My reactions to reactions


1. Who is going to play Suri?
Ans: That had not been decided. Rakta Charitra Part I will end with the Ramanaidu Studio blast and the introduction of Suri. Rakta Charitra Part II will feature Ravi and Suri equally whereas Part I predominantly will deal with Ravi’s rise.

2. How could you see Satyendra in class if you and he belonged to different branches?
Ans: Mr.Detective, we had common subjects in the first year. Happy now?
“When a finger is pointing at the moon, don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss the heavenly glory” – Bruce Lee (Enter the Dragon)

3. Sure, some of us are influenced by what we read and who we meet but I think also some of us are born with a capability to think by themselves.
Ans: I suspect that you are referring to exalted souls like yourself whereas I was referring to common souls like me.

4. Is it only the result which differentiates between Guts and Stupidity? 
Ans:  Yes. Like for example on the decision of making Rakta Charitra in 2 parts, if Rakta Charitra I becomes a hit it is guts, and if it does not it’s stupidity.

5. Do you think philosophy will be best conveyed through a book rather than in a movie?
Ans: Yes. For the simple reason that we can worship Howard Roark’s architectural designs in Fountainhead as long as they only in our imagination sparked off by Ayn Rand’s descriptive genius. But the moment we see them visually we will also become as judgemental as Ellsworth Toohey.

6. Could the philosophy of Nietzsche and Schopenhauer have contributed to Satyendra’s frustration in life and negative effects?
Ans: Vaishak, like everything else philosophy too can be taken in any which way. Most people cry over spilled milk. A philosopher is a person who does not cry over spilled milk but will console himself over the fact that 80% of it is water.

But if you can get another pint of milk you don’t need to philosophize. Philosophy primarily is a weapon of the incompetent. For example; Superman does not need philosophy.

7. Are you scared that you may not be able to do justice if you make a movie on Satyendra?
Ans: Not scared. Wise.

8. There is Satyendra in every one of us but only the degree differs.
Ans: That’s like saying all of us are rich but only some have the money.

9. I am assuming your thoughts on God are same as they were 27 years ago.
Ans: No.

10. Do you know where Satyendra is and what he does?
Ans: No.

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96 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. Krishna says:

    Ram, I have a difficult question for myself and trying to find answer or some clues it. Later I found, the search for that answer or clues is called "Life" and that is the absolute truth. The question is "Who Am I"?


    Sir,in Sarkar and SarkarRaj, Abhishek reminded the performance of Al Pacino(The GodFather 1,2), but not his appearance, why?because of his beard and mustache?

  3. Murali krishna says:

    " can live happily by not having expectations and relishing every moment"made me to share my understanding of life, it\’s cause and effectwhich makes my survival possible in this messy world -"Everything happens as it should beIt can not be otherwiseNo disappointment of what happened, it could not have happened in any other way because at that moment of decision making I was convinced that I was right, so it could not be otherwise thus it happened as it should beNo anxiety of what will happen, because the cause of tomorrow\’s effect is my decision at this moment which is an effect of my past actions that have gone perfectly well, so tomorrow will be definitely as should beSo whatever(that interests me) I do at this moment is right, if I do not regret for what I did yesterday and do not bother what I will do tomorrowI learn from the mistakes but do not repent for committing them, I plan for tomorrow but am not anxious about what will happenAll right, everything happens exactly as it should beSo? nothing is wrong.Thinking there is something wrong with anything is also not wrong because…..Everything happens as it should be, including thinking"So my culmination for all my celetial thinking happened by realizing that there exists nothing but this moment, past and future are fictitious and have decided not to slip out of this moment hence my philosophy is :" Relax into this moment."

  4. mitesh says:

    "superman doesn\’t need philosophy"…. Good one… but i think to be superman he requires a certain kind of philosophical perspective..

  5. Murali krishna says:

    "Look at these men: their eye saith it – they know nothing better on earth than to lie with a woman." – Friederich Nietzsche (Thus Spake Zarathustra)

  6. gouravaraju says:

    where will be the story of raktha charitra takes place? i mean in which city or place you will show this story is happening in the movie?and apart from your movies how did you understand your academic subjects? do you have good knowledge on them?

  7. sameer says:

    you know the biggest pitfall making in raktha charitra is taking authenticity? you will be hunted by this pitfall forever? all the worst……………

  8. mitesh says:

    "happiness comes only through achieving our goal" -Robin sharma,so what do you think to be a happy what are the fundamental things are required???.. becoz the whole life is all about to be a happy…

  9. krishna says:

    I read about Nietzche in my 10th class in the history book,i was advised by my friend in my intermediate,many engineering friends talked about him,but only after reading you blog i am interested to read the works of nietzche.So can you help me by telling me … which is first book i need to read of him.?thank you

  10. Abhishek says:

    Would you make a movie on Satyendra if he himself gives you the script?

