My reactions to reactions

1. Since both you and Rahman came together to Bollywood through Rangeela do you think you have been as successful as him?
Ans: No, because he has never done any bad work unlike me. His music might not have worked some times due to various reasons but he has never done bad music whereas in my case I have done many bad films some of which worked due to various reasons.
2. How come you always come up with a title even before the film starts?
Ans: I make my films because of the title.
3. Are you your biggest fan?
Ans: No. I have multiple personalities within me which range from being intelligent to dumb to funny to intense and quite a few of them suffer from disorders.
4. Are you Ganesha or Karthika?
Ans: I am more closer to a Rakshasa.
5. Zahreela Pyar song in Daud is an eternal composition.
Ans: Very true and I hate myself for screwing up that song by putting it in a wrong film.
6. How come you don’t go to any award functions?
Ans: I don’t believe in the concept of awards and as entertaining events I have better choices than them. Soon I will write my bit on Awards.
7. Why do we feel so bad when there is no RGV movie playing at the theatres?
Ans: Maybe because you then would not know where to spew your venom.
8. What happened to the boy in Satya who runs all over with a Police siren on his head in the Goli Maar song?
Ans: He was my assistant director named Sabir. To my knowledge he left films since and is dabbling in stock market.
9. BTW, I have recommended your blog to my GRE friends.
Ans: Am I supposed to touch your feet for that?
10. Atleast your films don’t have vulgarity, double meaning dialogue, artificial sequences, rapes etc.
Ans: Yes, I know I am lacking.
11. Do you mean to say that any person with a good sense of imagination can be a director?
Ans: The only thing you need is that. 
12. My Dad thinks it’s stupid to throw away my medical career and go for an unsuitable career in films.
Ans: My Dad thought the same too and see who had the last laugh. That apart my father could have been right too but the point of life is to live it the way you want and for that you need to dare to face the consequences of your decisions. I personally would rather die than not live life the way I want to.
13. Is intelligence possible without compassion and love?
Ans: No.
14. How was the comic scene “Kya Karen” in Sarkar Raj between Vora and Kanga come about?
Ans: I copied it from “Jungle Book” where in a scene three vultures debate sitting on a branch “What do you want to do?”
15. Describe RGV in one word.
Ans: Yummy!
16. God is dead – Nietzsche.
Ans: Nietzsche is dead – God.
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64 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. Pradeep says:

    Hi Rgv,thanks for quest.. Why u wont attend any awards function?u said soon going to write on that….waiting for that

  2. Pradeep says:

    14. How was the comic scene “Kya Karen” in Sarkar Raj between Vora and Kanga come about?Ans: I copied it from “Jungle Book” where in a scene three vultures debate sitting on a branch “What do you want to do?its really hilarious ..u copied from comics…cool

  3. naveen says:

    How about an article on awards. Not some specific awards, but any awards.Looking at the oscars this time felt like there is a conspiracy theory behind Slumdog Millionaire winning so many awards.I am not into debate about the quality of the movie. It ranges from average to a masterpiece. Not to bother about.The conspiracy I am referring to about is the production houses in the West trying to enter Indian Cinema production and the welcoming of this movie being a launch pad.I am sure they can enter the market even without, but they might have their trade-offs.I wanted to know your take on awards. What goes on the nomination criteria, what interests are vested by the production houses, how far influential are the members of the jury etc….Only a very few can value their own judgments (liking or disliking a movie) irrespective of anybody\’s take on it, compared to people who bath in the awe of the applauses and camera flashes during awards and suck their energies to please every schmuck to win awards, make box office records and listen to courteous comments made by celebrities during the premieres- all with the same movie with just only their names on it.P.S:There are exceptions to some filmmakers and some awards

  4. Arun says:

    16. God is dead – Nietzsche.Ans: Nietzsche is dead – God.hahahahahaahaMy mother says that I have lost it for reading Nietzsche.

  5. Arun says:

    7. Why do we feel so bad when there is no RGV movie playing at the theatres?Ans: Maybe because you then would not know where to spew your venom. Completely untrue. I don\’t like it because I can\’t watch sexy bums, amazing camera angles, intense background score and quite a lot more. This is what i will say even when I saw Aag. No offence to her, but Nisha Kothari\’s butt was awesome. Sarkar\’s BGM rocked and Naach\’s content was awesome. Thanks to Ayn Rand for that.I watch your movies for my own pleasure, but probably with less pleasure than what you might experience making them, but it hurts when you treat me like that. Not everyone who watches your movies wants to spit at you, some of us actually want to kiss you 😉 My friends say I am stupid to love your movies and I should watch David Dhawan flicks.I think the other way around.

