Essay on God – Part 2 of 7.

Interpretation and Consequently Disintegration
With the rapid increase in knowledge by means of books and advancement of sciences, there rose a breed of people intelligent enough to turn the people’s faith in god to their own advantage. They interpreted the virtues in a way that suited them. As virtues and morals have no definite standards, keeping the essence constant, their forms were changed. As different men interpreted them in different ways there were different followings.
In the pre-historic times, private property did not exist, except may be a few things like odd shaped rocks etc. These, a person guarded by means of his physical strength. Gradually, with the discovery of agriculture, some people started setting barriers around pieces of land and claim ownership. Here too, they guarded the land with their strength. As society got more and more complex and organized, materials were being put at a definite value. Kings sometimes used to give land and other valuables as gifts to some of their subjects.
As private property came into existence, in order to protect the owners, some systems were developed by the rulers of which, one was the police. A man using his property as a capital, with his intelligence, increased it, resulting in a further accumulation of property. This brought about a class difference.
Frustration increased in the lower class people when they saw the upper class people living in a better standard. To stop this frustration from turning violent, in addition to the police, god was brought in to the picture. Hastily, some new virtues were added like, “You must be loyal to your master”, for example. Also, the feeling the lower class people entertained, was termed as jealousy. This feeling was condemned as a sinful thing and was emphasized with convenient examples.
But, as wisdom grew, people realized that what they were previously led to believe as divine is not so divine. For instance, the way Galileo shattered the myth of earth being flat and proposed his theory of it revolving round the sun. A little more thinking on other such things furthered their wisdom and they found holes in many other beliefs, and a slow disintegration of their beliefs started.
They realized that sometimes, a man who does not value the virtues has more to gain. They saw that a man who cheats the society by manipulating the law has more to gain than a person who strictly abides by his morals. This is nothing but the animal law being re-enacted, only with lesser competition as majority anyway were following the rules.
People discovered that even though they are strictly abiding by values and morals, they are still living a life of misery, whereas those who do not, are living in luxury. This, they could not understand. So, in order to console such people, the karma theory was brought in to the picture. The karma theory declares that how you live here in this life time depends on your behavior in the previous life. If you are in misery now, it is because you sinned in previous life. If you behave in a good way now, you will have a good life in your next birth.
To understand the karma theory better, let us take the example of a child doing something wrong. The wrongful act was ignored at that time. After 20 years, he was suddenly punished for that act. By this time, the child will have forgotten what he had done such a long time ago. Also, the child will have no sense of right and wrong. Like the child, we don’t have a definite idea of what a sin is. It is because there is no absolute standard, and it changes according to the times and prevailing conditions. The logical thing is, the child’s act should be condemned there and then, so that he will know what is wrong. But unfortunately, god is not as logical as us.
Here, in the society, a man commits something wrong and he is left alone. Moreover, he is allowed to enjoy the fruits of his wrongful act, under the pretext that he will be punished in his next birth. But here, the discussion is not about the validity of the karma theory, but how it is used to exploit people, and how it helps as a peace maintaining force.
When an individual sees another person living in a better style than him, even though he is not abiding by the rules, he consoles himself with the karma theory, that he will have a better life in his next birth, whereas the others will have one of misery. With this, his frustration subsides and he takes shelter in another virtue which is “You must be satisfied with what you have and you should not be jealous of other’s fortunes”.
Thus, karma theory is one of the many other devices which are employed for deviating people’s minds from realizing the truth. Here, the point to be stressed is the manipulators are not a separate breed of people who exploit the people by means of the above theories. But, as the instinct for power demands a better standard of living, with their courage, they look at life in a realistic sense and take whatever they can from it by any means.
But as they grow old and near death, they start thinking again, as they have no knowledge of what lies beyond death. Now, at this time, they start tending towards god and try to be virtuous as they have nothing to lose now. This is the reason why generally most people turn to god as they approach old age.
This again, is used to reinforce faith among the people. It is said that even though all his life he was a bad man and an atheist, the fact that he turned towards god at the last moment, signifies the greatness of god.
But, as science advanced, people began to realize more and more the nature of things. Gradually, they began to see through god and along with him the virtues and morals. In countries where much freedom of thought was given, a rapid disintegration of the morals began. As a result, there will be a rampant increase in crime rate. Also, the sexual restrictions are slackened, the sentimental ties will weaken, which will result in a weak family bond, which in turn gives rise to uncared for children. This ultimately results in giving rise to selfishness as a necessity. As men turn more and more selfish, they again come back to the point where they have started from, that is the survival of the fittest mode, only this time in a refined and sophisticated way. And to these people who have broken the chains of virtues and morals, the others, like the people in countries like Iran where the people still abide by strict religious principles, for instance, will seem like uncivilized people and become an object of pity for them and those people will envy the ones in the country where there is freedom, as every individual instinctively craves for freedom.
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44 Responses to Essay on God – Part 2 of 7.

