My reactions to reactions

1.  I think you lack a filter between your thoughts and words.
Ans: I prefer not having a filter than having a clogged filter like yours.
2. You are a con artiste and not even a good one. Only Rangeela and Satya are the 2 good movies you made and the rest are crap. In 2 years your luck will run out.
Ans: Okey dokey. Text after 2 years.
3. How did you do the sound design for Shiva? It was so effective.
Ans: For any film whether it is sound design or background music or camera work, all of them depend on how effective the scene content and the edit is, apart from how seriously the Director is taking the film. There is no such thing as a specific sound design.
4. I will see “Rifle” first day first show.
Ans: Done and if you look around in the theatre you might find me too.
5. My girlfriend is so jealous that she shut my laptop when I was reading about ‘Rifle’.
Ans: Too bad that she can’t shut your mind from thinking about ‘Rifle’.
6. Your grammar is wrong in saying most sexiest. Either it should be most sexy or sexiest woman.
Ans: Teacher, you need to understand that an enlightened soul like me places more importance on the psychological aspect than on grammatical correctness. Like for example; there’s a much higher chance of a girl falling for me by me telling her “You are the most fantabulously mindblowable awesomic sexualistic creature I have ever seen” than you telling her “I think you are the most sexy woman”.
7. Have you ever heard of ‘meaningful cinema’?
Ans: Ya, I know that it’s quite a dangerous disease. Lots of film institute guys get infected by it.
8. Ramu, I think your tough guy image is just a pretence.
Ans: Shalini, most girls who know me say the same about me and they seem to love me for that. Now my question is why would a girl love a guy who is not tough? You see, I developed my tough guy image on the basis of a million year old belief of mine that men should be tough and women should be sexy.
9. When it comes to entertaining nothing can beat your blog.
Ans: Ahhhh! Finally one unadulterated compliment! Thanks.
10. In ‘Deyyam’ how did you do that scene when the man’s feet are facing backward?
Ans: I got his feet buried in the sand and placed an artificial feet facing backward around his ankle.
11. How did you come up with the cycle chase scene in Shiva?
Ans: I copied it from Rahul Rawail’s and Sunny Deol’s “Arjun”.
12. What happens at the end of Agyaat and don’t give me crap answer?
Ans: “The end” comes at the end of Agyaat and don’t ask me crap questions.
13. Does Agyaat have elements of Gumnaam?
Ans: Yes and also elements of Predator, Alien, Blairwitch Project, Raat, Bhoot, Phoonk and 5 Ramsay Brother’s films and 7 Zee Horror Show episodes.
14. I think the reason you are fascinated with criminals is because of their ability to break the social taboo of not being scared to be selfish.
Ans: Not really. My understanding of a criminal is that he is a child who refuses to grow up. This is in the sense that when we are born we all pretty much think that we are the centre of the universe because of the attention everyone gives us. In time we slowly realize that we are just one among millions and kind of adapt to our designated place in society and revolve along with the world, whereas a criminal still wants the world to revolve around him. It is this psychological aspect I am fascinated with.
15. Do you really have the guts to say “I lust you” to a woman rather than “I love you’?
Ans: Many a time I told a woman ‘I lust you” with more intensity than most men would have said “I love you” and the women fell in love with me for the honesty behind my lust.
16. Make a movie only if you have something interesting to tell.
Ans: I always do that, my friend. But the problem is that many times the audience is not interested to listen.
17. I have a story which can be a potential Hollywood movie. Are you interested?
Ans: I think you got the wrong blog. Try Spielberg’s.
18. You are a crazy man… ultimately crazy.
Ans: When did I say no?
19. I think you enjoyed life a lott… Isn’t it?
Ans: Yes. Much more than any of you can ever imagine. I did, I am and I will.
20. Why don’t you try to find Rifle now?
Ans: Hello! She will be above 40 now. At that time I was in a danger of being beaten up by her husband and now I probably would be beaten up by her sons. Thanks!
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100 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. Swamy says:

    If possible….can you please write an article about "PERFECTION, in man\’s life".

