Apart from the article, “The ideas that killed 30 million people”. My friend Raja also preserved a 7 part essay I wrote on God about 27 years back, when I was doing my 2nd year civil engineering in Vijayawada… obviously this was much before I had even an idea that I will be one day a film maker.
When I read it now I was frankly surprised with the clarity of my thoughts and the way I could conceptualize them even back then. Sure enough the language and some of the examples seem too simplistic and I was very tempted to update it to how I think and would write today but then I thought it might be interesting to whoever is curious enough to know how I used to think 27 years back so I decided to put here exactly the way it was written 27 years back.
I decided to put one part of the 7 parts essay every 2 days as it is kind of heavy stuff and tends to get repetitive.
P.S: I wrote this essay to impress a girl called Satya who I was madly in love with at that time but the tragedy was that she never finished reading it as she got too bored. I am super sure that quite a few of you will share her feelings.
So venture at your own risk and don’t say I didn’t warn you.
(Essay on God – Part 1 of 7)
Origin of the Idea and Necessity
Man, as he was endowed with intelligence, unlike the animals, began to think. He got curious about his surroundings and himself. He was bewildered by the things that were out of his reach, like the sun, the moon, the stars etc., and was amazed by the power of the wind which he couldn’t see. Whenever he came across things like gigantic mountains, he was in awe of their size. Whenever strange phenomenon occurred in the atmosphere, such as the thunderstorms etc, he used to be scared of the immense power they exhibited. Slowly, an idea originated in him that there is a power whose magnitude is beyond his comprehension and that everyone and everything is negligible in comparison to it. In addition to his interest in his surroundings, he slowly began to think about himself and ask questions like, why he was born, the purpose of life, what death is, etc. But it was beyond his understanding. So, whatever was beyond his reach and understanding, he attributed it to a supreme force. But, at this point, this force or more correctly, his belief in the force didn’t in any way affect him. He just acknowledged its presence and feared its power. He christened this force as god.
As man grew intelligent, he realized that dominance of other animals will improve his standard for which, strength is needed and strength was in numbers. When the numbers increased, in order to maintain unity among a large number of people, he needed a force, and here, the force god began affecting his life.
In ancient times, when men used to live in small groups, each group was led by the strongest man in the group. By the means of his physical strength, he used to command the group. Like in all pack animals, the others in the group acknowledge his strength and fear him. They abide by his orders and take shelter in his strength against their enemies. They respect his ability to protect them.
But, as the numbers grew, the same rule that the strongest man will dominate did not work. For, in large number of people, it is difficult for one man to take control, as his physical prowess is limited. It was impossible for him to control every individual. Also, in relation to the number of people, the number of strong people also grew. These started having following of their own, which created fractions and the group inevitably split into smaller groups.
As there was strong need for unity, men have to stick to some standards. But, these have to be implemented by a superior force. Here, the force of a one man or a group of men will not be sufficient, as it is limited. To make the people stick to some standards, fear and respect should be induced in them. This can be done only by a supreme force whose magnitude can never be understood fully. People will allow the rules set forth by this force, and some like the kings and priests will see that they are doing it correctly.
The creation of priests and such people was inevitable as it will be difficult for the rulers alone to maintain faith among the people. A ruler, as he has to attend to many aspects, inevitably mixes with the people and in times of need, he himself has to bend or break the laws. This results in a loss of faith among people. So, there was a need for separate department to look after this problem, and here the priests and such people came into the picture. In the way he dresses, behaves and speaks, he creates an aura of mystery around him. Here, it is not said that it is the plan of an individual or a group of individuals to implement this. It is all a process developed in steps as per the necessity of the prevailing circumstances.
When certain individuals question the existence of god, the enforcers counter them with questions beyond anyone’s comprehension, like, what runs the world ….? ..etc. Also, in order to stunt such thoughts, fear is induced in them. They proceed to describe in detail, the power of god. They frighten the people by saying things like; they would be struck down by lightning if they persisted in entertaining such thoughts or if they break any laws set by the religion.
But, as intelligence in people grew, this was not able to satisfy people that god will punish them if they committed any wrongs. This was disproved by their observation that even when certain individuals committed any wrongs, they were going unpunished. So they began to doubt the enforcers of god, and this started them thinking again. So, in order to stop such thought, a master stroke of brain created heaven and hell. Heaven was described as divine place where you went if you did everything good in your lifetime, believed in god, and strictly adhered to the principles of concerned religion. In the Hindu mythology, the bait offered was beautiful women like Rambha, Urvashi, etc; and in addition, good liquor. As these are the greatest pleasures in our knowledge, it was beyond their imagination to offer greater pleasures.
