My reactions on reactions

1. Do you keep changing your directorial approach like for instance, post Naach till Sarkar Raj I see a difference?
Ans: Directorial approach largely depends on the theme of the film and the characters I am dealing with.
2. In Sarkar how were the killings of Selvar Mani, Vishram and Rashid countsructed?
Ans: In real life death comes as unexpected and as random as that.
3. I just hope youngsters don’t start believing in your theories and get carried away.
Ans: I hope they will as then they will get carried over. Anyway I think nobody believes in anything or anyone. They will just hold on to one belief system or the other at different stages and phases of their lives very much like a ship anchoring at different places in the course of its travel.
“You say you found me, but until you find yourself you can’t find me, and the day you truly find yourself you will remain yourself.” – Friedrich Nietzsche (Thus Spake Zarathustra)
4. How did Satya an engg student become a doctor?
Ans: I never said we were classmates or college mates in engineering. We were both in Siddhartha College at Vijayawada. She a student in Siddhartha Medical College and me in Siddhartha Engg. College and those days they both operated from the same compound.
5. Why do you think getting rid of conscience is godly?
Ans: I believe that our life is nothing but a conflict between wanting to and having to and in between lies the conscience. So if you get rid of your conscience you can live a life as pure as that of an animal.
6. Can you elaborate on the “dog dying in South Africa” (referring to Mohan Krishna’s mail on your blog)?
Ans: I will soon write a piece on that.

7. I have an idea for Sarkar III; how Subash Nagre started his life as an immigrant labourer and then became a union leader and then a political power. Abhishek can play the young Sarkar. What say?
Ans: Nothing.


8. Do you look down on people who oppose your thoughts?
Ans: On the contrary I enjoy them as I am fascinated with the amazingly different point of views.
9. You said “I had a fear of rejection from Satya”. Did you have the same fear of rejection from the audience about your first film?
Ans: I never feared the audience as they are just nameless and faceless individuals whereas Satya is an individual I loved and hence feared.
10. Dumbo, if it’s just to impress Satya why didn’t you just write a cute love story?
Ans: Double dumbo, it’s because at that time love stories were around plenty and I thought this article will be unique. I just didn’t realize that there are people like you and Satya also in this world, and yes, that was my triple dumbness.
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38 Responses to My reactions on reactions

  1. Shalini says:

    BEWARE!!! My fellow readers of this blog…As Arp.7th adds one more candle on RGV\’s birthday cake, if anyone\’s been planning on wishing him \’Happy Birthday\’, please read below RGV\’s response to a poor guy who wished him happy diwali last year. Proceed with caution.RGV\’s response to Diwali greetins:"Am just curious about if you really think if any of the forces out there who can give me happiness and prosperity will give a F***(Ramu actually spelled the word) about your wishes"So you\’r warned.

  2. Jonah says:

    so much hue and cry about this lady.. don\’t you think you are trying too hard to get her attention NOW? I mean you are answering the most dumb set of questions and giving the world details of someone who is not around anymore. You are expecting she would see this. You are anticipating she would acknowledge and you are gestating to get into her pants ??? Dont blame me.. you gave us the image of RGV to be like this. Are you any different?

  3. Jonah says:

    and by this comment shalini have sent you a cloaked wish but still is shy enough to \’asteriskate\’ your sweet swearings..[b]hippy baath day ramu[/b]

  4. Jonah says:

    2. In Sarkar how were the killings of Selvar Mani, Vishram and Rashid countsructed?Ans: In real life death comes as unexpected and as random as that.Matter of fact. It sounds silly for these three antagonist to roam around freely knowing that subash and shankar are in full power and are definitely looking for them.Whatever happened to swamiji. Coz shankar didn\’t kill him but took him to be on his side. We expected swamiji\’s assistance in second part. Guess Jeeva\’s not in your good books anymore.

  5. Brahma says:

    Ramu,Many Many Happy Returns of the Day

  6. Dinesh says:

    "I just didn’t realize that there are people like you and Satya also in this world, and yes, that was my triple dumbness.">>>>>>>>>> Nice one.

  7. pintoo says:

    Satya: I said NO to you on that day and I still say No to you today.You and that old creepy essays…and what\’s with that font dude? made me recall your bad hand-writing (which is why I could\’nt read those answer sheets/essays but that is not the point here).27 years past by and no better idea got into that little head of yours? Don’t you watch movies ?and stop those blank calls very night…and if you want to leave a message, you can just say hi, please don’t read those essays in voice messages. Its annoying to listen “Man, as he was endowed with intelligence, unlike the animals…” as voice messages. You can text me if you feel that desparate. I can understand that.By the way, I saw you a couple of times in TV. Looks like you got rid of those spectacles. Good for you…Oh that makes me remind when one of my friends borrowed your glasses as he forgot his magnifying glass for our Bio-Lab, and broke them. Sorry for that.again.Oh , almost forgot to say,Watched your latest comedy flick….Phoonk….very funny. Thx LoLRep me guys( ahahahahahha…..)

