RANN (रण)

Just wanted to share a few pictures from RANN (रण)
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  1. V says:

    Ram Gopal Varma garu………..many many happy returns of the day…i really wish and hope that….(anyway from ur perspective these things doesn\’t matter, so cant wish and hope good things for u because i understand that its not in either\’s control)….but i am really curious to know how u spend ur bdays(because i am sure a person like u DONT/CANT BELIEVE in celebrating festivals or bdays)…but when people wish u in person, atleast then u cant be rude to them, so what do u do on bdays?(dont tell me that ITS JUST ANOTHER DAY of ur life and i am sure u would tell me the same thing)…ok…Coming to RANN, i am sure it would have a gripping narration like most of ur serious films but what STANDS APART from ur and other films is the "LOOK" of each character apart from various things like characterisation, executing a scene, shot taking style, emotional aspects, background score, each character\’s way of speaking, dialogues, realism etc…..look in the sense, the physical aspects like makeup, hairstyle, expressions, costumes, body language etc like for ex in company, Ajay Devgan had a terrific look with moustache and if u watch him in all his late 90\’s films, he looked pathetic, although that must have something to do with the character played by him and ofcourse the directors taste…same is the case with Jagapathi babu who looked dynamic in Gaayam and he too looked hopeless in most of the films except for a few films like anthapuram etc…..so how do u decide the look and physical aspects of a character? do u conduct a photo shoot or a makeup test and finalize the look of the principal characters and go ahead with it before the shoot? from where do u draw inspiration for the \’LOOK\’ of ur characters? because most of the characters in ur films stand apart from the rest of other films!

  2. Vishwas says:

    Rajpal Yadav\’s first photo stands out among all. It is so unlike him.

  3. Neeta says:

    HEY RAM —- HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS!! A LITTLE BIRD – (Celeste) informed us that it was your special day – May All Your Dreams Come True and May You enjoy making good movies thoughout your life!! Wow, those photo are awesome – hey guys, is that Raheman in the photos – sorry, Celeste – you will have to tell me who is who!!Hugs for a wonderful B\’day!Neeta

  4. Neeta says:

    Hey Ram — You will have to post your B\’day Photos too!! Will look forward to it! Have a Grand One!

  5. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu,Many many happy Rann\’s, Agyaats, Contracts, Company\’s and Satya\’s !!!

  6. Bhaskar says:

    What is your point on casting? We think no other actor could have done better than him/her in your every movie. Do you cast artists based on your imagination or whomever you select you make them to fit into that role?

  7. unknown says:

    Have u seen Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gum??? It should be very funny if u comment on Karan Johar\’s films in ur style saying that most Horror movies never made on earth.

  8. ashok says:

    Hello sir, i would like to know about your journey from the day u were signed to direct shiva till the end of your first day of shoot, which was ur first scene,what preparation u made after signing shiva, was there any fear in your mind when you were signed.

  9. Narendra says:

    The one with RAJPAL YADAV is very interesting. Expecting to see him in a non-orthodox role. A nice actor like him deserve different roles. That\’s what I feel like.

  10. sLm says:

    happy birthday sir hope u fulfill your dream of 10 million movies…sir i am your biggest fan you ever thought of i don\’t just watch your movie..once i traveled 300km just to watch your sarkar raj..you are God to me…u really thinks like me…following on your footsteps i did civil engg. but i am stuck whats next..???..i have been alone from last 22years…Sirji i have written a script on you if you get time wanted to listen you can message me sir…hope to see more movies from you…good luck…

  11. Avinash says:

    So..is there a character lik Gail Wynand in ur movie??

  12. Dinesh says:

    eager to watch in theater.

  13. srinivas says:

    Did any of ur films have a muhurtham shot?or any pooja done for starting the shoot?

  14. srinivas says:

    Did any of ur films have a muhurtham shot?or any pooja done for starting the shoot?

  15. srinivas says:

    Did any of ur films have a muhurtham shot?or any pooja done for starting the shoot?

