My reactions to reactions

1. Take a bath, rinse and get rid of old thoughts.
Ans: Ok mom.
2. Will people idolize and follow anyone who becomes successful?
Ans: Yes as most people are concerned about who is saying rather than what is being said.
3. Did you take the line “I would rather die than not live life the way I want to” from Mario Puzo’s “Omerta”?
Ans” No, as I didn’t read that book. Ever since I can remember I practiced that thought and I presume that’s what all highly individualistic people do.
4. I thought after every movie of yours irrespective of its success or failure you become a better person.
Ans: Better… I don’t know, but definitely a changed person.
5. I can understand a newly married guy looking happy but when a 10year married man looks happy, could an affair be a reason?
Ans: Either that or he could have lost his marbles.
6. For all your views on women I noticed that even your baddies are kind of harmless to women as in they never assault them.
Ans: I am highly sentimental about women and hate to see or hear about them getting hurt.
7. Which political party do you support and why?
Ans:  Never voted in my life nor do I intend to.
8. What does P stand for in P.Ramgopal Varma?
Ans: My surname Penumatsa.
9. Some stories are great to hear but they might be boring to see as a film.
Ans: Only if the Director fails to capture the essence of what you liked in hearing it.
10. How do you define intelligence?
Ans: Once I was talking to an actress who was heavily into spiritualism, animal welfare etc, and she made a comment that whales are the most intelligent beings in the world which has apparently something to do with their brain size. I told her that I don’t know the technicalities but for me knowledge is an accumulation of facts, intelligence is an ability to understand and analyze the knowledge, and genius is to be able to apply and create. 
For instance, if you are asked why droplets are formed outside a glass when ice cold water is poured into it, you will say that it is due to condensation of water vapour which is present in the atmosphere.
But to understand and analyze that you need to have the knowledge that atmosphere contains water vapour and it condenses at lower temperatures and then you need a genius to apply this principle and invent a refrigerator or an air-conditioner.
More simplistically if you say 2+3=5, you need to know the individual values of 2 and 3 and also 5 to come up with the answer.
So I told her that this was my understanding and asked her if she would explain how whales have the best brains. She snapped back and said that she read it in the “Time” magazine and asked me to shut up and not to think I am some kind of a know-all. She was beautiful and sexy enough for me to pay heed and I did just that. I shut up and she gave me a Ahhhhh great time thereby proving that more than knowledge, intelligence and genius it is ignorance which is bliss.
11. How did you conceive the scene in Shiva  when Amala gets up in the theatre and walks into the screen?
Ans: I copied it from a very old Janet Jackson music video called “Control”.
12. Can you write a piece on how you became a director?
Ans: I already did on this blog somewhere. If interested make an effort to search.
13. In Ayn Rand’s philosophy there is a lot of “should”. Should destructs freedom and makes individualism impossible.
Ans: That is a brilliant observation.
14. Mutating imagination is a virtue only as long as the shoot does not start. It can become a vice once shooting begins.
Ans: You couldn’t have put it more correctly. Most of my flops are a victim of this disease you mentioned. To make an observation like this you will have to be a director or working closely with a director who made flops. If I am wrong on this count take it from me that there is a highly evolved directorial understanding in you and I mean this from my heart.
15. Which of your films are bad according to you?
Ans: All and none.
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100 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. Unknown says:

    Hey ramu, where is your post about the Indian Film Awards like Filmfare, Star Screen, Zee Cine, IIFA etc. What did you think about the biggest hit of Indian cinema – Ghajini and Aamir Khan\’s performance in it.And why do you think just like you Aamir Khan also does not attend any award function.I think both you and Aamir are like outsiders who even with staying outside the film industry actually work inside and for the film industry.Both of you especially Aamir have a strong character traits like Howard Roark as both of you are fiercely individualistic and will never compromise on your creative and artistic vision. Will you ever work with Aamir Khan again. I think you should make a "Godfatherish" kind of film with Aamir Khan.It will be interesting to see.

  2. prabhath says:

    i hope for the best from your movies and i prepare for the worst. i\’m habituated to it!!

  3. vamsi says:

    Probably reading Nietzsche has unlocked a source of strength, but that source has some limitations and side-effects and on top of it all, it has a life cycle and it will end. On the other hand reading Swami Vivekananda\’s books too will unlocked a source of strength, but that source has no limitations, no side-effects and will never end. If only who ever introduced you to Nietzsche, had given you one of Swami\’s books, then you would not only have been the super and bat and iron man but also a wonderful pleasant person keeping the genious intact or further glorified.