  2. Unknown says:

    How do you save yourself from getting bored?

  3. sLm says:

    sir my dad gave me five years and Rs.10,000 and told me to do what ever you want……my three years have been passed and i did a job just to buy me a new PC and all money is still left with me and also two years still left can u suggest me what should i do…because i don\’t want to go for 9 to 5 jobs…for ur love i did Civil Engg..plzz reply sir plzzzzz

  4. Ashvin says:

    You are facing criticism through your blog, media and audiences every day and still you are able to make 3 movies any given day and releasing one movie almost every 3 months of which only 30% are liked by the common audiences and may be 80% by the audiences who admire you(I am one among the 80%), my question is what keeps you motivated and how are you able to manage finances in spite of movies being commercially a flop (per your own definition cost price vs sale price) ….??? Is passion the only thing which drives you ….how the hell are you making it possible?????

  5. pulkit says:

    You almost sound like beauties drop themselves on your lap since they find you irresistible.. come on, look at yourself.. Hellooooo !

  6. Unknown says:

    Ramu\’s facebook post on Agyaat…..not sure why he is not blogging here….

  7. Venkat says:

    Orey Varma( em anukovaddu naa friendNi kuda ilage pilustaanu), koncham manchi action film teeyachu kada, ante stunts manchiuga unde movies. Peter Haynes compositionLo manchi fights undela manchi action teeyachu kada, em antaavu??

  8. Shalini says:

    OK Ramu, I\’m not saying that you are a criminal but I think you too want the world to revolve around you. What is the name for your kind??

  9. Unknown says:

    Hello Ramu Sir, Thanks for every movie You gave…. I born in the year you made shiva… Till now i dont know how many times i watched the movie only for the title scene… (rowdies beat a college guy and then the car starts off with thick smoke…then the title…..with groundbreaking background score…) every time i see that scene i wonder how that idea came to you..since it was a time of non violent or illogically violent telugu movies.. and also especially the background score for shive 2006 is mind blowing ….. And sir i found humor is one of the best elements in ur movies like money, anaganaga oka roju…in which no one would nt have expected characters like Khan Dada and Nellore Pedda reddy…. and thrillers like Donga Donga…sir some questions….Sir, Why didnt u make any other movie in the combination of ilayaraja sir? Are you going to make any movie like Money or Anaganaga oka roju? Sir, who is ur favorite director and actor?Can we expect a movie like Donga Donga from you?This qn pls dont take it the other way… The taking in ur movies is out of the world it makes me feel stunned… did u get inspired from any one?sir,i would go on writing …but i think you would reply for my questions….

  10. Unknown says:

    Sir… I would like to see your opinions on Ilayaraja sir….

  11. Unknown says:

    I always liked to watch \’Tulasi dalam\’ made into a movie by you .Surprisingly you made \’Phoonk\’ , though it is not entirely based on Tulasidalam. U just took that theme from it. Do u have any plans of making a movie completely based on Tulasidalam. I believe that will give vast scope.

  12. prahul says:

    I love Puri Jagannadh a lot and the way he directs. Sometimes his direction resembles yours. What is your opinion on him for his toughguy image, his guts and his direction? Please let out your opinion sir….

  13. V says:

    "I prefer not having a filter than having a clogged filter like yours"Good thing you dont smoke. "There is no such thing as a specific sound design"For you, there is no such thing as specific, no such thing as sound, no such thing as design. In fact for you there\’s no such thing as specific sound design. Hey! Now I know how you think!"there’s a much higher chance of a girl falling for me by me telling her “You are the most fantabulously mindblowable awesomic sexualistic creature I have ever seen”"Your blog is the most wonderfullest, most entertainic, very very soooper piece of literature. Ahem! now can I have that role in your next movie!"Men should be tough and women should be sexy"The roles get reversed after marriage!"My understanding of a criminal is that he is a child who refuses to grow up."If policemen read your blog, they would be luring criminals with toys and chocolates, or will take them to amusement works and sing lullabies when in jail!"Many a time I told a woman ‘I lust you” with more intensity than most men would have said “I love you” and the women fell in love with me for the honesty behind my lust."By jove! You are in touch (pun intended) with THE right kind of females!"the problem is that many times the audience is not interested to listen"No fair! We try to tell you in our comments, but you are not interested to listen and throw them out in your reactions!

