A few moments from “AGYAAT”

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  1. Arun says:

    Awesome RGV …..when is aghyaat releasing ?

  2. madhu sudan says:

    which one is releasing first …….Rann or Agyaath

  3. artinem says:

    ramu,can u make sure ur movies are released in australia??thr are lot of peoplle waitinghere.

  4. Unknown says:

    Phoonk was fantastic… I enjoyed it thoroughly sitting in the theater in a late night show with the curious crowd around, looking forward to Agyaat !! :)Sir, neenu naa portfolio pictures meeku e-mail chesanu, meeru chusara? meeku e-mail vachindo ledo teliyatledu ! :(Praveigne Meruwa

  5. Shreyansh says:

    Make Sure that it genuinely scares us. Bhoot, Vastushastra didnt scare me at all. While Raat genuinely did. Hope its closer to Raat genre. Can u explain why the difference?

  6. Unknown says:

    Agyaat will be released on july 24 and rann will hit cinemas by oct 2. so i guess now all will be happy to know the release dates.so book your tickets in advance.

  7. Sree says:

    The teaser where the man is dragged at a rampant speed where only his legs are shown …is excellent.

  8. Shalini says:

    I\’m unable to see the video 😦 ..I\’ll have to try from a different PC in the evening.Ramu, why don\’t you put it up on youtube like what you did with Runn teaser…please

  9. Unknown says:

    I think the reason you are fascinated with people associated with crime is because of their ability to break the social taboo of being selfish,unkind and consequences after death which drives every moment of the society they have grown up with. You must be amused on what prompts them to unlearn all things from childhood.

  10. bhanu says:

    dude u r babe is completely over the top in the first scene. Mohit alavat is better than Nitin in acting …. you want to prove to the world that you can even make a piece of wood act or what?? You either go for the best or go for wooden faces. You never strike a middle ground. By the way that camera capturing the eye of the guy with glasses who is tilting his head is stunning.

  11. Unknown says:

    Ramugaru, honest feedback: Although I really liked what I saw here, the mise-en-scène reminds me too much of Predator, in particular one of the last shots (4:38) where the actor in bandanna is looking up at the trees. Even the costume and personality of the character strongly resembles Billy, Sonny Landham\’s character who dies in the end when looking-up at the trees. Perhaps it is the locations or the way they are applied. Also, I felt there was similar expression by the actors as well as similar camera angles in all the scenes shown in the clips. Could you clarify if these are elements of the same scene shot from different angles? And if the scenes are structured as different segments on the time line (since numbers of characters are changing in each), then is the vocabulary not being repetitive..? Look forward to your thoughts and to seeing the film on silver screen!

  12. sripal says:

    @ShaliniThis video is embedded from youtube itself [:P]

  13. ThE says:

    RGV is one such person, who wont think twice to even cast South Star "Surya" for Suri character, juz becuz both names sounds similar…so this video is no less then predator..he accepts tht he thinks like a child ! 😛

  14. auto says:

    Ramu bhai….could you please write about your experiences with Ilaiayaraja and late R.D. Burman. I couldnot go to college when RDB left this world……

  15. auto says:

    To me…the best comedy scene among all your movies is in "Kshana kshanam"….When Paresh Rawal and team follows Sridevi along the roads of hyderabad, at one point their car stops in front of a small lane as it could not get into it…..Paresh Rawal comes out of car and looks into the street with his eyes anxiously searching for Sridevi in that lane….At this time a beggar comes to Paresh Rawal begging for some money…and Paresh looks at him, takes out his plate and throws it down with frustration…..This is the best comedy scene with no dialogues…no words….just expression of frustration and anxiety from Paresh with a background noise of vehicles……Kudos anna

  16. auto says:

    Regarding your "Aag"…I think you should not have said that it is a remake of Sholay…..It natural that if someone is trying to re-live Sholay, people have lots of expectations….just like people have expectations on Abhishek Bachhan considering Big B saab, Fardeen Khan considering Feroz saab and so forth. Subhash Ghai made Sholay as "Karma"…..same story, same kind of characters but different actors.. He never said its Sholay…..everyone happy….Karma super hit…..Raj Kumar Santhosi made Sholay as China Gate…but he said its a tribute to Akira Kurosava & Seven Samirai (predecesor of Sholay)….everyone happy…cinema hit….Rakesh Roshan made Karz as Karan Arjun…same story with different charactors…..cinema hit….You remade Abhiman as Naach…same story…same characters but diferent professions…..it was a good movie, I liked it, nevertheless it was not a big hit considering the lack of dishum dishum factor in that movie…..I guess even Abhiman might not run 100 days now if its released which was the case of Naach. But to me Abhiman and Naach both are masterpieces….The bottoml ine is why dont to rework on Sholay and make a hit..I would love to see what critics say on your hit sholay……You can do it Ramu Bhai….

  17. Unknown says:

    Clips are good. Eyes and facial expressions of characters effectively show how scared they are. I wish you used other signs of expressions such as tightning throat, sweating/shivering hands etc.