  6. Arun says:

    I know you make films because you want to, but I could never really understand why did you make " Darling" .What idea grabbed you ?

  7. Unknown says:

    While conceiving scenes do you make it a conscious decision to include a tribute/homage (McKennna\’s Gold,Jungle Book,God Father)?

  8. rgv_my_god says:

    whats the difference for u between…taking ur best shots and giving ur best shots?why did u scrap veerappan for the 2nd time.u were makin it along with sarkar that time 1st.just an honest question.

  9. rgv_my_god says:

    mujhe jo sahi lagta hai mien karta hu,wo chahe bhagwaan ke khilaaf ho,smaaj ke khilaaf ho police kanoon,ya phir pure system ke khilaf kyu na ho…..i always feel rgv sayin this to all his critics n fan as well.i heard there\’s only 1 god but for me i have two,the other one is u ever feel like its heaven ……….whevever u shoot with A.B?what made u cast rukhsar in SARKAR and D-COMPANY.WASN\’T IT A BAD CHOICE?

  10. rgv_my_god says:

    i love amit roy for his work so far in all ur flicks or i would say few masterpieces.i think he is a best guy in ur team and he is.i heard he is also planning to direct soon.?is that right?WHAT\’S SO GREAT ABOUT NISHA KOTHARI?i respect u when u dare to work with newcomers but half the time they lack talent.don\’t u think.answere honestly.why u have a bad choice in selecting songs.either u keep it or u don\’t.sometimes just to have a song is a bad choice.u should also experiment with different kind of bgm,though so far it is good,i just now saw ur agyaat promo it was nice really but….flute all the time in all the background has lost its original effectiveness or power from overuse.u should also experiment the way u do with shot break down,locations,publicity,actors,script,shot taking etc.

  11. Unknown says:

    "I\’m made to Leave lot of Good People because of One Bad Person" – Does this sentence means anything to you? Either ways can you make a movie around this theme…i wish to see your interpretation..what do you have to say on this Finally?

  12. karthik says:

    Will you work with A.R.Rahman in the near future? I\’m sure it will enable a successful film if you do!

  13. Bhaskar says:

    2. How come you always come up with a title even before the film starts?Ans: I make my films because of the title.Nice to know

  14. Unknown says:

    RGV!!! It seems that Mani Ratnam & Shekhar Kapur are important person in your career!!! As you have frequently added their name in your blogs!!!

  15. vaishak says:

    Dear ramu, nowadays the whole india is talking about sound engineering just because rasool and his parteners got an oscar for sound mix. But I always discussed the sound quality of your movies to a fw freinds who can\’t understand what i am saying. It\’s you who introduced brilliant sound design in indian cinema through films like "Company,Road and Bhooth and satya".You have taken sound so seriously from your first movie, "Shiva". It\’s a real wonder for me that how can a man without any assistant director experience make a movie of that quality. The way you used silence in shiva was wonderful and the sound of punch and kick. I wish if rahman did it background score ,the movie would have become more fantastic. I ve seen manirathnam\’s first film \’Pallavi anu pallai". But its nowhere near "Shiva".I am slipping from the point. Back to sound design – Road and bhooth released before 4 or 5 years. Nobody celebrated those films in its sound aspects except a filmfare award for Dwarak,if my memory is correct.Now suddenly everybody in india ,even a postmaster says about "oh…sound mixing..". I realise this nation never give respect to anybody who has done something remarkaby creative but respect anybody whom is respected by West. When rahman begun doing music direction, there was a big bunch of stupids were there to bully and torture him by saying his music is repetative just because of mere jealousy. Even ANu malik once said " My music for gentle man is much better than rahman\’ s musicfor tamil gentleman. He said this without any shame after lifting rahman\’s tamil music directly for the songs. There was another big bunch of morons in south flm industry who attacked rahman\’s music.Can you write a piece about sound designing of your films…?

  16. prithvi says:

    Hi Ramu,6. God is dead – Nietzsche.Ans: Nietzsche is dead – God.This answer was really clever one…kudos to you.

  17. Unknown says:

    Dear Ramu,I read your blogs with quite some regularity because of their wittiness n subversive nature which i enjoy. I particularly enjoyed your notion of "no body knows what works "..I will like to share with you one of my favourite authors N.N. Taleb…who is a financial sort of subversive guru in US..n has similar views as is download links to his interesting book..

