My reactions to reactions

1. My girl friend says you are a softie at heart.
Ans: Hmmm! Well! Err! Am blushing… please tell her not to tell this to anyone and let my secret out please…

2. The Agyaat song has just 2 layers. It needs atleast 3 layers to complete it. 
Ans: Pardon me Sir but I have no knowledge of the layeral aspect of songs and neither do I wish to know, so I please request you to not jump forward to educate me on the same now.

3. I started enjoying you ridiculing even my own comments.
Ans: Attaboy. That’s the point of life. My gyan to you is not to take anything seriously especially yourself. 

4. Why do you keep tough faces for all your characters?
Ans: Because I love tough guys.

5. The line you attributed to Bruce Lee in “Enter the Dragon” was from Zen Buddha’s scriptures.
Ans: The point was not about the origin but about where I heard it. For all I know the Zen guy could have got it from his cook.

6. You are still a kid.
Ans: If you say so, Uncle.

7. Do you find it paradoxical that sex which can be such a pleasure requires a woman who can be such a torture?
Ans: Ahhhhh! You are telling meeeeeeee maaaaaaaaaan! 

8. Why is it that you keep coming back to the same genre of movies?
Ans: Atleast I keep returning to my roots. Most other filmmakers don’t even leave their roots. 

9. Do write a scary story.
Ans: Ok, here goes my one line scary story…. I am remaking Aag.

10. If you are happy about the movies you are making, you are making a fool of yourself.
Ans: And if you think you are happy about you thinking I am happy about thinking what you are thinking of what I am thinking then you are making a double fool of yourself.

11. Your arrogance is revolting. Someone should beat you with a stick to tame you.
Ans: My mom, my sister and my girlfriend think the same. 

12. How do you manage time?
Ans: By not wearing a watch.

13. The title of Rakta Charitra is not good. It does not have shock value. People won’t come to watch a movie with that title.
Ans: Ok, Mr.Expert, how about blessing us with your creative genius and gift a title.

14. How do you balance between existentialist philosophies and material life which you are enjoying in a full fledge style?
Ans: Like I said somewhere on this blog, I believe that we are born in the morning and die in the night. So thinking beyond the moment we are living, I think is a futile exercise. Vodka and sex are realities for me, and films and philosophies are dreams. 

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81 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. srinivas says:

    I always belived that you would remake AAG.Also I want to see how you would react to the failure of that remake.

  2. Shalini says:

    Do you really have a girlfriend? I mean..only one girlfriend?? ;o)

  3. Krishna says:

    Ram, What do you mean by LOVE? Do u trust it?

  4. Krishna says:

    Ram ,Can you post an article about the making of the movie GAAYAM?

  5. unknown says:

    Why do people pray for God?? I asked the same to one of my friends who goes regularly to temple replied surprisingly that he "dont know"? In your opinion why people pray for god?

  6. Brahma says:

    The last question and answer are superb. Thats the reality of life.

  7. Prasaanth says:

    Why only vodka?

  8. Sudhir says:

    Hey Ra\’am,About your reaction to reaction on Zen quote. point taken. Well said.

  9. kishan says:

    Your views on life and your philosophy is never reflected in your films. Why?

  10. Arun says:

    When you had learned about negative aspects of too much intelligence from Satyendra, were you happy to learn that you were stupid enough to tittle your most ambitious movie " Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag " ? I would never mean to insult you with Aag and its aftermath, but I think you must be very happy to know that you are not all that intelligent after all……

  11. Arun says:

    How will you define \’Life\’ ?

  12. Arun says:

    Do you like sexy girls with tough guys ? ….all your movies seem to indicate that.

  13. Arun says:

    What does \’ Rakta Charitra \’ mean ?

