A Killer IDEA


20 years back when I was desperately trying to get a break as a Director, I was trying to seek an appointment with Mr. Ramoji Rao who was a full time Producer by then and had come up with the some unconventional hits like “Srivariki Premalekha”, “Mayuri” and “Pratighatana”.


So I thought my best chances were with him but the problem was to get access to him. So I came up with a killer Idea and wrote an article titled “The Ideas that killed 30 million people” for his then newspaper called “Newstime”. It got published and then I identified myself to him as the writer of that article and got my appointment with him. Nothing materialized out of it as he felt that it was not right to give a break to me as a Director considering my complete lack of experience, whereas I was trying to convince him that a Director needs imagination and it’s only technicians who need experience to put that on celluloid. He set aside my argument saying that at best he can give me a job as a Columnist.


Well, even though nothing came out of that article, that article was my first claim to fame. My family and friends were thrilled to see my name in print. I lost that article till recently a friend of mine Raja who kept it for all these years gave it to me. I am putting that in here for you guys to get bored, amused, interested or whatever else you might feel.





“The Ideas That Killed 30 Million People” written by RGV in ‘NewsTime’


The writing finger writes knowing not to what use the book and its ideas would be put by future generations. The most horrendous example of the phenomenon is Nietzsche being appropriated by Hitler and the lesser Nazis.


Although the ideas that nourished the intellectual roots of Adolf Hitler, who started as a small-time painter and went on his way to become the master of Europe, can be traced back to many a megalomanical thought that poured out from a few German minds of 19th century, no other man’s ideas have contributed so much to the barbarous part of the Nazi mind as those of the philosopher Nietzsche.


Nietzsche’s writings, often dismissed off as but outpourings of a raving insane mind by many a thinker now and then and described by George Santayana as full of genial imbecility and boyish blasphemy, were untiringly praised by the Nazi writers with great enthusiasm. The Nazis would quote him on every conceivable subject. Hitler openly declared his admiration for the philosopher and often used to visit the Nietzsche Museum at Weimar and publicize his deep respect for Nietzsche by posing for photographs of himself staring in rapture at the painting of the philosopher.


Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche was born in 1844. He was descendant of the Nietsky family, a reputed race of aristocrats and warriors. But he himself was a weak branch of this mighty tree. As a result of genetic inheritance of a feeble constitution from his father he was subject to a variety of physical ailments, neuralgia, weak eyes, dizzy headaches.


He was the laughing stock of the school with his weak body and shy nature. He was afraid of the boys and never could bring himself to use their slang and cuss words. But for the short time he used to play with his sister he always would wind up in a corner with some book or the other. After school he joined the University of Bonn and from there he transferred to Lepzing and devoted himself to the study of German language.


He discovered Schopenhauer’s The World as Will and Idea and hungrily read every word of it. Schopenhauer declared that nature traps humanity into an existence of misery through procreation by baiting sex. So in order to escape this trap man should willfully stop procreating and breathing. Nietzsche absorbed this pessimistic doctrine and transformed it from a will to die to will to live. The will should be to live in spite of all the suffering that we endure. Such an assertion of the will raises man above himself and transforms him into God, he claimed.


One day during the war between Germany and France, he saw a troop of cavalry marching to the front and at that moment he said his entire philosophy fell into place. He felt for the first time that the strongest and highest will to life does not find expression in a miserable struggle for existence but only in a will to war, a will to power, a will to overpower.


In an evil moment man has created God and thereafter was chained to his own creation. He urged that man should be able to break the chain and gather courage to be himself and to surpass himself. Man must strive to become Superman. He dismissed morality as but a device to lead men by their noses and proceeded to define good and evil. The term good was not an ethical classification formerly but only a social distinction. Good formerly meant brave and strong. The strong used to impose their will on the society and draw a moral code to suit their own characteristics.


But as the time went on, a new set of people have risen who were physically weak but mentally strong. In a struggle against their warrior masters they invented the so called virtues as a weapon to use against the sword. A system of ethics was founded to cover their own weaknesses. They proclaimed the rights of the underdog to shackle the natural instincts of the strong and to perpetuate their own impotent rule. A religious propaganda was launched in their support to exalt their own impotency. The poor, the weak, the lowly are the good and for them alone is salvation.


In such a way did “the fox replace the eagle”. It was an act of clever revenge on the part of the cowardly against the courageous. It was the most pious fraud ever committed in history, declared the anti-Christ, as Nietzsche called himself.