Similarly, as they were incapable of imagining greater pain than that is caused by burning, lashing, etc, they frightened the people that they will be eternally tortured in hell if they did not trust in god. But here, there was a problem that if an individual did anything wrong, he will think that as he had already been condemned to hell, he will continue doing things as per his liking. So, quickly, provisions were made that the duration in hell and heaven depends on the number of good things that you have done in your life. By this, the individual was given a chance to reform himself and again walk in the religious path and thus make use of the chance that has been given to him.
As hell and heaven were beyond people’s reach, their existence can neither be confirmed not denied. As people were already curious about what lies after death, they took this theory, as there was no alternative easy to understand explanation.
When a few individuals still insisted in pursuing truth, they were condemned by the society, which was led to believe that only because of such people there is misery in this world. These people, whenever discovered, were punished ruthlessly and examples were set with them. The people who inflicted punishments claimed that god himself was punishing those people through them. These people could not retaliate as they were less in number. So finally the majority of people surrendered their thoughts and the remaining few surrendered to the coercive powers of the majority.
As it was stated earlier, in order to improve standard of living, there was a need for a large number of people to be united. It is because when men lived in small groups they used to hunt for their food. Here, there was the necessity of everyone hunting as one could not sit idly or he will be left without food.
But if the people were more in number, there was a scope for learning other things, instead of hunting alone.  Because, here, as there are a large number of people some of them can experiment on new things such as agriculture etc, while they are fed by other people. With this, knowledge in various fields will be advanced. And with the invention of writing, this knowledge was stored in the form of books. The greatest advantage of writing is that the generation can start developing from where the previous generation left off. They need no go to the trouble of learning everything again by themselves. With the help of a book, one was able to learn in a few days, which many people took their lifetime to find.
Religion helped a lot in maintaining unity in the society. Certain principles were set, which would benefit the social progress. It was stated that men should help each other and such other things. This helps in a stronger binding in the society between the individuals. Also, the animal in the man with its instinct to get whatever it needs by means of its physical strength will turn violent at times. To curb this, it was induced in to him that hurting or killing another man is a sin. But here, there was a danger of the fighting ability of the man being dulled, as he begins to detest it. But the society needs it at times, such as a foreign invasion. So they exploited the fighting instinct in man, only as long as it benefits society by inducing in to him patriotism, and urging him to fight the evil in the society, evil in the sense of whatever is antisocial
Regarding the sexual relations, there were no restrictions during the pre-historic times, just like there were no restrictions in the animals. But it was realized that restrictions were necessary for maintaining a strong bond between the individuals. For example, if sexual relations were restricted between a man and a woman by means of marriage, the attachment between them grows by means of their love or by the force of the virtue. The couple will care for their offspring more, and strive to make them good citizens, which ultimately benefits the society. The society incorporates in to the conscience of the people, how they should train the children, so that they are maximum useful to the society.
Also, a society needed strong and healthy people. Weak and unhealthy people burden the society and hinder its progress. So, whenever there was a chance of such procreation, it was stopped. As a result, incest and such things were banned and termed as sin. But, here too, the rules were flexible depending on the religion and the personal whims of the people who set them forth.
So, everything that benefited the society and promoted its progress was termed as virtue or moral and virtuous people were said to be the chosen favorites of god and a place was reserved for them in heaven. And, whatever was anti-social and worked towards the deterioration of the society was termed as sin. The sinners were supposed to face the wrath of the god and condemned to hell.
And so, the people lived under the shadow of god, some of them believing, some of them fearing and some others fearing the some who believed. Whatever the reason is, this ultimately resulted in a society where everyone lived for one another and accelerated social progress and giving themselves a better standard of living.  
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  1. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu, One big issue with movies is that nobody knows what the final product will look like until it makes it to the editing table. Even then it is like this jigsaw puzzle which only a few chosen ones (Editor, Director, Asst. Directors) can manage to crack. The producer and actors can get a wealth of information like script, screenplay(usually a tentative one) etc. But until the final product comes out, all it is is a piece of guess work. The only exception being the Director. Provided, you have a concrete plot and solid outline script. You can then draw inspiration from it and keep churning out the screenplay as the shooting progresses. However, if that is not the case, you have no source of inspiration and the result will be elusive and you will know it.. There is also another scenario: You have a concrete plot and solid outline script that inspire you adequately. It still does not work with the audience. I guess then it is not the director\’s fault. He\’s just run out of luck!

