My reactions on reactions

1. What does religion mean to you?
Ans: A well laid trap by the spoilsports, constructors and destructors over the ages to make you feel guilty and fearful all the time and in the process to make you loose out on all the fun in life.
2. If success is primarily an endorsement of a large number of people then are you suggesting that it is not in an individual’s control?
Ans: It depends on an individuals take on what success means to him. The question is whether you are buying a luxury car for yourself or is to bask in the awe and envy of others looking at it.
For me personally success is about getting up in the morning and the whole day do the exactly what I want to till I sleep. Under this definition I have been always successful all my life. While making a film I don’t live in worry and fear of whether a rickshaw guy in Gorakhpur or an IIT guy in Kharagpur will like it or not. I relish every moment of the making and by the time it releases am onto my next film.
That’s how I cracked the success code. Also I believe that each day we are born in the morning and die in the night when we sleep. So “forget yesterday, relish today and fantasize tomorrow” is the motto of my life.
3. If God is beyond man’s power to understand or control why think of God?
Ans: By definition both God and the Devil are beyond any ones control. They are just forces which can stop me from having what I want. I also believe that one man’s God could be another man’s devil.
From a girl not giving in to me to not finding my favourite brand of vodka in a certain location shoot are the principal things in my life which both God and Devil play havoc with and the rest of problems I manage myself.
4. If you tell a lie and tell it frequently and loudly it will become a truth.
Ans: Ironically enough if you tell a truth and tell it frequently and loudly many people will start thinking it is a lie.
5. Your comment on awards?
Ans: Will soon write a piece on this.
6. If you love women so much why don’t you undergo gender change?
Ans: Hello! I am not into a kissing and caressing myself.
7. When did you cry last time?
Ans: Last night when I told a sob story to a girl and got very carried away in the process.
P.S: She laughed.
8. Most people think you are not a trust worthy person. So then why do people work for you?
Ans: That is because they have no choice as most people are not trust worthy too.
9. When I ask ‘what are you gaining by believing God?’ they answer with ‘what are you loosing by believing?’
Ans: Yes if it is just believing in God you are not loosing anything. But if you practice what come along with it and get affected physically, emotionally or intellectually then there is plenty to lose.
When I was shooting near Tirupati a few of my assistants asked me that they want to go to the temple. I asked them why they think God has given more to an atheist like me than to devotees like them. There was no answer. I am sure that there will be answers to this from a variety of believers but the point here is my assistants don’t know and yet they wanted to give attendance in the temple. I think that’s because deep inside they were scared God will make a note that they didn’t come.
Whenever people feel a seeming injustice has been done like somebody unscrupulous becoming more successful than a God-fearing devotee the believers jump up and for lack of an explanation and throw in the Karma theory at them.
The Karma theory says that based on what you have done in your past birth you will enjoy or suffer in this birth.
Let me put this more simply. Let’s say you as a kid have done something wrong and your father waits for 20 years and then slaps you. That would be stupid because you would have forgotten what you have done by that time.
In the Karma theory it’s not even 20 years but it’s your next birth where you can’t even know who you were and what you did in the last birth. (Talk about delayed justice and then we have the nerve to complain about the delay in our criminal courts).
Belief in God comes from a desperate hope that something or someone out there will protect you in every which way and also can give you whatever you desire.
You can be distrustful and suspicious of your own Government, the people you work for and your own friends and family but you cannot afford to be that with God, as then there can be no more hope left. So we pardon, overlook and ignore God’s injustices as we can’t afford not to do that. Only people with a tremendous courage, madness, determination, over-confidence, objective understanding and arrogance like me can afford not to believe in God.
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100 Responses to My reactions on reactions

  1. bhanu says:

    Holy shit…. you unbelievably superb in this one. You are the greatest Indian philosopher since… since.. since…. hmmm… the other one.(no clue who it is).

  2. Arun says:

    Only people with a tremendous courage, madness, determination, over-confidence, objective understanding and arrogance like me can afford not to believe in God.My Reaction: I don\’t think one needs overconfidence and arrogance.

  3. Unknown says:

    I’m really sick and tired of you painting people who believe in God as weak. Questioning what your assistants belief in God has done for them and juxtaposing their lack of success with yours is an age old atheistic ploy to undermine people and to make one feel good about oneself. You think you’ve made a rational argument but the truth is you haven’t made any argument at all. All you’ve exposed is your hubris and utter contempt for peoples ways of life.I have more respect for someone who believes in God and derives strength from it for himself than someone who touts unbelief in others faces and portrays oneself as stronger by virtue of painting others as weak.In the end you’ve shown yourself to be nothing but an insecure empty soul. The difference is that until now only you knew this. Now, we all do.Karan

  4. Sapna says:

    Allow me to say,I perhaps am a mere stranger passing by, holding no authority to say what I may…But..After reading you I do so completely believe in what you say here at the same time would feel that let each ones conviction be theirs…if we cant respect them lets not mock at them too…I have mocked them and when i stand in their shoes at times, i feel ask them what complexities they may be having what fears…and they seek solace of this order….and we add on to their complexities…If we can\’t unburden them lets not \’burden\’ them..The beauty and the beast both r in us….Let their beauty flow, tame thy beast…..Would ask you to pardon me…I tend not to hurt anyones sentiments here.At the same time, the humour, the sense of perception is awesum!Smile~~~

  5. gouravaraju says:

    Swami Vivekananda who I think more courageous, more determined and has more confidence in him than you have once also questioned existence of god but after some time he realized what god is and preached about the questions related to existence of god , he also said that "dont blindly believe anything, have faith in you and you only have all the power and you can do what you want to do then only god will assist you" I think this is what happened with you you did whatever you wanted to do and thats why god assisted you.