  14. prahul says:

    The performance of Kaykay for the character Vishnu in Sarkar was "mindblowing". How did you plan such a tremendous characterization? Can you please explain your thought processes behind it sir?

  15. Naveen says:

    for someone like you…..there are two things which i find unusualthe first one is that you are a diehard fan of amitabh bachchan……….and the second is you screaming about it from the rooftop (but in your own way) ……………like me!

  16. V says:

    Like for example; there’s a much higher chance of a girl falling for me by me telling her “You are the most fantabulously mindblowable awesomic sexualistic creature I have ever seen” than you telling her “I think you are the most sexy woman”.When i saw that comment from Dave, i was sure u would pick it up as ur question to treat it with utter disdain but never thought that u would brutally murder his so called grammatic correctness with ur unparalleled intelligence……too good!!

  17. vamsi says:

    have u seen the film "hypercube"?

  18. Ashvin says:

    6. How much was your remuneration for Shiva?Ans: The sum total of whatever I earned till today and whatever I will ever earn."Of all the comments and statments you have made so far…I believe the one above is the most emotional"…..never expected something so touchy…if you intended to mean emotional…:)

  19. Ashvin says:

    @ Amr Singh…why ask RGV what to do with the money….simple give it to me and will double it in 5years!:)

  20. surap says:

    @Ashvin Sagar.. I am here…not even 5 yrs.. i will double it in 5 months…. ha ha ha

  21. Arun says:

    RGV,You experienced and learned the ill-effects of too much intelligence from Satyendra. But have you ever experienced,if any, ill-effects of too much will-power ? You once said on this blog that you get your strength to be who you are from your \’will\’. Can there ever be any ill effects of too much will-power ?

  22. Arun says:

    RGV, The Fountainhead had a backdrop of architecture to prove its point of Individualism v/s Capitalism. In your version of it , Naach,why did you change the backdrop to entertainment industry ? Was the backdrop of architecture not suitable enough ?

  23. Unknown says:

    I want to refer your blog to one of my female colleagues. But can’t do it. Lately either you talk about philosophy, patriotism (most of the girls get bored) or SEX (all of the girls interested, but cant talk about in public – hypocrisy)

  24. Arun says:

    RGV,Before you ever read Nietzsche, Rand and others alike, were you this strong-willed ? Or reading these philosophers someway or the other psyched you to become so strong-willed ?

  25. Arun says:

    I don\’t know if I am wrong, but I think you feel lust more than love. If so, why did you get married ? Please, I don\’t mean to offend.

  26. vinay says:


  27. sripal says:

    There is a scene in Company where Rajpal Yadav scares children in the slum with his gun, a scene in Kshna Kshnam in which Paresh Raval asks Venky and Sridevi \’how the journey was..\’ being sarcastic for the reason that they robbed his car, there is a scene in Anaga anaga oka roju where Brahmanandam asks JD if he is not looking atleast evg. (oka madiriga kooda kanipinchatleda..) and so on. Was that all sense of humor all yours ? Do you want to mention about any writer who contributed to all that ? Don\’t you think such humor is missing in your recent movies ? Is that because you don\’t think thats needed or you think that distracts the theme of the movie or all your humor is exhausted or some because of some other reason ?

  28. Rolling says:

    Not just criminals, all of us want the world to revolve around ourselves. Even you do, don"t deny it.

  29. auto says:

    Antara mali would perfectly suit as "rifle". her dark complexion, sensuous looks, sweat on her face, long legs, rugged body would make her best "rifle"

  30. ujjwal says:

    @ vinay sharmaMr Thiest An Athiest make rules for himself, u people make rules for all on the name of god, society. Dont u feel anything when a see a sexy women. Beyond god, society there are human feelings. U can stop urself but can\’t stop a feeling.