  16. Kiran Kumar says:

    Any special reason why you have replaced Raima Sen character "Yasmin Hussain" with Neetu Chandra?

  17. Dinesh says:

    Why aren\’t you trying to make bigger films. Do you suppose yourself not able to do that…

  18. Dinesh says:

    My exceptions about bigger films are not kind of Yash chopra, Suraj Barjatya & SRK…. My mean of bigger film is real bigger films. you are able but why r u not trying.

  19. E says:

    Hi RGV,Photos look gr8…looks like the actors are doing good work…very emotive and intense…. hope the movie turns out the same…Good Luck!!!CheersEV

  20. Arun says:

    Happy Birthday !!….I wish you a life time of film-making(the ones \’you want to\’ and that too more than 200), lovely women, best of vodka, and all the other things in your world.

  21. srinivas says:

    Is the title not changed to India 24X7? Or was that just a gossip? No talent these days can distinguish gossip and truth. We just have to believe what we like to believe.

  22. Sree says:

    The girl in the second picture is smokin hot !!!!!!

  23. Sridhar says:

    Maybe im in a Phoonk or Agyaat-pics hangover, seems like all the characters are scared of something or waiting for something to happen….Looks too intense for a Media film…..All characters looks like shades of Ritesh….they are carrying the same emotion….maybe once the reel moves on it would be a different picture, now it looks like that…..are the AD\’s the same?Sorry anna…ala anipinchindi….I know you maybe doing the right thing….

  24. vaishak says:

    Very promising as usual….

  25. Neeta says:

    Hey Ram — Hope your B\’day was very special! Once Again – Many Happy Returns!

  26. Abhishek says:

    Today a journalist suddenly became popular when he hurled a shoe at the home minister. The irony is, he became the most important person after that incident and the home minister\’s purpose of that press meet was completely defeated. What hit me the most was the Heading of the news " Home Minister attacked". ( Thank god the attacker didn\’t fart )and to top it, the scroll bar info read" Shoe to be auctioned"… why does the media think in his uncanny sense of direction? I am glad you are making this film. Riteish\’s eyes surely convey an "interesting something"..And for you…Keep Rocking!!

  27. krishna says:

    How come no Big B pics????

  28. sandeep says:

    I think the statement of ur\’s "Back then I was a megalomaniac by instinct and now I am a megalomaniac through understanding" suites u. U r what ur by understandingHey photos look gr8, by the way is this film craft similar to (sarkar series,phoonk,darling) or (company,satya,rangeela) or new ?

  29. Unknown says:


  30. Aditya says:

    who says RGV makes monotonic movies? can any other director spend his creative forces on movies like Agyaat and Rann at the same time?.. anyways, since i read the basic framework of Rann on this blog, one shouldnt be expecting a complete lash out on media kinda movie… i guess its more to do with competition within the media.. showin white, black and grey shades

  31. Kiran says:

    Now I am worried that you may get pissed off with all these b\’day wishes and stop blogging ..

  32. Unknown says:

    Hi Ram,I guess I belong to the elite female following you have. I\’ve never commented before but your series on God made me want to say that Satya\’s unknown loss is Indian filmmaking\’s gain.(P.S: If she didn\’t bother reading, you didn\’t deserve her!). Keep up the good work.

  33. Unknown says:

    Ramu,Stills look like a horror movie… Why are everyone so scared in their face expressions..Come-on thats not the reaction one would give to any kind of news or while presenting a news.Unless the news if of Kala-Bandar… well dont have monkey man news now that Delhi-6movie is screwed presenting the Monkey-Man episode… I thought that episode wouldwork as comedy relief in your movie but now after watching Delhi-6, it is no fun.Enjoy,Ryan

  34. Prasad says:

    Quick ? — In Company, attack on chandu in kenya and chase to kill him, is this copied by you from the film "The Assignment". Or they copied from your film. Its almost same from shot to shot. Let me know. Thanks,PrasadSajja

  35. Ram says:

    Ramu, In your first post you said that you will post video clips and explain the psychology behind those videos.When will you explain the psychology?