  6. Narendra says:

    I do not agree with your views but I really admire the way you support them. Speechless. Sir, kudos from a fan.

  7. kishan says:

    Not only people with a tremendous courage and madness but simple people like me who can think rationally will not afford to believe in God.

  8. Narendra says:

    I just wanna to tell you that not all believers are the same. There may be people who fear god because they think that he will punish them if they ignore him. But I strongly believe that it\’s nothing less than utter foolishness. Praying god for favors is another task which I personally find very irritating. Why should you go on shouting to god at the top of your voice asking him to fulfill all your silly wishes!! Doesn\’t he know what\’s BEST for you? God is just like your parents (the good ones). You should only LOVE him or Ignore him. Not to fear or hate.

  9. Narendra says:

    Karma is one philosophy which I find very interesting. Yes, I believe in it too. If it\’s not true, why do you think that only few in this world have many things and the other few have almost nothing? Why do you think that only you and a few others made it BIG in the industry when may be hundreds of people more talented than you all are still struggling to make a mark? Is it you guy\’s Karma or that of the Indian audience?To put it in simple words ; Believers call it Karma/Fate while the Non – Believers call it Luck/Chance. I know tens of atheists who believe in Luck. I also know hundreds of theists who believe in Karma. My belief is that they all believe in the same thing but attach different names to it.

  10. Unknown says:

    "For me personally success is about getting up in the morning and the whole day do the exactly what I want to till I sleep. "You had to fight a court case regarding Sholay\’s rights once. On those mornings did you feel "successful"?On those days were you doing what you wanted to do? Nothing personal here, just to clarify my understanding.

  11. Unknown says:

    Ramu, I admire your courage.. write more posts like this and long live 🙂

  12. Dinesh says:

    Believing in god is a Big चूतियापन्ती…………….

  13. truth says:

    There are more people killled and more atrocities done in the name of caste, religion and G Oh Dthan anything in history.

  14. Ashok says:

    I liked your answer to my question "When I ask ‘what are you gaining by believing God?’ they answer with ‘what are you loosing by believing?’" but in the last line you mentioned of over-confidence is that necessary because I think confidence is enough not to believe god. To me \’GOD\’ is just a word.

  15. Srikanth says:

    Perhaps the best answer ever read on Belief System of Karma. Still people talk about Miracles done by God. Even I don\’t completely believe.Can you throw some light and share your views ?

  16. Kiran Kumar says:

    Ramu you are misguiding others, please don\’t do that.

  17. Soham says:

    I love your comments about the atheism, non-belief and GOD .. The facts which you potray here are just awesome and it can really transform a hardcore religious person into an atheist category .. You really have got tremendous amount of convincing power and that too with logic and facts .. So I really admire that quality of yours if not all ..Actually I\’m a religious person .. I do pooja everyday .. But somehow I dont like going to temples nor I like doing fasts and all for GOD .. I come from a very conservative family but still Ieat non-veg food and drink amidst all the oppose from my parents .. I feel that why would GOD not allow me to have what I really love ?? .. So in whch category am I in?? .. I\’m no atheist nor agnostic .. I worship everyday, I just do not like to go to temples, dont like to fast and dont like follow rituals and traditions .. Where do I stand?

  18. shamim says:

    OH God! that is so true…damn it\’s time to pray……

  19. Naveen says:

    your \’girl and vodka\’ comment\’ was very good

  20. krishna says:

    sir, am fan of ur attitude. but i dont accept to the logic you have given today. i think its your imaturity which makes you say that. you have not faced real problems if life. what you are telling as problems are very silly things like a movie getting floped ect ect. you will realise when you loose a loved one. nd if u dont love anyone other that u..then you would probably understand(god forbid) when you loose someting in you. just imaging one day u get your hand & lets cut nd you are not able to enjoy ur vodka & girls nor direct your moveis. then you would have allthe time in the world to just think ..nd then you would ask & seek for dont give silly logics (this time it was)i would like them to put light on their thinking and the reason y they choose to be an atheist?is it because they were born to an atheist family or is it something they chose to be by their own.nd if they have chose it by themself..then what was the exact reason for it?is it because they wished for something from god nd they dint get itordid that happen when they learnt bout life science ect via books/education?whether god exists or not the question now.i am keen to know when & how did a person make his mind to be an atheist.for ur case..when is that u realised it? any incident or in which class which age? the begining point/u said it dosent need much of intellgence to understand it. but dont u think there are may intellegent people out there who are not atheist? nd if so..what stopes them to change & what makes an atheist to be one he/she is?i hope ur getting what i want to say.. what you guys have said must be true to most of the people i believe.most of us i beleive are in the initial childhood days allined to the way of thinking. there are very few who will change the track after gaining knowledge.thats some thing about Brain. once some preset values are sprouted into our brains..we tend to build up on it. nd the roots gets its own earth.nd beleive me.. an believer of god or an atheist will have hunderds of reason for supporting his stance. and no one can deter him/her from what he beleives.actually according to me..there are two type of people..Stubborn or Confused.!well, but as i can see everyone here..the believer,non believer, both or confused have been brought up in that particular situation. no one challenges their present state of mind. though some genuine ones do.nd when i listen to the point made by seems logical & so does the other and that makes people like me confused:-)well lets leave god alone for sometime..but i was wondering..who existed 1st…atheist or believer? must be atheist..but then y are some of believers again changing into atheist.also i feel God is not a person..i think God is a there are god of trees,wind,fire,earth,monkey,snake ect ect…there are gods of countries, god of states, god of cities, god of street, god of house nd what not a simple man becomes god..a book becomes god nd so on.some godman today may be god after 100 yrs..same may hv happened in past.i feel its the property of brain which leads human being..brain can acquire strength from baseless things. brain has the powers which we humans cant imagine.but then there is some balancer in this world..nature wise & otherwise.when we humans push the nature too much it returns it as climatic disasters. nd when humans do something wrong otherwise they get sufferings. well i hv seen few examples of people suffering for all the wrong things they hv done. May be thats all Brain power again which justify the reasons of ones suffering.last but not the lest..ABSENCE OF PROOF IS NOT PROOF OF ABSENCE

