My reactions to reactions

1. Since when have you become patriotic and so concerned about the Nation’s people?
Ans: Hello! The piece I have written was in the context of the film I am making and with reference to a certain character’s thinking in it and I wanted to give an explanation regarding the same to be clear about the intent behind it. I personally don’t believe in anything except my own beliefs which keep changing all the time depending on my mood and the situation I am in. If I am telling the viewpoint of a gangster in a film I am making that does not mean I myself think like a gangster.
2. There are very few sane people out there.
Ans: Ahhhhh! You are telling me! All you need to do is to go through the comments section on my blog and you will see how many!
3. Try to clean your body of toxins like liquor and women and eat simple food.
Ans: Ok Doc, and I suggest that you clean your holier than thou attitude with a bar of dettol.
4. Don’t you have dirt within yourself?
Ans: I am full of it and I love it.
5. I would say you are not even a kid… you are an animal.
Ans: Ooooh! I am so proud of the dawn of your wisdom. I believe that an animal is the purest form of a living being and I thank you so very much for the compliment.
6. How can you start RAKTA CHARITRA and still be firmly focused on RANN and AGYAAT?
Ans: Eashwar, Allah and Jesus have been kind enough to give me a mind which can multi-task at an unimaginable rate. Only me and Satan battle with those Godly forces and manage to screw up most of those tasks.
7. It was first RANN, then INDIA 24/7 and then again RANN. Why change the title so frequently?
Ans: My wish.
8. I have lost all respect for you and Big B.
Ans: Ha Ha.
9. Do you trust in love?
Ans: Yes, but love does not trust in me.
10. You have two contrasting characters Ram and Krishna in your name.
Ans: I guess that explains my confused screwed up state of mind. Hey guys (all my haters), how about blaming it on those Gods and leave me alone.
11. I am with you Ramu.
Ans: I don’t need anybody to be with me Jai. You keep yourself with yourself where you will do most good to yourself.
12. What would have been your reaction if Jana Gana was made by someone else?
Ans: I would have been extremely jealous that I didn’t get the Idea first.
13. Don’t you have any conscience?
Ans: No.
14. I think you lost your sensibility on love and emotions.
Ans: Ya, that’s because I graduated to sex and intelligence.
15. Could truth be told in RANN as effectively as it was written by Ayn Rand?
Ans: Terribly.
16. “Truth can be terrible” would have been better than “Truth is terrible”.
Ans: “Truth is terrible” sounds like a strong statement and the line “Truth can be terrible” albeit more truthful is known to everyone which will make it sound preachy. A strong statement startles people for a moment before they burst out with their venom or praise. I don’t believe in gentle head-nods and gentle head-shakes as then I can’t pounce on them with my loud background music.
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100 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. Shalini says:

    Q 12: Did it ever happen to you before? that you became jealous that you didn\’t get that idea first…anyways..I don\’t think it matters to\’ll copy it anyway right?..take it easy.. ;o)

  2. unknown says:

    How do u describe Amitabh Bachan, as an actor or a star????

  3. unknown says:

    Can we expect you directing Kamal Hassan??

  4. unknown says:

    What is the tag line for your Rakta Charitra?

  5. Unknown says:

    Sir, Ur comments on ….."News is what somebody somewhere is trying to suppress. The rest is advertising". – Lord Northcliffe, cited in New Yorker, March 9, 2009 P.21.

  6. Vinay says:

    If court allows you to tweak the national song, everyone will try to do it! So there will be lines like Punjab Sindh Gujarat MarathaMujhe dil dene me tere baap ka kya jaataDravid Utkal BangaApne pyaar ka baj gaya dangaOr for that matter Vande mataramSujalam sufalam malayaja sheetalamMujhe ladkon se bacha le hey ramShubra jyotsana fulakita yaminiTu achchi lage, chahe pehne saree, salwar ya miniDevotional songsOm Jai Jagdish HareMujhe pyaar karo dheere dheere

  7. Kranthi says:

    Those who love & care for country, you may read a nice article \’What kind of leaders does India need?\’ posted at a blog site

  8. Vicky says:

    Sir, This Jana Gana Mana song is sounding like an essay without any rhyming. One should listen atleast 100 times to start liking this non-song.I think censor board helped you by banning. Be grateful and come-up with another good SONG.