  36. Neeta says:

    Ram — You Really have to ask Celeste for her blogsite address in person — honestly, she has done a marvelous job — and you should have seen the greetings she has for you for you B\’day! She adores you, Clooney, Aamir and Sharukh! I honestly think you should acknowledge her efforts – hundreds of man hours putting her blog together – but you will have to ask her personally for her blogsite address on your answer section! Please please please – acknowledger her efforts – she is absoultely amazing gal!☺☺☺

  37. Sudhir says:

    Hey Ra\’am,Is it true that characters in Rann (or India 24/7, whatever!!) are plagiarized from Ayn Rand\’s novels? Then, I must find a pirated copy and see the film, even if \’you\’ are associated with the film…My neighbor\’s wife sends her regards,Sudhir

  38. kedar says:

    How can u shoot films so fast?…what is the secret?…is it possible for you to post about your working style? in terms of Script, break down, production design, pre production, production, post, publicity…how you go about all this so FAST?…could u share it with us?…forget aesthetics…i am not asking about it for once…its about practical execution…who handles what? how the FACTORY works?…is it a trade secret or u would be generous to share it with us?

  39. Unknown says:

    Since you\’re a megalomaniac , do you ever google yourself and see what\’s on the web about you ?

  40. sandeep says:

    Have u seen the ecard i sent uRegards sandeep

  41. Dusmanta says:

    Hi RGV, Have u saw performance of Prateik Babbar in Jaane tu ya jaane na. i think he will fit for the role of chiku in next episode of sarkar. just imagine…..

  42. lprakash says:

    If b\’days aren\’t important for you, then why the hell did you mention about it to Big B while shooting India 24 x 7?

  43. Abhishek says:

    There is one beautiful action shot in the film SHIVA. Its when Nagarjuna( with his niece) is chased by goons. He escapes and boards a bus. While the goons are still running after the bus, one among them, runs very swiftly and tries to board the bus. To a first time viewer it appears as if he will make it…almost made it and the anticipation of further fight builds up…. When I watched this scene as a kid, I had held my breath and gradually my tension eased when the goon gives up. This shot is exceptionally well captured in the camera I am not sure what/how you had instructed Gopal Reddy. I believe that entire action sequence was the result of use of Steadycam for the second time in the film( first time being Nag and JD first fight scene in the campus) Did you choose a professional sprinter among those goons for this shot? Who improvised this scene?In the climax scene of the film Kshana Kshanam, Venkatesh picks the bag and gets down from the moving Rail engine. After he jumps down, you project the next sequence by using an (if I am not wrong) Ariel view camera, even its just a matter of 6 seconds. Do you visualize the camera angles too when you conceive a scene?

  44. Swamy says:

    Halo Sir,Few questions…1) Is it true that the title Rann is changed to India 24X7 ?2) Just curious to know the reason behind the "Thanks" by \’Dasvidaniya\’ team.3) What have you learnt from the \’EK the power of one\’ title issue ? All through the process you maintained dignity that \’s what i like in you !

  45. Shalini says:

    Hi Ramu, From what I read/heard about you and read/heard from you on this blog, I got a feeling that you are a very balanced person. I mean you don\’t loose temper very soon. Am I right? But how do you handle if anyone challenges you? With the egoistic nature that you yourself admitted to posses, would you loose it and stand up to the challenge or would you brush it off and move on with dignity?I am asking this cause you have always made your kind of cinema no matter what some big names in the industry has to say about those(You brushed it off). But react to some minor negative comments that people make on this blog.

  46. Shalini says:

    Also, If you are challenged to appear on the show "Coffee with \’you know who\’", would you do that? Ok..don\’t answer..I\’m just being mean I know ;o) I don\’t even know if that show is currently aired.

  47. nadia says:

    Big B mentions in his blog that it was your birthday on 7th april. he further says that u were reluctant to accept b\’ day wishes.just curious to know if u celebrated ur birthday..?

