That was what we used to call her. Rifle was a name someone gave her at College and it stuck. She was the most sexiest woman I have ever seen in my life. When I was studying in Siddhartha Engineering College Vijayawada, there used to be lot of construction activity going on there and she was one of the construction labourers. Me and many of my classmates used to watch her through our classroom window while a boring soil mechanics lecture droned on. It didn’t make a difference to us that her thighs were caked with cement dust and her hair was uncombed, she used to walk bare feet with her chest thrust out and used to look straight in our eye. She had more sex in her little finger than most women in their whole bodies. To us she was just sex personified. Our imagination of how she would look naked under her clothes drove us insane. Agreed that our ages were such that even a telephone pole wrapped in a saree would look sexual, but there really was something truly amazingly electrifyingly sexual about Rifle. It’s not that there were no other women on the campus. There were plenty both in the engineering and the medical college but Rifle was Rifle.

I always felt there is a fundamental difference between beauty and sexuality. Beauty pleases your senses whereas sexuality controls your senses, or even more correctly makes your senses go berserk. Your rational thinking gets lost and the animal instinct takes over. Rifle used to draw out the animal in all of us. She in her non-caring demeanour and in the way she used to clothe and behave epitomized the word ‘sex’. We all used to sit in the nights with textbooks on our laps and have endless discussions on the shapes and sizes of Rifles various attributes. It took us the tremendous strength of our combined will of all our upbringing, education, social programming, morality, religious strictures and fear of law which just about managed to control us from pouncing upon her.

If ever in my life I respected God, it was for creating Rifle.

Now why was she so sexual compared to the crystal clean girls who used to come in swanky dresses, their lips red with lipstick? I think it’s because no man wants to taste lipstick when he kisses a girl.

I strongly feel that sexuality works more when it is ultra real rather than when it is enhanced by cosmetics. Aesthetics kind of undermine the rawness of sex. For example I think the difference between an erotic film and a porn film is the backlight. If it’s back-lit it’s erotic and if it’s front-lit it’s porn. In both cases the content is the same.

All said and done, for me Rifle was the ultimate epitome of what God really intended a woman to be like, before the cosmetic industry, the costume designers, the make-up people and the jewelry merchants came in and started backlighting that wonderful species called women.


  1. Incidentally Rifle never knew that she used to be referred as ‘RIFLE’.
  2. She was completely unaware of the volcanic emotions she aroused in the hearts and loins of a thousand guys on the Campus.
  3. She never knew how many floodgates of jealousy she opened when she married a guy who used to run a Paan-Shop opposite our college gate.
  4. Some day I will surely make a film based on the concept of “The woman as a sexual being” and I want to call it “RIFLE” as a tribute to her.
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100 Responses to “RIFLE”

  1. Parixit says:

    what was the description of the scenes you gave to the actors for the shooting of those mind blowing expressions you shoot in AGYAAT?

  2. Parixit says:

    Women are not as beautiful that clothes have made them"-Philosopher Bertrand Russel.The fun in watching women is in imaging what would be behind those torn clothes, not in watching the bare body."I used to live in area where women used were knee length clothes and I used to aroused even just by seeing the knees of those women when their cloth pops-up little bit, and now I live where wearing short skirts is no big deal but bare foots does not arouse me much compared to those knee length clothes"-Bertrand Russel.PLZ Comment on this Sir.

  3. Phani says:

    You are crazy man … ultimate Crazy

  4. sreeniwas says:

    OH!!!!!!! THATS GOOD Mr.AK 47 ..keep goin..

  5. Shiva says:

    Had you married Radha, wouldnt you have called the children as \’Bullets\’?

  6. Dinakar says:

    you cud ve said u want to make a film on these lines in one line… why all this bullshit man… for dramatic effect eh? it paid well though…

  7. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma Garu, About the background score, do you just let the music composer work on his own and at the end check if it works for you? If it does not, are you specific in telling him what else is needed? You are not a music composer yourself. How do you overcome this handicap?

  8. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu, Do you ever tell the cameraman I want this shot like in so and so film?

  9. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu, Does the cameraman ever say to you, "We cannot do it at his stage. We need more time and plan it well ahead"?