  4. Arun says:

    Is it ok if I love you more than your movies ?Also, you seem to be a person who can love immensely, but won\’t tolerate marriage. If this is too personal, am sorry to ask, please do skip it.

  5. Unknown says:

    "6. For all your views on women I noticed that even your baddies are kind of harmless to women as in they never assault them.Ans: I am highly sentimental about women and hate to see or hear about them getting hurt."Point taken but I think you forgot that you showed Bhansali physically assaulting his wife in Contract (Eventhough it was off screen).

  6. Unknown says:

    Have you mellowed down a little? There is no sting in your responses!

  7. Unknown says:

    //Once I was talking to an actress who was heavily into spiritualism, animal welfare etc…How come a women who is heavily into spiritualism SLEPT with you? spiritualism and sleeping with other than husband do not cope up with each other.How come a women who is heavily into animal welfare behaved like a animal by sleeping with you? animal welfare and behaving like a animal do not cope up with each other.

  8. Unknown says:

    Ramu,You had stated earlier that you admire people who are in control of their emotions,but while writing for a character-would it become a challenge to show their graph-or would it need only an actor of Big B\’s calibre to carry it of(In Sarkar-2 only his eyes convey while AB Jr is dying)

  9. Unknown says:

    may sound funny..but if you could also put up a post on Kota Srinivas Rao please

  10. Unknown says:

    the scene in sarkar, where after a long pause with haunting background music…..shankar says,"maine bhaiya ko mar diya"….and again after a pause sarkar says, "ab" ,was awesome……..can u tell how u concieved it?

  11. Unknown says:

    Do you find it funny that while shooting a scene-you might think of ideas/get ideas -which might never ever crossed you previously-and then get noticed for them either good or bad…maybe life\’s exactly like movies.. just a bunch of If decisions n chances gone right or wrong..

  12. krishna says:

    Dear Sir,I loved the scene in Phookh where the housemaid gets horrified when she sees the hanuman calender turned upside down.where did u get the idea for that scene. it was really reading the viewers really struck me hard. what a simple but effective idea sir jeee…

  13. Jay says:

    It is said that the self-proclaimed no.1 superstar of the Hindi film industry and the bunch of jokers surrounding him \’manage media\’ to keep a check on competition and potential threats. Is there any truth in that? Does your story \’Rann\’ cover that?

  14. Puroorava Chakravarthy says:

    your friend\’s e-mail indicates that you practised karate. Which belt? Still in practice?

  15. V says:

    "I am highly sentimental about women and hate to see or hear about them getting hurt"A case in point being: My wife\’s murder "Never voted in my life nor do I intend to."Er… sir, we have moved on from the Raja-Maharaja aristocracy to a democracy "P stands for My surname Penumatsa"Shucks. All this while we thot it was Pakau"if you say 2+3=5, you need to know the individual values of 2 and 3 and also 5 to come up with the answer" Not really. A calculator will give you a straight answer minus the philosophy and reasoning"she gave me a Ahhhhh great time"Now dont fool us here. What you meant was she hit you with a chair and you vented out the "ooh aah and ouch""Whales are the most intelligent beings in the world"Of course they are. You dont see them making movies!

  16. Sameer Shaikh says:

    Few answers we seek from you Sarkar…1. Name that troubles you a lot?2. Moie you always wanted to make but never could?3. Will there ever be a new face that would be launched by You and stay as Superstar?4. Why do you choose movie names that are words and not sentences… maybe those having such names would understand that you make movies and not names… ignore Ramu ki Aag 😉

  17. Unknown says:

    HELLO SIR, I am an engg. student. I read fountainhead and i felt the main moral theme in that book is – ONLY CREATOR HAS THE RIGHT TO DESTROY,which is the same philosophy of advaita. wats ur take?

  18. vinay says:

    HII RGV.. "Never voted in my life nor do I intend to. " This is the dialogue from "Assembly rowdy".. ANy way me too never voted and not intended to do in future too.. every time I say this.. I just remember assembly rowdy movie dats y I just ask\’d u.. I think we two people are good and responsible citizens 🙂

  19. Ashvin says:

    How can one improve his story telling skills? I have read some that you picked Harish Shankar to direct Shock because you were impressed the way he has narrated the story?

  20. Shalini says:

    Hi Ramu, just wanted to say hi.

