My reactions to reactions

1. Is it your impatience that makes you work so fast?
Ans: No, it’s my fear that I will not have enough time to be able to make all the films I want to make before I die.
2. I think you are using your blog to publicize yourself and your films?
Ans: Of course yes! You thought I was here for my love for you or what?
3. I give you 3.5/5.
Ans: And I give 0/5 for your opinions.
4. Why don’t you open a film school?
Ans: The concept of film schools in today’s time is a big sham. In the olden days there was no access to film tools like camera, etc. Today anybody with a digicamera and a laptop can make a film. And as per the institute having film archives, every corner dvd store has more films than them. Further more filmmaking is an expressionist art and I don’t believe that it can be taught.
5. What school did you attend?
Ans: St.Marys High School, Secunderabad.
6. How much was your remuneration for Shiva?
Ans: The sum total of whatever I earned till today and whatever I will ever earn.
7. You have won my respect with Jana Gana Mana Rann song. After 17 years I will step into the theatre to watch this film.
Ans: Oh great, I will arrange a band for your welcome.
8. I liked that scene in Shiva where the mother of the dead friend slaps the Police Inspector. How did you conceive that great scene?
Ans: I copied it from “JAWS”. The mother of the boy killed slaps the Police Chief for not forewarning the tourists about the shark.
9. I think during your early stages your movies had sensible music.
Ans: And I think during your late stages you lost your sensibility of music.
10. I want to make a film on you.
Ans: Just remove “Ki Aag” from “Ramgopalvarma Ki Aag”.
P.S: Ok… Ok… Ok… I know that this was a dumb answer but I could not think of something better.
11. You don’t comment from your heart, you just want to make them interesting and you want to show off.
Ans: Yes. Yes. Yes. So?

12. People who are close to you and bear your attitude must be either thick-skinned or blissfully ignorant of your sarcasm.
Ans: Or they could be smarter than you.


13. How do you differentiate between right and wrong?
Ans: Very simple. What I do is right and what others do is wrong.
14. You think you are extra smart, don’t you?
Ans: Yyyyyeesssssss!
15. Someone told me that Rakta Charitra’s script is someone else’s.
Ans: I don’t have a copyright ownership of Paritala Ravi’s story. Anyone is welcome to make a film on him from their own interpretation.
16. What is the best compliment for your blog?
Ans: Someone here said that the only thing he does in office is to watch a yummy girl in there or read my blog, which basically means he is saying that my blog is the next best thing after sex. Ahhhhh!
17. Surya fits the bill, but still not convinced about Vivek.
Ans: Sleep on it.
18. What’s your take on violence v/s non-violence?
Ans: Well, violence for sure is more entertaining.
19. Is Agyaat inspired from Predator?
Ans: Yes and from many more in that genre.
20. What is sad is that you think that you are Gail Wynand fighting Toohey’s like me.
Ans: What is even more sad is your half-baked understanding of Ayn Rand.
21. I think you are the most sensitive guy than anyone.
Ans: Well, my mom and my girl friend think the same. They think I just hide my sensitivity under my seemingly tough guy image. But I think they think that because they are too scared to think otherwise.
22. A person like you cannot be as soul less as in your reactions to reactions.
Ans: Did you ever hear of something called sense of humour?
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80 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. Naveen says:

    i am from St. Johns……Sangeet theatre is no more around………….i saw my first english movie there when in school….one of them was \’the pelican brief\’

  2. Vijay says:

    Hi RGV, Would love to watch your TAKE on adventure movies like "Indiana Jones" series… I know you made Daud and i enjoyed it, but something more than that …. Also, loved the camera angles from Agyaat Teaser.. More interesting than Predator… VJ

  3. pavan says:

    Hi Sir, would like to read your take on Piracy and the increase number of internet downloads, pirated cd\’s etc., and how does it effects a filmmaker monetarily and mentally.Thx,Pavan.

  4. Dhananjay says:

    what happens in the climax for Agyaat ? & dont give me crap answer….

  5. Dhananjay says:

    I think "Kaun" is your best film till date….Sarkar series is nothing but hype…….

  6. Dhananjay says:

    considering the kind of work u have done so far..there are hardly any Director in the bollywood who are as good as good barring few wxceptions of course…..Raju Hirani & Director of "Sahar"(Arshad Warsi) are the 2 I can think of..

  7. prithvi says:

    HiIn "Shiva",how did u come up with the chasing scene where the goons chase Nag and the girl? Also used cycle in that sequence,any particular reason for using that prop? Cinematography and Background was really breathtaking in that scene.Saw "Agyaat" Teaser and looks scarier than any recent movies of the same genre,looking forward to watch soon in theaters.