  9. Unknown says:

    Hey Satya, thanks for correction. I had the name but sometimes MSN publish my comment with No Name

  10. praveen says:

    very good 10/10

  11. Dinesh says:

    You are so much Intelligent ! NO way… Duffer

  12. ppp says:

    U stupid person, Y do u want to screw our national anthem, r other things not enough for u dumbo.and u r a REAL Loser with a streak of flop films,ur ram gopal verma ki agg and numerous other films r examples tht u r sucha bad director, u can waste a world class actor like Mr amitabh bachan. what do u think u r doing? u think u r smart…nope u prove tht u do not respect ur contry n happy n ready n eager to screw ur national anthem. People like u should be banned by making movies…u looser…..i dont care evn if u dont read this comment….but if u think u might get peoples attention thn yea u might get but all in hate….i dont think u r an indian…u stupid idiots…n no wonder ur movies r all crap…

  13. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu, RGV pushes the envelope. The Censor Board squeezes it. What happens is \’RANN\’. It comes with the democracy baggage. What also comes with it is: – the privilege to fight it in the court of law or – the privilege to intensively lobby for abolishing censorshipin the country. The Censor Board may be strong. But then, RGV is RGV and not justany indie film maker. The mainstream film-makers group is not weak and I assume RGV isone of them. Also, I guess the Censor Board has its (fair) share of holes. A film made by Anurag Kashyap sits in the cans for years onobjectionable grounds. However, if YRF wants, it can come out of Censor Board,unscathed(?). May be it is a debate whether or not there should be Censor. ButI\’m not in it. Again personally, I would never want my work censored even if it\’spornography. Not an inch. George Carlin could boldly say on american TV: "Forget the bald eagle, the emblem of America otta be – The statueof liberty jerking-off uncle sam". When it comes to expression – Discretion is better thanindiscretion. When it comes to freedom of expression – Indiscretion is betterthan discretion.

  14. sulekha says:

    I would like to request you to answer one question.It is little out of context but I am bvery curious to know the thoughts behind it.In Sarkar you presented Mr. Amitabh Bacchan as a thoughtful person.In one scene he is thinking,talking and at the same timne time rubbing his index finger against his thumb like doing mala.I would be really happy of you could tell me what did you want to portary by that action.What was the intention /? In short what does it represent? Thanks. Sulekha

  15. Pradeep says:

    In SARKAR RAJ after the car blast in home Amitabh comes and finds he lost some body in family..and his eyes searches for his son whether he is fine or not…so How u managed that scene with that intensity?

  16. Ashish says:

    You start your reaction to reaction with hello with exclamation (Hello!.. blah blah blah) then it means the comment made you really uncomfortable.p.s. pls don\’t bother explaining or insulting in reaction to this as it doesn\’t matter.

  17. Piyush says:

    Do you regret being a human?Would you prefer being an animal?

  18. unknown says:

    Why do our courts grants bail to accused people when they pay amount? What about the people who can not afford bail amount?? Is the justice "legally" for rich people???

  19. Arun says:

    Do you like sexy girls with tough guys ? ….all your movies seem to indicate that.

  20. Arun says:

    When you had learned about negative aspects of too much intelligence from Satyendra, were you happy to learn that you were stupid enough to tittle your most ambitious movie " Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag " ? I would never mean to insult you with Aag and its aftermath, but I think you must be very happy to know that you are intelligent but not all that intelligent after all……

  21. Shalini says:

    Hi Ramu, Don\’t mean to push you…but just a reminder. Do you think you\’ll find time to write that post on \’Dog dying in South africa\’ experiment any time soon? Take your time if you are busy..but just showing my respect by asking you again.

  22. Jagadeesh says:

    Just curious to know if you plan to cover the tiff between paritala ravi and pavan kalyan/chiranjeevi in RAKTA CHARITRA

  23. unknown says:

    Who is going to play the character of "suri"……… Mohan Lal or tamil actor surya or WHO???

  24. unknown says:

    What do u say to Producers who wants to do a film with u? Making film for producers(commercial) or for yourself.

  25. ramakanth says:

    ive read your blogs from start over the last 2 days! my Q ispost moving to bollywood, you havnt shown that much inclination to come back to tollywood, bt whats surprised me is inspite of making great light hearted comedy entertainers like money, kshanam kshanam , anaganana ok roju, youve left tht forte as well, will you ever make another light hearted comedy? plz do!

  26. Unknown says:

    i am a believer in philosophies similar to you.. and i believe strongly that a person like you who loves his work cannot be as soulless in his reactions to reactions in the last edition..( i like the concept of jana gana mana i am not talkin about it.. i am talkin about your reactions to reactions for it.. ) previous ones were gud.. but this one i think ur irritated and reacting haphazardly.. take your own time.. cool down then react.. u may call me names call me grandpa.. nething u wish.. i dont care.. i liked some of your movies.. and felt like tellin you.. upto you now.. think it out if you feel its worth it.. a person who loves his work is effectively a good person even if unintentionally…

  27. celeste says:

    Cara Sonia,non capisco niente di politica italiana, figuriamoci di quella indiana! Ma come donna e come italiana SONO FIERA DELLA TUA VITTORIA! Spero sarai abbastanza lungimirante da lavorare onestamente per l\’India – magnifico Paese che merita solo il meglio -e non per il tuo tornaconto. VAI, SONIA: SEI TUTTE NOI! Dall\’Italia ti sosteniamo e tifiamo per te! POTERE ALLE DONNE, meglio se latine!!!!! Congratulazioni e buon lavoro!Celeste(Puoi essere solo meglio del nostro IMBARAZZANTE attuale Primo Ministro… Facile, vero?)