  21. Pramod says:

    Hello Ramu,I noticed that many of your hit or successfull films main leads have their names some how related to the names of lord shiva, like from your first film Shiva ( SHIVA and BHAVANI) , Gayam ( Durga), Kshana Kshanam ( Chandu) , Company ( Chandrakanth Nagre) Sarkar and Sarkar Raj ( Shankar nagre) and some other films which dont have the main leads name with connection to shiva , but have shined in the film like Chandu in Satya, is it coincidence, or u just like the names or any luck factor involved? i dont think the last option is the answer- right??Thankspramod

  22. mikey says:

    Every one has some thing that they want to take pride in,some in being able to have HOLIER THAN COW IMAGE,some in being universally accepted,some in being aultra positive.i reckon u do take pride in defying the system,rules around and yet being successful,precisely in the sense that u make films u like,u do what u intend to do all the time.

  23. mikey says:

    what do you mean by narrating story?is it narrating the basic plot/premise briefly?

  24. Prem. P. says:

    I loved the way u conceived th escene in the film Satya, When every one thinks that they are almost caught, Satya fires his gun and evey one shatters,.. i loved the very idea and that thrilling element! could u explain the psycology behind that scene,Thanx & Regrds,Prem. p. Satish,Assistant Director,+919885106789

  25. Pradeep says:

    Whos that guy who played Ganesh in the Shiva?we didnt saw him after that film?

  26. Pradeep says:

    Who actually designed the logo of SHIVA ?its very creative by embossing nagarjuna pic into the title…

  27. Pradeep says:

    As your Father is a Sound engineer by profession, is that helped you to use very different and new sound in ur very first film SHIVA?

  28. vaishak says:

    Ramu,Film : COmpanyScene 1 – An assasin try to kill malik at the film function.Scene 2 – Chandu gives orders to his henchman not to kill the minister because the kids are also in the car.Scene3 – Chandu\’s arrogant introduction scene.i doubt these scenes are inspired from de palma\’s "Scarface". For the first scene i quoted, there is that scene where tony montana escapes from his killers in the Club. De palma\’s killers use to try to kill their enemy and reach their target even when they are taking the last breath. I also have seen this deadly and original approach in henchmen in your films.The cold and proffessional approach in killing is there in many of your movies including "sarkar".The second scene is also there. Tony montana makes the big mistake by screwing up sosa\’s plans by not killing the activist\’ because his kids and wife were in the car.Scene 3 – tony montanas arrogant behaviour makes others think that he \’s worth the money.How did you edit the scene where the narrator say "Company were never short of freinds, in police,in government, in business they got friends. There is visual that people moving on street with somebody moves left to right to camera.that visual tells it so clearly that company has got a lot friends, in fact ,it\’s flooded by freinds. But using still and slow motion button, i found out that its not people moving near the camera but much zoomed shots in the film edited with the shot of people moving in streets and it created the effect. how did you conceive that editing pattern….? With luv..vaishak

  29. Unknown says:

    "I\’m made to Leave lot of Good People because of One Bad Person" – Does this sentence mean anything to you? Either ways..did you ever thought of making a movie with this as its central idea?..i wish to see your interpretation about this statement..can you just present what has occurred to you upon reading this statement?

  30. Unknown says:

    Do you know media reads your blog and writes them as snippets in newspaper.What would you do if there is a heading in newspapers tommorow?"Film director Ram Gopal Varma discourages people from voting as he said that he never voted and will never vote in his life"Mumbai Mar 13:Noted film director Ram gopal varma who made critically acclaimed movies like Satya and company…and also a dud like Aag…recently claimed on his blog that he never voted in his life and does not intend to do so at any time in the future.It is sad reality that an infulential person like Mr.Varma can mislead the young india by making such irrelavant claims in his blog.This should be strongly condemned by one and all.The election commision should take necessary action to ban such blogs where a person is deliberately trying to mislead today\’s youth."Shankar beweja.

  31. Manas says:

    Satya has been on my "best movies to come out of India" list. I don\’t know why but Aditya Shrivastav, for me, outshone everyone in that movie as inspector Khandelkar. Reminded me of Om Puri\’s Anant Welankar in many ways still keeping his own. Two of his scenes which were brilliant were,1. When commissioner lectures Khandelkar about how the education systems needs to be changed to fight crime, and Khandelkar at the end when asked what does he think simply says "No Sir" firmly, all the while the camera is transfixed on Khandelkar when commissioner is speaking. 2. Khandelkar goes to Paresh Rawals house and theres a news program which is reporting the death of two innocent businessmen at the hands of policemen. His wife get upset and asks why it is so. Paresh Rawals character goes on to explain that how it is not so simple and all that, and all this while the camera is again transfixed on Khandelkar when Paresh Rawal is talking.What a brilliant scene with such a brilliant actor! Aditya Shrivastav is one of the seriously seriously underrated and underused actors to come out of India. I wish he does more films.How do you find people you work with? For example, Aditya Shrivastav?

