs:3). Initially I had a scene of Shiva’s first fight with J.D when he is playing football which I wanted to loosely model on a similar scene of ice-hockey in ‘Damien (Omen II)’. When Venket didn’t react to it much, I came up with breaking the cycle chain idea. Throughout the shooting I wasn’t too sure how that would be received because after Venket liked it very much I went home and tried to break the cycle chain and realized the impossibility of it, But I told myself that since nobody would have tried it, it just might look believable. But now after all these years the sheer number of people who come and claim to me that they broke a cycle chain after watching ‘Shiva’ is the ultimate example of how imagination can take over and become a reality in time.

  18. Unknown says:


  19. raghavendra says:

    In an inevitable situation, If u must choose only one between Films and sex for the rest ofur life which do u choose?

  20. raghavendra says:

    Have u heard of Late and great kannada director puttanna kanagal? If not plz asksudeep.Till now kannada industry never seen any director who could do the shotdivisions as fresh and creative like him. Like the bike song from "gulabi", he shot thewhole song wit couple moving on the bike even more brilliently in his 1972 film"edakallu Guddada Maele"!

  21. Bhaskar says:

    If fact is what happened and the truth is the way it\’s percieved…can it be said there are no facts only truths instead of there are no facts only interpretations? Or what does "There are no facts only interpretations" exactly mean?

  22. Ashvin says:

    @ Venkat, babu a Peter Haynes fight cinemalu, over reactions, unnavi leni senti pictures chooda leka Hollywood, bollywood, RGV movies choostunnamu, B.Gopal, SS Rajamouli, V.V.Vinayak chalu aa cinemalu teeyadaniki…ekkada nundi RGV panulu manukoni aa cinemalu teeyakkaraledu…aa bore tattukolemu…oka hero vachi kanda balam toh vanda mandi kodatadu…aa journey lo heroine fida…chalu amma chalu…aa cinemalu inka vaddu…malli RGV ativanti cinema teeste inka ante…inka asalu manamu movies choodana akkarledu!

  23. apparao says:

    Hi Ramu,my comment is for the following staements of your…you are really a fascinating guy. your words(specially what i am copying and pasting bellow) have the same philosophy as ur films. You are a combination of a Thinker, literate, criminal, crude and rude man. I like you as much as i hate u. Very few people could have this privieage. 15.Can there be ill effects of having too much will power?Ans: The point of will power is to have the will to take decisions on your life. But yes, life will take other decisions on your decisions. So you have to counter life’s decisions by taking decisions on its decisions and thus the circle continues. So as long as I keep on continuously taking decisions irrespective of their consequences it’s inevitable that I will always be on top of life. It’s the day that you stop taking decisions which is when life will come on top of you and crush you under its feet.

  24. Sree says:

    RGV,Apart from your Blog, the comments section from readers has become as interesting as your articles.Its ultimate fun to read on these comments from others… this piece of article comments i liked V V \’s Devil advocate….what do you say about this?.Must definitly agree everytime there is a post from you its like a your new movie that is released…. A Cup of a coffee & RGV\’s Blog is how start my day……….:)

  25. Unknown says:

    After your relentless advertisements of your weaknesses in this blog has your chances increased as wannabe heroines know what to do to do it?

  26. Unknown says:

    Everything about you is dark. Your movies, your sense of humour, your blog.. Does that extend to your choice of women?!

  27. Unknown says:

    Testing hello..

  28. Unknown says:

    Testing hello..

  29. Vasu says:

    How much time do you spend on this blog? Do u really reply or is it someone else?

  30. Vasu says:

    What will you do if Sridevi proposes to you now?

  31. sriram says:

    Apart from being able to tell a story in an interesting way, how important is communicating those ideas with the crew in order to realize a director`s vision ? Is it something that comes naturally or is it a skill that can be developed ?

  32. Unknown says:

    Some of your reactions are like children giving it back. They have intelligence, clarity, humour, spirit etc. but most of all anger, arrogance, supreme confidence and huge ego!

  33. sreekanthreddy says:

    Was it the Mohit Ahlawat\’s effct that made you cast Suddep and Nitin instead of new talents ?

  34. Shalini says:

    Hi Ramu,What is \’anti-social by theory\’? Can you please explain. Sorry..tried to stay away from the blog..but couldn\’t resist….;o)

  35. ajaY says:

    I am so reluctant to scroll down the page as it ends my pleasure of reading your awesome blog.

  36. ujjwal says:

    I have seen one comment in the blog from Mani Ratnam. Is it authentic ?, is it Mani Ratnam himself ? If it is true then we r going have more food to eat now. If he is also blogging then we r going to have more different point of views.

  37. Anil says:

    hey RGV, how come you never worked with Chiranjeevi?

  38. ujjwal says:

    hi Ram,how did u happen to meet Mani Ratnam for the first time ? What were the ideas u have in common interest where u had a different opinions. How was ur working relationship with him ?

  39. Anil says:

    How did you conceive the rain-fight scene in Shiva? The build-up to the scene (Nagarjuna saying \’Light aarpeyi\’ and the sudden gush of rain are tremendous!!!!