  8. Surya says:

    Way to go RGV! As I wrote my last comment, guys pl. keep asking dumb questions. Otherwise, having a hearty laugh becomes as a rare a commodity as coming across an honest politician.

  9. abhinav says:

    which work of ayn rand do you like the most?

  10. Unknown says:

    do u call it humour to say u r unpatriotic, selfish and things like that? way to go!!

  11. Puroorava Chakravarthy says:

    Recently i have seen a video on youtube which is about "Sarada Peetadhipathi says the reasons behind the failure of Chiru & Chandrababu in elections this year". He said some rahuvu kethuvu logic. Why does media focuses on these \’extra-natural\’ analyses on politics? May be this is entertainment for people! May be this improves viewership!"Hindusthan meih development nahi entertainment chahiye"(Sarkar Raj)

  12. ajit says:

    hi…i am eager to meet you to learn the filmaking … need your appointment..hope u wont underestimate me…

  13. Unknown says:

    there is new TWIST in yummy girl\’s tale…there is this lunatic senti bastard across my desk is salivating over my yummy girl… I knew that he was a self-proclaimed stud or dude…. but still did not think he would do major move….. one of his teammates (who is jealous of his looks/coolness) told me that he was planning a major marriage proposal to her ( seems like his desire to propose was one year in the making…haha…but i wonder what makes him disclose such intentions given the competition and jealousy is so high! )… he was dreaming to bite yummy\’s bummy if and when he is successful in his conquest over her…. I quietly went to yummy and told her casually that this guy has a weird history of proposing every girl he meets… and has tried to commit suicide once over a love rejection…after few days …Fully dressed like James Bond, our boy went to her and started his love confession of millennium in his pussy voice…. he said something like " i want to say something to you…" she jumped to almost pre-meditated reply " i know what you want to say and understand ur feelings BUT …………….. "He is still sulking over yummy\’s refusal to let him try "another suicide attempt"…. :)P.S: Yummy narrated me this episode last weekend and was literally behaving as if though she saved HIS life… we had good lough and …. a yummy time!P.P.S: today she is wearing bright sky blue top with generous neckline… and that smile man… those lips… man, cant wait till weekend…

  14. Sree says:

    RGV,Apart from this blog and making movies, did u ever think of writing any book?

  15. Sree says:

    RGV,I was surfing the news articles on you and read something which closely meant like this. " RGV oka mentalodu" – is this a myth or a fact?

  16. Krishna says:

    RamGopal, To how much extent were (will) you influenced by books and written literature?

  17. Krishna says:

    Ram, Please write an article about making of the movie GAAYAM…. I am eagerly waiting for it

  18. Swamy says:

    Today anybody with a digicamera and a laptop can make a film>>Movie cameras like RED are coming to the market which are very economical and cost around 50 lakhs.Anyways at the end of the day the real talent emerges when there is a huge competition.

  19. surap says:

    In "Deyyam"How did you come up with the scene,where one person head and legs stands opposite..was it truely camera\’s magic or else????

  20. surap says:

    Can you put up your balance sheet of the Year… Quick…

  21. s says:

    Blog is an year old …isn\’t it

  22. s says:

    Well, it had been a entertaining one Thanks for writing.

  23. gouravaraju says:

    yes, I really want to make a film on you, I want to have an appointment with you, to understand you. dont think I am joking , you are one of the persons who interested me.

  24. Unknown says:


  25. Rasna says:

    For "Moddu seenu" character, U should consider "Subbaraju" ( Both look similar.

  26. jeevan says:

    when it comes to entertaining nothing can beat your blog. its a hundred percent worth it.

  27. jeevan says:

    how did u conceive the paresh rawal character in kshana kshanam ? did u have any reference for it. I loved those small moments like the once where a village guy asks him if the bus goes to yadagiri gutta & also the scene where he plays piano. They were extremely hilarious.

  28. Shalini says:

    Ramu, I think ur tough guy image is a pretence…your best job ever. agree with me? ;o)

  29. Shalini says:

    Ramu, if a film is ever made on you think your charactor will be the hero or the villain? I know it depends on whos making it..but in you wish to see ur self as the good guy or the bad guy??

  30. prathyush says:

    How do you decide on what kind of camera and lighting to be used for different scenes?

  31. bhanu says:

    dude… you should have named it "Ramgopal Varma Ki Khujili" instead of "Ramgopal Varma Ki AAG".

  32. Shwetha says:

    @jeevanravu​la..I agree completely 🙂

  33. Dhananjay says:

    have u ever heard a word called " meaningful cinema " ???

  34. Dhananjay says:

    DOP is the most important person after Director in the movie making…A suggestion – dont take bachhan family in u r movies….all are duds & that is why u r making duds with them like Sarkar series, Naach, Aag etc….