  2. mitesh says:

    sir, do you think that how one can predict his future??? though you live in present moment , but sometime you may also think about next moment. … so i am asking to you this question…..

  3. Bajirao says:

    Article is excellent….logical…. but there are still some questions remains unanswered ! Like miracles etc. Shri saibaba(shirdi), what will be the explanation for that?I have another questions in my mind about satyaHow did u develop that scene when bhau scold bhiku , vakil mule and gang when they plan to shoot guru when he comes back from dubai. In that scene govind namdev had delivered almost realstic anger and dialouges… I like specially when he talks after big pause… bahot bada bhay ho gaya tu idharka… merese puchne ko terreko sharam aata hai …. etc. and ultimate was "chutiya election haraneka hai kya merko…" I have seen these type of people …. the style of speaking and anger was very realistic… Did you tell him that this dialuouge should be dilevered like this and that… what was your references for the character of bhau and that particular scene?

  4. Unknown says:

    Hi Ramu, this is the first time i am posting a comment on your blog….it is not really a comment but it is a question…Do you think Indian cinema(more specifically south indian) can be a metaphor for indian politics and culture?

  5. kedar says:

    wah wah wahhhhhhhhh…. bahot khoob… Must be… :))))))))) itana kaun padhega… college me itana nahi kabhi nahi padha to kya ab padhunga…but i passed out in First Class ( BE electrical) …the trick is not to read…just scan through it…read 3-4 lines skipping para or two…and u understand every thing… because no one has so much important to say in one essay….mostly its just a THOUGHT spread over the entire article in different way…. hahahahhaa…. and save me…another six to come…i might not visit the blog for long time it seems…unless u keep posting ur interesting Q And A posts… cheers… jagadi jagadi…jagadi jagadi jaaaaaaaaaaaa…

  6. Nagesh says:

    Ramu,Now I know , why your Movie Satya has been named so. 🙂 You wanted to prove to your lady Love that you were an Anthropologist ? 🙂

  7. Ravi says:

    Nice transformation of thought! Keep it coming!By now, you must have realized that…\’you shouldn\’t have written about GOD to impress a girl, instead of praising her…as your GODDESS. Adeddededey…porapaatu jaringi poyindhey!!!\’.Anyway, it\’s a blessing in disguise for Satya! Had she been impressed, instead of being a happily married woman as now, she would have become, not GODDESS but DEVIL on not being able to take all your tortures. Good for her!Thanks.Vito.