  18. Unknown says:

    RGV sir can u please tell how can i work under you as an assistant. sir i am asking this question with good intentions i am a big admirer of yours, so please dont ignore me.

  19. Vinay says:

    Directors always say that its the treatment of the story that matters and not the content/story itself. But look at your two about to release movies. The general perception is, everyone\’sjust waiting for Rann and pretty much no one\’s interested in Agyaat. Which means the story content/idea matters too!

  20. Vinay says:

    When you direct the gangster movies, you bring out the fact that its a wrong field to be in. In Satya, during the climax, Urmila refused to let Satya in and you showed how politicos exploit the mafia.In Company, Srinivasan explains to Chandu after his wife\’s death "Ye tere dhande ki jaat hai", which pretty much sums it up! But you dont "advise" your proteges the same thing. Vishram Sawant unabashedly glorified the gangster in D, with no hang ups. However, since you yourself feel that the gangster profession itself is wrong or wrought with dangers that can kill your family, why do you glorify them and yet put in a sort of "disclaimer" emphasizing its pitfalls?

  21. Vinay says:

    An uncivilized world, like the one ruled by Taleban or a regressive society like the Arabs would not allow art forms and movies. A civilized and democratic set up allows all sorts of freedom, if it does not offend anyone. Then why are you attracted to elements who rebel against a civilized society! Sarkar was a rebel with a good cause (taking law into his own hands). Your gangsters are rebels with a bad cause! You glorify both!

  22. marirs says:

    boring. This is the audience you now seem to cater to: "Clips are good. Eyes and facial expressions of characters effectively show how scared they are." seriously rgv, this was boring and not fractionally as appealing as kaun was years ago. Hope Rann turns out better.

  23. Ambarish says:

    You are such an inspiration to be read and followed. Guess the film has some inspired / straight lift scenes from the movie Predator. Anyways working on agyaat, rann,partala is an awesome inspiration to know that when the whole world is cribbing about recession you are making them swallow their words with three movies. Hats off to you. Isnt it becomming rutine with the music, its time you give break to some new guys in the music department, they heavy violin settings is getting repetative (just a thought though).

  24. Parixit says:

    Can you write a piece on making of Nishabd and Naach?

  25. Parixit says:

    Do you believe you were able to make NAACH as you had planned and visioned to be?

  26. Parixit says:

    I just read your article "cons, lies, and a truth"I have a question that do you believe in Geeta \’s philophy of "SAM DAM DUND BHED" to achieve your goal? or in Ayn Rand\’s philsophy which preeches to keep your intigrity at first place?Do you believe the industry still have thos kinda fools that you\’ve had acquainted and conned to become a director?

  27. sLm says:

    nice look..

  28. Vinay says:

    A website (http://www.santabanta.com/cinema.asp?pid=28207) has revealed that a python is the actual killer in Agyaat. But your promos say you cant feel, see or hear the force!

  29. unknown says:

    Now I understand how a question converted as a rumor. Five days ago I just post a question to RGV as "Who is going to play the character of "suri"……… Mohan Lal or tamil actor surya or WHO"??? But ironically it spreads as a rumor. I think RGV still even dont consider surya as suri. Its just my imagination after what RGV said about suri as "his smile does not connect with his eyes" and even I have seen suri on TV, as per this only quality I guessed Mohal lal or Surya, a tamil actor will fit for character.

  30. Jaisankar says:

    your are a good business man ramu….as my perception you are casting heros from differnet areas like tamil,telugu,malayalam,kannada film industries and ofcourse bollywood…Definetly these films will create hype in successive areas…good marketing brain ramu……

  31. Seenu says:

    How did you conceptualize the song "gundello dadadada" in the telugu movie "Antham", it was path breaking.

  32. Unknown says:

    hi nothing to do with this post…..just wanted to know if u saw the cd that i gave u while u were in b\’lore for the phook conference.for set design…..thnk u in case u have!!!!

  33. unknown says:

    I think we can expect Ilayaraja or Rehman for ur Rakta Charitra.

  34. sLm says:

    i was watching Gumnaam [1965] it reminded me of ur Agyaat the plot is similar different kind of ppl stuck in the jungle…and Agyaat seems to new version of Gumnaam.[1965] with your deadly angles of camera..still wishing you best of luck and hope this too gets good response as Gumnaam..

  35. srinivas says:

    At first glance..i thought spectacles as knife..

  36. Abhishek says:

    What would you do if the Indian Govt bans you from making films?

  37. Shalini says:

    @ Sripal Sama,Thank you Sripal, It would\’ve been gr8 if you gave me the youtube link.. ;o) I know I\’m lazy

  38. SUBRAHMANYAM says:

    1st B\’day of RGV\’s blogSir, Release a book with all the topics u have discussed in the blog

  39. unknown says:

    Wow…..I guessed right….Its not a rumor. Surya is playing the character of suri, published in Hindu paper. I am very happy to guess atleast one character in your film "Rakta Charitra".Have you seen my Query earlier?

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