  14. surap says:

    Few weeks back RGV told us about his single side love with a girl called SATYA, consequently, i have put some efforts to trace out her where abouts .. as said by RGV i found one women called SATYA POLAVARAPU(full name satya sailaja polavarapu) who did her medical graduation in Siddhartha Medical college,Vijayawada now living in New york… to come to conclusion of my search, I have hunted in Siddartha medical college alumni database and i have searched New york City doctors related various websites… and finally, this is not my intention to bring this lady into our blog. I respect her a lot, i hope all you will .I believe that RGV will clarify whether she is actual SATYA or not..i am putting here some of the URLs as a proof

  15. sLm says:

    cool reactions you really react very well…

  16. Shalini says:

    Wow Ramu, your reaction to Q 10: Can you say it 10 times and faster?

  17. Shalini says:

    One more question Ramu, you always react to the comments posted on the most recent post. Do you go back and read the comments posted on your earlier posts?? Cause some times there could be multiple posts by you between your reactions. And there are some fabulous comments/observations made by some readers(not from me though) that you don\’t react to. But do you atleast read them??

  18. Unknown says:

    Picture of Two CentsPicture of Two Cents Two Centswrote:Hi Ramu,Is this your Girl Friend Satya? Sorry for bringing this link to this platform but just wanted to confirm. Anyways herinformation was already public on the net. confirm.

  19. Unknown says:

    Hi Ramu,Is this your Girl Friend Satya? Sorry for bringing this link to this platform but just wanted to confirm. Anyways herinformation was already public on the net. confirm.

  20. Unknown says:

    Ramu, In the movie Parinda, Nana Patekar has the phobia with Fire (pyrophobia). I never had this pyrophobia in my life till I saw AAG. Yes RGV kii AAG made me Pyro-phobic. Did you get this pyrophobia too after making that movie? Aren\’t you scared of Aag after directing such a pathetic movie? Please comment.

  21. Sreekrishnan says:

    the funny part of your blog is that majority who read your blog you as a director but expected something different "not more" from you and advice you. And the funnier part is inspite of you ridiculing their comments you still have people doing the same thing, just like you continue to make movies [good or bad or whatever] and continue to respond patiently to these. This is why i think you are famous .. your ability to get ridiculed, ridicule back and create a content that can be equally admired and ridiculed [movies and blog].

  22. pulkit says:

    My neighbor looks exactly like you ! We are not on talking terms though. I slapped him after watching Aag.

  23. satya says:

    @ Pulkit for your question, let me take a guess how RGV would answer.. read below.Q) My neighbor looks exactly like you ! We are not on talking terms though. I slapped him after watching Aag.Ans) I swear it on your mom, My Neighbour looks exactly like your girlfriend (could be wife,etc) & she kissed me after watching Nishabd !!

  24. Unknown says:

    Are you ever miserable ?? What does misery mean to you ??

  25. Ajax says:

    Is the "filminformer" of Youtube your alter-ego?

  26. vishnu vardhan says:

    What is the best complement for your blog?

  27. Shalini says:

    Boo..I don\’t like your scary story..

  28. Shalini says:

    \’THE BEST\’ would be the best compliment for this blog…What say Celeste?

  29. Ravi says:

    1. Satya…Satyendra…inkaa…Satya Kumar Narayana leda ? 2. An observation – Your work looks original, but you proclaim to have copied. [Atleast you speak truth, may be, becoz of…too many \’Satyas\’ in your life!]. But your (recent) protege copies and claims it to be original 🙂 Ante, original copy ana ?3. Not meant to be suggestions…just thinking aloud…\’Rangam\’ (like Rana Rangam…\’Runn\’ followed by \’Rangam\’)…\’Charitam\’…!4. Guys, please leave Dr. S alone! Don\’t drag her name into this mucky…mad world.

  30. srinivas says:

    Is Rakta Charitra is based on a simple concept " From fear comes the power to counter it and with power comes the fear to lose it- srinivas"?

  31. Reena says:

    Emotional hurt is the price a person has to pay to be independent — do you agree?