  8. Unknown says:

    Today, I got an email and wanna share with u….In a small town in America, a person decided to open up his BarBusiness, which was right opposite to a Church. The Church & itsCongregation started a campaign to block the Bar from opening withPetitions and prayed daily against his business.Work progressed. However, when it was almost complete and was about ToOpen a few days later, a strong lightning struck the Bar and it wasBurnt to the ground. The Church folk were rather smug in their outlookAfter that, till The Bar owner sued the Church authorities for$2million on the grounds that the Church through its congregation &Prayers was ultimately responsible For the demise of his bar shop,Either through direct or indirect Actions or means.In its reply to the court, the Church vehemently denied allResponsibility or any connection that their prayers were reasons toThe bar shop\’s demise. In support of their claim they referred to theBenson study at Harvard that intercessionary prayer had no impact!As The case made its way into court, the Judge looked over thepaperwork At the hearing and commented:\’I don\’t know how I am going to decide this case, but it appears fromthe paperwork, we have a bar owner who believes in the power of PrayerAnd we have an entire Church and its devotees that doesn\’t.\’You decide as to who is right!!

  9. Sree says:

    Your essay was good. I\’m surprised to know that you\’ve able to express on paper such heavy thoughts during your college days… You would\’ve been influenced by "Karl Marx" literature during those days…?while reading your essay I couldn\’t stop thinking about the movie "Apocalypto", probably Mel Gibson had similar summary in his mind while scripting "Apocalypto" : )

  10. Arun says:

    My girlfriend says she loves you. And is jealous that you wrote so much for satya and not for her.

  11. Unknown says:

    what made you think that Satya will impress with that essay during that time…? have u show that essay to any other girl?

  12. Kesavan says:

    Ramu,I am surprised that you were surprised at the clarity of your thought? Where is the clarity of thought when your objective (of wooing Satya) and the approach (your article on God) are not aligned? At most, it reflects that you are an unguided missile, who is capable of some sparkling brilliance when you get those moments of focus.Your article (when read independently without the context you provided) is good, waiting for the others

  13. bhanu says:

    how much did ramoji rao pay for ur article an idea that killed 30 millon people???

  14. vamsi says:

    My reaction to your reaction:——————————————————————-Collective knowledge is very powerful. This is what is passed on from generation to generation. Just because no one questioned a theory or was awed by the magnitude of power in nature, GOD did not come into existance. If God is nothing but a set of rules set by set of people to benefit the latter, then it cant pass on as collective knowledge for generations together. There are millions of thoughts and beliefs that just keep disappearing or getting refined, but not all of them will ever be passed on across generations intact. The very fact that the thought of God is so strong inspite of time is a proof in itself that these are not just a set of rules. Infact all the rules would have been destroyed or refined. Like – Sathi – now destroyed. Caste system – getting refined – now all the castes are equal in front of law. So do the beliefs. Go to any youngster and ask him if heaven is a motivation for him to pray to God. So, probably the belief of heaven and hell is getting refined. Another thought that is getting refined is that God rewards and God punishes. Talk to this generation and find out if they believe that God is the cause of their lost job or an accident they met with. And then ask them if they got of job because of God. Look at the things that are changing. The rock solid thing that is not changing is the belief in God. My definition of a youngster is between 16 to 20 in semi-urban areas. Your theory of God is wrong. Dont try to take a crack at my article. Yours is an opinion and mine is another opinion. You should be able to agreeably disagree. Else you are winding up yourself in a silo. Vamsi

  15. srinivas says:

    Do you still love her? Are you in touch with her?How is the relation between you both now?Satya, if you are reading this blog.., How do you feel not marrying this man?

  16. Shalini says:

    Bravo, nice article in the sense of how you worded your thoughts considering your age at the time you wrote it. But what was right for your age then was to know how to impress a girl..and you chose to write an essay on GOD :o). So I don\’t know about \’clarity of thoughts\’ that you mentioned. Any ways..what I don\’t understand is why you even mentioned about Satya here. And frankly, though I am interested to read rest of the articles, I am more interested to know the rest of the love story, though I know its not a \’happily ever after\’ ending. Please write if you find it appropriate to do so.

  17. Shalini says:

    BTW, your asnwer to Q.13 in yesterdays \’Reactions\’ was mean.

  18. Unknown says:

    Just that the essay is not in a movie format. Otherwise it is a perfect example of mismatch between director\’s intelligence and viewer\’s expectations.

