My reactions to reactions

1. How come so many neurotic and psychotic retards visit your blog?
Ans: Haven’t you heard that birds of the same feather flock together?
2. For a change why don’t you ask questions and we will answer?
Ans: Good idea but I don’t have any questions as I know all the answers.
3. Your thoughts on before and after life?
Ans: I am too busy thinking about this moment.
4. I feel you should remake Aag.
Ans: I feel too.
5. Why are some so fond of awards?
Ans: They cannot feel their identity without an outside endorsement.
6. I wish you will make a million movies.
Ans: I am targeting 200.
7. When you can portray fear and violence so well, why not romance and love?
Ans: Saw Rangeela?
8. Agyaat will be unknown and Rann will bring you light.
Ans: OK Mr.Astrologer or God or whatever other species you might be.
9. Does only the creator has the right to destroy?
Ans: Anyone can destroy as long as he has the power to do so and face the consequences.
10. I had the impression that you don’t care about the audience.
Ans: I did not say I don’t care. I said that I cannot care about the audience as they are particular individuals who cannot be generalized.
11. How do you distinguish a good/bad film?
Ans: There is no such thing as a good/bad film. There is only a film which you as an individual will find good/bad.
12. How did you get the idea in Bhoot of Urmila not able to move and talk?
Ans: My Grandma told me of an instance like that when I was a kid.
13. Yesterday my dad flung a dvd of Aag at me.
Ans: I hope the dvd didn’t get hurt.
14. Why is the character of Rajesh Joshi left unanswered in Satya?
Ans: He died in the making.
15. If RGV was not a director he would be?
Ans: A dreamer and a looser in whatever he does.
16. How did you shoot the Ganesh nissarjjan scene of Bhau being killed in Satya?
Ans: I sent 3 cameramen to capture various shots of the actual events at Chowpatty and in one shot where the camera zooms into one particular Ganesha from an extremely wide shot that was recreated at Juhu beach and shot with 500 junior artistes and edited in a way to create an illusion as if there were thousands. I did that trick earlier too in my telugu film “Gaayam”.
17. You are an atheist and you make films on blackmagic?
Ans: If I make an underworld film am I a gangster?
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37 Responses to My reactions to reactions


    Sir, u r the AUTEUR u should write a book about filmmaking, u deserve it.It\’ll be a fullfledged guide to the upcoming persons related to the films

  2. Silkyhairsguy says:

    I am reading your blog since two days… now I learning verbal defense from you…. It\’s good and bad, but I am taking good and I am enjoying. Thank you.

  3. vaishak says:

    Dear ramu, I want to ask an advice again. Just imagine that you are entering in the big bad film world. But if somebody who is well established as a film director because of not his film\’s quality but becoz some box office success begin to spew a schizophrenic kind of racial hatred [racial hatred can be defined here as a certain hatred towards your religion or caste] on you and planning to do something against you, will your mind get disturbed…?….If mind get disturbed how can a creative person think in a good flow…?Personally i have a psychological problem that when somebody think or really believe that i am a villain or a bad person which i am not, my mind get easily disturbed and some kind of compulsion didn\’t allow me to picturise things on my \’mind screen\’. How can i escape this emotional trap….? If this problem remains in me, anybody who knows this nature of mine can pull me down. What can i do for escaping this self destructive behaviour…?

  4. Jonah says:

    7. When you can portray fear and violence so well, why not romance and love?Ans: Saw Rangeela?Don\’t know about romance.. but i think Nishabd said much about "love" that rangeela couldn\’t…

  5. Jonah says:

    Just saw \’D\’.Towards the end of the movie.. When babban was talking to shabbir on the phone, it shows that Deshu was already in front of him and thats why babban asks him to come there (guessing deshu signalled him to do so).. but when Shabbir arrives there babban is seen dead with "paan masala" in his palm.. why was that paan masala added in babbans hand, when deshu (aware of its danger) wouldnt have given him chance/time to put paan masala.. he would kill him immediately.. didnt you think about this?

  6. Jonah says:

    i asked this before.. how was the idea of Deshu\’s "PRIVATE ENTERTAINMENT" conceptualized?

  7. Jonah says:

    and please dont tell me to ask "Vishram Sawant".. coz i cant get him to read my questions… and also i am sure many big ideas in your films flow \’from or through\’ you.. tell if i am wrong !!

  8. Swamy says:

    Whenever i see first 30 minutes War episode in "Saving Private Ryan" i end up thinking that you will make such War scene as brilliantly as Spielberg did …offcourse you never touched such genres before…but hope you will make such movie in future, i.e. one among those 200 !!

  9. Salik says:

    the Q. 4 made me rofl…

  10. Unknown says:

    Phoonk 2 plot: First Half: – Sudeep\’s wife goes missing twice and he finds and rescues her with the help of a Tantrik. – After this there will be attempts to kill everybody in the family. – In the scene just before interval Sudeep suspects that his wife is behind those incidents.Second half: – It becomes extremely difficult for Sudeep to prove that his wife is behind his other family members\’ lives and to safeguard them from her. He doesn\’t want to abandon her without knowing the reason behind her behavior. – He tries to get the help of the Tantrik to find out the reason. This time he believes only Tantrik, and avoids a doctor and a friend who is a cop. – At the end he finds that the real culprit is the Tantrik who hypnotizes women, tries to separate them from their families and makes them as his slaves.Though not completely original story, I think it can be convincingly told with good characterizations.No copyrights reserved.

  11. sudhachandra says:

    The kind of pressure coppola has to undergo and withstand do you think this pressure has brought the best out of him?I think this way coz the godfather 3 is not upto the mark.whats your take on this?