  1. Krishna says:

    Dear Ramu,A very lucid, clear and neat presentation. Apt interpretation of Karma theory, human feelings and thought process.Thanks for posting such a good article,


    Sir,there\’s an old crack like\’What is mind? – Doesn\’t matter! What is matter? – Never mind?\’what role does the mind plays in interpretation and disintegration?

  3. Murali krishna says:

    "The logical thing is, the child\’s act should be condemned then and there only so that he could know what is wrong, but unfortunately god is not as logical as us." This line reminds me of Osho saying, when he was asked whether he belives that god doesn\’t exist…."No, I don\’t believe that god does not exist; I know for sure."

  4. Murali krishna says:

    I"ve another punch to zero in on god -When I was asked once whether I believe in god, I said…"Yes I do, otherwise who could have created this messy world except that #@$%&*#!!#@…."

  5. vamsi says:

    Lets take the Indian context and forget the rest of the world for this argument. You believe that all rules (God according to you) are manifestations of greed by the upper class to ensure that they rule the lower classes for a prolonged period of time and at the same time ensuring that there is little civil unrest. Try to answer this now: Almost all the rules – vedas – gita – upanishads – ramayana were all written by people who had nothing but a piece of cloth around them. They did not crave for anything (power, money, offsprings ability to continue etc) and infact they practiced celibacy. Why then do you think they would go around plotting between classes? Do you think that the Rajas and Maharajas had an influence on the content of vedas? Was the application of the essense of vedic philosophy different for different classes? What you talked about was only the rules stated in the vedic society which created the caste system. But that is just a small part of the big picture. Jealousy as a vice applies to rajas, brahmans (authors) and all the other classes too. Infact panchatantra was written as a collection of short stories to teach a kid on how jealous a person should be and how sacrificing he should be and all the other virtues. What this tells you is that being jealous is ok according to those people, but to a limit. Anyway, my point is that there is no meaning in calling the karma theory a plot when the plotters themselves have no motive at all to declare a theory like that. Unless you believe that maharajas dictated the karma theory while the rishis wrote it down like secreteries.

  6. vamsi says:

    I will show you God:————————-Like a dialogue in the movie \’Matrix\’ – \’I can only show you the door, but you will have to walk through it\’. This will be your role. There are 4 ways of knowing God. Only if you walk on these paths will you see God. I will only talk about one path. Jnana (knowledge). Through reasoning and knowledge you can see God. There is one man who has chosen this path to attain God and he is Deepak Chopra. He gives a material man the knowledge and shows you points of life where man stops and God starts. Guy is a MD (doctor) and has a huge following in the US. Any way, I will give you a couple of such points – How does creation occur? Because if you can attain God, then you become God and you have the ability to create. And am sure if this happens Varma will have a heart stroke or will become brain dead 😉 Coming back – Science can do a lot of things and there by change a thing into another thing and call it creation. But, can it actually create something in thin air? It sure tries to stretch the limits but only goes so far. But if you walk on one of these paths – you are supposedly capable of becoming creator. This is where science and religion will meet. Second, you think with your brain. Where does the thought get stored or created. I mean physically. Is there a hard disk? Is there a RAM, why are some thoughts strong and some weak and what decides the strength of thoughts. Where are beliefs stored. Do thoughts define beliefs or is it vice-versa (or) are they all just thoughts? Science ends with the photo of a brain, but can not explain the rest. Spirutuality will start from where science left off and explain the rest. So, if you want to even give it a shot or something, just see a few of this man\’s dvds and you will get an understanding of what I am talking. Disclaimer: I am not his follower, nor do I intend to become one. For me he is one of the people who is holding a torch showing people the door. Thats it.

  7. V says:

    I am just loving ur blog…keep rocking and God bless!

  8. V says:

    Correction – I am just loving ur blog…keep rocking and may that \’Supreme POWER\’ bless u!