  21. maneesh says:

    I felt naming RAKSHA as "maa veedhi chivari illu" would have been typical ramu style people like me would have realted better to that title

  22. maneesh says:

    Personally i like RAMSAY BROTHERS movies for their different storylines people just term them as B grade stuff but i feel they are great ideas badly implemented just to please some audience i admire their poster design if u see the poster u will stop to look at it.

  23. maneesh says:

    Apart from crime has the genre of extreme drug abuse ever fascinated you a movie like "Requiem for a dream" coming from your stable would take bollywood sensibilities a step higher

  24. maneesh says:

    Sir tell me when will u stop making movies i want to start after u stop "bcoz the show must go on"?

  25. vinay says:

    Hi RGV, It\’s fun discussing on this topic like karma etc. since it\’s matter of one\’s belief or non-belief no one in this world can make up or break up one\’s belief.. but to my thinking I believe that atheist always believe in himself and where as theist depends on other(god). so that the happenings to him can be left on god. But more of a fact everything success or flop about a Task we have to face , we have to go through, we have to solve …..but the result is left on god\’s name.But there is a benefit being atheist i.e., He believes that himself is the reason for his success or flop so that he will go back to check out errors done by him.. where as a believer he satisfies him dat I did my better rest is left on god and this is not with all…. A Atheist and a successor feels more than god and there will be no limit for him to do so… where as there is god as a limit for everything a believer of god does… Atheist have logics of facts to speak where as a theist can create facts from logics.I want to share a dialogue from my own written script, It\’s a dialogue between a theist(Kumar) and a atheist(Muni) frnd of kumarKumar asks Muni to accompany him in temple visit there Muni asks Muni : velli ra telsu kada nenu ranu ani…..naku okati chepu batkuna manshi ni namaru kani oka bandi rayi ne ela namtaru ra meru…Kumar: manshini namthey mosam chestadu leda mosam cheyali ana alochna tepistadu ade banda rayee ni namtey mosam cheyaledhu manaki mosam cheyali ana alochana ranivadhu.… Here Muni asks kumar, why u ppl believe in a stone in temple rather than a alive person beside you there kumar answers that a stone can\’t cheat our trust where as a person can do….thus creating a fact from logic.

  26. Swamy says:

    In this vast world there is enough space for Believers of God and Non-Believers of God…..Neat.

  27. Jayanth says:

    Have you seen \’ZeistGeist\’? Any comments?

  28. naveen says:

    You are an atheist.You look down at people who fear god.You make films only for yourself.But your powerful Subash Nagre in Sarkar worships god.Isnt it a contradiction? P.S: I am not questioning your belief or your claim there of.I dont care what Govinda……Govinda stands for anybody, it does not anything to an atheist like me.But how did you find Govinda……Govinda as an intensifying background music?It worked.

  29. Dinesh says:

    How many girlfriends have you…… ?

  30. Parixit says:

    Once I went to Isckon Temple…It\’s not that I am a religeous man but I only wanted to hang out so I went to a temple with my friends……..And not veryn surprisinglyone devotee started marketing her God and gave us huge PRAVACHAN ……she tokd us that Man\’s only goal is to achieve MOX, and Mox can be achieved, according toher, only by prayingtheir god. If your deeds are evil then you\’ll get a birth of an animal in next life, but if u pray to THEIR god regularly then you\’ll get the birth of a HUMAN……she also told that the current world has became more evil and is involved very much in crime and terrorism because science has developed very much and is creating more and more destructive weapons…..Now my question is that if current world has become more evil then according to the devotee more people should get the birth as an animal rather then human……but the reality is that population is increasing like hell and more and more number of people are getting birth on earth…can any religeous man answer my question……..