  32. Harsha says:

    Do you think its important to look good and neat? Do you feel the urge to look good? Is that why you sport a mustache?

  33. Rolling says:

    If RGV was not a film director, he would be?

  34. snow says:

    "God does not play dice."- Albert Einstein "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I\’m not sure about the former."- Albert EinsteinWhatdya think Sir?

  35. Naveen says:

    "Never voted in my life nor do I intend to"thats an easy way out……..and lose your right to complain

  36. Arun says:

    How would you define Compassion ?

  37. Arun says:

    Do you have more fun watching a movie or making it ? Offcourse I mean all movies, not just the ones you have made. Do you ever plan to retire ?

  38. Arun says:

    If I see a beggar on street and give him money out of \’pity\’, does that mean I employ him to always have his living out of my share of charity, and thereby destroy his minuscule chances of making his own living ? Its confusing to me as I feel something is terribly wrong. Something gets torn between logic and feelings. Any reaction ? Also I read in an interview that you don\’t believe in charity. Why is that ?

  39. Arun says:

    My mother says I need a psychiatrist for making you my role-model. 😉 ..don\’t mind…\’ I \’ love you.When ever you mutilated your imagination for a scene, how important does it become to re-shoot it ?

  40. Arun says:

    I saw photos of making of sarkar raj. Where do you buy your shirts from ? They are funny, unusual, attractive.

  41. Abhishek says:

    In Satya, the character "Bapu" played by Late Rajesh Joshi, is left unanswered in the film. I saw the end credits of the film and it had mentioned "Late Rajesh Joshi" . How did it happen? Its remarkable, despite Bapu\’s fate not being revealed in the film, it still worked out and left a lasting impression!Did you say Jai Alred Hitchcock here?

  42. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu, Speaking of "Communism vs Free Market", I saw you referring to Ayn Rand\’s books when you said that those readings were sufficient for you change your belief on communism. An incident here from the days after I finished my engineering and was looking for jobs. I guess this was about an year before the Sovient Union disintegrated. I too used to be believe that communism was the way to a just and equable society. I broached this subject to my dad one day. He told me a joke: An American (Free Market), an Indian (Socialistic) and a Russian (Communist) were having coffee together. The American says, we are so lucky we have 2 weeks of vacation every year. The Indian says, we are even luckier. We have 3 weeks of vacation and we don\’t slog as much as Americans. We don\’t have to work a lot. Nobody removes us from the job whether we work or not. The Russian says, you guys are naive. In Russia, we don\’t have to work at all. This joke was an eye-opener. I lost all my faith on communism. Communism is worse than Dictatorship. In Dictatorship, at least the individual\’s whims and fancies are involved. He can be cajoled, coaxed or convinced. Or worst case he would think he is doing something good by doing a little good and live in his fool\’s paradise thinking he is doing a great service. Mainly, he can be overthrown with relative ease. Whereas communism is like a system behaving like a dictator. It is a vicious system that lives and thrives on itself. It lives and feeds on individuality and brainwashes the individuals into believing that freedom is not a moral or birth right. Just like the mafia, in communism too all the individuals are afraid of the system and work for the system which is nothing but a collective representation of themselves. But operates at a gigantic scale. Not to mention that free market has its own pit-falls. But here, the individual is free to work hard and is empowered to break the vicious sub-chains in the system thru sheer struggle and hard-work.

  43. snow says:

    Hi VijayDirects Vemuri,It is not my poke my nose…but what I feel is that you have written nothing about have just "repeated" the world view…everybody in the world knows what communism is and its approach to life. You sound genius when talking about movies and how to go about making them though.

  44. unknown says:

    According to u, what is the perfect way to differentiate between believing and blind believing, I think its an obstruction to human minds.

  45. unknown says:

    In bhoot, while urmila and ajay sleeping suddenly mageera appears and urmila tries to call ajay but she cannot move her limbs or even her tongue. My questions is how do u get this thought, I think u had heard this with someone because I heard such stories or situations for several times.

  46. Unknown says:

    sir i want to join as assistant director for u; how and when should i meet u iam very serius about my profession

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