  8. gopal says:

    Happy Bday

  9. celeste says:

    Happy Birthday !!!!!!I don\’t know exactly what time is in Mumbai now, and if there it\’s already 07th April or not. Anyway:Buon Compleanno !!!!!!! 100 di questi giorni, mio capitano !!!!!!Celeste(Your Italian fans are greeting you in Hope to get you happy. Ciao!)

  10. daya says:

    Hi RGV,I am completly blown up by your Essay on god, as I also have some similar thoughts but not clarity. I can\’t belive that it was written 27 years back. Is it the effect of those books ( by Nietzsche, Ayan Rand ) u have written this Essay ? or anywhere else you got gyan on the subject ?Did you read those books by then or after?

  11. daya says:

    When and how did you happen to start reading philosophy ? leaving academics.

  12. andhrabond says:

    RGV,I would like to say Happy Birthday to you. But since you don\’t care about yours and anybody\’s b\’day. I leave you alone. By the way when was the last time you celebrated or your parents celebrated your b\’day (give me correct answer it is ok if it was in lkg, ukg…..)One more : I heard it was your thought to shoot "Chayya Chayya" song in the movie ‘Dil Se’ on train. Is that True? If so how it happened.

  13. sreedhar says:

    I wish critics can see one day how hard it is to make film which appeal to large audience. They rip apart every film which comes out on friday with highly personalized opinion and people just blindly follow it.

  14. Unknown says:

    I loves screenplay of Rangeela among your all movies, because it was quite natural.Your comment?

  15. sandeep says:


  16. sandeep says:


  17. sLm says:

    I don\’t have an idea for Sarkar III..but the full story…

  18. Akshay says:

    Where did the concept and story for "Kaun" come from? I always thought that Kaun was one of your better movies (along with Satya and Rangeela) with very good pacing. Even with the limited cast and simple plot, it was difficult for the viewer to anticipate the twist in the ending. Urmila\’s expressions at the end were truly remarkable.

  19. Anupam says:

    Anupam Proudly Indianwrote: the name of the saudi arabia girl is Asma Md Rafi. ive already bored you enough i know. But just remember how you felt while writing for NEWSTIME. same here! 2 hours ago | Delete Anupam Proudly Indianwrote: Im troubling you again, but after talking about the story idea, I got reminded of my other ideas like the one on MODERN CHANAKYA. Yes India needs a Modern Chanakya to reunite the world. Dont you think so? regds.2 hours ago | Delete Anupam Proudly Indianwrote: By the way ive one question from you too. Do you remember the Saudi Arabia girl who came on Saregama show? Or do you know how much Pakistani artistes, especially the comedians are liked in India and how much problem they face in getting the Indian Visa especially after the Mumbai attacks? Boss, my question is cant the artists and the bollywood play an important role in bridging the chasm between India and Pakistan especially when Indians and Pakistanis know that the politicians are the sole cause of the divide between the two countries. I have story idea, which I can share with you, if you wish. thanks again2 hours ago | Delete Anupam Proudly Indianwrote: Sorry, i had pressed the save button and my incomplete message was sent and I can already see it here on your website. Anyway my question is: Why do you people speak in English at award ceremonies of Hindi film industry like the filmfare awards etc? Boss, this question haunts me whenever I watch a film awards function. I understand you are a South Indian, but my question is especially for those stars who hail from West, North or East India. I dont have access to the stars,but you can certainly ask them this question. pls2 hours ago | Delete Anupam Proudly Indianwrote: For the first time I took pride in the fact that I have also worked for NEWSTIME, Hyderabad.God, it was so embarrassing seeking appointments with celebrities who immediately invited me thinking I was from Time, London. Thanks again. BUT IVE A QUESTION FROM YOU BOLLYWOOD STARS.

  20. Abhijeet says:

    Ramu Sir.. its 7th April today, wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY!! Keep making your kind of cinema.. we can\’t live without it!!

  21. Sree says:


  22. Abhijeet says:

    Ramu Sir.. you are producing Lalit Marathe\’s film SHABRI. But when will it hit the screens..??

  23. Sudhir says:

    Hey Ra\’am,Is it true that you have plagiarized characters from Ayn Rand\’s Novels in Rann (or India 24/7, whatever)? Then I must find a pirated copy and see the film, even if you are associated with it some way…Love from my neighbor\’s wife,Sudhir

  24. static atmosphere energy says:


  25. static atmosphere energy says:

    Akshey Khanna is the most understated actor we have in Indian Cinema…and you\’re one of the same as story teller, director…hope I see both of you in one film

  26. Unknown says:

    April7th was ur birthday right?what did u do?

