My reactions to reactions

1. When will you take me out for dinner?
Ans: If you are man I would rather have a vodka with you, and if you are a woman I would rather stay in with you.
2. How about casting Nana as Ravi?
Ans: How about keeping your suggestions to yourself?
3. Did you ever go to a temple?
Ans: Many times when I was kid along with my grandma. She used to give me 100 Rupees each time.
4. I am searching for an answer to this question. Who am I?
Ans: You already answered yourself, because only nobodies can have questions like that.
5. I am fed up of your lame background scores.
Ans: Stop listening.
6. I think Rakta Charitra will be successful.
Ans: Oh! Ok, Mr.Thinker.
7. This song sounds like Kahin Deep Jale.
Ans: That was the intent, Sir.
8. Why don’t you write a scary story for your blog?
Ans: I already did. It was titled “The Making of Aag”.
9. You should have come up with something more original than this song.
Ans: Waaaaah! What an original idea! Maan gaye Sir! Mind blowing.
10. Sorry but the song is bad.
Ans: Thanks.
11. Awesome song.
Ans: Thanks.
12. I bet 2000$ this movie will not be a hit.
Ans: Then why not bet 2 million$? Why be so cheap even in your wishes?
13. I decided to watch Agyaat.
Ans: Can you please post your feet to my office so that I can touch them?
14. Use the words philosophize and philosophy correctly.
Ans: Where do I send the cheque for the English lesson, Sir?
15. I think you did not understand Satyendra.
Ans: If this is how you think, you better think about yourself.


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85 Responses to My reactions to reactions


    Sir,Agyaat website is awesome, though it has only homepage yet, the background theme is that ur ideas for the website design too?rann website not registered?

  2. sLm says:

    Ramuji still rules….hail Ramuji

  3. sLm says:

    even i know sir the movie will not be a hit bcoz mass of population wanted to stay dreaming and watch love stories instead but i will watch it..and i have saved my money for the movie…

  4. Sri says:

    Any favorite screenplay that you like so far of any movie?

  5. prash says:

    why dont u make a love story ,ramu sir never tried your hand in that genre ,i think

  6. prash says:

    agyaat is good ,i have heard that u are making phoonk sequel , is it so ,when will it arrive ha time machine\’s shooting started ,

  7. prash says:

    what do you say about vishesh films??

  8. Naveen says:

    #13 was awesome…..reminds me of the comedy in your telugu moviesi wish raktha charitra has sudeep, the body guard with a scar on the face in sarkar raj (who never spoke)a character like langda tyagiand all the telugu artists like K.S.R etc…..i have more….lekin aaj ke liye itna kafi hai 🙂

  9. Arun says:

    Most of the times I feel your camera angles move like one\’s eyes would move when scanning a place.Like watching an event from a terrace. Like the examination hall scene in Phoonk, where camera moves in the classroom just like a supervising teacher\’s eyes would move.

  10. Arun says:

    Do you think having a labyrinth of ideas in one\’s mind and never implementing them in real world caused frustration and boredom ?

  11. Swamy says:

    \’There are two advantages of committing a mistake…One, you would be learning Why not to do that….Two, you would be learning How not to do that\’ — Yandamoori Veerendranath

  12. Arun says:

    I save up Rs40/- every month by various means like taking a walk instead of a rickshaw, or having lime-water instead of Pepsi to watch your movies. You don\’t owe me a thanks but its been months since your last release and I have money saved up for two movies. Could you please tell me when is your next movie out ?

  13. Arun says:

    My girlfriend says you are a softie at heart. 🙂

  14. surap says:

    Arun,stop eating you can save more than that … some other day we will not have this bloody stuff on this blog.. useless calculations..useless fellows.. i am so soft heart than RGV.. ??????

  15. Unknown says:

    how was your thinking style before meeting satyendra. was it anyway towards your this type of thinking or were you just another guy. were u reading books, analyzing thoughts and persons?

  16. Shalini says:

    Why \’Making of Aag\’?? \’Aag\’ itself was scary… ;o) just kidding.But please do write a scary story…(I\’m just pushing you..aren\’t I?)

  17. Shalini says:

    That was a good one me your office adderss. I am on my way to home depot to buy a chainsaw to cut my feet off…lolI\’ll also include a return envelope. Please return my feet after touching them…lol..sorry..sorry…just having fun.

  18. Shwetha says:

    I just love to read your \’My reactions to reactions\’ More than your movies I prefer reading your blog !!

  19. Puroorava Chakravarthy says:

    When I saw Abdul Kalam (The so called super scientist) with Satya Sai Baba (The so called God), it reminded me of a dialogue from your film "Shiva-2006". "EKHI GALLI MOHALLE MEI RAHATHE HAI THO MILNE KA".