  31. andhrabond says:

    RGV, I know any body can achieve anything by the determination, choose right path to achieve what ever you would like to achieve. I also believe in that if you are not achieving some thing you want to achieve, that means either your path could be wrong or you are not applying enough hard work / smart work to achieve that thing. I have a question for you RGV. Have you ever come across in a situation no matter how much hard work / smart work / etc. you put in to solve or get it or achieve a thing, but still you couldn’t achieve it. Of course, you would have come across. I would like to know what happened and what your reaction was.Thx,AB.

  32. raj says:

    I have been reading your blog for quite some time.First time posting. Hope to participate more in future. To start with,"Yes if it is just believing in God you are not loosing anything. But if you practice what come along with it and get affected physically, emotionally or intellectually then there is plenty to lose. "- Yandamuri in his novel " aanando brahma" has a nice discourse on this. My take, heck not just mine, study after study has proven religious people are more at peace and more successful in personal, and professional lives. Does it mean, 100% religious people are successful and 100% atheists are failures. Heck no, it simply means, MOJORITY of religious people are successful than their counterparts. You certainly fall in that minority group of successful people from atheist category. YS is CM because NOT 100% voted for his party but majority voted for his party. Strange comparison with our democracy system."I asked them why they think God has given more to an atheist like me than to devotees like them. There was no answer."- Simple. You are the director of the movie and they don\’t want you to fire them. I am sure they must have hated your confidence (arrogance from their perspective). Another way to look at that is, they were in learning mode, it certainly must be satisfying to you to find some of your assistants like Krishna Vamsi and Puri Jagan successful too.

  33. Unknown says:

    Your brain slave to senses and mind slave to thoughts within. Aren\’t you blocking yourself to see the beauty outside??

  34. Unknown says:

    As a movie director, aren’t you thankful to audience for making your movies successful?

  35. Unknown says:

    Pamu Sreenu told some information about you.

  36. Shreyansh says:

    Your Comments on GOD and your interpretations, remind me a lot of OSHO. You haven\’t mentioned anywhere that u read him. DO you? IF you do, can u write a piece on that?

  37. Unknown says:

    Ramu, then how do you explain when something happens that you never expected to happen? For example, you were saved in a train accident while some of them died. You may say "luck". I say luck=unknown energy = God or something…. Also, your definition of "fun" may differ with mine. But, God or no God, if we sit on our ass and expect things to happen it will not… so as you said, forget yesterday, act today and hope for a better tomorrow…..

  38. Unknown says:

    Your blog works like a good counselling session for me, where I seem to find answers and coping mechanisms to the insecurities I have

  39. prithvi says:

    What\’s your opinion about "slumdog millionaire" and oscar nominations it got?

  40. Mohan says:

    I was brought up to believe that how I saw myself was more important than how others saw me. – Anwar el-Sadat, Egyptian politician (1918 – 1981)

  41. unknown says:

    Do you have any ideas of making a film on "Nathuram Godsey"????

  42. Arun says:

    How important is it for a film-maker to be a rational person ?Does suspension-of-disbelief work well with people having great analytical power ?We all keep giving advices on how a film should be made, but why can we never advice on how a film should be viewed ?According to a director, what makes a good viewer ?

  43. Unknown says:

    "Let’s say you as a kid have done something wrong and your father waits for 20 years and then slaps you. That would be stupid because you would have forgotten what you have done by that time."this logic holds good if you make just one mistake and ur father keeps quiet for 20 years..counter argument:let\’s say u make so many mistakes that even if the father keeps slapping for 20 years it would not be enuf….in the mean time you make some more mistakes and finally so many mistakes that one life time is not enuf to slap you for all the mistakes that you did…for you it is a one birth and hence you donot know what u did last birth and hence feel bad/terrible that you are being punished for no fault of urs as per ur timeframe…but for me, if my timeframe span is bit more than urs i have no problem punishing you…I am not supporter of karma theory, but the point is, there is definately a counter argument to it..btw, God is shapeless form/entity,albeit powerful one like wind, water, sun is just energy surrounding you..if u want to get a bit of that energy make some effort in the form of meditation, prayer. these things help you control you brain as ultimately it is all about cotrolling/conditioning your brain..brain shud acts as a good receiver so that you can get the wisdom as well as good transmitter so that u can transmit information in the form of clarity of thought, vision or actions..if u think u can do it with out any effort/help, well and good, but for others they might need some assistance, hence this ritual of prayer…i agree that people made mockery of this, there is no difference between people lining to view chiranjeevi\’s movie first day first show and people lining in at tirupathi..some where the whole concept of God is lost in transaltion.. finally, since it shapeless form there is nothing like "we pardon God" is like saying..i pardon sun for being so hot over india but so cool over europe…

  44. Rahul says:

    your blogs are much better day by day… have you written any book or planning to write one…

  45. Unknown says:

    "Let’s say you as a kid have done something wrong and your father waits for 20 years and then slaps you. That would be stupid because you would have forgotten what you have done by that time."But here the kid don\’t know that father is going to punish him after 20 years.But in case of God, you knew that you are going to punished once you die.

  46. Unknown says:

    Do you remember the time that you have decided to be atheist.I mean so many people may have questions about God but still they have some % of belief in God. Do you have 100% non-belief in God? If so, then from when?

  47. Nethuru says:

    Ramu,Your 7 part essay on God as well as the article on "The ideas that killed 7 million people" are available. If you wish to post them here on the blog, let me know. I will forward them to you. – Raja

  48. bhanu says:

    Hi Raja, Could you forward them to my email id?.. thanks.