  27. Raj says:

    Dear Ramu ji: Wish you a Very Happy Birthday. Came to know of it from Amitji\’s blog. Amitji refers to this movie as \’INDIA 24 x 7\’ , but you mentioned it as \’Rann\’ earlier.Hope you had a great day.Rajesh

  28. Unknown says:

    You think God is a person sitting there. (Sri Sri points upwards.) That is only in Michelangelo’s painting.God is not a person. God is a field of energy, like a magnetic field. The whole universe is pervaded by this field and made up of that substance. In meditation, we are in communion with this.But this is not a dead field like a magnetic field. It has life, consciousness.There are five attributes of God – God created this world, sustained it, dissolved it, he also blesses and veils it. Like air, although it is all around us, we only feel it when a fan is switched on. In the same way, we sometimes experience the blessing, but at other times God’s presence is veiled from us.Spiritual practices unveil God. – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

  29. ravi says:

    why do you name \’CHANDU\’ for most of ur and ur assistants characters across different movies.

  30. vasudev says:

    Hi varma,If you were married SATYA, you might have formed a different opinion on marriage. What do you say VARMA THE GREAT?

  31. vasudev says:

    Hi Varma,Jagapathi babu says about Revati in Gayam,"Pellaina ammayini manasulo pettukunenta Samskaram lenivadini kadu"….Is varma speaking through jagapati babu?

  32. vamsi says:


  33. Unknown says:

    Hey why didnt you make a film with Chiranjeevi till now ??

  34. Jack says:

    RGV, I am assuming your thoughts on God are same as they were 27 years ago"…take the example of a man who is wishing for a large amount of money…”99.99999% of people don\’t pray. They beg."…Everyone desires to reach a stage of absolute happiness …"You think happiness always depends on external factors. Like you can be happy if Rann & Agyat become hits, or you own a Bentley or a penthouse. Then it is always Relative Happiness. Absolute happiness, by definition, does not depend on any external cause. We can almost never be unconditionally happy or happy without a cause. So we always postpone happiness, until our desire is satisfied. Are we ever HAPPY RIGHT THIS MOMENT? For example what is your state of mind right this moment? Do we ever say "I will be angry tomorrow" or "I will be sad after Diwali"? So why do we keep on saying “I will be happy after this or that criteria is satisfied"? Logic would imply there is a cause only if we are miserable. Rest of the time we should always be happy. On second thought, drop always. We should be happy right this moment. Isn\’t it?This state can be induced by drugs like LSD. Only, again we have become dependent on something 😦 That\’s where spirituality come in. (Note, I am using Spirituality, not Religion) A drug-addict & a spiritual person are both in state of no-mind. The only difference is the addict has fallen below the mind; the spiritual has gone beyond the mind.As long as the mind is there, the happiness can never be absolute. Haven\’t you noticed when you are ecstatic like in orgasm or having a great laugh, there are no thoughts in your mind? At that very moment you were in Nirvana."…pleasure and misery cannot be absolutely defined…”Pleasure is not same as bliss Pleasure is relative. Bliss is absolute."…It is a world devoid of competition…"Other than sports, competition should not exist anywhere. People should work for the sake of the work only (If we start enjoying our work, then by your definition, it is no more work. It is fun! 🙂 ). Else they should change their work (like you dropped engineering). Did Howard Roark compete with anybody? But did he lack initiative? Do you really need competition to achieve excellence? "…We are but our thoughts encased in a body? …"Is that all? Our thoughts are constantly changing. You have yourself said you are not the same person you were a week ago. If you are only thoughts and ideas and feelings, which are constantly changing, then who is aware of this change? Something inside you must have remained unchanged. That \’something\’ is beyond the body, mind, intellect, memory, ego (which is but a function of all your collection of memory). That \’something\’, that Witness, is what I call the Soul."…If the soul is beyond perceiving then in a realistic sense it should be taken as ideas and feelings…"You can perceive your ideas and feelings privately and can change them. They, definitely, are not the soul!"…the example of a wood-cutter who is happy in his profession, we observe that if he suddenly runs into a lot of money, he will stop cutting wood"“he will stop cutting wood" contradicts the assumption that "wood-cutter who is happy""…But very often their lives are controlled by people …"If you are Absolutely Happy, you can NEVER be controlled. It is only when you are relatively happy that your pleasure can turn into misery by an unfavourable review by Khalid Mohammad. Danger: I guarantee, if you are in bliss, you will be persecuted even more. People are jealous of happy people and terrified of blissful people. Look at what happened to Socrates(poisoned), Jesus(crucified), and Ashtavakra (crippled)."…wanting to reach that state in itself is a desire…"Couldn\’t have put it better! Wanting something to happen is the surest way to prevent it from happening. That\’s exactly why Krishna has said "Focus on the action, not on the result". It is not a commandment, it is a very good strategy. Two reasons:1. The action, filmmaking is in your hands. The result, hit or flop is not. So why waste time and energy?2. The moment you focus on hit/flop, you loose focus from film-making. The moment my mind is on the trophy, I have lost focus from the short-pitch delivery."…the degree of power we wish to procure…"What is it that you really wish for? To be happy , isn\’t it? Experiencing a better quality of life, film-making, lovemaking, freedom to do whatever you want to do, money, fame or power are just means to that end. Look without, and being beautiful, intelligent, rich, famous, powerful, successful are only temporary, changing. Look within, and the joy is eternal. It is Bliss.

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