Why Ganesha?

It’s always been a mystery to me that why someone makes it in life and someone does not. It is not as simple as having talent or luck. I think it’s also a lot to do with a subconscious programming not necessarily designed or intended.
Over the years I have seen umpteen examples of actors and technicians who I thought high of, who didn’t make it and who I thought were mediocre make it to the top. Not that I am an authority but at the point and time of me thinking that, everyone else around me shared the same opinion.
The most simplistic explanation for this is the S word “success”. But what does it really mean? Success is primarily an endorsement of a large number of people that so and so is very very good. But how does one know what so many people are actually thinking? A case in point is Gaddar and Lagaan. Both of them released on the same day and Gaddar is a far superior hit to Lagaan. Today years after their release I did not meet one single person who claimed Gaddar to be his favourite but you will find plenty for Lagaan. So who were the people who loved Gaddar? Did they come quietly from Mars saw the film and went back again?
Jokes apart the people who liked Gaddar most probably would be the so-called masses whose opinions would not matter to the nose-in-the-air critics and the media. So the moment they don’t endorse or keep praising the film the people who liked Gaddar also in time would slowly start being apologetic about liking Gaddar as they will be programmed to think that there is something wrong with them for liking Gaddar.
There was an aunt of mine who just accompanied someone visiting Satya Sai Baba and when she came back she put a huge portrait of his in her house and she claimed that the very fact that so many thousands believe in him is proof enough for her that he is divine. I countered her by saying that if she actually does not believe, and just because she thinks thousands others believe, she also believes, then what if each one of those thousands also were thinking the same like her. In effect this means nothing but a huge collective belief in a lie. Am not talking here about Satya Sai Baba but I am questioning the basis of their belief in him.
Also I could never understand for what reason Kartika is a lesser God than his brother Ganesha. Mythology does not say Kartika is lesser and neither did it say Ganesha is more extra-ordinary. But for some reason Heaven’s PR department propped up Ganesha and played down Kartika. So the moment they promoted Ganesha in such loud profound voices even as illogical as a story of his origin will also be looked up to by the devotees (audience) in awe (Read as in a illogical film also becoming a super-hit).
If anyone in the poor film industry were to tell a story like this the writer will be kicked out for ever. “Young Ganesha was standing guard outside when his mother Parvati is taking a bath Shiva returns and Ganesha stops him and in anger Shiva cuts off the kid’s head. (I think the world can learn a few lessons in brutality from Shiva.) And when Parvati tells him who the kid is, Shiva goes outside cuts an elephant’s head (Are the wild-life people PETA etc listening) and sticks it on his son’s head.” Apart from this and being momma’s boy I couldn’t get what else Ganesha did to get that divine status and of course we never ever bothered to ask about Kartika because we were programmed to ignore him.
For all practical purposes Kartika is better looking, seems smarter (at least he does not have any funny illogical stories around him comparable to those of Ganesha) and also there is no account in mythology of him being less powerful than Ganesha or whatever.
Then why is Ganesha a superstar and why is Kartika not?
Well as a sum up I just wanted to state that the miracle of why someone makes it and why some one does not exists not only in Bollywood but also in Divine-wood.
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  1. RAZI says:

    Dear Sir,I do agree with ur point that most of us dont question our beliefs and faith.dont check the source,the authenticity. i mean one look at the perfect order of the world,the alternation of day and night,the orderly fashion of our birth,adoloescence and dotage shd make us believe that God is more than someone with an elephant head.but what was more interesting was ur point that there are some who we think are going to be succesful but in the long run they lose out somewhere……are u blaming urself to have that point of view at that particular time. obviously a person like u wont bother for others opinion to base his judgement on a particular persons future for example. i think u left that aspect halfway and started speaking of success.Regards,Razi.

  2. Ashok says:

    Not in the same words but I try to explain the same thing to my wife and my mother. The answer they give to me is "what we are losing by believing?" and "what I am gaining by not believing?". I really could not answer that question. Do you have a answer?

  3. Krishna says:

    Dear RamGopal sir,The process of thinking and belief starts and grows along with the surroundings in which a human lives. The kind of brought-up, the circumstances under which the human grows, the consequences he/she has faced etc are a few factors which influences one\’s belief, thought and action.For example, a kid who does not know his parents and left with nothing right after his birth will have a different outlook in his/her life. For him, the person who can collect some food for that day is the most successful person. And if he helps this kid with some food and clothes, he is a hero…. and For a boy who was born in rich and so-called noble family, he will a different definition for success…If a human is placed in a comfortable position,so that he can start thinking beyond the basic needs ,here comes the option to selectamong different things that are in place Then he/she can decide and fix upon a star and a superstar in various disciplines.For a a human, who has to search for basic needs on a daily basis, there is no star or superstar!!!!!!!!!! because all his INSTINCTS will be concentrated on a very few things…….

