My reactions to reactions

1. Who in your opinion is the most beautiful and sexiest woman?
Ans: Whoever looks most beautiful and sexiest for the moment.

2. I think Naach and Aag were made seriously and Company and Satya were made with a happy-go-lucky attitude.
Ans: Yes.

3. Sorry to tell you but I think your blog is boring.
Ans: Go get blogged somewhere else.

4. Don’t you have anything better to do than insult your fans and readers of your blog with your inane rantings and pathetically defensive stances?
Ans: Ha Ha.

5. Your blog on your visit to Taj makes it evident that you are shaken.
Ans: Yes, shaken and stirred. Ahhhhh!

6. I was hurt that you were at Taj.
Ans: And I am hurt that you were hurt.

7. Why do you take your audience for granted?
Ans: Because they take me for granted too.

8. Do you trust anyone else other than you?
Ans: The least I trust is myself.

9. You are still God to us.
Ans: I prefer to be the devil because it is more fun.

10. Are you pure enough to say that media is corrupted?
Ans: I never said that I am not corrupted. It takes one to know one.

11. Is it possible to render my vision accurately in a movie?
Ans: Yes, but only if in the first place your vision is accurate.

12. How come you are not so funny in the TV interviews?
Ans: I don’t think I am funny. I am just brutally truthful which can sometimes come across as funny. Also the answers depend on the questions and the context.

13. You are an ugly person deep inside.
Ans: Thanks.

14. Company would have been better if instead of Raute being killed he should have become the C.M.
Ans: I think you are right, and I mean it.

15. Why are you not able to match up to your brilliant films like Satya, Company etc?
Ans: Sir, my intention in every film is to make it better than the best and I have been screaming since years and even on this blog that all my good films are by default and my bad films are by intent.

Once for all, open your ears, listen to and remember “Anyone can only make a film. How it turns out will be influenced by many factors and you will find an elaboration on this in a few articles on this blog. If you have the patience and the interest read it and try not to ask inane questions like this in the future again and again. They bore me to tears.

16. Have you ever met another Ramgopal Varma meaning another guy like you?
Ans: There’s no single Ramgopal Varma. I have multiple personalities within me and not all of them have a disorder. So I keep meeting me within myself.

17. “What you think will change what you do and more importantly what you do will change what you think” – Charlie Munger.
Ans: “You can’t do beyond your ability and can’t think beyond your thought” – Ramgopal Varma.

18. Can you make a movie like Titanic?
Ans: Yes. But I can’t promise you that it won’t sink.

19. I loved your guts in remaking Sholay.
Ans: Guts and stupidity have a very thin line in between. If Aag worked it would have been guts and now it’s stupidity.

20. Is it books or life experiences which made you like this?
Ans: Both, as books make you understand experiences and experiences make you understand books.

21. I think you are a genius with your films and mad man with your philosophies and humour.
Ans: I thought it was the other way round.

22. What is your stand on women and sex?
Ans: Women are torture and sex is pleasure.

23. Do you think writing is a superior way to express thoughts than movies?
Ans: Yes and No. For instance I will quote a passage from Godfather where Mario Puzo describes the character Luca Brasi.

“Luca Brasi was one of the most feared men in the eastern underworld. Short, squat and massive skulled his presence sent out alarm bells of danger. His reputation for violence was awesome and his devotion to the Don was legendary. He was in himself one of the great blocks that supported the Don’s power structure. He did not fear God, he did not fear police, he did not fear society and he did not fear or love his fellow man but ushered into the Don’s presence he held himself still with respect. Luca Brasi was the only man who could make the Don feel uneasy. He was like a natural force not unlike a typhoon and not truly subject to control.”

I think no director can visually match the awe Puzo’s words managed to evoke through his description of Luca Brasi. For me Coppola’s visual version of Luca pales in comparison to Puzo’s Luca. The reason for that is because Puzo’s description fires the reader’s imagination to the extent that reality cannot match up to it.

On the other hand I will visually narrate a scene from another movie.

“The camera is on the floor and you see the naked feet of a woman up to a little above the ankle come into the frame as she got off the bed. She starts walking and the camera tracks along with her feet as her panties lying on the floor come into the frame. Her hands enter the frame and as she slips her legs in to them and starts slowly pulling the panties up the camera travels up along with the panties up with her legs and just when we think we will see her crotch the camera stops and the panties go up out of the frame. She goes out of the frame and the camera pans to a guy on the bed who says ‘I love your butt baby’.