  32. Vicky says:

    "How could you see Satyendra in class if you and he belonged to different branches?Ans: Mr.Detective, we had common subjects in the first year. Happy now?"Sir, I am not yet happy, because you said Satyendra was junior to you. I am sure he would never fail subjects. Only way you can sit with him is that in your second year you should have failed subjects. But still nobody would go and sit in first year and study, they will just write first year papers and sit in 2\’nd year class. It is not that I have missed the MOON, but for the sake of fun/variety I am casting an eye on FINGER as well. Take it easy.

  33. sLm says:

    ramuji did u register for \’Rakhi Ka Swayamvar\’ New Show On NDTV Imagine??

  34. AbhiRoy says:

    With due regards i write to state that i am a trained actor with experience, passion for the craft & a strong desire to be part of Ramu\’s productions. I really want to be considered for the role of Suri.I do not live in Mumbai yet, but would appreciate if you can advise, what is the suitable way to submit my profile/pictures( by e-mail?) , to be considered for the role of Suri.RegardsAbhiRoy

  35. Vicky says:

    "Vodka and sex are realities for me, and films and philosophies are dreams"On an average how many hours of a day are you CLOSER to reality (or you become the reality )? Which brands of reality are you currently enjoying?? 🙂

  36. unknown says:

    Do you only portray about Suri or else dare to present some political figures??

  37. vaishak says:

    dear Ramu,How much was you remuneration for "SHIVA"..? Is it a truth that producers never give a good amount of money to debute film directors or new film directors..? Did any producer try to cheat you on this issue in your life..? How did you arrange money for your first home production?…Is it only by your remuneration or by distributer\’s money or by any other sources like Loan and all…? How did you become much smarter than any of the boy of your age..? It is still a secret to me.. i suggest that scientists should analyse your brain after 50 years [or after you die] to find out what extra ingredients make an exceptionally smart person\’ brain..?regards, Vaishak…

  38. Amit says:

    Hi RGV Sir,I know u don\’t need any suggestion…. but could you pls make one Mythological movie. Pls think on that.

  39. celeste says:

    Ciao Shalini!I obviously agree with you…

  40. Ob says:

    ROFL, your brain should be preserved to be examined. Man I cant stop laughing.I am gonna laugh may be for another 3 or 4 days, I think more than the brain they should preserve this blog and your nuthead, ass licking followers thoughts.It will be a superb peice of history for future bloggers. It is onething to praise you but to go to such lengths, Jeeeezzz……get a life you loosers!!! strange people you are entertaining, be careful with these C***S****S!!!!!

  41. Swamy says:

    \’Will the factor of time create maturity in me?\’ asked a student. \’It is like walking into an expensive hotel, eating food without a penny in your pocket and expecting to find gold in the toilet to pay your bill\’, replied the master.

  42. Brahma says:

    Hi Ramu,Have u read chalam and Jiddu Krishnamurthy\’s works? When I read ur philosophy my heart strongly says that u are strongly influenced by ppl like chalam and jiddu krishnamurthy. Iam sure even your satyendra does.

  43. Abhishek says:

    Which school did you attend in Hyderabad?

  44. Pradeep says:

    Why dont u open a film school?

  45. Pradeep says:

    Can we expect a Musical Love story from u like \’Rangeela\’?

  46. Pradeep says:

    In kshana kshanam the robbery Scene is u managed that?

  47. Pradeep says:

    I heard that..robbery scene in "Govinda Govinda" was so realstic and it is trimmed in editing by Censor board…is that true?

  48. Pradeep says:

    Ramu i want to meet..uu stay in andheri west right?

  49. Pradeep says:

    which movie is going to release first?Agyat or Rann

  50. Pradeep says:

    how is nisha kothari now?

  51. Pradeep says:

    Where r ur movies "Shabari" and movie on "Veerapan"?planning after ur dream project (Rakhta Charitra)?