  4. dipu says:

    Luck By Chance!

  5. Vinay says:

    IT has to do with evolving. If someone is frustrated why he\’s not able to patao girls and does ntohing about it and does not evolve, he would have to have an arranged marriage.Similarly about film making and other areas. If someone keeps making movies without evolving (about audience sensibilities and movie making process), he would turn into TaraniTill date Ashutosh Gowariker and Farhan Akhtar have evolved well to make wonderful movies, while Yash Chopra was tops till he stopped making movies Aamir has been the pick of the lot to be able to make as well as select his movies well. It also has to do with knowing the desert as Alchemist puts in.

  6. Vinay says:

    Years later someone would wonder about the same thing. "For all practical purposes Anurag Kashyap was better looking and seemed smarter, but yet, Ram Gopal Verma was a superstar director".

  7. Vinay says:

    I believe that opinion writing in any form in mainstream newspapers and newschannels is a very bad practice. After all, only a miniscule number of people will have the same views. Nothing gives one the right to broadcast that what he thinks is right (like Shobha De about SRK, AB and you … or for that matter, movie reviewers) in mainstream newspaper and media. Media\’s job ends at reporting. It should be left to the individual to form his own opinion.

  8. Srikanth says:

    > So who were the people who loved Gaddar? Gadar came close on the heels of the Kargil war. Distrust of Pakistan was at a new high. So when Sunny paji enters Pakistan and kicks their ass on their own turf, people eagerly lapped it up. When we went back to peace processes, Gadar\’s mortality was imminent.Lagaan definitely got amazing hype due to the Oscar nomination. What the westerners like, we have to like, right?>she put a huge portrait of his in her house and she claimed that the very fact that so many thousands believe in him is proof enough for her that he is divine.Chasing holy men, satsangs, and religious leaders is just a symptom. When people are overtly religious, I start to wonder if they are trying to make up for their other "sinful" behavior. Otherwise, what is the need for so much penance and "sacrifice"? Meanwhile these "holy" men have to move to Bangalore in the summer (due to the heat), and of course their followers flock there too. As long as people want to buy back some peace of mind they lost due to the choices they made in life, there will be shysters to make money off of them. >Then why is Ganesha a superstar and why is Kartika not? I think the community Ganesh chaturdhi celebrations contribute to this greatly. I think Bal Gangadhar Tilak started this in Maharashtra, and now it has trickled down to other states too.Ganesha did all the right things. First he lobbied for an important cabinet post. He holds the On-Off switch for any venture, be it construction, education, financial. This is pretty cool because people like money (Lakshmi) and education (Saraswati, the provider of engineering and medical seats). He slam-dunked the seat mainly by going around his parents 3 times while Kartikeya huffed and puffed running around the world. (refer to Vinayaka chaviti books for more info)Once he got the cabinet post, he then realized the important of PR. Luckily, Tilak was looking for a good icon to unite the community. He became the remover of obstacles, uniter of communities, and provider of student visas*. Game, set, match – Ganesha. (*A certain Balaji from Chilkur is slowly gaining the reputation of "Visa Balaji", thus providing a competitor to Ganesha in terms of visas. Competition is good, customer … er… devotee wins.)Kartikeya in the meantime might not even contest for a parliament post this time. He now works at Ganesha\’s previous job; in charge of mom\’s security detail. Ganesha says: Networking, a never day die attitude, good PR agent and taking opportunities as they come – that is the secret to sucess.

  9. karthik says:

    if you really have some value in public… they will sue you for your tasteless blogging. If nobody bothers about you then you will left alone.

  10. Arun says:

    Yeah you were right, you are a genius with your Philosophies and humor and a mad-man with your movies.

  11. Arun says:

    Wow, a very rational blog.

  12. Vidyasagar says:

    Hats off to your observations!I think what you are saying is something related to mass hysteria!!