If we analyze this scene the psychological play involved in it goes something like this. When we first see the feet our mind goes “Is she naked?” and when the panties come into the frame our mind goes “Oh fuck! She is naked” and when the camera starts going up slowly along with the panties up her thighs our mind goes “Don’t tell me that he will show” to “Oh yes, he’s going to show” and when the camera abruptly stops we will let out a expletive at the director and when she goes out of the frame and the guy says “I love your butt” we will want to kill him with jealousy.

The above emotional manipulations can be possible only with a camera and would be very difficult to capture in mere writing. So I would sum it up as, there are certain writings that the visual media cannot do justice to and vice versa.

Incidentally before you guys ask me which film is this panties scene from let me tell you that I just made it up to explain my point.


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66 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. Swamy says:

    " Books make you understand experiences and experiences make you understand books." Lovely.

  2. PAVAN KUMAR says:

    Today I have seen \’Kshana Kshanam\’ once again in TV. To my knowledge, That film was the master piece in all your works. I came to know the prologue of Shiva, but want to know about your 2nd work. How you approached Venkatesh, Sridevi.. I mean the backdrop of the project. If you have written it previously, please do give me the link. Anybody likes or not, There is the core truth & knowledge in you which ordinary person is not catching. Hope your fans also be \’Genius\’ like you.

  3. Chandrakanth says:

    Oh my god….I could not stop smiling in the way you built up that scene in the last question….and your conclusion saying that you built up that scene….oh my god……You do have a sadistic and a great sense of humor(ok…you proved it again …ok :-)….By the by…Kindly write up your experiences with Anurag kashyap and your views on DEv-D, I feel it has some awsome music and the add is really good…your comments……….By the by…happy new year!!!

  4. Arun says:

    I have seen such a scene a million times and have gone through the exact thought-process. Do you rationally analyze everything you do ? Like the movie scene you described, the way you react, the way others react to your reaction. Everything and anything ?

  5. Abhay says:

    do you watch/follow any US Television Show ? i mean the scripted stuff, not reality junk

  6. Rahul says:

    that was an awesome anwer to the last question…

  7. Niranjan says:

    HiI prefer to be the devil because it is more fun. The devil in you is what I like, You playing GOD spoils everything. I like it that way.

  8. Niranjan says:

    Certain movies are made on Novels (AKA GodFather, Harry Potter, Gone With the Wind, Bourne Identity etc.) and certain movies are made out of Director\’s Imagination or His experiences, Which according to you is more Easy or More creative

  9. Sai says:

    Great answer for the last question. Though I understood it before, I wouldn\’t have been able to explain it so nicely (and simply).I wish we asked more questions like this, so that we can get such good answers.

  10. kishan says:

    Please..please..please add that scene in your next movie. Ofcourse,without the guy and without the camera stopping at the end when she pulls up her panties.

  11. Unknown says:

    nice erotica..Thanks..

  12. bhanu says:

    i would like to see an edge of the seat, racy thriller like "departed" from you…. I dont know if it features in your "to do" list of films….. Last time you did such stuff was in kshana kshanam and it was path breaking….

  13. Unknown says:

    Good answer to the last questions…I don\’t think I would have been able to do the same…though I had it in my mind….Hey did you watch Rab ne and Ghajini?? Any comments on thyose…

  14. Naveen says:

    regarding your take on women and sex……………maybe women think the same about you and sex must be the worst part 🙂

  15. Unknown says:

    The panties scene, you ARE fucking genius!

  16. Leo says:

    If celebrity blogs are rated according to the \’entertainment criteria\’, yours is a blockbuster :)keep\’em cming in ur style….am enjoyin it…

  17. krishna says:

    wow..i loved the last comment of urs.good work when are u starting Raan…i am diying to see it.

  18. Parixit says:

    I would like to see that sexy legs and butts in your next movie without any panties and guy……..

  19. Parixit says:

    If you believe that an individual can work better than a team……….then why NAACH had 6 choreographers? and awesome results?

  20. Unknown says:

    Why do you think 99% of all men(at least in India) tolerate bullshitting called marriage?

