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For me Awards and their corresponding events are at best entertaining events and at worse they are corruptive, not necessarily with regards to who is given what award but on their very structure itself. To start with filmmaking is a tremendous team effort and the Director can be the only person to know who in the team is contributing what, as their work is being benchmarked against his vision and requirements. The only exception to this will be songs as they can stand alone as separate of works of art in the album. So it’s highly possible that a very capable technician does fantastic work and the Director can screw it up by using it in the wrong context and if a technician does bad work it can be easily covered by the overall effect. In both the cases only the Director will know and not even the team members can know as they cannot independently have an idea of how good or how bad the Director was thinking to start with.


The irony for me is that after all the euphoria Indians had on Resul Pookutty winning an Oscar it does not even occur to them to ask what else he had done before this. They would have seen nearly 50 odd films of his previous work over the years ranging from good, bad and ugly but the point is that his sound designing in them went unnoticed. Now that the media screams that he has got an Oscar everybody is talking about sound design.


Does any of the guys who are jumping with joy about Oscar triumphs know or care who got the sound design award at the Oscars last year or all the years before that or for that matter in our own desi awards? Then what’s all this sound about? It’s nothing to do with Resul’s contribution and my proof of that is I have not heard or met a single person who saw Slumdog and mentioned sound in particular until the time the Golden Globe gave him an award and from then on everybody sounds off on sound design without even having a faintest idea of what it is.


There is a live effects track, a dialogue track, an atmospheric track and the background score track of which only a part is due to sound designer. All of these are made to come together by the final mixing engineer to create the desired effect sometimes in consultation with the Director and sometimes without. Any person who hears the final output of the mixed track has no way of knowing whose contribution to what degree is creating the desired effect. The only person who knows that will be the final mixing engineer who will be deciding what to keep, what to throw out and at what levels they have to be played.


The attempt of mine here is not to undermine Resul’s work but it is to make one  understand that Resul can do better work which easily can go unnoticed and lesser work can create an impact due to reasons unrelated to work.


Coming to actor’s performances if the comparison for instance is between Aamir for X role and Abhishek for Y role and SRK for Z role, my question is what if SRK plays Y role, Aamir plays Z and Abhishek X? How can one know whether they would have done better than the other one or not? So are they giving awards to actors or characters? If it’s characters then they are written by writers and how the effect of a character comes about is dependant on a variety of factors, such as the screenplay, the co-actors performance, the editing, direction etc and under no stretch of imagination can that credit be given to the actor alone. Unlike the Stage the only true judgment of cinematic acting can be done between the start and the cut of a shot. It is because in this time period alone the actor is drawing up an emotion on cue and releasing it when the director says ‘cut’. So how much he elevated the character from the director’s vision, only the director can know and then it’s also highly possible that same performance can be completely screwed up by the director on the editing table or if it is wrongly placed in the screenplay or the impact also can be lessened by a ineffective reaction of a co-actor. So a number of people’s talents and their complex interweaving results in the sum total effect of a film moment or the film itself and there is no way for an outside body irrespective of their expertise to analyze and determine the individual credits.


I have always maintained that my successful films are due to my team and my failures are due to me alone. The reason for that is that each and every actor and technician are contributing their work and talent as per my vision and in many cases they enhance it far greater than what I had expected. But if I use them wrongly the film does not work. But when it works and I am being praised I know in my heart which individuals specifically have lifted a particular moment in the film or the whole film itself.


So in short, the success of a film is due to what contribution the actors and technicians gave in addition to what I expected of them and that is why it belongs to them and the failure of their equally great contribution belongs to me as I failed in channelizing it to its intended destination.


It has to be realized that in the making of a film the technicians and actors are working towards satisfying the director, and the director is working towards satisfying the audience. So only by the sheer understanding of the mechanics I have of what goes into the making of a film, I find the concept of an outside body giving Awards ridiculous.



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  1. sriram says:

    Please write about Gayam and Kaun some time.

  2. sunil kumar says:

    I was surprised to know that you dont vote and you dont care either. Is the anguish about the system shown in Nagarjuna in Shiva, Revathi in Gayam and Abhishek in Sarkar is just on the screen and nothing off of it?

  3. Sree says:

    RGV, Just to add to your piece about awards… I think any prestigious awards including Nobel prizes, Oscars, Indian National awards, etc.. are based on:40% big business deals, commercial purposes30% politics20% Religion, Region, Nationality, Caste, Colour,10% talent: which is as you mentioned is ridiculous that an outside jury body (who are good for nothing except bluffing) judging the talent of an individual & team.just to name a few…How cannot Mahatma Gandhi win a Nobel peace prize and Algore can ?How cannot Alfred Hitcock win an Oscar ?how cannot NTR win Dada Saheb Phalke award ?Al Pacino deserved Oscar for his excellent performances in many of his movies… not in "Scent of Women" which is a mediocre..

