My reactions to reactions

1. Satyendra reminds me of a line from Friedrich Nietzsche “The higher you go, the smaller you look to the people who are still on the ground level.”
Ans: Though brilliantly said I don’t think that line was said by Nietzsche as it seems a little too tame by his normal standards of expression, though he said about himself in his autobiography ‘Ecce Homo’
“The whole phenomenon of humanity lies at an incalculable distance beneath me and my Zarathustra. What I say in one line others do not say in whole books.”
2. Did your thinking develop from the books you read and your associations with certain people?
Ans: Everybody’s thinking pretty much develops because of those same reasons, as the simple fact is that we are all born with a blank mind.
3. Can you tell us about a conversation you had with Satyendra?
Ans: One day as I was going out for shopping Satyendra handed me his chappal and asked me to get its broken strap repaired. I was pretty offended to which he said, “You wouldn’t have been offended if I asked you to get my glove or my hat repaired. The reason why you are actually offended is because you look down upon your own feet compared to your hands or your head due to certain programming which was done on you over the years. On the other hand if it is the dirt you are worried about, I want you to understand that there is more dirt in your body than on my chappal. Any way, what is dirt? Everything in this world is some combination or the other of the 102 elements and you would not look down upon any of these elements individually but in a certain combination in a certain context you develop negativism to them…..”
At the end of a 15 minute lecture from him on the above lines I felt stupid and took his chappal along with me to get it repaired.
4. Is Satyendra your alter ego?
Ans: No, he was my ego crasher.
5. When it comes to reality people like Satyendra fail miserably.
Ans: Success and failure are too lame to be used in the context of a man like Satyendra. For you and me they are important because we measure ourselves from the stand point of how others perceive us.
“That tree stands lonely there on the hills. It has grown up high above man and beast and when it speaks, there is no one tall enough to listen”. – Friedrich Nietzsche (Thus Spake Zarathustra).
6. If you see negative effects of Satyendra’s brilliance, maybe you are negative in your perception of him.
Ans: Actually my intelligence was in realizing the negative effects of Satyendra because I do not have his brilliance to support me if I adapted to his thought process. If an ant truly realizes the size and strength of an elephant it will be smart of it to move away from the elephant rather than be around it.
7. Of what importance are ability, intelligence, genius etc without a meaningful outlet?
Ans: Meaningful to whom and with what motivation is the question. In Satyendra’s own words, “To measure success let’s imagine a case of people walking through a tunnel with an objective to reach its end. Now depending on who reached the end 1st, 2nd, 3rd, we can measure success. On the other hand if people are going through different tunnels where their condition of passages and their individual capacities are different, then how do you measure?”
Satyendra is a man who choose never to enter any tunnel for reasons best known to himself as he never had a desire to achieve. He just wanted to absorb. That’s his choice and I respect that.
8. Why didn’t you give him a chance to stay with you instead of leaving him in a windowless room?
Ans: Hello, that was his choice and not mine. I already told in my article on him that he got bored with me. The greatest compliment he ever paid me was when he said, “I think you are just stupid whereas I don’t even know what to call the others.”
9. Why don’t you make a movie on Satyendra?
Ans: Can’t because he is a mind thing.
10. After reading your blog I think that you are as troubled a soul as me.
Ans: Think whatever makes you happy Mr.Spiritual.
11. How do you manage to live happily without disappointments?
Ans: By not having expectations and relishing every moment.
12. Is it really possible to know everything in the entire universe in one life to get bored to death?
Ans: It’s not about knowing everything but it’s about having a desire to know something you really want to know about.

“The pursuit of truth and knowledge is not important. What is important is the pursuit of a specific truth and knowledge which helps you in reaching your goal provided you have one.” – Ayan Rand (The Romantic Manifesto)


In Satyendra’s case he chose not to have a goal or he had goals I with my limited intelligence could not comprehend.
13. How come Satyendra was 2 years junior to you and yet you were with him for 4 years in Engg?
Ans: I said he was 2 years younger to me… and I failed one year. Happy with the math?
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  1. surap says:

    was there any room for women in Satyendra\’s heart….as you were bit close to him ….you might have known about it?

  2. surap says:

    can we see shades(Physical) of Satyendra in Chandrakant Mule of satya(Wearing of Chappals n all)

  3. Parixit says:

    Will you write a biography or any kind of book in future……I mean have you set any goals for writing a book?

  4. Parixit says:

    what does "ego crasher" mean?