  21. Dinesh says:

    18. Can you make a movie like Titanic?Ans: Yes. But I can’t promise you that it won’t sink. ………….. : Please… try something like this…. create something bigger then Hollywood….

  22. Dinesh says:

    Would you ever make a movie on mythology……

  23. Naveen says:

    assuming that shahrukh did \’rab ne\’ for the chopras going out of his way……….would you or amitabh do the same …..though i know both of you would not do as silly a thing like \’rab ne\’…………………..but you never know!

  24. Parag says:

    Aishwarya Rai is the most beautiful woman in the world 😛 we all know that 😛 ahh and next time some one ask u who is the most sexy boiu must say Parag :PBtw make a horror movie with aish 😛 would be fun to see her in a mad film she is just awsome.

  25. Unknown says:

    I have read somewhere u will sleep only 3 hrs a day.How can that be possible?

  26. bhanu says:

    is company stylized by intent or content?

  27. Swamy says:

    The theme music which signifies the relationship between shiva and asha ( in Shiva \’89) gave a new depth to the story…

  28. brijesh says:

    which is ur fav. place in world??

  29. ujjwal says:

    Is SARKAR Altruist or Objectivist ?

  30. ujjwal says:

    Hows AGYAT going on ?

  31. kishan says:

    Your rate of success is higher in telugu. Even your recent movies like Shiva, Aag were relatively successful down in south than in north. The kind of movies that you are currently making will have more appeal in south. So, why not make some more movies in telugu?

  32. Unknown says:

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  33. Kalpesh says:

    I\’d simply like to know what happened to the contest "It happened to me"? The website has been stating "Results coming soon" on the contest page since past 4 months now. Would you have any idea Sir?

  34. asim says:

    I have a whole batch of your movies that I tend to revisit, since my movie choices are like cuisine, I am more interested in the chef than the dish being presented.I re-watched the latest Shiva you made a couple of years ago with Mohit Ahlawat last week. Altough I don\’t agree with the reviews it got at time of release, the movie is still enjoyable in its pulpy way. I must say the music wasn\’t great. Especially a song about the Police sung in a cafetaria. It was especially hampering to the gritty style you employed by starting the movie with a nail on someone\’s head( still a very powerful image).In any case I was wondering what Is your relationship with music in your movies as you have seem to had ups and downs.From working with AR RAHMAN to having virtually no songs. How do you pick songs? as I dont see you singing next to an acordeon humming tracks with a music director – subhas ghai styleAlso any idea why James and Shiva didnt garner the apreciation a film like Ghajini did? barring the cosmetics, the pulpy revenge themes remain the same to my eyes.since I am on a roll I think you should consider a wider release of your movies in cinefile countries France and UK.I have lent D, company and Satya to many non Asian freinds and they have all come back with raving reveiws.At least it will give us a choice to escape from absurdities as Sing is King

  35. sha says:

    For the answer of the Questions no 23………………WOW

  36. sha says:

    Sir,I want to work with you for,

  37. Kesavan says:

    Couldnt resist the temptation.For the question: Which is your fav. place in the world?Ram Gopal Varma: Between those sexy legs and butt (minus the Panties).Karan Johar: In my mothers company.

  38. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu, I don\’t know if you put-in any concious effort to bring about a look-and-feel to any film. I learnt, directors sometimes use \’Leitmotif\’ to bring this.. Few examples where this was deliberately used: SAAGAR, JISM:- Sea-side romance is all over the air. DON (Farhan Akhtar):- Black-Green colours/themes, curves ALIEN (Ridley Scott):- The whole movie has a hospital-ish ambience. PREDATOR:- A tribal-ish background score+Jungle ambience+alien subject –> bring uniqueness –> as if the conflict between man and alien is more of primal nature. I did feel that Shiva, Satya, Antham, had a Govind Nihlani-ish type of look. Company – Was unique. It has its own. In my opinion, it figures somewhere in the league of \’French Connection\’. Rangeela – was like a casual fun-filled love story. It does have a romantic look. I felt, "In celebration of life" punchline that you used for Naach would have been apt for Rangeela. Naach – I felt this one was more about ambition, aspirations and pain more than love. You made no pretentions – you made sure it does not have a romantic look. Somehow I felt this (visual look and feel) never figures prominently in your movies. I feel this is part of the craft. However, I guess some directors like you and K.Viswanath chose not to leverage this side of the craft. I guess there is a side of the director\’s personality that refuses to leverage this part of the craft.