  11. kedar says:

    He was either stuck and waiting…or he had let go already when u met him in windowless room…Satyendra never gets bored…! what u do when u get bored? watch films, read books, talk to close friends, drink, eat, travel, shopping or sex…stop doing whatever u do when u get bored and imagine life like that…one day atleast…u will realize ur THINKING POWER has increased…!…we feel it will be a boring life…but rather doing all those things is boring!…so stop feeling great to see bad effects of Intelligence…its ur narrow perception of life…as i said he was either stuck and waiting…or already had let go!…Satyendra never gets bored!

  12. vijay says:

    RGV… rock the world of movies. Am excited with the line up of your movies……Agyaat, Rann, Rakta Charitra 1 & 2……….wow Can\’t wait……How can I impress you to be invited to watch all the movies along with you….:).

  13. Rolling says:

    you say you are a dreamer and live your life according to your own terms..but then you say you have no expectations..please explain further..

  14. Shalini says:

    Thank you Ramu, for turning the subject back onto Satyendra.

  15. Shalini says:

    These are more Q & A..not typical RGV\’s reactions. ;o) Good change from the routine though.

  16. Unknown says:

    can u please give the address of Mr Satyendra\’s family members addresses or any phone numbers ,i also will do search of him.

  17. Ram says:

    Another dumbo question from me…!Why did you choose MSN Spaces for your blog? Any reason for this? To comment in your blog, I need to sign-in with MSN Id. Where as, most of the blogs in blogosphere are on Blogger platform, it makes easy for us to post the comment with one time sign in.

  18. andhrite says:

    RGV,When u came to Vijayawada for launching of James along with Lagadapati Rajgopal, some one from the audience asked you to make a movie on Paritala Ravi, you put a blank face and questioned who is Paritala Ravi?????, how come now u r interested to make on movie whom you don\’t know. Any specific reasons

  19. Arun says:

    RGV You use philosophy of Nietzsche ,Ayn Rand and many more so profusely in all you do and use it as a weapon. So would you too call yourself incompetent for using philosophy ? Or would you call yourself superman ?

  20. Vasu says:

    "Philosophy primarily is a weapon of the incompetent" – So you think philosophers are just covering their incompetency.

  21. Vasu says:

    Did you ever go to a temple in your life?

  22. sLm says:

    now there a lot of terrorism, underworld and bhoot…looking for a love story from you…and challenge ppl like karan johar…who every time insults you in public…

  23. Dhanunjaya says:

    I think You were wrong comparing Satyendra with Howard Roark.Satyendra just wanted to understand things or Obsorb Knowledge…Howard Roark wanted to express himself through his work. He always wanted to work and create something, even when he was in bad patch. Satyendra did not find it interesting to achieve anything..I think he is similar to UG krishna murthy..He got kick in just understanding the meaning.I would say, You are Howard Roark (May be with little bit of Peater Keating..In the sense of making some compromises on the way to deal with stupid people) who decided to work and create something.

  24. jeevan says:

    It will be interesting if u rewrite your thoughts on the subject of God since u say that ur thoughts on God are not the same as they were 27 years ago

  25. Shalini says:

    Wow..Ramu. I loved your idea of showcasing Ravi\’s rise in the first part and introducing Suri towards the end of first part and then continuing it into second part.How smart are you?? I know..I know..smarter than I am.

  26. Parixit says:

    Hello Sir,Can you put the conversation that you had with Satyendra when you met hi after a very long time in a windowless room.

  27. vamsi says:

    Am not sure if you heard the lyrics of the Gulaal, but boy… they are mind bogling. You should listen to them – especially \’Aarambh hai Prachand". I suggest you hire that guy for music in this movie – Raktha Charithra (absolutely stupid title I should say).Based on the previous comment, I too feel Nana Patekar or Manoj Bajpai will be a better fit for the role. There is a difference between good actor and a great actor and these two are great actors, while Vivek just falls short of good actor.

  28. Unknown says:

    There is Satyendra in every one of us but only the degree differs.Ans: That’s like saying all of us are rich but only some have the money.It’s actually the opposite. All of us have the money (knowledge, thinking ability) but only people like Satyendra are rich because the amount differs.

  29. Sai says:

    Touche :)Not an exalted soul but an impaired soul unable to relate to others\’ experiences or reflections and is therefore, forced to depend on his own.

  30. Unknown says:

    I Guess a wise man who made a RGV ki aag can make a movie on Satyendar,any comments?

