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  1. Pratish says:

    Ramu Kaka !The teaser looks like a Desi version of "LOST".I hope we can see some Cleavage show or else it\’ll be hard to finish the movie !

  2. vijay says:

    Am sure this is goin to be a Big Dud…….and the next RGV\’s Rann is goin to be a Big Hit.Am sure this Dud is for Ramu\’s personal entertainment with wine and women…..:)Hope you remember me Ramu… on my way to destroy your success….:)…… know Y.

  3. VJ says:

    Ramu,Trailer is OK.

  4. Chris says:

    Arre o Ramu bhai!I absolutely love the tag lines for this! "If you could hear it…you could run…..if you could see could hide.." and so forth. Great work!Wish you all the best with this one, of course!Ciao!Chris–Sierra Vista, Arizona, USA

  5. I says:

    Now I am sure this is your verion of Predator.

  6. mojo says:

    Ramu… share how ur transition from tollywud to bollywud and then to hollywud took place or taking place.. coz the one you shared how u got from script writer to ass. dir. to a succcessful director ( i mean with shiva) was very appealing..

  7. pradeep says:

    i think u r on track now it nice to see u away from too such too much of underworld i love to u your commond on othe subjects trailer is good i think rann should release first

  8. pradeep says:

    i have asked about your thoughts on the munnabhai what is about thatr u not intretrested in commenting on it or u have blog on iti think it has all qualities must have in your visionmass appealconnectivity to peopleinnosent directiongreat opening scenehuge climax liviley locationsetcPLEASE COMMENT ON IT

  9. pradeep says:


  10. Unknown says:

    I would like to Know why Nitin(Agyaat lead) was chosen to play the role.

  11. Unknown says:

    a very good teaser of \’AGYAAT\’…………..and a very good poster too…..eagerly waiting for a movie shot in the woods…..and that too a horror genre…….specially liked the way \’a RAM GOPAL VERMA film \’ comes in the teaser.

  12. raj says:

    This Agyaat reminds me Predator, Arnold movie. Is that inspiration for this, just curious.Thanks.

  13. Swamy says:

    Prior to Satya i believe the usage of sound in your movies was very economical…but after satya it is heavy and offcourse superb. I even read music directors like Keeravani and Salim Sulaiman saying that they learnt a lot about Background music from you…Awaiting for the Sound of Agyaat….

  14. Arun says:

    This movie-trailor ignites my imagination. Cool.

  15. Srinivas Bajjuri says:

    Where did you find Nitin ? do you watch telugu movies ? I don\’t think you have got time to watch other movies. How did you find him ? It will be a huge break for him if this movie clicks. Did he reach up to your expectations or you had to drag him out of the telugu film atmosphere to make him work in your film ?

  16. Srinivas Bajjuri says:

    May be because, i have seen almost all your movies till date, i see a trailer and i can easily say if that\’s your movie or not. I mean, the camera work is very similar. for example, if there is a chasing scene, the camera will be still and everybody would run across the camera, leaves falling on the camera. I have seen this in many films of yours. I don\’t know if you do it to show that RGV style of camera work in your movies or you think it is how it should be done. Obviously, i am not a technician but as an audience, it looks quiet similar to me. I mean, camera work to the genre of your film is a one to one relationship.

  17. Sandesh says:

    Hi Ramu,I am a big horror buff and it\’s great to see you release movies on the occult besides a few other film makers like the Ramsays (not comparing you\’ll guys, and yes I love their cheesy brand of horror, just like the Italian zombie ones). Must say some of your movies remind me of all the cool 60s, 70s and 80\’s flicks back in the days. Are you a fan of any of these film makers -Sam Raimi (Spider man sucks a$$, go back to Evil Dead!!!), Peter Jackson, Lucio Fulci, Amando Ossi, Jorg Buttergiet, John Carpenter? I have a suggestion to make, I think you would do great on the international horror dvd/video circuit and you should tie up with companies like Anchor bay, Unearthed films etc to release some of your stuff. Theres is a big underground scene for horror and we\’d like to see you become a part of it! Would appriciate a reply 🙂

  18. Unknown says:

    Hi Machan,I\’ve seen u using good south indian talents in ur ventures … But y don\’t u try suriya, prithivraj or a vikram …. sometime in future??Release ur films in tamil as well mate with decent publicity…. ppl r not aware of most of ur releases in TN….