  19. Bhaskar says:

    Hypothesis :- God, Religion, Virtue are instruments created by society to perpetuate itself. Thought experiment – evaulate if these instruments exist in a group of people where society has not evolved – so can we find any group of people in the world say aborigines of Australia, tribes in Lakshwadeep, or any other group who are untouched by progress, unconverted by missionaries, and live in isolated small groups who do not have a concept of God or virtue – they may not believe in our traditional gods but they all seem to have a concept of worship. Some of these gods are fearful gods – something that their group may invent to explain all the bad things that can happen, but some of these gods are not …how is that ?

  20. Dinesh says:

    Believe me not believing in god is so horrible, When a lion standing in front of you is seeing into your eyes to judge you to hunt you…. then you feel need of a supreme force at that time.

  21. Raj says:

    Dear RGV, It is so amazing that people are more interested in your love-story with Satya, than the article. Indeed be! I say again, like my comment to your earlier article – brilliant thoughts at the age you wrote them. Highly impressed. Only problem I see is that it was too logical to be interesting. The outlook was too human-centric, and that is why the perspective was too narrow – probably 5,000 years since human started developing a concept called GOD compared to 5 billion years of earth\’s existence. Humans are evolving, and it may take another 5,000 years to get the ego-centric outlook away from their intelligence to recognize and define – GOD. At this moment our half-cooked intelligence allows us to put words – to define GOD. But with fully developed intelligence – there won\’t be a need to even discuss about a concept called GOD. "God is! God is not!" Sadly, an idea to keep human mind occupied to further the belief in the "I" and self-I-sm.Raj

  22. Dinesh says:

    Don’t you think that, by your own kind of Blogging you are destroying own market value? However we all daily wait for your new updates on this blog interestingly…….. Why I like you that is a long story but whatever you think, how you understand, write, tell, & believe, the same I do too…. but difference is that I do in Hindi.. You passed your engineering घिस-घिसकर, but I couldn\’t become neurosurgeon…… there is one more difference in you and me.. That…. You are alive….

  23. bulletguy says:

    Hello RGV. This is my first comment to your blog. I always enjoy reading your "reaction to reactions". Today\’s blog was awesome. You explained very nicely why priest, heaven, hell etc… exists. I agree with you that these all are created by humans for their convenience and progress of society. But there is one question still in my mind, which I asked to many people but till now I haven\’t received answer to. Hope you can answer it.1) Who created earth? What was the purpose of it? Is it some kind of experiment? 2) Two kids are born at same time on this earth, one with silver spoon in his mouth and one in some slum drain (gutter). What wrong the later kid has done so that he is punished so harshly immediate when he started his life on this earth? If the statement "yaha ka kiya yaha pe chuka ke jaana hai" is true, then above condition will never arise. Why such imbalance?

  24. Sai says:

    Satya was the name of Sridevi\’s character in Kshana Kshanam. Any inspirations from the real one??? Was it some sort of tribute to her?

  25. Nethuru says:

    Raj Doctor wrote:>> I say again, like my comment to your earlier article – brilliant thoughts at the age you wrote them. Highly impressed. Only >> problem I see is that it was too logical to be interesting. The outlook was too human-centric, and that is why the perspective >> was too narrow – probably 5,000 years since human started developing a concept called GOD compared to 5 billion years of >> earth\’s existence. Humans are evolving, and it may take another 5,000 years to get the ego-centric outlook away from their >> intelligence to recognize and define – GOD. At this moment our half-cooked intelligence allows us to put words – to define >> GOD. But with fully developed intelligence – there won\’t be a need to even discuss about a concept called GOD. "God is! God >> is not!" Sadly, an idea to keep human mind occupied to further the belief in the "I" and self-I-sm.>> RajInteresting observation.I believe that the essay attempts to uncover God as perceived/understood/explained by man (Be it stored in books or brain etc) over these years rather than the actual God himself/herself which most likely is beyond human comprehension. Like you said, the understanding could have been an outcome of "partially-cooked" or "well-done" intelligence -:))And to that extent I believe these thoughts to be fully logical. – Raja

  26. Bhaskar says:

    People claimed that RGV had become super director with his just one movie – Shiva. Roam was not built in a day—RGV also…the article is so clear with interesting reasoning, and am amazed to know that it was written by you in so young.