  20. daya says:

    Hi Ramu ,I would like to have Vodka with you.

  21. daya says:

    What is your brand

  22. Arun says:

    RGV How come you find shooting two movies at the same time, planning the third and fourth at the same time too, so comfortable ? Why is it that the other directors prefer to shoot just one movie at a time ? How come you do a faster job, if always not better, than the others ?

  23. Arun says:

    Why is it that you keep coming back to the same genre of movies over and over again ?

  24. Arun says:

    Why did you use sepia-lens in Sarkar and Sarkar Raj ?

  25. Arun says:

    Do you find it paradoxical that sex which can be such a pleasure requires a women which can be such a torture ? I am not offending women here, please, I respect all women. Sincerely. RGV, any reaction ?

  26. pulkit says:

    Your Arrogance is revolting. someone should beat you up with stick just to tame you a bit…

  27. Sree says:

    RGV,This is a off track question but me and my friends have quite few times discussed this topic and are eagerly waiting to hear from you. Are you gonna make Sarkar part 3? if so will it be Chikkoo who will be the lead this time? if so then what was the thing at the last frame on Sarkar Raj with Aishwarya saying "Chai lao" ….she is not the next protagonist in the Sarkar 3 right?????(if it is ever made?)

  28. Anil says:

    You are awesome in replies … I love it….Where did you learn this much Sarcasm ? Is it Mad magazine made you mad.

  29. kedar says:

    u r still a kid!

  30. I says:

    Swamywrote: \’There are two advantages of committing a mistake…One, you would be learning Why not to do that….Two, you would be learning How not to do that\’ — Yandamoori Veerendranath>>>So disadvantage of succeeding is that you won\’t learn how to succeed next time?? e.g. you luv a girl and you succeed getting simple….fun is that you loose her and then learn how not to loose the girl you don;t luv next time.what a fcuk theory.14 hours ago

  31. I says:

    1. When will you take me out for dinner?Ans: If you are man I would rather have a vodka with you, and if you are a woman I would rather stay in with you.>>> Yes Vodka is fine. See you when I am in India.8. Why don’t you write a scary story for your blog?Ans: I already did. It was titled “The Making of Aag”. >>>Again same thing?? When ever I see you making fun of Aag I see a diff character.Some one who is very vulnerable actually. Arronagance is missing. I told you about my friends, Satyenda or rather Ramu i had in my life used to behave in same manner when ever he lost. Can you dare to praise AAG any time?? Remember Satya justified you touching his chappals. It was not the absolute truth I belive. If you tell him that you don\’t mind touching his chappals, he could have convinced you otherwise.

  32. darshan says:

    Hi, ramufirst of all ……i like your style of movie making …..movies that impress me more is shiva, D ,sarkar, ab tak chappan. what i like most is your character\’s silent anger towards system, society.that sarkar\’s dialouge "muje jo sahi lagta haim me kerta hu…"that D\’s dialouge "mein kismat ko nahi manta…"i always miss ramu\’s touch in sarkarraj….as such sarkar is really powerfull movie. i think only ramu\’s mind can create character like sarkar, sadhu agase.i really want to see movie about comman man like agnipath,trishul,kaalia ….u really remind me that BIg B in sarkar.Man made somthing powerfull, meaning full ,which can blow a comman man to think on it ,something on our system i know you are very much aware about our tidy system.lets make a diffrence

  33. sLm says:

    Sir will you recommend us any movie in recent times which you liked and is not directed and produced by you.???

  34. Sudhir says:

    Hey Ra\’am,Thank you for the offer to send the cheque for the English lesson, Munna. Instead, please use the money to install a pirated software on your PC which can copy-paste your replies; So you can can assume readership and readers can assume your scholarship.Its god-damn comical. Bruce Lee picks up a line from Zen Buddhism scriptures, uses it as a dialogue in his movie, which is quoted down the line in his name by the director and his starcast on their blogs!!! Have you thought of copyrighting your right to copy?Sudhir

  35. sandeep says:

    When is agyaat releasing????

  36. celeste says:

    Dear Ram, glad to see you\’re writing a lot these days. Yesterday I saw a film produced by you, \’Ab Tak Chhappan\’. Very interesting script, and Nana Patekar… wow!… SO sexy!!!!!(Ciao Shalini! Have a nice weekend!)

  37. Srinu says:

    Your talent may not be eligible for awards.So you are jealous about it.Some thing like "Andani draksha pallu pullana."

  38. Unknown says:

    Raktha charitra is a telugu word,Hindi translation would be Rakth Charitr.Are you going to retain the telugu name for Hindi version as well?It will be bizarre.

