I was always fascinated with the haunting songs from yesteryear films like ‘Woh Kaun Thi’, ‘Gumnaam’, ‘Kohraa’ etc.


So inspite of AGYAAT  not being really a Ghost film I just wanted to do a song on those lines. Since the basic point of the film is that you can’t see the Antagonist in the film I thought it will be an interesting idea to put forth that thought though the lyrics of this song.


The Music is by Bapi-Tutul

Lyrics by Prashant Pandey

Sung by Shweta Pandit



Also I am putting some shots from the film to go with the sound-track. This is neither a Trailer nor a Music Video. It is just some random shots taken from the film to go with the feel of the song.



AGYAAT – Sunn Saakte (Hindi)

Sunn saakte toh.. bhaag sakte ho..
Dikhe voh tumhe toh.. chup sakte ho..

Iss darr ka na koi chehra…
Gehra yeh kohra..
Agyaat hai yeh…


Aayeega… jaan le jaayeega…
bach na paayeega…
Iss darr ka na koi chehra…

Agyaat hai…


Zehreela… saaya… tadpayeega…
Gehra yeh kohra… Agyaat…



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57 Responses to Aaajaaaaareee……

  1. Unknown says:

    good one…

  2. Shalini says:


  3. Shalini says:

    I liked the trailer very much by the way. I saw it on youtube much after you posted it on this blog. Looks really great. Its been a very long time since a saw a desi movie on screen. I have decided to watch \’AGYAAT\’ on big screen. Please tell me when it is releasing?

  4. Unknown says:

    its very much similar to an old telugu song…"ninu veeedani neeedanu neneee"….

  5. Shalini says:

    Also, please post pics of making of the film, if its not a big deal..

  6. sLm says:

    o wow…

  7. apparao says:

    Dear Ramu bhaii have been observing ur films right from ur first film "Shiva"(Telugu) and watched almost all the films of urs except \’Naach\’ and \’Nishabdh\’. Thats only b\’coz of what kind of films u were making just before these above mentioned films. You raised like a star in the film indutry with ur very first film and even though u sued to disappoint me me now and then, but still with films like Sathya, Kaun and Sarkar Raj u again made me feel convinced that u r an intelligent bugger. But u know, gradually i have develeped a kind of dislike for ur films off late(its doesn\’t mean that i am not curious enough to watch ur upcoming films though :), but going through ur blog now and then these days, i am seeing another dimension of urs that is "philosophivcal side" that too Nietzshe" . This made me to come back to u as a desciple again 🙂 You r one of the worth living creatuere-directors in India right now. I am only feeling sad for one thing that is ur films and ur mind that is always obsessesed with philosophy controdict like anithing. They both travel on two different paths. Why so ???

  8. sLm says:

    @apparaoboth N \’Naach\’ and \’Nishabdh\’watch "Naach" it leaves a great msg what he did to industry and what they paid back…

  9. Anil says:

    I bet $2000, This movie will not be an hit …. But I do have lots of hopes on Raktha Charitra & RANNWhen RANN will be released?

  10. ram says:

    Looks good Ramu. Had a question, Out of many films you have done as a producer, only one director really stood out from the rest atleast in terms of having a good script. Shamit Amin. Regular audience who usually are no big fan of anyone except Cinema, found his movies different and interesting. Personally I liked the movie better than others. What do you say Ramu ?

  11. Swamy says:

    Super Song…Beautifully Sung…

  12. Gruesome says:

    dark,doomladen and spelling out the imminent death of the film crew…..takes us back to the time,mood and atmosphere of Gumnaam for sure…!awesome!

  13. Unknown says:

    What is your reason for not voting? Being a citizen of India and living in this country don’t you think it is your "responsibility" to vote?

  14. sLm says:

    the song looks similar to "gumnaam" tracks…

  15. surap says:

    awesome song ….fabulous music

  16. truth says:

    Sorry, its really bad.

  17. ujjwal says:

    Nice song…… reminded me those old songs.And what did you used for rotating that camera ?The camera work makes the scene scary. Simple things look scary like a girl who is going to school( Phoonk ), a tree in a jungle, a lady got down from the bus in a empty village ( Rathri ). I think the camera is the real GHOST in all your scary movies.

  18. Dinesh says:

    If Music is by Bapi-Tutul, then film will not work as we expect from you…. Sarkar and James was so bakwas just because of that kind of music and you are giving them again your music department. where gone your great music sens, how and what can you like in Bapi-Tutul\’s Ghatiya music…. Idiot….Rahman to tujhko ghans dalega nahin… but Amar Mohile, Sandeep Chawta, Kareem Khan Kya mar gaye hain…. Dhartee ke bojh, Gadhe

  19. Dinesh says:

    Sorry boss, I didn\’t see promos and any video of agyaat, Didn\’t satisfied with Bapi-Tutul but your imagination and technicality is superb man…. really greatest… really G.Varma is the Baap of Bollywood. Sorry again

  20. Kamal Aakarsh says:

    definitely inspired (or say adapted from) by the signature tune in Hemant Kumar\’s "Kahi deep Jale Kahi Dil" from "Bees Saal Baad". it would have been even more better if something original came up.

  21. Ajax says:

    Lame lyrics and Amaturish music.. nowhere near the clasics u have mentioned. The song might sound good in the movie but sucks big time as a stand-alone!

  22. Unknown says:

    I have seen hundreds of movies. But there is nothing quite which can match upto the climax of satya. By far the best climax ever shot in history of cinema. Injured satya dies in front of his girl friend\’s door. Sounds melodramatic on paper by directed in a very suttle way. It is awesome. Takes the meaning of love/bondage to some other level. WOW

  23. Unknown says:

    Will sudeep play a role in Raktha Charitra? The title sounds really nice. Because of the use of decent words to express the criminal world, it gives a feel that the protagonist was a decent introvert kind of guy who ended up having a criminal record of hundred of murders.

