Essay on God – Part 6 of 7

The Nirvana Theories
The terms NIRVANA or MOKSHA are often heard, but when asked of their precise meaning, we will never get a definitive answer. Some proclaim that Nirvana is a stage where your soul reaches god. We are but our thoughts encased in a body. Other than the thoughts, we perceive with our senses certain feelings such as pleasure and pain. Our genetic characteristic determines some other factors such as the way we walk, gesture, etc. In addition to this, we are governed by certain ideas which might have been acquired through others or through our own reasoning powers. So, where does the term soul fit in? If the soul is beyond perceiving then in a realistic sense it should be taken as ideas and feelings minus the body. Then, when it is said that the soul has reached god, it can be interpreted as them traveling until they reached god and I guess they stay in some corner of his house.
Another theory is that work is god, meaning that happiness must be sought in work. When we take the example of a wood-cutter who is happy in his profession, we observe that if he suddenly runs into a lot of money, he will stop cutting wood and he will get into another more interesting work. But when he doesn’t have it, he consoles himself that he should be satisfied with his work. Also, his inferior intelligence is exploited by encouraging his beliefs and in the process eliminating him as a competitor in more profitable ventures. There will be many cases where men genuinely love their work, but the important thing is to truly realize whether that love is induced or inborn.
Scientists and professors for instance, possess immense knowledge. But very often their lives are controlled by people who have nothing but a will to power. The man in power uses people with knowledge to get what he desires, like we use calculators to do calculations for us.
Buddha stated that “Desire is the root cause of sorrow”. By this, he meant that if we are no able to get our cherished object, only then misery will arise in us. As a solution he said that we must not desire anything and through this we can reach a state of Nirvana.
But wanting to reach that state in itself is a desire. Apart from that, if we make a close study of what we desire in life, we can arrive at certain conclusions. We desire to satisfy our hunger. So we kill animals and eat meat. If we eliminate our desires up to a point where we stop killing animals and then a man like J.C.Bose comes forward and claims that even plants have life and feel pain. So when we stop even that, ultimately we reach a point where we just breathe because of the desire to live and in the process, kill germs. So we stop that too, and reach Nirvana or in other words, die.
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15 Responses to Essay on God – Part 6 of 7

  1. Shalini says:

    Good morning..(well it is morning where I live). How come no comments from anyone yet? Just couldn\’t see it empty. So I\’m writing some thing. As I said earlier, I\’m not reading the essaya…just got used to checking your blog everyday.

  2. Shalini says:

    Oops..That \’Good morning\’ was not to you Ramu, to the rest of the folks. I know You don\’t like such greetings.

  3. Jack says:

    What does a theist say? He says God is. But when theism deepens, there is no God but me, I myself become God. A STUPID THEIST, WHO DOES NOT KNOW WHAT GOD REALLY IS , SAYS GOD IS THERE SOMEWHERE IN THE HEAVENS. A wise theist says God is here. An atheist claims there is no God. If he is a man of deep understanding he means the same as the theist means. He says, "There is no other God than that which is: what is, is. " And he calls it existence, prakriti, the pre-created, or nature. One who is a profound theist is a profound atheist too. It is skin deep theists who fight with skin-deep atheists. Fight always happens on the surface; there is no fight at the deepest levels of life. Foolish theists quarrel with foolish atheists; an understanding and wise theist does not bother about fighting with atheists. Similarly an understanding atheist does not quarrel with the theists. Understanding, from whatever source it comes, unites. It always leads to the adwait — the one without the other. There is a saying of Nietzsche\’s which is significant in this context. Nietzsche is a profound atheist; as an atheist he is as profound as any theist can be as a theist. Nietzsche says, "If there is God I won\’t be able to tolerate him, because then, where will I stand? What will happen to me?" He means to say if God is, he as a man will be reduced to nothing. Then he has no ground to stand on, and he could not tolerate it. He says, "If God has to be, why not me? Why can\’t I be that God?" Nietzsche is an atheist, and he says there is no God but existence. That which is, is God. Why think in terms of any additional God? Even a profound theist says the same thing: that which is, is God; there is no other God. There is no difference between penetrating theism and penetrating atheism. In reality, while the theist uses positive terms in his description of reality, the atheist uses negative terms. There is that much difference. But the difficulty is that there are only two ways of voicing reality the positive and the negative. The theist is using the positive when he says, "That which is, is God." And the atheist is using the negative when he says, "That which is, is not God." WHETHER GOD OR NOT IS A DEBATE ONLY FOOLS PARTICIPATE IN. That which is, is utterly unconcerned about it all. Call it God, call it existence, or prakriti, or nature, call it non-God, or whatever you like, it makes no difference. WHAT IS,IS. The trees will continue to grow as ever, the flowers will continue to blossom. The stars will continue to move, life will continue to appear and disappear, waves will continue to rise and fall. You breathe when God is and you breathe when he is not. You love when God is, and you love when he is not. God does not expel you from the world even if you don\’t believe in him; he accepts you. AND GOD DOES NOT SEAT YOU ON A KING\’S THRONE IF YOU BELIEVE IN HIM, HE DOES NOT CARE FOR YOU MORE THAN HE CARES FOR OTHERS. Then of what value is this debate?