  4. Pradeep says:

    Why u wanted to make ur debut with Shiva?Is the only script ready at that time or u were pretty confident that it goes well?

  5. Swamy says:

    I liked your post because you didn’t polluted it with the ugly sub-topic i.e.“ the role of recommendations in awards ”. I agree this when u said..most of the times it happens that co-actor’s performance pulls out the main characters strength on screen. The classic example for this is “The Godfather-1”…every artiste gave a remarkable performance as Marlon Brando, but it’s Brando who got the Academy Award.There is this 110 films producer who was named as a movie moghul…whenever he gets a chance he shouts “ It’s enough for me now of producing commercial films and the time has come to produce some films which will grab me national awards. “ This statement is enough , which shows the role of awards in peoples mind.The only time I saw you collecting the award was from your dreamgirl Sridevi right, it was the Filmfare Best Film award ( for Satya, Critics category).

  6. Bhaskar says:

    a RAM GOPAL VARMA article

  7. Bhaskar says:

    a RAM GOPAL VARMA article

  8. vamsi says:

    Then how can a award be decided? From ur side of argument, It seems like every dir for himself should announce an award 4 himself or others in his film after the whole shooting ends. but wat will audians feel for that.

  9. Sree says:

    The sole idea for giving awards in the films sector is for commercial purpose, not to appreciate someone\’s work. Some people who are crazy for awards like Mohanbabu, Chiranjeevi, Ramanaidu, etc.. they think if somehow (pay bribe to jury, recommended by politicians, etc) they get the award think they deserve it … but poor sons of bitches … the fact is they don\’t !!

  10. Surya says:

    Awesome and just to give back your own words \’I mean it\’. Joseph Hellar once said \’Awards are like Olympic medals and tennis trophies, all they signified was that the recipient had done something of no benefit to anyone more capably than everyone else\’

  11. Prasaanth says:

    Masteru, can we expect a movie from you with Nagarjuna ?

  12. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu, Sometime back, I saw some clips on youtube about your visiting rayalaseema to research factionism there. Most prominently I saw you saying, \’Ila enduku jaruguthondo telusukovali\’ (why does this happen). On this note, I\’m reminded of a book that I read many years back titled. "Born to Win". Chapter 4 – THE DRAMA OF LIFE SCRIPTS A few excerpts: "All the world is a stage" – Shakespeare In the life of every individual, the dramatic life events, the roles that are learned, rehearsed and acted out, are originally determined by a script. Most people are involved in some form of theatrics, performing on several stages for different audiences. At times the audience exists only in the mind. Script instructions are programmed into the child ego state thru transactions between parent figures and their childern. Individuals follow scripts; families follow scripts; nations follow scripts. There are cultural scripts, sub-cultural scripts, family scripts.. There are scripts with a curse. As time changes, new script themes emerge: getting educated, making money, seeking pleasure and searching for life\’s meaning. Japan has in the past, encouraged suicide as an honorable final scene. Overpopulation such as that of India, is a form of national scuicide and is fostered when individuals perpetuate family scripts that call for large families. Some families develop unique sets of dramas and insist on the children playing appropriate traditional roles. The compulsion to live out the pre-programmed, ongoing life drama is a difficult aspect of the personality to understand.

  13. Vinay says:

    You end on an ambiguous note sir. Does it mean that you would find the concept of film industry people themselves giving awards acceptable? I would agree that critics also are outside bodies and therefore should not be able to dictate terms. But a body of directors (3-5) would be able to select through and identify the best in each body of work. After all it is true that a technician who has worked hard and is talented would feel good that his work has been recognized. It would also be motivational for many to be sincere towards their work (in the hope of an award). Also thanks for sharing the four sound track bit. You are generous with us sharing all these insights. If its not much trouble, can you put down an elaborate piece on such things, covering the entire film making process. You might break it down into different phases.

