Essay on God – Part 3 of 7

 The Character of God
When we examine certain activities that supposedly please god, and view them metaphysically, their true nature can be realised. For instance, take the example of a man who is wishing for a large amount of money. If God grants him this gain it will be on account of another’s loss as money has to come from somewhere. Then, why should god favor this man? Is it because he is good? But, good is a relative term and the theory that god favors good people disproves itself again and again in our daily observance. On the other hand, if god favors only those who pray to him, then he is no different from a man in power who helps those who constantly flatter him.
When god helps a man, god is praised as great, but when a man in power helps a person, he is accused of favoritism. Everywhere and every day we see people getting carried away when they are flattered and do favors to promote the living of flatterers. Then, is god too like them? From this should we conclude that the purpose of our life is nothing but to flatter god.
We believe that god is responsible for every activity that happens and yet we tend to blame individuals when a certain action happens which is not desired by us. If the person responsible is within our power, we punish him and if he is beyond it, we console ourselves that god will punish him.
Very few people have a proper understanding of why they are praying to god. Do they fear his power? Are they afraid that harm will be done to them, if they do not pray to him? For instance, a powerful man like Hitler was looked up to for what he did to Germany’s economy during the pre-war period, and later hated for his role in Second World War because he brought so much misery. But, in case of god, even in misery, we continue respecting him. Is it out of fear? We are again at the starting point of discussion and the conclusion can only be that we respect god because we have been programmed and conditioned to do that.
We sometimes see that Yogis and Babas are respected and feared, like Satya Saibaba for instance. It is not because people are in awe of his magical abilities like creating objects apparently out of nothing that he is looked up to. The same trick performed by a street corner magician goes unheeded. What sets apart these babas is the way they behave, the way they dress, their talking ability etc. In the way they live, they create a mysterious aura around them and the sleight of the hand combined with all this, earns them the fear and respect of the people. Just talking about god will never help. For example, if Satya Saibaba comes on a Honda motor bike wearing Jeans and a T-Shirt with a walkman cassette player at his waist to preach about god, will anyone listen to him?
When we respect a professor, scientist, etc, what we respect is their knowledge, dedication etc. Even here, most of the time, we do not respect the man, but only his reputation and fame. For example, we hear many people praising Shakespeare. But the truth is, majority would not read any of his works. Here, it is not being said that Shakespeare is not great. It is only to point out that most of us respect and admire without knowing what we are admiring and respecting.
When we hear from reliable source that our respected politician is in fact, dishonest, we immediately despise him, as fundamentally we respected him only because we thought that he was working for our good. But, in case of god, if we ask him for something and he does not give it, and on top of it, he furthers our misery, we still continue respecting. It is because, we feel that if we go on praying him, our prayers will be answered some day, like if we keep on buttering a senior officer even though he is rude to us and blacklisting us for no apparent reason, he might someday recommend for us promotion. But in this case, we are called as people without self respect. We are looked down upon by the very people in the society who upheld a person as a great devotee who does the same thing with god.
Sometimes, people say that why they came to believe god is because they were saved miraculously from death or because they were suddenly elevated from their misery to happiness. We take the case of a man who has fallen over-board from a ship in mid sea and thought that he was going to be eaten by sharks. At the last minute, he was saved by another mate. He starts believing it to be the grace of god that he is saved. If this is true, then are the sharks are justified in despising god for depriving them of their food, and turning in to atheists?
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36 Responses to Essay on God – Part 3 of 7

  1. Unknown says:



    Sir,many says that u r perverted WRONG STATEMENTright from the 20 years we, ur fans and audiences haven\’t noticed the humanist in RGV

  3. Piyush says:

    You will convert me into a Ram Gopal Varma!!!!

  4. Harsha says:

    just like girl u were in love with, people seem to be bored of these essays on god. the comments on ur essays are decreasing after each post!

  5. rathnakar says:

    people think about what you think but i realised i have to percieve what you percieve the way you percieve to connect with you and doing so is giving me an ecstatic feel that i cannot frame in words. I could see what i will become by tuning my perceptions to your wavelength and i\’m sure i will unleash the entropy of chaos that is haunting my mindscapes onto this world one day by collaborating with you, my dearest free-radical

  6. Dinesh says:

    Very very Interesting but Baaap Re 4 more still to come >>>>

  7. Unknown says:

    Please remake this work of yours as you always do..Ps- i am a beautiful girl.