  49. Unknown says:

    What is a film for a director? Is it his expression or communication?

  50. simple says:

    ramu sir, when did u cried last time in ur life ?

  51. vaishak says:

    This post has no connection with Ram gopal varma sir. Last week I happened to read an other film maker’s blog. I read only one post and for me, it is enough is enough.Unfortunately, I happened to read this noted filmmaker’s blog. I read only one blog post which talks about the terrorist attack in Mumbai Taj. I really shocked to see that Mr. KJ [this noted fm] didn’t talk anything about terrorism or about the country or the shock it created in nation’s mind. He is deeply upset because Indian authorities made a pronunciation mistake when they were saving a few foreign people who lived in Taj. Indian authorities addressed somebody from Austria who is in fact from Australia and in seconds they had corrected their mistake. But Mr. KJ is deeply shaken by this incident. Not by the terrible terrorist attack or not by situation of the our nation , but by the pronunciation mistake made by Indian authority in that crisis time. Mr. KJ is even getting angry towards the Indian authority for making the global audience think that Indians don’t have an idea about Austria and Australia. Note this point, the whole country was shaken by the terrorist attack and bold, brilliant officers like Sandeep Unnikrishnan and Hemant karkere lost their lives when saving the city. Here, KJ is getting angry for a spelling mistake.[ It’s also because it is associated with foreigners]What to say about this f…….person…?…………I know he hate Indians and Indian culture and he has firm rooted cultural slavery towards west. This is the biggest example of this and in Sony max they showed some info about him when they were playing one of his films [which actually meant for morons] that he hided the fact that his dad was a notable filmmaker in India because his friends might make fun of him because his father is associated with Hindi films. See, this kind of an attitude comes from a mind which has rooted and much bigger inferiority complex towards his own origin and culture. Only a slave can speak such things.No self-respecting man can say these kind of things. When these cultural slaves set india’s cultural agendas through their films for a decade , what can one expect from this nation. It is not Kj’s mistake that he is a big shot film maker here. I have the greatest sympathy for his audience because they watched, liked and loved all his films and made him what he is now. A society which has no self-respect for themselves is more dangerous than terrorists who comes to attack them because terrorists can only make physical destruction but these cultural slaves can initiate complete destruction of mind components like pride ,honesty and patriotism.I request everybody to write their opinion on this including Our Film Guru who use to give twisted philosophy for our straight questions.…With Luv………….V……..

  52. snow says:

    You are falling into a trap…or have already fallen into it…dont deviate from your core are a film-maker…just stick to making movies and talk about movies..not about profound philosophies…you are no authority on such subjects as God..this and that…just because some idiots over here are coming and seeking some answers..the dimwits dont have any fucking clue as to what they are doing are finding solace in your hogwash…..dont feel like you are a guru…or soon there will be an Ramu Mumbai……get a life loosers….please ..i please you to talk about movies and movies only…take any topic..anything but please talk about movies..dont venture into areas..which are none of your concern….

  53. Bhaskar says:

    Watching Satya and Company repeatedly made me to think of Heart Vs Mind. The more intelligent u grow, you will fall(or seem) more bad at heart… Do u think they sometimes go against each other?Can you please write up something about Heart Vs Mind?

  54. Unknown says:

    hey no name, according to you who has the authority to speak about God -the pujaris? ; about crime – the criminals? ;about accounts – the ramalingarajus?. Hey extra wit, you deserve this world. Rejoice!

  55. snow says:

    Hey "yes name"…..good you sound ok in the last line…we all deserve..what we deserve…we all are living in our own private worlds…read between the lines..all i am saying is that…if you want to throw some light on should have expereince…a keen intelligence….a perspective so different from the ordinary..that you know when you say has some authoritative tinge in it…not just to quote from here and there…not just to parrot around what you have learned..or fed yourself with…Ramu is into making movies..and his primary motive behind starting this blog..i am sure is to talk anything related with movies…and moreover what is this talk…absolutely silly..childish debate about God..theism..atheism..these are too personal matters to be kept to ourselves….not to discuss..debate…deliberate about…and how does it matter..whether someone talks about God and what not..does it change your life?? Can\’t you see around…this retarded,meaningless debate has been going on for millenia…go to the essential..go to the point directly….be realist and EXISTENTIAL…..all these verbal nonsense…is simply dreamy…dont worry about my world…"I" am absolutely sure what I am doing…so just chill and concentrate on the immediate…and the immediate is always have taken it for granted…first riddle out your own existence….first decipher your own code..then you can go around the world and start educating it..until and unless that is done…you are just wasting your energies…i would want Ramu bhai…to talk profound intricacies, his vision, his extraordinary perspective about..movies…PERIOD!!!

  56. sandy says:

    Hello RGV! I am Sandeep, a regular reader of your blog and in fact wait for your new posts eagerly. I really feel that if you would make a movie on Osho\’s life or his philosophies then it will be a masterpiece (a maverick making a movie on another maverick)

  57. snow says:

    And one more thing..yes man..i forgot…if a Buddha..says something…it means something..likewise..if a Bodhidharma..says something…,if a Jesus says something…if a Mohammad says something..if a Krishna says something…if a Al-hilaj Mansoor says something…if a Rabiya says something..if a Ramana Maharshi says somethin..if a Ramakrishna Parmahansa says something..if a St.Augustine, St,Francis…says something…if a Mahavir says something…if a Jiddu Krishnamurthi says something..if a Astavakra says something ,if a Kabir says something…it has some meaning..if a raodside..dhabhawalla or sabjiwalla says something….it will sound profound..but it ain\’t gonna penetrate your being..and bring about some gestalt change….

