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100 Responses to RANN

  1. arundati says:

    looks very promising…. cant wait to see it out…

  2. Raghuraman says:

    Looks Promising. Keep it up.

  3. sLm says:

    only ramuji can bring a change..hail you..sir???

  4. raja says:

    Outstanding and thought provoking for thinking minds.

  5. srinivas says:

    Your camera angles always draws me to watch your film .This first happened when i was 12 years old , when i saw shiva.Yester Day,Watched leon film,The film has similarities with your films.I love these scenes..the camera angle shown where protagonist dies,goons taking positions to kill Mathilda\’s father.especially i love the walking style of the fourth goon who is with long hair ,where natalie portman bows her head to cover reddish scar with her hair..,The emotions of a baldie goon when killing spree was on,

  6. unknown says:

    Your thought and Amit\’s view is fabulous. But I think you are going to live in your favorite spot that is "Controversy" again by using National Anthem. But I am the person least bothered about lyrics.

  7. E says:

    Hi RGV,wooowww..this rendition of Jana Gana Mana is great…..liked it man..guys be alert with the lyrics..they are interesting….is it a teaser or your first official trailer for RANN….can vaguely figure out the plot..drama….watching some of the shots..symbolic they are…gr8 man…carry on!!!!CheersEV

  8. Shalini says:

    Wow again Ramu. Lovely teaser..But are you not afraid that you may get in trouble for using/tweeking National Anthem?? But lyrics are very well. Song reflects social message and conveys responsibility towards the society..which is unlike Ramu that we got to know about in this blog.Where is Manisha Koirala? Did Suchitra replace her?

  9. Ajax says:

    Awesome!! Kick Ass Show!!!

  10. sLm says:

    by next 24hrs check out the no of comments in http://janaganarann.com/ …jus spreadin the link….

  11. ajaY says:

    Wow ! The height of creativity. Best use of the song, representing the current times. Awesome Job dude!

  12. ajaY says:

    When was the last time you did something for the first time?

  13. ajaY says:

    The constitution should amend this updated song in the parliament. So truly written. We loved it.

  14. Vijay says:

    Absolutely awesome Gurujee ! Very nice usage of the song….. I loved the message " The New (s) Battle" … Looks like there is no limits for your visualization skills. Hardly moving days for the film to get released. Big B\’s career has two major faces, One is All his lifetime movies in which he acted and the other, your movies in which he acted. Cheers ! One full VODKA…. 🙂

  15. madhu says:

    Your competence and incompetence show…..brilliant frames but very badly written song…..are you trying to balance yourself ?

  16. Unknown says:

    Nerendra Modi is the only politician who admits people are fed up of politicians including himself… you may want to check this out:http://ibnlive.in.com/videos/91902/05_2009/modi_intw0505_2/india-is-fedup-with-politicians-modi.htmlP.S: like it or not i find quite a few similarities between RGV\’S and Modi\’s thought process & life style…. i just couldn\’t help but think…

  17. madhu says:

    I ain\’t any fan of patriotism but when you went so far you could have gone a bit further and told what everyone does not know…..anyways wish to meet ya someday…..

  18. Unknown says:

    Refreshing…I think you must be have already been ready with a new song instead of this.I can bet 30,000$ that this song cannot get beyond the censer.

  19. Unknown says:

    Existentialism is misinterpreted as a philosphy of despair, when actually it is a liberating experience.

  20. sLm says:

    the song is pretty similar to way u were thinking while twinkle-twinkle in "Contract"…

  21. Swamy says:

    Visually Aghyaat teaser is far head from Rann….offcourse i should not compare them.Aghyaat is in PostProduction….Rann is in Production…Raktha Charithra is in PreProduction…..i truely envy your passion…

  22. celeste says:

    I well know a blog is above all a sort of marketing strategy, but I appreciate a lot all the infos – texts, pics, videos – you post about your new films. Specially for us no-Indians living in Countries where Hindi Cinema isn\’t distributed, it\’s amazing to read (& to watch) the news written directly by you. Many thanks for your kindness. If you aren\’t the person uploading all this stuff, then \’thanks\’ to your assistant who does it.