  8. Niranjan says:

    What according to you is luck ? In a road , hundreds of people are walking and suddenly a 100 Rs/- note is fallen in the pavement, where 100\’s or probably 1000 have walken but one in those sees it and takes it. What he does with that is altogether a different subject. So was the man who got that money lucky ? or is randomly generated event i.e randomly a person "X" sees the money. Because the same chance was given to those 1000\’s who have walked but only one gets the money ?In a particular day a lot of events we see, like, People dying of accidents, Birth, Is this an act of god ?

  9. Neeta says:

    Ram – your logic is sooo in parellel with the thoughts of those who intellectually continue to question the presence of the Supreme; specially in that, we all go thru the same format of questioning in our minds – is there someone or something powerful out there?; who doles out judgment, as to what and how one is gifted in life? How come, some can struggle and get ahead; and yet there are others who deserve better, but seem to keep spinning the wheel and do not progress? How does one explain certain supernatural phenomenons that occur at times – are these just figment of our imaginations? So – What are we – I don\’t mean cells, tissue, organs etc or products of our previous ancestors – but are we energy forms, and do we affect one another somehow? Are we energy forms that cannot be measured in "scientific terms" – does this mean, that just because we cannot explain all the possibilities Yet – an explanation does not exist? Is it not possible that we do not have the "means to study" certain things that are not scientifically provable or replicable – in other words – we do not yet have the knowledge to understand the paranormal sciences todate? (Don\’t forget, science is very young in our Civilization, invention of energy forms, phones, computers, medical understanding etc etc is very recent (just up until the early 1900\’s – we were digging holes in the skull to examine humans!!) – Mind you, to digress for a moment – a lot of the ancient scriptures make you wonder if there were Civilizations that existed that were more advanced in their knowledge than us – who knows for sure!) There have been advances in certain areas recently — like the Japanese scientists who have taken a droplet of water — (using scientific methods) – placed one measured droplet in a peaceful setting and another droplet in an arena where there was total mayhem and chaos – when the droplets were chilled and crystalized — the droplet that was in a peaceful setting had a perfect formation and pattern — whereas the droplet from an agitated enviornment did not form a harmonious pattern. This of course, was replicated using different environments – the results were consistent! Think about it – our body\’s molecular composition is 98-99% water – so if the large oceans and body of waters are affected by the planertary positions – why would we too, not respond to certain energies around us and the planetary positions? I have friends who are in Psychiatry – they profess that there are more crazies on Full Moon nights than at any other times! Have you seen "What the Bleep" and "What the Bleep down the rabbit hole" — more on quantum physics – yuck, hate physics – but interesting indeed!! Gosh – you get me going with your articles! Sorry to be so long winded – but it certainly gets your brain cells going!Regards!! (Hello Celeste, Ev and Sanjay!! Greetings to you all! sorry for typos – really dead beat lately – taking some advance courses!!)

  10. Neeta says:

    Ram – thanks – I need intellectual diversions so I can focus on other stuff better, when I eventually get back to it, of course! Oh, the joys of getting old! Keep the articles coming – I really enjoy reading them – obviously your girl friend was too young to appreciate your intellect fully – maybe you should seperate the beauty of the legs and the beauty of the brains and try to keep them apart – unless of course you prefer the intellectual foreplay – that would make it mighty tricky to say the least!! LOL I think you should google "Andy Rooney\’s – women over 40" and read that – you may get a kick out of it! Keep Laughing and doing what you do best!Laughter and Joy!

  11. Priya says:

    I think yor bored and lonely, and also want to maybe show off a little…..either that or you desperately need to publish a short story and see what the masses think….I read your stuff, some of it is a little hog-washy other bits are a bit interesting, I recon I\’d buy a novel by you…

  12. Richie says:

    I really wanted to thank you for a long time for introducing me to Ayn Rand and I am surprised that I grew up without reading her philosophy…I am a different person now (for the best)U hav more depth in thinking than I thought……u should write books on philosophy…they will be the best sellers and I will be standing in the wueue all night to grab the first copy Can u beleive a person like u whose philosophy does not allow him to think beyond himself has changed a soul like me…u are benefitting the society without ur knowledge

  13. Dinesh says:

    Through the AGYAAT do you want to despoil producers or audience ? if there is an alien in the film then it will be a great pleasure to see it. Otherwise posters showing it as rubbish.

  14. Nagesh says:

    awesome one ,wondering how easily you explain the concept! and the examples you take to explain things ,like sai baba coming on Honda Motor bike 🙂

  15. Dinesh says:

    Please, Paste all of God in just once………………..