  10. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu,Did you ever tell the cameraman to move the camera or swing the camera as per some rhythm or music even if it is not a proper song sequence?

  11. E says:

    Hi RGV, "Some day I will surely make a film based on the concept of "The woman as a sexual being"!!!Man…..something!!! First of all ,again I am impressed with your candor!!..But there are somethings which should remain unsaid and kept to ourselves. There are somethings which should remain private!!. They should not to be shared with the world. Being politically correct..you know what I mean…and ofcourse this is applicable to people like you..or celebrities…but anyway coming to the point….you are saying "on the concept"..does it mean..you look at every woman as a sexual object? or just look at some woman as sexual objects…? Do you always look at beautiful woman in sexual way? With lust? If yes, then you are just juvenile and your whole concept..let me stress.."the whole concept" of woman is very naive. You are stuck with your teen attitude or the attitudes you develpoped during your puberty.I suspect you have not had a healthy and deep relationship with woman till date….otherwise why would her superficial, skin deep structures be so appealing to you… If the answer is no to the above…questions…you will make me think!!!CheersEV

  12. surap says:

    @EV dont impress with his conder..the next minute he will show his artfice … He knows well of, which things can reveal to out world.. Not only RGV… No one can have a sexual view on evry woman we see.. say suppose can we a find sex appeal in woman having ugly teeth? He already explained the difference between Beauty and sexy. If you were agree with his argument !! ok. Otherwise post your version.Finally One of the worst comment i ever seen on this blog.

  13. Swamy says:


  14. E says:

    @ Surap, usually i interact with intelligent people….people who know what they are talking about….u see u cannot argue with a dodo!!BTW since when did u take the job of rating comments…on this blog..are u getting paid for this? And why are u vouching for RGV…the questions are directed at him..and let him answer….don\’t get excited tiger..relax!!!!mind u r own business!!CheersEV

  15. surap says:

    @EV Thats y i answered you…. Obviously a stupid always want to interact with an Intelligent … There is no rule on this blog that whom to answer for any comment… This is a public platform.. I will keep rating the comments.. Yes u r right.. This is only my business…

  16. Maria says:

    hahahahahahahaloser 😉

  17. Ashok says:

    Did you ever give thought to write a book? I thinks writing a good book is result of individual\’s skill, where as good movie is a result of team work. what do you say?

  18. vamsi says:

    wat do u do if “RIFLE” gives a chance 2 select 1 out of 2 choices, one z to shoot an erotic song on her,second to do sex with her.

  19. V says:

    @Vinay Sharma: That guy is an actor and his name is Aadarsh(http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2217380/. He recently even acted in a telugu movie by name Vinayakudu) and DEFINITELY not u stupid…..I can understand u are "upset" with this article…..why don\’t u go elsewhere and unleash ur ire than write such CHEAP THINGS for this "interesting" article@Vamsi: Well after following this blog closely, i can guess what he would do…first he will fuck her and then have sex and later make love to her and finally if he feels she is really the "matarial" that suits the song(as per the context) then probably he would shoot an erotic song on her(but never COMPROMISE on the movie and thats why he dont believe in having affairs with heroines….he hee)…..:)@RGV: Ramu i am really "jealous" of ur writings…not that the content u post is ALWAYS GREAT but yes the WAY U CONVEY IT THROUGH THE LANGUAGE is what i am jealous about…..i wish i could write like u with the same intensity…..i think i need to visit lot of "worlds"(read books like u said somewhere in this blog) before i can start writing like u….yes u are an inspiration for me…..:)

  20. static atmosphere energy says:

    RIFLE ! :)I will produce this film RGV and you direct this amazing concept OKbut…change the title to MISSILE – weapo(r)ns of mass destruction !Where can I send the signing amount sir?