  14. Vinay says:

    Newspapers should only report and not write opinion columns, because it should be left to the readers to form their own opinionsCritics should not sound off their opinions on movies, but leave it to audiences to judge for themselvesAnd in the same vein, maybe it should be left to the audiences again to decide who they find the best in each arena of work. But in case of movie awards, the audience would not be sitting through hundreds of movies. A dedicated body, well aware of the nitty-gritties of film-making, would be able to decide who was best in what! They can make it better by taking into account, audiences reaction (and in the process earn through smses, as well)

  15. Pashabhai says:

    Hi RGV, What is your fascination with sweating ppl, in Agyaat photos everyone is sweating, satya was a sweat movie.ThanksP

  16. Unknown says:

    ok..good. but what do u think…. there should be no awards for films or the only one, best director?i am happy when u say "..and the director is working towards satisfying the audience". i had the impreesion(by reading ur blog so far) that u only work to satisfy urself. best of luck for Agyat and Runn.

  17. V says:

    Awww. Coochie woochie. Dont worry. We will all write to Filmfare to include a category "Best film personality blogger" And we will all vote to make you win each year. Ok? BTW if you bring together all oscar winners in diffferent categories and make an english film, will that film win an oscar!

  18. prithvi says:

    I agree with your opinion on awards. If some technician gets an Oscar,he is idolized but the fact remains he might have done good work before which goes unnoticed.Now since that technician got an Oscar,everyone in the third world start recognizing him.Bottom line is Film technicians are not recognized by their work but since he got an award he is recognized.

  19. sandeep says:

    u ur self have received and given many awards. did awards meant a lot when u recieved themlist of awards and nomination that u receivedhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ram_Gopal_Varma#Awards_and_nominations

  20. Unknown says:

    sir, don\’t you think that the main philosophy in fountainhead is as same as advaita philosophy which is – ONLY CREATOR HAS THE RIGHT TO DESTROY!?

  21. Unknown says:

    sir, i saw both \’NISHABD\’ and \’CHEENI KUM\’ today , back to back, no doubt both films had finest performances by mr. Bachchan nd that too on the same subject with the only exception of the genre of both the movies. I felt nishabd was any day a better film lookin at the acting of other characters, the way the shots were taken, the picturisque locations and the story. now wen u say ,whether a person likes the film or not is subjective…..any one and every one will definitely love all the things mentioned above…..then does the genre of the film plays a more important role,these days then the subject matter of the film????

  22. vaishak says:

    Hi ramu, good one. I think people who druggs their rational thinking sit there as the jury which determines awards. In most cases, they choose two different films for giving the best picture and best director award. I didn\’t understand or digest the logic or illogic behind that concept . When one get a award for best director, it\’s proven that he made the best film and thats what lead the jury to get him the best director award and how can the\’best picture\’ award go to some other film…?

  23. vaishak says:

    Dear ramu,I heard that the final dts mixing engineer H shridhar who worked for you in films like rangeela,satya passed away. He was a brilliant sound engineer and a permanent sound engineer for a r rahman from the start. It was so sad that the people who scream about sound design now never have heard of his name. Can you write a piece on your experience with your brilliant technicians of cinematography,editing and sound design. Can you tell me the logic of not using the cinematographer of Company and satya again in your films….?with love….vaishak

  24. Unknown says:

    Any plans of directing a Hollywood film?

  25. Deepak says:

    HmmmmmI am new kid in this blog (coz still struggling to get a project) but read this article 2 times to comment properly.AWARDS yes for sure, they are awarded to characters of specific films coz even I believe that if characters got to be interchanged as suggested by you, only that can give us a correct measurements .SRK never plays a poor man, name any movie from his starting career to today’s one.infact if we interchanged the characters in his latest release that is “bill barber’, you got to know what I am trying to say. Amir , indeed did good jobs but you find many of his movies copied or badly inspired. But I don’t blame him coz if “OSO”, and “SIK” got to be hit then why not “GHAJINI”, all are having worst screenplays and scripts , but all are hits so whom to blame , audience ..No I can dare to be but someone for sure.Director…Writers supposed to be paid,regarded,understand most in the project but I don’t think so even today , they are getting their shares, I will not recall many names who go for biggies with their loving subjects .but a small query if they had found their scripts so powerful then why they make it with others or fresh talents. even I recommend there is no issue to tightening the processes of auditions but every time they better love to go for biggies coz who is going to buy without them but if this is true then please don’t talk about good scripts And directors.I am very touched by this article because it is the finest analysis of a film craft and very easy to understand that who is a better judge for declaring an award, yes director of course.OH AS LONG AS SLUMDOG IS CONCERNED PL ANSWER THE FOLLOWING (FOR VIEWERS)1. DO YOU FEEL, THIS IS THE BEST WORK OF REHMAN?2. SCRIPT IS MINDBLOWING ENOUGH TO MAKE AN OSCAR?3. WHAT IF IS MADE BY AN INDIAN DIRECTOR?I hope you will be true when asking above.Dear RGV, thanks for sharing your views.Regards,Deepak Mahajan(Struggling Director)

  26. vijay says:

    AGYAAT-The Unknown Movie will be Unknown. Thats my feeling but RANN will again bring you back to limelight. Thats my feeling. What do you say director saab.

