Essay on God – Part 4 & 5 of 7.

Essay on God – Part 5
Pleasure and Misery
Everyone desires to reach a stage of absolute happiness where he is all the time happy. This is defined as a state of NIRVANA which supposedly brings you to an ultimate state of pleasure.
But the terms pleasure and misery cannot be absolutely defined. It is because they are relative terms. To explain this through an example, let us take an example of a man who is accustomed to have stale bread as his daily meal. If his diet is suddenly changed to something like biryani which is better in taste, he will feel a pleasure. His degree of pleasure is in direct proportion to the degree of improvement in the taste of the food. If he is offered still better food, his pleasure increases further and if one day, it is suddenly continued to supply him with stale bread, he will feel misery. This is because, he has obtained a knowledge of something which enhances his pleasure.
On the other hand, if stale bread is the only available food on earth, the terms pleasure and misery will be meaningless as there is no scope for relative comparison. Even if the supply of a wonderful meal is continued over a long period, without any variation in tastes, a man will be bored, as the feeling of pleasure can be derived only through comparison.
Considering another example, if a man feels he is good looking, it is only in comparison with people who are not as good looking as he. If he is sad in this aspect, it is because of people who are better looking than him.
So, a world of absolute happiness is a world where all people are identical in appearance, have equal intelligence as difference in intelligence will again give rise to certain complexes, and in proportion to the difference, degrees of pleasure and misery will begin to surface. Also everyone should have equal power and artistic abilities. To sum up, each and every individual’s tastes, behavior, appearance, intelligence and capacity of doing work must be same as each and every other individual.
As everyone will be having the same thoughts, there will be no need for speaking with each other, and as every one will have the same abilities, there will be no question of anyone getting interested in anyone. It is a world devoid of competition and initiative. In short, this world will be of the LIVING DEAD.
Essay on God – Part 4.
When the promoters of god were questioned about why there was so much misery in the world, they were in a fix, as they themselves proclaimed that god was responsible for every activity that happened. So, they quickly made provisions and declared that god is a force which is responsible for all the good things that happen and an evil force Satan is responsible for the misery in the world. Good is something which gives pleasure and bad is that which causes pain.
If we examine an act of rape, we see that the victim suffers and the rapist enjoys. Here, the act is sexual. In this act, god has taken the side of the rapist as the pleasure is in the rapist and Satan the side of the woman in the form of pain. What more, God and Satan have joined hands in this venture. When it is said that god is responsible for whatever gives us pleasure and satan for misery, this can be the only conclusion we can arrive at.
In any act pleasure and pain go hand in hand, for the simple reason that one’s gain is another’s loss. For example, when a man kills a bird and eats it, he gets pleasure whereas the bird gets pain. So, here too, god has taken the side of power and caused misery to the bird. When the man wants to eat it, he can satisfy his biological needs by means of eating vegetables, but because he wanted to get the pleasure of tasting a better food he killed the bird. Thus, in proportion to the amount of pleasure he desires to obtain, he causes misery as gain in pleasure is directly proportional to the gain in pain.
So there are no two forces, one good and one evil. Either there’s only a single force that is responsible for every activity; or in direct contradiction to the proclamation of the promoters of god, god is the force which causes misery and satan is the force which causes pleasure.
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22 Responses to Essay on God – Part 4 & 5 of 7.

  1. madhu sudan says:

    In nishabd Amitab says to jia that "many things in this world are usual , but an individual point of view makes it different".Do u really mean it ? i mean do u really think that nothing in this world is different by itself , only an individual interpretation makes it different ?

  2. Trimex says:

    tu bahut danger admi hai rey! if there is anybody who can get benefit out of you immensely, it may be b.j.p

  3. Dinesh says:

    hmn…….. "So there are no two forces, one good and one evil. Either there’s only a single force"….. OK, but You should had told others before 26 years when nobody can imagine himself either this whole world without the Supream force… if you tell this in a temple or masque, definitely you could be beaten many many times… after that for today that could be more interesting to know.