  5. surap says:

    i hope collection of all pieces in this blog ..definitely can make out a book

  6. surap says:

    is there any other person, who influenced you a lot other than SATYENDRA

  7. krishna says:

    Today i was watching \’Govinda Govinda\’ on TV ,the character of the boy looked enigmatic to me,can you explain the idea and development of the boy character.

  8. Unknown says:

    I am happy with the math but how could u see the tension at lecturers\’ faces when Mr. Satyendra would raise his hand to ask questions, as you both were in different branch?

  9. Ambarish says:

    Commenting on point 5 & 7.The tunnels 1,2,3 are different, how do we know that? its only when we compare 1 with 2 and 2 with 3 that we come to know that the tunnels are different and hence we cant measure who came first, so also in reality, when we say, satyendra was goal less because we all live a life with goals, so you see satyendra exists and excites us because we exist. Now what use if you absorb all and do nothing about it, wel satyendra choose it because, he was a psycho/mentally retarded/ or super human being / extra terrestrial thinking, its left to him. using your own quote "people keep on thinking we will make a great film and never do it, i (ram gopal verma) make a film irrespective if people like it or not, but atleast i make a film and not sit years just to say i am making a great film" so connecting back to satyendra what the point in absorbing so much from the world when there is nothing happening with that, though its not necessary that sateyndra should vomit it out to the world, but then what is the meaning of satyendra existance to us and to himself? is sateyndra emotionally dead?

  10. sLm says:

    so you failed one year but i did not….you could have written this earlier….perfect answer sirji love you…

  11. jeevan says:

    Does satyendra know that you are a filmmaker and if he did , does he have any opinion/perception on any of your works? I mean did he actually like any of your works? Btw what does satyendra do for a living n where is he based currently?

  12. Unknown says:

    You showed yourarticle on God to Satya. Did you also show it to Satyaendra? If yes, what was his reaction?

  13. Unknown says:

    I had developed a kind of similar look, attitude and view on life during my 10th Std.. I felt i don\’t have to prove anything to anyone and was happy that I understood what i needed to understand, thanks to all the books i read on various subjects and the programmes i watched on discovery channel, not to mention the experiences of life and most importantly perception. I understood how the universe works and how funny life is! Anything extreme can become dangerous. I feel one needs to BALANCE things in life to live \’normally\’.There is a Satyendra in everyone of us but the degree differs!

  14. Unknown says:

    Action may yield different result in spite of great undertsanding and thinking. You might look like the biggest loser in the world when you act upon them. For an example, you can become a great expert on the sport of cricket but given a bat, you wouldn\’t even be able to nick the ball! That shouldn\’t belittle your knowledge but the world most probably will not appreciate it. and you won\’t get a coaching job!

  15. andhrabond says:

    RGV,Are you scared that you may not be able to do justice if you make a movie on satyendra.

  16. I says:

    This is the fifth coincidence or rather accident that have shocked me on your blog.My life was changed in much or less same way when I was in college. I don\’t want to bug you on that. We 4 friends used to discuss every thing and discussion used to be at a level that no body around us ever understood it. We used to discuss mostly Osho and what turned him to what he was. Ayan Rand was another thing that changed our life.At the end I got bored of my friends. I am bored of life as well. I don\’t read much. But I dream, I observe , I imagine, I visualize and that makes my life so unreal. So painful when there is every worldly reason to be happy. It makes my life so happy even when there is so much pain.My dreams, my imagination has turned me in such an unreal person.4th coincidence was the headline of your last blog.“Nainam chindanti shastrani nainam dahtii pavaka…”When I read the head line of this blog, my heart started pounding. I feared as if you are going to narrate the story that I am writing these days. Same thing happened when I watched TZP. I felt like some one stole my story. I was also like the kid in TZP. And the child hood Ihad was he beginning of my destruction. I am eroding continuously since then. Third was : Few days back you replied to some one in your blog about mutating imagination. I am also victim of it and I could identify with that so much that I was shocked. It was like suddenly discovering a mirror. I am too dreamy and imaginative and my thoughts never stay on one thing. But mutating imagination gives my new stories as well. A small thought or observation becomes a Grand story. I try to pen down all ideas and dreams and than consolidate in to one story.You also said that a person with good imagination is a trait of a director. Then what about script writing?If I can imagine and visualize a story/characters, background every thing (except music probably) am I likely to be director, Scriptwriter or a novelist? I want to send you some scenes that I just pen down when they occurred.(Absolute draft version so that I remember them when I want to consolidate & give finish touch because I am very forgetful as well)And guess what I have forgotten other two thing that shocked me. I am trying to recall and at the same time cursing my self that why didn\’t I pen them down. Promising my self that I won\’t be lazy next time and at the same time telling myself that this would always keep on happening.You know what till 5th standard my name was Satyendra. Believe it or not but I have my school mark sheets with that name. Then my parents changed my name because I could never pronounce my name myself…ha ha ha ha I am biggest clown in this world as well.btw you wanted to take me out for dinner…what happened to that.