  27. Unknown says:

    i dont know if i\’ll be ridiculed for this but, i loved everything about NISHABD ramu, a to z and i still think it is way way way way better than many many hit films in all the woods including hollywood combined .the first time i saw it in hyderabad, i liked it so much and told my friend that it was a great movie and a few if not all will like it . but later i was surprised to see all the criticism in the media and people declaring it a flop . sometimes when i listen to the name of that movie i still think for a few minutes how could people call something so beautiful and artistic crap. naaku picho leka ee janaalaku picho artham kadhu. i still cant find a dvd of it ramu. send it if u have one . just kidding man. carry on the good work ( and the bad work too ). lol . i am the doctor guy man, if u remember. bye n enjoy .

  28. Unknown says:

    It surely is a team effort, but for a team to work ultimately it has to be good. If some body in the team is bad he might be able to survive for some time, but in the long run he is bound to fall if he does not improve. And about you not appreciating awards just because you find it very complex, let me try to explain… In a war every soldier fights, gives his best….but only a few are rewarded for bravery……there are people who plan, who lead, who fight……but only a few win …..that does not make the rest of them losers…….Same way it is the opinion of a few men…..tat does not mean the rest of you are losers….Have a couple of drinks and enjoy man…..

  29. Rolling says:

    very boring post..I was expecting something more controversial like you accusing a certain actor and production house of buying awards lol

  30. Bhaskar says:

    Your "My Reations to Reactions" articles are in "Comic Sans" font – you intentionally set to indicate most of them are comic/fun?

  31. surya says:

    How many structures can you name that are not corrupted? And how many of the structures find your acceptance in your day to day life?It is one thing to say, awards dont interest me and quite another to say they dont interest me for so and so reason.I cant agree with the argument you have presented, and here is why.Achievement should be recognized and celebrated. On a broader scale even though the specifics might be corrupted, this theme itself is a justification for awards as such.You might argue, that the award for the work done is the money itself. But then you have to ask yourself, do you vary the payouts you give to various departments based on their work – or do you just pay the initially agreed amount? Worse, who makes the maximum money – distributors or the producers or the actual technicians? WE can still argue that its risk reward for producers and distributors, yet, risk reward preassumes that you earned the money you are investing by contributing value in the first place – this is always questionable! In any case celebrating excellence even after the money earned is right, more so if you consider the half argument that all that is excellent might not earn money!That leaves us the method of judgement. It is true that no one else who is not involved in the actual process of making films (or anything else as a matter of fact) can ever be a true judge of what is actually involved in it. But what is the solution for this? and more importantly why should the one judging be a part of the whole process in every piece of art being created everywhere? Does the judge who is judging a group of criminals judging the act itself or the entire lifetime of the criminal beyond noting a few pertinent points? How can the judge know if the grounds for divorce between a couple is valid (assuming one dosent want a divorce) when he has not lived all those years of marriage with them? Ultimately, most structrues are wrong, yet we are a willing part to them, we can have our preferences but we cannot have reasonable preferences and talk of being honest.The base assumption is that the Oscar committee at least will have some method of judgement – which is efficient even if not complete and which will evolve with time. Why should I know what Resool has done before – I saw a film, I liked it, I want it to be celebrated, I cheer the people involved, I buy my tickets more than once and get over wiht it – If I want to learn sound design or write a book I might still chase his history down – otherwise to me its immaterial! Just a stance, I personally neither liked slumdog so much or watch the awards.I have not been a part of this industry (yet) so part of what I am writing is speculation, I am sure you would be a better judge, and by that token know if the argument holds. Yet just putting my two cents.

  32. Piyush says:

    1st,I loved the timing of the word \’Sarkar\’ in the climax of Sarkar. It was pure genius.2nd,I think Aamir khan is the most well suited actor to play Sarkar, in Sarkar 3.

  33. Piyush says:

    You were right.Amitabh Bachchan actually gavea brilliant expression in the scene you mentioned, in Nishabd.And,he definetly performed better in Nishabd than in Sarkar.Also,I loved the camera work in movie.