  18. pradeep says:

    u having good entertaining stuf in morning may be with breakfasti am on time or lateu there or left

  19. pradeep says:

    theory r nothing nietzsche or any oneeveryone should take decisin on its own ability because ueveryone equally taleted as nietzsche god or any other great personevery is capable of taking dicison just take it and play with your destiny ofcourse life is game.ideots can win intelligent can loose

  20. pradeep says:

    please have a theme songs in rann and agyati love your sence of musicatleast they r differentsorry for boaring comments tryying to be more entertaining

  21. Unknown says:

    13. Is intelligence possible without compassion and love?Ans: No.Wud luv it….if u cud elaborate on this in 1 of ur future posts 🙂

  22. mojo says:

    ah!!! you can be a perfect case study i tell you…I have\’nt read any Nietzsche or Rand but I can see how your psyche the process of understanding mine.. the answer of love and compassion was me waiting for… with joining of some broken links.. and lastly..the answer for the last one was hilariousi went outburst in ma office… lol!!!!!! (I thought you loved Nietzsche… :P)

  23. sandeep says:

    hi varma jiwaiting for ur post on awards…ur post on rakta charitra would also be appreciated… wanna know about the factional wars. 🙂

  24. E says:

    Hi RGV,Great post on A.R.Rahman, ever since he came into the music scene…there was something extraordinary..about this entity…I am not saying this just coz he won an Oscar…infact Oscar or no Oscar..he is still is one the finest music directors..of all time….there is a lot of big deal being made out of this statuette…to me it means nothing coz most of the time there is lot of politics involved when awarding foreign movies..and foreign artists….but anyway..coming back to the point about A.R.Rahman, you know he has said that the finest peices of music that he conceived were right after having his prayer sessions…he a sufi to the core..out of any good that has come out of is this sufism..this is the only sane offshoot..just as zen budhism came out of yoga..when it went to the eastern nations….his moments of great inspirations were those moments when he was spiritually charged…perhaps he was accessing some deep realms of super-consciousness which we normal people are not able to reach..and they can be reached only in a heightened state of consciousness…acheived by deep meditation..this could be the reason that Ludwig Van Beethoven could compose such great masterpeices even though he was deaf…. this is also the greatest source for all the major inventiones/discoveries in this world…this is a fact very well known in the scientific community all around the world…"the point of life is to live it the way you want and for that you need to dare to face the consequences of your decisions. I personally would rather die than not live life the way I want to"Ok RGV…precisely when did this truth dawn on you..was it the day you deicided to go against your Dad\’s wishes and open your own video library..or looking back at your life in retrospect…you came upon this great truth…with some great analysis…most of the time..infact 99.9% of the time people miss the is like we are going in a rudderless fukkin idea what we are doing…and in the end..thre is only regret..and regert…and unfinished business!!!..this is the reason why we are born again and again….

  25. sudhachandra says:

    Please do write your views on shekhar kapur and mani ratnam

  26. sudhachandra says:

    When the trailors of darling movie came in tv every one laughed loud seeing the text with love rgv did you do it deliberately?

  27. Pradeep says:

    Why u use Violin very intenisvely in ur songs and back ground score?In Rangeela i think most of the songs, and Even in Darling Tadap tadap song also…sarkar,shiva back ground too

  28. Pradeep says:

    Munna charcterization in RANGEELA is very different and its very muched helped in film success…so do u got any inspiration from any body? or did u get noticed such kindaa person?

  29. Pradeep says:

    Hi RGV, In 2007 I used to stay with frnds….As i\’m big fan of u..eagerly waiting for the movie AAG as i want to see how Ramu potray Sholay concept with underworld touch ,i thought it would be like COMPANY where one cop(Mohan lal) hires two guys to demolish one big DON …but u made it very differently.And we(me and frnds) went for the first day first show in Pune ADLABS..I assured my frnds that film is going to be rocking njoy…and i remember when ur name came on the screen i was the only person to shout and whistle…(cos its multiplex and people feel shy to do that but im not) . Film slowly started and it was intresting but as it progressed to some extent my frnds started looking very serious at me…(kaise movie pe leke aaya…) but i was assuring them …second half is going to be good (I was Comparing with Sholay) they waited .And when film passed in second half people from back are laughing at some scenes …and my frnds are serious on me (Second half mein bhi kuch nahi hai kar ke…). I was not able to digest cos im Big Fan of u . And i was feeling like i made that movie and i was silent not able to face my frnds as I took them forcibily. And after coming ..I saw one new poster that\’s "DARLING" next week..Again I asked my frnds shall we go..they said we dont want to risk agian..again i assured them this time it will be good than AAG.So we went for Darling first Day first Show… And same old story…I liked the first half of the film and i dont know how u made that second half..where isha sits benath the table and used to tease fardeen and u brought comedy into serious "BHOOT" film…And people started laughing at climax scenes … Again I assured my frnds that wait for the next movie its going to be good as its sequel to SARKAR….so i was eagerly wiating for ur movie…finally 2008 June SARKAR RAJ released and it was a big hit…thank god. Actually I was trying to say that if u made more AAGs also fans like me wait for ur next movie….so waiting for ur AGYAAT and RANN

  30. Arun says:

    I personally would rather die than not live life the way I want to.Your words give me courage. I am 21.