  24. Shalini says:

    Hi Ramu, Now that subject is on your fascination with scary films…Can I request you to write a scary story on your blog some time?…a story that you could not make into a movie or the one your grandma told you when you were a kid..or something.After all..!! this is RGV\’s blog..a person with a reputation(a great one that is) that best suits this subject, and I hate to see it without a scary story.So Please…will you write it? I am not a big fan of horror films(Actually I\’m scared..shhh..don\’t tell anyone ;o) ), but I can surely enjoy reading one…that too written by you.

  25. Panini says:

    To the user who commented that this sounds a lot like Kahin Door Jale Kahin Dil, thats because its set in Shivaranjani. The music directors cleverly chose the heartbeat rythm along with Shivaranjani but still feels a bit amateurish.

  26. sripal says:

    RGV, do u know speaking Hindi ? I was surprised when ARR said he doesn\’t know Hindi in an interview. Just curious.

  27. Krishna says:

    Can you tell me what are the qualities that should be possessed by a director and the technicians (like sound editor, film editor, DOP, Lyricist

  28. Sreekaant says:

    Hey Ramu, I don\’t know if you answered this question before, but WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE AMITABH BACHCHAN FILMS? You mentioned Zanjeer in an interview and Sholay would be the obvious one. What else do you like?

  29. raj says:

    most of the actors in your movies act quite differently than they did in other movies ( including top stars). Do you control them or they understand your expectations and act accordingly.

  30. raj says:

    kota srinivasa rao character in Money Money is the best one I have ever seen. Does kota improvised like that or you and sivanageswar rao made him to act like that. He must be one of the few actors whom you admire in Telugu film industry. (My guess)

  31. Vinay says:

    Your Satya, Company, and Jungle had the best background scores amongst all our films and Mast stands out for the songs. I hear that shootings for Agyaat is over. How much time does it take for a film to release after shootings are complete. Do dubbing and marketing and all take so much time?

  32. Indraneel says:

    The song could have been been better with the higher notes, but I guess y\’ll know best!

  33. sLm says:

    @Vinay Agyaat is Under Production and date has been decided as July 24, 2009

  34. Dinesh says:

    after watching promos. You are the boss man, nobody can better then you… I accept.

  35. Unknown says:

    Will you ever work with Sandeep Chowta again ?

  36. jayakrishna says:

    willl Prakash Raj suit as Suri?

  37. Ram says:

    The other day I have seen \’Govinda…Govinda\’ on TV and I couldn\’t stop laughing over the scenes when \’Vishnu Chakra\’ comes from Lord Venkateshwara and kills the Villain. I can\’t believe it…I can\’t believe it because that much stupid scene from a director like Ram Gopal Varma.Anyways, I liked the film except the way you handled the climax.BTW, is the background score \’Govindaaa….Govindaa\’ composed by Raj-Koti? Then why wasn\’t their name appeared in Sarkar\’s credits?

  38. kedar says:

    Lyrics could be better…about tune i find it very ordinary…i am not an expert in Music…but have good ear…i am whistling tune of GUMNAAM as i type this and i find there are 3 layers to the tune…mostly a hit tune has 3 layers to it…i dont how …but try and whistle GOOD BAD UGLY or FOR A FEW DOLLAR\’s tune…and u will find there are 3 layers to those tunes too…GOD FATHER\’s tune…MISSION IMPOSSIBLE…KILL BILL or NATURAL BORN KILLERS… all the tunes have 3 layers… here in this tune there are only 2 layers… just a thought…!

  39. kedar says:

    GOD FATHER\’s i realized actually have 6 layers… 2 sets of 3 layers… hahaha…some music expert would beat me after hearing this… lol… but its true for me…so again Agyaat tune here just have 2 layers…it needs atleast 3 layers to complete it!

  40. kedar says:

    Also lingering way of singing in second Stanza gives it a feel of Romantic Horror feel…like a snake woman luring a man into her arms before she would plant a DEATH kiss on his lips kind of feel…hahaha…if thats the requirement then its working…if not then it will sound foolish subconsciously… Exorcist is the best western classical example! HAUNTING it is!…

  41. I says:

    Is this movie Hindi version of Predator??SOng is great in its own defenitely sounded like the modern and less talented daughter of yester years Kahin Deep(like Hema Esha I would say).But when it started (first two lines) it sounded funny and more like a scarry version on "twikle twinkle little star.."; a scarry lulla by.

  42. vamsi says:

    In the song u have given the whole character and what is the thrill then.

  43. vamsi says:

    why u keep tough faces for all ur characters like u. And huge emotions leaving a big gap between dialogus to dialogue.

  44. surap says:

    Please try to update your blog everyday..we know that this is not only your business…but we are very joyful with your blog rather than your movies

  45. Vasu says:

    Why did you give away that the antagonist is invisible in the entire film? Don\’t you think, audience would have waited to see the antagonist in the film?

  46. Vasu says:

    Whats striking in Nitin for you to choose him in Agyaat? Are you satisfied with his work?

  47. AbhiRoy says:

    With due regards i write to state that i am a trained actor with experience, passion for the craft & a strong desire to be a part of Ramu\’s productions. I really want to be considered for the role of Suri.I do not live in Mumbai yet, but would appreciate if you can advise what would be the suitable way( e-mail?) to submit my profile/pictures, to be considered for the role of Suri. RegardsAbhiRoy

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