  13. Kesavan says:

    Ramu,I am not sure if you got the analogy right in your article. I totally agree with you in terms of why some make it and some don\’t, but the same does not apply to Gods and hence is a poor analogy. Let me explain this.Cut to B. Gopal films=====================Our hero lives in isolation far away from his homeland escaping from a few people (due to obligation or design). He has one honest uncle or naukar who is dedicated. Due to some event, the hero is confronted by his loved ones about his identity, then the Naukar or Uncle suddenly comes up with stories of how great the hero is. If you imagine this scene, the hero character is elevated to unprecendented heights because of a patronising character who is loyal to the hero and through his words and expressions the hero attains a super human status. Had it been any other way (hero telling his own story or just flasback of what happened without a patron) it would not attain the same appeal. (watch it in Indra or Samarasimhareddy or any film).The audience are taken for an emotional ride and hence hero character in most of the cases works.Cut to God\’s============If you read about spread of Hinduism in India starting from Aadi Shankaracharya (I do-not have much idea what happened before that), you will notice that there has been some major influential people in our country who defined whom we pray, how we pray and the philosophy surrounding that. Advaita of Aadi Shankara (predominantly still exists in Shaiva culture) or Dvaita of Madhavacharya or Visishtadvaita of Ramanujacharya (spread of Vaishnavism) you will notice, how a certain God was patronised more or not, through their poems, hymns, debates and written text. Considering our Gurukul form of education and the mass following these leaders had, population at large lapped up what they preached automatically.Hence, stories, songs and for that matter even temples are abound for Ganesha because he was patronised by these influential religious leaders, whereas Karthikeya was not by adequate influential leaders. Ganesha got the mass appeal through Bal Gangadhar Tilak later. Hence, the popularity of the God is directly proportional to the influence of the patrons.The other thing is, individuals have a very short span of influence VS God\’s, hence for God\’s there is a long lasting influence which has a greater chance of only growing once the chain reaction starts, its not time bound. Whereas for an individual the shelf life is less, hence chances of making it are also time bound (physical, mental, emotional, regional, political and many other factors can influence an individuals chances).In many cases for individuals, where a person with a better PR skills (with talent) and with patrons who can speak volumes about him has a greater probability of "making it" and someone who is a loner without any patrons may not. The story becomes twisted when our Hero treats his patrons as Gods and does stuff only to please them (pick any telugu actor currently, he will not do any role to displease his fan base). In case where the individual does things to please his patrons, I am not sure how to define success, because I doubt if the individual achieves his true potential to begin with, hence a greater chance of not making it. In case of God\’s there is no scope of them doing anything whatsoever to please the patrons, except for some perceived illusions by patrons.Conclusion============I agree with your premise and your argument and theme, but the analogy is not totally apt.Bests,Kesavan

  14. Kesavan says:

    Ramu,Another line of thought========================Why Ganesha, has nothing to do with Ganesha, whereas in case of the individual (human) the indvidual has a lot of influence on the outcome. God is a universal constant, who does not influence anything, has no say in matters, has no form, has no reaction to an action. The whole action is from the individual patronising God. Whereas in case of an individual, he is not constant, he reacts and acts too.Example:========Imagine a one way traffic road of infinite length and a car which is autoprogrammed, with infinite fuel supply etc, moving at a constant speed without anything influencing it or it influencing anything around it (not even a driver in it), and all cars around it can move only in one direction (forward), that is GOD car. Now imagine a fleet of cars surrounding this God forming a cricle around but moving along with it (lilke a protecting ring), that is religion. Nobody outside the ring or the ring itself can understand this God car, they just move around it. The character of the God car (name, title and popularity) is totally dependent on the surrounding cars and what they display in the advertisement banners. Now if huge trucks and limosunes surround the God car with BIG BIG banners of Ganesha, then Ganesha becomes the GOD of Gods. When one religion replaces another (imagine the spread of Islam for example) the God car does not change, the trucks and limosunes change the ad banner. Now, which God makes it? Everyone makes it at different proportions depending on the current set of surrounding ring.Now for an individual=======================It is a narrow road with two way traffic where the cars can move forward, backwards and sidewards also, in a kind of race to reach a destination (the road is not infinite) in a certain time (the fuel supply is not infinite) and with a drive in it (the individual). The probability of a certain driver making it is influenced by Fuel supply, road, the car, the surrounding cars and how many cars are ready to form a protective ring around this individuals car and many more.We can only say that statistically some car will make it for certain, but we can never say if a certain car will make it or not. Throwing a dice ten times does not alter the probability of coming up with a 6 on the 11\’th time, its still as uncertain, hence we cannot form a theory and will remain a mystery.In-approriate analogy, but good thought.Cheers,Kesavan KK

  15. Swamy says:

    Not only media…but also every intelligent and highly educated people spread their mouth talk by adding up their own knowledge to something which they like…so obviously if someone adore that intelligent guy they even start adoring that guy tastes ( inorder to copy his intelligence !! )If you say that \’Ardh Satya\’ is your favorite movie then there are 100% chances that all your die hard fans in the country will start loving that movie, proclaiming that it\’s my boss\’s favorite movie.One of the classic example of your point is \’ Sagara Samgamam\’ , which was released in 1983, and that very year the highest grosser was Krishna and Shoban babu starrer \’Mundadugu\’ (????).Gitanjali is also another such example which was not a huge grosser but many people has not even forgotten any one of the scene in it. ( i know some people who feel damn bore by watching this movie yet give their opinion by stating that it\’s a classic !!)

