My reactions to reactions

1. If you give such a shitty response to my request then we as an audience would rather not have you make that film and fuck it up.
Ans: Oh my! my! my! The baby got angry. Can somebody get a lollypop, please…
2. Why do you rely so much on shock value to tell a story?
Ans: It’s the most effective way of getting attention.
3. Am waiting anxiously to see Rakta Charitra.
Ans: I promise you that it will be worth the wait.
4. You bastard!
Ans: Thanks.
5. Thinking of so many characters, I think you missed your own character.
Ans: Now that’s a damn interesting observation.
6. Making a film on Paritala Ravi will have a negative impact on society.
Ans: Then why don’t you make a film on me making the film and neutralize it. Jokes apart just chill and wait till you atleast see the film before you let loose your valuable opinions.
7. Do you think of even such minor details like J.D looking at watch and Manoj referring to JD as Amita Vacchan?
Ans: Yeah, that’s the story of my life. I get into the minor details and miss out on the major ones.
8. Would you act if any role is offered to you?
Ans: I freeze even in front of a still camera.
9. Would you prefer a beautiful angel or a sexy devil?
Ans: I prefer a beautiful and sexy woman.

10. Do you use weird camera angles because you are bored of normal angles?
Ans: The angles come from within the context of how I would like to see. Everything in the world is the same but it’s the way you choose to look at it which gives it a perspective.


11. How do you react when people call you eccentric?
Ans: I am basically a loner both in my thoughts and deeds and I understand that a loner is many times considered mad by most.
“For them lonesomeness is the plight of the sick one and for me it is the flight from the sick ones” – Friedrich Nietzsche (Thus Spake Zarathustra)
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36 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. V says:

    Oh my! my! my! The baby got angry. Can somebody get a lollypop, please……… ha haaaa…. couldn\’t stop laughing after reading ur response( u have a GREAT SENSE OF HUMOUR)….i feel what made u mock that question and reply in a sarcastic manner is the presence of "WE" in his expression "we as an audience….." but despite that some people REFUSE to comprehend that they are not supposed to ask ludicrous questions else their questions will be subjected to such kind of treatment from u……so guys atleast from now on plz ask "intelligent" questions and not give him a chance to ridicule our questions or else its better to remain silent spectators…lets us prove that we too are not any less intelligent than him(albeit its quite a task to match him)…Cheers!

  2. Krishna says:

    Hi Ram, Can you give us an account of how the story of GAAYAM (Telugu movie) has been conceived, how did the making of the movie happen etc.

  3. Krishna says:

    Also, If you can post some stuff related to sound recording and re-recording (The re-recording for your movies will be one of the best, of course!!!), it will be an interesting one to read….

  4. V says:

    I promise you that it will be worth the wait…..but then like u said so many times that " i am not known to keeping up my promises", so hope that doesn\’t happen with Rakta charitra…..

  5. Rolling says:

    you have become very slow these days, your last film came out in August last year and this already May, when will Aghyaat come out? Stay away from the beautiful sexy women and release your films first.

  6. Vijay says:

    There are many episodes in your films which reflects your character and your notions. Very Soon I\’ll post some of your own reflections introduced by you in your created characters. I completely deny of being said by someone " Thinking of many characters, you missed your character".

  7. sameer says:

    "Friedrich Nietzsche said GOD IS DEAD, I say He never take birth, Then how can he die?"

  8. sameer says:

    "Friedrich Nietzsche said GOD IS DEAD, I say He never born, Then how can he die?"

  9. Dinesh says:

    Ye sab kya bak raha hai be..

  10. Swamy says:

    I wonder how you okied \’Andama Anduma\’ and \’ Indira Mandira \’ songs in Govinda Govinda…because they are the only conventional songs which you have chosen in your movie career…..and YES i loooooove them !!!

  11. Shalini says:

    I freeze even in front of a still camera….I saw on youtube yesterday..your visit to BIG FM last year and the guy made you cut the cake and fed you infact. I was amazed at that expressionless face of yours. Were you feeling shy? and was that your way of controlling it that you completely shutdown all expressions.Also, I find you good looking when you smile. Keep smiling. Your reactions certainly make me laugh.

  12. Shalini says:

    Ah..Now you are thinking to write something nasty about me to make me stop laughing…no problem..will take it. ;o)

  13. vaishak says:

    “For them lonesomeness is the plight of the sick one and for me it is the flight from the sick ones” – Friedrich Nietzsche (Thus Spake Zarathustra)Very true……Nietzche was a semi god….He knows everything… We should fly to isolation from the flies of the market place…..Regards,Vaishak…..