  4. static atmosphere energy says:

    Dear RGV,What you\’re putting on this blog is interesting thought – things which you\’ve felt, believed and also they have become part of your being or practice. How a human perceive one\’s own way of leading his / her own life and how much that person is convinced by own self is the key.Either a person is Atheist, Agnostic or firm believer in god… but how much the person believes in one own self is of primary importance…I like what you typed…But there are some things which are beyond comprehension of humans…why…you have dealt with those in your own stories…now there is one thing in Russia called \’Kirlan Photography\’ in mid 70\’s those Russians developed this camera where they shoot a person and it measures a person\’s aura…say…if I shoot your picture…I tell you to stand…and then after few seconds, I tell you to go…after you go, I shoot and this camera gets your body aura…this is in various colours based upon person\’s state of what you closely trying to say about Nirvana theories…You really have stopped many things in expectations, rejected certein philosphies that do not work, and what ever is left, you are very convinced and to a little extent stubborn, which is really fine…as ford said what ever you believe, is true, good or bad is true…but I do hope that youngsters do not get carried away with your theories because what applies to you, god forbid they follow I do not know how much clarity they will have or how much havoc they will create…:)

  5. vinay says:

    There is nothing loss nor gain in believing god or not believing…everything is about managing the things happening.. things which are in our control are bcoz of our intelligence and beyond our control is of god\’s ignorance..

  6. satya says:

    Ramu, You said you were madly in Love with Satya when you were in college. Was it because Satya was beautiful or intelligent or her legs or what is it? what actually made you attarcted towards her. I am sure lot of us especially girls would like to know this answer.

  7. lprakash says:

    Needless to say, good post. Btw, don\’t you think Nirvana is an Orgasm of Spirituality?RegardsPrakash Gowda

  8. truth says:

    If responding harshly to ignorance is a crime, so be it. Shame on people who show the logic of killing innocent animals as justified and natural. this logic that plants also cry is used by muslim fakir \’Zakir Naik\’ who preaches that animals are created for humans to consume. By the way, hope u have grown more mature now, but if you still hold the above views -do you perceive the pain of plants when you kill them, ? does a plant die if you pluck its fruit ? Do you see the bacteria with your naked eye ? why dint the God give us the brain to feel these atrocities ?

  9. Unknown says:

    How would you present these now with your latest technical skills? Do you still have complete faith in these? Can God be smarter & cunning? Please update us about your thoughts..

  10. sudhachandra says:

    This essay on God is superb however It is hard to believe this was written 27 years backRamu It reflects your present day mindset

  11. sudhachandra says:

    Ramu I met one guy who told me that he wanted to die as he cudn\’t become a director and he dropped that idea after reading your blog especially the one you wrote on how you became director.I dont know what made you to start this blog however your blog saved one life…

  12. sandeep says:

    "As a solution he said that we must not desire anything and through this we can reach a state of Nirvana. But wanting to reach that state in itself is a desire. " …fantastic observation man…desire,morality,wants etc are all interrelated and at the same time a very vague subject. one of ur best post in recent time

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