  39. manoj says:

    "Behind every great fortune there is a crime" what is ur comment on this quote of Blazac from God Father\’s novel?

  40. Vinay says:

    “You can’t do beyond your ability and can’t think beyond your thought”. In Company itself, one of the gangster wanting to be a film producer (akram), he states simply "picture me kya hai, gaana, emotion, drama, action, bas!". Many directors are plain insincere who think and make movies this way.

  41. Vinay says:

    Why did you stop working with Sandeep Chowta?

  42. Vinay says:

    Guts and stupidity have a very thin line in between. True. However Farhan Akhtar had stated much before Aag released that Sholay should not be remade. I guess there are technical reasons. But he turned out to be right. Cos his Don was successful and fun. My guess is that Sholay is the ultimate movie as far as raw and basic emotions are concerned. Utmost sincere emotions, confrontations and decisions. That apart, these basic human relations and emotions were showcased in a innovative but simple manner. Even variants cant be made out of Sholay, because they would be insincere.

  43. Shreyansh says:

    "Sharpen your teeth, your blog is missing the bite these days"…I am waiting for your blog on Nishabd, do write about the story, did u change it to make it a "comfortable viewing" for Indian audience, ur best line in that movie. I find the monlogue of BIG B in the climax"Marne Gaya tha……" was amazing, very well written. Do give us the insights of the song Rozana.

  44. Arun says:

    How important is it for a film-maker to be a rational person ?Does suspension-of-disbelief work well with people having great analytical power ?We all keep giving advices on how a film should be made, but why can we never advice on how a film should be viewed ?According to a director, what makes a good viewer ?

  45. karthik says:

    Danny Boyle (maker of Slumdog millionaire) said that he used your movies (Company and Satya) as a reference while making his hugely successful film. Now do you think that that the sense of pride ur fans will have at the moment they read that line in the internet is false… Why do you think they should feel proud? Because thats the easiest way to link themselves with influencing Danny Boyle…since they dont know him personally… Where do you think this kind of linking between fans and achievers ends?Most of the people are heard sayingI feel proud of Sachin (as if he trained him) because he is indianI feel proud of XYZ – he belongs to my stateI feel proud of someone else – family, friend, relative, brother, parents?Then is it wrong to even feel proud of your own father?Because you want to steal away the glory you havent achieved…even though he is your own father?

  46. Kiran says:

    Please write a blog on your formative years that means your days in VRSEC. It is really great to know about the shaping of a great director and philosopher called RGV.

  47. Unknown says:

    your answers sometimes are very puzzling, i will tell you why..for instance when someone asked you "how many films have you thought and shelved", your answer was "how does that piece of information change your life" meaning you want to answer only those questions which actually makes some sense, fair enough, but when someone else asked you "how do you keep your private life so private" your answer was "by making it public"…is it ur mood or is it just that you are whimsical

  48. Vinay says:

    Ramalinga Raju ki AagJay : Mausi, ladka Satyam mein kaam karta hai..Mausi : Hai ram..!!! Aur kahin try kar raha hai kya??Jay : kahan mausi, 2 saal Satyam me rahne ke baad koi Company leti kahan hai…Mausi : Hi Raam to kya 2 saal se Satyam mein hi hai..Jay : haan socha tha 2 saal me salary hike hogi hi. Aajkal to salary bhi jyada NAHI mil rahi hai use..Mausi : To kya salary BHI KAM milti HAI..?Jay : Ab appraisal bhi to asaani se kahaan hota hai mausi..Mausi : Hai hai …!! To kya appraisal bhi nahi hota uska..? Jay : Senior se ladhai karne ke baad appraisal mein achhi rating to nahin milti hai na… Mausi..Mausi : To kya seniors se ladhta bhi hai..?Jay : Ab 2 saal tak onsite Jane ko na mile to ho jaati hai kabhi kabhi anban..Mausi : To kya AB tak ek baar bhi onsite nahi gaya ..???Jay : Ab Outdated technology ke developer ki kismat mein to yehi likha hai mausi..Mausi : kya kaha ladka Outdated technology mein kaam karata hai..!!!Mausi : Jaate Jaate yeh bhi batate jao, ki tumhara gunvaan dost ne kaunse college se padhai ki hai..?Jay : Uska pataa lagte hi hum aapko khabar de denge!! To main rishta pakka samjhuna mausi???Mausi : Beta, kan khol kar sun Le…Sagi mausi hoon basanti ki, koi sauteli maa nahi….Bhale hi hamaari Basanti Call Center wale Chandu se shaadi kar Le par Satyam ke employee se bilkul nahin karegi .

