RANN Posters

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  1. truth says:


  2. srinivas says:

    Excellent photos.. I liked the snippets showing each character.. This is first of a kind where characters and their character is introduced before the film release. Way to go!

  3. E says:

    SEXY as HELL!!!….AMAZING! FANTASTIC!! Super boss..super….CheersEV

  4. Sree says:

    Gul Panag is an excellent actress, she looks very promising in these posters….excited to see how her characterization is in this movie.

  5. Dinesh says:

    Government gives you chance to make, you want to…. government has a huge management team that establishment whatever do but it go in your and our interest… although they are corrupt, but because of they are sitting there you are so safe, you have big building you have rite to have cars, vodkas and no one can easily try to stole it from you. Providing facility to you for flexible and unlimited income. if country do not for you then you couldn\’t get whatever you have, and couldn\’t sleep not even a day without fear of lions….. so just because of the they and country and the system are Doing, so you can do what you do.

  6. Dinesh says:

    So GulPanag can not say that "Desh mere liye kya kar raha hai jo main desh ke liye kuchh karoon"

  7. Dinesh says:

    Nalini Kashyap ko shayad pata nahin kee Desh men IDEAS Bhare pade hain har dimaag men Sekadon IDEAS dhool kha rahe hain… apne aas paas ke logon ke dimaag jinke kee ghis ghis kar khatam ho gaye usase aur kitna nichod loge kabhi na kabhii to khatm hona hee tha… zara Car aur office se bahar to nikalkar kisi se poochhoo IDEAS itne kaam ke milenge kee Bhunate bhunate Benk ka vault fat jayega. aakhir 1150000000, dimag hain is desh men…. unmen se kitne khangaal liye jo kahte fir rahe ho ke IDEAS bache hee nahin are 20 feesadee dimag ke IDEAS bhee Bhunaoge tab bhee zindagee Chootee pad jayegee.

  8. pulkit says:

    The movie reflects serious tone (from outsider\’s perspective). Remember joker\’s dialogue in the Dark Knight ?WHY SO SERIOUS ? Theme could be intense but every character looks so tensed on promos that ppl may get repulsive..RGV, I know your reaction to my comment..:)

  9. Unknown says:

    Few months back, in your reactions section, someone had suggested the tagline \’Truth can be Terrible\’ instead of your \’Truth is Terrible\’ and you were impressed with it and said you would change the tagline but i think you changed your mind.

  10. Unknown says:

    Ramu,THANKS for giving the NATIONAL ANTHEM translation in hindi language. I have been reciting the national anthem since school days but I never knew its meaning till you translated it in hindi in this song. Thanks again. Really the \’Truth is Terrible\’. I never knew it is so terrible and true.thanks again.

  11. Unknown says:

    Highly volatile…thanks for being another Bruce Springsteen…(Born in USA…)

  12. Unknown says:

    so, who is the Gail Wynand in the movie ?

  13. vaishak says:

    Oh my God…RAnn is rocking…atleast the posters….Did you mix "kalyug\’ again in this film…?

  14. Purna says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW posters look interesting…..names look similar to real ones NDTV24/7 INDIA24/7Headlines today Headlines No 2 ??? CNN IBN ???

  15. Purna says:

    ohh okkay got it NO 2 is something else….. the industrrialist who is controlling media for business …ultimately for money?a politician controlling media for power…..ultimately for money ?

  16. sLm says:

    so did you vote ramuji??

  17. sandeep says:

    Take bow

  18. Ravi says:

    \’No Newspaper in Andhra Pradesh\’ -Recently, been to India during elections. Can you believe there was no newspaper in AP ? I am not joking. Frankly, I was looking for newspaper with real \’news\’ and real \’facts\’. All those so-called \’newspapers\’ in the market were nothing more than each party\’s campaign material or device. \’Media has no mind\’ -Perfectly stated by Jay Malik \’to remain in business\’. Simple reason for the current, complicated imbroglio. \’Media has no conscience\’, it\’s about connections, control and corruption. Panacea lies in the breaking of their political nexus. Atleast, the first step!

