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14 Responses to AGYAAT JUNGLE

  1. Prashant says:

    Hey Ramu, this looks cool. Can you please upload other videos and pics? hey can you ask the cast to write/video there comments on the movie? thanks.

  2. Unknown says:

    Hi RGV,Which are your favourite hollywood movies and Why? It would provide insights for me to become a film-maker. I have most of your movies.Vinay

  3. prithvi says:

    Hi RGV,This pictures looks great. This jungle looks creepy & haunting. Is this the same jungle you shoot for "Antham or Drohi"?

  4. Unknown says:

    wow, nitin!! why did you choose him?

  5. Jonah says:

    i cannot imagine the conceptualization of those camera angles.. i couldnt even imagine.. how the cameraman.. prepares and asks the actors to act.. while the camera is somewhere out of sight.. and rotates around them and the things around.. its really freeky..

  6. Suraj says:

    RGV,simply awesome! specially the camera moving up the hill, WOW it created a thrill for sure!Update with who is Music Director and DOP? Regards,SurajP.S. Why Nisha Kothari Again? 😦

  7. srinivas says:

    Ramu,Have you see TV Series LOST? Are there any scenes in this movies inspired from the TV Series LOST?

  8. Gruesome says:

    the jungle reminds me of Ruggero Deodato\’s Ultimo Mondo Cannibale aka Jungle Holocaust!brilliant location!

  9. Vinay says:

    I have the same inquisitiveness that Jonah has. SAme things the camera angles, the zooming in and out, etc. I know you film makers have all the state of the art cameras. Even then am curious how you get the rotating camera scenes, etc. Guess I would have to see a shoot! It must be amazing to conceptualize and execute film shoots!

  10. bhanu says:

    the way your babe is walking between 2.30 sec and 2.35 sec in the video clipping did not appeal to me. It looked as if she is desperately trying to act… So far all your ghost\’s used to track on ground (as it happened in Omen 3 before governer\’s death) now this unknow entity is tracking along everything that is in sight….

  11. Silkyhairsguy says:

    Hi, I am missing a telugu cinema from you. I am thrilled to see Nitin \’Telugu hero\’ in Agyaat, he is a nice actor. What made u choose him for this film? I have read from your blog and also observed before reading, that you always make a location a character. My question is, do you have any script or plans or have it in your mind about making a SEA (0cean) as a character. I watched a hollywood movie called waterworld, but could not understand the movie. I wish you make a movie on Sea. Hey! your first movie SHIVA, made me popular every were, during that period I was around 9 or 10 years old. My friends used to call me, shiva shiva Shiva nuvenmana devuda…, 7 eeska lorrilu thesukune vaadinee veseay… and my karate master use to call me jagada jagada. Another movie Shkena shkenam, I liked that movie very much, gayam kuda. In hindi, Raat, Rangeela, Company, Satya, Kaun are my alltime favourites. Let me also tell one thing, whenever I watched some thriller movies or other movies, I thought if RGV had made that movie it would have became a great movie.. About A.R.R, as you wrote in your blog on A.R.R, same way I used to feel about his songs, whenever I listen to his songs first time, I used to feel bored and not good, but later when I hear those songs everywhere.. I used to enjoy the songs and his music, he even make movie good with his background music. Jai ho to him. many things to say but it never ends.. but I just want say one thing, do not disappoint us for your films… like A.RR said, every movie come out should be good… thanks, Shiva

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