  19. Shalini says:

    Hi Ramu, What is your IQ?Ans: More than…I just won a bet with my friend. I guessed that would exactly be your reply. Thanks for not letting me down. Now don\’t say that my friend is dummer than I am for not guessing it….lol….for me your blog is much more entertaining than many of the Hindi films (including yours)

  20. Shalini says:

    Hi Ramu, What is your IQ?Ans: More than…I just won a bet with my friend. I guessed that would exactly be your reply. Thanks for not letting me down. Now don\’t say that my friend is dummer than I am for not guessing it….lol….for me your blog is much more entertaining than many of the Hindi films (including yours)

  21. Shalini says:

    Few more things I wanted to say…not that I am asking you to practice…just saying, cause you can\’t do anything even if they affend you.1. Why do you keep touching your nose while giving TV interviews? it looks really awkward. I know your not picking your nose on national TV…lol….but still….2. You probably know this that in most cases you would be the shortest guy on stage in any functions and you still prefer to stand next to Amitab….if you don\’t do that you look handsome.

  22. Shalini says:

    I promise this is the last question for today….why is your picture hiding in the left top corner of your blog page? it looks really creepy…..more than the ghosts in your horror films……also please post some of YOUR pictures from your yunger days (not stills from making of any movie, just your pictures) if its not a big deal.

  23. kedar says:

    Hi Ramu, in how many days you completed the shoot of AGYAAT? one schedule?

  24. Jonah says:

    Guys.. before starting the movie.. Ramu told us that this is his version of Blare-witch-project. So obviously .. its not a remake of predator but its a remake of blare-witch-project. His idea is not to show the antagonist at all in the movie exactly like blare.. !!!so you guys relax and get ready to see some spine-chilling scenes and some useless skin-show from the more so irritating nisha.. and a disappointing climax at the end and that what makes this movie a flop and come back to ready ramu\’s reaction to reactions where he hates his own movie and plans his revisit to AGYAATT… this time with "Prashant Raj" and "Jiah Khan"..

  25. Jonah says:

    has anyone seen DELHI-6.. and if not .. please dont.. save some mental health..

  26. sha says:

    Sir,I want to work with you for myself.Love,

  27. kiron says:

    Hi, Ram how often do u introspect urself after making a movie

  28. Pradeep says:

    Chain sequence in SHIVA was the highlight of the movie and it remains for ever….So wat was the inspiration for that?

  29. Pradeep says:

    Hi Ramu..Jiplease gimme a chance to work with u…pls

  30. Arun says:

    How come you keep coming back to the same genres of movies all the time ? Underworld Conflicts, horror ect… get the idea.

  31. srinivas says:

    To shalini..probably RGV searched for various blogs like wordpress,Livejournal,Blogger,Spaces..etc.Out of which Spaces ,this one..only have dark theme,like his films have dark background.So he put his photo as a background image.Background image covered entire browser window until November 2008 ,I think so. Later Microsoft completely re-written this "Spaces" application.The New spaces application broke the backward compatibility,thats why his image is appearing in the top left corner.FYI,Earlier "spaces" applicationused to have banner ads on the top ,Now they are removed.

  32. madhu sudan says:

    could u share about how u discovered Sigiriya forest ?

  33. E says:

    Hi RGV,To be honest…the trailor looks since you have mentioned in the interviews..with the principal photography over and the post production being extensive..and also lot of SFX being used…it will be interesting to see the what is so "different" about this movie..coz there have been loads and loads of movies in this genre..and the nearest one which matches u rs is Predator…with Arnie single-handedly taking the alien..was cool…and also how they show the point of view of the alien for the first 15 or 30 mins of the movie and how irritating it is and slowly it becomes more and more intriguing…and finally u r completely engrossed…be ready to face the usual trashing of u r movie by the so called great ciritics..and these days Masand seems to be the blue-eyed boy…Slumdog..suprisingly has garnered 8 Oscars..the western agenda has won here!!!!CheersEV

  34. Dhananjay says:

    Ramu Bhai, dont u think there is a strange similarity between you & (HR) Himesh Reshmiya? both of you deliver lot of work & most of it is crap….but for me u r slightly better that HR..bcoz u are more tolarable than HR & Karan Johar & Yashraj films & SRK & ……the list goes actually u are one of the better film-makers in bollywood :)..take care dudE…

  35. Dhananjay says:

    is there any way that i grab u r camera & \’shoot\’ u ???