  31. ASHITOSH says:

    RGV – 1. It is great to see that u acknowledge both SUNNY DEOL and RAHUL RAWAIL for Arjun. Arjun and Dacait are really fantastic films, though they are NOT talked or debated as much they deserve.2. I think Nagarjuna\’s role as SHIVA is stlyed similar to that of Sunny\’s in Arjun. 3. Did u any point of time think to make a film with Sunny. Agastya

  32. sLm says:

    which r recent movies u liked?? not produced and directed by u…

  33. vinay says:

    @ujjwalmr athiest i knw tht u make rules,wat iam asking is,if there is no God and no punishments then why not an athiest fuck her own sis,if she is hot and end up being a"bhen chod".for instance theres this guy,he is an athiest and he so powerful,the lawmakers,cops,ministers everybody s on his payroll,so why not he rob people,con people,kill people,rape women and do wat ever he ya hav a fuckin answer.And u want to hav the fuckin liberty to write those fuckin articles related to womes\’s sexualty,but wen sumthin s been written abt ur sis or daughter u remove tht fuckin post then why this fuckin double standards..??? why???/

  34. Ambarish says:

    1) Was watching Darling, in the scene where fardeen is kissing isha\’s legs, they debate about why kissing legs is same as kissing hands as both are the parts of body, it suddenly realised that, this is what your friend satya used to say to you, am i right?2) Has it ever happened that you are in theater watching your movie, and once scene you wanted audience to react and they didnt and one scene you didnt expect them to react and they did?

  35. ujjwal says:

    @ Vinayan Atheist doesn\’t fuck anybody simply that u have asked to fuck, he doesn\’t have to prove u anything. Anyways there are people who fuck their daughter\’s and sister\’s, kill people, do wat ever they wishes and they fear god. Its up to the Atheist wat he wil do and don\’t bother us.

  36. static atmosphere energy says:

    Sorry It was not Ganesh but Nanaji….

  37. V says:

    Knowing RGV through his movies, blog posts and interviews, i want to give some answers to the queries. Lets see if Ramu differs with my views@Arun K: He changed the backdrop to entertainment industry purely because it would evoke MORE interest in the audience as compared to architecture or some other backdrop.Apart from these books, i guess the experiences he went through and the people he kept interacting made him much more strong willed than before.I think RGV got married because at that point of time, he thought thats what he was "supposed" to do looking at the zillion people who did the same thing but ONLY when he got married, he UNDERSTOOD the "intricacies" involved in a marriage. When he realised that marriage is not MEANT for people like him, he "relieved" himself from the bond to live a life without any "RESTRICTIONS"(so its an experience for him)@Vinay Sharma: This is comparatively much better question than ur previous comment. Before saying anything further, first one needs to understand what GOD actually is FOR DIFFERENT PEOPLE. NOBODY can deny that there is a SUPREME POWER which controls and balances life on this planet. Different people interpret it in different ways. For Atheists it means a SUPREME POWER and for FIRM believers of GOD it means the PHYSICAL IDOLS AND EFFIGIES related to different religions that man created. One of the reasons for the misery in this world is because of EXCESSIVE BELIEF in these physical idols of different religions.Any kind of incest is a GRAVE SIN and that has NOTHING to do with the existence/non existence of GOD or SUPREME POWER. You can rape a woman, kill a girl, robe people do whatever u want to, but there is SOMETHING CALLED LAW which will take its course in dictating punishments as per the gravity of the sins committed(and thats the primary reason why LAW exists) and again i reiterate that has NOTHING to do with GOD or any SUPREME POWER.In ur previous comment u provided the link of his daughter and thats the reason it was deleted. When someone called him bastard, he responded by saying "thanks" which means that a person scolded his mother and still he didnt had any hard feelings, so when he can tolerate the abuse to his mother, he surely can for his daughter.@Sripal Sama: A good question…i really want to know what Ramu has to say for this…@Auto Jani: When u mention the name of a particular actress, how in the world can u expect Ramu to agree with u?(it can create CONTROVERSIES and ofcourse cause -ve feelings for Antra if she happens to read this blog, so from the next time DONT TAKE NAMES….talk in a general sense dude)@Amr Singh: Even i want to know which of the recent bollywood/tollywood/kollywood films he liked with which he was not associated@RGV: Ramu if a son or a daughter of this "RIFLE" happens to read this blog, then they would be really disappointed with what u have written about their mother. So this guy Vinay is trying to tell the same thing – how u would feel if someone bad talked about ur daughter/mother, same way the children of RIFLE would feel after reading about their mother. I know u wanted to share ur feelings about a woman during that point of time, but…… The point Vinay mentioned about this thing is something to think about…PS: Hope u dont delete my comment…..he hee(even if u do so, i will take it in my stride with a smile…thats what i learnt from u)