  4. Vinay says:

    Most irresponsible article this "satan". We have conditioned and rightly so that the rapist and the man killing the bird is the Satan, and not the other way around. Your kind of work, or for that matter, most of the activities in a civilized society calls for this sort of conditioning. If it werent so, people would go around raping whoever they liked and in fact killing people whom they didnt like. If everyone in a society thot like you, it would turn into another fundamentalist muslim world. In that sense, you are one of the extremists. Dont understand this "rebel" attitude. Its an attitude which looks cool when you are a teenager. Most of us do not follow rituals. We pray and fear God for our own greed, as you rightly said. But we dont steal, cheat, rape, kill, etc, and are really thankful for this conditioning. We have not heard of you doing anything "sinful". Why do you project yourself so!

  5. Shalini says:

    For an atheist, you think too much about GOD..don\’t you?Sorry..I\’m not reading your essays as they go against my believes(well..I had to read the firts essay to make that call). I appreciate your intelligence and admire you as a person. Will be waiting for your next post after all these 7 essays.I have a doubt though…Have you written one of the torture techniques used in SAW series? You are certainly capable of coming up with such ideas…lol

  6. Unknown says:

    Hello Sir,I have seen SARKAR, SARKAR RAJ, and i have writen good story for SARKAR III, i have written several offbeat stories, would like to see you, Jaiprakash mail me….@

  7. Swamy says:

    "As everyone will be having the same thoughts, there will be no need for speaking with each other"…hahaha

  8. Dinesh says:

    काश के गोड होता, और कभी गलती से नज़र आ जाता तो मुझसे ढेर सारे थप्पड़ खाता….

  9. lprakash says:

    Am simply feasting on your veritable essays. Frankly though, God is an interesting concept that keeps evil deeds at bay. It works. Through a plethora of fear and baits thrown in good measure, the clever pandits, saints and maulanas have infused fear in people – fear of Agyaat – the unknown. While filming or writing your story, you must be certainly sure of the fact that people fear the unknown more than anything else. For e.g., in one of your previous blogs, you had defined fear – which generally stems from something unknown (don\’t remember verbatim, you know what i mean). Hence people fear God, the unknown (not everyone is brave enough to take the risk and become an atheist, and hey, the promised land of virgins is too tempting, isn\’t it?). But you know what, if one becomes an athiest, he\’ll enjoy virgin houris right here on earth! :)Furthermore, if we dig the story of Satan (i repeat, story of satan and not fact about satan – call it my disclaimer), it goes back to the time when god (ok, the concept of god) created the world, he created angels from light, jinns from fire and man from clay. Iblish (satan) belonged to the higher ranks of jinns, who had been serving god. When god asked everyone to bow, Iblis refused. According to him, it was disgrace for jinns and angels (created from light and fire) to bow before something created of clay. Hence he was driven away from heaven and given a respite till mankind survives on earth. He challenged god to tempt his people and make them go astray. Hence the duel began. God gave man the biggest power to combat satan – his freewill.Till date, we all have two choices to make in our lives – the (so called good) and the (so called) evil. Satan was smart, he spoke his mind. We don\’t. He refused to bow before god\’s creation, we atheists refuse to bow before man\’s creation (god). So in a way, an atheist is synonymous with satan. on the judgment day, the prophets will have their followers and satan will have his. Hence people fear of being led by \’satan\’. Little do they realize that like god, satan too, is inside them. We have the free will, the intellect, but alas, we don\’t use them at all. Why the hell can\’t we wonder – what if there\’s no judgement day? phew!

  10. venkata kushal says:

    Well, whatever I am going to say is my opinion " Mine alone". In my understanding I beleive that we cannot define God, beacuase as soon as we define God we limit him. We have to understand that God is Infinite we cannot measure the infinite nor see it. We might experince, feel the the infinite but we wouldnt know it. God is transcendent. And the what ever evil happens in this world there is very deep understanding of how it arises. There is nothing like a Satan in this worls, Yes there is good and bad it is within us. We create something like a being called Satan just to balme it and say that Satan is the cause of all this. There are many reasons of why bad thinsg happend all around the world, there are so many things involved in it. Evil arises at a very depper leve than everyone of us think. So if you believe that there is a Satan and something bad is going to happen to you , bad things will happen to you. Even if you fear from something that fear inside you will make you weak, due to which you will not be able to face the trith of life. So one should always believe in good and await for the good things to happen to him……