  23. Unknown says:

    This is a great first look RGV. I was expecting this to be a satire but it seems to be more of a drama. However, since the subject is on Indian news channels, it will have its funny moments I am sure. Only one word of caution, the publicity of this movie has to be done very carfeully. I think the last think you would want is the power mongering media coming together and gunning for you, not that you haven\’t been in that position.Thank you for posting the video.

  24. Sudhir says:

    Hey ra\’am,Saw the teaser trailer.This is a teaser replyRegards,

  25. Ashvin says:

    This song clearly portrays the frustration one has towards the media(assuming), but I say it’s the politics and the current political situation in India….you said you have made this film purely to demonstrate your agony towards he media(per your previous blogs) but doesn’t look like….!! This again exhales power..this teaser gives an indication that Mr.Bachann is not convinced with the happenings around..at least in his office…!! Let’s hope to see another successful drama. I am not sure why this song has to create any controversy…looks like a song with it\’s own lyrics……this is ain\’t making fun or insulted any individual\’s sentiment, it is only an interpretation of one\’s thought process….lets hope it\’s releases without any controversy.

  26. shiva says:

    the first look is looking great, and also after a long time the camera moves look like they are adding to the story.if i may be picky, "the new(s) battle" at the end actually looks like "the new isi battle", and made me wonder for a while until i saw the press kit.have to say though, the movie looks truly BIG.

  27. Unknown says:

    Awesome lyrics, i hope u back to the glorious days of Satya and Company

  28. Puroorava Chakravarthy says:

    WHY SO SERIOUS? (Joker, film:Dark Knight)

  29. Suraj says:

    RGV,WOW ….this is a change from you for good. I just loved it. I guess, this would be the first socio drama movie from your side. Correct me if am wrong.Anyways, it\’s always pleasure visiting your blog. Have you approached A R Rahman for your next Rakhtha Chraitha? Please include ARR in your coming projects. Please….Regards,SurajP.S. I loved the camera angle where Paresh is unfolding his legs.

  30. bhaskar says:

    Rajugaaru..Can we know more about "Rangeela". How you have came up with the story and cast. I really liked the titles and art of the movie , you had Sridevi\’s pic beside your name.Your telugu comides " Money Money" ,"Ana ..Anga Okka Roju" are ever green movies.Would love to see a Hindi movie in a similar genre.Cheers !baku

  31. prakash says:

    you gave riteish best look ever. he must be acting so serious role as well.

  32. Abhishek says:

    This looks Holy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Chris says:

    Ramu bhai,In all seriousness, this looks as if it will be superb! Can\’t wait to view the entire film!All the best,Chris

  34. Unknown says:

    sir, first look is awesome……….. but I have doubt, the theme song will create a controversy…………. because this is India.

  35. Unknown says:

    ritesh loooks like a clerk in RANN rather than a journalist

  36. Unknown says:

    does there have any steamy bed scene featuring AB & Gul … ?

  37. Unknown says:

    make a movie"ulta nishabd"…featuring Darsheel Safari & Rekha Ji … it\’d be fun to watch darsheel, nibbling & bumming around rekha ji with his bunny teeth!!!

  38. Unknown says:

    why suddenly RAIMA SEN is out of RANN…who replaced her???

  39. Manas says:

    Have you seen the movie Network? What do you think about it? Esp. Mr.Beale.

  40. Rolling says:

    bloody brilliant trailer…and the new national anthem…awesome..release it soon please..forget about Aghyaat.

  41. Unknown says:

    if in future you come to kolkata for movie premiere…don\’t forget to write it into blog…before arriving!!!