  19. truth says:

    Not my question, but a good one from rediff….why does the song reflect whats wrong with India when the movie is supposedly on whats wrong with the media ?

  20. Unknown says:

    sir hats off to the song it is not wrong but it is the biggest truth sir

  21. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu, RUNN quotes are cool.Quotes of the character clarify its stand. The more the number of his quotes, the more well-etched will it be. ***Unless it is a powerful quote*** Behaviour and Actions bring flavour and fascination to the character. All these THREE put together make it well-defined and interesting. The easy way:- A character that comes up with valuable quotes and has a philosophy of its own.The hard way:- A character that reveals itself thru a unique behaviour and its actions. The sure-fire way:- A combo of both i.e. behaviour and quotes (Actions and Philosophy) The easy way: A character that comes up with valuable quotes and has a philosophy of its own. \’Jo dar gaya samjho mar gaya\’ \’Nenu appudappudu abaddham chepthanu\’ – Danny in Drohi \’Studenlu ane vaallu manaki balam kaavaali gani mana balam meeda vaalu bathaka goodadu\’ – Bhavani \’Gabbar ke daath se tumhe ek hi aadmi bacha saktha. Ek hi. Kud Gabbar\’ \’Aur agar iske badle hum tum se thoda sa anaj thoda sa roti lethe hain tho kya koi jurm karte hain?\’ \’Jab kutta paagal hojaatha hai tho useh goli maar diyaa jaata hai\’ – unknown \’Iss duniyaa mein har kaam faide ke liye kiya jaatha hai\’ – Mallik \’Har aadmi ke andar ek raakshas hota hai. Bus useh baahar nikaalnese darthe hain\’ – Mallik \’Agar bandook tumhare haath mein hota to kya tum baant lethe?\’ – Mallik \’Mallik ladaaiyan humne ladi. Lekin dhandhe ki laaj par nahin\’ – Aslam \’Tera bhai hai isi liye goli maar diya. Koi aur hota tho zinda jalaaa detaa\’ – Anna, Parinda \’Tumse kisne kaha ke police hamesha kanoon ke andar kaam karthi hai?\’ – Srinivasan \’Shaayad isee liye ki woh hamein sunaana nahin chaahtha?\’ – Srinivasan \’Yeh jo bhi ho raha hai, yeh tumhare dhadhe ki jaat hai\’ – Srinivasan \’Sab ko aapas mein ladh-marne do. Baaki ko hum sambhaalenge\’ – Amod Shukla \’Vaadevado elections lo nilabaddaadani manam nilbadadam yenti? Daaniko purpose vundaali kada?\’ – Siva The hard way: A character that reveals itself thru its actions and behaviour. Bhiku Mhatre Gabbar Anna – Parinda Srinivasan Chandu Aahuti Prasad – SasiRekha Parinayam Paruchoori – SasiRekha Parinayam \’Phir Moukaa nahin milegaa, udaadho\’ – Mallik The sure-fire way: A combo of both i.e. behaviour and quotes (Actions and Philosophy)Examples: Gabbar, Mallik, Srinivasan, Anna, Nanaji(Siva), Rao Gopala Rao in Muthyala Muggu and Yamagola

  22. Sudhir says:

    Hey Ra\’am,Saw your blasphemous take on the country\’s anthem. Are you sure you don\’t agree with Osama and the talebs? You have given the same message anyway. So they should be real proud of your work. And butter that with the support of the m-clan through you-know-who, you can also show the finger to the nation "Up your arse, fucking indians!" as the don and his sharp-shooter son did after the elections!!