  16. RAZI says:

    Dear Sir,have u ever thought why is human more powerful than other beings on earth. its only because he can think. and only coz he can think we have reached to a stage where we rein supreme among all other animals on earth. we control them,kill them and the save them from extrinction. so one must think that why wd We humans be given a brain much more developed than the others….ad the answer is to THINK.Question.Analyse.while you are giving a lot of theories as to how humans have created God for thier needs…for their unanswered questions….etc etc…have u ever thought why there is a day and night,why does the sun rise every day and it sets…why there is darkness and then light…..why when a seed is grown into a tree. and then again that tree withers..why are we born,then grow strong and then we get old and we die…dont u see the beautiful order of the nature . the human has not created it. the order of life…your breathing..u have no control over it. you cant fly.the birds can. you cant stay underwater and the fish cant stay above. the point i am trying to make sir is that there is a supreme order in which things move around us.the man is given this abilty to think and understand the greatness of the Maker by himself.and once you do u praise him for all the beautiful things he has made.for the food you have every day,for the water you drink. did u create these things?after writing 7 essays if u want to say there is no GOD and he is just a figment of imagination…i would still wait for that 8 essay…hopefully.Regards,Razi

  17. Unknown says:

    It is impressive that you had this thought process during your Engg. times. Bastard, you really are a genius.

  18. Neeta says:

    Oh my God Celest – I think I offended Ram in some way – obviously my posts are all appearing under "No Name" all of a sudden – LOL!! I apologise if I have said anything hurtful or offended anyone – cause I am begining to respect Aamir and RGV and enjoying their humour and intellect!! I only meant to point out to a Priya2009 (from Aamir\’s blog – as she is driving everyone nuts on the subject of religion and politics) – to come and read these essays written by Ram – they are indeed well written and explain why people were thrust into believing in Gods — the reason is always power, greed and to instill fear – so people feel insecure – and hence can be manipulated and controlled!! Gosh – my apologies if I said anything out of turn!!Regards!No Name!! :))

  19. Neeta says:

    Oh Gosh – Celeste my name is back on!! Go Figure – I guess 19 hours ago – someone didn\’t like me and had decided to swipe my name off! Okay – its back on – ignore my comment to you darling!!

  20. Sree says:

    I can\’t beleive RGV wrote this essay at the age of 19. RGV himself said that he is not good at grammar and English during at school. Then, how the hell could the above essay match up with his language skills at that age.He would\’ve probably had those thoughts and ideas at that age (even I did when I was in my teens) but I just can\’t beleive that\’s his own english. He probably took someones help or plagarised from somewhere…

  21. Vinay says:

    This article 3rd part (Character of God) is something similar to when you asked your unit members why inspite of being an atheist, God has given you more than to them. But its quite amazing you kept thinking about life this way and came out with answers as well. Amazing.

  22. lprakash says:

    just 4 words – you are a genius.

  23. celeste says:

    Neeta: how did you succeed in hiding your name????? VERY TECH, dear: I\’m impressed.And I don\’t think Priya2009 will come here, among all these atheists. So: WE ARE SAFE (fiuuuuuuuuuuu).Have a nice week.

  24. Indian says:

    TODAY\’s AuratI had written something similiar … read at leisure…till then i will read the remaining parts !today\’s aurat is a pilot, astronaut, scientist, CEO, cop, sports-star, politician etc, etc, etc. Aurat log have been bragging about this fact in all possible forums since last 10, 20 or may be 50 years! Come on yaar please stop this, what\’s the big deal .. god has given us the same brains, hands, legs fact you guys have better assets to assist you in achieving your goals (in a crooked manner of course, but its still a way). OK OK..sorry to all ladies, I know that was not very decent but please stop gassing.I somehow feel that aurat has always been smart. May be centuries ago she did not want to get into the jungles and do the tougher day to day activities. She chose to be at home, decided to cook & took care of the kids, meanwhile asked the men to get into the jungles. Man worked hard, made the world a better place to live and as time passed he got used to fact that women is a house maker (which i feel is an important job). But being smart as always, aurat later wanted to get into the outside world (which is no longer a dense jungle) and do all that man has already mastered. Naturally, there would have been resistance and in countries like India (more villages than metros) there will be resistance for some more years. So my dear aurat log please live with it. Anyways, more than men its the women who makes the life of a lady miserable and that\’s the reason we have serials like "kyonki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi" !!…. Remember as far as men are concerned, they believe in just one thing —"Yaar yeh jo aurat hai bas jannat hi jannat hai " 🙂