  21. thirumalesh says:

    HI RGV,I have grown up watching our movies. It is really entertaining and now a days it is thought provoking. I am from bangalore, now in New york. As you know, Biggest film critics are bangalore audience as they watch movies of all languages. I have a story, which can be potential hollywood movie. I was wondering whether you be interested? Dr.Venkatesh

  22. sLm says:

    u were flattened on “RIFLE” that is why u make movies like Company ,Satya or Contract…lol..:)..jus jokin

  23. Unknown says:

    Ramu,In the Movie COMPANY, while Malik\’s men were chasing Chandu in Kenya, there is scene in whichChandu jumps over building and while Malik\’s man try to jump, he finds it difficult to hold on tothe building and falls down. Similarly the other guy who jumps and tries to cross the building findsthat Chandu is coming towards him and while he tries to get his gun, Chandu comes in frame (screen)and kicks him down such that he falls on electric lines.. Man those were amazing scenes. How did youthought and shot them? Is it copied are inspired. The best thing of those scenes is that you projectedthese gangsters as normal human beings who do not have any training in jumping the buildings. Theyare normal humans and they would fall in attempting to do the super-man stunts. That is amazing aswell as funny. Especially the dialogue from one gangster who says "Sambhal ke" while other guyfinds it tough to hold on and jump over the building.. I just could not stop laughing and pondering over it.Please try to tell me how you conceptualized that scenes. Thanks.

  24. vamsi says:

    Am reminding you the lesson you learnt after Aag. If you have a thought and everyone around you calls it amazing, it does not mean that its a great thought. Make a movie if you have something interesting enough to tell…

  25. vasudev says:

    varma,your description about rifle has aroused my interest and other things too.There might be some femiliar resemblance of YOUR RIFLE.Give us a familiar comparison of her.i mean whether she looks like any celebrity or actress so i may get an idea how was her appearance.

  26. vasudev says:

    varma,why are you deliberately showing the dark side of your personality MR.HIDE rather than DR.JEKILE.I am sure U are damn proud of yourself being a straight forward and egoistic man. Do you really have the guts to say "I LUST YOU" rather than "I LOVE YOU"to a woman who knows little about you and \’most sexiest\’ according to your terms.

  27. gajee says:

    hahaha…nice one

  28. gajee says:

    @E V: Ignore people who think this is a public forum where they can go on browbeating.

  29. Ravi says:

    Why is that – \’a woman needs only ONE MAN for all her needs…while a man needs all the women for his ONE NEED\’. Is it due to physiological, psychological or hormonal differences…or the same GOD who created RIFLE saw the need for TARGETS (as a RIFLE is useless without \’possible\’ TARGETs). Interestingly, numerous targets can invite one RIFLE at a time…while a RIFLE can shoot only one target at a time :-)P.S: You seem to be religiously following the \’ways to popularize a blog\’. You know…what I mean 🙂 Keep it going!

  30. mahesh says:

    Hi RGV,How did you conceive the idea, the intelligent escape of Satya from Cinema hall when police is monitoring around? it\’s simply superb

  31. Abhishek says:

    Telephone pole wrapped in a saree would look sexual…ha ha ha ….that\’\’s DEVILISh sense of humor!!I am guessing the reason for you to keep textbooks on lap…hahahahahaahahahLOL

  32. prithvi says:

    RIFLE was funny & sexy especially telephone pole wrapped in a sari…..really good sense of humor.

  33. Vinay says:

    So currently the paanwala is busy putting in his cartridge in the rifle and rifle is busy applying choona to him! Their children- are they called bullets?

  34. Unknown says:

    I think in everybody\’s life they encounter \’RIFLE\’ at certain point of time.All they need to identify and respond.And it is always unspoken but it exists right at the bottom of the heart.

  35. Unknown says:

    hahah… boy…i think this is one of the best things i have read in a long time…. so true! Sexuality and beauty are completely different things… sometimes both can be found i one person some times just one…. some times none! It is definitely something i would love to watch… in fact work on!a \’Rifle\’ has been a part of every guy\’s life. and most often she does not get to know… it\’s such a fantastic aspect to explore on.

  36. Naresh Kumar says:

    Hi..Sir… , no one can ever come in par with ut tastes… Ur musical or visual sensibilities or women… ur the supremo and maestro.. Ur RGV thats it.. there is only one.. and in future will also be onle one.. ur great sir….

  37. Naresh Kumar says:

    except U everybody else in India is a pseudo bastards !

  38. sLm says:

    u r true Naresh Kumar Madiki

  39. sha says:

    You have given break to so many actors.so when my number will come sir?