  23. srinivas says:

    Quotes are really mind blowing..i believe people really start thinking once they watch the movie…

  24. Vinay says:

    William Hazlitt coined the term Fourth Estate which is the most powerful than the other three. Curiously the first and second estate utilize the fourth estate to influence the third estate. Whoever does so successfully is the winner. Pretty much similar to your religion/god/heaven-hell theory. Earlier they used religion to influence and control the masses. Now they use the media. I guess Paresh Rawal\’s character in the movie sums it up. The quotes in Rann posters pretty much defines everyone\’s character and are exact in the manner which you visualized (earlier mentioned by you in the blog)Yaar, whats the difference between perceptions of Rann and Agyaat. Everyone finds Rann a winner and no one is pretty much going to watch Agyaat (Really no offence meant)

  25. Unknown says:

    Working in IT industry in recession means less work more FREE time, just finished reading all junk stuff media served for the day..But i was craving for more titillation to feed my my empty mind… then reached here on this blog….As i told before, i don\’t have much work to do today (just like any other day) so getting bored… it\’s not that i like working either but sometimes absolutely no work also is boring (i cant help but think of the irony of it all!)RGV thanks for filling my empty time and emptier mind… I sometimes wonder how i am paid to do nothing at all but read media junk!! Anyway, I will use that money to watch this movie and beer after the movie….RGV u r invited buddy… cheers :)P.S: I finished reading this blog… now i wonder what will i do next to pass time … what a dilemma… cant even watch pondy or shag in office… any other interesting ideas to kill time guys or any interesting blog guys??P.P.S: most interesting and witty blog i hv come across recently check it out — http://fakeiplplayer.blogspot.com/P.P.P.S: And friends, i guess reading this blog is the only work i will do today…. (apart from staring at or chatting up with that yummy girl in my team… )

  26. Aravind says:

    hi Mr. Verma, The posters are good. But, I had once told you that "truth can be terrible" suits your film better than "truth is terrible". My point is that truth is not always terrible, it some times ends up being terrible, during the process of saying it or revealing it. And the line "truth is terrible" is just blunt. It is a statement with out any depth. Where as "truth can be terrible" gives room for interpretation. I feel "truth can be terrible" makes a more apt tag line….What do you say?

  27. Chris says:

    Excellent posters!

  28. Rathijeet says:

    wonderfulllllllllllllllllllllllllll,i m sure the film will be Hit…..

  29. Unknown says:

    hello mr.rgvwhen u were running film factory… i have sended a story called THE WAR. ur staff members has told me that company has rejected my story bcoz it was just basic story idea…now i have learnt that ur new movie RANN may b on my idea…but i didnt got any message from ur side that why u r using my story without letting me know about that…??? my email id is vipul1312@yahoo.com and i m waiting for ur reply sooon….

  30. Unknown says:

    mr. rgv…when i have sended my story i have had converssions with some one called NEERAJ…he told me about where to send my story in ur factory now i have sended mail to the person also at his mail id neeraj@factoryatwork.com but this mail address is bounsing…so now where could i get clarification about my story…that what happened to it???kindly waiting for ur reply…vipul

  31. Unknown says:

    in my story i have put a punch line…and that was…SOME TIME TRUTH LOOSES…AND U HAVE USED truth is terrible….its quite amazing that we both are thinking the same way?!!

  32. Unknown says:

    mr.ramuji,i want ur personal email id so we can have conversation…regarding my story and idea…kindly let me know ur contact so i and you can calrify eachothers stand…thanx

  33. vamsi says:

    As ur name "ramgopal", ur exactly the same as the 2 godly characters with a wide contrast.Wat is the root for both rama n krishna in u.

  34. ajay says:

    Hi, RGV,No doubts that RANN will also be hard punch as Sarkar Raj. If you are planning for Sarkar Raj-2, I would like to see Abhishek back in action. A plot can be introduced where bigB and Aishwarya decide to fake Shankar\’s (Abhishek) cremation and secretly shift him abroad for treatment. And Shankar comes back at a crucial time and that can be the surprise in Sarkar Raj-2.What say? 🙂

  35. Jonah says:

    Tell me if I am wrong.. Rajpals dialogue about news channels portrayal of news as films is picked up from one of your fans comment on this blog… right?

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