  38. Abhishek says:

    You are like a Phoenix. Like a phoenix emerges from the Ashes, you rise from your Flops!

  39. raj says:

    You have deleted my comment! But I got the answer!! That was a trick played to analize your psychology.

  40. Phani says:

    Ram Gopal Varma Ki aag Vilasrao ko lag gai.Hope now every one is happy.

  41. srinivas says:

    When ever someone asks you about the details of a scene in some movie of yours, you give the same reply saying "i copied the scene from so and so movie". Now i understand why you are not directing many movies these days but producing many. Basically, you are busy, watching other directors movies in various languages and forcing your directors to make a movie on something you liked?? Ridiculous !! chill, i was kidding. but, frankly speaking, can you tell me if there was any scene in any of your commercially successful movies which was not copied from any other movie?

  42. Shalini says:

    There you go..I\’m just posting the 100th comment to make it even…;o)

  43. Vamshi says:

    There you go..I\’m just posting the 101th comment to make it odd…;o)

  44. sLm says:

    There you go..I\’m just posting the 102th comment to make it even.again..;o)

  45. Shalini says:

    @ Amr Singh and Vamshi D:You copy cats…;o)…just kidding.Ramu, see..people are runnign out of comments and writing silly stuff. I think its time u posted something else… ;o)

  46. Vamshi says:

    @Shalini: When did i say i am not a copycat….even RGV is a copycat which he openly claimed so many times but I doubt if u really are a gal?(because in this virtual world of internet, anyone can create ids with gals names)…i am wondering if RGV responded to ur question purely because u are a the ONLY SO CALLED gal or ur question was worthy enough to be answered(what caught my attention in particular was he addressed the question with UR NAME and honestly i am envious for that). In case if u really are a gal, then SORRY… and if u are boy, then congrats for the "blessing in disguise".@RGV: Yes Ramu its high time u posted something…u are the PRIMARY SOURCE of our entertainment, so plz post ANYTHING and i swear on ur mother and my mother, atleast I WONT COMPLAIN at all regardless of the CONTENT….:)

  47. Abhishek says:

    Do you feel conceited at all the hoo haa that surrounds you?

  48. Shalini says:

    @Vamshi D,Take it easy..I was only kidding when I called you copy cat.If a man pretends to be a woman just to catch RGV\’s attention, then is he man enough?? I am certainly woman enough to be participating in this blog.Even I was shocked that Ramu acknowledged my name. I feel comfortable commenting here cause Ramu reacts and responds only to thoughts and words, but not names. I don\’t know why he breaks that tradition rarely. I sent him a private message asking the same. Not sure if he is reading. Have a great day/night(depnding on where you are)

  49. vamsi says:

    many time u looks like a comedian for n my sister laugh es at u when u talk in ur interviews .

  50. celeste says:

    Shalini: BEN DETTO, CARA!(= well said, darling!)Go, girl, go!