  52. kedar says:

    Hi Ramu…Uncle here… lol… hahahahaha… well… what more can i say… buddhon ki baat kaun sunta hai aaj kal… yeh aaj kal ke ladake-ladakiya…huh… humare jamane me aise nahi tha…aur sab se natkhat to yeh Ramu hai… vodka pike danga karta hai…huh…itana andhera kyun hai bhaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii….but seriously, even i dont know 2 layer , 3 layer technique rather its not a technique at all… it is my observation which i pointed out…and why you think i jump forward to shower knowledge on u… i am a very small part of this entire universe… i keep sharing things which i sensed, felt and experienced on the journey of life…as i always say, take it or leave it…Uncle says so!… lolololol…PS: Ati kya khandala or Aslam bhai kind of song can be made on \’UNCLE SAYS SO!\’… subha jaldi uth…dhyan kar…roj mandir ja…pooja kar…Dont drink vodka anddont tease girls…dont be a rash driver and dont be a flirt…UNCLE SAYS SO!…

  53. Bhaskar says:

    Vodka and Sex are realties"If Satyendra had tasted vodka along with you or had sex with girl…probably he would have come to real world from intellectual world and could have lived life with more pleasure…Did you and Satyendra ever booze together?

  54. Vicky says:

    Hi RGV Sir, I am eager to watch one of your movies (Rakta Charitra) after a very long time. I used to be your fan initially (until BHOOT days) but down the lane I stopped caring for your movies. I am not even sure why. Now also I don\’t care much about Agyaat & Runn. I am expecting Runn to be at the most another Sarkar ( which I would rate 3.25/5 where as Satya/Company were 4+/5 ).Coming to Rakta Charitra I strongly share your feeling that it could be anotther epic, because of the content mainly and your relaistic protrayal of human clonflict. Even a person like Moddu Seenu ( sharp shooter who killed Paritala) has enough content in his life to suite a perfect gangster movie hero. 1. His timid/shy nature initially2. In his first fight of his life, his guts falling out and still chasing and hacking his oppponent3. His inter-caste love story and beautiful wife.4. No to smoking/alcohol, his habit of escorting lonely ladies upto their homes safely.5. After killing Paritala ( his coolness & style before media are well known to AP people) ("Bava kallalo anandam" episode is already used in some movies more dramatically but less successfully )6. etc, etc 7. His bloody death in prison cell with a dumb bell.Whom are you going to cast for this role? What are you going to call him in the movie?. But please make this like a real-biography and call it a biography, I feel otherwise if you make it as a semi-fiction or "based on a real story" kind of this, the thrill may be lost and it\’s no different from other gangster/faction stories. What do you say?1. But (if you make it a pure biography) the biggest challenge for you as I see is (as you are making this for Hindi audiences) how are you going to retain originality or flavour of the real story?2. Also how are you going to manage not to rub the either faction (Paritala or Suri) in the wrong way?

  55. pradeep says:

    ramu ,who is your girl friend dude??Just curious!!!

  56. Anand says:

    Mr bachahan says in his blog that he has just completed the longest shot in his career in single take with a length of about 13 mins. Can you comment on that?. Write a piece on shooting experiences of Rann and Agyaat.

  57. darshan says:

    you have seen lot in life…….tell me one thing.wat abt luck … it really luck kind of thing in wat you want to be or achiving in your life.i have heard in life born,marriage,death r defined no one can change it or make it.other thn all is in your hand…….wat do u belive in.dnt ignore this one plz…… reply

  58. srinivas says:

    I always belived that you would remake "AAG" .Also I want to see how you would react to the failure of that remake.

  59. Krishna says:

    Ram, How do explain LOVE ? Do you trust it?

  60. sid says:

    hi ramu,im curious to findout….Other than ur self, which other actors/technicians did u find the most difficult to work with?

  61. Unknown says:

    How did you conceive the scene of Amitabh Bacchan explaining the conspiracy to Ashwariya towards the end of Sarkar Raj? It sounded as if a teacher is explaining to student the art of politics and its my favorite scene & I still see it frequently in cd just for the dialogues! They are excellent! Like "to kill is crime, to kill at right time is politics"……"they used Shankar\’s passions against himself"…sounds very philosophical !! I would like please know what inspired you to have such a scene..