Society does not exist for its own sake, claimed Nietzsche, but only as an elevator by means of which a select race of human beings may elevate themselves to a higher duty. It will be ascertained beyond doubt for any reader of Mein Kampf that Hitler took his select race of human beings to be Aryans. Nietzsche’s views are reflected often in Hitler’s Mein Kampf. “All the results of art, science and technology that we see before us today, are almost exclusively the creative product of the Aryan…It is the fire of his knowledge that caused man to climb the path to mastery over the other beings of this earth. .. The Aryan, in his encounter with lower people, subjugated them and bent them to his will…As long as he ruthlessly upheld the master attitude, not only did he remain master, but also the preserver and increaser of culture. As soon as the subjected people began to raise themselves up and approach the level of their conqueror, the barrier between mater and servant broke down. The Aryan gave up the purity of his blood and, therefore, lost sojourn in the paradise which he had made for himself… We all sense that in the distant future humanity must be faced by problems which only the highest race, becoming master people and supported by the means and possibilities of an entire globe, will be equipped to overcome”.


The above extracts from Mein Kampf clearly indicate to what extent Nietzsche influenced Hitler.


Nietzsche further claimed that all talk about “good and bad conscience” is sheer nonsense. Actually a strong man does not feel any sense of shame for any of his deeds. Do the great birds of prey feel shame as they seize helpless sheep, he reasoned.


“The strong men, the masters regain the pure conscience of a beast of prey; they can return from a fearful succession of murder, arson, rape and torture with same joy in their hearts, the same contentment in their souls as if they had indulged in some student’s rag.


“Man must be evil; for evil is man’s best force. The evilest is necessary for Superman’s best”.


These words were uttered by the most terrible man that has ever existed, as Nietzsche described himself in his autobiography Ecce Homo, had a profound influence in shaping the mind of Hitler and a host of lesser Nazis, and in time they would justify the breaching of Versailles Treaty, the violation of the Hague Convention and the most cold –blooded and ruthless deeds such as the suppression of personal freedom, the brutal practice of slave labour, the depravities of Auschwitz and other such concentration camps, the ruthless massacre of his own followers in 1934, the savage killing of the war prisoners and the senseless slaughter of millions of Jews.


He had created the greatest revolution in history, declared Nietzsche. Some day after his death, history would no longer be divided into BC and AD, the era before Christ and the era after Christ. Christ would be forgotten now that Nietzsche has replaced him. History would be divided into BN and AN, the dark centuries of ignorance before Nietzsche, and the enlightened centuries after Nietzsche.


About war, Nietzsche lashed out in the  thundering language of The Old Testament in which Thus Spoke Zarathustra is written: “Ye shall love peace only as a means to a new war. Ye say that it is the god cause that halloweth every war. I say unto you that is the good war that halloweth every cause.


“Lo I command you to make way for the predator, the splendorous blond beast would arise again,” he prophesied.


“Let the nations of the World beware! Let the democracies of Europe tremble! Within fifty years these babel  governments will clash in a gigantic war for the markets of the world.


“The beasts of prey, the race of conquerors shall rise in mightier and more deadly form. Those who cannot bear my philosophy are doomed and those who regard it as the highest blessing are destined to be the masters. The superman is coming. Make way for him or be destroyed. He and the elite around him would be the lords of the earth”.


Few people who have read Mein Kampf, the so called Nazi bible, and the people who have followed the deeds of Hitler and his Nazi followers during the course of the Second World war would doubt that Hitler considered himself the superman of Nietzsche’s prophecy.


The Article:



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100 Responses to A Killer IDEA

  1. Unknown says:

    why have you been continuing making films casting Nisha Kothari ?

  2. Unknown says:

    which political party do you support & why?

  3. Unknown says:

    why don\’t you tuck your shirt into trouser?it looks so schlocky…

  4. Unknown says:

    Great Article. Nietzsche was as mad as our babas, the only diference is he was a \’mad genius\’. I\’ve been into Philosophy since school days and just as anyone else have my own understnading of things. It \’s nice to know that you had a great understanding of Nietzsche in your formative years or younger days. May be that\’s why we have our own mad genius. To each his own but kind of disappointed to read the reactions to such a great article.

  5. Unknown says:

    @Michael"Nietzsche was as mad as our babas" – WTF !!!

  6. Unknown says:

    "You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star" -Friedrich Nietzsche

  7. sripal says:

    Convincing hundreds of minds (actors, technicians, writers etc.) to get what we wanted is the toughest and the worst part of filmmaking. Right ?