  31. Shalini says:

    Hey Ramu, I can\’t believe you think of you as a common soul. ;o)

  32. surya says:

    What you are saying in other words is that philosophy ends suffering but is not a guarantee against pain. This contradicts the notion that its a weapon of incompetent. Because when suffering ends, we push our limits further and work more efficiently and creatively – because we have effectively nullified or reduced fear. People like satyendra "perhaps" see absurdity in everything around and choose inaction. Ayn rand was anything but incompetent – again competence is context specific. There are some branches of philosophy that breed incompetence – and some people without capability, either ways philosophy is just like any set of beliefs inspiring certain modes of action if you choose to act on it. It does not show anything about competence.In any case I think I should enjoy your blog for what it is rather than leaving comments, because all said and done you have shown enough intelligence to know all that I am saying. Regards.

  33. surya says:

    BTW – Vivek looks amazing in the photos.

  34. sripal says:

    Self confidence… a couple of lines on it ?

  35. sripal says:

    “When a finger is pointing at the moon, don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss the heavenly glory” – Bruce Lee (Enter the Dragon) -A dialogue as sharp as his punches in the movie !!

  36. madhu sudan says:

    "Philosophy primarily is a weapon of the incompetent" thats very shocking interpretation .can u eloborate on it or can u write a piece on it ?actually i sensed these words in ur article "The ideas which killed …." refering to Friederich Nietzsche.

  37. sandeep says:

    i would request u to kindly post something on cinematic u vusualise and how an upcoming director develop it.

  38. Prasaanth says:

    In which region story is narrated ?

  39. Puroorava Chakravarthy says:

    "At the end of a 15 minute lecture from Satyendra I felt stupid and took his chappal along with me to get it repaired". Actually you were ragged by your junior 😉

  40. Puroorava Chakravarthy says:

    Mirror Mirror tell me what impresses RGV? Ans: Satya\’s beauty and Satyendra\’s Intelligence. Ramuu o SATYAanveshi 😉

  41. andhrite says:

    Dear RGV,Keep aside all the egos with Manoj Bajpai & give him the role of Suri, he is 100% suitable for that role, as his face features are similar to suri

  42. pradeep says:

    I think this movie wuld create a lot of controversy,as it is a well known fact that congress in AP was heavily involved in the murder of paritala ravi,,I am sure they will take your front and back before you release it!!

  43. VijayDirects says:

    Philosophy is..Conceived by idleWritten by intelligentRead by curiousDumped by poorBelieved by gullibleUsed by WiseEnjoyed by a drink -VijayDirects

  44. Melody says:

    If your thoughts on God are different then they were 27 years ago I am very eager to hear from you. Can you please throw some light on your thoughts now on God.Gautam Gulati

  45. srinivas says:

    fed up of lame back ground music,Please rope in good music director for ur future projects

  46. srinivas says:

    My friends say that my eyes look likle that of urs. I am upset with this comment.

  47. sparrowhawk says:

    how is the veerappan project coming up sir?

  48. Harsha says:

    Did you fail in the first year of engineering?

  49. sparrowhawk says:

    Will "Raktha chaithra" be like a biographical movie with all the actors being close resemblaces to thier real life inspirations or will be just an inspired movie… without the actors paying much attention to the mannerisms to thier real life counterparts? Also in which part of the country will the movie be set in? UP? Bihar?

  50. siva says:

    Please can i get your email id..i am your fan like lakhs of ppl..i just wanna share my feelings on you,i dont want to do it here…my mail id:

  51. Naren says:

    "When a finger is pointing at the moon, don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss the heavenly glory" – You make most of your movies or for that matter scenes in this way.

  52. Naren says:

    Please see if you can do a writeup about Kota

  53. Parixit says:

    Hello Sir,[1] Why didn\’t you try to make Satendra work with you (not for you)? he might have got bored with you in college but now after watching you masterpieces he must have developed some inclination towards you…..[2] What was Satyendra\’s thought on Ayn Rand and Howard Roark?[3[ Are you going to make Satendra write a piece on your blog or not?[4] Did you find the article your principal wrote on Satyendra?

  54. santosh says:

    Hi Mr. Varma,While making a film do u think about the audience as a whole or do u make a film thinking of only yourself as the audience?Regards,Santino

  55. Parixit says:

    Hi RGV,"Philosophy primarily is a weapon of the incompetent. For example; Superman does not need philosophy." -RGVThis can\’t be true for Ayn Rand and her philosophy because her philosophy is based on reasons, she told us that man\’s only motive should be to pursue the reasons not to rely on faith. To know not to trust. So in a way she motivates us to find the truth and knowledge which can drives us to reach our that is something you can not call consolation, in fact it shows man\’s power and ability to pursue facts and reasons.Many religious philosophies are definitely used for incompetent because one always use weapon of god to console oneself that "it\’s written by god we cannot do anything about it. blah blah blah"plz comment.