  17. sLm says:

    "There is more dirt in your body than on my chappal. -Satyendra"

  18. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu, That was a fascinating tale about your friend Satyendra. What made it even more interesting was the fact that you are part of it. The concept of: – a RGV (famous and successful person) going and meeting a college buddy; – a buddy who was like a philosopher and guide to him after so many years; – only to find him in an abyss of boredom borne out of knowledge; – then writing about him in public; – and that non-entity friend suddenly becoming a much talked-about person; – on top of that you declaring in public how ignorant your are compared to him; is very intriguing. I have a friend, a college buddy who always used to bump into different people and all of them special in some way or the other. I used to complain that I never come into contact with such people. The reason is: he sees something special in lot of people. That is a different matter. I\’ve heard of people like Satyendra thru known acquaintances. I saw some people asking you in this blog as to why they do not meet people like Satyendra. Forget Satyendra, even people like RGV are rare. If I put myself in your shoes with all the fame and riches, I may not have the courage and focus that you have mustered to go against the grain. Not just to break the conventions but because you saw an opportunity, a scope for change. This is a rare ability with consequences which may not always be good. But when \’RGV\’s and \’Satyendra\’s are around you will know. Only you don\’t bother to become close to them for they may not be famous or succesful. Unlike RGV, they may be in fields they do not like – have become official losers. Like Satyendra they might have gotten lost in their own realms. Unlike any of them, they might have come to terms with life and moved on..

  19. I says:

    1. Satyendra reminds me of a line from Friedrich Nietzsche “The higher you go, the smaller you look to the people who are still on the ground level.”Ans: Though brilliantly said I don’t think that line was said by Nietzsche as it seems a little too tame by his normal standards of expression, though he said about himself in his autobiography ‘Ecce Homo’ “The whole phenomenon of humanity lies at an incalculable distance beneath me and my Zarathustra. What I say in one line others do not say in whole books.”>>>And vice versa……when you look down these people also look small to you 😉

  20. Srinu says:

    You are too smart.You know how to market yourself.

  21. Srinu says:

    When your film fails at box office,you are honest enough to realise your failure.But this realisation thing continues then what is your capability as a intelectual film maker.

  22. jayakrishna says:

    Hey hi Ramu .Its really great to share our ideas with you in this blog and u proved again that your prolific in your own ways with this blog.Well i hail from the place where you have seen a "VETAGADU" for one song many times.i am An ardent fan of Mani Ratnam and You.(i dont believe like revathi that a flop to Mani is sir went wrong and a flop to u is kick on your butt).It was in my third class i have seen your movie for the first time "Govinda govinda" and from then i have never missed your movie even "RGV KA AAG".i have waited 4 hours in PRASADZ(hyderabad) and watched your movie.i don\’t have any idea how "SHOLAY" is because i mostly watch telugu(now almost stopped),tamil and english movies.Many people said u have went wrong i dont agree to it until u have confessed in one of the interviews.To me your one of the best directors and i believe in you i cant take any one abusing you.i don\’t care whether you make 200 or not but all i want to tell you is i wont miss any movie from you.I am Eagerly waiting for your "RAKTHA CHARITHA","RANN" and every Movie you Make.

  23. surap says:

    Mr.Jayakrishna Dont try to praise RGV…. it takes much time to understand him and his attitude

  24. vaishak says:

    I have read your “The one who influenced me the most” post two days back. But I couldn’t write a reaction because of some psychological stuff which blocked me to write. But I am not surprised when I found you using the exact lines of Nietzsche from the chapter “The tree on the hill” from Thus Spake Zarathushtra, to describe Satyendra in the reaction part.“This tree standeth lonely here on the hills; it hath grown up high above man and beast. And if it wanted to speak;it would have none who could understand it ;so high it hath it grown.”We think alike [Great men think alike anyway..hmm].“I change too quickly;my to-day refuteth my yesterday. I often overleap the steps when I clamber; for so doing,none of the steps pardon me.When aloft, I find myself alone.No one speaketh unto to me; the frost of solitude maketh me tremble.what do I seek on the height?My contempt and my longing increase together;the higher I clamber,the more do I despise him who clambereth. What doth he seek on the height.”These words also can explain Satyendra’s condition. These are the words of that ‘certain youth’ zarathustra met in the town called “The pied Cow”.There is a saying in english ‘Known is a drop and unknown is an ocean”. For sure, Satyendra didn’t know it all. If he knows a lot, there more things which is there in the world to know and learn. So world is still a ‘roller coaster’ ride of excitement for all who live for 100 years or below 100 years . I can understand what happened with satyendra. It’s a kind of philosophical crisis happens in human mind. From the beginning, there is a certain insecurity tied with satyendra’s mind. I can understand a mindset of a brilliant boy who comes in college with a hawai chappal and sit in the last bench and doing wonders in his own world.I believe, men with high sensitivity will find this world a bunch of fools performing stupid drama which have no reason for its actions. Satyendra is a gem and he need a whale kind of opportunity to explore and show what he can. Apart from a loner group which comprises of you and people like me appreciated or recognized satendra’s talent because we have certain sensibility to understand it. The world outside is nothing but a bunch of fools which never ever could connect with a highly sensitive man like satyendra. He might have come from a poor family, with a lot of insecurity. He might never have got a word of appreciation and affection from his father and the society around him. In most cases, this is the way a man become an individualist when he couldn’t make the stupid world understand what he mean by his thought and actions.From this frustration, man becomes more and more a loner and an introvert. This happened with nietzche. Ayn rand never approve of nietzche’s mysticism but she also projects a loner protagonist who is a complete individualist and who cut his ties off the world.Satyendra’s kind of boys never get any luxuries and happiness of life even they deserve it more than others for their intelligence. From what I observed in this world, I came to conclusion that people who have limited talent makes it big in this world and this world or the cosmic power which control the world never allow a true genius to make it big.When less talented people get all the appreciation in the world, true geniuses are living in poverty and insecurity and often get insulted by moronic people in their times.This world is of full of injustice which make a man go to isolation and seek himself. Nietzsche wrote it a century ago, but see how it is the same after 1 century. The change never happened to that ‘operative process’ of the irrational world.I am not comparing myself with satyendra but I have to tell some points. I never get any word of appreciation in my life other than a few word from you for my observations. The morons in my class who have no idea about the course they were studying [Visual communication] insulted me and harassed me through my college days. They didn’t allow any serious talks about cinema in class rooms or anything which matter in life. There is people who honestly believe that I am a psycho. I used to feel frustrated and highly disappointed when somebody gets unlimited appreciations for his much inferior work. I use to read books and get myself expose to sources which could help me improvise my knowledge about cinema. I lost all the excitement which I had in the beginning of the course when it comes to an end because what happens around me was mere stupidity and I understand that I am the biggest fool of the world for which i joined in that college. I never had interest in anything that time because I was too far from them. I had to make myself a moron if I should go back to their world which I never wished to.I am nothing today but more creative, matured and informed about the medium cinema than the 20 year experienced film makers in Malayalam film industry and their sons who now own the crown. I am much frustrated and had no interest in life. But this might not be the case if I got a good opportunity at the right time.[ But please note, I was not claiming that I am as brilliant as satyendra. These are the observations about satyendra’s condition in my point of view ,that’s it.]So if satyendra was frustrated because these kinds of reasons or incidents in his time, the philosophy of Nietzsche and Schopenhauer might have helped him to get more frustrated in life. Men’s frustrated state of mind is an opened front door for ‘existentialism’. Men will fall into that ideology because it is easy to fall in it at that time.Regards,Vaishak………….

  25. surap says:

    Hi Vaishak,Good obervation about Satyendra…and same time you have mistaken Satyendra\’s ideology, he never frustrated as far as my understand but him self he cut off connection with out world.i think he never felt insecure in any time rather he caused jealous to others like RGV .an Individualist need not be lonesome person.any how it is an outstanding philosophical debate. keep writing more stuff and make this blog more wonder.

  26. pintoo says:

    calm down ramu…that stuff is too brainy…not good for health… take a chill pill…lets talk about vodka, women…wat do ya say

  27. jayakrishna says:

    Mr. Surap Parus , i am not praising him i just put forward my opinion(which i have on him from past 15 years) and it wont change even if he makes rest all movies as similar as "RGV ka AAG" because you have missed many beautiful movies from him in Telugu (especially GAYAM and kshanam kshanam.)