  39. Vinay says:

    Initially and even now I found the satire and ridicule at others\’ comments funny. Somewhere in between the same thing for my own comments were not funny. But looks like we are being moulded into your personality. So I enjoy the ridicule/satire for my own comments now. Just wondering what a film it would be on Ramayana or Mahabharata or any other mythology, if directed by you. Its easy to have dark rooms, because they didnt have electricity back then. Since you would take close up shots of everyone, there\’s really no need for elaborate sets. Just one wall at the background being changed to show different locations and people. And background score, aah! The Govinda Govinda score will be a hit! But you wont make it for the reason that you cant show women in skimpy outfits!

  40. Unknown says:

    It is very interesting to learn about your association with different people. Wondering if you could share your experiences with Mani Rathnam, Nagarjuna, Sekhar Kapoor etc.

  41. Anil says:

    Anniyya ….My marriage is on June 4th in Kakinada ( East Godavari ) …Nuvvu vaste baguntaadi … raa anniyya please …I will send flight tickets … – Thammudu Anil Kumar

  42. sLm says:

    what happens to Goonga\’s Wife in Contract…???

  43. bhanu says:

    Hi ram… in all all the epics (maha bharata, trozen war, ramayana) conflict of egos and war was triggered by a woman. In mahabharata heat was turned on when Kaurava\’s insulted Draupadi. In ramayana war started when Ravana absconded Sita. Trozen war was triggered when Helen was stolen from Menelaus.In Godfather, even though the war is triggered by the greed/ power hunger of Sollozzo, he uses Conne corleone as the bait to take down Sonny. If you see all epics the major trigger events were layered around women. A man\’s ego takes ultimate beating when his woman is insulted/ill treated by another male. That is when the man takes the things very personally and loses himself which will result in war.But if I consider your best works so far Shiva, Satya, Company, Sarkar this aspect was never used in generating the conflict between protagonist and antagonist. Is that something you never considered before or you are too fascinated by the \’power hunger\’ aspect of human emotions? ***(In company the gap between chandu and mallik is widened when saroja gives wrong info to kannu but not because Mallik or Chandu\’s ego gets hurt because of insult to their woman.)

  44. kishan says:

    This is by far the best camera work among all of your movies till date. I am curious to know how did you manage to get such smooth continuos shots in the middle of a jungle.

  45. Shalini says:

    Hi Ramu,I recently read in an interview given by one of your proteges saying that "Ram Gopal Varma told me not to have an affair with the heroine I am directing".Hmm..I wonder what made you say that…??? ;o)

  46. sripal says:

    One day u come up with a news on Runn. The next day an update in the blog. They very next week a trailer news on Raktha Charitra. Next day one more update on the blog. And after threes days a music big of Agyaat. Next day one more update in the blog. Making movie is like eating peenuts to you !!! How do you manage time ? I heard you saying that you sleep only for 4 hrs a day. How is that possible ? Can you plz. write a piece on time management ? I think you are the best person to talk about time. Plz., most of us need it.

  47. Bhaskar says:

    Dear RGV,What was your intent of the scene Warsi spoke with Chandu (Vivek) over phone about Krishnan becming bigger? We see a baby crying while this guy is speaking over phone. Once he is done, we just hear the baby crying in back ground while the frustration and disappointment was cleary being shown on his face. I loved this so brilliant scene. Was that to indicate Warsi also crying internally? Any insights of this scene pls?

  48. Unknown says:

    Ramu, In the movie Parinda, Nana Patekar has the phobia with Fire (pyrophobia). I never had this pyrophobia in my life till I saw AAG. Yes RGV kii AAG made me Pyro-phobic. Did you get this pyrophobia too after making that movie? Aren\’t you scared of Aag after directing such a pathetic movie? Please comment.

  49. Unknown says:

    RGV,On what basis do you pick few questions to answer and few not to..?I\’m askin this \’cause few of the questions which you answer sucks (questions, not the answers) and there r few valid questions posted by our friends which you don\’t answer..!!

  50. Unknown says:

    Ramu, How do you define technique in ciinema? In one of your early interveiws you said you know nothing about technique. But there was a distinct quality to your films whether it be the camera movements or editing that seperated your films with others. So, how do you see this contradiction.

  51. Unknown says:

    Ramu, How involved are you in the writing process in films? Correct me if I am wrong but weren\’t you writing all of your films in your early days. Follow up question is, Do you think the quality of writing whether it be dialogues, script or screenplay has gone down in last 5-6 years in your films.

  52. sha says:

    what a answer?13. I decided to watch Agyaat.Ans: Can you please post your feet to my office so that I can touch them? I hav one question.. i rd in TOI how Amitabh did his first scn with improvisation for the mv 24*7 india or Runn.Do you allow every actor to do that or its only with big actors?