  56. Mahesh Babu says:

    Rakta charitra looks so intersecting?. Vivek is good choice esp after looking those photos. Great chice waiting for you movies. when u plan to release india 24*7? when are you planning for RC part 1 release?. why you have changed from rann to india 24*7? I liked Rann title.

  57. vaishak says:

    dear ramu, Sorry for the late reply. My computer met with a disc problem and i was too lazy to go out to browse .So the reply became a li\’l late. Philosophy primarily is a weapon of the incompetent. – this is a truth. But you were never a pessimist or an incompetent. but you are heavily into philosophy. Why…? i never have seen one pessimist attitude in you [ i have been reading all of your interviews since 1998 onwards. That was the time i belive interner is introduced to our town]. but how could you balance between all these existentialist philosophies and material life which you are enjoying in a full fledge style..?

  58. vaishak says:

    I am so happy to know that vivek is back with you….The photoshoot looks great..awesome….take care..

  59. surap says:

    Great obseravations by Vaishak

  60. arun says:

    Hi RGV, this is my first post. I\’m a regular follower of ur blog. Even before I open my outlook to see my corporate e-mails, I visit ur blog to see if there\’s a new post. Ppl like u who understand the intricacies of life should lead the country. Alas, we dont have anyone in our politics who has a similar thought process like u. I went to the Barnes and Noble store today to buy "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" but there were different editions (translations) to it. I didnt know which edition is the best one. Which edition do u guys recommend? There is one by Kaufmann, another by Martin etc….

  61. vaishak says:

    Dear ramu,I am super thrilled to see that you still remember the dialogue from bruce lee films like \’enter the dragon". I have seen one interview of yours in which you said that you are obsessed with the idea of a man coming from somewhere to a great town and facing the situtaions out there [ you told that you are very much inspired by the bruce lee films]. I am not the detective who asked that question to you. but i should thank him for making you write that dialogue from "Enter the dragon". Its so nostalgic to see you remember films which you have watched in your college periode. You have given an interivew to the \’passion for cinema\’ guys in which you told that you stopped watching movies from beginning to end and its those movies which you watched in your college days alone inspired you to do what you are doing now; you also said " i stopped watching movies even in my videoshop days, all these films i have seen is from my college days.."“When a finger is pointing at the moon, don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss the heavenly glory” – Bruce Lee (Enter the Dragon)In fact, this is a famous line from mahayaana buddhist scriptures[zen]. Its believed that Buddha said it to his disciples and Osho once explained about the whole concept in his book "God Is Dead Now Zen Is The Only Living Truth."….regards..Vaishak

  62. vaishak says:

    Hi surap sir, Thanks for you good comments on me……regards,vaishak..

  63. Shalini says:

    Hi Ramu, Some one commented that \’Rakta Charitra\’ title sounds silly. I think its Vamsi Addanki. I am afraid I must agree with him. I didn\’t like the title either.(By now you must have realised…if you are going to say something sarcastic in your usual style..I am just taking Vamsi down with me as…Sorry Vamsi)Now that \’RUNN\’ is changing to \’India 24/7\'(which you are not confirming by the way) you can call your \’Paritala Ravi\’ movie \’RUNN\’. Its a powerful tittle. Well…certainly sounds much much better than \’Rakta Charitra\’.

  64. Shalini says:

    Well..that\’s my opinion. Now don\’t come back and say \’What should I call it ma\’am?\’ cause I don\’t know. I am not RGV. You are. ;o)

  65. Viswanath says:

    Hi Ramu ji, All the Best for \’Rakta Charitra\’. Do you plan to show Paritala Ravi\’s tiff with Telugu actor Pawan Kalyan in your forthcoming magnum opus \’Rakta Charitra\’??

  66. sLm says:

    i m not into reading but your blog made me..can you suggest me any book…you have read???

  67. surap says:

    Great joke by Viswanath..ha ha ha haa

  68. surap says:

    Hi ramu,I request you to update the blog everyday… i hope all new 3G kind of technology will support you to do this job successfully.

  69. surap says:

    I think pawan does apt for Suri role..what do you say Viswanath

  70. Arun says:

    RGVWhat happened to \’lets catch verrapan\’ ??

  71. daya says:

    Helloooooooo Sir,Where did you shoot Prema Katha ??????????????????????????????