  40. Unknown says:

    RGV, another question to you.. Kindly answer this aswell please.Since you claim yourself as an atheist, Do you concur with the below quote ? If Yes, would you still call yourself an atheist ?"He is an atheist who does not believe in himself. The old religions said that he was an atheist who did not believe in God. The new religion says that he is an atheist who does not believe in himself."

  41. kushal says:

    I think you are a hedonist who practises pleasure 24 hrs a day

  42. kushal says:

    sir was the song paani paani re deleted from ur movie satya as it was not shown in the theatres…..

  43. kushal says:

    All great things must first wear terrifying and monstrous order to inscribe themselves on the hearts of humanity."Nietzscheanswer to your answer" I am not an anti-social in practice but I am an anti-social in theory which can be much more dangerous not only to others but even to myself"

  44. Satya says:

    Is Kaun? movie based on Ittefaq? any other insipirations?

  45. Ashish says:

    How can you tell if someone is really appreciating you or has some hidden agenda? Or one second thoughts does it really matter?

  46. sLm says:

    sirji i read something in mid day…is that true..

  47. E says:

    @ Ashvin Sagar….LOLOLOLOLOLOL… start with Babu…was hilarious…..but know what..there is a new audience ( the least common denominator, after all movie is a mass medium and its gonna affect the masses ) who are demanding such movies and they get a kick out of it..if the hero defies all fighting 1000 people at the same time..or uses his sheer intensity in look to make the villains piss…or run fear down their spines…u know what i mean..perhaps…they are expecting same thing from RGV…..RGV…buddy i think u shud make a good comedy…with all this elements…just imagine Brahmanandam in a trench coat..with super sexy mafia glasses puffing away a cigarrette..delivering hard dialogues with all the seriousness in the world… as our the The Matrix!!!!@@Truth Hurts….point noted!!CheersEV

  48. venu says:

    What\’s your say about a person\’s saying that "books are for the weak minded".

  49. Deelip says:

    Most of the people in this blog disrespect you and you insult almost all of em. I love the drama.

  50. Dipesh Kumar says:

    are Happy Endings necessary in Hindi Movie ?

  51. Raghavendra says:

    This is Raghavendra from karnataka, I am very much impressed by this film world. I am decided to become a film maker. will you give me the opurtunity.

  52. Unknown says:

    You said ur thoughts on GOD have changed since last 27 years in one of ur answers.What r ur thoughts about GOD now ? Any plans of posting ur views on it.

  53. Ashvin says:

    Ans 12 : and you really did…!! The first thing I check everyday in the morning when I come to office is to see if I have any new blogs updated from you….it more like an addiction…just like your movies…!! you are truly influential!

  54. gouravaraju says:

    Can anyone have so much intelligence like you? What do you think of the SC\’s decision on Rann song?

  55. AJ says:

    Hi Mr.Varma,DO you think or feel that you are Modern day Guru Dutt,the reason to ask this question is,I personally feel there is resemblance in both of your movies in terms of Camera work ( The use of close-up shots with a 100 mm lens )…………What say.

  56. Unknown says:

    I think filmmaking is a serious business npot to be taken seriously….What does your honour think about it??

  57. Unknown says:

    \’The difference is different\’, You can use this caption if you like it.

  58. Pradeep says:

    What do u want to say you three (Mani ratnam , Shekar kapur and you) are FAB THREE of Indian Cinema??

  59. Unknown says:

    want to see another musical like rangeela in your direction , with Ilayaraja… any chances?

  60. auto says:

    "Kaun" was inspired from Ittefaq"Naach" from Abhiman

  61. Unknown says:

    On HATE, one of the best comment is – Always remember others may hate you but those who hate you don\’t win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself. Richard M. Nixon, in his White House farewell 37th president of US (1913 – 1994)

  62. Unknown says:

    Despite your many movies (the good, the bad & Ugly) – India needs inspirational historical and political movies- on the lines of Patton, 13 days, Gladiator, Ran – which can have commercial value and can enthrall and educate the public. You can transcend from the current mix of good, medicore, and crap. Introducing Mohanlal to hindi audience thru Company was a very good move, he should be more exposed India wide- he is among the very few star actors in India.

  63. pradeep says:

    I think the climax of the movie agyaat will reveal a trick which some other person used to make a movie by setting up things,by creating a setup and making people disappear.Yes it has no body,Nobody can hear it,noone can run away frm it.Coz its all prearranged in the jungle by some other director to make his own movie by extracting realistic performances from the actors!!……

  64. r k says:

    hellllo ramuji,i got some link from, if any one impress u with their short movie or clip u will take them as asst director for your movie. is that right?? i want 2 impress u with my short movie?? can i try??thanks

  65. static atmosphere energy says:

    I can never get tired reading this reactions to reactions again and again…just felt like commenting:)Cheers to Ramuji,Cheers to all reactors…Cheers to all who read this….Cheers to movies…Cheers to weirdos….Cheers to wise people….Cheers….cherrs….cheers….Ramuji, it is nice that you take time out to blog, but you have mad(e) us addicted…please post more….Good day!

  66. prasad says:

    If Masturbation is not incorporated in male DNA … this time the whole women race would have been wiped off……eventually no psychology at all

  67. Moshiur Rahman Shibli says:

    What is your take on anger? How do you face it?

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