  36. Dhananjay says:

    do u read Big B or that gay \’guy\’ karan johar\’s blogs????

  37. Dhananjay says:

    i think u can b good friends with Anurag Kashyap bcoz both of u hate the "Karan Johar/Yashraj\’s candy floss Cinema 🙂

  38. Prasaanth says:

    how many times can you watch the same movie? which movies have you watched maximum times??

  39. Islahuddin says:

    Ramu Sir, one day you will be my mentor. I dont know how… I might be nothing right now, but one day I will be an equally good film-maker like you 🙂 All the best for all your projects. (The world can suppress my talent; but my spirit is unshakeable)

  40. Suraj says:

    Hey RGV,How did you feel ARR clinching 2 Oscar?I really hoped You and ARR come back again! What say?Regards,

  41. andhrabond says:

    RGV,I know you hate or not much in to Oscars or any other awards. I have series of questions for you.1, Have you seen Slum Dog… If so what is your take on it….. I know if you didn’t reply on this that means, Your hiding something like you don’t like the movie. Of course if you like the movie let us know.2, what do you say about the Bollywood barking about Slum dog like …. They showed our slums….they didn’t show Mumbai properly….there is nothing special in SDM…My movie is far better than SDM…My take is, instead of Bollywood come up with good scripts, stories, movies. These guys are crying when other people make better movies in Mumbai or Bollywood. They can’t digest that somebody outsider came to Mumbai and made better movie than these guys. If you can’t make a better movie at least you should be matured enough to appreciate the way any movie made and getting appreciated in around the world.

  42. Satya says:

    After watching this promo, I think RGV was earlier inspired by movie scenes but he now decided to rip off old hollywood movies as it is and ruthlessly. Just 5 seconds of that promo, you can make out its predator . Even the background score resembles predator. It would be interesting to see how he screws up the ending..Coz Ramu could never learn how to end his movies He cannot work with special effects to create aliens…so he might create an indian ghost with his camera swinging from the trees.This guy is old now and lost his creativity. I am not addressing this to ramu..I am telling those fans..guys..wake up….I was one of you..who waited for his…his subjects dont even create the interest….I saw the title aagyat and was interested but when i watched the promo i was disappointed. I am still waiting for that perfect thriller which is new and surpising….May be we should now watch for creative directors like sriram raghavan ,shimit amin or vishal bharadwaj.

  43. vaishak says:

    Dear ramu,This is your best quality. You are there to play with films. You won\’t ever become a psudeo intellectual. You are having fun with your films and it\’s the right way. Otherwise it will end up as \’fixing "Statue of Liberty" in Indian Capital DELHI and talking like " I made an epic"……Looking forward to watch "Agyaath"…..

  44. VJ says:

    Sha, U need to go to his office and see him. Posting here wont work. He need to see u in full form & after a point u need to see other directors as well. U need to do some impromptu scenes and convince them.

  45. Swamy says:

    Sir,As you have introduced A.R. Rahaman to bollywood, with Rangeela…i think this is the best occasion to write something on him, i.e your take.

  46. Arun says:

    Vaishak is right. But this promo reminds me of \’Jungle\’. Not the content of the movie, but the forest.

  47. andhrabond says:

    Satya,I think you didn\’t give much thought about who found those creative people you listed below before you and me. that is RGV. So If you think they are more creative people, then what do you say about the person who mentored them. The only reason I am replying you, because you were addressing RGV \’FAN\’s.

  48. krishna says:

    hello ramji when will u start a movie in telugu

  49. Unknown says:

    the wise shall be wiser..And the fools still cocksure.The factory will re-openthe factors still ignored.

  50. Abhishek says:

    I am the moderator of the 8k strong RGV community on social networking site "Orkut"…..Last night I dreamt that you were addressing a group of members asking them to stop posting spam/junk topics in your community…..When they retaliated, you threatened to deliver a few more flops and they immediately jerked off….ha ha ha…beat it!!