  40. Suneel says:

    Ramu garu telugu lo cinemalu theyyandi,enduku theeyyatledo kani, naku matku malli telugu lo meeru cinemalu theesthe chudalani korika.Phoonk….Raksha ani vacchindi kani meere theesi unte bagundedi anipinchindi idi na feeling.Raktha Charitra kosam waiting waiting.Rifle idea super,nenu guntur lo engineering chadive rojullo college sweeper meeda ma batch ki ade feeling.Basu mana telugu lo cinema theeyyandi…………Naku manchi voice undi ani na feeling dubbing ki panikosthananipisthandi…..meeku emanna upayogapadathana……cd emanna pampamantara…….meeku vini chuddam veedi voice anipisthe oka chinna message ekkadiki pampalo rayandi pampesthachivariga. Answers arisinay andaru rude anukuntaru kani adi vetakaram ani ardham kadu. na meeda matuku emi veyyaddu chala jagrattha ga rasanu ekkada meeku doraka kudadu ani. chala istam meerante emi rayaddu naku kopam vaste Anukokunda Oka roju lo Bramhanandam la untadi. I want to see Nellore Pedda Reddy right now super guru comedy matuku.sare keep making good ,bad and ugly movies.always and forver fan of moviessuneel

  41. Unknown says:

    hello sir,Is there any specific reason why you dont sign ARR for your movies anymore? would love to see the combination again sir..

  42. sLm says:

    sirji from ur production "Mr ya Miss" is used by sony entertainment as a daily soap with diff characters named Bhaskar Bharti check it out…

  43. kishan says:

    God created women like Rifle but he has let us rot in feeling of jealousy and depression for not being able to get to them. I hate him for that.

  44. Junkie says:

    Similar story I have. I was so jealousy when she married some junk guy.She was so beautiful. But fortunately I had some chat with her though not much.Oh man!! she was awesome. As people say she was "Diamond in dirt".

  45. Junkie says:

    Men in 40s become more naughty.And you prove it 🙂

  46. unknown says:

    Are you going to depict SURI\’s rise in rakta charitra-2 ?? Because, nobody knows suri\’s ability before the blast at Ramanaidu studio. So, curious to know about SURI\’s character before the blast.

  47. Who says:

    20. What is sad is that you think that you are Gail Wynand fighting Toohey’s like me.Ans: What is even more sad is your half-baked understanding of Ayn Rand.Your poet could take over your company. As ridiculous as it may sound; all the second-handers you endorse will end up doing just that. Go after them. Fire them. As inconsequential as they may be, please understand what I was trying to say with my limited half-baked knowledge of some book I read.

  48. Unknown says:

    Why and how did you ever do \’Prema Katha\’? I mean, its quite unlike any of your other films, though the songs were shot very well..

  49. madhu sudan says:

    some where in this blog i read that u use to do practical expreiments to study the psychology of the people …..have u written this article with that intention by any chance ?

  50. spin says:

    how many shots did u fired imagining " rifal".

  51. V says:

    Ok this is for all the hardcore fans of RGV, who are still not satisfied and craving for more….i have uploaded some files related to him……so whoever interested can download them…:)http://www.esnips.com/web/RamGopalVarma

  52. pradeep says:

    hi thanks for rann i am very happy u make it big in both content and context.u r one of few intelligent flim makers who make flim of thier liking and make flim not products.wishing u making lots of flims not products.

  53. pradeep says:

    ramu u the best person do deal with every subject of life.u have to make flim on each and everty mattar life sex society media family matters, education, different professions like engineering doctor, etc this is because i like your view point and believe in your ability and thinking.think on it

  54. Phani says:

    haa haa Hats Off Varma. U successfully diverted people from Jana Gana Mana Controversy through \’Rifle\’

  55. Maanav says:

    I always felt there is a fundamental difference between beauty and sexuality. Beauty pleases your senses whereas sexuality controls your senses, or even more correctly makes your senses go berserk – Couldnt agree more!

  56. Anil says:

    Because of Telugu Film censor board issues with \’Govinda Govinda\’ Film, you moved to Bollywood. Now will you move to Hollywood based on indian censor board & supreme court decisions?

  57. sLm says:

    great idea of sending…music video copies to 500 MPs

  58. surya says:

    What are the qualities/qualifications you look for in working with a technician or an assistant director?