  48. AV says:

    RGV, what were u thinking when u made Sarkar Raj???, were u high on something??? Just curious…

  49. Shalini says:

    Ramu, I heard you in an interview saying that there were only two people that you were facinated about, Bachan and Sridevi. How was it working with Sridevi? She is my favorite actress. Are you over that facination now or will you work with her again if she is willing to come back?Will you any time write about her?

  50. Sree says:

    RGV,Women in the second picture is really hot !!!How many times did you bang her so far ??? : )

  51. kishan says:

    Gul palang is sexy as hell.

  52. celeste says:

    Ciao Shalini!Sorry for my delay in replying you, but I rarely enter my Windows Live e-mail box. Thanks for your msg, my dear. Luckily I live far from the area where there\’s been the earthquake. I live in Milan, in the north of Italy. The earthquake was in Abruzzi, an area in central Italy. Here all TV channels, papers and websites are showing terrible images. All of us in my Country are full of pain for that tragedy.Do you know Neeta, another RGV blogger? She\’s of Indian origin but lives in Vancouver. Anyway, her mother\’s parents live in Abruzzi, but luckily all of them are safe and fine.Thanks again for your kind message.(Where do you live? Is Shalini a female name? Another bravehearted woman in the \’totally-male\’ RGV\’s blog?)Ciao!Celeste

  53. celeste says:

    Ciao Sanjay!I feel truly ashamed… I\’ve read today the msg you sent to my Windows Live e-mail box months ago…Sorry if I don\’t reply to your request to join Windows Live Messenger, but I prefer to use Google Talk.(Sorry, Mr. Ram, but I truly don\’t like Windows Live Platform)Are you the same Sanjay I met here last year? If so: welcome back! Where did you disappear? Still in India or have you gone back to the USA (puah!)?If you are another Sanjay, please, if you like, you can contact me at celestenardella@libero.it. I don\’t use Windows Live e-mail box.(Mr. Ram, sorry, but I have to repeat: Windows Live platform is dreadful!!!!)Ciao!Celeste(Please, forgive me for personal use of this area. Thanks.)

  54. Rolling says:

    dont waste time on that crap Aghyaat. This film looks great..finish it quickly and release it soon..

  55. jn says:

    Rann was a terrific title, India 24/ 7 is sad. The word Rann is unexposed the title will get in to the minds of audiences easily. The awarness advantage Rann has over India 24/7 is huge. Hope u name it Rann

  56. pintoo says:

    you are one of those film makers who were not struck in time wrap. you seamlessly move from one generation to an other. even in your first movies, one could see the then \’today\’s\’ attitude and behavior in the characters regardless of what character they play. the way they live, choices they make… same applies here. By the way, Naach is more close to the visual definition of \’cinema\’. Otherwise, it is easy/obvious for anyone to appreciate your other works like satya, company, sarkar…

  57. pintoo says:

    watch agyaat for its execution….rann for its content…rann is relatively easy to make….agyaat is tough to visualize, tough to execute, even more tough to appeal for larger audiencethen why make it?….i dont know if you are aware of..but humans have an intresting thing called…instincts

  58. Shalini says:

    How long am I supposed to look at these pictures? Post something else please…

  59. Pradeep says:

    sorry ramu forgot to wish u…Be lated "Happy Birth Day"………

  60. Pradeep says:

    I like "Tanha Tanha" very much ..its very good to listen and very erotic.. :)what was inspiraton for that song? where did u shot that song?

  61. Pradeep says:

    How u celebrated ur B\’day?any specials moments to share??

  62. bhanu says:

    what was your feeling when the movie Jeans was sent to Oscars instead of your masterpiece Satya in 1998? what was your feeling when the movie Devdas was sent to Oscars instead of your Company in 2002?My guess would be you would say "Nothing". But still hoping to get something from your end.