  28. Bhaskar says:

    Dear RGV, How can you say it is an intelligence while satisfying with just knowledge and not willing to utilize it or apply it? For example. if he liked the movie and watched it formany times, why he was not interested in to make such a film? As he liked reading many books and why he did not want to write a book? I am sure not an intelligent perhaps a stupid, but somehow am not comfortable in calling him intelligent. May be as I do not know much about him except what you wrote.

  29. Sree says:

    Dear RGV,Please correct me if I\’m wrong, Why do I get the feeling that some of the stuff you write, knowingly that you gonna get certain reactions. Is it just to hear people say things that you always wanted to hear them say? I get the feeling you already know what kind of questions we gonna ask and how we gonna react to some of the things you write? Is this just your super understanding of human psychology or my vague understanding of your personality? Either way I\’m happy reading your blog!

  30. vinay says:

    RGV is popular even among TALIBANS. i have come across a video in youtube where people of taliban ideology talking abt is the link

  31. surap says:

    Hi JayKrishna,I have seen out all of his movies …including Gayam and KshanaKshanam.

  32. surap says:

    Hi Vinay,it seems the video which you put over here taken from Hyderabad..Not from Talibans..Thing is One guy mentioned a word Talib… Hyderabadis are too crazy about RGV..No doubt abou it..

  33. vinod says:

    "9. Why don’t you make a movie on Satyendra?Ans: Can’t because he is a mind thing."do you think some subjects like philosophy are better conveyed in the form of a book than in the form of cinema?why ?

  34. srinivas says:

    What are guts ? and what is stupidity?Is the result the only thing which differentiates both?You always say there is a thin line of difference between those 2 , can u write a piece on that?

  35. kedar says:

    it seems you broke your own rule…you talked about him…! is it so?

  36. andhrite says:

    After going thro satyendra\’s episode, i would like to say that almost every school / college will have a student like satyendra or his clone who is far more intellegent compared to other students. He is referred as "Genious" by the circle of friends / lecturer\’s and that makes him or feel that he is a "Genious" automatically. The experiences you shared with him are same as other students who shared with that particular "Genious" available at that time in that particular school / college. As you are known celebrity, people are reading the stuff (It may or may not be useful for them or waste of time) you are posting on your blog, but if a person like me posts more valuable/spiritual/intellectual info than yours, no one reads.My friend named Krishna who is clone of satyendra. We used to think tht one day he will be in US and will return back to India as CEO / MD of fortune 500 company after 10 ~ 15 years, after graduating IIT from Madas. We used to say him to give a job in his company. But to my surprise, after contacting him after 14 years i found him tht he is working rather stagnated for Infy for last 14 years in Bangalore & shockingly those who passed with 50~60 % marks are well settled with green card in US compared to krishna who got 88% in IIT. So, there are assumptions (Targets) from Parents on their children to become that or this but it is the child who decides his/her fate / destiny.

  37. Pradeep says:

    Did u ever used any Experiences with Satyendra in any of ur movies?

  38. Pradeep says:

    Why u associate with word "Satya"?ur first love name is "SATYA"ur man of inspiration is "SATYAendra".