  16. vamsi says:

    Surprising that you brought up this topic. I was reading a book last night written by a famous person whom you dont know. He says that according to the vedanta philosophy there is a soul and it chooses the right conditions, parents that are best suited for it. This choice ofcourse does not guarantee success, but improves or decreases the chance of success. So he says that the life of a person whether he is with one leg, one eye or mentally retarted has a lot to do with past life. Ofcourse you and I will not buy this story because there is no proof. According to this famous man…. if this is all it takes to make a person believe in the vedanta philosophy – the answer is – its possible. He says that all you have to do is to struggle with this inquiry in your mind, let this thought enter your blood and make it rush, let this rushing blood in the arms and the fist make them feel as strong as steel. Let there not be a single other thought apart from this and then alone you will find out all about your previous life. Varma… watch out… I know you are bound by bollywood and not divine-wood…probably the latter controls the former and you are a mere toy trying to push the walls of a small submarine stuck in an ocean and there by believing your capability to redefine…

  17. Parixit says:

    Plz put an article on ayn rand….

  18. Unknown says:

    Why Shiva didn’t reattach kids head instead of borrowing head from another being?

  19. Unknown says:

    You seem to diminish Ganesha divine status…just wait and see to witness your films collapsing at box-office 🙂

  20. Unknown says:

    Why do people tend to forgive or ignore loop-holes in divine people stories? like….Indra romancing with someone’s wifeGods having lot of girl-friends (Krishna , Venkateswara…etc)Lord Rama killing Vaali in insane manner……etc

  21. Unknown says:

    Who said \’Kartikay\’ [Subramanyam] is not famous as Ganesh?Ganesh is famous some parts of india and Kartika is famous in Tamilnadu, Borders of Andhra & Tamilnadu.Mumbai & Hyderabad people celebrates Ganesh festival in a high way but chennai people won\’t celebrate it in such a way.Shiva killed Ganesha because incase if it is wrong, he can save him again, that is his power and he know that he has that power. If he don\’t have power [as if he is a just human] to save even after killing, then he would have thought twice before doing that.And more over some of these stories are just interpretations of original stories by some people. The above two lines are my interpretations and that to for this momet, I may interpret and tell in different way tomorrow. They (the interpretators) may have missed something or interpreted wrongly while deliverying it to us.

  22. thirumuruga says:

    When did u cry last time? dont say after reading my question….

  23. Anil says:

    Hey RGV, Did you recently read Tipping Point?? This book try to explain similar kind of stuff.

  24. Kiran Kumar says:

    One who born in rich family will start living rich by birth and one who born in poor family will struggle by birth to become rich. I think it\’s nothing but a god\’s fate where Ganesha became famous rather than Kartika who is real heir of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. Nice post ramu, keep going…

  25. Naveen says:

    for an atheist you think too much about god and theists\’ ………..and your philosophy is getting repetitive, i think you alread spoke about gaddar and lagaan …………..its like watching another karan johan opera

  26. Naveen says:

    slumdog mill. is a good movie……………..i am happy that amitabh didn\’t do the role of anil kapoor……………..i really didn\’t understand why the character of anil was made to be so hostile towards the poor chaiwalla…………….wouldn\’t a show like KBC go off air if it had such a host

  27. Unknown says:

    Your comment on movie awards like Golden Globe, Oscar , Filmfare…etc?

  28. Thinkfloyd says:

    Ilayaraja and AR Rahman, another case in point.

  29. VJ says:

    Ramu, U dint write why u r asking this Qn now. I can take it as nobodies & simpletons like Murugadoss are making hi-grossers in Bollywood whereas \’talented\’ guys like u r looking like losers. Since u hate suggestions I prefer not to proffer one.As for Ganesa, he\’s vighna vaju – the fitting master. Ppl need to appease him so that no trouble comes in their ways. That\’s why he\’s popular. Simple.

  30. VJ says:

    It\’s not that because of Divinewood some ppl are popular but because of the final products. U stagnated.

  31. VJ says:

    sorry it\’s vighna raju

  32. Brahma says:

    one of the most sensible and intelligent blog from u.

  33. Brahma says:

    slum dog is not a bad movie looking at spirit it brings in u…but showcasing india\’s poverty,indian slums and winning awards has become fashion. Isnt there any better thing abt this country? Why are westerners interested in our poverty? Yesterday i was watching a bunch of firangi looking at bulock cart with awe.