  31. anand says:

    Ramuji, I have written a story in telugu AADHIPATYAM (DOMINION) i would like to narrate the story to you if you can spare time to me. Please let me know when can contact you.

  32. mikey says:

    I personally would rather die than not live life the way I want to.I reckon it has been copied from MARIO PUZO\’S OMERTA(LAW OF SILENCE OR GOD FATHER

  33. mikey says:

    if taking decisions and making films is what u intend do,when is that u give a damn about giving good movies?i know u would end up saying,"Sir,may i know the trick of making good movies?".I meant to say if that is your primary objective,where would the quality and content stand

  34. mikey says:

    I have a friend sreepal who often would praise you for your audacity when u were a film maker wannable and your greatness for what ever reasons.I ridicule him saying that no one knows where they would end up,indeed very few take chances in life in pursuit of their dreams while the rest sit back thinking about ifs and buts.So what is greatness all about?what is that successful people do have some thing unique in them?.Is it not taking chances in life overcoming the shadow of fearing for life?while u have given yourself a chance of becoming great,sreepal is in dilemma fearing for his life.I often would tell him,"stop the shit,people would follow idolise you and your way of approach is gonna be a benchmark if u too become a successful film maker taking chances"…what say rgv?

  35. axe says:

    character or characterization?…..content or conviction?

  36. axe says:

    have you ever met real life "Allauddin" from the movie "money"?…can you explain how that character evolved?

  37. Unknown says:

    whom do you like the most? rehman or ilayaraja. I think ilayaraja enjoys his music proffession n rehman does heavy hardwork to withstand the competition. ilayaraja is the god of music. nobody can reach him.

  38. Mohan says:

    When a newly married man looks happy, we know why. But when a 10 year married man looks happy, we wonder why. AFFAIR??

  39. visnew says:

    I personally would rather die than not live life the way I want to.Yes. But it is not about living or dying, living life the way you want to, is just a way. Finally life is all about realizing the truths. You can be spiritual or make movies or make love to as many women as you want to. This will all lead you to same truth as long as you do it with heart. The thing is, when you live the way you want to, you would realize them faster. It is like eating your favorite food when you are hungry. RGV is making movies, that is how he wants to live probably. Speak to him after every movie, does not matter successful or failure, he would have become a better person than he was. Life is like pen refill, its life is best lived when it is used for writing, could be something great or stupid. In the process of exhausting the ink for writing you will see the purity coming out of it. When what you want to do helps others … you become Mahatma, troubles others … you become villain, nobody cares… does not matter, you are still evolving, that is more important. RGV might have a better way of putting it, eager to read it in your words.

  40. Siva Rama Kumar says:

    The best answer you to any question you have given so far. For once you revealed your true inner self even though you wish no one noticed it. Believe me, it is ok and cool to be perceived as a good guy.13. Is intelligence possible without compassion and love?Ans: No.

  41. Suraj says:

    9. BTW, I have recommended your blog to my GRE friends.Ans: Am I supposed to touch your feet for that? 10. Atleast your films don’t have vulgarity, double meaning dialogue, artificial sequences, rapes etc.Ans: Yes, I know I am lacking. 11. Do you mean to say that any person with a good sense of imagination can be a director?Ans: The only thing you need is that. What a reply, really hilarious! Awesome! specially the GRE friends! Simply hilariousOne of the USP of this blog is \’Reactions to Reactions\’

  42. kushal says:

    hey ramu;if you have to choose one of these three things what would you choose and why?????a bottle of vodka,a sexy woman,a cult fim dvd

  43. kushal says:

    hey ramu;is it true that love is a state in which a man sees things most decidedly as they are not??????????

  44. Karthik says:

    hi are successful in finding out what interests you most(ie films etc) and enjoying by doing them..Even I wanted to do what I can enjoy..My problem is i am failing to find out what interests me..could you suggest someway to identify what i am interested in.

  45. Sathwik says:

    How come an atheist like you direct a movie like \’Govinda Govinda\’ which actually makes people believe in God?

  46. surya says:

    who is your favourite director ?

  47. surya says:

    i like your way of answering to questions

  48. surya says:

    for what reason you took nitin in your movie Agyaat

  49. surya says:

    what would be your favourite movie you directed so far

  50. mouli says:

    when are you going to direct a movie with "Power star Pawan Kalyan".I want to see this crazy u like to direct him? or else r u also scared about him that he will going to direct you .

  51. Digvijay says:

    Do you think Agyaat will work?

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