  42. kishan says:

    The speed at which you work amazes and has often inspired me. I read your blogs on Agyaat and Rann less than 4 months ago and you have already completed those projects and moved on to Rakta Charitra. Even the most passionate filmmakers, who do nothing else than make films, normally don\’t make more than 2 movies a year. Is it the impatience that makes you work so fast?

  43. kishan says:

    Please write about your experience when you first met Sridevi.

  44. gopi says:

    Make a movie on todays indian politics with mahabaratam in background sotry line

  45. Suyash says:

    Amitabh Bachchan is God !! I heard that his character has been modelled on Pronnoy Roy……which you may ridicule……but if it is, I think he is an apt model to represent a media baron who has not succumbed ( or at least tried not to succumb) to the commercial pulls of newsmaking. I don\’t see any other reference point that could justify the presence of AB !!

  46. Pradeep says:

    I think ur the person u doesnt care for the society ….and u repeatedly say "I wont give messages through films".so why u have chosen this subject..what made u enthralled?

  47. Pradeep says:

    Why Jana Gana Mana?

  48. Pradeep says:

    for the first time im seeing shades of "Mani Ratnam" and "Madhur Bhandarkar"…in ur movie..

  49. Pradeep says:

    As u know every professional needs to be updated by latest trends..Do u think Film Professionals also be updated?

  50. Pradeep says:

    Sir,I feel Cinematography is the heart of the film..as it depicts the director\’s perspective..Can u write a article on that ?

  51. chandra says:

    Promo looks awesome…hope the movie is also good….

  52. sripal says:

    I personally don\’t think that it is wrong to use janaganamana tune and lines in it this way. After all it shows the reality. But are you ready to explain it to the sensor and some stupid andolan kars etc. ?

  53. Purna says:

    Ramu one such war on INDIAN politicians……………………..also pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  54. sripal says:

    Do you plan alternatives for sensor cuts at the time of making ?

  55. Dinesh says:

    You will be asked by political parties with huge crowd for using the National Anthem like this… Your movie could be in trouble for this…. You should Rebuff the song from RANN

  56. Anil says:

    only one word …. awesome

  57. Anil says:

    A R Rehaman tune Jana Gana Mana …. Jana Gona vina … excellent music from ARR for YUVA I am expected the tune in that range …. song is naaa naaa … but frames are good

  58. no says:

    Is amitabh bachhan\’s character inspired from Ellsworth M. Toohey ?

  59. krishna says:

    Dear Sir,Terrific IDEA!!!i hope the movie also touches the major issues & related topics like media ethics ect.by the way..whose IDEA was it?:-)Regards,Krishna

  60. Vinay says:

    Neat. I think just for this song, you would not change the title of the film. Did you think of the title after this song or was the title fitted later into the song?BTW never could we imagine that Amar Mohile could churn out something Rahmanish like this, especially after the traditional background scores in Sarkar and Sarkar Raj. Have songs been created earlier in different countries using their respective national anthems? Whether they have or no, we hope no one creates trouble for the song. Using the national anthem for the song was a fantastic idea! Whose was it? Amar\’s or yours? Overall the movie looks like a winner!

  61. no says:

    is AB\’s character inspired from Gail Wynand?

  62. Unknown says:

    Hi Ramu Sir,My Husband is a gr8 fan of you from the movie Shiva. He has whole collections of your movies. He even opposes others when they comment on you. He allways talks about your website and he made me inspire to see the website. From last 2 days I started reading the comments. I have 1 question for you may be it may be stupid just by reading 2 days asking a question but I want to ask u. Do you think their may be any SCENE which relates to incident in mumbai shootout in this movie. Bcos Your r one of the person who saw the situation after the incident.