  53. siva says:

    v good manoj bajpai considered for the role of suri? i read in the magzines that you both have some differences and even in one of the bajpais interview i read that you have backstabbed him and will never work woth you again..

  54. naveen says:

    This is something i have asked you earlier, can you please write a passage on your assistant directors in telugu/hindi and also whats your experience working wit lyric writer seetharama sastry …

  55. naveen says:

    Do you think will be able to make any mythological film, may be remake a film like dana veera sura karna?

  56. manoj says:

    Great song RGV, AB sir says tommorow you record song for Rann with him, hope it beats the Nishabd soundtrack, as that was a benchmark in AB short singing CV

  57. Dinesh says:

    Ans: Then why not bet 2 million$? Why be so cheap even in your wishes?I Am for the bet. This movie will not be a hit, just because of Bapi-Tutul the worst musician you choose ever. what is this in background scores as Govinda-Govinda-GOvinDha, Hai Aag ye EEk Aag ye aag hai AAg Hai, and now in Agyaat the background sound of Agyaat-Agyaat-Agyaat-Agyaat…… Paglaa gaye ho kyaaa. Mr. Genius ke Sunne wale Tantoo(Neurons) Nasht ho gaye……

  58. Unknown says:

    Hi Ramu,Is this your Satya? Sorry for bringing this link to this platform but just wanted to confirm. Anyways herinformation was already public on the net. confirm.

  59. ram says:

    RGV,dont you think, this story is beaten to death? reluctant protagonist becoming powerful force.. You did it in siva, satya and Gayam..Anyhow, pls see whether you can go back to Ilayaraja.. who can forget the BGM in Siva. and End titles music just rocks!!

  60. Unknown says:

    congrats on completing 1 year blogging!

  61. Dinakar says:

    Man… All these days I always thought u think so highly about yourself, that you will never accept that you are inferior to any fucking one on the earth… But your post on your friend Satyendra proved otherwise and you beat me… Appreciating one\’s knowledge and talent is one thing, the very beauty of it lies in the sheer ignorance of the one who is appreciating… But there is no need to accept that you are inferior to someone… loser !!!

  62. unknown says:

    Do you consider Chaman and Suri, the masterminds of Ravi in your Rakta Charitra II ?? If yes, whos gonna play these characters?

  63. Krishna says:

    Ram, Can you tell me the difference betweem Screenplay and Direction?

  64. Dhananjay says:

    You should thank god that he made you atheist !!!btw – what is the difference between screenplay & script.also which is the bollywood director whose work u like ?

  65. Jonah says:

    i think these two reactions were chosen just to amplify your \’different viewer different taste concept"10. Sorry but the song is bad.Ans: Thanks. 11. Awesome song.Ans: Thanks.

  66. Unknown says:

    Hi Ramu,Is this your Satya? Sorry for bringing this link to this platform but just wanted to confirm. Anyways herinformation was already public on the net. confirm.

  67. Unknown says:

    Hi Ramu,Is this your Girl Friend Satya? Sorry for bringing this link to this platform but just wanted to confirm. Anyways herinformation was already public on the net. confirm.

  68. Unknown says:

    sir,whatever the critics say your movies have a brand of ur own,and sir i m a great fan of ur movies keep up the good work…all D best….

  69. Unknown says:

    RANN IS BASICALLY MY STORY…THE WAR… !!!hello mr.rgvwhen u were running film factory… i have sended a story called THE WAR. ur staff members has told me that company has rejected my story bcoz it was just basic story idea…now i have learnt that ur new movie RANN may b on my idea…but i didnt got any message from ur side that why u r using my story without letting me know about that…??? my email id is and i m waiting for ur reply sooon….when i have sended my story i have had converssions with some one called NEERAJ…he told me about where to send my story in ur factory now i have sended mail to the person also at his mail id but this mail address is bounsing…so now where could i get clarification about my story…that what happened to it???kindly waiting for ur reply…in my story i have put a punch line…and that was…SOME TIME TRUTH LOOSES…AND U HAVE USEDtruth is terrible….its quite amazing that we both are thinking the same way?!!i want ur personal email id so we can have conversation…regarding my story and idea…kindly let me know ur contact so i and you can calrify eachothers stand…thanx

  70. Unknown says:

    Hello Sir,I don\’t know whether if u check u r blog but, i really want to act in movies but i don\’t have film background and i can\’t leave my job and try in movies as i am the only member who earns in my family, so if u check u r blog please call me @ 09346703000, i am from hyderabad.

  71. Unknown says:

    RIFLE- the sexy labor woman was just your creation to set a base for another NISHABD. good shot 🙂

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