  12. sudhachandra says:

    What is the cost price and selling price of shiva,rangeela and satya ?Howmuch these films really made money?

  13. sudhachandra says:

    How come you declined T.Subbirami reddy\’s wooping offer after shiva even though you badly needed money ?I think this was while you were making money movie.Is it becoz you think he dont understand the film making?Now dont say I dont make movies for money I make money for movies.

  14. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu,The laser-sharp focus with which you made COMPANY is amazing.I just wish I were there with you just to watch you making it.

  15. VijayDirects says:

    On a lighter note, please don\’t say "Beware what u wish for" 🙂

  16. kishan says:

    Do you think you can kill a person, if your life depends on it? (Please don\’t say you do that with your movies)

  17. Smita says:

    Shall I call you a moron, or shall I call you a rose… a moron by any other name would be still a rose… yea.. that was not meant to make any sense. And the DVD was not hurt — Like I said, I watched it and liked it very much — AAG that is. Especially Ajay Devgan\’s "Yes. Yes." I was hurt though then and again by your remark…. sometimes dear friend Ramu do read your e-mails to read what you made fun of. You may like to see your mother and sister beaten up, but I can not bear violence against women. And you after claiming not to be able to — you made fun of the DVD. Maybe you were trying to make me smile :-), but it actually hurt — only .0001% what u said, I realized if you were face to face with me, you would not be so callous — i had forgotten about that day… don\’t remind me again.. i have stopped talking to those people.. it is hard to stand up for what is right in a society of cowards… the indian community in america that is.. very few brave souls… anyway.. can\’t write more here.. too public. do u read your e-mails that can be sent from this site??? hope the dvd didn\’t get hurt my foot. may a thousand of your films fall under my feet and yet my life is too valuable to be mocked. as is any human life……. anyway.. see u can see by my ranting how hurt i got… and to think i thought u were human :o. okay i still do.. i just know that the internet makes most people insensitive and also the audience can\’t see your intentions at all as a writer… next movie u make now.. u owe it to me.. to make on domestic violence :p. and then show how dvd flinging at women can hurt.. hahahhahahah

  18. kishan says:

    Doesn\’t it bother you when some of your films go totally un-noticed? I loved the movie "My wife\’s murder" and was mad that nobody talks about it. I know you move on as soon as you finish a project but I remember you mentioning in one of your interviews that you were depressed a bit when "Knasha Knasham" failed. Is it possible to psyche oneself to a level that we don\’t bother about the result and carry on doing what you love?

  19. Bhaskar says:

    How were the scenes of killing trio (Selvan Mani, Vishram Bhagat & Rashid) constructed? Especially vishram’s is brilliant. Selvan Mani, Vishram & Rashid all are shown with peaceful, pleasant and cool faces respectively in the climax episode until the priest takes out the gun, road worker attacks and chandar was appeared in front…so they are in joy of words “Sarkar is dead” by Vishnu, without knowing fact that Sarkar is alive they meet death…in the end a woman calling Shankar as a Sarkar intensely deserves based on these killing episodes…

  20. snow says:

    Hello Sir,Off topic: Do you think Nano is suitable for India, Indian roads and Indians.Also you didn\’t comment on my earlier comments…I am convinced that He(GOD) does not play dice…….___Albert Einstein____Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I\’m not sure about the former.___Albert Einstein____

  21. Desi says:

    Do you like Quentin Tarantino\’s work??

  22. static atmosphere energy says:

    You had a different directorial approach of your film making after \’Naach\’? Is it that after \’Shiva\’ you were on another level and after \’Naach\’ and till \’Sarkar Raj\’ you have a very different approach?

  23. mikey says:

    Mutating imagination is a virtue only as long as the shoot does not start. It can become a vice once shooting begins. Ans: You couldn’t have put it more correctly. Most of my flops are a victim of this disease you mentioned….. if bad/good is purely a subjective perception,flop/hit too is an indiviudal opinion….As u have used flop/bad films couple of times,i just want to know how u perceive it rather than in a generalized form?

  24. mikey says:

    How do you distinguish a good/bad film?Ans: There is no such thing as a good/bad film. There is only a film which you as an individual will find good/bad. u know agg is a dud/bad film?is it that u percieve it as a bad film OR audiences felt the same?come on !ideally every thing is subjective but the relative opinion of good and bad exist….can u please define a good film or bad film in your prospective?

  25. mitesh says:

    sir,I prefer to visit your blog instead of watching boring comedy shows on T.V , i request you to direct a comedy film by yourself.

  26. mitesh says:

    sir, Do you think one can predict his future???? and if yes then how???

  27. Unknown says:

    Hi Ramu, this is the first time i am posting a comment on your blog….it is not really a comment but it is a question…Do you think Indian cinema(more specifically south indian) can be a metaphor for indian politics and culture?

  28. Murali krishna says:

    Hi ramu,is intelligence or wit or genius or whatever you call it, an innate thing? If not how can it be developed?

  29. Murali krishna says:

    Another question:I don\’t have any penchant towards anything to be succumbed by, so how to surpass myself(man), except by death?

  30. ronnie says:

    Shiva and Satya have the same concept. The lead characters and their trusted people (Prakash and Bhiku Mhatre) being best friends and the friend is more popular who introduces the calm and sober lead character with suppressed anger who ultimately goes onto become the leader. Also, the best friend has to die. There seems to be only modification in the backdrop of these characters and some additional 5 minute characters. Of course the manner of story-telling is attention holding but the basic idea seems to be the same.

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