  14. Unknown says:

    Living without disappointment?How can you manage it?

  15. mikey says:

    a scenes end affect can be sum effect of the framing,shot angels,back ground score,more importantly ,the shot compositin,the potential of the scene itself,ah?

  16. VijayDirects says:

    Folks,I guess, this is an RGV blog and not an RGV movie. We need a good dose of ridiculous questions as well. Also, they come right from the heart. Infact I think, RGV wants it that way. That\’s the entertainment for him from this blog. Keep the masala coming.. It is never too much.

  17. Vi says:

    "Oh my! my! my! The baby got angry. Can somebody get a lollypop, please…"Seriously, Is this the best retort you had? Sheesh, and I thought you must\’ve matured by now, considering you\’re 40+ :-)Also, stop twisting words to benefit your audience and your ass-lickers (to all the ass-lickers:- you know who you are :-D). I never said "My Request" in that post. Go back to that post and read it carefully. I was responding to your reaction to someone else\’s reaction. And I happened to share similar sentiments with that person. Secondly, there are many of us (trust me, a lot more than you could imagine) who hate whats become of your directorial skills thanks to your messed up camera work. Don\’t you get it? We love you as a director, and really want it to be that way.i\’ll give you credit for one thing though. Atleast you\’re not a psuedo-intellectual like a big chunk of your supporters seem to be.

  18. Unknown says:

    after reading your blog i found u r a troubled soul as me so Ramu I will try not to read them againI keep on searching for happy souls and when they found them , they are already on board for departure.One reads philosphy not to beleive in it but to soothe his soul as u do.Look up at god and then ask him again and again why I am so restless ?and still u don\’t get answers ………… hmmmmmmmmbut still keep on try through each and every means you cansomeday u might get some peace …………………one philisophy and a way of fooling ur selfLove means to be happy in the happiness of the person u love (though the catch here is the person is happy by loving some1 else)Bye Ramu take care

  19. Unknown says:

    This 4 Vikram u love some1 if one movie is hit and hate if second is flopif people on this earth experimenting then there won\’t be anything new and it is because of people like RGV that we get to see something new as they don\’t care about people and do there work .Do u want to see thing again and again then buy a DVD of movie you like most and watch it for rest of your lifeand ramu aag was not good as there were really too many close-up.So keep on experimenting

  20. Sri says:

    In Kshana Kshanam, how did you conceive the Sridevi-Auto driver verbal fight scene? It came off very naturally…

  21. Daanish says:

    You are among the very few directors in India who dare to think out of the box and give audience with products that are often ahead of the times. Consequently there is often a lot of resistance to your movies including a section of the media that simply loves to trash your work. Do you keep such a backlash in mind when conceptualizing a new movie or just go with your instincts.

  22. pulkit says:

    A Beautiful Woman, Handsome man and an ugly Asshole were stranded on a deserted island.Day passes by fine but then fall of the night and darkness brings out deep desires and they succumb to the temptations…What happens next ? Pick your choice..1) Beautiful woman has sex with Handsome Man2) Beautiful woman has sex with ugly Asshole3) Ugly Asshole has sex with Handsome ManTake your pick…Ok.. All right… The anser is A) since Beautiful woman does not like Anal sex..Ps. This is really orginal..I swear I don\’t know how it came to my mind but wanted to shock how I called you Bastard andyou included me in your reaction.. Pulkit

  23. Prasanna says:

    Hi RGV, just wanted to ask you who are your favourite directors in Indian Cinema and why? Has any director (any language) in recent times made an impact through their films in your mind?

  24. sai says:

    Be the change u want to be — M K Gandhi..I don\’t know whether u just took this…but you are…

  25. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu, I remember reading somewhere that stories are all about – extraordinary people in ordinary situations or – ordinary people in extraordinary situations For the first – I\’m sure you have sufficient subjects around you (including yourself) For the second – I guess you might be the reason why the people around you land into such situations.