  49. Dinesh says:

    You should work with me………………

  50. Swamy says:

    RGV THEORY : During the second world war a 40 yr old woman named Rose Blumkin crossed the Russian border by bribing a soldier with a wine bottle and came to Nebraska (USA).With her savings she opened a small furniture store and later it became the world’s largest furniture mart i.e. Nebraska Furniture Mart , which is now expanded in 70 acres of space. She managed it until she’s 95 yrs old and later her grand children took over the store from her (even though she was the CEO !! )Depressed at 95, she opened a carpet store just before her furniture mart and ran it until she’s 103. She died at 104 yrs of age and those two stores are later owned by Warren Buffet.Here the trivial fact about Rose Blumkin is she used to work 365 days per year !!Now…As per RGV theory the whole credit of this legend goes to the Russian soldier who was sitting at the border during the second world war and desired for a wine bottle offered by Rose Blumkin !!Haha…Funny theory but very Fundamental.

  51. Unknown says:

    if you love women so much why don\’t you under go "gender change" surgery 🙂

  52. Unknown says:

    The reason for not trusting anyone other than you…is it because "you dont need to" or no one is reliable in this universe?

  53. Unknown says:

    Most people think that “RGV is not trustworthy person”. If you agree to this, how can you draw anybody attention to work with you?

  54. Unknown says:

    Is "truth" absolute or subjective/relative?

  55. Unknown says:

    Do you have any message to RGV ideology subscribers?

  56. vamsi says:

    I just finished seeing slumdog millionaire. Strange feeling of a hundred ideas going out in different directions and various distances.1. Oh my God,2. Is this my India3. Shit… it probably is4. The kind of publicity this movie is getting5. What impression will the world form of India6. kind of a thriller7. oooo…. what if the producer has now heard about RGV or seen his films8. the hero still has an english accent9. Can I improve India10. Is it a scary place? Damn I lived almost all of my life there… thats not all true11. Will people start showing slums in movies more frequently… damn that disgusting feeling of seeing some one in poop12. by the way….. that supposedly was peanut butter13. After all the progress India has made… look at the poor….14. Beggar manufacturing industry—– what a bastard….15. As long as these politicians are here…. nothing in India will change16. Did Amithab behave like Anil Kapoor behind the scenes in KBC17. No… that guy is a good guy…18. Where is the good in India left19. Why am I writing on this guy\’s blog20. God… I dont want to watch this movie again….

  57. nag says:

    Iam an young independent director from London, Hope I can attract people more than you…….Ramu

  58. manda says:

    Dear RGV, Hi, I am from Hyderabad. I was a teenager studying in VIII standard, when this huge phenomenon of \’SHIVA\’ happened.I did watch that movie at that time, I only felt that it was different but nothing much than that. But then a couple of years laterI watched \’KSHNA KSHNAM\’, boy what a moive was that. This movie too was different but everything & I am mean everything in this movie was excellent, the way you narrated the story on screen was superb. This film should be classified as a \’masterpiece\’. So, I urge you why not remake this your own film in Hindi. It would be a good \’gift\’ for hindi audiences. It would also be great if you can cast \’Abhishek Bachchan\’ in place of \’Venkatesh\’ & \’Bhoomika Chawla\’ or \’Asin\’ in place of \’Sridevi\’ in the remake.Please look into this, because we will be getting a good movie to

  59. Riju says:

    Satya and Company were great movies. I am waiting to see that kind of RGV movie. Hope to see that soon. Slumdog reminded me of those movies.

  60. gopala says:

    Hey! in that sexy item number in Aag, tell me about that hand lifting jig by Abhishek and Amithabh ? Urmila looked hot as usual. Mein film ke baad socha, 150 /- kahali is item number ke liye bhi de sakta tha. Picture kaise bhi banao, par item number ache banao.

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