  9. Parixit says:

    @ murli krishnahundreds of years before men didn\’t know how earthquake happens, so skeptic people started asking questions about it as asking questions is built in nature of man. Our so called holy religion preachers, who are always in hurry to make man feel guilty, told us that it\’s "SHESH NAG" who is angry at us for our bad deeds, and punishing my question is if SHESH NAG was angry at those who did bad deeds then why to punish whole mankind……and what was the fault of other species. In Greek mythology there was a belief that "Poseidon" a greek god is punishing man kind. can anyone tell me whom to believe in, Hindus or Greeks?Men were(are) smart, and found out the truth behind the earthquake so the whole hypocrisy of the religious preachers revealed, and now both hindus and greeks know why eathquake take place…….The conclusion is religion has always created stories to deceive men, to make men feel guilty and weak, and man will keep believing in these stories until science proves it. (there are some people who didn\’t believe in these stories and found out the truth)Man\’s only religion is to believe in reasons because In order to pursue reasons man has been able to achieve such development……you (murli krishna) have a question that "Who created the world?" and I am damn sure thta you believe that God created this world.Just because man does know the who create this universe do we need to create a fake creator of the world named God????It\’s the same situation that we had with earthquakes. because we don\’t know who created the world, we will give whole credit to god!!!!!!!I can bet that this question has not originated in your mind, you have heard this question from some religious guru, and conceived it without even thinking on it. Because if this question had originated in your your brain then you might have also questioned,"WHO CREATED THE GOD?

  10. Parixit says:

    @ vamsi AddankiI believe that, in past when intelligent people came to know that man needs to live in groups so that they can remain safe from other species. It was very obvious that living in groups can improve living standards and provide security against other violent species.Gradually intelligent people of that time created maxims, or religions- set of rules and protocols, that man should follow to survive peacefully in forests…….But they knew that not every men will follow it up, so they created GOD-a supernatural power to provide a backbone to their religion. If anyone disagrees with religion (a set of rules) than he\’ll be punished by god, an it was in fact impossible to found out who the hell God is because in reality there was no such thing called God.The concept of Devil and ghost was also as fake as God, man created Devil and stories about ghost so that man comes at feet of God in the timid of Devil.You (vamsi Addanki) gave us the example of Geeta, Mahabharat , ramayana etc to prove your conception of Karma…..My thoughts on these books or scripture are slight different than RGV. I believe that these were the master piece art work of that time. Considering that there was no TV, movies, magazine, i pods, internet and other sources of entertainment, these book must had created lot of influence. At present people used to believe in other people\’s thought, there is a concept called role model, these role model can be a film star, scientist, politician, sportsman, entrepreneur, director, etc etc etc. we have lots of options. But in past there weren\’t and there was no globalization so people of past were like "frogs in a well". The books created in that time was the only source of entertainment for them, and the influence these books can make on them is simply indescribable. So people started believing that I want to become like krishna, Rama, Arjuna etc. ("ICON WORSHIP")Genius brains of past knew that the best way to convince and deceive man is to preach them using entertainment, the intentions of those genius brains was to keep man unite (to keep them in society -RGV) so that they can have higher living standards and safety from other wild species.Gradually man developed love and respect for the characters of books like Krishna and Rama. As time passed, philosophers, poets and writer created their own stories on the basis of the previous ones and portrayed their imaginations on it.The Karma theory, the concept of Paap & Punya, Hell & Heaven are just the byproduct of this fake religion thing which is supported by a fake supernatural force of GOD so that man cannot question or doubt religion (a set of rules).Due to lake of globalization there are different religions ( set of rules) in different zones of world. That\’s why we have Hindus, muslims, greeks, pagans, christens etc

  11. rajvi says:

    morals values beliefs i think are very subjective… who decides wat is rite or wrong??? so then how important does i become to hav a conscience which guides u through ones own understanding of rite and wrong!!!

  12. uday says:

    how come u gain such knowledge at that age?? and why do u tell us u were poor in studies

  13. Unknown says:

    u should write an autobiography………………..nd i bet it wud be the best written till date. The last episode in it…….i want it to be on ur 200th film!