  34. Unknown says:

    Thinking this on mythological way is useless..since you and me don\’t know the complete story of it and mythology depends on many factors.Reason for someone makes it and someone does not is due to uncertainty in life.Its as simple as a rain in a sunny day.Time is a factor of everything and life is like a maze. An useless fellow may by mistake step into a lucky way(correct way).And the most talented person may be diverted from the successful way due to many things like human relations(ending up with wife,working for a friend,doing useless stuff thinking) etc.And lastly it also depends upon your prediction capabilities to correctly predict the futureReg: Belief by thousand people.Every person is acting.None of us are frank.Only actors are frank.They frankly agree that they are acting.No one is expressing his views exactly.Thats the reason why many people use "Frankly speaking…" in their interviews or conversation.Through this we can easily derive that the person is not frank till this statement.For example : I believe many of us like Mallika Sherawat than Aishwarya Rai. But everyone says that they like Aish..Lol. Every person is a kid.He tries to imitate what others are doing.Thank you for raising this interesting issue.This article by you reminded me a great quotation by ADOLF HITLERIf you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.– Adolf HitlerKindly reply me on my opinion instead of just reading and leaving it.creativecommons20@hotmail.comRegardsCC

  35. Naveen says:

    Like I said earlier slumdog is a brilliant movie……………….i just have a problem with the character of anil kapoor……………….Some people say it glorifies poverty India and shows our country in bad light……………that’s bullshit………we are what we are……………movies just reflect the society ……………movies can’t influence people ………..it’s the other way around…..there are worse things happening than what’s shown in the movie…In the context …….for me salaam bombay is in the same league……though unfortunately it didn’t have rahman in its credits

  36. Naveen says:

    sorry i got carried away…….i hope you don\’t mind me talking about some movie on you blog 🙂

  37. PAVAN KUMAR says:

    Very interesting post Boss. U may be having somebody in mind or you just wrote about ganesha i don\’t know, but what u said was true. There are a lot of examples, mainly when the awards are declared in our country:1. Rahman got Padmasri even before some jury member could think of Ilayaraja 2. SP Balu had to wait 38 long years to achieve Padmasri (right??) where Sania Mirza achieved in 2 yrs.3. Is Rajnikant a better actor than KamalHasan/Chiranjeevi? why he got Padmabhushan (I think it was just to make support the Govt. by satisfying his fans & in case of Chiru, to stop him from starting a Political Party whereas with Kamal, these award committee has no danger..so they ignored him) Like this, everybody had their own destiny by achieving or by being selected for the esteemed award. But I had a thought, I think which will help you in coming to a decision \’why ganesha achieved heights\’A State Govt.Employee respects Dist.Collector\’s ordersCollector the MLA\’sMLA the Chief Minister\’sCM the Prime Minister\’sPM, the President of India\’s (Not Hicommand \’Madam\’..plz note)The President..?? (Usually he has to listen to Public. But..)The President listens to…HIS WIFE !!Like this, Ganesha was the sweetest son of Parvathi who was much powerful even than Siva. So all, to get noticed in \’Amma\’s mind, praised ganesha and made him the best (Soon this is going to be happened once again in Central Govt.)Am I right Sir? In finishing, I will take the pleasure to ask..How Mr.MK Gandhi became the only Father of the Nation when Bose, Bhagat etc etc couldn\’t make it? Why only this person had the credits..?

  38. Ram says:

    I think…"Making it or Not making it" is a relative term, as in your example-Gaddar made it in the box office but couldn\’t with stand in the memories. The concept seems more complicated than we/I think..And for me "Content,Time n Action", which may be relative or independant of each other, will play a major role in the word \’S\’-SUCCESS. With right content on right time executed in right way brings the Success, but the "right" in that statement is not a constant,so nobody never knows n that may be the MIRACLE. For example in SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE,Jamal just has the right contnet(enough knwoledge to answer the asked Qs) with right timing (Timing of the KBC & the kind of Qs put to him at that time, This wat so called "TIME" is a bad timing for Anil Kapoor) executed in a right way. All the people, who are watching him winning the prize money, may think Jamal has "made it", but for Jamal,he "made it" just before the last Q when he spoke to Latika on phone.thats why he just gave a guessed answer to the final Q,irrespective of whether its right or wrong and known that he may loose all the money he won so far. So its all about theory of relativity. the deeper you go the more the complication. lolI think Heaven\’s PR pushed Ganesha forward may be they wanna teach/tell the mankind(indian mankind) that One should not treat a person bad who looks funny or with a funny back ground.Well ….RGV…when I saw SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE last month,on my way out of the theatre I told my friend that, "the director seems RGV\’s assistant in the past". I read somewer on Internet,Amitabh saying it shows slums of India n the so called developed countries also have slums worse than India.I don\’t understand how can a director show a slum dog in the rich community, n I think the story demands it. Salman Rushdie saying Unconvincing Story n it couldn\’t happen, well movie is a movie,anything can happen.After all as i believe in the theory of relativity….I can\’t condemn their views. We just share our views.The right may be wrong n viceversa

  39. Rajiv says:

    Interesting Thoughts. One way to look at this is – Ganesha\’s story is more interesting than Kartika Swamy. I mean if you want somebody to carry off a superhuman image, then you promote him (using sometimes what now seem rediculous portrayals) as a beyond the ordinary being. Case in point – Amitab Bachchan in his heydeys was a superstar because Manmohan Desai was successful in selling him as a super hero. Ditto for Rajnikanth and NTR. In fact, that may explain why Amol Palekar never made it even though his characters were more beleiable. Point is – you find what the audeince wants and use your portrayals to influence them to blv you.