  8. sandeep says:

    plz readhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Influence_and_reception_of_Friedrich_Nietzsche

  9. Mohan says:

    Please write one blog in Telugu language..plz——

  10. Vinay says:

    Yes, Mr Varma. I had written an article in HIndustan Times once. It appeared on the Realty Section\’s first page- full half page. I was myself thrilled to see my name and even more thrilled to receive appreciation from friends. No one understood it (It was about financing the real estate sector) but they all agreed it was one hell of a researched piece. Schopenhauer was right about religions. In fact hinduism as a religion never existed earlier. It existed only as a way of living. IT was the foreigners who named us hindus, after new religions sprang up. Hindu sages who taught the world medicine, astrology, maths, irrigation, philosophy, civilization and the art of living never claimed fame. They did their work and faded away like Howard Roark. The other religions were created basically for the same reason as Schopenhauer claimed. In fact I can see Elsworth Toohey in each of the preachers. They want the world to dance to their tunes and they themselves seek only this power.

  11. Vinay says:

    Just like terrorists appropriate the holy Quran for their misdeeds, Hitler too appropraited Nietsche\’s philosophy to meet and justify his own misdeeds. But if the philosopher has actually said "Man must be evil; for evil is man’s best force. The evilest is necessary for Superman’s best", then what is the point of following the philosopher. He is evil himself. You said the writing finger knows not how his writings will influence others. In such a scenario, doesnt censorship become necessary. After all curfews do help control chaos!

  12. Bhaskar says:

    Evidence was there 20 years back for why your thoughts/movies have been beyond to that moment.

  13. Vinay says:

    @ Vikram Tirupati. P in P RGV is Pietzsche

  14. Vinay says:

    Am surprised the magazine approved the article, considering almost all of it has been "taken" from Nietzsche\’s books and Mein Kampf.

  15. unknown says:

    Which incident or movie that inspired u to write donga donga story ?? And write a piece on Mani ratnam.

  16. lprakash says:

    Sir,Thanks for sharing this wonderful article with us lesser mortals. After reading your blogs, I bought the book, \’Thus Spake Zarasthura\’, but didn\’t get a word of it and left it aside, assuming that i need to wisen up before touching it. Am glad that after reading your article, I can now make sense of what the author was trying to say in the previous ten pages. Now shall read it, for the enlightenment has just begun 🙂 "In an evil moment, man has created God and thereafter was chained to his own creation" what a line, boss!Btw, can you please share some behind the camera scenes from agyaat with us? And what about your article on awards? You have a great power to make one think and look things from a different perspective. Write something on how a director views the world (if you get what i mean…does the sound of thunder make one feel the urge to record it for sound effects? does a road accident or petty crime on street trigger a story idea or does it make one feel furious and react or ignore like any other common man?). To cut a long story short, are you as filmmaker as normal as any common man on street?- prakash gowda

  17. Arun says:

    My girlfriend says I should be as honest as you. I feel if I become as honest as you, she will run away forever ! Oh girls !!

  18. Brentmeister says:

    A.R. Rahman said that it is his spiritualism that helps him to detach from his work and look at it from a totally different point of view. Whereas you said the failure of Aag is because you tend to get lost in the little details of making cinema that its \’IMPOSSIBLE\’ to look at it as a whole in the end. I think the differing points of view has got to do more with belief than theism/atheism .

  19. mikey says:

    I was surprised a bit to know that u influenced venkat to sign TARANI(i reckon,he was a dumb assistant according to you those days) just to get a feel of the cycle of film making.It sounds simple but i reckon there is more to it.U never bothered about the losses that venkat might incur signing a dumb ass like TARANI.This act of yours can be identified with the one in the article ,"Strong men never regret their decisions and have no moral values".This made sure that u never bothered about the emotional aspect in tricking/cheating/conning to different people concerned when u were a film maker wannnable.As u said,u took every thing that suited your needs,thought process..

  20. Shalini says:

    Hi Ramu, You being an Atheist, is it bacause you were never introduced to or never practiced religion? or you lost faith cause of any incident? If the first one is true, how can you be against something that you didn\’t even know? Just curious…

  21. Manas says:

    Hello Ramu sirji, big fan here, just discovered you blog, couldn\’t stop reading for nearly an hour, jobless 🙂 but good, for me this blog helped you make far too human. maybe one of your intentions.It was interesting seeing you get affected by other people\’s posts in spite of the nihilism! Still, I will be arrogant and suggest you a book, Ivan Turgenev\’s Fathers and Sons. If you haven\’t already read it, you might find it agreeable :)Even Nietzsche couldn\’t survive without breaking down, as if it were an excuse 🙂

  22. Sudhir says:

    Hey Raam!!!No one but you could have woven fact and fiction so nicely. You deserve the Comprachico Padma-Vibhushan.If Mahatma Gandhi had been here and had heard of you he would give one of his famous toothless smiles and say, "Hey Ra\’am, you are a saint in a bad disguise!!!"