  27. lprakash says:

    Excellent piece of work! Please ask all your old friends to keep passing your previous work to you. A few months back, I had asked you to write something for my book on God. (It was called \’In search of God\’ back then, now have rechristened it as \’Let there be light – An atheist\’s journey to salvation). You\’ve already sent me your contact details. Would you be interested to write a foreword for it? Or how about including some excerpts from your essay in it? Do let me know how can we go about it. RegardsPrakash Gowda

  28. Dinesh says:

    Mr.bulletguy you need to meet any astro physicist today. You did asked to ordinary peoples who don\’t have answers… you should know the write address of write person to ask questions…. don\’t you have right to information act, go and get you all answers from isro…

  29. Unknown says:

    Hi RGV,The best article written so far..What made u think on all these aspects at that age?

  30. Puroorava Chakravarthy says:

    ayyooooo…instead of writing all this, you should have written "I LOVE YOU". This would have made things simple for you and for her 😉

  31. Puroorava Chakravarthy says:

    Waiting for other six parts.

  32. Bhaskar says:

    Hello RGV, I now understood how you wanted to impress Satya through this article. Besides your intent to write this article there are chances to impress a girl. Probably you wanted to convey that essentially there are no religions and communities (was she religious and spiritual?), anybody can have relationship with anybody. It also conveys that it would not be a sin at all if she comes on for date with you…you wanted to destroy all possible barriers. it is just my funny guess. The tragedy is she did not finish reading it, otherwise she would have been impressed and would have been yours. Please tell me how you wanted to impress her? I will forward (and make her read at any cost) it to my girl friend who rejected me?

  33. Kiran says:

    God damn it… put the entire article. Dont put it in installments. I cant wait for the remaining parts.P.S: How can you expect girls will fall for this type of brainy stuff? They will fall head over heals for SRK\’s type of antics.

  34. Neeta says:

    Yo Ram! Way To Go!!This is Awesome and Powerful stuff Ram; — Christ – I am sending some folk\’s from Aamir\’s blog to read this dynamic stuff that is indeed a lesson in sociology — I sooo echo your thoughts, in that religion was a way of manipulating people to enforce some form of societal order – so there would be less chaos and some order within groups, else total mayhem would have ensued! People have always been Power hungry since the time of day — and what better way, then to manipulate minds, by putting the fear of God in them and having a form of hierarchy that would ensure that the fear was kept alive in the hearts of the followers! I would like to state that things have not changed even in this day and age! Glad you brought this up at a very oppotune time — you may have solved a real headache for me in trying to help someone understand the sociology of Why and How of God and Power – hope you do not mind sharing your intellect with others – hopefully they could learn a thing or two as well!! Thank You Ram — I think Celeste is truly sooo Right – You are Brilliant! Thanks for the intelligent conversations!!! Hey you, Babban Singh – watch out – there are some smart cookies in the shape of females out there – they are not all star struck and totally star zany (or could be that the Stars/Directors will not support them in real life?! so they have to use their own grey matter! :)) Have a splendid day!! Waiting with abated breath for the saga to continue…Joy and Laughter!

  35. Krishna says:

    Dear RamGopal,The article which you posted on "Origin of the Idea and Necessity" put forwards your thoughts in a crystal clear manner. The precise way of explaining the basic instincts, needs of a man is splendid. You have explained the basic concepts of society, wants, spirituality, sin etc in a lucid manner.Thank you very much for posting such a thought-provoking article…Eagerly waiting to receive the other parts of the essay..

  36. Sree says:

    Your essay mostly supported the idea of beleif in God. it says it accelerates social progress, harmony, better standard of living etc…But in country like China where most of them don\’t beleive in God, how is the above progress and harmony possible ?

  37. Navee says:

    What was it in Satya you liked so much?