  34. surya says:

    Philosophy is good to know to get laid. If you believe in it without practicing it, it leads to neurosis. If you practice it you get screwed.Its interesting that you are flitting between all three and still finding time to write a blog 🙂

  35. Naveen says:

    surya, i agree with you on the awards………good one!

  36. Khalil says:

    Your obsevations about Awards are right on. Couldn\’t agree with you more.

  37. Khalil says:

    The article you wrote about Rahman is very enlightening. Thanks for sharing.

  38. keertichandra says:

    what you said is really correct. but in every country& in every film industry it goes the same way as we go.but if you think its not right, tell us what is the correct way?

  39. Sudhir says:

    Hey Ra\’am,Since you are so keen on expressing honest feelings, lets try it on your blog in public.You are some story teller, Nieztsche, Ayn Rand, Hitler and A. R. Rahman….!Your fans must feel blessed that you are able to communicate in English. Your guardians must feel blessed that you can communicate at all.I have seen a couple of your films, mainly because you had roped in BigB to act for you. The darkness on the screen is probably your own black hole of ideas as a director, since the script writers can hardly dictate that to you. Have you thought of playing the sound tracks in Braile? or play the titles in the interval, so the public knows when your film begins and when it ends.Well, briefly. Hog it friend. This is your blog. You deserve your types. Call it off only when people start pasting their CV for employment…

  40. Parixit says:

    thank you, Mr Ramgopal Varma (howard Roark) for giving us Anurag Kashyap (Steven Mellory), I am Austin Heller and wants to be Gail Wynand.

  41. Parixit says:

    have you seen No smoking, Dev D and gulaal?, these movies are directed by your former assistant Anurag kashyap. What so you think of these movies. I am very desperate to know your gyaan on these esoteric and offbeat movies.

  42. Arun says:

    Before your blog I used to think you were a bad,selfish person . But after reading your blogs I have realized you are such a moralistic person with a terrific aptitude for rationality. I selfishly love you immensely and am happy to be born in the same era where you are making films. Love. I wish you make a million movies "that you want to" in your lifetime.

  43. nagesh says:

    hi sir do u think.. to make a sequel of KSHANA KSHNAM?

  44. Pradeep says:

    Did u went to recieve Best Director " Nandi Award " for both SHIVA and KSHANA KSHANAM??

  45. Pradeep says:

    Why some stars are very fond of Awards?

  46. Pradeep says:

    Waiting for ur AAG Remake !!!!

  47. Unknown says:

    The only intelligent person like you , I know , is Amir khan who also doen\’t go to award funtions.But when it comes to Oscar Award, he has different mindset. So, would you also like to go to Oscar, if ever given?

  48. Unknown says:

    i don\’t know y, but i feel u should try making a remake of AAG , with a whole new cast (sr.bachan shud still be gabbar ) and a whole new setting of the film .i dont care whether it will work or not, but i think its gonna be a great film becoz u are mindblowing sometimes. just the gut feeling but then i can still be wrong. just felt like saying ramu.

  49. Unknown says:

    Your thoughts about before and after life. Ajit

  50. Tilak says:

    would seriously like to know what amar mohile goes thru when creating a frame 1 to frame last 100 db higher than normal ear splitting background scores…..we can atleast stay away from the cinema halls and be spared of GOVINDA GOVINDA……poor sound techies who have to always work @ higher db. Why are your sound designs like those of Chiru and Vijaykanth films????…….Spur of the moment ideas made into hasty films is still ok……why bang the ear drums……..

  51. Abhijeet says:

    Hello Sir. I\’ve been reading your blog from quite sometime [its completely a pleasure doing so] but this is the first time I\’m adding a comment..I\’ll come straightforwardly to the question..1. Sir would u ever remake Sholay once again? I\’m dying to watch new improved version of Sholay from u.. only from u because i think u are the only person who had the courage to remake Sholay!2. Sir what qualities do u look for while choosing ur Assistant Directors?

  52. Sreekanth says:

    Not sure i agree with your comment about the awards for actors. A brilliantly written role could be destroyed by an inept actor. The awards are given with an assumption that all the factors being equal, who does it the best. Yes, there is no way to know if srk would have made a good ghajini or aamir could have played jr sarkar etc, but given the other factors, awards are given to note how well the actor brought out the character and made you forget him/her(the actor) while focusing on the character. I would however love to see you direct slick thriller in lines of X-men

  53. Manas says:

    What is your philosophy on romantic love after the passion has faded? In all your movies, romantic love is synonymous with passion. You don\’t think there is any other kind?