  14. visnew says:

    Greaaaat…brilliant. I strongly believe it is your kind of people who make real progress in life. Constantly questioning life. Your tomorrow will be happier than today. You are like pani puri, from far only the hardness of puri is seen, one has to bite it to know what is inside.There are 2 ways to anywhere, the right way and wrong way. Wrong way is the quickest, as it teaches you so many lessions , every time you learn it is the wrong way, you hasten to go the right way. The right way is always slow boring, due to its comforts and peacefulness it makes you forget the purpose. As a kid I always thought the movie is real, the stars are real, and nothing else exists. After some age I realized there is a director, producer, music director etc. Later realized there is still a bigger list of people who behind the screen create the magic. Director decides what happens, when it starts when it ends, why it happens and the actor lives the character willingly. That made me appreciate the director and other crew. To understand tsunami, you need not go to middle of the ocean; you can understand it from a tea cup full of water.Same applies to god and life. You can appreciate the hard work of director while you enjoy the movie, you can even enjoy the move thoroughly without even attempting to know that.The problem with our thinking is we apply creativity mostly at workplace, never at home. So religion, relationships etc stayed where they were 2000 years ago. We made no progress in it, except debating it for time pass. One learns everything else in life, reaches peak in the profession, can not live a happy relation, can not bring up kids properly, and dies the same way a street beggar dies. This is the same way someone thousands of years ago lived and died. So what is different? Where is the progress?

  15. Dinesh says:

    Excuse me MR. Vamsi Addanki… I have seen many Doctors who came in this profession because of money, Status, to earn Respect and virtue… They Idiots face medical examinations after getting bless from famous temple… after have been passed go to temple again for boon….. They are doctors but not the DOCTOR medical world and science hope with them…. Anyway Doctors are also like us they also feel pain when somebody hit them on skull by stone or stick, frequently after it they get lose control on own mental status… So i m 100% sure your Deepak Chopda so called Dr. Deepak Chopda have got mad.

  16. RAZI says:

    Dear Sir,Have you ever read the Holy Quran. I just hope you do once in ur life time.May Allah increase your knowledge and guide you.Regards,Razi.

  17. sudhachandra says:

    This essay is ever green keep writing varma there are thousands of people reading this

  18. Manas says:

    Pretty sophomoric and "coming of age"ish article. But good nonetheless. The clarity of thought shows, without room for accommodation though. Ramu you should have started making films at 19! I think thats the reason Shiva probably has a lot of 19-year-old Ramu in it. Keep \’em coming!

  19. Sree says:

    According to your essay… people don\’t need any morals or don\’t have to restrict themselves from doing what ever they want to do (good or bad) if they are ready to face the consequences… well, with this concept I don\’t completely agree… sure it makes the individual happy & satisfied by doing what ever they wish to do… but whatif people like Paedophiles, Nodia child murderers, Rapists, etc. most of them who get away (unjailed & unpunished by the law) by doing these kind of acts…. People like these probably didn\’t had moral lessons or any restrictions thought by their parents / grandparents while their childhood… Contrary to your thoughts (in essay) people do need morals and strong dose of spiritual teachings… Well, you may answer this question only if you still feel the same as you did during the time you\’ve written this essay…!

  20. E says:

    Hi RGV,Brilliant as far as logical deduction is concerned, the way you had put up those examples about our evolution and the consequent social changes and the creation of all kinds of rules , this kind of analysis can only come when someone makes indepth study of our societal structure….i am curious to know whether you had been studying Plato\’s works..because lot of this stuff can be found in his works…and one more question, apart from your crush..who else was the target audience for these essays, i am sure you didn\’t write only to impress..someone…

  21. satya says:

    @ RAZI SIDDIQUIwrote: Dear Sir,Have you ever read the Holy Quran. I just hope you do once in ur life time.May Allah increase your knowledge and guide you.Regards My response to above poster , Dear Razi S.. Dude you are lucky that i was not RGV.. Anyway here is my decent response for your stupid question.No Thanks.. Famous RGV\’s quote .. and first of all you are in wrong blog.. RGV does not need any more knowledge from your stupid advise instead why dont you do a favour and teach holy quran to brothers like b Laden etc…

  22. satya says:

    @ truth hurtswrote: by the way dont fool people that u wrote out of your own ideas when u are 19 please..only a brainless would believe that.. see the language in your other blogs and the one above and before, there is no resemblance, whom are u faking ? your shitty analysis on why AB is so great an actor and AR rehman such a genius made be puke. how come you were such a genius 26 years back ? :)My response to above poster … Abey Truth hurts, RGV dont need to repsond to you because your id "truth hurts" itself says that you cant face any truth..dont you have any other work other than puking YOU @#@$^*%#@!