  62. vaishak says:

    @ Ob Serve, I should advise you on one thing. You should learn some manners dumbo, Why did you poke your stinking nose in other\’s issues..? If you want to ask anything to RGV, just ask and get the hell out of here…If you can\’t ask any sensible questions, don\’t bitch about others…your kind of morons can never write a good observation but your bitch about people. If you are jealous of others and inferior about yourself , i can\’t help it. Its just because of your deeds.When i wrote like RGV\’s brain should be analysed by scientists to get extra ingredients which make him more smart than others, i meant plain humour or comedy. But i really believe that he is a damn intelligent and smart guy than you and me. If you don\’t have the wits to understand my line, you better shut your ..*** and keep quiet. Dumbo, why did you sign in this blog. If you have some observation, write it out…You never write anything sensible to RGV and you are checking and commenting on other\’s comments. Hello, i am not here for your stupid reaction Mr.Punk head.P.S : this is my reaction on a nasty comment of guy who named himself as \’ob serve\’ in the hotmail ID who wrote very bad things about me just because i wrote that RGV\’s brain should be analysed by scientists to find what makes him more smarter. To other freinds, i want to say "Sorry for the inconvenience"….

  63. unknown says:

    "Duniya me kuch bhi kaam faida ke liye kiye jaatha hai" a dialogue from your "company" can be treated as the definition of LIFE. May be the faida in terms of money, self-satisfaction etc. Who\’s dialogue is this??? The best dialogue in your films.

  64. Abhishek says:

    @Vaishak, Dude…some people don\’t seem to understand the hows and whys of life…like RGV an Atta boy and move on man!! Psst..there are many people who take this blog an opportunity to bitch on this blog…If that rings a bell…good!!!

  65. bhanu says:

    y dont u write something about u r marriage n divorce.i am curious to know about u r wife. i mean…………. ex-wife

  66. Ob says:

    ohhhhh..kuchi luchi puchi..aaawwww you are such a cry babe.Getting angry baby, thats precisely what i wanted to achieve, and I have nailed you? Haven\’t I? I dont have to waste time and energy in learning or getting anything out of this blog..u moron…unlike you,I have stable job and stable economy and everything is rocking for me, I don\’t suffer from OBD like you.I think your brain should be preserved, analyzed, because the strangest thing is that only a smart person can know anothers smartness so of you are saying Ramu bhai is smart, then you must be even more smarter!! Get the logic!! Now bear it and do your thing BITCH!!!

  67. Ashvin says:

    I heard that the best humor in this world is to make fun of yourself, is that the reason you ridicule AAG on every occasion? I am still waiting for a blog on NISHABD, one of my favorite movies. I do not know why but I feel the song(Jana, gana, mana ran) is not synchronized, looks like the tune actually falling apart…was that intentional, error or creativity? I am not that creative, but for one of your replies – Suggest me a title – Why not something to do with revenge and trap – Chakravyuham( I know you like single word title’s – pardon my spelling though) for Paritala Ravi’s movie. For telugu audience Rakhta Charirtra is perfect…somewhere down the line I don’t think it might attract Hindi audiences, though I like all the title’s and your movies, Rakha Charirtra did not appeal me and particularly the one which is so special to you, I believe title could have been better.P.S : Boss, this is not a comment, just an opinion….!!

  68. Srinivas says:

    How about making a movie on movies? I liked your Rangeela but I feel that was just a beginning.

  69. Jay says:

    Page 3 was told from the point of view of a mediaperson and the media was shown in good light. Madhur, thus became a friend of media. Rann looks different from page 3 and it will certainly be liked by people but you may continue to be targetted by the media. We know it least affects you anyway.

  70. sriram says:

    expecting CHIKKU RAJ frm u !!i mean sarkar-3 !!

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