  54. Sudhir says:

    Hey Ra\’am,There is one name from bollywood past that may interest you if you are a genuine plagiarist of original works. The name is Raj Khosla. Here was a person whose ideas and entire films have copied, edited and pasted by the next generation. His films had a rustic character yet they were bright and sunny. The songs in his films are still hummed in family get-togethers. He was for the film industry what Sehwag is for cricket!!!

  55. unknown says:

    Just for a small change, u ask the questions and we will give answers, at least once. What I mean is one person is giving answers for hundreds of questions, instead there should be hundreds of answers for one question with different or peculiar answers. Would u want to try this??

  56. snehil says:

    Good idea but answer of Ramu is that " I am not interested in answers, questions keep me busy".

  57. snow says:

    There are some stalkers around here, BEWARE!!!!!And highly neurotic,psychotic personalities. Strange breed you are attracting.Only very few sane people are visiting your blog, otherwise it is being visited by retards, know idea why some people are writing gibberish after gibberish, as if they want to puke, get it out their system and in fact lot of retards who come here again and again are doing exactly that, they are somehow utilizing your blog to vent out their sick emotions and ideas, your blog is working as a good relieving system for them. BEWARE….

  58. lprakash says:

    quite an engrossing article, indeed! looking forward to read something on film critics. btw, do you think an agnostic is someone who has given up on god?regardsprakash gowda

  59. snow says:

    i meant "no idea"…not "know idea"

  60. madhu sudan says:

    it seems like performances & extreme closeups in sarkar & sarkarraj reminds movie "mana voori paandavulu" especially Mr.Krishnam raju\’s character … do u think so ??

  61. Parixit says:

    Howmuch the use of symbols and metaphors is important in a movie?

  62. Sumit says:

    Mr. Varma, I have come to enjoy reading your blogs. I am based out of Princeton, New Jersey and lead the the Strategy Consulting division of an IT company, I really look forward to reading your ideas. Having seen your movies it is great to get an insight into what led you to create a particular scene. I also get a chuckle or two at your irreverance. I actually went and got Rangeela, and then saw Sarkar Raj again. You have absolutely matured. over the years. When I had seen Rangeela many years ago, I was blown away, but now it seemed a little raw. I had sent you a private email and wanted to see if I could connect with you over email/phone about a script that I have written, with the back drop of the religious tensions in India and the protagonist is an NRI. Is it at all possible to hear from you. Since this is a public domain, I have sent this from my hotmail – waltzmusic2005@hotmail.com. Have you seen the Last Lecture by Randy Pausch on You Tube, highly recommend it, and that has inspired me to try and reach out to you, inspite of it being ostensibly seem rather riduculous. Really looking forward to hearing from you.

  63. Pradeep says:

    Why u have used Govinda Govinda theme in SARKAR ??Some where u mentioned that Govinda means lord shri krishna not venkateswara swamy..but still why u thought to use that Theme for Sarkar? Do u want to show that SARKAR is GOD type personality or what?

  64. Abhishek says:

    I personally could never understand the essence of awards. While this write up gave a me a clarity, I also find it ridiculous when some directors thank the audience for making the movie a success…I am not sure if they are trying to add some amount of loftiness or trying to be modest. They feel its arrogant if they don\’t thank the audience.Instead, I reckon, the audience must thank the director for giving them such a good film…And I must thank you for giving SHIVA to me..Also when Andhra Pradesh gave Nandi Award to you, somehow I wasn\’t surprised!!

  65. Arun says:

    Of all the RGVs in you, which one you like the best ?

  66. andhrabond says:

    RGV.So, you want Award functions to do best entertainment only by removing the award ceremonies. Like movies without songs. You can also consider them like an entertainment shows and award give away is like songs in between the entertainment.If you would have embraced award functions like rest of the cartoons. By now you would have got best director for ‘Sarkar Raj’ and in some other categories too.I have been observing year by year these award functions not even nominating you and your movies anymore. You better write in your actors signing contracts that ‘you may not be nominated or awarded for your performance in any awards no matter how excellent you are in the movie’.

  67. Manika says:

    \’Agyaat\’ smells likes a potential turd. As a moviegoer who looks forward to everyone of your \’outputs\’, some frustrating things (repeated in many of ur movies) look as the likely outcome. a) \’No intention to tell who exactly is the stalker\’ – go put lake. This is no U.S. People will laugh when movie ends. b) Small budget means repetitive camera angles, screeching noises, innumerable false starts, coloured contact lenses etc etc. These have been done ad nauseum and audience just laugh at them after one or two times now. GODDDDDD, How i hope you get off your high horse and really do something unexpected with the script one of these days.