  28. nataraju says:

    Ramu,I found your Saya\’s full details and a photograph. Here you go:1 Hanson PlBrooklyn, NY 11243(718) 230-5423 Dr. Satya Sailaja Polavarapu was educated at the following institutions: Medical School Siddhartha Medical College Completed: 1990 Residencies The Brooklyn Hospital Center, Brooklyn, NYObstetrics & Gynecology, Completed: 2000 Brooklyn Hosp CtrObstetrics & Gynecology Enjoy,NATARAJU LAKKAMRAJU

  29. Mahesh says:

    Sir, I have read somewhere in some TV channel scrolling that you chose SURYA (Ghajni Fame) as Maddelacheruvu Suri? Is that true? Then its absolutely a great choice compared to Vivek as Ravi … however, I am looking forward to know more about this through your blog 🙂

  30. surap says:

    Shalini,I am unable to send P.M only to you…. Can i have any other email address or any othermeans to reach you… if you want to give any one of those Please send P.M .. i am getting your messages….

  31. vamsi says:

    I think u r the most sensetive guy than anyone.

  32. ram says:

    Surya for Maddelacheruvu Suri….Excellent choice man!! you rock!!

  33. sripal says:

    Suriya as Suri ? Awesome man. This guys is kind of modern Kamal Hasan. Great.

  34. sripal says:

    What made you choose Suriya for that role ? You wrote a note on why u selected Vivek, can you plz write the same for Suriya too ? Did you watch his previous movies ? I guess after a long time a \’star\’ from south India is working in you movie.

  35. bhanu says:

    why have u not mentioned in your blog that u have choose surya for the character of suri???

  36. Who says:

    Truth is terrible. And the truth is that you are endorsing a cheat and a looter for your rann. If the writer/poet of your song had it in him, he could have written a song that does not steal from the national anthem to evoke emotions. How original is that? Why dont you give him a brief and ask him to stop borrowing and limping on some one else\’s words, words that are sacred to many.And to think that you think its a great idea is deplorable at best. You let someone steal a song and turn it into some emotion evoking tearjerker and whats more that song happens to be our national anthem and you endorse its distortion! "I don’t believe in gentle head-nods and gentle head-shakes" as well and that is why I think you deserve to be panned for this. This is what happens when the Gail Wynands of the world actually meet the Tooheys… You bowed in and bought into this crap. What is sad is that you think that you are the Gail Wynand that is fighting the Tooheys like me now…. oh… but you cant fire me! You can only fire your poet/writer who is your Toohey!

  37. Vijay says:

    Is "Agyaat" inspired from "Predator" … ? Vijay

  38. srinivas says:

    Hey fellas, see this video.. tarantino is kicking reviewer\’s *** out. you like this guy quentin tanrantino.

  39. srinivas says:

    Tarantino\’s upcoming movie Inglorious Basterds trailer ..

  40. praveen says:

    Great to see surya as suri in Rakta charitra..thanks powerful actors

  41. Kranthi says:

    Ramu, check this ( when you get some time. Maybe your fan!

  42. sai says:

    I hate Autobiographies. By writing an Autobiography, I am admitting to myself and indiretly telling everybody that I am an important person, I made lots of good things to help people and society and If I do not tell about myself, there is great loss to the world and by not knowing about me, the world is losing something. For a person like me who always thinks and feel that why was I born and OK I was born but why I did not die immediately without polluting my surroundings, writing an autobiography and telling my story shamelessly is not a matter to be execuseddirect from challam\’s works. how about a commerical film on challams work ,it has all you want 3d character.

  43. Unknown says:

    Most of your movies endorse violence as a means of achieving justice. Philosophy in your movie may not be necessarily your view point but what your take on violence Vs non-violence approach?

  44. Naren says:

    Surya fits the bill, but still not convinced about Vivek

  45. Naren says:

    Any specifics for choosing Nitin

  46. unknown says:

    Wow…..I guessed right….Its not a rumor. Surya is playing the character of suri, published in Hindu paper. I am very happy to guess atleast one character in your film "Rakta Charitra". Have you seen my Query earlier?

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