  59. srinivas says:

    so u believe we are all created by GOD???contradictory to ur article on GOD,u say that GOD exists???

  60. srinivas says:

    so u believe we are all created by GOD???contradictory to ur article on GOD,u say that GOD exists???

  61. gajee says:

    let not the sc verdict floor you mr ramu, delete the song and go ahead with your movie sir

  62. mikey says:

    Every person is entitled to opinion, as long as you accept this fact, criticism wouldn\’t affect you any which way.Going by what u said long ago,u shouldn\’t have been affected by media criticizing for you visiting TAJ post 26/11.After all they are entitled to their opinion.Its easier said than done,i still remember how u described them as terrorists for killing the spirit of an individual.

  63. mikey says:

    My friend sreepal badly wants to join a film school for it can be a good starting point.The other day u said that film school is a big sham these days.When i made the same point to him,he hit me back saying ,"Not all can become varmas,it is applicable to the likes of VARMAS and MANIRATHNAMS and they are one in a million".I reckon its not about following a particular approach,its about having an approach to film making and go by it with the best state of mind.

  64. Shalini says:

    Hi Ramu, Don\’t you think four days of blog time is enough tribute to your RIFLE? Well..I mean no disrespect to you or to your RIFLE but..can you please change the post??

  65. PARUCHURI says:

    Hi Ramu, if it happens in the way stated in the link http://www.greatandhra.com/ganews/viewnews.php?id=13840&scat=4, "Ramu is said to be making changes in script to show Paritala Ravi as the villain and the key accused in his murder, Maddelacheruvu Suri as the hero." u will be the ultimate looser, one community of people will burnt the theatres or movie reels. so be careful before doing somthing stupid.

  66. V says:

    Ramu i have a 3 questions for u. 1. If any of ur movies get an Oscar nomination, then will u go ALL OUT to get that coveted Oscar award?(since u DON\’T BELIEVE in awards so what i am asking u is does atleast Oscars mean anything to u if not our local awards)2. If u get an Oscar after being nominated, then WILL U GO to USA to collect the award?3.In case if u choose to go, then WILL U wear TIE AND SUIT which is a prerequisite for anyone to collect the award?(because u don\’t believe in following rules set by others, atleast now u have to if u WANT to collect that elusive Oscar award)And finally i want to say one thing….i love u….(but i am not a girl….he heee)

  67. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu, The absence of a formal marriage scene in Siva is conspicuous. However, you have carefully put a song (\’Sarasaalu Chaalu\’) right at that point showing all the elements of a newly-wed couples\’ domestic life. So transition was smooth for the viewer even without the formal marriage scene. The question itself does not arise for the viewer. Now after seeing all this, when I saw the trailer of \’Satya\’ where you showed JD and Urmila getting formally married (dream sequence, you even showed people dancing in the marriage) I was surprised. In \’Company\’, you have re-iterated the triviality of marriage thru Mallik. Again you showed Chandu getting married in temple. It seems you have some interesting thoughts there to share..

  68. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu, I guess one-way of directing is to misdirect the audience and still make sense if you wish to.

  69. Kalpesh says:

    Congrats on your success with Phoonk. However, there\’s no announcement of the results for the "It happened to me contest". I had participated and I received an email saying my story has won and that I need to send contact details and pan card ID for processing of the prize money cheq. I sent it but nothing heard after that….. would you have an idea what happened to it?

  70. Unknown says:

    Ramu, I want some attention from public as well as from you.Can\’t you put some Reaction to Reactions along with my name?

  71. raj says:

    Do you love your daughter?

  72. surap says:

    @SHALINISeems girls getting bored with RIFLE…. But for boys, she is still hot off the press..RIFLE please keep going baby…hmmm. Hmmmm..

  73. Naga Prasad says:

    Ramu, why should i watch your RANN and not Emran hashmi\’s RAFTAR..?

  74. Naga Prasad says:

    Ramu, whom would you call RIFLE in bollywood?. I am sure you would have come across a few.

  75. Raghavendra says:

    How did u visualise the one lengthy shot with whole village quit in the opening secene of Raat?

  76. Aju says:

    bomb of a story .. if ever made rifle would be an Indian answer of malena .. i just hope an Indian actress with the phenomenal sexuality that monica belluci exudes comes along for the role..

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