  68. Manika says:

    Do you really think that showing same object again and again (hanuman photo, crow)in a movie somehow imbues it with \’character\’ in the minds of the audience? Bah! As a viewer these associations are lost unless the \’object\’ participates in some fashion sometime during the movie. Otherwise there is feeling of having being taken for a ride and the whole movie experience s(t)inks as a result. COME ONNNN! develop some new tricks instead of being stuck like a broken record. Do a whodunnit for a change! or a comedy! or a karan johar type! or a film on rural misery! or one about attacks on women in Mangalore! or about urban youth! or about….MOVE YOUR ASS MAN. You are so much more than just a \’factory\’. If you cant or wont, then dig a hole and vanish from public life, we know whatever you wanted to say or show by now.

  69. Shalini says:

    Hi Ramu, Would you consider yourself as a fine artist or a better businessman?

  70. Bhaskar says:

    Any specifics about the flashback narration style? You rarely choose it…or for which kind of movies it suits better…pros and cons too please if possible.

  71. Dinesh says:

    Before 14th February, I was there. Then been tired and leaved out, but after some time I got to known about the Mysterious Man not only were passed by rather stayed for some time there. Thereafter I am standing there again but it’s looking desolate that place. I have spread the trap but if he doesn’t come to that way then how he would get trapped….. ?

  72. Phani says:

    Hello Ramu Garu , I like your atttitude towars films , but i like your films and also i want to act in your films pls let me know how to contact u

  73. vamsi says:

    Very Strange idea: What if there were two or three awards ceremonies each year for politicians. Sure their peformance is affected by the director (CM), co-actors (administrative staff) and other mantris, but no one would know who really tried to do something or achieved something unless it becomes a one man show. Obviously by the second year the awards will be rigged and by the third year, Amar singh or Mayawati will be awarded the best politician. This apart, how can you say that an individual can not make a difference. In Delhi 6, the only mistake was to take Abhishek. His acting capability is limited and come what may he cant do intense emotional acting. Note: Sarkar is only intense. If Aamir khan did the same role, the movie would have lived. People make a difference. Its also not necessary that just because SRK did X we have to visualize how he would have done Y – is kind of a stupid argument. The only quesiton is – of all the movies which performance literally stood out? as simple as that. The judgement could be affected by politics or taste or understanding. But if the judges are true to their heart, dont tell me its impossible to judge all the major categories like acting, director, music etc. I probably agree to your argument on Resul, but this is a wrong example to why other categories cant be judged.

  74. Ashvin says:

    I am not a great fan of awards…but love to see you winning one every time…..coming back to your point….I believe we are rewarding someone because he has done justice to what he was offered, in your own words(whether Amir char x…..)…when you are successful in getting the right result, you are able to execute what is in your mind and that is what we appreciate and when you fail, we are disappointed….I agree that you have paid enough credit or appreciated their work to your co-workers and that\’s a reward to them…!!! I am no one to contradict to what you say (I know it doesn\’t matter to you even if I do so)….. If you say you do not want to attend award functions, then it makes sense and justified too…!!!! One is not awarded for what he has in his mind…he is awarded for what he has put it….One of my favorite\’s from RGV factory was Nishabd…for the simple concept being expressed rightly for what you had it in your mind and presented the best way possible…I believe that was one of the movies which had complete script before the movie started…unlike other movies and that was evident from the flow of the movie….!!! good luck and waiting for Agyaat and Rann…!!

  75. Ashvin says:

    Is Ravi Teja directing a telugu movie under Laxmi Prassana Pictures and RGV Factory?

  76. Neeta says:

    Hello again Ram,Been a Long Time!! Your Comments Are Beautifully Put — in a nutshell – it is all about working as a team – the better the understanding amongst the team player – the better the results! You truly write well and explain things in a logical fashion – sorry to have been away for a while – but you still need to answer Celeste and me as to why you detest females!! :)) We still love your style, despite you hating compliments!! I totally agree that awards are alway skewed – good thing you and Aamir do not put too much faith in such idiosyncrasies!! BRAVO!From your female friends in Italy and Canada!!