  39. Jack says:

    RGV, I am assuming your thoughts on God are same as they were 27 years ago"…take the example of a man who is wishing for a large amount of money…”99.99999% of people don\’t pray. They beg."…Everyone desires to reach a stage of absolute happiness …"You think happiness always depends on external factors. Like you can be happy if Rann & Agyat become hits, or you own a Bentley or a penthouse. Then it is always Relative Happiness. Absolute happiness, by definition, does not depend on any external cause. We can almost never be unconditionally happy or happy without a cause. So we always postpone happiness, until our desire is satisfied. Are we ever HAPPY RIGHT THIS MOMENT? For example what is your state of mind right this moment? Do we ever say "I will be angry tomorrow" or "I will be sad after Diwali"? So why do we keep on saying “I will be happy after this or that criteria is satisfied"? Logic would imply there is a cause only if we are miserable. Rest of the time we should always be happy. On second thought, drop always. We should be happy right this moment. Isn\’t it?This state can be induced by drugs like LSD. Only, again we have become dependent on something 😦 That\’s where spirituality come in. (Note, I am using Spirituality, not Religion) A drug-addict & a spiritual person are both in state of no-mind. The only difference is the addict has fallen below the mind; the spiritual has gone beyond the mind.As long as the mind is there, the happiness can never be absolute. Haven\’t you noticed when you are ecstatic like in orgasm or having a great laugh, there are no thoughts in your mind? At that very moment you were in Nirvana."…pleasure and misery cannot be absolutely defined…”Pleasure is not same as bliss Pleasure is relative. Bliss is absolute."…It is a world devoid of competition…"Other than sports, competition should not exist anywhere. People should work for the sake of the work only (If we start enjoying our work, then by your definition, it is no more work. It is fun! 🙂 ). Else they should change their work (like you dropped engineering). Did Howard Roark compete with anybody? But did he lack initiative? Do you really need competition to achieve excellence? "…We are but our thoughts encased in a body? …"Is that all? Our thoughts are constantly changing. You have yourself said you are not the same person you were a week ago. If you are only thoughts and ideas and feelings, which are constantly changing, then who is aware of this change? Something inside you must have remained unchanged. That \’something\’ is beyond the body, mind, intellect, memory, ego (which is but a function of all your collection of memory). That \’something\’, that Witness, is what I call the Soul."…If the soul is beyond perceiving then in a realistic sense it should be taken as ideas and feelings…"You can perceive your ideas and feelings privately and can change them. They, definitely, are not the soul!"…the example of a wood-cutter who is happy in his profession, we observe that if he suddenly runs into a lot of money, he will stop cutting wood"“he will stop cutting wood" contradicts the assumption that "wood-cutter who is happy""…But very often their lives are controlled by people …"If you are Absolutely Happy, you can NEVER be controlled. It is only when you are relatively happy that your pleasure can turn into misery by an unfavourable review by Khalid Mohammad. Danger: I guarantee, if you are in bliss, you will be persecuted even more. People are jealous of happy people and terrified of blissful people. Look at what happened to Socrates(poisoned), Jesus(crucified), and Ashtavakra (crippled)."…wanting to reach that state in itself is a desire…"Couldn\’t have put it better! Wanting something to happen is the surest way to prevent it from happening. That\’s exactly why Krishna has said "Focus on the action, not on the result". It is not a commandment, it is a very good strategy. Two reasons:1. The action, filmmaking is in your hands. The result, hit or flop is not. So why waste time and energy?2. The moment you focus on hit/flop, you loose focus from film-making. The moment my mind is on the trophy, I have lost focus from the short-pitch delivery."…the degree of power we wish to procure…"What is it that you really wish for? To be happy , isn\’t it? Experiencing a better quality of life, film-making, lovemaking, freedom to do whatever you want to do, money, fame or power are just means to that end. Look without, and being beautiful, intelligent, rich, famous, powerful, successful are only temporary, changing. Look within, and the joy is eternal. It is Bliss.

  40. Pradeep says:

    Hi RGV,Just now i saw that ur casting "Vivek Oberoi" for Paritala Ravi in Rakta Charitra ………He\’s looking damn good in photo shoot …………..nice taste man…

  41. Pradeep says:

    Why dont u upload that photoshoot here?

  42. Unknown says:

    “I think you are just stupid whereas I don’t even know what to call the others.” ……….. amazing lines man really ……. someday i am gonna make a movie and end it with these lines ……. I really wanna know what Mr.Satyendra is doing now and where he is ? any idea Mr.Ramu ?

  43. surap says:

    JACK FUCK OUT BASTARD….Its not your baap\’s blog…… dont put unnecessary stories on this blog

  44. surap says:

    Hi pradeep RGV not inspired by SATYENDRA but influenced..

  45. surap says:

    hi Andhrite,u r simply comparing Satyendra with bloody fuck bastard, who dreams big but even cannot convenience his own come that idiot can influence others…. the person who is having only big dreams cannot be compare with people like Satyendra… The One student must lead a class ..It does n\’t mean that every class must have one intillegent guy like satyendra..he is one in a billion.

  46. sha says:

    Sir,You have given breaks to so many actors.How you can find the diamonds easly?…..whereas orther directors are fail to know that.