  72. lprakash says:

    Sir,You said Howard Roark exists in reality and Satyendra is a testimony to this fact (not a verbatim statement of yours, but the implied meaning). So by that analogy, Howard Roark succeeded in the end, is the present life of Satyendra an end in itself? Do Howard Roarks succeed only in fiction? RegardsPrakash Gowda

  73. vinay says:

    as u sed,"there is a thin line between studpidity and guts ". u have proved tht u r more on the line of stupidty by casting vivek oberoi as paritala ravi.i bet tht rakta charitra is gonna be a crap. mark my words…ok

  74. Sree says:

    Hey RGV,Few might have already mentioned this, but i dont feel the title suits to a hindi cinema( i know you might hardly care with my opinion ), but i m sure you had enough reasoning to come up with this title, can you share how you zeroed in on this one. it will be intresting.

  75. kennedy says:

    RGV,I love Company . Im curious to know the roles played by Sadashiv Amrapurkar and Alok Nath in company.Though their scenes are NOT shown in the movie,I do know that that you shot some scenes with them.Im just curious to know their roles.

  76. Sreekaant says:

    Dudes, What\’s wrong with the title \’Rakta Charitra\’? It is okay to have English titles like \’Rock On\’, \’Luck By Chance\’, etc., but not a Telugu title for a Hindi film. At least, Telugu is an Indian Language. An example .. I was eager to see this movie \’Haazaron Khwaishein Aisi\’ just because it has Kay Kay and the title sounded very poetic (taken from Mirza Ghalib\’s literature), but the conversations in the whole movie were in English. It lost it\’s authenticity even though it was a brave attempt in terms of the theme, I could not appreciate the fillm. Rakta Charitra is not a bad title by any means. It sounds like a homage to the Telugu people he grew up with. We (Telugu people) are proud of you RGV.

  77. Suniel says:

    You were one of the Intelligent directors in India during the period when other people used to make silly and stupid movies….It is not entirely your skills but you had advantage of coming to Industry in 1992 when people used to watch lot of ordinary movies. Times have changed Ramu.. Now when other people are making such brilliant movies why you are making ordinary movies…I wonder why ..I guess out of frustration , to prove something you are making even more worst films..If you say you are happy about the movies you are making , you are making fool of your self… Take a think pill..

  78. Naresh Kumar says:

    Hi Ramu, U answered so many questions but u forgot about ur TELUGU movie?

  79. krishna says:

    Hi RGVI fear rakthacharithra isn\’t a cachy title.There needs to be some shock value in the title ie the viewer should also feel intrested to watch a movie based on title. Most of youngsters or even middle aged person never will come to a theatre to watch a movie which has history in title.I also feel that a good attempt to make a movie on paritala ravi is geetting screwed up due to the title.

  80. krishna says:

    Are any new technics of colour scheming(grading) used for raktha charithra.I feel there is very good scope for excellent cinematogarphy in this movie.I am not as talented or as intelligent as u but the colour scheming technic will really elevate Drought hit lands in Anathapur(Completed engineering there and was in Anathapur when Ravi got killed),his hiding in jungle,rise to power etc.On a lighter note please note that i am a Software Engineer and not a owner of any Colour lab to do the colour scheming.

  81. sLm says:

    can you suggest me any book…you have read???

  82. vamsi says:

    As gregory peck got the gold on a horse unknowingly in mecannaas gold. u got satyendra in ur life.

  83. sandeep says:


  84. Sudhir says:

    Hey Ra\’am,Use your words correctly. Philosophize and philosophy are different words. You are such a fake. Read Ayn Rand\’s "Who needs Philosophy". Superman needs it more than people like you.Carry on copy-paste

  85. Unknown says:

    Hi Ramgopal,This is Satyendra, I am glad know that you still remember me! You know, I have watched some your recent movies and I have to say, I am rethinking if you are worthy of being called a "stupid"!

  86. Vicky says:

    "How could you see Satyendra in class if you and he belonged to different branches?Ans: Mr.Detective, we had common subjects in the first year. Happy now?"Sir, I am not yet happy, because you said Satyendra was junior to you. I am sure he would never fail subjects. Only way you can sit with him is that in your second year you should have failed subjects. But still nobody would go and sit in first year and study, they will just write first year papers and sit in 2\’nd year class.It is not that I have missed the MOON, but for the sake of fun/variety I am casting an eye on FINGER as well. Take it easy.

  87. abhinav says:

    @ vickyso you say for the sake fun. you miss the glory! haha..

  88. abhinav says:

    And one more point. for the sake of so called vareiiiity one won\’t wipe ass with with right hand.

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