  58. Unknown says:

    those big names might\’ve sold sabji or done similar jobs before. Then their words were poo poohed by extra wits. After a group of dimwits began endorsing them they became big guns &extra wits suddenly start finding meaning.. We are here for fun only, a kinda intellectual fun. Sorry to see you cannot follow.

  59. Unknown says:

    nameless,i\’ve no probs if someone quotes from somewhere. At least i don\’t\’ve to search for the original. I don\’t want authoritative tinge.. I believe intelligent people\’ll b in doubt & only fools\’ll b cocksure. I enjoy cerebral words aimed at conventional morality. As a matter of fact i find the big guns take on theism highly moral & boring &impractical & not cerebral. Nice to see that they r giving u good company.

  60. snow says:

    ok pokey…snoopy dog…dont jump on to conclusions..and assumptions…you are having some fun…then have fun…dont poke your nose…the messages were meant for someone and they will understand…and since you asked a question..i answered it…alrite…dimwit…..dont start a WWIII here…and dont get personal……….can\’t see u r name..smartypants…..just relax…u r breed have more canines…than grey matter….

  61. Swamy says:

    About " Mast " : — You may have thought that people will identify themselves with an ordinary middle class guy, who takes away an actress to his home…but they didn\’t….i think it\’s because they didn\’t expect Urmila to be an introvert , because everyone imagines an actress as an extrovert with full of energy ( even though she\’s damn reserved in the real world) ….so right from the beginning Urmila\’s character didn\’t sync in the audience mind, which disabled them to involve in the story, inspite of those fabulous songs from Sandeep Chowta.Please do write a blog article on the genesis of Mast. PS: The bit where the hero hides the heroine in his home is later used in "Okkadu ".

  62. Unknown says:

    if dan brown finds that bernard shaw\’s main job was selling potatoes and he was only a part time dramatist are we supposed to take his works as inferior and suppress the pleasure. Y do u think ramu should talk about his job only & we dimwits should share your area of interest only.

  63. Unknown says:

    who is cool and who is personal let the world judge.. Ha ha. bye

  64. static atmosphere energy says:

    "Let me put this more simply. Let’s say you as a kid have done something wrong and your father waits for 20 years and then slaps you. That would be stupid because you would have forgotten what you have done by that time. ":)) LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLv.v.interesting observation…and births and births…LOL

  65. Puroorava Chakravarthy says:

    Why Ganesha? You said the same miracle exists in both Bollywood and Divinewood. I think as Man created God but not the other way round the same miracles,mysteries, rules or logic exist in bollywood, tollywood, divinewood, mythology or whatever.

  66. vinay says:

    Who is your favourite director from your assistants turned director??

  67. Unknown says:

    If i decide to adapt your views on success,the first thing that i need to do is to get divorced.

  68. Abhishek says:

    Hi Sir,Can you upload the \’Picture moment\’ section with images related to- behind the scenes/on location/working stills from some of your old movies? Perhaps, even still images of your favourite scens from your movies. Please……

  69. Piyush says:

    Without sarcasm,I still listen to the title track of Aag,by Sunidhi Chauhan.- Piyush Bhageria

  70. santosh says:

    RELIGION IS GABBAR, GOD IS THAKUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Regards,Santino

  71. Vinay says:

    Rangeela and Sarkar had happy endings, but Company, Satya, Sarkar Raj had logical endings. Which one is chosen under what circumstances?

  72. Unknown says:

    If success is about ones ability to do "what he exactly wants to do everyday", what is "power" means to you?

  73. vinay says:

    The incident in mangalore by sriram sena is horrible and such are unacceptable. This is not the first, I saw many in Televisions in past too…Once people beat a person for stealing a bicycle and it is shown as live show in news channels and some similar attacks like this… I don\’t understand what the media people do at that time .. how they people are busy showing these type incidents instead of acting at instances… Are they not Citizens Or Do they don\’t have moral sense or atleast common sense. I am saying this becoz hw do media people know that the incident is going to take place at that time.. that means they have information before itself.. instead of trying to stop such ridiculous incidents to be happen, they wait for it to happen and show it for their TRP\’s and later on such incidents they can structure new programs such as debates, interviews etc. Actually the bicycle-thief incident took place in slum area and they attackers would stop if a single person stops them but no one did, and I din\’t find any educated person in those attackers… but the people who are shooting, wat abt them ?.. can\’t they go and stop.. I can say that if a person looking like gentleman can stop that attack saying one word (I mean the reporter their can stop it…..) I think they were busy with their work and the very most thing I liked in them is their dedication towards their work…I am sure that if at all the attackers try to kill that person .. the reporters there wud be trying for camera angles to show the incident more effectively, the media their might be feeling proud of shooting such a great horrible incident.