  51. Mohan says:

    The trailor looks great….I am really getting jealous of you for having such beautiful thoughts and working with legends in your creative life so early.Hope to see some real good work from you.All the best for future.Thanks

  52. Unknown says:

    ramuji agyath film is some where connecting to jungle is in\’t it

  53. chetan says:

    Strong feeling ‘Agaayat’ should have been called ‘Adrushya’

  54. sashi says:

    i still can\’t believe your movie "phoonk" was a hit which looked like grade-less and a dirty movie. i still cant believe "aag" was a flop. i liked the movie very much . i think it is one of the cult classic comedy. i got an original dvd in my home. i am really looking forward for your another directorial venture agyaat which is yet another comedy movie from factory and screw-dhila.

  55. karthik says:

    men get married for sex. women get married for better shopping.married women somehow or other beg, borrow, steal thier husband\’s salary and do better shopping.its not always that married men end up having up having better sex… infact thier options get limited.then why is marriage still being followed in this male dominated society?

  56. Unknown says:

    Ramu!But why NITIN?and please, no \’WHY NOT\’ reply.

  57. hussain says:

    sir can u try to meet some people who really admires ur work and are willing to work with you.

  58. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu, I have yet to see you patient enough to make a high budget action movie like Sholay/DON(SRK)/Cliffhanger/Long Kiss Goodnight. Out of the ones you directed, I guess Shiva had highest Action. Antham and Kshana Kshanam come next. Whatever movies that came from you later-on were mostly crime-dramas if not thriller or horror. I felt you tried to get away with as little action as possible with AAG knowingly attempting to give an illusion of an action movie. Compared to Sholay or even Shiva, it had very less action. I\’m not saying action should be there for the sake of it or just for the heck. The adrenaline rush that you often refer to – comes when drama is complimented by action. I would go to the extent of saying that even the star-image is just complimentary to to high-action. With due credit to Aditya Chopra, after watching Dhoom-2, the biggest action movie of recent times, I felt let-down for expecting high-action. Not to mention what he must have gone thru while shooting with all those big stars, for whatever illusion of action he managed to give the audience. I guess there is huge budgetary economics involved here. I\’m just an outsider. So I don\’t know. It just looks like everybody is trying to get away with as much illusion/star-value they can get hold of. Forget action, breath-taking aerial views of cities or even nature have become extinct. So much for technical advances in Bollywood. When I watch Geethanjali, I actually feel that I am in Ooty. Now FYI, I don\’t want to go to Ooty because I cannot see a love story *ing Nagarjuna with Cancer in real-life. I\’m not exaggerating when I say people watched Jungle and Kshana Kshanam for the jungle experince. Same with SAAGAR. I never felt or saw much of Munnar in Nishabd. I guess, Bollywood is just not up to it anymore. And when once in a while when there is an action-drama like Sholay or Naseeb or Amar Akbar Anthony or Ghulami (J.P.Dutta) or Dharam-Veer, the audience never let it down.

  59. mahesh says:

    Hi Ramu,Any plans to release your masterpieces on Blu-Ray. I am dying to see your movies on High Def. Especially Satya & Shiva.

  60. Chandra says:

    Ram, I think we had enough of Agyaat. We need some gyaan. Waiting for your next article.

  61. Unknown says:

    Your blog is interesting then your films, why cant you blog atleast 1 hour daily ? if you think you are loosing time n money by blogging you can make it as a paid Blog. What an Idea? right !!

  62. Chandan says:

    Ramu,You are a terrific film maker but you need to pay attention to other aspects too. I seriously think you should get a stylist. You\’ve got a bad sense of dressing. You also need a hair stylist. I want to see your hair neatly combed once before I die (This sentence in Kota Srinivasa Rao\’s accent). Can you please post a picture of yours in a jeans, simple white shirt (No fancy buttons) and neatly combed/styled hair? Please don\’t escape saying you are not a hero. Forgot the main thing. Trailer is mind blowing. Excellent camera anglesChandan

  63. vaishak says:

    @ karthik,My freind karthik, who told or confirmed you that this is a male dominated society..? it\’s a coating..just a coating which is totally untrue…..Inside, this is a female driven society….If you are not agreeing with me, please read Esther Vilar\’s "The manipulated man". She is the only authour who dared to say that women are even destroying men spiritually and getting every rights in the world and stealing and changing men\’s human rights as their wish….She is getting life threats from women organisations world wide and many assasination attempts has been done to her and she escaped just because god cared for her….No media will tell this bitter truth because they loose their ads….Just read it man and tell me your opinion…..It\’s available on internet…with love…..vaishak…….

