AGYAAT Teaser Poster

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  1. Surya says:

    I\’m not very sure if your tag of "you can\’t escape the unknown" suits the story. Going by what you have said so far about the Agyaat plot, I think tag line contradicts: Are you suggesting that no one will escape in the movie? If it can\’t be heard, seen and it doesn\’t have a body – it will be interesting to know how it kills/attempts to kill the crew

  2. static atmosphere energy says:


  3. Gruesome says:

    looks cool,simple and drives the point home!ike a Italian "Giallo" film,you dont know who is hacking,slashing and shredding the victims till the very end!

  4. vinay says:

    Poster is superb…….all the best

  5. Vinay says:

    Simple and apt. But, if the hands are supposed to symobilise the unknown, why is it going away from the jeep? (marks on the ground)Since you are using senses (hear, see), why not use: if you could "feel" it, you could destroy it – instead of the body-kill line.

  6. VJ says:

    Psoter is gr8est Ramu. Pl think abt the music score. It\’s not up to RGV standard.

  7. Swamy says:

    Wonderful Poster…

  8. andhrabond says:

    RGV,Looks good. As usual u maintained your mark on the poster. Of course everybody else is also looking for that only. For me it seems this movie is RGV\’s take on \’Predator\’. All I am looking for is how terrific, impactful and did RGV come up with any new technique in this movie. Let’s see hopefully everybody will get terrified. Have fun.

  9. Aditya says:

    is DREAMFORCE the new name for your production house?

  10. Puroorava Chakravarthy says:

    " if you could hear it, you can run… if you see it, you could hide… if it had a body, you could kill…" " If it bleeds, we can kill it"..Arnold in the film Predator

  11. sreedhar says:

    poster is good

  12. Unknown says:

    From the poster we at least know that it has hands,which are like that of a human,how is it unknown?

  13. Jonah says:

    hands could be of the victim being dragged while still alive… Yaa.. OST like.. Dev.D.. is high time for RGV movies.. we miss some excellent background songs..

  14. naveen says:

    I guess the "it" referred to in the poster is fear, which has no sound, physical appearance or material substance. i like the way you put up a teaser poster to know peoples reactions. could be a nice place to study psychological impact. If only I could hear about what the audience think of a huge poster I have put up at a busy chowrastha spending lakhs. Good job dude. Here someone is catching genuine emotions for free and people blabber about marketing.Everything can be a source of ideas, even a blog.You need to have an eye for it. – Ram Gopal Varma.

  15. Rhea Srivastava says:

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  16. bhanu says:

    silent moments are the most scariest ones — hope you remember that when you come into front ground by sending the music director into back ground while scoring BGM.

  17. bhanu says:

    The poster could have been much better if some character in the movie is begging the viewer for help for his life.. that would have made more impact…..

  18. I says:

    Is it some how inspired by "Predator"

  19. I says:

    From the characters and locations shown in posters and also the teaser some how I am getting an instinct that this is inspired by Predator.

  20. Dhananjay says:

    so u got "Nisha Kothari" back, ha??? cool man 🙂

  21. Dhananjay says:

    we are waiting for u to write on "Bollywood Award Functions" & what u think of them.

  22. Dhananjay says:

    Agyaat looks like a good movie to me (i hope it works at BO)

  23. Dhananjay says:

    do u keep a track of movies made by other filmmakers in Bollywood? Like " Delhi 6" or whatever keeps coming from time to time? & do u change u r film\’s release date if some big movie is clashing with u r movie?

  24. Dhananjay says:

    which area u think other film-makers lack (in film making of course) which we have u r hands on?

  25. I says:

    "The poster could have been much better if some character in the movie is begging the viewer for help for his life.. that would have made more impact….. "- To viewers 😉 you mean as in RGV ki AAG 😉

  26. sandeep says:

    hi rgv nice posteri had this one question related to ur u believe that marriage is a legal prostitution?

  27. Unknown says:

    Hi RGV,Which are your favourite hollywood movies and Why? In what way those movies influenced your film-making.Vinay

  28. srinivas says:

    I heard/read some where that "You can run but you can\’t hide " probably from death or something else,i don\’t remember.That quotation came my mind when i see your quote,If you could hear it,you could run…………….

  29. Phani says:

    \’Agyaat\’ is too Predictable Either the main Lead in the climax kills the \’X\’ (Villain or Bhoot whatever) after everyone else in the team are dead OR all the characters get killed at the end of movie.

  30. Chris says:

    Excellent poster!

  31. Naren says:

    Whose idea is it? I mean who all are involved in bringing out such a fantastic teaser poster.

  32. shambhu says:

    HiWhat is Satya doing now? Are you in touch with her?

  33. shambhu says:

    Hi RamuI loved your essay on ‘Awards’ – I thought you would write on the manipulation and biases of judges but you surprised me with your stance on an outside body endorsing the skills of technicians. Your argument was quite rational and the way you explained why you think awards are ‘ridiculous’ was superbly sensible. Your responses speak of your dignity esp. when you admit your mistakes and your articles speak of your boldness when you state your opinions. I mean it. Okay? I’m not flattering you for I’ve got no incentive to do so.I have seen many so-called stars become defensive, when their movie fails at the B.O., and say, ‘the actors are not solely responsible for the failure of the movie… etc… etc.’ But the same ones don’t talk much about the skills of the technicians when the movie does well. They bask in the glory of its success and hardly mention the technicians’ contribution. Why…, you speak so highly of Amitji’s acting prowess, but he never seems to have acknowledged your directorial prowess… or has he? – I don’t read his blog. You went on to attribute your movies’ success to your technicians’ skills and took ownership of failures. It goes unsaid that you value your technicians. Then what is all this flack about you being tightfisted and being unfair to the members of your crew as a producer? Why don’t you respond to their accusations and shut their mouths for good?

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