  38. nani says:

    Namskaaram Ramu gaaru, Naa peru Nani. Maadhi Vuyyuru. Nenu mee nundi oka pedda favour expect chesthunnanu. Meeru chese aa favour 4 jeevithaalani nilabeduthundhi. Maa kutumbham motham meeku runapadu vuntundhi. Oka praanam kaapaadina vaaru avuthaaru. EE favour nenu mimmalne endhuku aduguthunnanu ante….naaku voohaku thelisina valla lo meeru thappa Inka evaru naaku sahaayam cheyaleru. Detials motham nenu Ikkada Display cheyalenu. Maa famility dignity matters. Dhyachesi….Okkasaari aalochinchi reply ivvandi. mee personal contact detials what ever the source either mail, phone number….. meeru ivvagaligithe maa kutumbhaaniki jeevam thechina vaallu avuthaaru. Eee message edho nenu naa kosam mee dhaggara favour pondhataaniki effort pettatledhu….Naku life ichina oka kutumbham oka chinna problem tho krungi pothunte vaariki edho nenu chethanina sahaayam cheyataaniki try chesthunna. Naaku mee nundi kuda edho vsthuroopam lo gaani nagadhu roopam lo gaani favour expect cheyatledhu andi….Oka maata sahaayam……chaalu….Okkasaari dhaychesi reply cheyandi please.

  39. Unknown says:

    Hi how did u get the idea of heroine saying "devuda devuda devuda" in kshna kshanam?

  40. Unknown says:

    At what age you started writing and which books influenced you the most to start writing?

  41. static atmosphere energy says:

    Good clarity….case of beginner\’s luck? if those can be into film?

  42. sandeep says:

    u r coception of god matches with nietzsche\’s theory of god…nice article

  43. Unknown says:

    Hi sir ur somehow better when compared with me. Satya was getting bored to read above passage. just want to tell u one thing about me " i was roaming like a \’Hutc add\’ behind of one girl in my college.on the day of last exam i had given one letter to her through my friend" then she told me i don\’t know who are you i never seen u in our college.then i become a \’GADDAM CHAKRAVARTHI\’ for few days.

  44. Unknown says:

    one more joke recently i got one profile in Orkut. in personal column she written regarding ideal match: GOD KNOWS . i sent reply for that i know ur ideal match she requested now onwards dont send any scraps. before she was responding to my messages." i will strongly believe that SEENU PROPOSES but GOD DISPOSES"

  45. Arun says:

    One can understand the intensity of your love when you go ahead and write so much of logical stuff just to impress a girl. But instead of that could you not have told her I LOVE YOU or maybe one of your superb jokes, your kathakalli eyes could have done some magic too.

  46. VijayDirects says:

    A. For a minority – GOD or NOT is a matter of logicB. For a minority – GOD or NOT is a matter of beliefC. For the vast majority – GOD or NOT is a matter of convenience and they do not know it (the god-fearing kind?). They think they are one among BD. For a vast majority – GOD or NOT is a matter of convenience and they know it.I think I\’m D.In some sense or the other, may be they are all evolving..

  47. Shalini says:

    Hey, forgot to ask you earlier when you wrote about \’Awards\’…If you were to decide the best actor award(with your explanation of it being illogical for an outer body to judge..etc..) who would you give it to? or any one (junior artist, technician..etc) who worked exceptionally well and lifted a particular moment in a film or the entire film itself. Please share the details.

  48. andhrabond says:

    RGV,Today I found once again that somebody can be more intelligent in some times but may not be all the time. I couldn’t stop laughing after reading your last article. God gave you (just to piss you off) or your mother gave you very intelligent brain to you to write above article but it totally went to drain. I am still surprised that you used your ultimate intelligence to write above article, but how did you miss the point that she obviously gets bored after reading this. Take it easy babai she may not be your type. Dammed there are six more articles like that last one. Bring it on baby……………

  49. Shalini says:

    One more thing, Do you expect people to ask you the right question? I mean, I have noticed you leaving behind certain hints, when you explain or write about some thing which are not much relevant to the content of the article. May be you wanted someone to ask you about it so that you can explain. Am I right?I am asking cause I\’m still confused about why you mentioned about Satya in your pretext. That was totally irrelevant to the article itself. I\’m sure there\’s a reason behind it and I\’m not smart enough to guess it. Please explain.