  74. vamsi says:

    This is what the Vedanta phioloshophy says: Believing or not believing in God depends on what is God to you. At the lowest level we see God as an idol. People see him as a punisher and rewarder at this level. Its a wonderful way to help the masses concentrate and begin their belief in. As you progress in your spiritual life God appears in different forms. In the second stage he appears as \’Brahman\’ which is strong bright light that is omni present and all other forms of superlatives. Then in the third stage you will see God as in every living thing, trees, birds etc. and in the last stage you will see no difference between you and that tree or that bird. So, when all your assistants went to see God, not all of them went there because they were scared. 1. Some loved God2. Some wanted something from God3. May be some were scared of God\’s anger4. Some went because everyone else was going….and hey… you are true… success is a state of mind and has nothing to do with people at large accepting your work, personality or dominance. Because if this is the case then success will come and go away. But if success is what you feel about yourself, then success will never go away. Vedanta says that one should live partly like you – without fear. But also says you should live without want. So, to sum it up, you are right many ways and wrong many ways… oops… your total is zero then…

  75. Unknown says:

    pls post something..I\’ve nothing to do..

  76. vamsi says:

    hey,,, its absoultely silly of you say that people remember lagaan but not Gadar – because of critics. There are 2 kinds of good films. Memorable ones and nice to see ones. At first public will like both of them like hell. But the fun in nice to see ones has a life cycle, but the memorable ones live in the minds for a way longer time. They could be memorable because they just path breaking in their generation. Lagaan belongs to this category. If you dont believe this… take this test. Pick any good desi music album, then listen to all the songs… the most peppy one hangs on to you immediately. But in the pack there will be one song that has mesmerising music, amazing lyrics and wonderful vocal and that is what will stay with you much longer. Lets say Satya – When I came out of the movie theatre, \’Kallu mama\’ was the song. But as time went on, \’Baadalon ko kaat kaat ke\’ turned out to be one of my all time favorites. No one has influenced me to pick this. I just liked it. Same with Daud. Initially it was shabba shabba… now I only like "O bhavre" again one of my all time favorite. Again no critic influenced me to decide this. Critic can only decide whether I see a movie or not. Once I see it,,, its my opinion on what the movie is…

  77. Kiran says:

    Hello Ram gopal verma jiHow r u??..Hope u r fine..I loved Sarkar and Sarkar raj..fab movies..waitin for the third..when is it releasing??

  78. Jayanth says:

    Have you seen \’ZeistGeist\’? If yes what\’s ur opinion on that?Did ya like it?

  79. Jayanth says:

    Also watzz happening on "Raktha Charithra"?

  80. Jonah says:

    Are you a Sinner?God said all that SIN “shall have their part in the lake which is burnt with fire and brimstone, which is the second death”— Revelations 21:08 What is a “SIN” A Transgression, an overstepping of the Law, the divine boundary between good and evil, iniquity, an act inherently wrong, error, a departure from right, a failure to meet the divine standards, trespass, the intrusion of self will into the sphere of divine authority, lawlessness, spiritual anarchy, unbelief, insult to the divine veracity.What are “Sin’s”1. Lying: Talk any thing which is untrue (v) Person who always speaks lies (n)2. Pride: An undue sense of ones’ own superiority,3. Covetous: Overly desirous of something belonging to others4. Adultery: The Voluntary Sexual intercourse of two persons either or both whom are married but not to each other 5. Fornication: Having sexual intercourse while unmarried 6. Uncleanness: Morally Impure, Ritually Impure 7. Lasciviousness: Having Wanton Desires and Lustful 8. Idolatry: The worship of Idols 9. Witchcraft: Black-Magic, Sorcery 10. Hatred: Bitter dislike (or) Aversion, Antipathy, Animosity 11. Variance: The act of varying or the state of being varied 12. Emulation: Try to equal or surpass by imitating or copying and Try to do as well as, Imitate 13. Wrath: Violent rage, Anger or Fury, Indignation 14. Strife: Angry contention, Fighting, Rivalry, Quarreling, Conflicting 15. Sedition: Words or action, inciting people to rebellion 16. Heresies: Any similar unorthodox or controversial belief 17. Envying: A feeling or resentment and Jealousy over the position, achievement of another18. Drunkenness: Being habitude to Intoxication 19. Murders: To Kill a human being with premeditated malice, Slaughter 20. Reveling: To take delight, to make Merry, engage in Boisterous festivities 21. Unbelieving: Doubting, Skeptical22. Abominable: Very hateful, Loathsome 23. Whore Mongers: A dealer or a trader for Prostitutes24. Sorcerers: A Wizard, A Magician25. Unrighteousness: Being Wicked, Sinful26. Revilers: Who criticize angrily in abusive language27. Extortioner: One who obtains from other person by Violence, threat or oppression 28. Railer: Who uses scornful or insolent Language29. Blasphemy: Irrelevant talk about sacred things30. Deceit: Act of deceiving and Deception31. Evil Eye: A look or stare having the power to harm32. Violence: Marked by physical force or activity33. Maliciousness: A disposition to injure another, Malignity34. Whispers: Secret Communication35. Boasters: To extol the deeds or ability of Oneself.36. Implacable: Pitiless, Merciless, RuthlessWere you unaware of these things even though they play a part of your life? (or) Were you aware of these things but didn’t care for them?Reference: Holy Bible — Galatians 05: 19-21; Revelations 21:08; I Corinthians 06:09-10; I Corinthians 05: 10-11; Mathews15: 19; Mathew 19: 18-19; Saint Mark 07:21-23; Saint Luke 10: 19; Saint Luke 03:14; Saint Luke 06:27; Romans 01: 19-31