  40. Pradeep says:

    Boss very nice concept, its hows why u r Genius Director of India…..

  41. Pradeep says:

    That means whats ur justification?Is that the MIRACLE that helps to u stood one of the Top directors of India???

  42. Pradeep says:

    Hows Agyat going??when r u going to release it?

  43. Pradeep says:

    Many Indian directors say that they have inspired from other films not copied those?

  44. Unknown says:

    If God is beyond man\’s power to conceive, then why bother thinking about God?

  45. Unknown says:

    If success is primarily an endorsement of a large number of people…then "S" is not in individual control. So…are you suggesting that "S" is simply a matter of luck?

  46. unknown says:

    Human beings created or invented not only electronics, infrastructure, etc but also …………………………"God".

  47. Unknown says:

    what does religion mean to you?

  48. Madhu says:

    Your blog and reactions are very entertaining

  49. Parixit says:

    Rgv 7Truth_Hurts 14bcs RGV uses this 7 points to the fullest and you and others my dear though having IQ more than 100, are not able to use it at least up to 2

  50. Dinesh says:

    You should work with me………………

  51. bhanu says:

    Is it coincidence or deliberate attempt that the homes of mob leaders/dons in your movies are located at some high point? examples are bhavani\’s house in shiva and aslam bhai\’s house in company.

  52. RayRaj says:

    "గణేష" ని మీకు కన్వీనియంట్‌గా రాసుకున్నారు. సరే, ఆ స్టోరీ తరువాత చెప్తా."Well as a sum up I just wanted to state that the miracle of why someone makes it and why some one does not exists not only in Bollywood but also in Divine-wood." – Well, because in all the cases, the Status of Godhood is given by the people and the system they follow.- And such collective belief is the reason for the Satyam fiasco today. (By the way, what do you think – is really raju a pauper or does he still have the 8000 crores or at least half of it siphoned off in some fashion!?.) The \’belief\’ point is well taken. fine! But is it possible to live doubting every belief of the society. I think i can handle only few questions at a time and want to go on beleiving/not giving my reasoning time for some things. Or is there another way out!? సరే గణేష్ స్టోరీలో కావాలనే అలా చేశారు. మీరు స్టోరి సగమే చెప్పారు.కార్తీక్ అందగాడు, బలవంతుడూ, వేగవంతుడు. ఆ ఇషయం అతనకీ తెలుసుకు. గణేష్ కీ తెలుసు.వీళ్ళిద్దరిలో ఆధిపత్యం ఎవరికిద్దామని జనాలు మల్లగుల్లాలు పడుతుంటె, శివుడు ఓ టెస్ట్ పెట్టాడు (in fact Shiva was given the authority to decide by people then; and he decided the test).భూలోకంలో సమస్త నదుల్లో ఎవరు ముందు స్నానం చేసి వస్తే, వాళ్ళకిస్తానన్నాడు. అప్పుడు గణేషుడు " ఇది unequal competition కదా! " అని శివుడిని అడిగాడు. శివుడు చెప్తే తిరిగాడో, తనంతటతానే తిరిగాడొ గుర్తులేదు గానీ, శివపార్వతుల చుట్టు ప్రదక్షిణం చేయటం ద్వారా, \’ కార్తీక్\’ కి కూడ గణేషుడే ముందు స్నానం చేసేస్తున్నట్టు భ్రమ కలిగించి, చివరికి ఓటమిని ఒప్పించారు. కావలంటే ఇక్కడ్నించీ మీరు మళ్ళీ పొడిగించుకోవచ్చు. తల్లితండ్రులని గౌరవించాలనో, సీనియార్టీకి సీటివ్వాలనో, ఇలా జరిగింది అనో చెప్పొచ్చు.కాకపోతే, కథయితే అది. అలా గణేషకి ఎక్కువ పవర్ ఇవ్వడం జరిగింది. from there on he turns out to be the star of all shows/pujasdo you think miracle can be manipulated to work in one\’s favour !?and can u read telugu!?

  53. bhanu says:

    Ramu.. very contemporary and relevent example for the concept you have stated is Hritik Roshan and Abhishek Bhachan. AB is in all counts better actor than Hritik. Hritik is a package. dance+body+looks. But in acting he can come no where close to AB. But all the time in media manipulative elsworth toohey like reporters state that supremely talented actor Hritik Roshan………………… and Hritik is a super star.