  23. satya says:

    @ vamsi Addankiwrote: I will show you God:————————-Like a dialogue in the movie \’Matrix\’ – \’I can only show you the door, but you will have to walk through it\’. This will be your role. There are 4 ways of knowing God. Only if you walk on these paths will you see God. I will only talk about one path. Jnana (knowledge). Through reasoning and knowledge you can see God. There is one man who has chosen this path to attain God and he is Deepak Chopra. He gives a material man the knowledge and shows you points of life where man stops and God starts. Guy is a MD (doctor) and has a huge following in the US. My Response to above poster …. You gave us a joke of the year 2009. wanna bet on how many people in this blog will vote for me ? Hey guys we have a new god "Deepak Chopra" i requet you all to please pray him please please please please.. No wonder USA in recession ….

  24. satya says:

    truth hurtswrote: @satya satya ?? Tu kya RGV ke ghar mein shit cleaner hai ? tereko itni kujli kyon hai re ? tereko dimaak hai to mere Q\’s ko response doo ?My Response to above poster .. kujli nahi re mere baap.. actually mereko dimaak hai re isliye tereko repsonse nahi deraha hoon.. go & complain to your mom .. he he he he he

  25. Kiran Kumar says:

    You are simply trying to prove a negative, so there\’s no work to do. You can\’t prove that there isn\’t an elephant inside the trunk of my car. You sure? How about now? Maybe he was just hiding before. Check again. Did I mention that my personal heartfelt definition of the word "elephant" includes mystery, order, goodness, love and a spare tire?

  26. satya says:

    truth hurtswrote: @satya satya.RGV in diguise ?My response to above poster … Tu kya Barack Obama hai re thereku RGV reposne denuku .. shakal dek

  27. satya says:

    @truth hurtswrote: @satya satya,Tu kya RGV ka kutta hai uski tarafdari karne ku 🙂 ?bye the way, haan teri shakal achi hai meri shakal. Kutte ! My response to above poster ….. haan re mai uska kutta hu.. abhi kush ? abhi meruku sleeping time.. kal phir sey baat karenge pyaar se.. okay..bye..

  28. Pradeep says:

    I\’m jealous of you ,on your way of thinking at that age.

  29. Pradeep says:

    How did u thought that girl satya would read all the seven essays?these are very long to read right and wats the final reaction of her after reading these?

  30. Pradeep says:

    I think people are having very negative opinion abt u…they thought your very carless and reckless person…but if they have a glance at these, I\’m sure they change there opinion. I know u dont care abt people\’s opinions..

  31. sripal says:

    A man who could bare the pain of cross and die for the people around, became god. A man who could live in the forest for 12 yr.s for the sake of a word became a god. In a similar way, I feel Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Subash Chandra Bose… Would be treated as gods tomorrow. There is nothing like an almighty or divine power or some thing else. This is how I look at the concept of \’God\’. But how is the human brain made ? how is the skin of a beautiful fish made ? How is the smell of a flower made ? It can\’t be just out of chemical or atomic reactions happening for millions of years. There is some thing \’creative\’ behind it. What is that ? This is one of the very few unanswered questions that I have.

  32. Trimex says:

    Ramu, You knew you were a class apart when it comes to English, vocabulary, reading books and comprehending \’em. In a small town setting like Vijaywada, Siddartha College, you only find brainy people who crammed for EAMCET but not those with many other extra curricular abilities. So far so good! You thought Satya would read this stuff and adore you ( just like your cult today) Not bad. Are you sure Satya is a girl and you are not a gay? Don\’t retort saying I am a gay! 😛

  33. Swamy says:

    " As men turn more and more selfish, they again come back to the point where they have started from, that is the survival of the fittest mode, only this time in a REFINED and SOPHISTICATED way "This is a rare observation !

  34. Parixit says:

    plz write a book sir, if someone ask me my last wish then I will surely tell him to force RGV to write a book….

  35. Parixit says:

    your target is to make 200 movies but as a director only or as both director and producer?

  36. Parixit says:

    My target is to be a part of your one of the 200 movies, at least I can be a spot boy of your film if I won\’t get chance as a director/writer.

  37. Parixit says:

    If you didn\’t know technical stuff about films then how did you get knowledge about different camera angels and film making process while making your first movie SHIVA, considering that internet was not available frequently at that time.

  38. Parixit says:

    Can you write on how did you get your first film and about your FACTORY……….and your upcoming projects EK and TIME MACHINE.

  39. Amit says:

    Hi RGV Sir, I know u don\’t need any suggestion…. but could you pls make one Mythological movie.

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