  51. Vamshi says:

    @Shalini: U mentioned already that u were kidding, so u dont have to reiterate that again and furthermore like Ramu i too DONT take anything to heart even if u said that seriously. Because everybody knows RGV like women more than men, one can pretend like a woman to garner his attention. Its not a question of being a man enough…its about getting RGV\’s attention which u successfully managed to get, DESPITE being a gal(Ok now i trust u that u are indeed a girl). At times as per his MOOD and INTENTIONS of one among his myriad personalities, he breaks the traditions(and thats why he is so CAPRICIOUS). You too have a great day/night(depending on where you are)

  52. Swamy says:

    @Vinay >>Angelina Jolie ( mother of six children) has been voted by millions of voters as the most sexiest woman of the world.So what do you think about those millions of voters mindset when they voted a mother of 6 children as the ‘Sexiest woman’??And also can you answer what Angelina’s children might have thought about her mother being called as the sexiest woman by these many people?There is this word called “sportive”….without which every country will look like the Pre-war Afghanistan , which was ruled by the Fundamentalists.I’m not telling that you are wrong or I’m right…but what you are focusing on, is a silly thing.These are the days where married woman are romancing with heroes on-screen and posing their back to the media without any hesitation (such things were common in the western tradition and now they became global )….i mean when these women are not bothering about their own deeds …why bother about RGV’s take on an uneducated woman who attracted him in his teens…And FYA….I’m not an athiest !

  53. Vamshi says:

    @vamsi: but u know what he actually is SERIOUS WHILE TALKING in his interviews…..At times he is BRUTALLY HONEST and at times he tells somethings PURELY FOR EFFECT as per the context….thats the funny aspect of it…

  54. celeste says:

    (Di bene in meglio…)Ram: nel tuo blog certe volte sembra di essere in un circolo di seriosi cinefili, e certe altre sembra di essere al Bar dello Sport. Ed anche tu: certe volte sembri un uomo dal raffinatissimo intelletto, pieno di senso dell\’umorismo, molto fuori dal coro; e certe altre sembri il tipico oste da taverna, con commenti di bassissima lega che mi fanno persino dubitare che sia proprio tu a concepire e dirigere splendidi film quali \’Satya\’ o \’Nishabd\’ o \’Sarkar\’. Mi chiedo: soffri di sindrome doppia o è l\’effetto dell\’alcool? Per favore: NON deludermi e NON indurmi a rivedere la profonda stima che provo per te. Non ti chiedo di essere perfetto, ma almeno evita le cazzate da Bar dello Sport. Non si addicono ad un uomo intelligente come te. Te lo dico senza acrimonia e con il massimo affetto, credimi. Aspetto di vedere \’Rann\’. Sono sicura che sarà un capolavoro!Ciao.

  55. sLm says:

    @Shalinieven we r lonely and alone as our ramuji is…@Ramuji so plzz post something new…@Shalinigreat to c a girl follower of his blog…usually girls follow only d other side of camera ie ShahRukh ,Salmaan and other

  56. vinay says:

    @swamyaiyyyo swamy ji, angelina jolies..6 children…?gotta get ur facts rite dude. she dsnt even hav a sigle child of her own.All r adopted.ok but as far as the beauty contests r concerned it is an entirely differnet issue. I relegiously read big b\’s blog. Big B talks abt everythin there including women,beauty contests,his first crush,his adolescent years,his struggling days….so on. u knw i never found a single artilce offensive in any way.infact i introduced my sis to his blog. his articles are full of knowledge,insipiration,moral ethics,emotions,kindness,generosity,love,affection….it goes on. But here wat do we get is articles on vodka,women,sex,butts,busts,ego,arrogance,insulting people,over confidence,….it goes on.

  57. andhrite says:

    @Vinay Sharma, w.r.t ur comment abt "Atheist", pl. note that u the so called people who worship gods irrelevant to the religion, it is all show off tht they pray god etc bull shit man, You all do sins whatever it may be and finally go to a religious place and wash of all sins by performing some shanthi pooja, that means you bribe the god and asks for blessings to repeat the sins once again, the same is repeating from years."An Atheist is a person who believes in his/her own talent and comes up in life wht ever field he / she chooses, unlike believers of god who puts the whole responsibility on his shoulders and ask for favour\’s like pass in exams, marriage, job, etc bull shit list of wishes tht even gods dont have time to sort out the wish list, if by any chance god exists"

  58. SUBRAHMANYAM says:

    ” I am not afraid of a man who knows of a thousand types of kicks, but I am afraid of the one who has practiced one kick a thousand times. “ – Bruce Leethere is no need to ask of which man u r……. bcoz u r the ONE

  59. Raghavendra says:

    "Be the difference that makes a difference"…. and you are the difference!!!