  63. V says:

    “Atleast I keep returning to my roots. Most other filmmakers don’t even leave their roots”Someone should move your roots!“Ok, here goes my one line scary story…. I am remaking Aag”.It will turn out to be the original Sholay“Vodka and sex are realities for me, and films and philosophies are dreams.”Paying 200 bucks a ticket are realities for us. Assuming your films would entertain us is our dream“If you are man I would rather have a vodka with you, and if you are a woman I would rather stay in with you”What if its Karan Johar?“How about keeping your suggestions to yourself”How about keeping your thoughts and movies to yourself“Superman does not need philosophy”Spiderman did! Remember “with great power comes great responsibility”! Hitler needed it as well!“I have finally zeroed in on Vivek Oberoi as the most ideal choice”He’s also the only actor who’s completely free!

  64. Vijay says:

    Ha Ha ha ! The very media you are talking about in your latest is going after you with a vengeance eh? They have started a campaign claiming a few people are \’offended\’ by the modifications in the National Anthem. This reminds me of the 26/11 incident, where they raised a hue and cry about you visiting the Taj Hotel. These guys love you man! You should perhaps write in a disclaimer before the movie begins: I love the Indian media, they are anything but what is represented in this movie. What is represented in this movie is a figment of my imagination! Anyways all said and done, great trailer, I am looking forward to this one! I live in Malaysia, please please please get some distributor to release it here!

  65. Vijay says:

    Oh and Congrats! It\’s been one year since you began blogging ( approximately). It\’s been a great source of entertainment, knowledge and generally a great first person perspective on many things in life apart from movies. I know you hate patronizing stuff like this, but heck I dont care! I wish this will continue for a long long long long time to come!

  66. E says:

    Hi RGV,Man…you stirred up a hornets nest….LOL..it seems the media is going again ballistic about your tweaking the National Anthem….there is an article in Rediff…and I was wondering whether it was initiated by.uhhhmmmm!!.you know…yes MR.know-it-all RAJA SEN….he is a prick…isn\’t he??EV

  67. bhanu says:

    u say ignorance is bliss then y r u so excited about rakta charitra y dont u ignore it……n also y dont u ignore making movies….n writing this blog????ignorance is bliss only in very few occasions mate…..

  68. Piyush says:

    Brilliant Trailer!I feel this is going to be comeback of the RGV who made Sarkar, i.e. 1st Part, Company and Satya.I wanted the BGMs of Daud, Sarkar, Kaun, Bhoot, and Shiva. Can you please help me?

  69. prash says:

    attractive, i m eger to c amitabh sir , and you together , hope u repeat both repeat the sucess of sarkar again

  70. Unknown says:

    Ramugaru, interesting and somewhat an accurate re-interpretation of the National Anthem. Hope the bigots will let it ply though! Although I\’m not quite sure what it is, I feel the rhythm of the song is notably truncated – the lyrics are being forced into a pre-existing tune and it is hence not gelling with the pace of the edit or the footage itself. Perhaps this is a temp score and you will take it further to allow for the punch it truly deserves! One more thing – if the punchline is "Truth is Terrible" does it not conflict with the fact that your subject deals primarily with falsehood that exists in the media today..? Either way, we look forward to seeing the film on silver screen, break a leg!

  71. Nishit says:

    Hey RGV!!! what the hell you are trying to prove by this song. ? This is a clear example of the you becoming a BEKAR director day by day. I loved your RANGEELA, SARKAR, even SARKAR RAJ, COMPANY, ROAD…but now what you have done !!! Pleeeezee….failuers keep coming in film industry…That does not mean that you should write a song like this one in the name of creativity. This country has made you wht you are right now. Please do not insult our national integrity. Till today you were one of my fav. director and i never missed any of your films (even i watched Phoonk and Sholay). But now have to reconsider my descision to wathc this movie.

  72. Sree says:

    RGV, In next two weeks you mark the anniversary of launching your blog, do you plan to write something special on that occasion? And coming to this trailer….All I can say is "you will be remembered in history, as a Maverick who followed his guts"….All the best for your work.