  50. bhanu says:

    Ram… u know what.. i am writing a script called "Making of God" for a short film. This is exactly on the similar lines. I started it exactly 2 weeks back. For me this started with friedrich nietze\’s line "God made man or man made god".

  51. bhanu says:

    Shalini dont you see the obvious here? This is the place where Ram satisfies his ego. Obviously he is doing the same thing here which he did 27 years. Then he was showing off to Satya and now to you and me. But then Satya would have thought Ram as worthless bum so she would have dozed off after reading the first para but now he is a star so what ever he dishes out here people who adore him take it as mantra ( this is according to Ram\’s "Who said it becomes important than what is being said.").

  52. Unknown says:

    Thanks..Waiting for the rest..Please write your take on love, infatuation

  53. Unknown says:

    If there was no ego in the world i would be an ignorant impissile

  54. Unknown says:

    salaam bhai , can u give few answers please…. 1. can u remember the first night sleep (state of mind ) after the packup of first day shoot of SHIVA.2).and which scene was you shooted first day in your life as a director.3). tell us most valuble ADVICES in your life you get .( ment..u think , those were helped u) 4) .was there a moment when you looked at a film and thought i want to do that? …..5) were you ever under presure from your any producer about script? … thanks alot.

  55. madhu sudan says:

    guess i\’m in similar state of mind as that of satya ……also i felt these words from ur own blog "ignorance is bliss" 😀

  56. Sudhir says:

    Hey Ra\’am,You covered yourself with that last line. Can\’t complain , can we?Hope the rest of the treatise is an improvement on the first part. You are not as outragious in your writing as you are in your reaction to reactions!

  57. Ram says:

    What is death? For me death is the termination of thought. So thinking about what is there after death…..where will we go….Heaven or Hell? What would be the world after the death is waste, because the death is the termination of thought and there is no point in \’thinking\’ about \’after the death\’.

  58. sandy says:

    Hi Ramu, Wonderful Article. By the way, What was your thought process behind the scene in Satya when Bhiku gives Satya a room to live in and one of his assistants says \’Dekh Bhagwaan bhi Diyela Hai\’

  59. Krishna says:

    Hi Ramu,Waiting for the 2nd part of the essay, to be posted today.

  60. Unknown says:

    When are you releasing your sequel/part 2 eassy "GOD…. for Satya" today?

  61. Unknown says:

    @Shalini, to ur question abt mentioning about satya, I guess he wanted to add some masala to the eassy, to attract the group, because, people may even not try to start reading the essay. Like in TV ad\’s, showing woman for shaving blade and all other products which is not related to woman to attract crown… It\’s just guess.. not sure…

  62. Unknown says:

    RGV, I want to know how did you got an idea of showing half shadow of Nag in Shiva specially during fights. Let us how you directed those scenes, because for the first time, I only observed a technical thing rather new thing about cinema direction thing in that movie(I think I got to know abt direction thing in cinema from this movie only). Before that movie, I used to think that ppl just make a movie with actors, camera and songs with music. From that movie, I started observing other things too. I liked that mixy(grander) scene in RAAT. we are all involved in previous scene and u suddenly put mixy scene a woman switch on the mixie from the closeup, it gave jerks in sudden thinking ghost in mind, after a few seconds it just a normal scene ppl get relax….good.. strangly I remembered only that scene in that RAAT movie… and few revathi scenes(incompletely)…

  63. sudhachandra says:

    He said "I wrote this essay to impress a girl called Satya who I was madly in love with" he dint say he wrote a love letter so there is no point in asking what made you think she would read it interestingly.

  64. Vinay says:

    You are right. You were very clear in your thoughts and its interesting how conceptualized them even back then. The stuff about tribes, strong men, bigger forces, all this you made it up yourself or you read them somewhere!

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