  35. E says:

    Q ) How much was your remuneration for Shiva?Ans: The sum total of whatever I earned till today and whatever I will ever earn.Nice Answer!!!!..Good one!!!

  36. lprakash says:

    "To you, I\’m an atheist; to God, I\’m the loyal opposition." – Woody Allen"To you, I\’m an atheist; to God, I\’m the ____________" – Ram Gopal VarmaRegardsPrakash Gowda

  37. vamsi says:

    I think all the answers u keep in this blog r mostly according the mood u have at that time,than a single thought process.

  38. vamsi says:

    I like your "Govinda Govinda" a lot . When I was in my high school, I saw that film and "Stavros" haunted me for many nights in dreams. I was dead scared by him and was pretty much impressed with the little boy\’s character who was "God" himself. I still feel the freshness of the film as I see it today and the Sudarshana chakram shloka "Jaya Jaya sree sudarshana !" in the climax was simply awesome. As I am mad about the film, can you please write a blog describing its making (shooting details and how u got such a beautiful storyline) in detail? I am not worried about its commercial success because to me, it is a hit since I have never forgotten the movie and will never be able to. Here are a few scenes that I like (I don\’t know if u are interested, still u may feel it is thanksgiving by me): Introduction of stavros, Kota srinivasa rao asking "Money when when? " and that he would see cabaret dance, Scene where Sridevi has a darshanam of venkateswara swamy in Tirumala temple, followed by Paresh, Fight between Paresh and Chang where the crown falls down (BGM rocks!), Budhha statues settlement scene, Final scene where sudarshanam comes to help Nagarjuna.. There are a lot more 🙂

  39. surap says:

    oh!!!! God!!!!! Watching a yummy girl means doing Sex ???????? Foolish perception..What do you say

  40. vaishak says:

    Dear Ramu, From "A few moments from Agyaath", i felt a similarity between Agyaath and "Poltergeist" . The second clip, while everybody stare straight left of the camera, nisha\’s eyes point to ground and slowly she is pointing a finger towards the right side of the Cam. She looks possessed . Usually, this kind of a character would be a \’child\’ in English films. In "Poltergeist" , the child sense the presence of ghosts and communicate with it through the TV and when they are around the child says to his mom "They are here|". Mom goes "Who..?" . The child answers "they…The TV people"…. I felt a smell of "Poltergeist" in that visual.

  41. vaishak says:

    Dear ramu, Song picturisation of the Movie "Mast" is awesome. There was a life in it and a lot of ideas. The song start with aftab sitting on a tree like a ghost and he wanders all the street -grounds where children play cricket, theatre,restaurant, college campus,dancing in rain while people walk around in the streets with serious faces and without noticing him with straight cuts of urmila dancing in designer costumes in a brilliant set. It was really awesome. I think there was an amateur boy in you in those days. You wanted to impress audience with your style. But nowadays, we are not getting that youth spirit from your films. What\’s wrong with the child in you…?

  42. static atmosphere energy says:

    Dear Ram Gopal Varma,Despite not understanding Telugu Language… I watched \’Shiva\’ umpteen number of times in \’Devi\’ and \’Anjali\’ theater and since then have not missed any of your films or films produced by you. Somehow it bought me to respect the maker, the director behind films… RGV…today we have Protools, sound scape and Avid for post production, I watched \’Shiva\’ again and I am still amazed by its impactful dramatization of each and every scene or its conception of each individual scenes…like they have a beautiful begenning to establish the mood of that particular individual scene, then there is smart precise emotion in middle and impactful ending of each scene…but this also has something what other telugu films in those days or even today do not have…the sound design…How you were able to explain what you have had in your mind to sound designer or sound engineer that time? Because that those late 80\’s and early 90\’s very few people thought of background music…so was it like you shot Shiva, edited it and then told the sound people what you have ? then at time of editing you also have to be there to give breathing space for background music…in Shiva both things might have happened?Whose idea was that when introduction to Bhavani the most admired and hated villain is shown … you show the match stick light and it (sound) really had impact on minds of people…with his Close Up…again when he takes Shiva name for first time, he drops ash from his ciggy…Have you ever in your imagination thought…let me get a background sound track and then design the scene? or let me get entire sound of everything first and then make film…it may sound crazy but…have you thought?Is there any film of any genre that fuels your imagination where sound has been smartly, aptly used besides Sholey….?Thanks!

  43. sLm says:

    (4) – agreed with u(8) – nice inspiration(10) – thanks for answering me but really i had a story and u are my hero..i hope i could really make one before i die…(21) – even my mother thinks the same way..