  25. Unknown says:

    RGV, I hope your pieces were written as interpretations of "common perception" about God and religion, For none of the religions advocate pleasing or flattering GOD to gain anything – and no religion presumes that GOD is so naive to reward / punish people based on flattery or abiding by the rules that have been laid down by HIM/HER. All religions have painted a picture of GOD as someone who is beyond any kind of emotions – and hence no one can emotionally blackmail GOD. All you can do is read / narrate / sing / dance etc. to imbibe some of the so-called qualities of GOD and become GOD oneself. Now I am in no way endorsing that one\’s goal should be to become desireless, painless, and all other "lesses" that GOD stands for …as my dil maange more. As per the religions, GOD neither actively manages,creates nor destroys this world – she herself was part of this "system" once and by overcoming whatever keeps you attached to this system – has escaped…..and if you are mathematically inclined and believe in the concept of infinity, this has happened an infinite number of times and will happen infinite number of times going ahead….and since it is infinity, it is convenient as you don\’t have to answer questions of beginning and end in this logic. Now what keeps one attached to the "system" – and here again there is remarkable similarity in some of the oriental religions. They are either known as sins, desires, motivations – whatever you may call them – they all boil down to hunger, fear, greed and sex. So picture yourself as the revolving around "some center" of the system as you are attached to the gravitational forces called fear, greed, hunger and sex…so supposedly if you can overcome these,,,you will be freed from the forces of this system…and that is what GODs (using the plural) have managed to achieve…..And this is what most of the religions want your goal to be…to free yourself from the system—-one of the best movies to articulate this in a modern/sci-fi manner was Matrix…For a long time I associated being religious also meant accumulating more PUNYA than PAAP…but soon was corrected after reading up and a few debates with some practitioners that PUNYA is as harmful to your goal as PAAP …as both cause you to remain attached to the current system…which is against the goal….Now who are these so called GODs of common perceptions who can grant favours……again conveniently explained as just another life forms ( and hence having definite life and death period) with more powers than humans…just like humans have higher powers than most animals….and some animals are more powerful than the others…..And whatever you see as religion these days is narration / praising of the powers of these life forms(e.g in Hindu religion it would be Indra, Shiva, etc) who like all other life forms have their frailities (and hence are still caught in the cycle) and hence can reward / punish based on flattery or the absence of it…..Remarkably some of these life forms are more like roles …which in every cycle are occupied / administered by different people. Since the cycles have happened infinite times, surely someone must have been the architect (Brahma), adminstrator (Vishnu) and destroyer (Shiva) – and since they have finite lives…the roles must have been played by different people in each cycle – or maybe across a few cycles….As per the Jain religion..not only has this happened infinite number of times, there is a cycle within this cycle – comprising of 10 eras wherein for 5 eras, the quality of life keeps diminishing …reaches a low ebb… destroyed and then starts building up again….I am not sure – but I guess we are about 20,000 years away from the lowest ebb in the current cycle ( convenient …as it is a large enough period as it can\’t be verified)…the same concept is explained as Yugs (Kalyug etc) in the Sanatan religion (commonly known as Hinduism). ……..can go on and on about this …..but the point is "whether" the concept of GOD is relevant / exists / true or not is a separate point…but people who have created the system …have done one hell (pun unintended) of a job….and stands the test of some of the very basic questions …and it would require much more powerful questioning and ironically "faith" in man made devices of logic, rhetoric, fundamental sciences and mathematics….and given where mankind stands in terms of knowledge available vs. yet to be mined……these devices are on as shaky a ground as the principle behind some of the religions….you got to have faith that 1+1 = 2 and the then most of what remains in this world seems logical …but is 1+1 really truly equal to two, always ?, for everyone ? I am yet to decide….

  26. Abhishek says:

    Awesome!! Loved this one!!

  27. visnew says:

    I really want to appreciate you, knowingly or unknowingly you are making so many of your visitors think about some of very fundamental beliefs of our system. I am sure only very few of them would have spent time in their life thinking about these things. Your effort is worth your time and reader\’s time.Question: Did you know when you are born or you believed when your parents and others told you so? Think about it.

  28. thumma says:

    If at all an intelligent creature like us havent born.who on the earth have asked the question"where did the god com from,what is he doing".

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