  73. chandra priya says:

    Perhaps i will be wrong but this anthem doesnt excite me,as far as presentation of picture is concerned i am damn sure you wil not compromise over this faculty.Dont go over my English I am poor in writing in this medium.

  74. Robby says:

    From the trailer, it appears to be a good movie. Looking forward to its release.

  75. jayakrishna says:

    Ramu sir,i just want to share with you that ,few years back TV9(Telugu) telecasted the suicide of farmer in Nellore live. You have taken a proper story and i am eagerly waiting for your movie(no matter even its worse than AAG , i will always support you)

  76. Sreeram says:

    Ramuji,Promo looks awesome.When is the movie releasing?starcast looks perfect.

  77. surap says:

    After all your "The Great TAJ tragedy " episode,You might have added more spice against Media in this movie …. If that incident would n\’t have occurred… your way of making this movie would have been very diffrent..Is n\’t it..

  78. kedar says:

    National Anthem ? 😦 be ready for controversy!…i have serious doubt about over all acceptance of this song…

  79. Chintan says:

    Looks pretty good to me. Looking forward for this film. When shall we expect the release??

  80. Who says:

    If you took a song that you owned, a song from your Naaches and from your Shivas and used it to carry your story forward or promote this film or even used it to "awaken society", I would have no problem with it and I wouldn\’t and couldn\’t give a damn about it. You can try and distort, destroy and change what is yours, rightfully! But, THIS sir, is trespassing into looting. And the irony is that I have to respectfully tell you this as I like your films.I hope you will please stop airing these promos and get back to honest work that I can look up to and appreciate. This is just lofty ideals of awakening society dressed up in dirty tricks and clever gimmicks and neither the end justifies the means nor the means justify the end.

  81. Unknown says:

    awesome……the lyrics gave me goosebumps ….just the feeling i had when i first heard the song, \’niggadeesi adugu\’ from your film Gaayam… but be ready for the controversy…

  82. Unknown says:

    awesome……the lyrics gave me goosebumps ….just the feeling i had when i first heard the song, \’Surajyamavaleni\’ from your film Gaayam…the music also sounds similar…its a national anthem dude.. be ready for the controversy…

  83. Jaisankar says:

    you are right….

  84. marirs says:

    My professor says sometimes it is better to make a mistake and apologize than ask permission. This is one such case. When I was told the trailer used the anthem I was furious, till I heard it. The lyrics are great, music is great, I think so. They\’ll ban the song, they\’ll throw stones at RGV and the music director, but this song is so provocative it will make all of us rethink what we are doing. Anthems are meant to do that.Of course it was made because it will create a controversy. But I just feel this one is worth it. After a long time I\’m seeing the artistic, creative RGV, for a long time he seemed to have relegated himself to being a single minded, bottomline, cookie cutter businessman. Some Roark rears its head over Gail Wynand.Politicians can\’t even protest this song, I think. How many politician has the credibility to fight this song? RGV\’s response would be, I played around with a song that represents the country, you are playing around with the country.

  85. kiran kumar says:

    Dear Ramu sir,I really like your scene in SHIVA(Nag\’s), where NIRMALAMMA (Malli\’s mother) slaps the police inspector when he ask for the statement after the brutal murder of her son…I felt like she slapped entire police department…I never saw such a gr8 scene in any other movies…I really appreciate your screenplay writing skills. On other hand I found, in the middle of the movie hero Shiva (Nag) says he dont want to take personal revange on raghuvaran but at the end he will kill raghuvaran for the revenge of his bro\’s daughter murder…how did u justify this…is it something you didn\’t find any other way to end the movie…?Kiran Kumar.

  86. Naga Prasad says:

    How can we trust that RGV himself is replying to our comments rather than some writer of RGV factory?

  87. Naga Prasad says:

    What gives Amitabh so much confidence to work with you after a disaster like Aag?

  88. sagar says:

    company and satya realy made by u?

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