  63. Suraj says:

    RGV,Where is Mr. Bachchan? i guess he plays a major part in this flick rite? I am really excited to see him and I am eagerly waiting for his comeback after a long hiatus!Nishabd was one of class films of Bachchan in recent times, would like to know how did you approached Bachchan for this flick, were you nervous to discuss the story of Nishabd! Is the color tone of the frame is the same for Rann, you used for Sarkaar 1 & 2? All the best, looks promising though!Regards,

  64. Shalini says:

    Let me piss you off. your profile still says 46 years old. Change it please. lolok..sorry….also, your hometown is listes as Vijayawada and I read somewhere that you are born and raised in Hyderabad. Panjagutta to be exact. Why don\’t you write about your childhood. Everybody write about you only from your Engg college days or video library days. Which school did you attend? Where did you grow up? Sorry if its too personal.

  65. ajaY says:

    Do u get irritated?

  66. ajaY says:

    when did u lost ur cool and shouted at someone? Can anger help in controlling things? any incidents from ur life that made u feel "i shouldn\’t have done this"

  67. bhanu says:

    Ohh man.. .what an intensity that guy Sujit has in pics…. I think you would have casted abhishek for that role if you had not found him…

  68. ujjwal says:

    Where did you shoot the movie "PremaKatha"

  69. Unknown says:

    Hello RGV , I am your great admirer. I have learnt that you are not into birthdays wishes. But honestly how did u feel when you learnt that you share your birthday with the father of " The Godfather " , thats right I mean to say Francis Ford Coppola ?

  70. sudhachandra says:

    Great and intresting visuals but the basic plot looks like shyam bengals \’Kalyug\’If it is Kalyug then how do you want to expose media\’s over action?

  71. VijayDirects says:

    ——————————————–Media – A quasi-judiciary?——————————————–If media is expected to be unbiased, it is only natural that we shouldNOT expect human-beings to run it.The hope is that vested interests (private sector) will compete witheachother (eventually) to bring the facts to light.I guess, experienced journalists are aware of this fact and do not getemotional with stories.However, stories such as Bofors scandal, Bihar fodder scandal, Tehelkaoperation, JMM scandal etc., took the public awareness to a new-level.In addition to factors such as: the emergence of BJP and the Thirdfront, it may not be an exaggeration to say that media (especiallysatellite TV) is one of the main reasons why the hung-parliament trendstarted in India.

  72. Pradeep says:

    Character of SATYA in KSHANA KSHANAM is very cute and bubbly..where u actually got inspiration? especially that devuda..devuda. dialouge.Is it resembles the real SATYA u were describing?

  73. Pradeep says:

    I want to be like you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Neeta says:

    Hello Ram, Celeste and Ev!!Greetings! I thought of you all when I saw the following stickers:1. Atheism is a non-prophet organization!! ☺♥2. Don\’t join dangerous cults: Practice safe sects!! :))Have a Great Week End!Joy and Peace!

  75. Dinesh says:

    Did you ever met Director-Shankar (Nayak,Aparichit,Shivaji fame Director) ? What do you think who is greater movie maker Mr.Maniratnam or Mr.Shankar or RamGopalVarma.

  76. ajaY says:

    you inspired so many ….. but nobody succeeded by following your way…… your comment

  77. Arun says:

    You must really love women to be able to portray them like this. I can\’t explain how I feel about women you shoot.

  78. Naveen says:

    good that you heeded my advice of casting sudeep again :)………just kidding……………did you know that one of your USPs is the casting…….its always exciting.mr. bachchan says that you reluctantly (i can\’t remember the exact word) accepted his birthday wishes to you……he knows you well…lol

  79. Unknown says:

    Based on so many years of experience in this industry…which one do you think will be a bigger commercial success.Agyaat or Rann?

  80. Unknown says:

    Hi Ramu, How did you come up with the song with Mr.Seetharama Sastry in \’Gaayam\’? It was real good (still one of my favorites) and added a 3rd party view of the society and its affairs. Whose idea was it? And how did you end up casting Mr.Sastry? He is a great lyricist, but he sure as hell cannot act!

  81. prash says:

    ramu sir stills are good, all the best to you

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