  54. Unknown says:

    Ramu, first learn the spellings well. The name of the movie is GADAR and not GADDAR. I know your "who cares?" kind of nature, but it\’s shameful that you don\’t even know such a simple spelling. I wonder whether you know the meaning of the word.And what\’s your next topic by the way? Why not Mohit? The one who flopped in JAMES for which you blamed the director ROHIT JUGRAJ. I remember that thereafter you sleeved up to boost his career by re-introducing him in SHIVA, which was no good than JAMES and flopped at BO too (I wonder who you blamed for it). Poor you!!!And to alfred hitchcock:Are you kidding? Abhishek better than Hritik?? And that too in acting!!! Anyways, thanks for making me and my buddies laugh for a couple of minutes.

  55. Unknown says:

    Not really sure what makes you think Ganesha is a bigger "star" than Kathika…Is it because u see so many people celebrating Ganesh Chavithi..if that is the case, this habit of enmasse celeobration was started by Bal Gangadhar Tilak, may be because he wanted to unite hindus, or may be to fight against british..as a side note,was bit surprised by the term "bollywood" in ur blog.. were you not against the terms like "bollywood" "26/11" etc..(as a self proclaimed hypocrite may be u have every right to say one thing and do exactly the opposite)..i can answer other points that you raised in ur blog, but i am sure when someone tries to talk some sense u r reaction would be "take a chill pill" or "watch katrina legs" etc..Lastly, Thank your stars that you have made such Blasphemous comments against "Hindu" Gods..Had it been some other religion you wud have been …………

  56. Dinesh says:

    You should work with me……………………..

  57. Pradeep says:

    Today I read the interview of lovleen tandon the Co Director of SLUM DOG MILLIONARIE..She said that she had shown DANY BOYLE some master pisces like Deewar ,Black Friday and ur SATYA and COMPANY to him.. I was Excited after reading that. I think ur the director who has impacted many aspiring directors.So pls answer my small question "Why r u not making those type of movies? "People Say that ramu has lost his style..why cant u make movies that not only entertain people of india but also global audience?

  58. Chandra says:

    Funny this reminds of my childhood. Back when i was in 6th class I once asked my telugu teacher why do people do not pray "Yama" when people prey all gods including Shani. First thing i could not get a straight answer from the teacher & instead i became the bad boy in her view through out my schoolhood. We should all be praying Yama because ultimately he is the one who will be taking care of us. There is no such thing as heaven. Can anyone share how Yama looks . Not that stupid Mohan babu.

  59. bhanu says:

    """"""""""""And to alfred hitchcock:Are you kidding? Abhishek better than Hritik?? And that too in acting!!! Anyways, thanks for making me and my buddies laugh for a couple of minutes.""""""""""""""""""""Hei Mr.Noname. Dont you have the balls to put your name in here? You need some one else to conclude and laugh as ur balls cant stand alone. Thats why you have stated that "thanks for making me and my buddies laugh". I am actually wondering if its only in this case or all thru your life that you have been living second hand opinions and choices.

  60. Mohan says:

    Why Tirupati Tirumala Devastanam???

  61. Kiran says:

    Q. Why Ganesha?A. Why Ram Gopal Varma?

  62. kedar says:

    it all depends on THE SLOT…Success has a slot depending upon the general awareness of the society… many artist today in India would not have made it if they were in Europe or America… they are successful not on the basis of quality of work but simply because their art appeals to crores of people…then what is a good art? only an artist who is involved in the creative process can tell it… and there is no necessity to tell it to others… he has to be true to himself… because at the end of the game ( read life) all that matters is How honest, dedicated, integrated you were to your work… because art is conversation with your self… and no matter how much mediocre people would become successful, the true artist would always be successful whether he gets social recognition or not… hard to digest but think over it… the reason Hollywood has better brain lies some where in above lines… again 100% hollywood is not saintly as above lines suggest to be… but at least the whole nation of america and europe is better evolved than Indian society in terms of social awareness hence art… ( social awareness starts with a person- what i want from my life? how i want to live it? …then comes family…how i want my family to be? how cordially i can maintain a cultured life style?…. then comes society… what i am in a society? i am part of it… so i should strive harder to make it better… etc…. micro to macro… then macro to micro… at the end of life its a LONELY JOURNEY ON A CROWDED road… ) much more to talk about it… getting the point? so Ganesha was made popular by the people with less intelligence… kratik too is described to be a God… but God with a vice… God with minus point.. he is full of Anger… this is the beauty of Indian mythalogy and culture and Vedic teachings… so many gods..who are they? they are representative of different POWERS… POWERS one needs to lead a peaceful and prosperous life… so many of them … so many versions of them… calmly and honestly meditate on those scriptures…. cause they hide a treasure within themselves… if u dont have that much time… just sit down calmly in ur room and ponder upon ur thoughts… try to face them… accept what u are!… then slowly ur thoughts will vanish and u will see GOD!.. aethist can see GOD faster than a believer… because he is far more honest with himself than those beleivers… again … art is not to earn money or women… it is a path to express your inner anguishes, frustrations, emotions, feelings… Craft is a way to express it better… ( europe and america has mastered this craft in many art forms… indians have mastered it in Classical music) … those who are busy with superficial mundane materialistic things will never see the charm of living life of a TRUE ARTIST… the peace it fetches is far more better than money or women… materialistic things are automatically taken care of … nature works in a strange way… once one is in tune with it, he realizes how the logic works but he is not bothered about it.. he is bothered WHY he is still not able to be ONE with the ONE… the GOD is not a statue… its a state… Ramu… God is there… but what it is? see ur body… he is manifesting himself through u… such a miracle… if u can be in tune with ur body u will see what GOD is… and then will understand what ART is and then such trivial questions wont bother u as why some make it, some not… look at ur own body and feel the miracle… touch ur own skin and think how more deep can u go?… can u reach your own soul…? thats where answers are!…

  63. Kalpesh says:

    I\’d simply like to know what happened to the contest "It happened to me"? The website http://www.phoonk.in has been stating "Results coming soon" on the contest page since past 4 months now. Would you have any idea Sir?

  64. shamim says:

    When are you going to do another comedy? and I don\’t mean aag type ones I was thinking more on the lines of Hairaan or rangeela. Oh I have to add the problem with Indian horror flicks is poor sound design.

  65. shamim says:

    Abhishek better than Hritik? lolzzzzzzzzzzzz watch Mani Ratman\’s Guru and laugh how throughout a scene junior bachaan can\’t figure out if it\’s his left hand or right hand that\’s supposed to be affected by the stroke. Those of you who might like to point to his performance in yuva, go watch the Tamil version and see Madhavan play the same role and laugh your way to droni.

  66. bhanu says:

    Shiamin,i choose to keep silent. One cant change other\’s perception about something. So no point making you understand why AB is better than Hritik. I simply put it this way go watch yaade and main prem ki diwani and if you dont agree with me leave it or else also leave it as I cant make you understand this one.

  67. keertichandra says:

    what you have said is right. but there is an other side to every thing in this world.so i choose not to comment

  68. shamim says:

    Hey Hitchcock…..why you asking others why they don\’t have the balls to put their name up here when your called Alfred Hitchcock? Unless your Hitchcock\’s ghost…but then surely you\’d be on De palma\’s site or even caruso\’s? one more thing…Your idea of a good performance by AB junior is from \’Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon\’? that film had 12 songs in it? it was a Sooraj R. Barjatya movie which in other words means it\’s one for the Chachi\’s. song after song after bloody song. Those of us to tend to forward the songs end up with a few scenes of guy meeting girl followed by credits rolling. Hritik started out as the boy next door good looking slightly camp dev anand with muscles, but something happened on jodha akbar where he displays a remarkable level of maturity. Or could it be down to the director? I mean John Wayne was highly successful with collaborations with John Ford. Purely because Ford knew all Wayne had was screen presence….so Ford utilized that strength by not giving Wayne hardly any dialogue. Well have fun reading.

  69. Puroorava Chakravarthy says:

    Why Ganesha? You said the same miracle exists in both Bollywood and Divinewood. I think as Man created God but not the other way round the same miracles,mysteries, rules or logic exist in bollywood, tollywood, divinewood, mythology or whatever.

  70. Jith says:

    I don\’t see Ganesha is superior to subramanya. And I don\’t think any real devotee would mean like that. People go to Palani Malai with the same passion (rather more passion,since it\’s a high profile temple). These are all personal choices. There are lot of characters in Hindu divinehood. You can choose which one you like. There is a lover boy Krishna,saint rama etc etc. As krishna (or Vyasa) speaks in Gita "All paths leads to me"!But i feel pity to Brahma. Though he is one among the trinity,he\’s not allowed to be worshiped!! Because of the curse he got,no temple is supposed to be built for him(In a world where temples are built for actresses) .Cruel huh?

  71. Unknown says:

    ramuji my simple question is that why are u choose nitin in this role

  72. Unknown says:

    ramuji when should we expect company-2

  73. Ravi says:


  74. shah says:

    hi, my name is sayed from england i love ramo,s films and i request him to cast vivik oberai in SARKAR3 as chikko (SUBASH NAGREY,S GRAND SON) thanx

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