  44. bipin says:

    all of u kiss ass, can\’t u see that this guy is a con-artist and not even a good one, coz a con artist never get caught in the process, rangeela and shiva was the movie he made good, others are just piece of shits, anyway, now he is outdated and some random guy would outcast him, actually he is already outcasted. how much buzz is being created by rgv movie nowadays? it comes and goes without a trace, it creates some sort of noise, but nobody waits for it and don\’t even bother to watch it. mark my words , in two years, this guy\’s luck would ride out and he would left starnded with his past only.and he knows it.

  45. Vasu says:

    Who do you think is the most gorgeous girl you ever saw? Don\’t say Sridevi Aunty please?

  46. Vasu says:

    When will you make a Hollywood film?

  47. Vasu says:

    I think you lack a filter between your thoughts and words. Some times you sound to me like Upendra in Upendra film 🙂

  48. Nagarjun says:

    Ramu, if a film is ever made on you think your charactor will be the hero or the villain? I know it depends on whos making it..but in you wish to see ur self as the good guy or the bad guy??//Shalini madam,I am making with Raj pal Yadav just wait for 2 more years..moviename is as DJ..who remixes.

  49. ram says:

    @static atmosphere energysince you talked about background music… Just wanted to remind you that the music was given by Ilayaraja, who made dud movies look like great ones just with his BGMs.. Ofcourse, not to take the credit from RGV, Ilayaraja was already expert when it comes to BGM ( Gitanjalai, Nayakan, etc were released long before Siva).. But as you said, it was almost new in telugu movies..In Siva, right from 1st , you can see the impact of BGM… . Romantic music, the haunting end title music.. aah!! Wish , Raja and Ramu work together on a serious film.. It creates wonders.. Ramu… pls write about BGM of Siva and Raja

  50. lprakash says:

    Sir,There\’s a movie by Oliver Stone and written by Quentin Tarantino (I know you won\’t agree, but I believe you\’re India\’s answer to Tarantino) called \’Natural born killers\’, where the protagonist, Mickey is convinced of the fact that he\’s a natural born killer. It reminded me of the interrogation scene of your movie Company, where Mohanlal says to Viveik "Is dhande ki zaat hi kuch aisi hai\’. How did you come up with that scene. You know something, you were far ahead of your times coz we saw something similar in Frost/Nixon. Please write something about that scene on your blog.RegardsPrakash Gowda

  51. sandeep says:

    You r right when u say that film making is an expressionist art and that it cannot be taught.The film school don\’t teach that either.In fact they teach how to make use of the technology to give way to that expression. how u achieved the effect of the twisted neck scene of the watchemn?…plz reply to this!:)

  52. unknown says:

    Who is intelligent, the person who cracks UPSC or persons who invented electronics or the person who earns money or the person who creates new trends in cinema or etc.. etc..????In my opinion, the person who believes himself as an intelligent is the intelligent.

  53. Unknown says:

    Hi Sir, I want you to discuss on Ayn Rand\’s Writing\’s.I am not sure of my understanding of Ayn Rand, if i know how you thought about it , it would make me clear.

  54. I says:

    unknownwrote: Who is intelligent, the person who cracks UPSC or persons who invented electronics or the person who earns >>>All of them but not you.

  55. Ashish says:

    What do you get out of writing this blog?

  56. Nagesh says:

    Honestly, i felt that you were inspired/nourished/redesigned by \’Mere Apne\’ when you were Making Siva…Isnt\’t?

  57. Junkie says:

    "Filmmaking is an expressionist art and I don’t believe that it can be taught"Come on..atleast you cant say this. You always rip off stories including scenes and dialogues, then how can you say this?You learnt film making by watching movies in your video parlour. You got motivation from so many movies for each and every movie of yours. That means you learnt from others and got motivated by others. For learning and motivation, you need someone. Ofcourse there is a need for creativity but that is not enough. So, teaching film making is not junk thing. Nothing comes from nothing. Everything comes from something. I agree that it is an art but it gets improved and becomes more mature if you learn it from experienced. Dont just say something for the sake of saying.

  58. sridevi says:

    do you believe in the concept of true love?if yes,who is/was your true love?i know its a cliched question,but i would wanna know..

  59. Rahul Aurora says:

    Is it the SMHS behind Keyes?

  60. Kalyan says:

    Ramu, I don\’t care about the comments or reactions, you are what you are. I\’ve enjoyed every movie of your\’s except AAG. I can relate to Rifle and as a matter of fact every man who went to college will do. Looking forward to Rann and Aghyaat. Don\’t let the reactions bother you, keep it going.

  61. Amudalapalli says:

    Hi Ramu, I was watching your interviews on TV9 and TV5 you rock….. Thought you could give a better answer to Yendamuri which you always do,but you rocked

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