  26. pavani says:

    Dear Verma Garu,I am a big fan of your movies. Your movies are technically very sound. It\’s a belssing that I can appreciate the technical values of a given cinema. I remember watching Shiva first day first show in Jagadama Theatre in Vizag. I was in sixth Class that time. I am a huge fan of nagarjuna. Aa cinemalo anni dialogues naku inka gurtu vunnayi! I feel that you can do better in your job beacuse you can think beyond obviuos. Your movies are not commercial ones. Your movie company is a classic example of the same. I wish you good luck! We would wait for your future projects!RegardsPavani Sripada

  27. Jack says:

    RGV, I am assuming your thoughts on God are same as they were 27 years ago"…take the example of a man who is wishing for a large amount of money…”99.99999% of people don\’t pray. They beg."…Everyone desires to reach a stage of absolute happiness …"You think happiness always depends on external factors. Like you can be happy if Rann & Agyat become hits, or you own a Bentley or a penthouse. Then it is always Relative Happiness. Absolute happiness, by definition, does not depend on any external cause. We can almost never be unconditionally happy or happy without a cause. So we always postpone happiness, until our desire is satisfied. Are we ever HAPPY RIGHT THIS MOMENT? For example what is your state of mind right this moment? Do we ever say "I will be angry tomorrow" or "I will be sad after Diwali"? So why do we keep on saying “I will be happy after this or that criteria is satisfied"? Logic would imply there is a cause only if we are miserable. Rest of the time we should always be happy. On second thought, drop always. We should be happy right this moment. Isn\’t it?This state can be induced by drugs like LSD. Only, again we have become dependent on something 😦 That\’s where spirituality come in. (Note, I am using Spirituality, not Religion) A drug-addict & a spiritual person are both in state of no-mind. The only difference is the addict has fallen below the mind; the spiritual has gone beyond the mind.As long as the mind is there, the happiness can never be absolute. Haven\’t you noticed when you are ecstatic like in orgasm or having a great laugh, there are no thoughts in your mind? At that very moment you were in Nirvana."…pleasure and misery cannot be absolutely defined…”Pleasure is not same as bliss Pleasure is relative. Bliss is absolute."…It is a world devoid of competition…"Other than sports, competition should not exist anywhere. People should work for the sake of the work only (If we start enjoying our work, then by your definition, it is no more work. It is fun! 🙂 ). Else they should change their work (like you dropped engineering). Did Howard Roark compete with anybody? But did he lack initiative? Do you really need competition to achieve excellence? "…We are but our thoughts encased in a body? …"Is that all? Our thoughts are constantly changing. You have yourself said you are not the same person you were a week ago. If you are only thoughts and ideas and feelings, which are constantly changing, then who is aware of this change? Something inside you must have remained unchanged. That \’something\’ is beyond the body, mind, intellect, memory, ego (which is but a function of all your collection of memory). That \’something\’, that Witness, is what I call the Soul."…If the soul is beyond perceiving then in a realistic sense it should be taken as ideas and feelings…"You can perceive your ideas and feelings privately and can change them. They, definitely, are not the soul!"…the example of a wood-cutter who is happy in his profession, we observe that if he suddenly runs into a lot of money, he will stop cutting wood"“he will stop cutting wood" contradicts the assumption that "wood-cutter who is happy""…But very often their lives are controlled by people …"If you are Absolutely Happy, you can NEVER be controlled. It is only when you are relatively happy that your pleasure can turn into misery by an unfavourable review by Khalid Mohammad. Danger: I guarantee, if you are in bliss, you will be persecuted even more. People are jealous of happy people and terrified of blissful people. Look at what happened to Socrates(poisoned), Jesus(crucified), and Ashtavakra (crippled)."…wanting to reach that state in itself is a desire…"Couldn\’t have put it better! Wanting something to happen is the surest way to prevent it from happening. That\’s exactly why Krishna has said "Focus on the action, not on the result". It is not a commandment, it is a very good strategy. Two reasons:1. The action, filmmaking is in your hands. The result, hit or flop is not. So why waste time and energy?2. The moment you focus on hit/flop, you loose focus from film-making. The moment my mind is on the trophy, I have lost focus from the short-pitch delivery."…the degree of power we wish to procure…"What is it that you really wish for? To be happy , isn\’t it? Experiencing a better quality of life, film-making, lovemaking, freedom to do whatever you want to do, money, fame or power are just means to that end. Look without, and being beautiful, intelligent, rich, famous, powerful, successful are only temporary, changing. Look within, and the joy is eternal. It is Bliss.

  28. Kookie says:

    I wanna become a director in future, thing is i would like 2 make a movie on ur life. Is that possible? n will u give me enough permission ???

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