  64. Arun says:

    Yea…Vaishak is correct…women rule ….fools get married ….RGV called a person who marries twice is a "double dumbo" …lolzzzzzzz

  65. Arun says:

    RGV ,,,, do you watch a tree/forest like an animal would before attacking ? Like at certain portions of the Teaser I felt I was an animal, a bird…ect…you get the idea….

  66. Parixit says:

    what after Agyaat ang Run?

  67. Parixit says:

    Danny boyle said in one of his interview that his favorites are Company, satya and black friday.did you get any call from hollywood studios after that?

  68. anand says:

    Ramu ji did you really like your RANGEELA movie. Unlike you it is Most unnatural

  69. anand says:

    Hope it looks like the regular horror movie with forest back drop. Hope it is only to scare, and no new story. Iam sorry if Iam wrong

  70. anand says:

    Ramu, Are u GANESHA or KARTHIKA in BOLLYWOOD as you expained in your blog on 16.01.09

  71. Jack says:

    “forget yesterday, relish today and fantasize tomorrow” You do remind me of Osho: “Do not compare, do not compete. Do not think either of the past or of the future. Just live in the present. Do everything with love.”2. Only people with a tremendous courage, madness, determination, over-confidence, objective understanding and arrogance like me can afford not to believe in God.You are your biggest fan, aren’t you? You once said: “I was always a loner … because I live away from myself, not just others”. Is that a reason why you don’t need a God? Objective understanding: Please write an article on objectivism and Ayn Rand. Howard Roark said to Henry Cameron: “because I do not believe in God.” Yet he accepted "It doesn\’t matter if you don\’t believe in God, Mr. Roark; you are a profoundly religious man, in your own way.” How come? 3. Danny Boyle, Director of Slumdog Millionaire in an interview with Hindustan Times: Is it true you were inspired by Bollywood films? Yes Loveleen Tandan told me to watch Satya, Company and Black Friday and I did and I was inspired for this film by all of them. Don’t you feel proud?

  72. Vyshak says:

    i see, so nisha is back, huh??? i thought she did the vaishing act post aag. neways, i am hoping that she has turned a new leaf now. she was so terrible in aag, or any previous again, i would like to put light on another aspect. that\’s about rehmanji winning the oscars. if i make a sort of a comparo, then i would say that both of you debuted in bollywood in the same movie. even before that, both of you were well known in b-town, via the dubbed route. your dubbed movies and his songs redone in hindi. after rangeela and daud, both of you parted ways. how do you analyse the career graphs of both of you, especially after rehman\’s oscar victory? do you think you have achieved comparable success as him? i really would like to see your response to this.also why don\’t you say what you felt about slumdog millionaire? you have not mentioned anything about it anywhere in your blog. that too would make for interesting read.

  73. Parul says:

    I think you are far better director than Danny Boyle. What do you think?

  74. Anurag says:

    Well before I forget, I did want to talk to you but did not have your address or anything and I have never been to Mumbai, well I think your magnum movie was Darna Mana Hai, it was absolutely out of this world and a landmark in cinema. I guess just the format was inspired by campfire tales but otherwise the stories were awesome, terrific……… I specially liked the one in which the school teacher who has killed his friend in childhood stalks his student and goes insane at the end. The musical effect and the camera work as well as editing was really really out of this world. I liked your take on Karan Johar and Mr. Chopra in your other movie where the director shamelessly says he makes movies for money. Even your most bitter enemies cannot accuse you of making films to make money. Now that is something! But why has your art not been coming to the fore. It is time to make a terrific movie again. A landmark movie. Something like PYAASA. Well what I am going to say is absolutely dissociated with all the above, I am a writer and last year I wrote a novel in English based on Mutiny of 1857. I want to send you a copy. How can I do that? The novel is titled \’Recalcitrance\’. I hope someone makes a film on that maybe not your maybe it is not your kind of story but it presents the point of view of Indians who were mauled down by the British – that is something which no one or at least very few people have done.

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