  47. Girish says:

    If Satyendra had truly believed in his pseudo-philosophy about the dirt on chappals, why the f… did he look down on the work of HIMSELF going to the market and getting his chappals repaired? Not to degrade your friend, but nihilists are dime-a-dozen. (I should know 🙂 ) Marching to the beat of your own drummer is wonderful but you too understand the only measure of intelligence is what it actually ends up achieving. Plus you have humility to listen to others (even when you have already made up your mind. That a few lucky dumbos achieve more in the choosen field is no reason not to pick a tunnel of your own. If nothing else, Amitji taught us that. 🙂

  48. surap says:

    H iGirsih,Satyendra was not intended to getting repair of his chappals with some one else….At that instance RGV might have come across him… he might have asked RGV to get it repaired..RGV refused to do it so..Then Satyendra was explained all about Philosophy for 15 minutes…

  49. jayakrishna says:

    Great surap parus then you must be knowing y i like him more. so are you fan of him or just a critic of him because i see you discussing more (take on a lighter note)

  50. Sai says:

    I guess I got my answer but I don\’t agree with your generalization. Maybe, I wasn\’t clear enough with my question. Sure, all of us are born with a blank mind. Some of us are born with the capability to think and are influenced by what we read and/or by people like Satyendra. But some of us are born with a capability to think rationally and sooner or later come around to thinking a certain way without books or people who influence the way we think. For example, I had no Satyendra to tell me that touching someone\’s feet or footwear doesn\’t make you lesser (or that it doesn\’t indicate how much you respect them either). I had always understood it since I was a kid. I was unaffected by the social programming internally but couldn\’t really question it till a later age.

  51. sLm says:

    sirji i have a question if you can answer me please should we still be good to people who have cheated us once…and one more why do hero is always shown good and enemy with all bad habits in a movie…and people only idolize hero never a villian…

  52. Dinesh says:

    M.Night Shyamalan

  53. prabhath says:

    these days i\’m more intersted in your blog than your movies…lol

  54. prabhath says:

    have you heard about chandrasekhar yeleti from tollywood?

  55. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu, It need not be a SHOLAY or a remake of SHOLAY to show a modern Gabbar. It need not be BigB. It may or may not be BigB anymore after your AAG. Audience / RGV has used up that chance (?)

  56. Unknown says:

    RGV,is it true that you are casting "Vivek Oberoi" for the role of Paritala Ravi in "Rakta Charitra" ???

  57. Parixit says:

    Hello RGV,An agnostic is more cruel than an atheist……………because atheist is always in zeal to oppose the existence of god while an Agnostic does\’t even think or care whether god exists or not .so if the question asked WHAT DO YOU THINK OF GOD?Atheist: I am against the existence of GOD.Agnostic: I don\’t think of GODNow tell me who is more harsh, an "atheist" or "agnostic".

  58. Dhanunjaya says:

    I love you RGV… :-)I found about Ayn Rand from this blog…Read both the books Fountain Head and Atlas shrugged…Feel Happy ever since..Looking forward to live life the way i always wanted and now with out Guilt..

  59. aseem says:

    many a times i m not able to comment here

  60. aseem says:

    tell us somthng about Kaun, how and why it happened?

  61. Krishna says:

    Can you post an article about the cast and crew for "Raktha Charitra" movie?

  62. aseem says:

    does the character being played by ritesh deshmukh in \’Rann\’ in the end proves to be a scapegoat of the system? if yes rgv u have become too predictable!!!

  63. aseem says:

    How RGV could have stopped 26/11 Mumbai terror attack? RGV could be the reason of Vilasrao Deshmukh losing his job after Mumbai terror attack, but Deshmukh would have certainly retained it if he would have had read RGV’s blog carefully. On 6/28/2008 (5 months before the attack) RGV in his blog entry viz. ‘Why Contract?’ has explained the reasons of he making another gangster film called Contract. In the write up RGV tells that 2006’s official documents record less underworld crimes than the documents of 1997 (the year when Satya was made). But RGV differs on the observations of official records and blogs: “It does not mean the underworld as we knew is almost finished. It has just meta-morphed into something much more dangerous, and in some instances it has become a conduit for terrorist networks” His blog entry further explains how this terrorist network will work, it says: “The reason why the terrorists would require this kind of support is because mostly the terrorists would be from outside and primarily motivated by ideology. They would require ground support, safe houses, local intelligence, SEA ROUTES and land routes to get in arms and explosives and informants in the Police department” Well, the blog was written 5 months before the attack. Interestingly Mumbai terror attackers traveled exactly via SEA ROUTES using fishing trawler viz. ‘Kuber’. So RGV’s observation did realize partially on November 26, 2008. As Mumbai terror probe goes further it would be interesting to see if his another observation of ‘informants in the Police department’ also becomes true! So, Mr. RGV, now you certainly can’t deny the possibility that there could be a film on your mind when you toured the terror site with Deshmukh duo! There certainly is nothing wrong to visit the site with a film in mind as ‘film’ would travel everywhere with a filmmaker of your stature and it should, it’s your creative freedom, but you definitely chose wrong ‘company’ for it! And Mr. Deshmukh you certainly had chosen right company but you forgot to take his observations seriously. Well! Ye hi India hai, where creative intellectuals like Varma are not humble enough to share their observations with powerful leaders of the society and powerful leaders like Deshmukh are not creative enough to accept that there could be few people around, who have better visions than him. Had they met voluntarily before the attack ( I am sure there must had been many occassions when they could have met via Mr. Ritesh) with a bit of \’Astha\’ for the society.. just to share their views, and had taken each others\’ views seriously, it would have certainly saved lives lost in the attack! Link to RGV’s blog entry:

  64. Unknown says:

    Imagine Howard Roark without Dominique in his life.May be satyendra got bored because he had no one to share his excitement his joy and his thoughts.

  65. Vicky says:

    "I could literally see the tension on their faces whenever Satyendra raised his hand to ask a question."He was Mechanical and you were in Civil class. Were you looking through the window to see their tention on faces? Or is this your imagination?

  66. sLm says:

    so Rakta Charitra official announced…before posting on Blog….

  67. sLm says:

    you have four movies this year..Agyaat (July 24, 2009)Rakta Charitra Time Machine India 24/7 (Earlier Titled Rann)…wow i can\’t control myself to watch them…theres even Shabri as a producer…great i think you will reach 200-million easily anyway..Good Luck…Ramuji

  68. Krishna says:

    Ram, Can you post an article about the making (casting, story discussions, production etc) of the Telugu movie GAAYAM (starring Jagapathi Babu, Revati, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Urmila) ??

  69. vamsi says:

    in every minute n every sec of our life ,even in the process of our loving job there is a bit of expectation which is related to happiness and how can u b happy without expectations. now without any expectation wat is the meaning to fix a target to do a work.

  70. srinivas says:

    Here some people are asking how Come ramu see tension on the faces of lecturers being a civil eng guy… in satyendra\’s (Mechanical) class?Here is my answer….!!!Civil and Mechanical guys have some common subjects.So Lecturers teach them combined.In that class he observed that tension on their faces when satyendra asked question.

  71. sLm says:

    yep?? srinivas is right even i am civil student….just following Ramu\’jis footsteps

  72. sLm says:

    rip Feroze Khan…

  73. Satyajit says:

    Is there some aspect of Ayn Rand that you depicted in your movies? Abishek Bachan\’s last speech in Guru reminded me of Hank Rearden speech.. any references in your movies?

  74. srinivas says:

    I think u wer the first to introduce the tredition of sequels in INDIAN Cinema…. wen is AAG2?? i wish u do it ASAP n shut the media\’s foul mounth!! can v expect any comedy movies like "Money" in future??

  75. Murali krishna says:

    "Look at these men: their eye saith it – they know nothing better on earth than to lie with a woman." – Friederich Nietzsche (Thus Spake Zarathustra)

  76. Murali krishna says:

    " can live happily by not having expectations and relishing every moment"made me to share my understanding of life, it\’s cause and effectwhich makes my survival possible in this messy world -"Everything happens as it should beIt can not be otherwiseNo disappointment of what happened, it could not have happened in any other way because at that moment of decision making I was convinced that I was right, so it could not be otherwise thus it happened as it should beNo anxiety of what will happen, because the cause of tomorrow\’s effect is my decision at this moment which is an effect of my past actions that have gone perfectly well, so tomorrow will be definitely as should beSo whatever(that interests me) I do at this moment is right, if I do not regret for what I did yesterday and do not bother what I will do tomorrowI learn from the mistakes but do not repent for committing them, I plan for tomorrow but am not anxious about what will happenAll right, everything happens exactly as it should beSo? nothing is wrong.Thinking there is something wrong with anything is also not wrong because…..Everything happens as it should be, including thinking"So my culmination for all my celetial thinking happened by realizing that there exists nothing but this moment, past and future are fictitious and have decided not to slip out of this moment hence my philosophy is :" Relax into this moment."

  77. amit says:

    Oye .. Still 1 year is missing … 😛

  78. amit says:

    BTW …. I m sorry .. But if anyone could tell me who is Satyendra? ….

  79. sagar says:

    By not having expectations and relishing every moment….I liked this line Very Very much!! It suits to me Thanks!!and also the compliment given by Satyendra to you!

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