  77. Neeta says:

    Wow, Ram – I just read your article on A.Rahman – I have total respect for man and his music. You just reconfirmed my intution about how humble and wonderful a soul he is! He came to Vancouver, Canada – he insisted on staying back at the airport till all his entourage had cleared customs – I guess there had been a major hold up due to some issue at the customs! (this was the first time I had personally heard of AR, and was irate at the lateness of the starting time of the concert; However he certainly surpassed our expectations, way beyond our imaginations!) When it came time to take his due for the overwhelming standing ovation – he stood way in the background, and let the others on his team enjoy the thunderous applause – talented, shy, realistic and humble in the extreme – is the impression I formed of this wonderful man! He certainly deserved the award for Slumdog Millionaire! You have written well in regards to him – and I truly respect you for the same. I really hope he read your article on him – pertaining to his talents – Once again – well written. Many Thanks for the wonderful insight into your surreal worlds!! If you see AR – tell him he has a very strong admirer in Vancouver, Canada who totally thinks the world of him! Hope he remains his beautiful humble self. My kind regards to you and AR!!With Great Respect,Neeta – Vancouver!

  78. Unknown says:

    Well Mr. VarmaYour inference on people feigning as smart without understanding the true meaning of what they speak sounds good….and yeah awards mechanism might be corrupted which can\’t be denied, but why do you care to bother about it and defend your stand in blogs.Do check your premises, i wonder if you are fighting some contradictions which you haven\’t expressed yet. ofcourse, I dont care about your emotions, as long as you deliver the movies as you have been. When the movies from the RGV factory if loose the integrity, I would only stop watching them but would not fret in public.Good luck Mr. VarmaWell, Mr. Varma I would appreciate if you can take out your time in having a glance on http://itsthepip.wordpress.com/ and comment on it, it need not be applause.thanks-Pip

  79. Anil says:

    you updated so much before "gayam" and now … what makes you change so much? why you are not bothered about society now?

  80. Dinesh says:

    Teepu Sultan kee muchh….

  81. Neeta says:

    Darlings Ram and Celeste,Celete, my sweet – you made me laugh at your comments to my post to Ram!! I will ensure that Ram does not take down the photo he has framed of YOU; the one he had professed he would frame and hang above the fireplace in his Livingroom!! Atleast you had a fabulous response – I think my compliments to him, are driving him bonkers – so no such luck at having my photo up there with yours any time soon!! :(( Laughter to you both – RGV continue being your original wonderful self!! Love your responses – they are the best!Hugs to you both!Neeta

  82. Sudhir says:

    Hey Ra\’am,Forgive me if this sounds too presumptious for a person who has seen only three of your audio-visual stories, I think your blog posts are smarter than your films. At least they generate a response from those who have free access to the net. I love the guts of some who call you original after you say that you picked up scenes from Sadma etc. Wow for your fan club!Wonder whose nursing whom here. The social scientists nursing the objectivist clone or vice versa!!

  83. E says:

    Hi RGV,Great logic behind telling why you cannot unanimously give an award to anybody…..anything….well put….but sometimes i feel that Director being the central energy source in a movie…sometimes some of the works stand out in their brilliance..and it very much reflects in the movie…for example when a Mani Ratnam executes any project there is distinct signature of his left behind..and we need to aknowledge this…thereby giving awards…but as you are telling… ..if that director goes on to winning the award he should honestly tell that everybody whoever was involved with the movie can lay their hands on the award and claim..coz it was teamwork and the entire team deserves that award…Hiya Neets…Well someone is not happy with you saying that RGV is original..although RGV has accpeted zillion times by now that he is never original…LOLOLOL.. Sanjay is on a mission to destroy something..check with him…CheersEV

  84. Neeta says:

    Oh my Havens Ev — It is sooo Good to see you!! (Sorry Ram),Ram and Ev – talking about originality – we all learn from our experiences, history or things we may have read/experienced etc..– so whenever someone says "Original", – surely we mean, having a style of their own in presenting their views — I feel most movies are based on someone elses scripts or books etc – aren\’t they. But Ev, Ram certainly is a great director and does have a style of his own – no two people are alike – we all have differences – don\’t we?? So tell me about Sanjay – where is he and how is he doing? Still in the States – Philly? Good night for now! Will catch you soon again!Hugs!! :))

  85. Neeta says:

    Ev – did you mean Sudhir – instead of Sanjay? Hey, Great seeing you!

  86. kiron says:

    u frequently say u r an athiest.but u make film with a background of either blackmagic or devils. how far u think mr. ram u r frank in disclosing u r views.u know well those who believe in or interested in black magic the yhave a belief abt god somewhere in their souls.plz dont cheat u rself sir. i dont like it because u r my role model.

  87. daya says:

    Somewhere you said you like Godfather and you like porn. So any plans to make a porn movie anytime. I too like porn very much.

  88. E says:

    Hi Neets,I meant Sanjay for "on a mission to destroy something"…..you should check with him….CheersEV

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