  11. Neeta says:

    Celeste – Bella Mia — So you think Ram hired Neetu instead of the other gal, for my name sake, in the movie Rann? How flattering – especially after swipping my name off the"comments" last time!! LOL! Okay, I shall accept that as a peace offering!!! :)) Ram we love you – okay, okay, maybe we don\’t qualify — I forget – it is all about the legs, right!! Okay – Celeste has gorgeous legs – I think you should invite her to India!!in mischievous mood!:))

  12. Neeta says:

    Ram – do you think there are some energy forces out there that guide us? Think about it – when things go wrong – they always seem to happend in 3\’s or more – do you think our negative thinking (negative energies) affect our daily lives and the way we feel. When a person thinks he/she is in love – they seem to see the world through rose tinted glasses – so do you think that when we are euphoric – we feel differently and see things differently? When we are in a bad mood – we see everything in a negative light! Your take, please!?Life is a Blast – Enjoy it while it Lasts!

  13. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu, There is this story of Midas. Whatever he touches become GOLD. I feel, you/your situation suffer(s) from the same syndrome. Whoever you appreciate/recognize gets associated with your brand. Your assistants, writers, cameramen, music directors etc. It creates some aura around the people you recognize and typecasts/alienates them. This could sometimes work for them or against them for various reasons. Sometimes they might just succumb to the newly-found recognition and lose control of their fire. Your brand also creates some expectations for the audience. This could sometimes work for you if are in a mood to shock the audience. But it could work against you if you are not in the mood for it. Maybe you just want to stick to your guns(sensibilities) which may not have a shock value. So far so good. It\’s still not that bad. The trouble starts when you become conscious of this whole phenomenon. You want to shock people and in the process end-up confused yourself. Even when you made films like Rangeela, Satya, I believe it took you a while to steer clear of this confusion and find your bearings. I guess you were quite focussed while making Shiva and Company. All said and done, I sometimes feel one need not worry about his image or his brand. These are quite vague terms. The point is: Do we like the subject? Do we feel passionate about the subject? May be they are repetitive. Maybe they are predictable. May be they are too serious. But it is just a subject. There are number of ways to deal with it. That is what makes it novel and fresh. I\’m sure that if a subject becomes repetitive, you yourself will get bored and do not feel excited enough. And therein lies the answer. Then the question arises: What kind of subject excites me? That\’s probably easy to answer. How seriously should I take this question ? – That\’s a tough one..I guess A bigger question is: Are my sensibilities, my tastes repetitive and predictable?

  14. celeste says:

    Neeta \’in mischievous mood\’: a GREAT peace offering, isn\’t it? You must feel proud. Neetu Chandra is an excellent actress. Did you see her in \’Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!\’? She\’s Lucky\’s girlfriend. I\’m sure \’Rann\’ will be a GREAT movie. (But Ram, do not expect any awards, ok?)(I\’m sorry for not commenting RGV\’s present texts. Neeta keeps on repeating me they are AMAZING, but my English is too poor to understand them. Sorry Ram. I trust you&Neeta, ok?)

  15. Girish says:

    Enough of the boring essays. You yourself dont think much of them. Otherwise you would have ended up as a jholla-wallah pseudo-intellectual journalist. Or sadder still, Pravin Bhabhi. :)Anyway I have loved the bits of Shiva I have seen – your camera tracking was way ahead of its time. Loved the way the camera focussed downward(on a crane?) is slowly brought to the front of the class were the lecturer is droning away. Loved the way you have a long shot of Nagarjuna seeing his frriend get roughed up on campus. That was pure deja vu – that\’s exactly how you see collegemates getting beaten up from a distance.Loved the way, the camera moved backwards as Amla and friends steadily danced forward. ETC.Where did the Shiva aesthetic – nuances ripped from the real world – and a dynamic but unopstructive camera disappear? 🙂

  16. Unknown says:

    Hello sir,we can call these essay like Ramgopal varma ki \’GEETHA\’ , remaining parts we can call it as \’SLOKAS\’

  17. Neeta says:

    Hey Celeste – You know my track record for watching movies – but I will have to watch Rann -must keep an eye on my namesake! Hey Ram – I am enjoying your articles – cause my thinking parallels yours in the question of how and why – love philosophy – wouldn\’t it be great to bring brilliant people together at a round table conference – and discuss all these issues! Just as in day of Socrates and Plato! Keep \’em comin….Joy and Laughter!

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