  23. Unknown says:

    U often remind me of famous pirate \’Jack Sparrow\’.at times,he is rude,he is shrewd,he seems to be careless about anything and everything.yet,he is very humane.he has sharp mind,vision of future and a cut above all his colleagues(captains). thats why people love him.and thats why we love you

  24. kedar says:

    Ramu, i was looking at Hitler\’s caricature on the scanned page of new paper article. and then instinctively i scrolled up…the hitler in the picture and you in the photo both are looking in the same direction…and tried visualizing u with Hitler mustaches… hahahaha… but u didnt look like him…in stead quirkiness and sarcasm in your eyes made u look like SARCASTIC version of Charlie Chaplin… :))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  25. unknown says:

    Sarkar Raj is even better than Sarkar. And it would be better to see Sarkar 3 start with the assassination of sarkar!!!

  26. Pradeep says:

    Do you think " Recession " is going to effect you and your films?

  27. Pradeep says:

    Why some of ur films r having unfinished endings?

  28. vaishak says:

    Ramu, Can you publish your wedding photo….? It will be real fun to see you as a systematic groom in a traditional hindu marriage funtion…hmmmm…please my freind…..please post that….With love…..Vaishak……

  29. Unknown says:

    @ No name with photographWTF? Let me explain the F. I can write a book but will try to explain in ‘few’ words. Nietzsche is an enlightened chutiya or ‘ mad genius’ (in a derogatory way) . Period. It’s not only my opinion, it’s been said by generations of philosophers as well. That his thinking is kiddish when he says women must be used only for their lower lip (or bearing children and bring ‘em up to be strong, Ayn Rand is laughing) is evident. He is nothing but like any religious fanatic who says their religion is the greatest and who want to spread their religion all over the world by any means. Nature says only the fittest survive. It’s also science and Darwian theory and it’s also common sense. Nietzsche said only the strongest must rule strive to be supermen by ruling the weak (If applied to an individual and if everyone kills each other, there will be only one Homo Sapien in the world). In a way it’s true. It’s like democracy. It’s injustice, 51% majority’s choice ruling 49% minority, but there is a system in place, the law is same for everyone. No one kills anyone and gets away with it. The baba part: Nietzsche said people who don’t follow me are banished and people who follow me will rule the world. Any baba says this ‘meri baat nahi manoge to tumhara jeevan nash ho jaayega’. How baba’s essence is different from Nietzsche’s. I found his thoughts so ordinary and basic common sense that any thinking man can come up with such thoughts. Many wonder why he is debated so much. I don’t. I have nothing against Nietzsche because I think chutiyalogonko attention deke apna energy waste nahi karneka. And some of his thoughts are so juvenile; it’s like a teenager writing his thoughts while playing violent video games. He needed psychiatric help and that’s why he ended up in mental institution. The origin of thoughts could be due to repressed childhood, not being able to fight the bullies and later wants to prove to himself and the world that he is great and goes on to scribble whatever thoughts came into his mind. Any thought can be taken as propaganda, even Nietzsche’s, even mine against Nietzsche. Some of is thoughts are great but most are plain chutiyagiri. The chutiyagiri thoughts are so strong that it takes away all the great thoughts he has given the world. It’s like earning respect all your life and losing it in a single moment. Hitler and his followers were another chutiyas. Chutiya, I mean, whatever intelligence you have, but if you use it in a so cruel way (even Ramu said intelligence is not possible without love and compassion) then you deserve to be called chutiya and not sick, because sick will become mental illness. The Nazis chose to be misguided. Nitzche was like nihilist and so were Nazis who twisted his thoughts and became racist and eugenicist. Ramu made bad films and as well as great films. The point is to criticize him for his bad films and regard him for his great work. But the same cannot be said about Nietzsche and the Nazis. I hope now you get what I meant. My philosophy is man lives for pleasure. It may be emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual or just existential. Now if I write ‘beat that’, it may sound heroic or plain stupid. Isn’t it common sense? It’s like feelings expressed in method become poetry and thoughts expressed in a method become philosophy. Thank you for disturbing me.

  30. Shalini says:

    Hey Ramu, Does aging bother you?

  31. Shalini says:

    How do you manage your time between film related work, blogging, reading, watching films and having fun with all those \’Padmas\’ you claim to be having fun with? HOW????

  32. Shalini says:

    What is that one quality/trait that you absolutely love about youself?