  60. surap says:

    Ramu come on man… getting bored with silly comments…..

  61. surap says:

    Can you elaborate the difference between TRUTH, REAL and FACT..

  62. Shalini says:

    @ Amr SinghYes I love this blog..but I\’m not lonely or alone…;o)..and certainly let\’s not worry about RamuJI\’s loneliness. I\’m sure he is taking care of it himself…. ;o)Cheers,

  63. sLm says:

    i think Ramuji is busy with Rakhta

  64. snow says:

    I strongly believe this Shalini is a guy masquerading as s woman, just to get some attention.And some of the nut heads have fallen for this on this blog!…Going by this entities comments it resembles behavior pattern of a guy and not a gal. And pardon me Shalini if you are really a gal, you must be really lonely commenting on a Friday night here in this blog rather than boinking!

  65. Junkie says:

    When are you making movie on Prabhakaran?Already a Kannada director is planning to make the movie.I read somewhere that Mohanlal is willing to act as Prabhakaran only if it is directed by you or Maniratnam.

  66. Dhananjay says:

    I have a title for u…. " Ram Gopal Varma ki Rifle " !!!!!!!!!…how was that ?

  67. Dhananjay says:

    franky speaking, dont get into making "Rifle" n\’ all…..It will be a big flop & also we dont want to watch a porn movie ……have u run of all the ideas that u want to make a movie on Rifle ? I hope u were kidding on u r blog……

  68. Dhananjay says:

    Aamir/ Rekha & ARR received award from Maharashtra govt..woner why u dont receive any award from anyone 🙂

  69. Dhananjay says:

    make a comedy movie on how our parliament runs 🙂

  70. Dhananjay says:

    I think there is a scope for making Kaun\’s sequel……..

  71. celeste says:

    To bloggers.Please, stop arguing with Shalini. She\’s a young girl very fond of RGV\’s work. She always writes very witty comments and if RGV appreciates them and replies, what\’s the problem? This is his blog and he\’s free to reply as he prefers. About Shalini\’s gender, is it so important if a blogger is a male or a female? Isn\’t it more important what a blogger writes? Please, take note RGV has replied to a huge quantity of comments left by men, and only to a very few ones left by women, so I really don\’t think it\’d be a good idea for a male blogger creating a female id hoping for a reply… I think it\’s better the contrary! Shalini: now I\’m going to create a male id for me, so I\’ll have more possibilities to collect a reply from RGV. I suggest you to do the same, darling…To Ram: please, write a new text! This stupid fight between men/women is getting very very very boring. Oh: my male id will be named \’Davide\’. I hope you\’ll reply to him…Ciao!Celeste/Davide

  72. sripal says:

    If one has common sense, would not use this space for any thing other than talking about RGV, his movies, filmmaking, thoughts…

  73. unknown says:

    thu yedava bathuku…… ! yakkadiki poina kottuka sastaru. Enjoy the life

  74. unknown says:

    What is the role playing by "kota" in Rakta Charitra??

  75. surap says:

    @Celeste: I really appreciate your vouching for Shalini…But she is tough enough girl to strike back with her own style… But i feel nice to see girls to be girls only….

  76. Unknown says:

    I became your fan after reading your blogs

  77. thirumalesh says:

    Sometimes I think you are at verge of nervous break down, u need Urmila back in your life> Since when u became fan of bachan, when he is the epicenter of corruption/nepotism. I wish you wake up and create stories which are mass entertaining rather than documentaries. I have a story for you, it is a delicate , tender , romantic and fits holly wood and bolly wood . I wish i had money like you to propel an idea and theme. u can reach me at

  78. Shri says:

    I am one of the morons like you so I am waiting for your new movie "Agyat". But why do you have to fuck up the movie by casting Nisha Kothari

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