  81. Jonah says:

    I am sure when you said religion stops you from having fun in life.. the "fun" part included a lot from the list below. But when you look at it.. These are the only things religion stops you from and all these are pure sins which gives pleasure to people without understanding.For example: Dr. House once [House M.D.] asked "Do you think the one who created heaven and earth bothers about what goes into your throat?" (its about alcohol by the way)Best answer is.. "its not what goes thru you throat but what goes into your mind with effect to that."Many feel having casual sex is fun and religion stops you from doing it. why? how does it matter?As a matter of fact it doesn\’t. Neither to you nor the girl you slept with. But somewhere down the lane your consciousness pricks you for what you\’ve done. and it pricks you more when you realize your wife had casual sex. it pricks you much more when you realize when your sister had casual sex. it pricks you much more when you realize that your mother had casual sex too. This is what many cant stand having the knowledge of. That is exactly why they are called "sins"Same goes with other "fun things" in that list. be it Murder or Adultery or Railing.But then again "IGNORANCE IS BLISS" RIGHT???

  82. Jith says:

    "For me personally success is about getting up in the morning and the whole day do the exactly what I want to till I sleep"Very true!! Not everyman can do that. Suppose,somebody plans that he would become a rocket scientist after five years. Each and every day of his life are small steps to achieve this goal. And exactly on the fifth year if he had achieved the target,he needs to be respected . It\’s not just living a day. He should have a clear and distinct short,medium and long term plans. Not sure,how many people can live like this or survive the various pressures from outside.Do you think you have achieved your goal? Do you feel saturated? "Karma theory"It\’s good for us not to comment on philosophy if we are not particuluarly sure about it. The basic principle of Hindutva is "Thathwamasi" (you are the god). Ofcourse karma theory speaks about your deeds. The deeds whick makes you spiritually stronger. If visiting temples are part of your daily life,that could make you spiritually stronger. But that\’s not the only way. As you always say,doing your job with utmost passion would give you the same level of spirtitual vibration that you will get from a deep meditation. According to indian philosophy,these practices would help you to create an aura by yourself. Temples are just a medium. But Adviatha theory speaks clearly that you are the god("Aham brahmasmi"). If you die the energy of your life would not be perished. It will take another form. That\’s reincarnation. No one who knows Hinduthva will speak as like you stated in your exampleI find t a rational behind Indian philosophy than any other.No other job [:)] …was simply surfing the net, thought of halting here for a while.

  83. Unknown says:

    Your face is emotionless. Is it to hide emotions or nothing provokes you?

  84. Kalpesh says:

    I\’d simply like to know what happened to the contest "It happened to me"? The website has been stating "Results coming soon" on the contest page since past 4 months now. Would you have any idea Sir?

  85. celeste says:

    Please, sir, when will \’Phoonk\’ DVD be released?

  86. Unknown says:

    Can a woman be talkative and yet very sexy?

  87. Unknown says:

    Your films seem to be very intense, hard-hitting, real, songless, candid expressions…how is it different from a porn movie?

  88. Unknown says:

    Some say….Age is an issue of mind over matter such that if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. What is the effect of aging on your mind?

  89. Unknown says:

    What is the most advantage for being a male?

  90. manda says:

    Dear RGV, Hi, I am from Hyderabad. I was a teenager studying in VIII standard, when this huge phenomenon of \’SHIVA\’ happened.I did watch that movie at that time, I only felt that it was different but nothing much than that. But then a couple of years laterI watched \’KSHNA KSHNAM\’, boy what a moive was that. This movie too was different but everything & I am mean everything in this movie was excellent, the way you narrated the story on screen was superb. This film should be classified as a \’masterpiece\’.So, I urge you why not remake this your own film in Hindi. It would be a good \’gift\’ for hindi audiences. It would also be great if you can cast \’Abhishek Bachchan\’ in place of \’Venkatesh\’ & \’Bhoomika Chawla\’ or \’Asin\’ in place of \’Sridevi\’ in the remake.Please look into this, because we will be getting a good movie to

  91. unknown says:

    Whose idea to introduce jagapathi babu\’s voice in "Gaayam" movie…….??

  92. Dipesh Kumar says:

    Do we Expect Any Mythological Movie From You..!

  93. Sajid says:

    "I asked them why they think God has given more to an atheist like me than to devotees like them. There was no answer."The resaon why your crew didn\’t reply to your answer maybe :1) They respect you & might have felt to answer you back will be rude , or2) Yeh toh Paagal hai saala….there\’s no point in explaning him.The reason you have all the success,fame& luxuries in this world (hope all does) coz GOD is been merciful on you.Even though you don\’t believe in HIM but HE believes u …..otherwise wats the point …if any atheist doesn\’t get wat he/she wants….then there wont b any atheist …… but HE surely have plans for you to make you pray/pay/be accountable….HE\’s been patience & giving/given you enough chance/time to mend your way. Remember what you do in life echoes in eternity.

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