  33. vamsi says:

    I was in India last month and happened to mention about your blog to my friends. One of the listeners is writing a script and his cousin has done a few films as a hero – my point is that he is familiar with films and sensible. He made a statement – "RGV is no longer in". That really struck me. What ever made him come to that conclusion… I argued saying that you just made sarkar raj… he said – thats fine… but that a one-off kind of movie and he takes too long to give a hit. Wow… is that the perception of Varma in his head or was that an evolving opinion?? My understanding is that people make films for various purposes – to make money, to become popular, they have one story to tell, and for all these people, a hit is possible only when magically a lot of things fall in place and it results in a hit. I look at you as a person who makes films for your passion. Things never fall in place magically for you. Even if they did, you would wreck them. You are only responsible for your hits and flops. Hence you are more like a scientist who keeps experimenting not with a goal of making money or becoming popular, but for passion. As experiments fail for a scientist, so will your films fail, but your experiments have the potential to create an invention comparable to that of the electric bulb. Hence your potential to make an "out of the world" movie is very high. The other who make films for other reasons can never invent an electric bulb, but will make inventions equal to cuff links, shoe laces etc. I think Anurag Kashyap has it in him a passion comparable to yours…

  34. vamsi says:

    Did this article flow out of your mind or was it edited and pieced together over a period of time with a goal to keep the reader shocked and interested at the same time? It kept my interest… but am keen on how it formed….

  35. Shalini says:

    Hi Ramu, When did you give your first Autograph, or atleast asked for one?( my guess is that you refused to give) and how did you feel? Can you share the experience? pls

  36. E says:

    Hi RGV,Great article….no idea at what age you wrote this…but then it indicates..that by then you had read lotsa of books..whether related to Philosophy..or any other..subject….a certain level of maturity can be easily recognised…and thats exactly the reason why you are a quintessential different director……know what it is suspected that Nietzsche had incestual relationship with his sister…now it is anybodys guess what can come out this perverted mind…..and it is no surprise that his writings had tremendous impression on Hitler…the man who was a vegetarian, wanted to get into Art School,loved music, loved children…..just imagine if he had been admitted into Art School…this world would have been different…….There are also different reasons which are not known to public of Nazis and their brutality…..there is a nice book by Osho …The Psychology of the Esoteric..in which this topic comes and he reveals some fascinating details about how the Nazis became what they are…why Hitler chose Swastika….why he had developed deep relationship with the Japanese…and how Hitler thought himself to be the prophet Elijah…and finally the point everyone talks about Hitler possessing great oratorical skills..whenever Hitler would give speeches he would appear as if possessed by something..some power…interesting stuff…man….but it was a nice try by you to get access to Ramoji Rao….CheersEV

  37. Pradeep says:

    Hi ramu,Some where I read that the Trailer of " Shiva " created Sensation in those days and unique in its own way…So can u pls share that very first promo of ur film "Shiva"? pls…..

  38. Dinesh says:

    "P"…. ?

  39. srinivas says:

    Hey Ramu,Your comments on this comment.. "Asking a film director what he thinks about critics is like asking a lamppost how it feels about dogs."

  40. E says:

    Hey.>Sanjay…Who is sympathizing with Hitler man…I was only juxtaposing the Jekyll and Hyde quality of this persona..called Adolf Hitler….and when I said it would have been a different world..I mean ….Auschwitz concentrations camps would not have taken place…those gas chambers would not have taken place….those innocent Jews would not have been killed man..that is what I meant….Isn\’t the title of the article….The Ideas that Killed 30 Million People?? So where does the question of self-praise come here???Admiration of evil…??? why would he write the article and publish..it in the first place?? you can read again..carefully…i specifically mentioned..at what age he has written..so ..assuming that he has written it at quite an early age..i was only inferencing that..he is a well read man..and he shows sound thought process..and structure….i dont know from where you are getting this idea that i am sympathizing with Hitler…sorry bro..you dont sound like Sanjay..but defenitely a Sanjay- under- influence-.of- something….you got it completely wrong…pal…see now you are assuming things..jumping onto conclusions…i only wrote half of it…dude DONT JUDGE THE BOOK BY ITS COVER……CHeersEV

  41. gouravaraju says:

    you are a genius man!!!!!!!!!! how come the man raja you mentioned here is a friend as you said many times that you have no friends and dont understand the meaning of friend?

  42. Ashvin says:

    Is it true that you picked Jagapathi babu for Gayam because you were impressed with his voice?

  43. Unknown says:

    very inspiring article.thanks for sharing it..

  44. sanam says:

    Your thought process is something to be admired, mostly because it\’s never sugar coated….How much of an influence does Nietzsche have on you?

  45. Salik says:

    the seeds for your future works…

  46. 旺立 says:


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